Swinging Monkee

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

the redmonk at the last demo

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

to all Redmonkees in the Brigrade :

web master teddy bear is down sick --- what ever /// dont know when he will get up ????-- might have to look for another web master ?? --///// I cant get the story out ////// I might have to use the old postal system like in the movie the postman -----meaning hand delever to a redmonkee photos etc . to get out to all redmonkees the latest happenings ////// like the photos of the crime scene -////// like the - e mails between Cong. Morans aid --- Brian Spoon as concerns my passport for communist china- so as to try to gain employment in the China Movie industry as a actor and also go to there three month acting school .////// My passport has dropped in a hole and disappeared ////birth cert. photos the hundred and some odd dollars disappeared,///- gone down the hole like so many other americans who have had a horror story concerning there US passport --/////U S state dept said my passport is on hold but will not say why, -- or when it will be released --- keep in mind ----
the redmonkee s are not to trust the redmonk on any thing he says ///the redmonks are to gather info to see that what ever the redmonks says is correct and then act on what the redmonk is saying ,--- trust but verafie /////- only trust your selves , ///not the redmonkee do not trust the police ever , trust your selves gather information -- remember journalist want to have three confirmation that the story is true ,--thats three people saying the same thing on a story before a news paper will publish a story-///// the redmonkees must be the same way the redmonkee Brigrade investagaters known as the Johnney dollars -- I will give the Numbers of the certified mailings to the Arlington county Board members so you redmonks can call and see that the county board members got the letters and info on the attempt on the redmonks life by the Arlington county Police and they--- the Arlington County board have not answered only Hon Judge W Newmen has,//// I will now start posting info daily to the redmonkee Brigrade this is the redmonk-- see ya later alagator --- trust but verafie