Gallery 11


The graves were open, you see them covered now

The redmonk has laid a trap for Arlington police on these pict .

The black Formen in the Cementery threatened me about complaining about the graves and the massive damage to the head stones caused by using heavy equipment /

I can explain it all but no one will listen to me/- I even shouted this problem at a demo at the white house and the photo page shows the demo under - don’t bomb Iraq

I high jack this demo for my own cause some of the demenstraters shouted- go redmonkee go

The PP horse mounted unit was their for crowd controll I shouted to the crowd we name this demo the sorriest AS# demo every in the history of Demos, - we had no cameria and the news org. would not show up, not one news person showed up ,

I stood up on the white house fence and shouted my story to the demo /

who came out of the white house after I got the crowd to shout that persons name ? /

you got to make things happen you cant hide in your basement and watch television.

journelist find out what happened at this demo in front of the white house itl shock ya their were two black preachers their one a female and one male the black preacher was from Dunbar Penn in the mountains not too far from Chestnut ridge


The redmonkee and circus to all of you-

all members of the redmonkee Brigade greet each other with a hand shake and the word circus and one thumb up as they pass each other in the hall ways of your school / one thumb up WWII style

This word circus was forbidden by Doc. Edwin Gould a Jewish American who had a power Position at the National Zoo

Hes the jewish powere broker who protected the Jewish Zookeeper who killed Arab Womans children and gut a jewish gril in trouble with his- Doc Eddies Flashlight


The long view of the new tent

I liked the old better

back door of the mess tent
inside the mess tent
were the R is is were they pick up their Plate of food
inside the mess tent looking at the back door

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