Swinging Monkee

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Friday, August 17, 2007

redmonk alert : good cheer to all redmonkees -- lets hope Webmaster Teddy Bear is feeling better this Sun. so as to be able to put up the 2nd new yellow bar on link page -- and get all letters to the FBI concerning the Police inicendent on Kirkwood st near the Pawn shop on Lee Highway----- if web master Teddy bear gets em in sequence on the yellow bar link page they will be listed 1-2-3-4-5- the photos of the spot were this police action action against the redmonk took place so ya can see -- also also the redmonkee Red banana awards will be up Sunday lets hope ???--- -- Al Gore has been given the first ( Red banana award ) -for thinking out side the box on globel warmening ,-- Roger Moor for getting people to think out side the box on many issues with his filims //////what is realy important both of these guys ,----AL and Roger get people talking , -----people such as those who will be getting the redbanana award --- those brave people who think and talk out side the American box---- and are in fact the lungs of a democracy .