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the Redmonks grandmothers mountain Ruthenian people, - her tribe called- Hutels,- there also called the- little bear people - of the Carpathian Mountains their Emblem on their Flag / is the standing boxing Redbear / the king of the mountains a Redbear / - the women wear bone necklaces around there necks as do American Indians,-same,- / these people have a special breed of Mountain pony / called a Hutsle Pony / has a lot of tarpen blood lines / her pony was called princess and it was the color of an off color white egg / she showed me the color / she and her girl friend always like to move the cattle and sheep into the high country in the summer and sleep out under the stars / her name was Mary, she was a Hutsel shepherd girl and the first daughter.
All Hutsels Shepherds name their first daughter Mary / Its their way / all first daughters must be called Mary / it's a Culture thing / its not open for Discussion / It's the way of the Hutsel people
for all my enemy's you stinken SOBes - read the sign on the wagon- fire proof - and your mothers were Whores - you know who you are -





me at the national Zoo on the north American line,- this line belonged to the Jewish American zookeeper Ralf Strauss who killed Arabs woman's children in the Jewish state of Israel , when he was a Jewish settler

Arlington County Jewish Cop- Kantar gets me in a movie theater parking lot about 8 o:clock at night I am reading a book waiting for a movie - the Jewish Cop -mocks me and hold s me a long time my civil rights are being Abused,- trying to get me to go off, calling me a queer,- is this how a Arlington cops are suppose to act ? is Arl County Jewish- Cop Kantar a Jewish Queer ? is the chief of police of this County- Flynn a Queer,? the other Arl. County Cops with Kantar are they Queer ?,/ Is sheriff Simpson of Loudon county a Queer? /
the Arlington County Jewish Social worker who meets me in the Arl. Jail I"am a prisoner in this Jail ,) this Jew sneers at me, and says we are going to shut you down ( my web site ) why? he says my numbers are wrong concerning the dead of W.W.II, / -

the Female County prosecutor says in court to a judge to keep me in jail with no bail / that I am a Holocaust denier, / every one read my web site ! I am accusing them of what they are accusing me of ,

they are only concerned about my political believes / Its un real when the cops stop me its always questions about ruby ridge and Waco this is a police state
this Arlington county is Obsessed about me like a crazed Wilding lynch mob.

Treating me like am a black man in the South of the state of Mississippi in the1930s,- this has become a mentally Ill Wilding by the County Employees. Whats the Fuc$ is their problem I am not Ben laden you As# Holes in Arlington County/ VA.
I ask the Russian Government and members in Pamyet to kill all of these people if they kill me, and If I am found dead-- in this very sick crazed Arlington County Virginia 15 min by auto from Washington dc , /

I ask the Russian people to protect me from these crazed people,- working for this county Government / /

it's a Wilding. they tore open my hernia, broke several ribs ,, smashed my face in the ground , mocking me ,- if I am found dead I want the Russian government to kill these people for a Wilding killing of me, a Ruthenian Slav - a lone defenseless man, by him self alone / - a Political activists- homeless,

I call on the Russians and all Slav peoples to avenge my death. If and when I am found dead,-

All of this Arlington Cop Assholeisem wilding In Arlington County Virginia /

Its as If these as# Holes in the Arlington Court system- all of them displace there fear of Ben laden on to me, displace their fear of the Jews on to me, displace their fear of being around the Blacks on to me , the cops displace their fear of not being a man,- meaning the Arlington White Skinned Buck cops don't have no balls )—

all of em displacing there fear all on me, all cops in Arlington and court house employees all female and male prosecutors,- all Judges get some guts, - quite using me to displace your fears. You perdue Chicken white skinned cowards in Arlington. VA / call me a liar,- I dare you . the proof of the body damage coming to the photo page

me at about 28 years old and a lady friend I had a goatee and beard pict taken as a spoof / their once was a Doc Called Campbell he was a Nazi Christian,- meaning crazed Bible thumper- he killed a prostitute with his bible ,-- instead of giving her mental therapy,- he forced the Christian Bible on her , she killed her self , her name was Jackie,- did this coward Nazi Christian Doc. - Campbell try to blame her death on some one else? – and who was that some one else ?

A redmonk mystery. / - what Arlington County Prosecutors and or Judges know about this death of an prostitute? /? ( Murder by the Bible )

Doc. Campbell you Sob ,- you haint getten away,- not on this web site .

I know what you did and it wasn't last summer, you religious freak - said as a tongue in cheek taunt

The Redmonk in side the Big cat house at the National Zoo. / a redmonk spoof -- All redmonkee Brigade members world wide-all of ya tell Steve Erwin the gater man from Australia,- I plan on moving to Australia , / tell croc Dundee and gator Steve Erwin- to move over,- Iam coming down under /
be sure to tell Steve's pretty little Wife I said hello,- the Redmonkee known as the Ruthenian Hunk of beef,--- better looken then gator Erwin and braver then the Crock Dundee - --- ( said tongue in cheek all in fun you know )
Every one, all redmonk s every where, alert Australian radio and all TV stations to give Erwin and Dundee a Redmonkee alert and a heads up warning---
the Redmonkees Commin down under and will be checken (Gater ) Steve Erwins 4 million dollar spanken New Animal Operation, out his Zoo ) - to see if its up to snuff---
the redmonk says be ready Steve !
and hello to you- Mrs. Erwin , !
what a Sheila,- Steve has / call me a liar, I dare you? - said in a whisper --- I know Steve haint no gator Steve,- he's a salt crock Steve , I just said that ta up set em,--- hay is Mrs. Erwin a beauty or what ? does the redmonk have a good eye for a Sheila or what . I cant wait,- it enough ta gives the redmonk goose bumps thinking about it . Steves new- Zoo
I hope the Ausies can handle ,- the redmonkee commin down under. A different kind of animal- the Redmonkee his first stop the wombat range and the great Ned Kelly's hideouts,- then to Glenrowen to find the bastards relatives of those who wronged the bloke Bern's who was with Ned on that fatal day and then to Ayers rock to take a piss from the top - all for starters, - then down to Steve's ERWINS Zoo to look around,- tell all Australia the redmonks commen down under and he is just crazy about red headed Shelias / see ya
the Redmonk and Berk the meanest cat in the big cat house at the national zoo Washington Dc /
Berkane telling me about head keeper Joe Rasphberry drinking on the job,- Berks telling me how one of the big cats got out and was walking around in the hall way- Casy Burton was prepping food for the cats,- she closed the kitchen door reeal fast,

