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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Deuteronomy 16:20 - Justice, Justice , this you must pursue.

Red Monkee Brigade listen up : - go to the link page which is located on the front page redmonkee .com its called- ( document and link page ) --- find the two yellow bars on the link page with the letters to the FBI ---Pennsylvania State police letter etc //// the letter addressed to the Arlington County Board member Paul Ferguson is the same letter to the FBI every county board member got that letter addressed to them individually /// why ? -- because i wanted each and every Arlington County Virginia - board member to be responsible to answer my packet of letters that details this attempt on my life by the the Arlington county police .

I also sent each letter to them --- certified mail --- to the judges and the FBI office addressed to the F B I agent in charge at FBI head quarters in Washington Dc --- only the judge has returned his signed return mail receipt .---- all Arlington county board members and the FBI have not returned to me the signed return mail receipts that i paid the post office for to prove they all received these letters . I request that you redmonkees try to get this story to the news paper the Guardian and or the the Arab free wheeling and dealing news media called El Jazeria . go to channel -9 KWTV Oklahoma city - mail to the investigators at this station-KWTV - tell em its-- cj -Mc Veigh buddy tell em any thing any thing to get there attention -- if a jew is running the station the jewish official will block this story, because news employees told me there jewish boss will not let a story about jews looking bad in the paper the jews block it -- see ---why you must in the end--- go to Arab and world news agencies,----- protect your selves at all times,-- never give your name or location . for real covert reds do your dirty work - like WW II Subs 1939 1945 - ( run silent run deep ) -- --load your tubes swing her around ,-line your target up- FIRE when ready + - bulls eye lets hope ??

check this Daily redmonks note pad ---this is new posting redmonks note pad daily info the brigade new ----this is the Virginia auto tag # keg 2627 ---of a guy who i believe is involved , he has a red motor cycle and a black car ----I see him at starbucks a family member of his is believed to work there across from the safe way and the Video store and advanced auto near the radio Tower

new -this date oct 26 2007----redmonks red alert as concerns the break in of my files --- just heard on the monkey vine--- word is that a Guy who owns a Lumber co --- lumber -93-- was some how involved and that his name is hardy and he gave free lumber to those who broke in to my files and that a member of his work forces is a redmonkee or a family member is -- redmonks find out --- # 2-- e- mail the county board that i need a n assault rifle to protect my self--- Pound em redmonks-- pound em , pound the Arlington county Board-- red rocketeers do your--# on the Arlington County Board --- pound em--- in the future ill leave new info right here for ya and date it-- so ya know-

--- 1- new --this date wed nov 7 th 2007 redmonks see to it that you make thunder alley this veterans day nov 12 th down at the Viet Wall across the street is thunder ally see if you can spot the guy called jewish Hitler take a camera and or a cam recorder start at About 11 oo clock Sat; film the whole thing ya can get a lot of patches down there and make sure ya have enough money to buy a Italian sausage green pepper and onion hoagie cost 7.oo bucks prices goin up usta be $5.00 the redmonk will be there - Hitler runs with two smaller looking Jewish bikers the ones last year young jewish bucks -they dont obey the boss-- both bikes burned, any one ask ya what ya doing tell em your pa was in dong wong and wong dong in Nam -

New -- Nov 8 th 2007--- the arlington County Police are now going around --I believed on there own time to store outlets through out the area telling people not to call me a homo , Ill attack them rip there clothes off- what ever which is a clever sneaky way of cheap Arlington County lawinforcement to tell people iam a homo right ?- e- mail this to Commen wealth attorneys office to Richard Trodden and to the Israel Prosecutor Lisa Bergmen both located on the 5 th floor Arlington County court house .---are the lesbian doing it and are they jewish lesbians -- one is reported to Jewish - have a dark Jewish semitic face does she know Arlington Jewish lawyer Dale something or other name might be price rice race gerrace --- this Jewish lawyer who is in the Arlington County court room with another Jewish lawyer named Lenny--- does judge joan Alper know them ?? this jewish guy Dale who runs with the Arlington motor cycle cops and usta drink coffee at lyonvillage shopping center lee highway had a green strip on his motor cycle fenders---
yo Trodden legal eagle on the 5 th floor Arlington court house you sure your an American Trodden , Trodden why dont you go back were you came from- the British Isle . you dont belong here in America your not American Richard Trodden --- see the movie the Golden door , --Trodden,--- that's were iam coming from ,-- not the Mayflower were you came from , --hay --Trodden,--- your Eminence of Justice- of Arlington county Virginia-- you F- with me by not giving me justice ---I punch back-- just Like a Palestinian-- I too only have stones to throw--- I have no money, no Lawyers, no white org. in America to defend me, - as indeed the blacks and jews got org. to defend them, ---
white people have no one ,--absolutely not one org. to defend them, in Arlington County Virginia -- that to me is a race crime against White Americans by the U S justice system and Arlington County court house - all redmonkees take the 5 th floor down -- show - Richard ( Chamberlin )-Trodden--- redmonkee power-- I cant spell--- but so what ? Ill clean it up later ----its the meat in the story that counts ,- Trodden why are you letting the Arlington cops do this , creating more mass Hysteria in Arlington County --
Arlington cops and arlington Jews telling people in the shops apt. Buildings to be afraid of me, the people ignorant of what the jews and Arlington Cops are doing - on the jewish and cop sneak and sly the arlington people believe the jews and cops then the people Hassle me -- very clever of the cops and jews but clever only by half ---- because iam letting the Arlington public know on this web site what they are doing ---
are they the cops and jews showing my photo to the shop employees ,, and employees in the apartment buildings ?? hay-- trodden do i get equal time to answer back what the Arlington Cops and jews are doing , I want equal time , --
I demand Trodden a list of the stores the arlington County Cops and jews have visited including shops in shirlington Shopping center and apt. buildings there also ---so i can have equal time to rebut the story the dirty cops and coward jews are telling on me to the clerks , -people etc at the apt. building. etc. --
the Arlingtin cops and the arlington jews are doing this so as to createmass Hysteria among the Arlington county public and dirty me up , the people then calling the court house,- judges,- jew Isenberg,- police etc. wanting action against me ---- --- both the cops and the jews are doing this -so as to cover up arlington cop crimes, and the jewish crimes of religious hate of me because of what is on my web site against the jews-- meaning telling the truth on the us Navy ship -- uss Liberty-- jewish State of - Iserial attacking our ship and killing 38 --american saliors ---a war crime against america by the jewish State of Iserial --- , the murder of american girl --Rachel Corrie by the state of Iserial ----- these web sites USS liberty and Rachel Corrie site link to my link page redmonkee .com -- see for your self why jews in Arlington Virginia are Hysterical about me, and indeed hate me --- make up your own mind dont trust me trust your self . Arlington County Goverment lawinforcement Richard trodden Lisa Bergman . Franceen O Brion Judge Joan alper, judge richard Mc ue, all and any one connected in any way to the justice system all in the arlington County court house all of these people mentioned must each and every time ask any one complaining about me if there jewish or halfjewish or a Iserialie Arab who are living in arlington County Virginia and or driving a taxie or drinking coffee at Lyonvillage shopping center which is located on lee high way,--- Arlington cops must ask about the person complaining about me for any reason what ever the complaint it must be ask each and every time --if those complaining about me are jewish ???- because of the hate agenda the jews have for me , --- based on what i accuse the jews of doing wrong which is posted on my Blog and my honest political Web site.

--- such as the crime of attempted murder of me, by the arlington motor cycle cop police --- at Lee high way and kirkwood st accross from the pawn shop --- this information on the attempt of my life by a arling6ton Cop I detailed in certified letters i sent to the FBI and to arlington county Judge and each and every county board members including paul Fergson you can see the letters to Paul Fergson, to the FBi on the link page of my front page web site two yellow bars ------ you are to fire these cops Trodden and put the jews in Jail for jewish religious hate and persacutation of me ------ the jewish parole officer also need s to be fired --Trodden are these stupid christian Arlington cops ---helping the jewish community atttack me on the jewish sneak and the Anglo saxon Sneak, and arlington Police sneak ??? WOW ! ---what cowards you Americans are in arlington County Virginia, Arlington located just 15 min by auto from the American white house were president Bush lives with his family all of this hate against one man, me and I keep commen and Ill gut all of you---- wait and see.-- I didnt lie to you about the National Zoo either but you didnt listen to me then either you American christians are a bunch of as# holes helping the jews get me what is wrong with you christian people . really ?---

below is the true story of getting justice on my own- July sometime ibelieve 2007 ???- true justice --called natural law also called coalfield law -- both laws fair and just ,-not like anglo saxon law which is unfair and unjust,-- anglo saxon law you buy with money -- also known as ( green money law ) --- which you English Boy Richard Trodden practice on the 5th floor of the arlington Court house which is the arlington County out-House .-- Idont have to respect you people in Arlington County after the way the system and people have treated me .a true story for you legal as$s on the 5th floor commenwealth Attorney office Arlington court house ---- listen up trodden and the nappy headed legal hoes who work with you, Trodden yahh-- including the jewish cordavin Lisa Bergmen I dont have to be nice after the way I have been treated , --- by the way was that Lisa Bergmans husband at the starbucks date - nov 7 th or nov 8 th 2007 the starbucks I go to in the early morn, -- did he try a jeiwsh hate- stare down on me ?- I made him look away, he then picked up a small book and begain to read--- was that your husband Lisa ?? I was told it was - I cant always believe what iam told,- thats why Iam asking you-- Hay - jewish girl Lisa Bergman and also Iam asking you so the Arlington public can see iam asking you a jewish Girl-- Lisa Bergman Prosacuter ---on the 5th floor arlington court house - - we are taught in short classes before political demos etc. how to attack th enemy, --- like iam now doing -- as revolutionaries we are to use names as many as ya can ??? addresses and tele # --it makes the people named,--- responsible in some way --the story on coal field justice on the jews of uniontown pa happened this year dedacated to Lisa Bergman a jewish girl ---- like in the month july in 2007 -- i settled a score that was owed me from the early 1930s in uniontown Pa a dead coal mining town,my mother an uneducated woman- cleaned houses for jews that had money,-- this jewish family called mundels owned a furniture store,--- as my mother cleaned this jewish woman would abuse her verbly and always threw dirty soxs on her and in her face saying and clean these too, snotty and angrey like only a jew can be, -- hay - I punch back -- Mundel hitting my mother with the soxs yelling at her,--- my mother would complain about it many many years later what the dirty jews mundel did to her --
my mother only went to the third grade as was the custem in white ethenic america she born early 1900, --- women didnt need schooling they stayed home to help in the small laundry business in the house basement --my grandmother took in other peoples clothes to wash because my grand father died early,- he was a coalminer,- he left her with 7 children,-- no money --she too had no eduication,- never went to school one day,- did not speak english,- born in Ruthenia at a place called Zemplin, in Ruthenia the poorest people in all of europe only 300.000 rutrhenians left in the mother land -- I guess you know whats comming Trodden -- you mother #ucken jews ---you throw dirty soxs in my mothers face , 1930s --this a warning to jews in Arlington this is what i do to jews - hay jewish girl -Lisa bergman Iam a jew Tamer not a lion tamer - -------------

I tame your jewish people using just law, fair law, i call- natural law and or coalfield law , ---but I never use anglosaxon law because anglo saxon law is not fair or just---- a person must buy anglo saxon law with money, --- real Americans such as- Tim Mcveigh,- Joe Peddlia and me-- know that to be true ---------
soooo Lisa Bergman- jewish girl prosacuter - arlington county Court house ---
Yaaah I cought your jewish bros.- the jewish mundels in a resturent in Uniontown july ? 2007 by chance --Iwas eating minding my business and this gang of jews sitting a couple of tabels over gave me a ration of shi# arragront-- like they know me , --maby jewish Arlington cop kanter talked to them i dont know ?? what ever ??-- find out what that means Lisa Bergman -- Iam jew tamer not a lion tamer----- you jews F_ with me as you have ---you jews dont like my link page and my web site -- freedom of speech have you jewish Americans heard of it ????--Hay trodden on the 5th floor you listening ,--his name is Kanter--- trodden ,--he worked for your police dept. ????( mfering jew cowards causing all this trouble )-- like only a bunch of jews can do when there all togeather -- they know arlington jewish Cop kanter ?--- who the uniontown police said to me was going to be the chief of uniontown Police and he Kanter told the uniontown police about me, wow --the uniontown police told me so -- they also said he arlington cop Kanter was trying to recruite cops from the uniontown police dept for the Arlington police force - wow - what did he Kanter tell them about me -- ?? you english piece of Shi# richard trodden find out ___ how hard can it be ???-- ask Lisa Bergman to find out,-- she works for you Trodden ----

