Little Circus Tails,

The Redmonks Short stories:  a paragraph a- piece- all true

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  • Boxing chimps!
  • Cold iron sights
  • lie and truth -- the killer milk maid
  • land mine explosion
  • coal field mountain boys _ coal field jewish girl
  • Burnt American flag  Arlington cementery-- the killer school teacher

and much, much More !!!

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 Paradise is not where you end up its were you been





TaIls, of the Redmonkee


I watch,and am like a sparrow alone upon the house top

________psalm 102:7




Circus, Circus

Welcome to the Redmonkee   Tails,

 Don’t be Bashful

 Every one, pleease, come ooon in.

 Don’t be  Shy

M      Take a sneeaky peeeeek


         The       Circus, The Circus

  The Circus,  the Redmonks  Tails     Of the Circus, The  Redmonks Circus, Tails, ,  the Wonderfull Tails Of the  Circus.

 Monkee.  Tails Of

the Circus Brigade.

  CB. CB. Tails, to                    all

 Red monkEEs in the

 Redmonkee Circus Brigade….

 For your reading pleasure here we     go00000 Kat Go    Go Go Gooo WOW!..

you are not allowed to use the word Circus at the National Zoo / PHD Edwin Gould a -Jewish American said so;..  that’s why I type Circus  so many times—thought ya might want ta know ! WHY !? and  circus too all of youuu



I watch ,and Am as a Sparrow  alone upon the house Top

________Psalms 102:7


               _____________________________________________Con Khi




 Paradise isn’t where you end up  Its where you have been

___________ Anon



The wee Redmonk and the  :: The Boxing Chimps::::

at a Circus mud show in the mountains: the wee red monk heard the circus would pay 20.00 dollars to any wee coalfield lad who would box the two boxing chimps the wee red monk wanted to by this Roan horse cost 75, oo dollars  the wee redmonk saw opportunity and went for it,  he signed up and  put on boxing trunks and boxing gloves the circus gave him and went into the ring through the ropes  (the small mountain crowd roared their approvial ) the wee redmonk   faced the  two boxing Chimps who had on large professional boxing gloves  and wearing boxing trunks   they to were sitting on stools watching the wee redmonk come into the ring through the ropes  at the other end of the boxing ring,their was no stool for the wee redmonk to sit on,- so the two chimps jumped down out of the ring,- ran back into the tent and got another stool and brought it out and the two chimps each grabbed one of the wee redmonks arms and led him to the stool and made him sit down in his corner  , the two chimps then in a hurry went to their corner  , sat on their stools and bobbed and weaved back and forth with  pounding their big boxing gloves together- all dressed in boxing shorts getting ready for the big fight   :;;;;;   Riiiiiing  Ya  have ta come back  for the finish, itl will schock ya !  this story will tear your heart out  coming 2004

 The Redmonk and the :::::  Cold iron Sights 30.06 bolt action:-

 The Redmonk  : at 13 years of age was paid 20 Dollars to shoot a man, a true story- the world war One Soldier told the redmonk to shoot a man on a porch at 250 yards , told the redmonk where to place the shot in the shoulder  and stay away from the heart or head   WWI soldier took his finger and rammed into the redmonk shoulder so as to let him know were to place the shot/ the redmonkwent up to the cherry tree  plopped the 1903 Springfield rifle 30:06  cold iron sights into  the crook of the limb, and waited / the man came out on the porch three different times, but went back in the house  before I was ready,  on the fourth time he came out on the porch,- the redmonk  lined him up  and likity split, white line down---------------------- the-----------------. Hiiighwaaaay-------. right in to the shoulder, were the world War I soldier had told the 13 year old little Redmonk to put it,    the man went down like a top,- screaming and then spun around several times on his buttocks spinning like a top screaming holding his shoulder , he was kicking his feet as he spun himself around  sitting down on the porch,- were the little redmonk put him   ….. this was the  world War I soldier who taught the wee redmonk to shoot / if you knew why the guy was shot you would under stand  it was redmonk early social work  -)- the little Jewish Girl who was almost a yenta,- with the little brownie black box Camera the kind you see in a Museum, took photos and took the rock the redmonk stood on  to get lined up  to fire down on a man and put him down with out killing him/ she was  almost a yenta and now today shes a jewdene … a living witness.

