Oklahoma City

Did -The Black Angel- Rebel soldier McVeigh was sent to Oklahoma city by god::: 1-- to punish the people of Oklahoma for their sin of Silence as concerns the Two year old little children in Diapers, at waco Texas burned and gassed by the Uniterd States Governent, for six Hours-

# 2 the Christian - White woman of Oklahoma City were punished by God when the Black Angel came to Oklahoma city on the 19 th day for the total silence of the Murder of their White Anglo Saxon sister,-- Mrs. Weaver a mother of Four children and her 14 year old son Sammy,- by the White Womans U.S. Goverment cops at a place called -- Ruby Ridge .::: is this true,- that God Sent the- Black Angel,-

Rebel soldier mcVeigh::

to make an example of the white people in Oklahoma City for not standin up against the Evil American (Enron) Goverment , in Washington Dc

Did God punish Oklahoma ? as an Example to all white American woman, not to be silent ?? against evil / Iam just asking a Question ?

I call on the Christian people to hear my words down below







49 % of the people of the state of Oklahoma do not have health insurance

The redmonk calls on the people of the State of Oklahoma to pass legistation in the State capital to be allowed to break away from America and become the first state in America,- to become the newest Country in the United nations that new country called West- Oklahoma,-

The Redmonk will be your first president,- goahead laaugh,-

The redmonk offers to the people of the newest country in north America called West- Oklahoma -- free health insurance from the cradle to the grave,- for every one (all free) including dental and glasses too / free burial for grand ma and Grand Pa /- also thrown in one,free- Grave stone -/

On every Friday night and Sat. night- free pizzas, Hoagies, with the works and soft drinks for the kids and free beer for mom and Pop ,starting at 6 oíclock until 10 oíclock,- every Friday and Sat. Night all you can eat or drink, - free -collage education for every one at any age.-

all paid for by the new country at the United .Nations- called - West Oklahoma / this is not a cheap country this new country called- West Oklahoma, West Oklahoma spends big time on itís people, It takes good care of itís people ,not like dirty America. Call me a liar I dare you

why is it that 49% of the people of the State of Oklahoma do not have health insurance ? and their Governor is an old beat up over the hill- FBI Agent? I gave all the info on a for real possible attack at the National Zoo to the Black Guy Watts not just Cong. Nichols a long long time ago , when did either one of these guys tell you Oklahoma People about it , what was the date ? Did either one of these two crooks (their US Politicans arnt they?) warned any one in Oklahoma ? give me the Date/ I say,- give me the date. They warned you

Follow the redmonk,- be a real Big Soooner not a little Soooner like your great grandfather was / get the carpet cutter out and let the people of Oklahoma cut them selves a slice of the American pie ,-for them selves,- break free, start your own country,- now, today, do it,/ Donít break any laws, get the hell out of America,- its done nothing for the people of Oklahoma / cut out Oklahoma,- from the rest of America and go on alone ,-youl be better off.

Be sure to call TV Station-- KWTV channel 9 Oklahoma city - tell em Oklahoma is leaving and shut the door / check photo page for proof of mailing of Tim McVeigh letters to this news outlet

The State of Oklahomas leaving America- theme song,- sung by- old Marty Robbins- is - ( Ill Go on Alone ) tell cheap- Channel 9 to play it for 24 hours straight,- let talk radio ask the people in Oklahoma about busten out,- let the oklahoma people call in and descide ,- are you leaven or stayen ? if your leaven get the hell off the porch and go,- stop talking .- the redmonk shouts get out,- while the gettens good . cut a slice for your selves before all the slices are gone/ call me a lier ?

That oil under the ground in Oklahoma belongs to the people of Oklahoma not the oil co. the White House in Washington DC belongs to you not Enron call me a liar,- I dare you,

Minimum Wage in West- Oklahoma will be 10.60 per hour,- starting out and colas too, every year ,/ All prisoners at McAlester prison in Oklahoma will all be released and sent by Bus to Washington D.C to serve out their sentences in the Nations Capital, living and working in the nations capital, with electronics leg bracelet / all of you people in Oklahoma - call Washington D.C. today, do it - tell president Bush you want out . your all leaven .

The above -said all in fun, tounge in cheek/ to say the above and mean it,- you could go to jail for treason , big time ? know what I mean Oklahoma- It is against the law to try to break America up into Smaller Country states ,? do look up the redmonks Manifesto on link page / breaking America up into Smaller country States / its legal if laws are passed to make it legal/ talk it up / the redmonk wants for the Ruthenian Mountian people all of Alaska,- one thired of Canada all the way down to Redding California,- to be carved out of America for the new Country called - Slav Land populated with only the Slav race and the American Indian people / all other races removed under the gun,- out !/ only after its made legal of course./ send this e- mail to the Oklahoma TV Stations.

You people in Oklahoma City died in the April 19 th Rebellion,-( A War ) and deserve money to be given to you, Just as the people in new York are getting money paid to the victims in the bombing of the twin towers new york City ,( speak up for your selves ) demand compensation from the American Goverment for losses intalied in the war called the april 19 the Rebellion you people took a hit just like the Twin towers, Same same call me a lier ? I dare you ? if the Government does not give you funding for you suffering,

I call on the people of the State of Oklahoma leave with your head up high,- leave America and start your own country Ė West Oklahoma- the newest country at the United Nations get some guts you white people in the state of Oklahoma - leave and slam the American door all of you can do better alone by your self

President Bush said on the news,- people like me donít deserve any money from Asbestos in my lungs, which I got from the engine Room on the US Navy Ship the USS Arneb as a 17 year old sailor the arneb a world war II cargo ship but President George Bush Doesnít have asbestosis in his lungs- why are the American leaders like this , selfish and greedy they take the money but these same American leaders donít want me to get any money and or the people of Oklahoma if Oklahoma leaves America Iam leaven with ya America is a dirty country and all of the leaders are a bunch of crooks only sen. Chuck Grassley from Vicky Weavers Home state Iowa is fighten for the People

He should be the President of the United States Vote for Chuck Grassley for president of the United States a (Farmers Son ) and I just might get compensation for my asbestosis lungs and loss of hearing land mine !

I took three polls from the US public in Arlington County Virginia just 15 min s from washington Dc ,- and one poll in front of the White House,- on a demo and at every poll I took,- the white people all said they want to leave America and start their own Country, they had enough since 1960s the people of color hating white people ever day all day long they said Ill go Ill Go Ive Had enough ,

these polls were taken in two Super markets and two libraries that I took over in a demo in every case the managers said they would call the police if I didt stop and leave I did not know these people in my poll they were all from different walks of lifeís president George Bush Dosent Know about these polls should we vote on this subject matter at the voting booth should this info be put to the vote ? iam Just asking a Question ? leave,- your all better off think about it