I hung out side the Uniontown police door like a low sneak -- were i could here what was being said ,-I pretended i left - and i heard what might have been kanter talking???--- saying --they should tear down the bank that i robbed in this coal town as the youngest bank robber in American history which is what i am, --- youngest bank robber inAmerican History -- bullet - in the waLL STILL THERE --: tear it down so there would be nothing about me-- -- hay Trodden -- I believe i heard some hate there,--- what do you think reading this , hate ----ok-- its not hate - they dont like me, -- but why ??? you must find out why -- Mass Hysteria ??? what ?? Trodden-- you english legal Pussy on the 5 th floor arlington court house ----- you afrade of the jews Trodden ,?-- Trodden you afrade of jew Nazi-delegate Isenburg ? what ??- jews are like that loooow-- tear down the bank i robbed as the youngest bank robber in American History the jews hate WOW -- just like Hitler ))---- tear down every syongoge schreeches hitler, -- the jews the same when the jews get power over other people, the jews do the same as Hitler---- and then the jews go into deniel--- my job is to wake the jews up ? How Iam i doing ?? you jews out there in Arlington Virginia . this story below for jewish girl Lisa Bergman since these uniontown pa jews were now F- with me at the restaurent I noticed the one jew i observed at the mundel furniture store like the day before-- as i parked near the furniture store -- since these jews were now f-- with me f- with me F-with me -- soooo- I got up-- went to there table,-- I ask, -- are you a mundel ??? the jew replied yes ,--big mistake---- for what the mundels did to my mother early 1930s -- I took a Plate of Food pulled open his pance and dumped the food and plate in his crotch--- the jew who said he was a mundell , --i took off my shoe and took off my dirty sox , ---and grabed him by his head and held my dirty sox over his Jewish Mundel nose And jewish face and made him breath and suck in air through my dirty sox , you gutdamn right i did ---Iask this jew mundel you smell it ? after while, my dirty sox covering his nose and mouth -- he nodded his head yes -- Ilet him go , -- I went to my tabel and sat down the jews as we all know are always a victum no matter they caused the trouble , ---
the jews called the uniontown police , the police arrive ---I put on a Political redmonkee demo a shouting to the crowded restuirent what the mundels did and what the jews did I listed jewish hate crimes aginst christians ---- jews put jew shit around christ neck and put a photo of christ in a jar of jewish piss , called it art work, --- jews - took a shit in a cathalic church during mass ,---- jews spitting on christians in the jewish state of Iserial --
Pres Bush Complains to the jewish state of Iserial president of Iserial tells U S pres Bush there are more importent things to talk about then jews spitting on christins WoW ---
The crowd in the restarent is on my side, I ask the crowd who saw this problem with me and the nazi jews ----I ask them to tell the uniontown cop the truth--- who started the fight ??? was i minding my business ? - did the jews start f- with me ???-- the people stood up and told the truth the the jews did it, caused it , they the custamers over heard what was being said between me and the jews ---- I told the cop what the jews did hasslening me --- Iam eating leave me the f- alone ) -- the jews start the fight, then call the police as victims.
a few days later thse same bunch of jews walking to like work in the morn main street uniontown saw me drive by,-- no traffic,- town is dead and the one jew I loaded his pance with food at the rest. - yelling and waving his fist at me -- and i stoped my car in the center of the main street and went after this jew who who then fled inside a building , ---the other jews with him running down the main street Uniontown Pa.I got back in my car and left--- jews start the fight then these same jews scream there victims -- I refuse to be a palistenian for the American jews,--- america is not the State of iserial,--- but jewish Americans think so, -- jews in Arlington Virginia need to be told off .
hay English boy Richard Trodden arlington county court house commen wealth attorney office on the 5 th floor for your info Trodden -- one beating does not work on a jew ,---Iam a expert on the jewish matter, of beating jews to make them leave you or me alone, --- it takes three beatings before the the jews falls to his knees and with arms out streatched in the sign of the cross ,--he the jew now after the third beating offers you his beard to burn so to speak, this jew who was hitler just afew min ago yelling at you snarling a little teeth showing acting just as a iserialie acts toward a palistanien in the jewish State called Iserial, this jewish stae that the Russian soldier Ivan gave the jewish people with the cost of 49 million dead slavs as the price 1945 ,--- below the - Picture of the jew after the thried beating see if you can picture it
1940s jews on his knees in front of german soldiers in a slav village eastern Europe hands out streatched in the sign of the christian crosss photos from the war 1940s you all have seen it ( get the picture )---
But ---before the third beating the jews each and every time act like hitler on the balcony addressing the germans below-- same - contorted face,- teeth showing ,yelling unbridled hate, ---- at me --- there is something wrong with these jewish people- there nuts - Iam not putting up with it - -- I need aaan assualt rifle for real----- Richard Trodden tell the jewish Girl - Lisa Bergman who works for you--on the 5 th floor Arlington court house to buy me one--- an assualt rifle to prove she is American and not Iserialie -- when she lisa bergman a jewish girl -- hands me a assualt rifle ill know she is true Americaaaan

haY Trodden --- look how long has this been going on 9/ 11 ?? English boy - Trodden are you there ?///-- Trodden sure your American ?- I want some of my Arlington County tax money back, why you might ask -- because you trodden and the Nazi arlington County justice system,- Nazi cops , Nazi judges and super Nazi prosacuters located on the 5th floor arlington County Court House ---none of you are protecting me and or my rights , against this jewish and arlington cop onslot --- --- you all take jewish relection money --- wee no how the system works we dont wear bibe overhauls and a straw hat, -- we all know politics followes money in arlington County virginia each and every time in all of America , too---- weee know what you are on the 5 th floor--- your all afrade of the Nazi hate jews Nazi --Isenburg and Nazi jew Ebben brown shirt jews I call em- does lisa Bergman who works for you have a brown shirt ??--- does her jewish husband have a brown shirt ???? that question begs Trodden believe me when i say Iam a revolutionary , - A Dissenter, - a provacteur - damn right i am , ---I dont spell well trodden does that mean i am denied Justice, ?--- were in the U S Constutation does it say, ---- he- who does not spell correctly,- he then must be denied his rights under the U S Constution, ---- show me Trodden the section that says i have no rights, ---- because i am a lousey speller - said as taunt to you trodden and the as$ holes who work for you on the 5th the floor of the arlington County out- house ---known as the Arlington Court House

younot going to bull shi# me Trodden,-- Iam from the coal fields of the 1940s and ill kick you english as# for what you Anglo Saxon grandfather did to my ruthenian people you little English punk -- step,- out in the street Trodden-- face me,-- in front of the Arlington County House -- step out in the street Trodden ,---you big English legal Pussy,- Iam 68 years old, -- Ill still beat your young English as$ down Trodden-- your not going to ignore me trodden ,--I want justice and with no money to buy it --- every one e- mail this challenge to a fight To Commen wealth Attorney Richard ( english boy ) Trodden,--- tell him- Trodden the -- big English legal white Nigger of Arlington county-- Yaaaah -- that the Ruthenian redmonk wants him to step out in the street,-- face me,--- I dont have to be nice after the way i have been treated --- Iam 68 years old asbetious in my lungs 20% lungs gone I have no money I have no gun ,-I have no Bombs,- no ryder truck - but i gut a mouth and mud and stones to sling , ---Iam Just like a Palistinian throwinig stones at Iserial,-- you will not ignore me,. I have a voice and it will be heard - ( I speak truth to power )
did the Iserialie Prosacuter Lisa Bergman- she located on the 5th floor arlington Court House,- did jewish girl lisa Bergman ,who is not American ,--tell the Anglo Saxon Female prosacuter to call me a holocaust denier, at my hearing in the arlingtonCourt House the year 2002 =- or was it Jewish Iseriale Girl one Lisa Begman s jewish Husband who did it ??? who ?? english boy Trodden-- you lacky for the jews of arlington county va ,-you take jewish money yes or no Trodden ??? -- be an American Trodden once in your life give me a number give me a name -- yes or Noooo????
#2 nov 7 th 2007 this story will be taken to the bottom of the page Ill finish it up -- what I desided to do is put up on the bottom of this long page is the me and the snake cult story down in Brizal and three dead people -- large snake killed a small boy were i was staying while waiting for the Ship vanguard to come in,--- see photos of the vanguard on photo gallery---- then a Spanish gal adult that brought me coffee in the morning the one with the big smile was found dead a few days later,-- snake gut here too,--- but a Jackas@- jewish investagater brought down from new yourk tried to pin it on me - murder,--- she came down to investagate the mysterious death of a seamen from the ship vanguard, --- I was flown down to take his place,-- he is now in the ships freezer, dead --- he was found dead in the same room i was now in- at this broken down hotel - this 1930 broken down mexican lookin 19 17 Hotel located near the water and the jungel --like poncho Villa and his men just left a couple of hours ago get the picture, totaly worn out --- no ones telling me anything,--- I get off the plane from new york - catch a taxie into town ,-- ship Vanguard is not in, will be in a few days, --- i go to the florida bar, near the water front --- dark smoaky candels burning,--- snakes all over the place on the shelvs , --- on the girl bodies carring them around -- one albino red eyes big too-- curled up on a shelf behind the bar ,--hay, to me Terry and the Piriets time,-- my kinda of place,- at that time i know nothing of these deaths- snake cults, what ever, --- Iam lookin for a cheap hotel so my money would last -- the ship is not in -shes still at sea, engein problem -- when she gets in,--- shes going to be laid up in the ship yards for a couple of weeks repairs -- --- she gets in a couple days later,,--this run down hotel hardly no furniture -- is were i stay,--- beat up broken down hotel just two stories,- layed out like a mexion hasenda laid out in a big -L --- court yard in the center.Iam waiting for the ship vanguard to come in but a guy who took my bagage up the stair case, located out side running up along the side of the hotel building -- like a stair case going up the side of a old saloon in a old western movie stare case leading to the Verandia to my room,--- before he opens the door-- he pointes out to a clump of jungle from the veranda and said a alarge snake killed a small boy over there and that a number of large pythons live there -- he said youl be alright just stay in at dark and keep all the doors shut -windows there are none,-- only wooden old shutters , no glass get the picture --- these old shutters later saved my life,--- Ill tell ya later --- a great white Shark and a salt water crock are involved as well--- and no bull either,--- the new york jewish as$ hole investagater gets thrown off the vanguard into Rio bay she shi# her pance on the way down -- she cleans out and unloads two sylinders,-- see the movie, flight of the pheonex-- to see what that means ------ she--- a jewish snotty arrogront female,--- with hate for slavs ,--yelling ,-shouting , shes nuts - jews act and behavie like the jews are Iserialie s and the rest of us are Plastinians -- she tried to put a murder charge on me- concerning the dead girl at the hotel --- she--- this jewish slut - investagater from new york was having a love affer with a navel officer who was aboard from another south American Country , --- I dont have to be nice ---- -this true story will explain the fight with the shark - the salt water crock - his name was not Dundee ,---some of it on news film -- How and Why ????--
one little part of the story -- a Egyptian tanker was keeping a Brizialian prostatute on board and taking her with them , meaning kidnapping her, Ill explain that too -- the harbor police stoped the Egyptn tanker by firing automatic weapens in the air and onto the superstructer of the tanker paint chips flying,- the harbor police speeding to the tanker they ment business Iam right there--- in a little boat looks like the african queen kind ofa boat in that Bogort movie afracan queen ----

what iam i doing there hanging out with the guy who runs the boat out to ships anchored in the bay -- brings veg,-- prosatutes,-- picks up sailors and returns them to the ship--- that type of thing .--I spend days with him plying pack and forth killing time seee how iam involved ?? we took this prosatute out to the Egyptn tanker droped her off she gave s us all her docomunts to keep untill we came back to pick her up --- why ???-- because merchent seamen have been keeping prostatutes on board and not let them off ever,--- meaning sex slavs for life ----for you as# holes in Arlington Virginia who been no where,-- but Iserial or rohoba beach for the summer,- this then is the real world - death,- inslavement what ever --not the little world you live in in arlington County Virginia --- this is were the great white schark and the salt water crock these two who pal around togeather in Rio bay are involved with me and the boat _ news media etc this story is for real,-- I am later at the hotel drugged by the snake cult and damn near killed ,

almost all of it or some of it is on news film meaning a big hunk of this story --it can be proved happened about 1974 ? ----- this your reading now is like a draft )))-- when i move it to the bottom Ill clean it up and finish it -- I would not tell this story if i couldnt prove it because no body would believe it,---- stay tuned and keep firing e- mail rockets any were, and every were ----- more postings coming what willbe coming is any new info on the break in of my files -- and or the attempted murder of me by arlington police ,---all police attacks on me will be detailed --- Ill leave this story on the snake cult - here for about a week and move it and finish it down below,-- it will be in three parts 1- attack on the great white sharkand salt water crock how that came about --# 2--- the snake cult- -- #3 the jackas#jewish investagater from new york-
__she went from a nurse to a investagater in a couple of days,--- how you might ask ?--the boatsen mate introduced her to me as a medical nurse, and that she wanted to talk to me , Hay --she didnt act like a nurse to me -- then a few days later,--- i was told she is a new York investagater and not a nurse at all, she is investagating concerning the dead seaman - who is now in the Ships freezer -- this a draft --she ,-this jewish As# hole nurse,- Investagater what ever ---- kept fucking around with me and gut her as# tossed over board ,--- also thrown down the stair well in front of the Capt. twice , not once but twice --- now do you see what i mean she a jewish ASS hole from newyork,she like most jews dont know were she at -- because she,--- like most jewish Americans including the ones in Arlington virginia only live in fortess Iserial in america, --- meaning her friend are all jewish, she only runs with jews --- she knows nothing about other people,-- nor does she care, ---why ?--- because fortress Iserial in America meets all her needs as a jewish person - ,-- she smart with books ,-but dumb as jew shi# as only a jew in America can be dumb - about other people, ----other humans ,--she dont know about,--- she was told by an merchent marine officer ---I over head it,-- he said to her these men are merchent seamen,- there men,- they wont take abuse from you or anyone else,--- Yahh-- she nearly gut killed because of it it is called jewish as# holeisem -- wait till the story is finished youl under stand ---- the crew was on my side they could seee what she was -- they laughed about it too - --we also had a new york jew aboard as a crew member a hiyppe type who picked up syphlis from some whore and was being removed from the ship,--- he complained to this jewish Investagater woman that i was ignoring him , ---like all the crew did they threw all his plates he ate with, forks knives --- over the side,-- we steared clear of him because the crew thought he was contageious with a or something,--- this jewish woman the phoney nurse or investagater what ever -- then chews me out like shes my mother,-- shouting at me that aim not spending time with him- talking to him -- this jewish crew member I have his photo and i mean to put it up on my web site because i settle scores ,---Hay Lisa Bergman jewish prosacuter on the 5 th floor arlington court house - he- your jewish brother with syphlis on his last day aboard this ship--- shaved his fairly long beard and filled up my sink with his dirty beard in my State room he a jewsh passive aggressor coward ) all jews are to laugh here Haw - Haw as concerns this jew dirting up my personel sink then slipping off the ship -- for jewish Girl lisa Bergman I punch back --- your jewish brother his photo comming to my web site to punish his jewish family his jewish mother his jewish father as i list him a syphilitic jew form new york his photo --- my turn to laugh here,-- my turn to Haw Haw on the jews who are clever only by half --- i punch back no matter how long it takes 1974 / the jews Mundels 1930s -- just for the jews of Arlington County Virginia I punch back,--- jewish Girl Lisa Bergman who is not American and lives in fortress Iserial in Arlington Virginia this jewish girl Bergman is a prosacuter on the 5th floor arlington County Court House ,,, yahhh i punch back,---just like the jews in Arlington County virginia f- with me on a daily bases since 9/ 11 --- the iserialie jew girl Lisa Bergman and iserialie jew boycheck Isenburg will defend these jews who are , F- ing with me - but will not defend me,-- I put jews on trial , as i just did jew isenberg and jewish girl, Lisa Bergman these jews stand accused - this rest of the story of the break in and destruction of my files and story cont. __________ read on ------