 The Wee redmonk and the Lie and the Truth 

 The redmonk at 16 years of age in the WwII Navy Boot camp  Bainbridge MD –1956 at the shooting range – the navy instructers  taught the redmonk how to shoot at the shooting range the way they taught the redmonk,- he couldn’t hit didily nothing,-  he was scored passing-  only just bearly / he told the instructer to let him shoot the way the World War I soldier taught him how to shoot,- the instructer  a world II vet  said ok,-  I loaded and  laid  shot after shot into the bulls eye,-  the instructer was impressed he said  do it again,-  I loaded up and every shot into the bulls eye,- he shook his head  and said stay here , I waited  the long wait  he brings back another drill instructer over, to were I was waiting with my rifle-  they tell me to load up,-  he tells me to shoot the way he taught me , I did and  didn’t hardly hit anything, the other instructer saysa he got to go, hesa gut something to do - hes looks bored and annoyed,- his hands on his hips,- the first instructer replies no , no, watch this,-  he then  tells me to load and that he wants me to shoot the way the world I soldier taught me and I did and laid every shot down range into the bulls eye , the other instructer tell  the redmonk to do it again.! The redmonk loaded up and put em all in the bulls eye but one,-  the top kick- instructer said, he can be on the team -? , the other one , says,- no he cant, he cant shoot that way,- he shoots funny ,  hes got to shoot the  governmeent waay,-  hes shooten left handed,-  hes notlowed to do that,- he then bent down at his waist to me his smoaky the bear hat on  with his hands on his hips  and said in a deep Georgia southern draawl-

 Son,- when your on Governmeent propertee youu shooot the waay he taught ya,- when your offf governmeent propertiee- saaay like in aaa waar zooone ? ,-  ya shoot the way the world war I soldier taught ya,- and they both burst out  laughing and walked away,-  as all my mates were ordered marched back to the barracks while I was with the DI range instructers  every body was gone not a sound  but birds chirping I was alone on the firing range  with my rifle, as no one told me to leave I had to stay , until  the D.I.  Rankie  ordered me to go,- thinking the DI would come back and order me off the firing range,--  I waited -- and waited  and –waited,-- not a soul for miles around,- silence ,- the  soft wind blowing,- birds chirping,-  I alone sitting in the pit my  rifle cradled in my arms waiting  the sun begin sinking lower and lower and then sunk down below the horizon  and then was gone-- and still I waited  now dark ,-the stars started to come out - twinkling  on a dark navy blue sky as I looked up to the heavens at the stars  twinkled I observed a meteroit  falls fast from the heavens  and still  I waited  now- weary  , asking my self should I leave?  should I stay?- if I leave  Ill get in trouble.-- I received no orders to leave,-   my orders were to report to the Firing range,-- I did,-  here I am !-- I received no orders to leave – suddenly I heard rustling and heavy breathing in the black night  I thought it might be a dog or some wild animal  so I arose up to face what ever was coming and swing my rifle at it if I had to    but it was the firing range instructor- he saw me- he said  what are ya doing out here ?- we lost a rifle we counted them twice and one  was missing it was yours   iam glad to see ya  he said a big smile on his face  as he snatched it out of my hand he  turned with out missing a beat disappeared in the night I shouted out  after him- can I leave now  ? he shouted yaaa and laughed . if ya can find your way back! I stumbled out onto the road  and arrived back at the barracks a couple of hours later  The DI  ask me where the hell have I been,- they thought I went AwOL -- I told him,--  he chuckled and said at least ya obey your orders and turned to the other DI and said -seee that - he obeyed his orders, then to me-  next time don’t waaait,- if every one is gone look for a superior officer and ask if you should come back to the barracks. They both laughed  and then the DI said to me  ahh don’t worry about it,- you did right ,-  you obeyed  your orders,  I was half pissed off !  the government tells ya obey your orders or the government will do something to ya- like  the brig -- you obey your orders ya still get screwed and they get a laugh- soooo Whaaaat !-- as the Ruthenian American artist Andy Warhol like to say

