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Dear Ms. Helen Fahey,


          I want to report an attempted murder against my person by one Fred Lawrence.

   Head of security at Del La Rue Security Print located at 100 Powers Court Dulles Va. 20166   Tel: (703)450_1300.


          Fred Lawrence called me into his office and told me to take this open can of tuna fish

   that he held in his hand. And told me to take it around the building and feed it to the wildcat that was living in a burrow behind the Del La Rue building.


          I had earlier asked the President of the company one Mr. Michael Little that I could catch this Wildcat that was living out behind the building and he could keep it as a company pet upstairs. He laughed and said nothing.


 When Fred Lawrence asked me to take the can of tuna fish outside and feed the wildcat, he added Mike Little said that it was ok. With that last statement made by Lawrence I thought that President Mike Little wanted me to catch the wildcat to keep as a pet. So I took the tuna can which was Loaded to the top with a liquid and I proceeded out the door to go around to the back of the Building where the borrow was, where the wildcat lived with a wild skunk and wild groundhog.


          Once outside I passed a group of employees who were on a break. One of the employees named Michael Rosalez  asked me where I was going with the can of tuna fish.

 I said I am going to feed the cat and try to catch it for Mike Little, and also told him what Fred Lawrence told me concerning  what President Mike Little told  Fred Lawrence That I was going to catch the cat for Mike Little to keep as a pet.

 Mike Rosalez then asked me C.J. would you kill those animals in the back. I replied surprised of course not I am a political activist!  I am going to catch him not kill him. I then replied that tuna looks so good I think I will eat the center core myself. ( The center core was the size of a quarter )

 Mike Rosalez  then became emotionally alarmed . Saying in a loud voice

C. J. give me that can, don’t eat it! I replied “why?” Mike Rosalez  said again give me the can C.J  .I said no, “why?” Mike Rosalez then stated, - C.J. there’s poison in that can. I responded how can that be?  Mike Rosalez stated  “Fred Lawrence put POSION in that can of tuna.’ Mike said give me the can and took it out of my hand. And walked across the parking lot, and threw it over the high security fence that surrounds Del LA Rue Security Print building.

 I then went back inside the building and told my supervisor Icy GAUZE … Supervisor in the finishing Dept.) what happened          (I also told Denise McLaruen (Supervisor       and other employees,- that about ten days earlier that Fred Lawrence asked me    what he should do about the wild animals in the burrow behind the building  which were interfering with the microwave security system. I told Fred Laurence at that time    to spend $30 dollars for a( Have a Heart trap). I also told  L.T. Holder of Wachkenhutt Security Company that was in charge of security at this building. That they had better not kill these animals or they will get in big trouble. I again told LT Holder that the should buy a ( Have a Heart trap).


          Ms. Helen Fehey I believe Del La Rue management made a decision to kill the wildlife –skunk,Groundhog and the wildcat. And in the process Fred Lawrence tried to set me up to kill the    Animals. And in the process could have killed me with the poison in the tuna fish can. If  Mike  Rosalez a supervisor for Del La Rue had not taken the tuna fish can and threw it a way as I was  About to eat the center core. (See letters and documents sent to Loudon County Sheriff

    Stephen O. Simpson located at 39 Catoctin Circle, S.E. Leesburg, and Va 20175 )also sent to

    Leesburg Police Department65 Plaza Street N.E. Leesburg, A 20176 Phone # (703) 777-3122


          A proximally ten days after this incident I was terminated from my employment at Del LA Rue security Print., And went to the Virginia Employment Commission located at 5520 Cherokee Ave    #100 Alexandria,Va 22312

  I told both Va, State employees Mille S. Durham and Ms.Ark a Hearing Officer what Fred Laurence had done to me.I told Millie S. Durham I believe that  Fred Laurence  should be  charged with Attempted  Murder.

 Several weeks later I had a meeting  with the Hearing Officer Ms.Ark in a two way phone hookup with Del La Rue Security. ( Human  Services Officer)-  Ms. Susan Gunther. I requested from Ms. Ark that she contact the  Virginia State Police.  And file a complaint concerning animal killing at Del LA Rue Security Print And the attempted murder against my life. And or the endangerment of my life by Fred Laurence.

 Hearing Officer Ms. Ark stated that she would not file a complaint,- that I would have to do it.  But if law enforcement agencies came and asked her, she would tell them what I said



      most  Sincerely                                                  (Please see enclosures)

     C.J. Koritko                                                        Sheriff Simpson Letters

     P.O. Box 11167                                                 Animal Abuse.  white paper letter          

     Arlington,Va 22201                                           Statement given to Ms. Ark

                                                                                  Dated 9/21/99


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