In Markleysburg Pennsylavinia I was surprised to see him-- the guy with a black car tag # keg 2627 va tag a half block up from were my files were broken in to-- in Marklysburg Pa,-- he was talking to a bunch of guys on a porch his motorcycle parked next to the house , this is the guy who threatened me at the tJ gym in Arlington some time ago, --- he stated you come in here Ill give you something,-- a threat - angry-- mr. big guy with long hair , he likes to shake his locks around, like a woman - he does cross word puzzles . I have been observing him from his different hang outs to figure him out, --- the first time he threatened me snarling ---was out side the T J gym 20 feet from the front door --I thought he was a crazy homeless guy, __ I ignored him how many times ,--- How many times do you have to ignore some one insulting you and threatening you before you knock them down , ---- think of it i don't know these people never spoke to them in my life some body is going to get killed here if a persons snaps ----and no one see it coming ,---the Arlington County board asleep - all of em corrupt criminals -- not doing there job, ---- this county owes me millions of dollars you could not treat a black or a jew this way you have treated me I was told by a lawyer if you were black they couldn't do this you, --- you would be rich -- Law suites - but because i have white skin it seems i have no rights based on the color of my skin -and that to me is racism and breaking the social contract with me and turning me into a 2 nd class citizen because iam white - treat every one the same --I talk to no one there at the TJ Gym I mind my business , get the picture ???
later this guy black car tag # keg 2627-- was on a exercise.machine at TJ gym when i went behind him, just passing --- he started hollering like he was scared, ---- a Arlington Lady there at the time name may be Winny lived here a hundred years in Arlington---- Ive seen her around many years she saw it because she shook her head as i looked in her direction by chance --- she also saw a black guy spit on me at the tJ gym -- as i jogged on the track Arlington County maintenance people hassling me and on the street to0, --- in Arlington County trucks ---- these people need to be fired fooling with a citizen-- think of it, let me do it to you !! ------ she a lady I heard her name was winnie I dont know ???- may have seen the threats to me by the intire Arlington County maintenance dept. who were playing basket ball on the court at T J Gym , yelling at me --- me a White man alone, every one just watching ---- no cameras in this gym why ??? i could prove what happened then if only there were cameras will some one wake up the county board //

the sing along group that meets on every Wed at Arlington T J Gym I was a member paid 8 dollars for the sing along book -- one member informed me I cant stay because i was a traitor , he then went to the desk i followed him to hear what he was going to say,--- he told the lady at the desk I must go, leave, that i was a traitor - they didn't want me in the sing along group, because of my political believes and some were jews some military people retired ---- I never talk politics with people, ---- the arlington County police must have been talking them ,- because time and time again people who fooled with me said the police said to do it,---- county employees obeying the police --that's against the law, --- Commen wealth Attorney richard Trodden is not doing his job as County Attorney he is a political Hack and a threat to all citizen hes with out honor ---
they the sing along members put it to a vote after i said i wasn't going any where, i was pissed off -- treating me like I was black in the 1940s, ---- I got this same treatment in my youth 1940s 1950s from the same stinken people called anglo saxons telling me a ruthenian Slav that--- I a Bohunk that i wasnt welcome this is for mother England's people and not your kind - how many times did i hear that ?--- go back were you come from __ , you sure you are a American ?? you communist sob you get out of our country ask Gov Como Newyork if Iam lieing he got the same treatment and was not allowed to run for president because he was Italian American thats how it was here in 1940s 19950 1960s ---- this is a Arlington County government building too, --- tax payers building---- I was pissed. white people still in 2007 are the same redneck hate people of my 1940s youth,-- nothing changed bigoted stinken white-- mostly Anglo Saxon people. who act the same as in my youth 1940s. I got it on the front of my life now i get it on the back of my life iget it twice damn right iam pissed i get even I want the county to issue me an assault rifle for real too , ---not a joke --

Redmonks call the U S Justice dept in to put Arlington County Employees in prison for Political intimidation of me by Arlington County Employees the county employees have there union Lawyers to cow the Arlington county board and the Arlington County police and the Arlington County police are telling the employees to go after me-- the Employees have told me so .--- there is no one to stand up for me ---this means the social contract is broken between me and the Arlington Government,--- natural law says i can protect my life even if the king him self attacks me I can attack the King back ---I and all citizens have a right to self presavation as a human beings and that right to self preservation includes that right to kill Arlington County Cops ,-its government leaders and or Arlington Employees so as to protect our lives and including myself from this Political Wilding of Hate from the police and Arlington Government . and its Citizens . this is nothing more then a red neck lynch mob in the year 2007 . against one man me,---- this is a kind of cowardice you only read about in the 1930s that takes place against one black man in a southern town ,
----but its the jews and the anglo saxon people doing it in 2007 with the jews - craven in there jewish cowardice leading the christians anglo saxon on, -- as the christian dolts obey the jews telling them what to do about me, -- and i am that guy thats standing up -- there doing it to me the only white man standing up talking back to those in power ,----on guy alone --me--- and iam punching back in arlington County virginia ,- Iam not a victim ----I might as well be a black man in a white --neighbor hood in the State of Mississippi the year 1930s--- the white Christan cops , --the hate Jews and the white Christan people in this coward county have the mind set of those redneck people in the 1930 s ----------

this has been going on now for 6 years, Iam tired of beating the hell out of people in Arlington County to make them leave alone,-- let me put it this way---- my feet and fist are sore from knocking beating and punching you soben people to the ground , ----thats why i ask the arlington County board for an assault rifle, --- no Goverment employee is to hassle a citizen with out being fired, -- but in Arlington County the Board members are asleep at the wheel not doing there job--- hay ---who the hell is driving at the arlington County board
I hope it never happenes . that i have to use it - the assualt rifle ---I urge all redmonks to e- mail the arlington County board demanding,--- not asking --but demanding they issue me a Assault rifle to protect my self ---because the County board members refuse to defend me from this Hate Jew, Hate county employees and hate coward arlington cop Wilding against one man me, since 9 / 11 --------

the jewish Liberians are in the for front of this wilding from the get go --- the jewish Liberians story coming - it started with the two jewish female Liberians in rage and anger they were going to remove me from the libary-- because of my political believes with hate on me from there jew faces, --- which is a threat to a citizen unbelivble jewish arragronce one is marred to a jew male i believe named Berry--- his sister works in the libary too, all the jews in the main libary are hiding in the offices now like little robert Ford cowards after the jews do there dirty work on some one . they want protection .robert ford is the guy who shot jessie James in the back as he- jessie dusted a picture his back facing robert ford get the picture,----the jews dirty little cowards like robert ford I fight back -------

then these same jews say there afraide and the goverment must hide them, beccause they are afarade wow ---- like at the national zoo the jews hid jewish zookeeper ralf Strauss who killed 6 year old arab children, the Zoo hid him too --from the arab childrens mother who came to the zoo looking for the jew zookeeper Strauss
Deuteronomy 16:20 Justice Justice , this you must pursue
the jewish chew cont. ------------

arlington County libary is jewish not american a know fact,---- so many jews work in the Arlington main libary that they form a jewish gang against the christian libarians and get togeather in there jewish homes- called Fortress Iserial,were the jews rile against the dirty Goyem-- a jew word Goyem --means the other the out sider --- but i know for a fact to jews the word Goyem ( means dirty filithy christian )--- they have no other friends but jews ,--they live in a jewish world recycling there own ideas among them selvs-- which is dangerious for any and all people to do that,--- after a while people who do that,-- believe there own Bloney and jewish boloney haint kosher thats why Lyon village shoppingcenter lee highway is jewish occupied terratory the jews like to hang out among them selvs ___ plotting--- dont you just love the word plotting i use on the jews in Arlington--- it drives em crazy,- ok- there not plotting so there talking and discussing among them selvs how the jewish libariens are going to take over the libary said tounge in a cheek taunt---- after what you jews have done to me i have a god given right to taunt you jews back,-- jews plotting -how the jewish libariens are going to get what they want-- voting as a block -- which is not against the law by the way ---- it just makes jew look,-- well,,--- how should I say it, --- not nice but grasping, like, --like only a jew can grasp --- (you jews f_ with me i punch back-)- you jews are causing all of this - --- let me explain the Famous arlington Jew grasp --