 The US government records will show Iam a Average and poor shot,-   the records lie,- but the records told the truth,- a lie and the truth –( listen up !) the most honest book written on the fake military vets who claim to have won medals  and didn’t during the Vietnam war like the ones at American Legion Post 139 in Arlington ?- is this true about post 139 ?    the book youuu must read is  called- ( Stolen Valor )- by a guy named- Burkett,-  he states in his book that the military fakes will say things that I just said,-  that I was a crack Shot a sharp shooter,- when Burkett checks the records, they show only an average shooter and no shot at all   iam sorry folks your going to have to trust me on this one , the world I soldier died a long  Long time ago , and Iam sure the WWII shootin range instructors are both  dead  also,- old age no doubt,- but a little  coalfield jewish girl with a Little box camera knows,-- I put a man down with one shot at better then 250 yards  using a 30:06 Springfield model 1903 military rifle bolt action colds iron sights )- plopped it up in the crook of a cherry tree limb,-  the world I soldier told me to do it ( social work ) I was 13 years old , ) the little jewish coal field girl,- she came and took the picture of me holding the rifle in the crook of the cherry tree and she talked to the world war I soldier,-  she was a jewish girl with a black box camera the type you see in museums to day,-  and that’s the truth,-  youl have to trust me on this one, folks,- if not,- call me a bull shi#er and a dirty stinken fake,-  but if the little jewish girl ever shows up, with photos and verbal aswell as an eye wittiness to what happened- you might have to eat redmonkee- Crow- )- on a red plate- meaning those words.- Fake and bullshi#er , I wouldn’t worry about it if I was you. She may be a  long gone moma- too , that was a long  long time ago.   And do remember as the Ruthenian Artist Andy Warhol  like to say:-- Sooooo Whaaaat  !        


 The Redmonk and the ;;;;The Land Mine explosion: :::  when the land mine blew it took the redmonk high in the air  flash burned him and packed mud and dry dirt up in to his mouth  packed solid,- packed solid up into his rectum two ta three inches,  his nose, packed solid ,- his arm pits he hit the ground  he was in kind of a daze schock he tried to dig  the dirt out of his mouth with his fingers   all he could get was a hole the size of his little finger to breath through   everthing was silent  his hearing gone  he begain to believe he was going to sufficate  to death, he felt deep fear  he was afraid to breath to deep he might suck the dirt down in to his throat  he  was :: Ill come back and finish  this story later  stay tuned  it may knock ya out I dont know, come back !  find out !


 The Redmonk and the :::: Coal field mountain boys  and the ;;;;;;;;;;;

 soft ball made of ragsand stone and the Circus boy : the circus came to a mountain town by rail train in the 1940s  and circus boy and his Ape would come to a Pasture  field to watch mountain coal field boys play ball with a ball made of stones and rags the ball was started with three med size round lucky stones and wraped then more and more wrapping of strips of cloth tight as can be pul;led taunt 2 to 3 inches wide cloth strips  torn from and old dresss  it was wrapped until it was as big as a soft ball tight-  some of the bats were made of tree limbs     Butch and his ape would never come close to the players he would always stay on top of the field away from us like he was afraid  a circus boy alone by him self and his small she girl ape  the circus would stay some times for two weeks, so as to rest up  the troupe and animals , Butch  would always show up but never come down  I went up to get him one time to see who he was and what he was up too,- we never saw him before  we went to get him,-  he fled,- I shouted  after him  I would beat him up if he ever came around here again,- one year he came  when the circus came to town and he walked down to were we were playing ball with rag stone ball and he ask if he could watch us play we said yes and invited him to play he declined he said never played ball before he was from the circus  and lived in the circus all his life, but he would like to watch us,- as we played a couple of ininings he  ask me if he could give us something  I said ya what is it  he pulled a bran new white soft ball out of his back and gave a little bow and  presented  and handed me the spanking new white soft ball store bought high toned Butch sounded Just as as a ring master would present a troupe  in the Circus

   we all wanted to try it to see what it hit like  we pushed him out of the way and played with the  new white soft  ball, it was High tech compaired to a rag and stone ball,- after a couple of hours  some one hit the ball  a long ways into a tree line and bushes were a creek flowed through,-  it was dark and we said wed get in the morning ,- we looked every were for It ,- it must have fallen in the creek/  Butch asked aren’t you going to try and find it ?  we told him wed get it in the morn, we all left and went our separate ways , Butch seemed stressed about the loss of the ball, not us,- we knew wed find it the next day we only had to follow the meandering creek and the ball would be coughtt in a snag or bushes some where along the creek,- we were coal field boys we knew how it worked , /

   That night you could see lanterns and people moving around voices  in the shadows  the next day early in the morn  with dew on the grass the redmonk ran the length of the creek and found the Spanking new white Soft ball hung up in the reeds and bushes in the water just as he knew it would be /

as we played ball the next day Butch showed up and tolds us he went back to the circus that night and got the circus Roustabouts to get lanterns and they were the people down at the creek looking for the brand Spanking new white Soft, ball,- he then gave us all free  tickets to the circus  and we let him watch us play ball up close  in the dug out he handed us bats and applauded us when we got hits, ( we tolerated him    just barely  ) -he didn’t know how to play ball )  he was born to the circus  his circus name was Butch / that’s not his real name ,  he was a better friend to me then I was to him and Cody the other circus  boy  who was found left behind by  some unknown woman , Cody was  found in the tent in diapers next to the center pole. He was found  by a circus she girl- Ape  her name can never be mentioned . she was in show business  she was a circus Star of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus  even to this day in the year 2002  their are  people 50, 60, and  70 years old who remember her,-  ask em  about the circus boy with the Ape, they may have a photo of  this most famous show business she girl Ape of clyde beatty Cole bro. Circus

