Swinging Monkee

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Friday, August 17, 2007

redmonk alert : good cheer to all redmonkees -- lets hope Webmaster Teddy Bear is feeling better this Sun. so as to be able to put up the 2nd new yellow bar on link page -- and get all letters to the FBI concerning the Police inicendent on Kirkwood st near the Pawn shop on Lee Highway----- if web master Teddy bear gets em in sequence on the yellow bar link page they will be listed 1-2-3-4-5- the photos of the spot were this police action action against the redmonk took place so ya can see -- also also the redmonkee Red banana awards will be up Sunday lets hope ???--- -- Al Gore has been given the first ( Red banana award ) -for thinking out side the box on globel warmening ,-- Roger Moor for getting people to think out side the box on many issues with his filims //////what is realy important both of these guys ,----AL and Roger get people talking , -----people such as those who will be getting the redbanana award --- those brave people who think and talk out side the American box---- and are in fact the lungs of a democracy .

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Red alert to all redmonkees in the redmonkee brigrade I need your help to shoot e- mail rockets to all new agencies in the world as concerns the attempt on the redmonks life by Arlington county police ,----that letter and the addendum letter connected ---sent to the FBI field office in Washington dc ,----web master teddy bear was to get the letters up on the link page on a yellow bar located on the link page --- but web master teddy bear is ill -- also to be put up was the Pennsylvania state police letter--- detailing the destruction of my files located in the State of pennsylvania --asking them- the State police to investigate this crime of a break in and theft of personel info photos, tapes etc---- the blog keeps blowing up and my blog postings are missing from the Arling from my blog site ??? I need to deliver by hand to a redmonk member mail just as in the days of old -- delever by hand to the redmonkee who wears the postman's hat and the postman's jacket and hat---- location ---at starbucks across from the Giant store ,----I will give a disc of the letters to see if the redmonkees want to rocket attack news media-- also --- the 3 written blogs were test to see if i can do a blog say like a draft letter spelling etc all bad this request for help from the redmonk to the redmonkee brigade is real Iam being blocked I cant get my story out-- ,-- see the movie the post men to see what i mean.


Red Alert to the redmonkee brigrade - I need your help to e- mail rockets all over the world to all news agencies ----do get the attempted murder of my persons by the arlington Police this info sent to the FBI washington Field office -- this letter can be found on the link page front page of redmonkee.com the letter addressed to Arlington County board chairmen Fergson the same letter sent to the FBI But with attachments to the FBI --- web master teddy bear was to put up the letters,- addendems and the pennsylvania State police letters detailing the destruction of my files in PA. that letter to is to be put up on the link page on a yellow bar web master teddy bear is ill so i must get this up and out to all news agencies so as to put pressure on the arlington County goverment --