you sit down with a jew to eat- they--- Hay pass the pototas and the jews puts all the potatas on his plate , empties the bowl --its called bad form , its called a low person, its called bad taste, - its called very american Arlington County jewish like --- another example ----a bunch of jews sitting in a movie theater on the front row , ---if you say-- hay look a bunch of jews sitting in the front row , these same jews sitting in the front row will call you a antisemite for noticing them sitting on the front row -- these jews now angry, contorted face-- a little miffed and wounded--- the - yell from the the front row jews --- Antisemite fills the the theaters air .but-- if you dont notice these same jews sitting on the front row these same jews still call you a Antisemit because you didnt notice them sitting on the front row ,. MORE SHOUTS OF ANTISEMITe FROM THE JEWS SITTING ON THE FRONT ROW --- I have something for you jewish people -F- UUUUU and Shut uuuuuppp ---and sit down,-- thank you ................. the jewish chew cont.---
you cant win with these jewish nerotic people in one case the christians libarians fought back to stop the jew take over of the libary--- your getting the history of the Arlington Libary,--- like the History of the fire House ---just as your mom and pop didnt know about the fight between a arlington cop and the firemen in the fire house and the Fire Chief and the police Chief had to come to the fire house to put that fire out,---- you all know about this fight now only because of the internet and my web site, Redmonkee.com--- iam spreading the news on arlington County, ask the Arlington county board how they like it ?? wake em up first --
---- arlington cops ording Arlington firemen around in the fire house ,--the nerve the blue nerve these cops got ?? this blue rat cop-- doin the pushen and shoving --gut his as$ kicked in the fire house by an irate Firemen , who wouldnt take that shi$ either --i think it was Fire house # 2 that was some time ago --years ago ---- its late ,-but so what-- your still getten it and now you know what the jews are doing in your arlington libary you jews hassel me and F- with me as you jews have-- Ill tell on you the truth -- to the world .jewish chew cont.-
what little people you jews are . you jews in the libary get the picture ??? run Jew run ---to the jewish goverment officials Isenberg , Ebben Findley and whine antisimite ---like the little robert Ford - jew coward you jews are , its called a Passive aggressor ) means jewish weasel coward striking from behind on the jewish sneak---- Hay -- I fight back You jews F- with me --why dont these jew who are f_ing with me go and fight in iraq instead of fighting me ????? and pleas all you jews stop looking in garabge cans for bombs you coward jewish males --- there is only one man me --the jewish gang up on one man--- me-- me -- who is telling the-- christian people of Arlington ---on jewish wrong doing--- there is no one for me it should be easy for you jewish robert Ford cowards ---of Arlington County Virginia to take me down silense my voice of dissent you little people in arlington called jews with a big jew s loud mouth --but no courage, ---- how small you jews are as a people , ---I dont respect you,,--- nor do i fear you,---- as all other Americans do,-- after what you have done to me - I fight back - jewish chew cont.
Deuteronomy 16:20 Justice , Justice , this you must pursue
listen up you little jews of Arlington --- I have seen Anglo Hate on me full of fire in my youth 1940s 1950s I even saw KKK hate on me in the 1950s for daring to date a southern Anglo saxon girl her name judy pretty red hair down in old carolinia ,---the klan got me in a car and took me 50 miles out of my way, --- I saw hate in that car loaded with the KKK full bore hate spittle on there lips of hate 195os in the south as they roughed me up , full bore hate as they say--- saying Iam a mud person one step up from a nigger polack - shes a a saxon woman you dont date no saxon woman -- Hell Im a ruthenian whiter then any anglo saxon any time any were-- started out as Swedish Vikings after doing a dirty deed in Sweden my clan had to flee into the Carpathenian Mt and morfed into Ruthenians Iam still whiter then a Anglo saxon any were any time and better looken and tuffer too , sure i like my self damn right i do -jewish chew cont.
but nothing in my life have i seen such hatred by jews here in Arlington they the jews of arlington county virginia are jewish Hitlers on the balcony addressing the jewish crowd , ---the jew face the same as Hitlers contorted schreeching , same same carbon copies, of Hitlers face when he hitler is schreeching on the balconey to germans below ---- more Arlington County redmonkee news ---below --------
there was jewish woman look to be abusing employees at the cherrydale libary the other day --two jewish woman one had a pink expensive suite beautiful the suit Iam talken not the jewiss in it,---- are ya followen me /- get the picture ??? -- ---the other jewiss tall dark and skinny she acted like hitler as she lectured immigrant people in the little office when she came out she said she told them about me, wow - no ---SHI#--- does she tell them about jewish misbehavor or--how the Slav race 1945 saved every jew on earth defeatin Hitler with loss of 49 millian dead Slavs to do it ??? and by so doing gave the jews the State of Iserial - why doesnet she--- this tall dark skinny jewish Hitler woman at cherrdale libary talk about Jews not letting Blacks in to Iserial from Darfur Sudan --blacks beggng for asylum from murder and rape-- the phoney jews say NO -- you cant come in -- or jews now today spitting from there jewish mouths spit on Christian s in the religious state of Iserial -Pres. Bush Complained to Iserial and the jewish state said there are more important things to talk about then jews spitting on christians in Iserial ---wow-- it was in the news papers --- --- this jewish state of Iserial we the American people feed these silly jewish people in Iserial with are tax dollars billions ---that i and every american give billions of our dollars to the iserial jew state ever year,, ---- 7 million christians were murdered in hitlers death camps same as the jews same time fram 1940s 7 million murdered christians ----- hay - student s of Arlington va schools--- do ya think the christians suffered as much as the jews ?? of course -- did ya ever hear about the 7 million- christians never -- the jews wont allow it jewish chew cont.
did this Jewish state of iserial ever say thanks to any one ??? never !--- did this jewish cordavan yiddish word means- whore in her case jew slut-- I punch back -- --- at Cherrdale libarary tell the employees about all of the above ???- (she was almost shouting ) I also saw the little jewish male libarian Abuse the asian korean lady yelling at her like she was a palistanian he an Iseralie --- jews needs to be told off --- he the jew libarian throughing things around little a jewish punk - angrey against the korien lady--- he needs his face slapped--- ( were is the asian defence force ) for this Korien libarian??? to defend her from the jews ----hay English Boy Trodden on the 5 th floor,--- Arlington Court house were ya at--- you big legal English Pussy you---- Hay -Trodden sure you are a American ? go back were ya came from Trodden and see the movie (the golden door )to see were iam comming from ,--- english boy Trodden -YO some thing for ya down below ask a jew if this is so - ?---but dont ask a jew in Arlington, va Fallschurch Va or Alexander Va thay wouldnt know.for you ::--- Richard Trodden- you dirty little english coward you, you are located on the 5th floor arlington County court House: the court house which is located 15 min by auto from the American White House l were the president Bush lives ----------- Yaaah -English Boy Trodden: Deuteronomy :16:2o just for you ______ Deuteronomy 16:20 Justice , Justice , this you must pursue.
I urge the redmonkee brigade to go to the U.S. justice dept. and or the United nations, the world court and or any Arab Government, let these people know what is going on and have them list me as a political dissenter being persecuted in Arlington County Virginia by the Arlington Virginia Government and Arlington Citizens arlington County Jews its goverment employees police force - and its hate jewish people . a wilding of cowardice by these people against one man me, ---- only cowards attack one man-- as you people have me in Arlington County Virginia, this arlington located 15 min from the American white House .
this is the coward police force Arlington Police that obstructed Justice on Arlington Ridge Road 50 some years ago the telephone pole of death concerning me and a wealthy school teacher is Stapels her name ?-- and is meg Tullico her daughter <--- this millionier school Arlington teacher bought him meaning the dirty arlington CoP a house to say what she wanted said about a dead little boy on the wire on the telephone of death the lie -- its called a slide- ya slide the lie in,-- but only if a Arlington Cop takes the money, damn right cops dont like m, --- it not just the photos of cops boots and saddle in the manure pile photo on my photo gallery if you believe a cop saying any thing about me your a full blown A$ hole for sure ! American legion post 139 arlington believes the Arlington police ask em ?? the arlington Cops are members -- think about that as Rebel anglo saxon soldier in the 19 th American rebellion on going today - MC Veigh always said think about that -- redmonks get this info on the second attempt on my life by the police too all news media world wide --get into the guts of the FBI head quarters located in Washington DC pound the FBI pound em and have the prove sent to the Arab world that the FBI is coward and afrade of jewish power--- means--- jewish money given to anglo Saxon politicans, ---- who are christians -like say govenor Kane of Virginia -- in Arlington County Virginia go to Governor Kane by e- mail --alert him whats going on ,--tell the world the Govnor of the State of Virginia Kane - takes jewish political money and sells the citizens with no money out- ----show the prove .-- ask him Gov kane by e- mail to give me a assualt rifle because richard Trodden the commen wealth attorney for arlington County will not defend me and is a anglo saxon disgrace give em hell redmonks - remember the theme song of the redmonkee rocketeers is jerrako--- an the FBI walls came tumbling down - like the Smithsonian walls you redmonks brought down -- I came to the Arlington T J Gym to exercise and to sing along with this group ---- i didn't come there to fight , but as i found out --- it was flee or fight time --I fought, --- the singin group vote was taken--- it came out some neutral ) some for), -- some against . )- I felt like christ and i fucken refused to go up on the DelaRosa with my Russian cross on my Ruthenian back -- ---it was never the same after that,-- I stopped going after a while -- I didn't want to ruin the group , not that iam such a good person, hell no - like all of you Iam no damn good -- Some members had wounded faces because i was there and they all were really great at singing those old tunes i loved so-- from the 1930s 1940s--- but there was a ruckus there a chair was thrown etc. you figure it out ?--- -that's not all---- more coming redmonks find out about this VA tag # Keg 2627 va tag is he Virginia defence force ? American legion ? KKK what ??? did he break in to my files ? Pa state trooper # and the Troopers name,--- coming who took the complaint -- so you can hound him for a answer ,---also coming war Admirals 31 knot Burk girl friend at T C Gym who he boffed many many years ago her husband the general cockeled the general always runs with a jewish fellow mabe the generals a jew also,,-- all the jews at the T J gym come and go in a group----like there afrade with the jewish weekly under there arm- and Abe FOXMENS TELE # AT THE READY -- said as a sly taunt to the jews -- Iam the most exciting thing to happen to the jews since sliced Challa bread . AND FOR ALL YOU JEWS ----- Iam your man ,-NOT LENARD COHEN--- ME--- i AM YOUR Gutdamn MAN-- ALL YOU JEWS OUT THERE , Iam your man -- not lenard Cohen - trust me -- on this man business - also i know from past experience the Washington Post news paper located in Washington DC will not do my story this is news paper that didn't do the national zoo story until the dam burst that story on the front page of redmonkee .com ) --- at that time the national Zoo located in Washington Dc lost its Accreditation as a animal operation --- it was in the news for three days look it up on my web site and or go to the Washington post web site the washington post newspaper is owned by the jewish Grham family since the 1930s Redmonkees let me prove some thing on the sneaky sly concerning the Washington post newspaper that president bush reads every morning allow me prove to you what I know about the Washington post news paper--- all of you try to get the Post to do this story and make post editors say yes or no to you by e- mail to see for your self----- dont trust me trust your selves --- go to Bob woodward daughters at the washington post Talia and Diania ask them to do it ?? also do the letters on the yellow bar link page any way ya want to do them to garner attention from the news editors around the world --- yes in deed you the redmonks brought down the national zoo,-- meaning ordered up the investigations of the national Zoo a Smithsonian official told me your redmonkees breached the Smithsonian castle walls . I ask you redmonks in the redmonkee Brigade if you find the truth as concerns the attempt on my life by the Arlington motor cycle police ,--- I call on you red monkeys to take down Arlington county Board-- throw them out of office --- all members--- they broke the social contract with me as America has, the county board will break the social contract with you and your mom and pop as they did me --- if no justice then revolution,--- remove Arlington County police chief and all prosecutor's in the Arlington County Commonwealth office located on the 5 th floor Arlington County Court House ---get your mom and pop to remove Commonwealth Attorney Trodden ---fire Prosecutor Francine O'Brien who is reported to have been censured for what i don't know???? was it me she was censured for ???? --- find out all redmonkee Johny dollars Investigator --- Listen up redmonks --I heard a rumor she was censured --- find out find out if if the rumor is true --- former US park police Theresa chambers is rumoured to have stated if she was Police chief of Arlington County she would Arrest the entire Arlington County Board - redmonks find out is this a rumour or the truth ?? she has a web site -- find out Remove prosecutor Lisa Bergman who is jewish in this office on the 5 th floor of the Arlington County court House ----she fights for jews but did she ever fight for a christian ???? ----is Lisa Bergman an American or a Israeli ??IS HER new york JEWISH MOTHER IN LAW COMING TO HER HOUSE TO SEE IF ITS CLEAN ? IS THAT WHY LISA BERGMAN A JEWISH GIRL LOOKS SCARD ALL THE TIME ON THE 5TH FLOOR as they cut deals with defendents lawyers ? in this no justice for white people -- Arlington county court house -- located 15 min by auto from the American white House this is the kind of justice they give 15 min away from the white house were presidet Bush lives the kind they gave me ---- remember Arlington County Prosecutor Francene O Brien WHO IS NOT JEWISH - what does that mean not jewish???- means Obrien doesent look like Lisa Bergman who is jewish. jewish meaning semetic, -- Jew -arab, same people both a Semetic -- which the jews are--- a semetic people jews are not European and never have been a historical fact you jews f- with me and want this war with me iam telling on you -- to school children take me into court honest talk is not hate talk -- what you jews have done to christians and me and the russian soldier of WW II his name Ivan,-- what you jews in Arlington have done to Ivan and the rest of us , that we as a people are forbiden to talk about jew hate in this brand new modern Nazi Americasn State called America 2007 what you jews have done and gotten a free pass ---is jew hate -- real hate.Iam telling you jewish people off --- you jews take me into court, if you dont like it I dare you goa head - you jews got thousands of jewish lawyers,- I have only me -- Ill still fight you jews, -- because you are wrong . and dont ask me about anglo Saxons ,-dont ask me about American legion post 139 jackasses -dont ask me about blue rat cops Iam talking about you jews -- dont try to chang the subject by taking us to jewish middle ground jewish middle ground will bwee explained to the school children of Arlington schools arlington County Goverment will not ignore me iAM DISSENTING AGAINST WRONG DOING NOBODY GETS A FREE PASS WITH ME -- Farnceen Obrien was the one who prosecuted me after the cops broke my ribs ripped open my hernia in the year 2002 and would not give me medical treatment for two weeks inside the jail were the jailers tried to get guys to rape me this assault by the cops took place in front of the Hecht com. remember ???-- in a real sense Arlington County prosecutor OBrien who is very neat and clean not a hair out of place ---she is called by the redmonk- (shorty short cake ) and or( short in the legs O'Brien ) and she Arlington County Virginia Prosecutor Fran O Brien murdered me ----let me explain how she- Obrien murdered me --- with a felony in Virginia you are not allowed to own a gun , -----now a mob of Hate jews or a crazed mob of dolt unread uneducated American legion members say like at post 139 located in Arlington or the members of Virginia defence force local as well as from Winchester virginia, Virginia defence force another hide name for the KKK all of these hate groups mentioned could over run me and kill me by shear numbers ,----in the the streets its called a wolf pack or a take down ))-- if i had a gun i could defend my self against a redneck lynch mob from these un american hate groups mentioned above --- as mobs have beaten other older citizens to death , you read it in the papers such as in Princeton New jersey were the 12 year old sister of a suspect who was alleged in a plot to attack Fort Dix military base was attacked from behind and the guy choked her down and punched her in the face--- she is 12 years old a child she is assaulted by a much bigger much older teenager--- he screams you terrorist --as he attacks from behind a small 12 year old female a child really -- --no charges filed --- let me worn you as$ holes in arlington County Virginia you try that shi% with me come at me from behind and or in a gang of ten ---I dont have a gun yet ,----but i have a knife and ill cut body parts off of you coward American white chicken shi# body as i fly through the air ----- a lawyer said to me you are allowed to kill if you have horrific fear you might be killed ---- all you As$ holes in Arlington County Va and else were who have vowed your going to get me -----I want you to know --- I have Horrific Fears your going to kill me because of what i believe and what is posted on my Political web site Redmonkee.com ----and the proof is that I have horrific fear - listen up you coward white skin as$ Holes jews and As$ Hole Anglo saxons --- the prove ? you want prove - here is the prove --- I ask in the letters sent certified mail to the Judges and the Arlington County Board members I asked arlington County Goverment to issue me a assault Rifle so as to protect my life from daily threats and attacks . why you might ask ???--- because beating people ,- drowning people in commodes knocking them down unconscious does not seem to work,-- they keep coming so far i have won every fight using a military Asian form of fighting ,---one was a jew who wears a Hitler mustache and his jewish sister is believed to work at the T C Gym in Arlington--- no Iam not bragging Iam telling -- !--- I have knocked 30 year old men unconscious to the ground a thirty year old complained i bruised his sternum bone at the the T c Gym in front of a crowd, --- i told him next time i would bruise his as$ he too is believe to be jewish---- his va motor cycle tag # is-402071--------- Iam letting him shavets a little before i put up the tag number-- the word shavets is yiddish means to sweat worry -- (I just put it up to day oct 26 2007 ) he was turning people against me at the T C Gym some one said he is a Arlington County parole officer---- another time he brought a redneck shaved head Arlington County anglo looking cop in and started mocking me in front of his cop buddy up close to my face looking back and forth at his cop buddy who was bouncing a basket ball on the court as he did it --- it didn't stop me--- hell no Iam a Slav Ruthenian from the coal fields of the 1940s -- I was born 1939 -- I stepped up on his two feet wrapped my arms around his body so he couldn't move and licked all over his face with my wet tongue to disgrace him - so he would stay away from me and ------ ------there is another reported county parole officer a jew he has a twitch in his jew neck Ill explain what theat means ask him if he knows the rabbie on RT 50s jewish sisiter Mariam -who should not be allowed to work with homeless people let me tell you why and what goes on at ASPAN org. were she works ----Hay English boy Trodden find out-- THERE IS A jewish parole officer wears a lot of shirts with giant guns printed all over the the shirts jersey LIKE HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW HEs A JEW and IS CARRING A LOADED PISTOLIE--- he shows up each and every tim i kick the hellout of jews who are f_ with me -- like a little sneak, he is ---- does he work for The people of arlington county or THE hate jewish org. - Abe Foxmen and the antidefamation league-- OR BOTH --??? this jewish parole officer -- in the shirlington Shopping center near the SHIRLINGTON theater accross from the rest. called the Bungalow --were the Arlington county cops hang out after work, --- in Shirlington iam sitting in a bread place rest.- drinking coffee reading a paper at there bar facing the large window that faces the street two jews one was very short us Navel officer, 40 50 years of age --- making faces at me through the window inches away from the window i look up from my paper and they THE TWO JEWS whine that iam a Homosexual laughing bobbing there heads MOUTH OPEN ,-TEETH SHOWING , I GET UP they start walking fast as i fly out the door I knock em to the ground the bigger jew s looks scard and says to me that - the little jew- hes a Navel officer-- LIKE THAT WOULD SAVE EM - (big mistake I dont like the u s navy-- asbasteses in my lungs ships engin room ,-- hearing blown out by land mine , --navy gives medels to every one in my aasualt boat --- but me , ---i get nothing ---but it was me who led the charg into the guns as so ordered by my hero war Admirel Arlie ( 31 knot ) Burk , he told me on deck lst 1162 with other boat crews all standing around ---he wanted me to go into the guns talking to me direct looking me in the face , -- go into the guns , I want you to go into the guns- he said it slowly and softly with just a hint of a slight smile I want you to go into the guns I want to see what they are going to do, i was startled that he War admiral Arlie (31 knot ) Burk would even talke to me . the other sailors looked green with jelouise that he would ask me a Ruthenian Slav and Not a Anglo saxon, -- I was surprised too , raseism was the same in the 1950s as in the 1930s thick as peanut butter,--- if you were not anglo saxon protacent , every thing was for mother Englands people Irish Scott English Welsh Cornish and they would let you know it too--- every day some were --- they dont teach it in the Arlington Schools so no one nows what iam talking about on race issues, ---- now do you see why i was surprised ??? me a nobody from the coal fields and a Ruthenian Slav to boot the garlic people i come from ,--he my WW II War hero would talk to me ??? hell I was Honored, beyond believe i would have died for War Admiarl Arlie (31 Knot ) Burk -- the outher landing craft loaded with U S Marines stayed back our wooden WWII landing craft boat called LCVP alone with 35 us marines moved on alone into the beach into the guns to see what the enemy would do.story on monkey tails my WW II hero War Admiral Arlie ( 31 knot ) Burk didnt ask the Anglo saxon to go into the guns he ask me a Ruthenian I want you all to know ))-I had some days early I believe taken a cooked hot shell, hang fire shell- out of the breech of a three!! 50 big gun-- every 0ne fled the gun tub,- I went up alone and took the shell out of the guns breech and through it over the side , ----read that story on monkey tails -----I have proven nerve over a long continaium Ya nerve ---something these two stupid jews dont have,- nerve-- the two jews who are now F___ with me ) i catch up with them ,--I then through the jewish navel officers hat into the water fountian ,--then they both run to a restaurent, for saftey -- but the waiter sees what happen and would not let them in ,- these two jews now have - there personel jewish Darfur- or should i say there ship the st louie bound for no were 1940s ss st louie these two jews now know what the blacks from Darfur are getting at Iserials door yaa the door closed -- poetic justice --- --- i grab the little jewish navel officer and toss him into the water Fountian and boot the other jew in his jew AS$ ---- in Shirlingtion, shopping center at the fountian -- the two jews then fled around the building , do you believe this ??? about three days later i am in the same place drinking coffee same scene, same two jews, --- i dont believe it --- fuc#ing with me through the window, as before --- I go out side pissed-- after em -- both of em two jews now hauling as$ down the side walk- one shouts back we got a free meal for not letting us in the-restaurent _________ thanks ? ---- I quite running after them and go back to get my coffee and paper -- then i noticed the jew Parole officer from Lyon village shopping center the one with a tick in his jewish neck but which is no tick at all--- but a cheap way for ( a passive agressive )-jew to fuuuu with some one, --- and still be legal get the picture ?? he drinks coffee there at starbucks next to the Italian store ---the jew parole officer with a twitch in his jewish neck ya know legaly you can look at some one for 2 sec then must look away so it not called a threat,- staring bad manners what ever but it still called F--- with somebody on the jew sneak ,-I was told by some one that he was the one who wanted to take over and be my parole officer,-- thats what he does,to me,--- turn his head at me then turn away never stopping get the picture,---- untill I wondered if he has a nervious problem--- no, ---- i think it was only a jew hate problem,--- its seems were ever i have trouble with jews this jewish parole officer shows up,-- whats the connection ???--- comming to the same place to eat and drink coffee, were there is problems with jews --mabey nothing. this is just a tiny small small example of the many many many fights i have had,--- i dont have the space to tell you all of them , here is a couple- at the T J gym a white shaved head anglo saxon looked like a cop shouting and screaming hes a us navy seal and he was then removed --- there are no camerias in this T J Gym to observe this misbehavor of the county employees against one man me alone the other white people all just watching ---- would black people let white do this to a black I dont think so ---- think of it no camerias in this gym school children all over the place the county board is inept. fire all Arlington county board members -- thay all take jewish relection money and the killer school teachers money stapels is that there name ??? or Meg Tuccillo money was she a stapels before she married the Italian Tuccillo which is it ???-- redmonks ask your mothers )--- hay -- Arlington County Board members ??? who do you take money from -- do you know about the Porta rican Libarian who called me a homo and laughed in my face mouth open teeth showing like only the jews can do,-- as iam working on the computers how many times did she do this to me,--- she is a county employee and in rage,--- i through her down the stairs pulled her pance down and spread the cheeks of her spanish as# and degraded her like she and the other jews degrade me - who told her to do this to me ???-- and why ???, trodden on the 5th floor arlington court house find out ask Lisa bergman who works for you to find out ,---- this is a jewish community thing,--- starting with jewish Cop kanter , also i was told these Spanish employees of the libary are jewish from south American countries hiding there jewishness, --- meaning telling people there christian and wearing a cross to hide there jewish identiey. the hispanic arlington Cops also -- the christian Arlington Cops havenet a clue,-- arlington christian cops being made out fools by the jewish people --- Arlington christian cops called goyiem by the jewish cops Goyiem means- other,- means out sider,-- means- other nation,- but what it realy means and iam not lying ---is dirty filthy christian . jews spit on christians in the holy land and nothing is done about it ,--- I told the truth on the national zoo too missmanagement i was proven right, look it up on my web site -- you people would not believe me --- Iam telling you christian arlington people what the jews are doing wrong now today and you christians today 2007 dont believe me -- WoW if there was justice in this Anglo saxon coward state of Virginia i wouldnt have to do this I have no choice i do this to the tormentors --- degrade them so they wiill stop and leave me alone its like a jewish sickness the jews cant stop even when you beat them they come back its like a jewish cult or religious thing with the jews were are the citizens of arlingon county to put a stop to this tormentening and Harrassing and yes persacuating of me since 9/ 11 -- before people are killed hostages taken to the FBI building Washington dC + asking FBI head Muller for Justice and a investagation of no justice for me and or white people in Arlington County Virginia --- commen wealth Attorneys office Stoddard corrupt. --- i do this to how many woman and men since 9/ 11 all of them to make them leave me alone, one after i stripped awoman she came back three months later for seconds can you believe it ???? her husband was a jewish doc.. the porta rican libarian is now polsitioned at the main libary---- go see her and laugh at her , she thought she was going to get away laugh in her face as she laughed in mine,-- where are you so called christian to defend me from the jews you know jews who took a # 2 dump shit -- in a catholic church during mass and but jew shit around christ neck and called it art work, -- jews also put a photo of christ in a jar of jewish Pisss and called it art work and the jews held a art show showing this to the Am,erican public for like three months ,----no christians fought back , of course you white christians would not fight for me ,---- now do you redmonks seee why the redmonk goes to the arabs,- Russians the Chinees embassies in washington dc for help,-- i fight back,-- i go to Forgien Embassies asking for help because the American system will not defend me, social contract is then broken between me and america then natural law takes over -- I then have the right to attack my tormenters,- persacutars and the Harrasers any which way i can,-as Black Muslm leader malcon X said : ( any which way you can )-- drown jews near death in commodes rip off clothes kick jews in the head slap jews faces -- knock them all to the ground then run up and down on there bodies like they are side walks kicking them in the head all the while shouting leave me alone ,-leave me alone,- you seee this is the second attempt on my life by the police the first was by the U S Park police that is described by on my web site the letters to Fergerson arlington County board, FBI addendem on the link page yellow bar If a day went by with out a threat, name calling, you sunofa bitch you ,-will get you , sneering bending down in my face the jews mocking me laughing at me there jew mouth a little opened jewish lips pulled back jewish teeth showing jewish head rocking back and forth , get the picture like a manaken in a carnavil - calling me a homo were ever i went the jews showed up no doubt using the cell phones, to alert other jews were iam at Trodden yo english boy Trodden is this called jewish Stalking--- is this jewish stalking ???? yes or no ?? is this a crime by jews yes or no Trodden is the commen wealth attorney for Arlington Virginia , and hes corrupt ----if i had no threats for a whole day I would say its been a good day,--- I took jews who were attacking me and dragged them to the bath room stuck there heads in Commodes again and again up and down and in urnels holding there head under water as i shout ( oh sweet Jesus saving another jew for you oh sweet Jesus )--I do this for shock affect to the jew so they will leave me alone ---- I ripped off clothes of jews who for months and months mocked me laughed at me sneered at me up in my face calling me a queer a homo a little teeth showing lips are little parted--- like animals of hate on a daily bases at starbucks,--- like hate animals these jews were. , I shoved food in there face like James Cagney the movie star did to that women in the moviehe used a grape fruit-- I use what ever is on the jews plate a ---blue berry Muffin, --- eggs what ever - most if not all of these people are bigger then me twice my size and or like 30 years old,- ( rember iam 68 and a half years old - ) no Iam not bragging just tellin ___ in some cases they are old or woman who think two tits and a pussy will save them --- no way !!! Iam not taking this persecution, Harrasement hate what ever you want to call it -- from no one any more Iv put up with it because i was on parole from when the cops beat me up in 2002 --- I fought three bike gang member at last years thunder alley washington DC two at one time,--- no help with the two-- no Iam not bragging Iam telling ---I had early knocked the big guy down,-- he is called Hitler because he wore Hitlers mustache the other bikers said that he was jew--- which i thought was weird --- I knocked Hitler down my self--- he first attacked me from the back like a jew coward -- when he gut up i knocked him him down this is when a guy,- a vendor came out and punched Hitler in the face,-- then i punched Hitler again,-- then a third vender came out and punched him and i finshed him off to the ground,a lady vendor grabbed him and took him under her counter at thunder alley near the Viet nam Wall ,- a black cop came over and said to me---- CJ what do you want me to do with him ???--- I said let him go he paid his bill- his beating ----keep in mind iam 68 years old ---- this jewish Hitler was twice my size and about 45 years old,--- Iam 68 years old ---I told the bike people who were there if he --Hitler is a jew-- hes gathering info on the bikers for Abe Foxmen and the ADL a jewish hate anti christian org. and or the jewish defense league or the jewish sticks )-- a jewish militia org, that stockpiles weapons in case jews are attacked , ---the Arlington police dont have a clue -- Antidefamation league known as the A D L a-- jewish hate org. that looks for German swastikas on bathroom walls and keeps the fire of jew hate against Christians burning in the jewish community against the Christians people ,---this jew hate is the jewish glue that keeps the jews together meaning the christians are coming to kill us jews , -if not today,-- then for sure tomorrow -- the Antidefamation league for the jewish people is like jewish Halloween, -- but the A D L and ABE Foxmen make sure its jewish Holloween all year long for the jews and the jews love it there afrade to read-- Himmlers jewish talior: by Frank A D L - Directer Abe Foxmen wife Goldia is a ----bi sexual woman-- which is against jewish religious law ,----jewish law forbids Golda Foxmens sex life with young jewish girls --- . the Arlington police know this info on Golda Foxmen who is the wife of Abe Foxmen to be a fact--- keep in mind Golda Foxmens sex life is none of my business and for real too --- nor should the sex life of Golda Foxmen be your business , Golda who is the wife of A.D.L. Directer Abe Foxmen who has three children by Golda Foxmen a nice jewish family -- Golda sex life -- bisexuality --with young jewish girls - called - ( Sheskias) a yiddish word means ( girl friend ) Goldas sex life should not be your business either and for real too . nor mine -----but --------------- not too long ago I had a homosexual shout at me quit using us gay people to fight with, were not your swords --- and another homosexual shouted were gay-- were not your swords to fight with,--- he was highly Pissed--- Iam sorrreeey its the police and the jews doing it . its not me its the jews and the cops doing it to me - Iam only firing back thats all ,----I hope this outing of Abe Foxmens wife will force Golda Foxmen to start a bisexual org to fight for married bisexual couples rights --- as the bisexual jewish married couple Abe and Golda Foxmen are indeed - a happy bisexual jewish religious married couple as indeed they are . good luck to both of you abe and Golda every body in the jewish community give Abe and Golda a hand they make a lovely happy jewish bisexual couple But let me explain - the jews of arlington Virginia attack me daily --I attack back--- I was first called a homosexual by Abe Foxmen when I was first fired from the Zoo 20 some years ago this happened in front of the Russian Embassy, 16 th street washington DC --- Foxmen was in a black lemozeen stuck his head out the window with his fat jewish face ---I was holding a sign about the jews killing the pandas by accident and drug addiction of employees animal abuse etc at the National zoo I was standing in front of the Russian embassy on 16th street wash. DC with my sign-etc . get the picture ?? this sexual info on Golda Foxmen is brought to you by the goodness , the decencie of the jews of arlington County Virginia-- who attack me daily --- the Good Christian people of the world have the arlington County Virginia Jews to thank for this info on--- Golda Foxmen s sex life -- every one give the arlington County Jews a hand they know how to act and behave as religious jews--and dont forget the 8 year old Slav - cathloic girl the falls church Virginia jews abused and got away with it.in one of many books Foxmen wrote in one such book Foxmen admitts his mother and father lived for a time in the redmonks mother land Ruthenia in the 1930s --- Foxmen says the first year in Ruthenia the foxmen famliy froze the second year the foxmens starved,- he then goes on to say the third year the foxmen fled Ruthenia ,-- yo- you got to be tuff and strong and have the ability to suffer every thing even death to live in the carpathians mountians of greater Ruthenia . not weak like the jews Foxmens who is directer of the jewish holloween Hate org. called ADL,.