  Butch and the she girl Star would greet people coming to the circus  and would sing  to the people the song - you are my sunshine  - and old ladies gave em money  the Circus Star- the She girl Ape always wore a straw Skimmer hat with a blue ribbon, the hat all school girls wear in Australia . called a skimmer hat in America .   Butch also plays the guitar and has recorded music tapes of the songs the circus rascals liked,-( all country music from the 1940s 1950s ) also ask for Hagen’s mountains ice cream, when your at the Clyde Beatty Cole brothers Circus  Butch keeps a freezer of it for sell ,- he also sells photos of the Famous Great She girl ape / his favorite country singer was Jim Eans of the Shenandoah valley boys sigen  ( I wonder where ya are tonight  )/ their all dead now / check with Butch  . and for PETAs info the she girl Ape liked Honky Tonk country music from the 1940s  she too sat in a rocken chair in listened under the  dark blue night sky filled with twinklin stars and listened  to whellen west Virginia Jambaree  and the lousenana Hay ride  out of freesport lousinia on Butches Radio  sitten in these rocken chairs out side along side the big  circus Tent  under the mountain coal field dark blue  sky some were on this web site  is the rocken chair fights  story—but ya gut ta find it – also the Flag burnin at the national cementary the Red Monk Found and moved on away step over it and kept goin  adude in a green car van and two teen age daughters came flying by me and  weeell ya have to come back and find that story  but where is it ?  the Flag burnen story?-  junk shop were ? I haint given ya Americans  shi4 SEARCH FOR IT – a redmonk Ta Ta   and or Zinger

 The Wee Redmonk and::::

 the first communion suit : made of left over Jewish cloth- that fell on the old Jewish Tailors floor

when the jewish tailors cut patterns  for dress s or suits ,- all hand made by two Jewish brothers  Ruthenian mountain jews in the coalfields   cost 12 dollars  that’s why you should read the book- Himmlers jewish tailor,- these mountain jews were like Frank the polish jewish Tailor who made a coat for Himmler in the death camps world war II,  - this  hand made suit made for me of Jewish black cloth fallen to the floor  left overs from a cut pattern  / the Jewish Tailor twin brothers said to their sister, a jewish woman -  I didn’t like  her  she had a snotty jewish mouth on her, Pushey  , )- the two brothers said  to their sister, hes going to his first Catholic communi0n ,- but hes going dressed as a jew  ,-the best fitting suit I ever had in my life it, fit like a glove . looked like a Lubavetcher   ve den ---  read the book on the holocaust the jews don’t want ya to read  its called Himmlers jewish tailor  by  the real jewish tailor Frank  a polish jew in the death camps  1940s  read it because the jews in Arlington and Jack Moline  who may not even be a jew don’t want you to read it,-  Ill tell ya why later  Itl schock ya , - this web site is schock jocken at its best on the internet today  Yaaaah tell a friend tell a enemy but tell somebody

 The wee redmonk and the day Bernie got his leg Cu t   off :;::::: hopping Coal hopper car trains commen fast out of the coal mines dead headen it  down the rails :