/ Berks letten me in on the good stuff / how about the time the white tiger got into the runway pen with the maintenance man / or the big cat fight s / or how about the big cats falling through the ice and drowning /

Joe Rasphberry keeper leader writing lies on other keepers reports after they put their daily keeper reports away, and signed too and go home -WOw –

Joe- trying to get people in trouble F… em up/ what a zoo the National zoo /

this photo for your black As# Joe Rasphberry you son of a Bitc# from the Ghetto . stop written lies on keepers reports .

the Redmonk and a very nice gentle cat / never turn your back on em / I don't have to tell you -- you all know that /
the redmonk just got off a ship,- with a, - I don't give a damn attitude ,- with a pocket and a hand full of money and mouth full of gimma dis and gimma dat, / I blew all my money fast ,-if the redmonk has 20 hel spend 40 / I hopped on this old 1930s wooden fishen boat off the coast of Florida for some crazy fishen, tons of red snappers big as dinner plates / I gave em all away to a old black lady who was along on the boat she had all her fish plus mine on strings hanging down her back- loaded with fish - big ones too / she leaned forward as she walked the load was that heavy she walked about 50 yards up this dirt road when two small black kids came runnin down the road to help her – her grand children no doubt – I pulled out a cigar and lit up and took in the scene in the shade of the over hang of a shed and looked down the long dirt road I could still see the old black lady with the two kids walking they were gettin smaller all the time, every time I took another look until at last they were gone the boat crew finished up and popped some breskies and kicked back in the pilot house I still had plenty of cigar left




the redmonk at the Kennedy Air port in new York catchen a flight to South America,- Brazil to catch the ship- Vangard,- one of the crew died of a heart attack and was put in the freezer on ice,- no money to fly the body back to the states , he had to wait till we sailed back - - the Government payed my way down, bought the ticket,- plus pocket money to live on,- ( hay,- not a bad deal, a guy from the agency hooked me up ,/ why not ? - I was to meet her in Rio / she didn't show up for days,- I hung out in different bars, the Florida bar,)- was one of em,- eating great food,- taking in the sights watching the ladies go by,- I stayed in a old cheap hotel , down a side street in old Rio,- no running water,- a gal brought me hot water in the morn to shave with,- the hot water in a coffee can , not bad,- it worked,- a guitar strumming in the court yard, an old water fountain in the center of the court yard,- grass and weed s growing in it,- chickens , clucking and running around- the redmonk went out on the veranda with shaving soap on on his face no shirt,- pants on , no shoes his two hands resting on the banister of the veranda, he leaned forward over the veranda trying to see the guitar player- soap dripping from his un shaved face,- the housegirl coming up the steps with a broad smile an honest smile the kind of smile you don't see in the States anymore , she was holding a large cup in a large saucer /- a cup of steaming hot Brazilian black Coffee, the kind of coffee you cant get in the states anymore / she handed the redmonk his coffee a broad happy smile on her face and a little nod of her head turned went back down the stairs

the redmonk took a sip of real coffee, Brazilian Coffee and with a turn of his head took a sweep of the court yard and the sound of the guitar still strumming some were down below and he said damn,- Terry and the pirates - 1932) all of it well worn from a 1930s movie set ,- if you get the picture )-

At long last when I finally caught up with the Vanguard,- her engines went down and she was hung up in the yards for about three weeks for repairs ,- down in old Rio,- what more can I say ? another story a nother time / so it goes , vu den

the fishing town of Husvic Iceland were Ollie palm tree lived and reportedly was found dead in Husivic Bay floating face down,/

the small hotel way on the back of the picture the one with the flat roof is were I stayed and were I was taken out of my bed at night with a knife at my throat and told to take a message to keven McKahey- former CIA analyst who ran guns with Wilson and Terple two Arms merchants ,

later Kevin was found dead in a cabin in the State of Virginia in the Valley there are photos of me at this cabin .

some of the most powerful judges and other Government Legal types hid evidence to put EdWilson away in prison,- he- Ed Wilson has found that evidence and is getting a new trial in Alex Va were the CIA controls the US Attorneys Office / news men Jack Anderson said so in his latest book

the hotel I stayed in while I was in Reykavik Iceland - called the Borg hotel it was built in the 1930s and has stayed the same / a walk in the past a Icelandic Wrestler made a lot of money wrestling in the united states in the 1930s and came back to Iceland and built this very good hotel, his daughter was runnin it when I was their / always stay at the Borg when in Iceland,- take a walk in the past it beat the modern hotel s /

because I was a Ruthenian they gave me a good- by meal free )- a massive meal unbelievable all kinds of food pickled sea weed on and on and they sat down and ate with me / an Icelandic Girl from the university came and took blood from me why ? a long time ago a Icelander leader by the name of Ruk and his band left iceland and went some were . where did they go /?

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