--- People dont know about this personel information on ABE Foxmen the slav catholic woman with no education who saved Foxmen life by hiding him risking her life,--- this is how the parents of Abe Foxmen paid this slavwoman back -- WOW read on - the Jewish Parents of ABE Foxmens only like a cheap jews can do,--- sent her a few care packges this old Slav woman who risked her life for little baby Foxmen so he wouldnt be killed by Hitler -- so you see in a real sence directer of the jewish Antidefamation league one - abe Foxmens -- his life is only worth a few food packges 15 or 20 dollars max--- because thats all the foxmen Parents both jews - paid the old slav woman to save Abe ( baby ) Foxmen -- cheappppppp Lowwww- Deuteronomy 16:20 Justice , this you must pursue. Ruthenia was free once in the year 1939 there are 300.000 Rthenians in the home land Ruthenian Land mass is 75 miles long and 50 miles wide and will be free again -- Ruthenian American Mountian jews all over America are in the fore front to free little Ruthenia now to day in 2007 -- to be a Ruthenian hillbilly jew ya gut to be tuff hardy not like the jewish Abe Foxmen family all of em a bunch of jewish Pussies you want prove -- alittle snow, a little hunger and the foxmen jews are out of here--- you sure as hell dont want the foxmens on your side in a fight-- there out of here when things get tuff . I saw this jew the bikers call Hitler again with other jews in Lyon village shopping center lee highyway Arlington va down by the jewish bike shop --- (the jew on the bike -) I call the owner who by the way paid his bill that he owed to me and no longer has to wear the caften he now can live and run out side the pale, because he was under the threat of a as$ beating he is known as the - (the jew on a Bike ) big wheels --his little jewish son saved him --, any way this -- Biker called Hitler --- got up when he saw me and put his foot out on the parking lot challenging me like hes checking the tempt . of the water in a swimming pool with a snear on his jewish Hitler mug face,-- I went in his direction and he went and sit down --- he and the jews with him laughed --I believe the jew called Lenny the lawyer and Lin the guy who works in the Italin store were their at the time ask em, __ the other Hitler a tall thin black guy who also wears Hitler moustache these two Hitlers pal around togeather. unbeleivble and weard at the same time ,--ask the jewish community of Arlington Virginia if they know this jewish Hitler guy-- its beyond belief -- you jewish people are nuts - you jews need help jews were coming over from the state of Md. to Harrase me and took photos of me and also used a viedo cameria to film me in this Lyon village shopping center ,--the jews are now screaming at me as they pass my car-- Darfur, Darfur --- guess why? the jewish lawyer in Arlington who has a shaved head and rides a motertcycle his name Dale rice , dale Price- dale right or dale race or something I saw him with a group of Arlington motor cycle cops not too long ago whats the connection ????? do you know about the Arlington County motor cycle cop named meatloaf ?---the aka i gave him when i tell you what this blue cop rat did---- if your a real ameriKaaaaan youl hang your head ---some white anglo saxons pussy white guys-- want to be heros on the cheap-- meaning like riding on the redmonks coatails,--- what a fraud Arlington cop Aka- meat loaf is ? do you know about arlington Cop --Bumstead ??? do you know about the BerryVill Virginia police very young Homosexual police officer he stopped me Ill tell ya what happened later Berryvill located just outside Winchester Va stay tuned -- car 54 were are ya -- Arlington Cop frank perdue were ya at ???. I fight back you do this crap to me,-- here is the story of arlington County-- blue rat cop, -- motor cycle cop aka - meatloaf--- what this anglo saxon Coward cop did - coming soon cop meatloaf is in the movie called Ratatouille- hes the big rat runnin around in the refrigerater with cheeze in his paws check that scieneDeuteronomy 16:20 -Justice , this you must pursue the guy Lin 65 years old works in the Italian store saw this thing between me and the jew gang member called Hitler i believe , lin is friends with a lawyer named Linny and a Mr. Rose who works on the 5 th floor Commenwealth office would Mr. rose tell Lin and or Lenny what is going on up on the 5 th floor arlington Court house his Emmence of Justice is Richerd Trodden 5 th floorLin is mentioned in the letters to the Arlington county board and Pa State police --- Lin also saw me shove a Italian sandwhich in school board member Findly face in the jewish shopping center Lyon Villige let me explain:-- Iam in the Italian store eating a Italian bomb hoagie with olive oil --- I notice this guy Findly with a stiff neck and a anglo saxon girl younger then Findley sitting at the table Iam located in side eating at the little bar looking out at them through the plate glass window the girl with Findly looked like she pointed me out to him Iam sitting right behind them off to the side glass window in front of me --- go see for your self ---I think no more of it --her pointing me out ---I finish a great Italian sandwhich like only the Italian store can make on a hard roll ,-not soft hard roll and a lot of olive oil -get the picture--- a White Ethnic sandwhich -the people i come from are not Anglo Saxons get the picture ??? ----I get up and go to leave out the door I take one step out the door-- he -Findley is sitting fairly close to the door I have one step out the door when Findley leaps up in my face like a jack in a box and calls me a homo just as all the jews do-- rage showing hate a little teeth showing head bobbing a little, his neck streatched veins showing,--- his face up in mine, ---- Iam startled , -its flee or fight time for any human being---- Iam going to fight Iam a Ruthenian Slav from the coal fields 1940s -- born 1939 --Iam not taking this shi# from these jewish suns a bitches,--- he Findley immeditaly sits down like hes had some kind of reveir or something I grab his Italian Hoage and ram it in his face and like James Cagney I turn it in on Arlington school board member Findlyes jewish face like squeezing turning a grape fruit , rubbing it in --the lettice and other parts of the sandwich fall to the ground or table ,---Findley then calls the Arlington County Police , ---a cop comes and told the cop to talk to lin and what ever Lin said pissed the cop off because he told the Jew Findley in no unsertain terms he would be arrested if he call the police again after what he did---- Ill finish this up later there more ih -- he f- with me he got what he deserved. jews in arlington think they can do anything they want to people and nothing will happen them the jews are arragront and need to be told off --- Iam doing it,--- were is the thanks from the christians ??? I am 68 and ahalf years old asbestosis in my lungs 20 % lungs gone filled with liquid 50 % hearing loss land mine all military connected - I gave to this -m fuen- country America --- I led the charge into the guns, --- i have been threatend almost every day since 9 /11 --- were is the freedom of speech ??--- what happened to freedom , liberty and democracy in Arlington County Virginia ?? I fight back-- will it get deadly--- I dont know i was charged in the Arlington Court with a feleny two of them in fact they claimed i fought the police at the illigial cop stop in front of the hecht co 2002 -- the jury found me guilty of one feleny-- by charging me with a feloney and not a misdemenor which it was ---- my refusing to get back in my car after holding me a very long long time --- i ask the cops give me a ticket or let me go they beat me instead, --- the long wait I believe-- was for Arlington cop murphy and the big anglo saxon buck Arlington cop to show up - both who are described in the Pennsylvania state police letter on the link page yellow bar this legal info on the link page look it up -- I was in the wrong court room for my trial 2002 and this judge says to me what i was doing and then she said to the female prosacuter what is Fran trying to do ? i heard the word misdemenor --- thay then told me were to go -- this is important __ concerning my hearing before my trial in the arlington Court 2002 ---the Irish female looking prosecutor at my hearing in the Arlington Court room with a Black judge I dont know his name--- a happy guy in black robes ---- this female prosecutor looks Irish, --what does that mean looks irish ???-- means she dont look like Lisa Bergman who is jewish --- the Irish looking pross called me a Holocaust denier in this court room at my hearing as one of the reasons to keep me jail --- find out if her husband is Jewish and he told her to call me a Holocaust denier, --- why you might ask is there a jewish agendia about me --?--- read on because i accused the jews at the National zoo of killing the Pandas by accident and the Arab Child killing jew-- American jew- Ralf Strauss who was a zoo keeper at the national Zoo as i was - and the Arab mother of the murdered Arab children came looking for the jewish Zookeeper Strauss, they came to the zoo ---i was working out side and the two Arab woman and a Arab man with children ask me if i knew Ralf Strauss-- i replied yes ,---i thought they might be jewish friends of the jew strauss because Arabs are a semite people as the jews are too a semite people there desert cousens both jew and arab are people of the desert .the jewish people are not European and never have been,--- when i ask if these Arabs were friends of Ralf strauss the jewish zoo keeper at the national Zoo --the Arab man said no that strauss killed--- ( pointing at one of the woman ) --- killed her children when Strauss was a settler in Iserial --- WoW Strauss later admitted he killed these arab children and stated he didn't care--Strauss said this in front of wittiness --meaning other zookeepers in the Small mammal House while we were eating lunch--- the youngest Arab child shot to death was 6 years old ,- jews threatened me in side the zoo over this, -- even while i worked the Hippo line in the elephant House daily they came to threaten and harrase me , think of it ?--Iam a Goverment employee 17 years time all total-- i got mad one day as the jews harrassed me and I reached up and dragged this jew who was harrasing me I jerked and pulled him over the brass rail to the hippo called Happy-- who opened his mouth wide the jew who was threatening me now scared to death--- who do the jews think they are ? they need to be told off ---Doc Gould a jew with a power position at the zoo then hid the jew Strauss in side the Zoo buildings. the jew Gould is the one who killed the baby Panda's by accident he is the jew who called me mental ill because i was a Slav,-- I vowed coalfield Ruthenian Slav revenge on the arrogant jews, ---who do the jews think thay are ??? the Zoo was jewish and anglo Saxon Dominated all the jewish zookeepers were i swear to God like lazy for work and dressed sloppy--- at first i was surprised like most people i thought jews were sharp ,-I found out other wise the only word to describe them lazy iam not lieing -- the zoo was a Jewish Zoo not American zoo I worked there that how i know . I was so mad concerning what Gould said I walked in to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC 16 th street and told them my big Slav bros. from the far north-- Russians -- what the Jew-- doc. Gould said to me , the cold war was still on.-- Gould is a doc. of letters not a medical doc,he was a researcher at N.I.H it was people like him that destroyed the National zoo all of them intellectuals but not all of em jews -christians too -- it was political correct Zoo that made it a lousy animal operation for real - for the animals she this Arlington female prosecutor did this to me calling me a holocaust denier to slime me up in the court room in 2002- to keep me in jail , ---My web site accuses the Jews of deniing the Russian Holocaust 49 million dead Slavs to defeat Hitler 1945 --and save every jew on earth ,---it is the jewish Americans in Falls church va and the jews in Arlington Virginia who denie every one Else's Holocaust on this earth and no one has the guts to tell them off,-- i do have the guts to tell the jewish people off --- the jews are arrogront like brown shirt Nazis,-- who do jew think they are . Just recently the jews in Israel would not let Black people from Dafure -Sudan who are being killed and raped seeking safty in to Israel to seek asylum , you have read it in the news? the 7: oclock news //--- but these same jews such as Lisa Bergman who works in the Arlington County Court House 5 th floor and the little jewish fellow last name Levy also a prosecutor both -- schreech with hate against christians that the christian world would not take in jews running from hitler 1940s ,-- Levy ( his jewish father owned a plumbing shop of some kind as i understand it )- he Jew-- Levy too is on the 5 th floor also in Arlington county Court house -- he the jew levy was the coward jew who sneered down in my face with jew hate as i waited for my trial to begin.- in the court room. is this a jewish religious crime of hate against me ??? just asking haY ---Trodden you piece of worthless anglo saxon legal Shit on the 5 th floor court house are you awake ??- for crice sake get the f- up - you english pussy you-- Trodden you 402071 -- this coward jewish community Arlington and Fall church va has been hounding me in the most filthy verbal way--- these bad citizens called jews . i punch back ---if i was you coward jewish people id be carefull who knows --the arlington County goverment may issue me a assualt rifle ___ as i so have requested -- the arlington jews against one man ----what cowards the jewish people-- what coward a jews is --- come look at the coward jew mob in arlington county virginia against one man -- keep in mind what these jewish people did to a 8 year old Catholic Slav girl in the falls church school falls church Virginia falls church va located 20 min by auto from the American white house --- find out what the jews did to her --- she was the best of friends with a girl whos family is from India-- Barbra Bavahinee -- I mean to put the jewish people on trial using the truth of jewish wrong doing against the rest of american citizens that are not jewish . this org. called -( operation jew watch ___ gathering info on jewish Americans the same way ADL Abe Foxmen gathered info on 10,ooo Americans,-- just like a jewish secreat police inside of america and Foxmen was taken in to court in the State of Colo. on charges of collectiong information on 10. 000 americans and the Judge would not put Abe Foxmen in prison for violating Christians Americans civil rights,, jews following american citizens around by no stretch of the imagantion is called stalking-- thats a crime---- Jewish stalking-- of American citizens is a crime in American Law -- if the jews stalk christians then Christians can then stalk jews --taking down jewish auto tag # etc -- filming jews going into there synagoge, Parking out side a jews house,-- observing who comes and goes,--- hell yes see if the jews like it ? all redmonks ---There is not one white org. to protect white people in all of America,-- not one -- as the blacks and the jews have hundreds of org, all over America to defend them -- in each state and county - the jewish org. ADL, the jewish defence league etc - the blacks have lawyers in the NAACP org. to protect them. thousands of Lawyers ALL ACCROSS AMERICA ----- not one lawyer from a white org. to defend a white person ---- not one in all of america there is not one white org. to defend me, --- thatS calledbreaking the social contract between me and America , --I will not fight for and defend America because America will not fight for me,--- thats why i ran into the Russian embassy to try to get a lawyer free --- I had no money i did this to embarras america the cold war was on ---- the FBI all know who goes into the russian embassy --- the FBI knows i was in there damn right they do -- there is no protection for us white People ,---as there is for blacks and jews,--- that not fair. I then feel betrayed by the American Goverment this indeed means the social contract is broken between citizen and the American Goverment when a goverment such as arlington County Gov. and or the American justice system doesnt protect you or me,----- then the social contract is broken between the goverment and the citizen then you can go to the enemies of America and or to any and all foregin embassies in washington DC to get protection as i have done and did indeed ask for a lawyer so as to embarass America for no Justice,--- and I had to do just that --- believe me you have no choice---- the jews and blacks have thousands of lawyers to to help them.---- I have only have the redmonkee brigrade I want justice and iam going to get it one way or the other. in the arlington County court room on the 5 th floor of the court house these two jews Bergman and Levy no doubt cry how unjust it was when the world would not take in jews in from the ship called the ST Louis in the 1940s, as the jews ship loaded with jews went to country after country begging---- let us in--- all doors closed to the jews ---the same way the jews closed the door on the Blacks fleeing murder in Dafur Sudan right now to day 2007--- As the jews fled Hitlers Germany on the ship ST Louis 1940s the jews beating on other countries doors Pleading were jews --please let us in ---can you hear the jews pleading ???,--- but redmonks do you hear the blacks from the Sudan pleading to the jews now today ?- jews let us in Pleeease-- is the cry for help the same ??? sure it is -- ---The jews have no right to complain now in 2007 that the world looked the other way and closed the door on them the jews are doing the same thing the world did to them 1940s ---- the jews of Arlington and Fallchurch virginia are jewish Hypocrites the jews do the same thing - close the door on humans seeking asylum in the jewish religious state called Iserial the year 2007 - who are fleeing from rape and murder as the Black people are doing who are from Darfur Sudan afraca all of em pleading---- jews help us ,-let us in please --- but the phony jewish people in the year 2007 in Arlington Virginia and Fallchurch Virginia say no to those seeking aslym in the religious Jewish State called Iserial ----that all black Americans give there tax dollars to, 3 billion every year ,---- jewish chew cont : The black students of America should not give there mom and pops tax dollers to the jewish State of iserial as a protest no money for Iserial should be the cry of black Americans ---the jews in the 1940s were wealthy jews from Germany living high on the hog as they say ----the Blacks from Darfur Sudan today 2007 dont have nothing but tattered clothes on there black backs begging the jews lets us in Pleauseee ---///--- the jews keep the door closed to keep out other peoples from seeking aslym in Iserial but scream the world would not open the door for jews fleeing in the 1940s Hitler Phoney jewish people of America -- what phoneies you jews are in Arlington Va there is also a jewish lawyer named Dale Rice or price or race rides a motorcycle that the guy Lin and the jewish lawyer Lenny knows ask em both ---Lin and Lenny are reported to be jews you know if there jews ??? they wouldnt lie ??? Hell No they wouldnt lie , not even to protect another jew,--- but--- jewish law say that a jew must never attack another jew and must come to the defence of any jew-- jewish law says so --- see how Lisa Bergman fits in ???? yes no maby or what ? you deside as rebel mcVeigh always said :--think about that ?why are jewish people this way ???-- because a thousand years of suffering .-persacutaion, harrasment , hounding ,-hate put on the jews for a thousands years I call on the jews to look up on the link page the yellow Bar--- on my web site the words described and taken from the dictionary --Persacutie , Harrasment Hounding , hate because that is what you jews are doing to me -- now today in arlington County Virginia.I expet help from no one in America ,--- but the redmonkee Bragrade -- you jews have morfed your jewish brain into what you jews hate - Hitler nazieism you jew have come from being a tortured persacuted people in to a jewish Nazi-- for real-- proofe calling jewish children out of wed lock in the State of Md. mamazars --means - bastards this is what you Jews teach in Jewish schools --a known fact,--- what your jewish religion teaches in jewish schools, - wow holy shi# you jews have the nerve to complain about Arab schools ? we the american people must demand that the jewish schools be observed by and monteried by Christians and Muslims for jewish-- child abuse of little jewish children --- alert child services all accross america what the jews are doing in jewish schools to jewish children ( its a crime ) you jewish people are a fraud on the christian American people -- what ungratfull people you jews are - shame on you jewish people in Arlington Virginia you owe the Slav race for your very lives 1945--- my uncle was Tank commender WW II a death camp liberator you jews treated him like shi# -- he gave to the jews in the camp justice johnney on the spot to german guards and a jew in America called him a Murder--- a jew who went to collage while W W II was raging,--- this jew hiding ,---- like the jews in Arlington looking in garbage can for bombs doing there American jewish part in the war in Iraq 2007 where it safe ,----there was a jew in uniontown PA who shot him self in the foot so as not to go to war in Europe and bragged about it,-- like the jewish zookeeper Ralf strauss at the National zoo killing arab children in Iserial as a settler.-- a jewish girl name julie knows this story of the death camp liberater her jewish mother forced the jew back to apoligize to the death camp libarater but the damage was done - fuck you jews --- low life mfers thats why hitler killed you,--- your not innoicent,-- you jews are horrid people. jewish chew cont. you jews need to be told off --- damn right told off and i am doing it because no one else will in this coward America , were the white christians shake and bake with fear in front of any thing and any one---- were is the American legion post 139 on this jewish boys not carring there load in the war in Iraq 2007 , ---only anglo Saxon Boys and Spanish boys fighting and dying , dont trust me look for you selves ,---look at the names and photos of the dead in the washington post- listed as faces of the fallen 80 % white Anglo Saxon boys and Spanish boys ----- Post 139 American legion Boloney - the coward dolts at American legion, afrade of my books in my book store they never reada book since high school,-- silent like the little cowards the American l;egion is, as concerns white anglo saxon boysand spanish boys dying and jewish boys hiding -- a blind person could see it --- American legion cowards all of em waiting for there goverment check from the va office for hemorriods- is 100 dollars a month check for real --- the American legion was dying out before the war in Iraq--- because no one belonged that was young, ---- WW II vets die at 2000 a day--- story in the wash post news paper stated the American legion would not be around because of no new members , --- the American legion wanted this war in Iraq- so as to get fresh young new members, fresh meat and replenish it self , --- I call that treason of the American legion against America and all should be courtmarsheled and shot -hands tied behind there backs, --- they went to war for these selfish reasons,--- more members and there monthly Veterns Adminstration -goverment 5 hundred dollars check- your not going to fool me -- see the movie called the raid a WW II movie see the scene were there on there knees -- post 139 --yo - pratice the kneeling position -- yo post 139 -this is what you hear at the bar at American legion post 139--- hay Billie Bob i get a check every month from the U S goverment how much you get for your your hemmorids ?? i get 100 dollars evrey month,--- how much youu get from the goverment frank $ 600 a month for asbestoses but iam going to appeal i want more money ---my taunt to the American legion post 139 what bull shi$ you are as a Americans---- read my books in my book store and become real Americans like--- me and rebel Mcveigh and rebel Joe Peddli we are the real Americans,-- not you American cowards at American legion post billy mithchel post 85 and post 139 -----hay-- some one cut your flag down who was it ---?? not me but i told some people you wouldnt let black people in your post since your inception . jewish chew and American legion chew cont.: jewish schools and jewish religion law -- teaches that a jewish child born out of wed lock is a devil, ---- --- ( )-- you jews then can then kill a jewish child, and do so today --- its callled relgious murder your jewish religion say so ,----Ill give the number of the pages--- in the the jewish book so ya know ,----you have murdered a jewish baby in swadling clothes and you jews did indeed bight off his penis -- you smothered him to death so it looked like natural death --- jew by name Singer went to syongoge on rt 50 arlington Va .---- jew --Singer is there name of the jewess murderers she didnt shave her legs ---who were the jewish rabbies who gave the ok ???--- rabbie Blink and Rabbie Nod ??? or rabbie jack Moline located in alexander Va- 15 min by auto from the American White . House and how about the two jewish Lisa s Lisa Bergman --Lisa Singer-- both Iserilie Prosacutors both of them not Americans , ---one in washington Dc the other in the arlington County court house and ---judge joan Alper knows the game---,- damn right you jews do know the game ,----the game called the jews do no wrong ??? and if you disagree your a antisemit riiiiight > jewish chew cont :
he this Jewish lawyer rides a motorcycle Harley that is kinda of gray with a green strip on the fenders I also saw him standing not to long ago with a bunch of Arlington motor cycle cops beside a telephone pole he comes for coffee at Lyon Villge shopping center lee high way, ---- shaved head Dale Race ???? might be his name -- he rides with a anglo saxon dolt american legion type guy who has a-black and white motorcycle a old one-- big seat like from the 1960s ----and he F- with me one time i went after him the jewish lawyer and he hopped on his motor cycle and got out of the lyon Village shopping center, --- were alot of this fighting with me took place as i mind my own business and the crazed jews of the Lyon Village shopping center go on the attack,--- are they-- the jews on drugs ya know smoke a couple joints before attacking me ??? because i have kicked there as%-- no Iam not bragging Iam just telling -- Iam - 68 half years old too, from the Coalfields 1940s a houdy doody face and no as% in his pance,-- not big -- small frame get the picture ?--- its what in the heart that counts not the AS$ ---pit bulls have no As# either,--- it what s up front that counts you big tuff guys out there-- like -- cops- firemen you tuff guys am talkin at -- iam not a tuff guy nor do i want to be ,---- but ill kick your as$ you f- with me you -young dudes - old dudes- what ever -- Yaaa -Iam barking- and throwing my self up against the chain link fence so ya stay away from me - at least iam honost about it .
and do remember what dizzy dean base ball great said -- (if ya did it ya haint bragging) and do remember what the redmonk said :- (you haint bragging if ya did it,- but thats only if ya did it- you haint braggen ) --example- like American legion post 139 boloney -- how they won the war-- which is all bolney--- america hasent won a war since WW II and there boloney down at American legion post 139 haint kosher, trust me on this Boloney business as i come after em.
now back to the Arlington Court house---- at my trial the year 2002 -- read my web site if ya want to know -- my arrest 2002 in front of the Hecht co -why did she the Irish Looking prosecutor with the two hunny buns (her big behind )- do that to me a political activist-- call me a Holocaust denier ?? is her husband Jewish ??? find out --- Ill tell you why in the next letter posting to the redmonks--- ---could she by chance be related to the killer milk maid killer school teacher who killed a small wee lad on a telephone pole wire about 50 years ago on arlington Ridge road ?? I save childrens lives on that day--- a long time ago ---her nappy headed whore daughters work in the school system Libary and at the post office--- all places were i have been attack--- the one in the post office attack me at Buckingham I went after her behind the counter word is she transferd to Richmond Va, ----- that may mean she in the back of the buckingham post office hiding arlington va were this took place ,-----word on the wire is she is on drugs and is reported to be the killer school teacher s daughter -- --????? this coward family Staples by name ??? this killer school teacher family who i believe has been lieing about the telephone of death ever since 1960s----- that story is about to break open the children on the tele phone pole of death ---are now telling a different story and on paper too- as adults -- how ya doining meg Tullico ??? and your whore sisters the one with the black boyfriend known as the black Alfe --- her true love --your sister at the Libary with the little cart -- her story coming in full the way she likes it the full monty --- After i brought up on this web site the telephone pole of death story on my web site--- what there mother the killer school teacher realy did so long ago on Arlington Ridge road ---- called neglagent Homaside--- they all say i killed there mother,--- put her in her grave,-- dont know if thats true ,---but if it is,- its were she belongs after what she did to me ---read the telephone pole of death monkee tails to under stand -- on my website to understand - new --- i never told this part of the story---- were ever i went-- work etc.-- she the killer school teacher showed up and then i would have trouble on the job -- I saw her at the national zoo I was working out side the killer school teacher with her cane was with a guy who looked like a lawyer maby the Italian Tucello ?-- he snears at me and says you think youl work here long ??? I didnt know what to think -- i dont know what hes talking about ,--yaaa i had trouble after that - I know they talked to jewish doc Gould had to he had the power position
the jewish people have a hate agenda concerning me and harrase me all the time since 9/ 11 rapping them selves in the American Flag like scoundrels untill i started beating the hell out of em ---i could not take it any more --- this jew hate on me calling me a homosexual at the main Library the TC Gym - all Starbucks that i go to, ----the coward jews ganging up on one guy me -the redmonk - why don't the jews in Arlington Virginia go to Iraq and fight in the American army all of them jewish cowards--
you see the healthy young Jews looking in garbage cans looking for bombs in shopping centers at parking lots looking for bombs riding ther bikes going slowly by Mulsm and Arab homes like little sneeks what a disgrace the jewish American each and every Arlington jew a coward, A disgrace to america in this time frame the war in Iraq 2007--- thats how the jews in Arlington Virginia say they are doing there part in this war in Iraq, looking in trash cans for bombs-- were it safe--- how phoney can a person get ??? while christian boys die . Jewish boys hide
the Arlington County white christian Cops are on the jews side in this war with me and the Jews , ---the cops are christians and are being made fools of by the jews ??? ---I fight back so iam not a victim of the jews --but Jews are trying real hard to make me a palistinian on the Gaza in arlington County Virginia ---- which is located 15 min by car from the American white house were President george Bush lives -- just 15 min away by car this is how Americans in Virginia behave and act .
Lin the guy at Lyon Village Shopping center and is mentioned in the letters to the police FBI etc.-- is no friend of mine he is friends of people who have harresed me nor is the jewish lawyer Lenny who is pals with Lin the guy who works in the Italian Store Lenny is a jewish lawyer rides a red scooter and shakes all the jewish Customers hands at this starbucks like he is running for some political office or maby the office at the local synagoge ?? and the Anglo Saxon guy Rose who is reported to work in the prosacuters office 5 th floor Arlington County Court House all of em pals at starbucks at Lyon village shopping center -
I heard Lin was a school teacher and in special forces in the military and that he too is a jew as was my lawyer Steve Brigilia who didnt get my appeal in on time--- remember redmonks ??? can the redmonk brigrade find out if Steve Brigilis sister or brothers came to starbucks at Lyon Villige shopping center on Lee highway ??? and what happened to them ?-- were they bent over the table ??? but why ?? find out,--- since my legal letters have come up on the link page yellow bar--- it seems that people are scard running like cockroaches when ya turn on the light in your kitchen ,--know what i mean ???
find the jewish lawyer who has a motor cycle and his name is rice or --right-- or something this just in he traded in his old bike for a black elongated one he this jew lawyer has a dream that he will catch Bin laden and be a jewish hero--- said tounge in cheek . he is in many ways like ther jewish dentest who in his spair time hung with mob in Chacigo 1930s this jewish dentest like to around something dangerious he was not a gangester only a hanger around agroupie , --- untill St valentines day in Chachogo ILL 1930s there was a massacure and he the jewish dentest was put up against the wall like the gangster friends were and this jewish dentest in the wrong place at the wrong time became part of american folk lore called the ST Valentain days massacure .
Join the U S Army get a 70,000 dollar bonus if you go to Iraq now today nov 2007 -- join black water security go to Iraq --- make big money, you americans quit hating me and goooo to iraq make money a true story below -----
--- do what i did many years ago,--- sign up to go shoot up the enemy coast with 50 cal a wealthy guy in WW II PT boats payen the way - hay why not - but a old jewish gun dealer begs me over and over not to go,- he was selling 30 thousands 50 thousands Dollars worth of ammo when i came on the sciene I heard these # -- mentioned CIA and FBI guys there helping out with the paper work, arguing etc the money or # not right but the jewish gun dealer sharp checking the bottom line -- I said , hay -this is for me I cant wait for the action -- the old jewish gundealer who was in WW II and who told me many times he wished I was his son,--- he now acting like an old lady-- as the china is being broken worried to death I am going on this raid, -- he chases me down stairs grabbing at me pleading with me not to go,
I got the wrong date to show up and missed the run along the coast and no one who went along on this raid came back alive--- but the wealthy guy who funded the raid,-- he is now in prision for murder for something else he did -- in the State of Del. I will not give his name-- the old jewish Gun dealer who loved me more then his own son,-- saved my life ,-- hes dead now old age,--- I never said thanks ,--I always wanted to buy him a Bottle of whisky- old turkey- i think was the whiskey he liked - someone some were said (if you save a life you save the world ) to the old WW II jewish Arms dealer :-- thanks :-you saved my life and that means you saved the world-- Iam late----- I ask your son to take me to your grave and say kaddash he said he would and teach me the prayers ---
back to the jewish Lawyer :--
__ but he-- Arlington jewish lawyer -( dale evans Race or cherrace ??? ) the jewish cowboy or jewish cow girl who fled on his bike when i went after him in Lyon Village shopping center after he F with me along with his motor cycle buddies who believe are cops and or American legion and or Virginia defence forses wouldnt dare go fight in iraq in the American army 2007- the Arlington County Po Lice are impressed with him because he is a lawyer ????? and would even talk to a low class white Cop with only a GED education-- the white cop who was a House Painters helper - before he saw an ad in the local news paper employment section to be exat that said-- police officers wanted - pay 70,000 dollars a years ,--only need a GED High school education WOW -- you get a gun and a badge and jewish cops and jewish lawyers and jewish prosacuters on the 5 th floor Arlington County court House tell ya what to do, like the Iseralie girl pross. Lisa Bergman and the jewish cop kanter --- your goina love it, -- your a white skin anglo saxon Christian Buck Dolt-- and American legion post 139 awaits your Arrivial for member ship --- you f- with me- i punch back ,-I dont know you people never talked to you one time in my life , get a life ? all of you get a life for crice sake quit sucking off me -- do what i do-- stand up, speak out dont hide in the American legion basement scard --Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee ---------------------