 he fell beneath the  wheels as his hands where on the grab handles of the coal hopper coal car  he was holden on,- running trying to hop up on the steps,- train was going too fast  he tripped and fell his leg went under, he said he didn’t feeel a thing it was all warm,  he had wooden crutches and a pined up  pance leg, he would try to play ball, when he hit the bal;l some other kid ran for him to first base,  he was in the 4 grade  ata school close to 200 yards to the coal mine,- the teachers would make him tell us how it happened, so we would stop hoppen coal trains,- we wouldn’t stop hoppen coal trains so the train men gave us lessons how not to end up under the wheels of a coal hopper coal car,-  they also taught us how to use blasting caps and dynamite  with out blowing off our hands.- the woman concurred -     see the Movie the doll maker / because Elizebeth Frank from the national Zoo is very much like this woman in this movie the mother of the boy who gut he leg caught in the tracks in this movie doll maker . the reason she lost deer to thirst, at the national zoo- she was givin bad advise from bad people , she was a brand new Zoo keeper and because,- mostly because,- of politics at the Zoo the National Zoo the most political zoo in America---  It’s the culture at the Smithsonian Inst that the problem  the very arrogant Nazi world of academia all, caused this to happen to her and the deer,-  / there is more then one side to a story –  you should tell all sides not one side  two way streets not one way streets -call me a lier?  over a life time,- Butch and Cody of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus  -they were much better friends to me,-  then I ever was to them , and that’s the truth. That’s not a lie .   the National Zoo in Washington DC is now,- in the year 2003 2004 under investigation  for animal death  by supposed  world  renowned Animal orgs. Some who I and other zookeepers went to long long ag0 for help  and assistants and these very same org. did nothing, there in bed with the leaders of the zoo and leaders of the Smithsonian  one hand washes the other  as old Italian Immigrants from Ellis Island told me as a wee lad in the Coal fields of the Cumberland Alleghany mountains just below Chestnut Ridge a  long time ago – sung to a tune- a Italian American school teacher taught us in the Contenntial #2  school class  located 100 yards from the Contenntial #2 coal mine,- the song  played on the school Pinio in music class- the song:; (-long long ago )—

  and very shortly ah- Yes indeed-it will be a white wash at the National zoo on the Animal abuse and mismanagement  Investagation going on right now  2003 2004 just like the white wash in vestagation of US lawinforcement murders of woman and children  including 2 years old babies in  White Diapers at Waco Texas, and shooten liven hell outa the weaver Family at Ruby ridge with 400.00 cops doin the shooten   USa White wash,   FBI ,-White wash, ATF, White wash , US marshel ServiceWhite Wash, Arlington County Virgina, White wash America White Wash, ever where White wash,- hole lota white wash out their in America the white wash capital of the World, that would be ---  White Wash Americaaa- WOW ! Hole lota white wash  were talken White wash here  as in white Wash Arlington Po- lice  force , white wash Arlington Court House, White wash judges  WhitE wash County board,-  white Wash School Board white wash prosacuters office  all in White wash Arlington County Just 15 min s from the White House   ya all gut that White Wash business down yet ?  all ya White Americaaaaaans in down Town Arlington  Va – Wow!--  is their White wash commen from the American White House ??/ Iam just asken a question? 

 By the way I took animal Abuse and  Zoomanagement  failures  complaints  at the Zoo to one of the  big name Org. now Investigating  the National Zoo in 2003,-  they did nothing  , they all party to geather with zoo officials  including the Washington Post news paper employees Bob Woodward their pals, friends, think of that !  how can friends investigate friends ?? this news paper the Washington post located in Washington Dc owned and operated  by the  : selfish- Greedy:: Kathryn Graham,- the owner,-- her Son Donald Graham the in-house SOB  and Lally graham the inhouse Hoe,- and little bradlee graham  with a silver spoon in his mouth  hiding under what desk ? at this rag news paper, is he ashamed of the Graham side of the family as his father Donald graham said he is.    at this dirty rag of a news  paper including- Bob- ( Iam from Yale )- Woodward,- Richard Cohen- ( the in house hate jew  at this paper this jew is sick with hate  read what he writes  wow!--  Ben Bradley the puffed up anglo Saxon in house- Bramhis  wow ! silence from all of them on the national Zoo-  what coward s   the all white Employees at the Washington Post, are the white employees- who betrayed the Animals at the National Zoo- with this silence  the Zoo and  this newspaper  located  in Americas Capital Washington dc Usa they, the selfish Grahams  wont do my story because it leads to the failer of the Washington Post news paper Graham Family to do the news, which is their job to put out the news, - not propaganda and entertainment -  the  unbias news the Grahams are suppose to put out ! and the grahams aren’t dooin their job,    e- mail this to Bob ( snake and book club )- woodward at the Washington Post the Grahams are Bullshi#en the American people send em E- Mail  do it for the Zoo Animals and zoo keeper s at the National Zoo for the keepers  who complained and were punished,-  send E- mail ,- follow this story on mismanagement at the National Zoo closely to seee the cover up by the Wash. Post : ta protect ther zoo officials-- how about Bradlee Graham   why are ya silent Bradlee? You’re a Chicken Shi# (Graham,)-  Bradlee- for real,- ya don’t have the guts of your grandfather Phil graham   all red monkees e- mail Brad Graham the young Graham White Buck at this bull shi$ newspaper,- run  and owened and controlled by bull Sh# white skinned Grahams and their all white Skinned bull shi$ Employees  WOW!  White Wash,-  scream White wash, every body  scream  White wash- at the Washington post paper do it for the Animals at the National Zoo ! Just dooooo it   

The redmonk and the RogueWave- on the Terrible   Storm

 The terrible Storm at sea that made the US naval amphibious  ship- LST 1162 - stand on her nose straight up and slowly began to pole end over   the lights below in the sleeping Quarters were the Blue lights one sees on Subs its almost dark this is how it was during the most terrible killer Storm at sea on this three day killer storm with monster rogue Waves / commin from many direction  the schreaking and moaning of the wind through rigging 

 The Ships crew all bunked down  in their bunks with straps  around  their bodies  to keep from being thrown out of the bunks ---the redmonk was trying to sleep strapped in his bunk with three canvas straps fitfully dosing in and out of sleep,   when he suddenly came awake bouncing around like being inside a washing machine when their was this eerie no Bouncing  or shaking the redmonk came awake and to his surprise he was formerly laying flat in his bunk but now he was at attention with his feet pointing down were the deck was suppose to be,- the ship was standing on its( nose)- bow straight down in the sea all the straps holding the sailors in their bunks began to creak just like timbers on a old  sailing Ship as she every so slowly began to move off of center a few degrees moving inching forward  beginning to flip over on her back called pole ending  and she then suddenly slammed down flat on the sea as the wave moved out from under her righting her self with such force I thought I would be forced through the canvas frame I was laying on,- the sailors like my self who refused to take sleeping tabs and were wide awake all crew members in this locked down water tight  compartment about 12 men, all   said, what the hell was that,?  holy shi#!  Jesus Acken Christ, were never goin to make it ,  this ship is going down,  the redmonk replied if we make till morning Iam goin back up to the pilot house,-  If I die, I want to see the sky as I go / Iam not dying in this stinking dark hole / another ship mate  replied we may not make till morning,? - some one replied don’t say shi# like that,- its bad luck , one ship mate from the state of Nebraska remarked all I ever wanted to do when I was living in Beatrice Nebraska was go to sea      now all I want to do is go back to Nebraska , ( the ship bouncing and rolling like hell  / suddenly the air pressure changed in the compartment and the redmonk rose up a little to see who was commin down the hatch and was  breaking water tight integrity, (the redmonk always had a top bunk for privacy)  it was a seamen  from the pilot house who looked like the  Sub Engineer in the- ( Movie Das Boot) he  was yelling  like a crazed man,-she held, she, held,- he said over and over again , he was sent down to see if any one was hurt, the helmsmen in the Pilot house cracked his skull, we all said were ok, we ask what the hell happened ? he said it was a monster rouge wave and then said to the redmonk,- they may want you to helm in the pilot house,- I said ok when do they want me on the wheel, he said ill be back and let you know -  about half an hour later he came back down  and again ask if we were ok  I then ask him do they want me in the pilot house,- he said no,- they are tying every one down with Ropes. The next morn early I got up onto the  out side deck, undogged the hatch and peered around dogged the hatch down quickly and made a run for the stern Gun tub as I turned the corner of the ships super structure  headen for the gun tub on a run I saw the wave sneak cross the deck  commin like a freight train    this  8 foot wave of sea water chased me  up in  the stern gun Tub, I just made it , and I knew fear in my throat  I didn’t have a life jacket the top of the wave wet the deck of the gun tub as my feet hit the gun tub deck,-  whoa !

  and I held on and got in between the twin guns so they would break the waves if they should come up into the gun tub and I rode the terrible storm  out side on deck in between the guns  the only crew member out side on deck,- up in the mast shrouds, on top of the pilot house,-  every day of this most terrible storm and then  some time later a couple of hours, later I - beheld a terrible ugly site- un fold before  my very eyes,-  men dying right over there 30 or 50 yards away,  as I held on and watched,-  in disbelief,- nothing could be done  in the terrible Storm,-  a pilot house from a ship the size of a small Condominnin apt.-  rode by, floating at a 20 % angle and as I watched in  disbelief,-  I saw a mans face in the pilote house port hole window about  two thirds of his face showed  in my direction his face was frozen White in terror and fear his eyes that had a 1000 yard stare  his eyes met mine passed over mine all in a mili sec and the hulk   of the pilot house from a broken ship rode, on - like a huge  monster  the seaman’s  face never moved in the port hole  and his expression never changed as he rode to his death in a floating hulk  which passed over  a large wave and down into a deep sea trough  and it was gone  as I watched from the stern gun tub of LST 1162 in disbelieve,--        tons of floatism from this ship or some other ships  rode by for hours even days you would seee ship floatisim ON THE SEA- GOING BY life rafts empty  and you had to wonder ?          