-----( Ill correct the spelling later ) its the meat in the story that counts- not the spelling
a book for ya Arlington County Jews and Arlington cops to read so ya know how we Americans all became nazie the book :- Fear up Harsh -by Tony Lagouranis --- he- Tony not a Anglo Saxon-- check his last name,-- white ethenic Garlic,- peppers tomatos - get the pict his grandmother all black clothes ,--black hose on her swollwen feet -- never been to a beauty shop ,--cheap slippers on her old feet ---she uses slipper instead of shoes,-- save money -- cant speak english standing over a stove big pot of something simmering on the stove , when she speaks its not english ---- Its not ( english boy )-Richard troddens house,--- know what i mean ?????---trodden works on the 5th floor arlington County court House ------- Fear up harsh--- its a book on how America became exatley as Hitlers Germany 1939 1945--- and this books explains how the jews a persacuated people for 3000 years--- persacute other people--- now -today and have become a Hitler Right nazi jewish people --- today 2007 --the thing the jews hate and fear nazi--- is who the jews are today--- read the book to see how it is done -- how people become nazi not just jews,--- all of us -- we all slide into the nazi sauce just a tiny wee bit at atime and then yaaah full blown nazi--- ---- --this books tells how it happens-- Just a little bit at a time dont trust me,-- read the book - open your mind ,-- and for you jewish people --take the test,- find out who you are -- who you realy are -- not who you jews say you are,-- and no bull shi$ either--- take the test dont be bull$it-- all your life , test your self.--- take the test,--- comeoooon dont be afrade,- do it -- take the test -----the redmonk talking at you,- not to you ,-at you --
redmonks book store open 2007 new books to read :