 The redmonk and the -- ::: over turned White  life boat ::;;;;;

 as the redmonk watched the broken Pilot house  Hulk go by  the redmonk heard sounds like dogs barking  he held on to the side of the gun tub and peered into the sea storm and along came a white life boat up side down in the water about 60 yards away from LST 1162   - as it floated by abreast of me ,- I then made out the barking sounds that were not barking  sounds at all, but two seaman under the overturned life boat, one seaman screaming a high pitched crying and wailing sound like a woman screaming,-  the second voice calling out in a deep low STEADY baritone voice-- Help US., help US, Help US ,- over and over as the sea was running fast, - this over turned white life boat  like the floating  polite house hulk to0  rode on by before my eyes as I watched  and nothing  could be done THEY CAME AND WENT.

   the one sailor who shouted and sounded like Burl Ives the  movie star same deep baritone voice died like a real sailor asking for help as he went to his death asking not begging,- the other sailor  died  poorly as they say high pitched screaming and that’s why I thought it sounded like dogs barking from a distance , before the over turned life boat came into view,,- high screaming and deep baritone, mixed together under a overturned  white life boat not until they came closer right across from me did I see what it was / Lt Murphy opened the hatch to the polite house and  came out on the pilot house deck  and yelled down to me did you hear em?  did you see em ?, I responded through the  howling storm yes,- but its too late  they were here and then gone,-  it was too fast, - he shouted  why didn’t you through the life ring , I responded the life rings are tied down it would take 5 min to untie em  all crusted with salt , I dont have my knife with me, to cut em,-  he slammed the hatch shut with great force,-

 I was the only one top side,  outside, alone by myself,-  he was pissed, I said to my self out loud all pissed off too  I screamed  it,-   I have to do every thing on this f…. ship while every one else is hiding down below. SOBes all of em,- later the old world war II Navy chiefs agreed with me  their was nothing to do , they were dead men and we needed the life rings for our selves,- were still alive,- they were already dead , gone,- no one could pick em up because of the Mountain size waves/ I was in the stern gun tub  about 5 of  the crew including the officers where in the pilot house seeing all of it coming like sitting in the front seat of the car looking out the front window, on to the high way,- you know the Pilot house crew saw em commin long before I did,- I was in the back  the stern  in the gun tub  the crew in the piolet house did nothing  to alert me in the stern gun tub what was comming  look up L.S.T. – association LST 1160 on the web and get a look at the Photos of the  stern gun tub of a LST old type  bow doors,-for your info all you- land lubbers,- thats the gun  tub on the back of the ship 8 feet up from the deck, take a look  !    later all life rings that could be reached were cut loose  and left laying on the top decks were the water didn’t reach  SO IF WE WENT DOWN,- THEY WOULD FLOAT AWAY IN THE WATER. Another US Navy fuc# up ,- no one was ready /

 I TOO WAS p.o. ,- also I felt a  deep massive depression for about 5 or 10 min. after the sailors rode over the waves and disappeared,-  I knew they were dying,  as I looked out into the sea and watched I was pissed about it too , angry. AS I HELD ON IN THE STERN GUN TUB  - the ship can not be turned around it would roll over,-  we made  one mile in 24 hours head way every day of this storm,---  later on this day, about 2 o’clock in the afternoon we rolled over on our port side and foundered in the water, the ship- laying on her side flat- down on the sea,- I was in the pilot house hanging on,- when  she went over , looking through the Pilot house   port holes, I - watched as she rolled, the life lines that run  the length of the ship first  cut through the water leaning, leaning and she kept going over  over over, OVER over !  and lay on her side flat down on the sea -  kind of soft like,- this was the Terrible Storm,-  we had mountains of water,- not waves I was out on the superstructer deck and had to look up to see the tops of Waves- mountains rolling by  after she lay on her side  and I was thinking how to get the hatch un- dogged and get out  on to the OPEN sea,  out of the foundering ship,- I was determined this ship was not going to be my steel coffin, I refused to be a sardine in a can,   I would die in the water looking at the blue sky  in the water, in the water looking at the blue sky and die like a human being looking at the blue sky. Not in an iron coffen/ old WWII type L.S.T.s bowdoors as LST 1162 was  have about 6 naval officers and 100 crew sailors look up L.S.T. association photos on the web of the old LS.T.s,- not the news ones , the old like-  LST 1160 nice photos on that web site 1160 L.S.T same class of L.S.T. ship same as 1162  a guy named jerry a retired firmen runs this site  e mail him