Asian American dreams - by Helen Zia- so you think your people suffered coming to this country _ you jews out there,- you Hispanics out there - try this book for size and tell Eye talon Girl Barbra Folva to see the movie- the golden Door -- ( new ) -- thats her grand father climbing the mountian with a rock in his mouth and thats her grand mother telling the anglo Saxon official off , - speaking truth to power ---at Ellis Island see that sceine , I loved that scein in this a scorsie move--- he-- Scoursie is Italian- his mother and father immigrants --- so this means he did research on this movie,-----
----- the scene in the movie were the Ellis Island offical tosses the head of the female Italian immigrant back and forth to look for lice is real because i saw my grandmother do just that to her daughters which were my aunts , i was just a wee lad 7 or8 years old I ask whats going on and my aunts said thats what they did to her-- my grandmother at Ellis Island she was showing them how it was done--- I was always asking were they came from , because we were not Anglo Saxon we were different ---- thats how the conversation came about Ellis island then the tossing of the head and hairlooking for lice -- I grew up with these people as a wee lad , i brushed up against them and there clothes ,- I smelled them .- I have a different outlook on life because of it --- my grand mother wore those same style clothes into the 1950s ----they made these clothes them selves, the ones you see in this movie (the Golden door )-- untill the communist witch hunts of the 1950s ---you better become an American fast and that ment anglo Saxon get rid of those forgein clothes --- any one with a Slav name was suspect, forced to sign loyaltie oaths to America even thow you were born here didnt matter -- investagaters come to school take you out of class and ask you what your grandmother talk about in your house -- Joe Macarthey peroid-- called the - commiunist witch hunts -- looking for communist in the Slav community -- I was there,-- Hispanic Spanish Walter Tejada ?-- needs to take his people to see the movie the Golden door -- and tell his people to shut up about racesism because there is none -- compared to what the white ethenic s Italin greeks Slavs Ruthenians had to put up with,,-- no laws to protect us, like Hispanics have laws to protect them,-- what happend to us white ethenics is not even talked about in the arlington schools -- so how would any one know --?? see the movie the (Golden Door ) take county board members Fechettie and barbra Folva-- see if they cry,-- Walter take towels ----- pay there way,-- walter dont be a cheap scate all your life,-- see the movie the Golden door see how Fechettie and Volva grand parents came to America - and it wasent accross the Rio Grande --
the book ---the deserters tale - by Joshua key---- this guy Joshua key is no deserter --- he found his moral concsuis ---but the American christian As$ Holes at American legion Post 139-- located in arlington Va. think,- he -- Keys is a U S Army deserter,- so --- read the book- a true story,--- make up your own mind,- is he a deserter ? you read this book ya find out who you are too,--- he grew his mind -like--- American April 19 th Rebellion,- Rebel soldiers --- Rebel McVeigh ,-like rebel Spanish soldier- Joe Piddella and like me the Redmonkee - we three became real Americans - we could Seeeeeeeeeee what it was--- all bullshi# --night and day long--- like Tom Jefferson,- George Washington ,---we stood up, were not paying the British tax on tea-- hell no,- were not taken this shi$ any more ,--- ya guta grow or ya goina shrink --Joshua key American soldier - he didnt want to be a german soldier 1940s in the American army-- and he- Keys -didnt want to be a jewish soldier in the Iseralie Army either beating and killing palistenian woman and children - and spitting on christians killing 38 american saliors a jew war ceime against America,-- running over american christian girl Rachel Corrie and killing her no jew held responabl president bush silent yaah key the American soldier didnt want to be a soldier in the jewish Army either 2007 ? ---what kind of human are you ? find out -- take the test -- you think your better then the Germans of 1940s ? take the test, - who the hell are yoooo , ?-- find out- dont be American bullshi# all your life , read the book,- take the test,- at the last page of the book youl find out who the hell you are - not who you think you are , but who you really are- yaaaaaa--- the redmonk talken at you ,--not to you -at you - you stinken American Sobs and DoBs you - find out who you are ,-comon find out -- aaaaah comon find out - read the book
dont forget the book:- Fear up harsh )- by Tony Lagouranis dedacated to the jewish Americans in Fallchurch va. , these jews who abused a 8 year old christian child in falls church School----- Falls church christens remained silent what dirty people christians are,-- see the movie the -- apostle --- just out -- to see christians in action against other christians ,---this is what they are,--- you jews take alook--- see the movie, -- yu jews have no right to complain about christians misstreating you jews, --- see this movie --they treat there own christian people this way,-- a historical fact -- what would you jews expect- when the christians come for you ,- some thing different ??? you jews nuts ? seee the movie,- seee the christians up close and shevets . this is what they are - for real,-- why are you pretending it haint sooo,--- this is who they are today toooo 2007 see the movie call me a lier ---
the redmonks book-- he loved and read many times : the wreck of the Mary Deare: by Hammond Innes---- get it for your paw for christmas let you dad take a trip on a tramp steamer the way it awas when the redmonk was in europe in the military 1950s it was still 1930s Saw ships like this tied up, saw em heading out to sea what ever for real - they just plyed the med. I went aboard and chatted with the crew built 1923 -- 20s 30s for us who were there 1950s this is how it was,--- describing the quays ,the old ships,- hell i could smell the salt air as i read this book I realy loved this book,--- you dont want to end up on the mickies, redmonkees-- find out how it happened !!! for openers -- ----
They dismissed the- Mary Deare - as a piece of leaking Ironmongery taken off the junk heap,- For forty years this 6000- ton frieghter had tramped the seas, suffered shipwreck twice , and had been torpedoed three times in two world wars . Then one march night , battered and bruised and empty she emerged from the sever Biscay gales into the English Channel _ and into the news paper headlines . Yaaaa--- redmonks get your ma or paw on board the Tramp Freighter the ( Mary Deare ) -and ride it out -- to the mickies and beyound your gona love it --

High Cotton by Gerard Helferich : get it for all redmonks moms a great read its not what you think --- its more,--- get this book and read it, youl like it,- very informtive,-- like me youl say coundnt be good,-- wrong - read it

the jewish books coming for the jews to read : you jews learn to wait your turn ,-you dont go to the head of the line ,--wait your turn and quit kavcheten because Ill make you shevetesen Iam your jews worst nightmare -- read on you jewis citizens and shake and bake .-
oooohkay since ya jews are screaming antisemite at me calling Abe Foxmen on the telephone - bunch of cry babies ---Ill give ya your jewish books --

the book : Theodor Herzel by:- desmond Stewart ---
the first part of the book explains the jew fairly well -- as he is seen by goymen --- only people of a little nutty bent make things happen, I was surprised to find out that he herzel the founder of the jewish State of Iserial was a pedophile who was enamored for 13 year old girls -
does Abe Foxmen know ?- call the ADL and tell em ----- like so many jews he had a sex problem brought on by religious confinement and ritual overbearing controlling jewish mother she dont love her jewish husband so she loves her son smothered him all that good stuff we all know about riiiight sure -- --- also - he was right--- concerning fencing and to aquire a gar - on ones face is the only way a military man could be military officer my thoughts for greater Ruthenia the same ,--- his concern for the military uniform for the jewish state the same as mine,-- mine for Ruthenia leaning for a mix of German , Russian and British and French -- he herzel like most Jews didnt follow and or pratice his religion , read the book- the stars of David )to seee what that means ----christians too-- same--- what the jews did to herzels wife after her death,--- her ashes dissapear did the jews throw em away?-- Looooow
who do you think makes dreams happen little people like you jews in Arlington ??? who wouldnt dare think of taken a chance out side the jewish box ---ya gut ta be a little nutty,- the nutty people are the movers,-- not you jews who wouldnt dare think out side the jewish box and it helps if ya have money -
see the page were its ok for jewish ritual murder of a jewish child ----as the old jewish talior said to me as a wee lad-- he,- sitting cross leg ona table ,-clothes piled around him,- white beard hanging down , jew cap on his head- sewing by hand needle and thread - he speaks broken english just bearly with yiddish througn in, -- he and i playing the word game as he struggles to find the english word--- i fire in the word i think hes looken for he then very exicited say yaaa dat one dats one Yaaa then he says -- every answear is in the torah but ya gut to find it -- there are two kind of jews- the jew of excess ,and the jew the deep thinker .-----
read (Himmlers jewish talior --- by a real talior a polish jew by name - Frank --- frank speaks 100 times better english then the jews of my child hood known as - shetel jews,- rag jews, also called checken neck jews ,--- hole in the wall shops,- must pay there bill on friday,- the day friday,- a day of - yo yoy yo worrie of sweat shevetesen- they haint goina make it , the payment -- they guta come up with somethenn but what ? jewish reliefe what else??? how do i know I was there were the hell were youu ??

Essential Torah by George Robinson --- which- for the jews of Arlington Virginia is very very very very very very very very --------------------essential

Stars of david by Abigail Pogrebin commenents coming

the jewish Century by : Yuri Slezkine-- comments coming

Himmlers jewish talior by Frank- the book the jews dont want you to read - thats why ya gut to read it , ---the jews dont want you to --- are the Arlington county jewish librians getting the names of people who take the book out and turning your name over to AbE Foxmen a nazi jew he is the directer of and runs the anti christian jewish hate org. known as the ADL-- read this book--- himmlers jewish Talior --- because the jews dont want you to read it , that means you must read it -- ---more coming