  as I was hanging in the pilot house from a pipe stanchion  with both hands   with other crew members just as  Ice Sickles, hanging form a roof- feet straight down, the ship on her side in the water , the wind howling,- the sea beating against the port holes of the pilot house,  all silent, all lights out,   a miracle happened,- a rouge wave suddenly  hit us with such great force  we popped back up straight and the  pilot house  crew ( 4 sailors  )-roared, chreed - like at a soccer match and we boogied on,-  in shock,- surprise and relief  that’s when the Capt called in to the French air force to drop life rafts,-  I went out and flagged em on / the forward pump room flooded as the L.S.Ts bow started to open up ripped open and they moved the Navy chiefs out of their living quarters, located at the end of the tank deck,  we thought the bow doors would go, we didn’t know when,-  and sea water would flood like a tidal wave  through the tank deck and the ship was going to go down . we were summoned all hands to the mess decks  and told by the naval officers to prepare our selves  to go into the sea, we were given,- large jars of Vaslene that were  put on the mess decks tables by the Corpmen, - we were told to smear large gobs of it under our arm pits and groin so as to keep in body heat from leaving our bodies  to stop hyperthermia, some of the crew put Vasiline in their hair and face and behind the ears  to keep body heat,--  if we where not picked out of the water in 2 to 4 hours death would come by Hypathermia, no matter how many life jackets  you had on ,

 I at first  refused to put on Vaseline  I thought  Id wait to see what happens,   LT Murphy chewed me out and told me to Put Vaseline under my arms and groin, I did,- big gobs of it in my arms Pits my arms stuck to my side  terrible greasy slimy feeling ,  one of the  officer gathered around some of the crew in a circle with a Bible and they prayed / not the redmonk, he stood  off and watched from afar,-  he knew if you were not right with your God By now,- its too late,- that’s why the redmonk refused to pray,- you cant bull Shi# god,- the redmonk watched em pray for the hell of it.- to see how it would all play out ,- two of the guys sobbed -  what cowards )- then every one  fled in all directions,-every one fore them selves, to write a last letter wrapped in plastic and put in a pocket and grab belongings  the Old salty Boatsen Johnson who seemed to be every where-- made rope rings like about 10 feet across they were being hauled up top side , to be thrown in the sea   so we could stay together in these round rope pods once in the sea -   the redmonk climbed back up into the pilot house.

  Boatson Johnson came up in the Pilot house and it was decided we should go down to get a close look see, - up close.- of the bow doors from the tank deck, --- the tank deck )-- that looks like a big warehouse empty where cargo,- tanks,- and trucks  are stored, it was now empty- Boatsen Johnson and I alone went down on the tank deck from the back of the tank deck looking forword to the Bow doors it looks like a flat football field,- we walked to the Bow doors,- slowly, holding on as we went the ship violent in its pitching ,- water was rising  higher  on the tank deck then it was before, when we were down here-  as we approached almost to the  Bow doors,-  I felt fear,-  the kind of fear one would feel approaching  the entrance  to a Dragon Lair  not knowing if the dragon was in side the dark cave -  watching-   you approach,-  we moved on,- not  slowing down ,  the closer we got,- I got the feeling the bow doors would burst open,-  any sec. .the noise,- the pitching the Violent slamming and rolling of the ship ,-   boatsen Johnson told me to go up and see if the dogs on the bow doors were tight as they could be , I gut on the little ladder that was welded on one of the  bulk heads  to check a couple of  dogs , -dogs that are like hooks with threads on them  their were about  twenty of these dogs,- I went up  and jerked down on them as hard as I could  to make sure they were all tight – I  held on tight to the ladder   and checked the dogs I was thrown off the ladder a couple of times by the force of the ship pounding the sea  I  continued to climb back up on the bow ramp  holding on to the holes walking across and up on the vertical ramp  and peer through holes of the  Bow ramp to study the bow plates -  the boatsen and i then went back up to the pilot house. And the boatsen Johnson reported what we observed . what I saw as concerns the bow plates that’s a story for another time and now today is the time-  new  add on  now in dec. 2003,- 4   - I will tell the story  of the pilot house during this storm  since no one in the news business is interested in this story or this web site, which is now 5 years years old  and no one cares  It’s the white American Way  In America  ,-no one cares  about any thing,-  not even the loss of their freedom and democracy – ( the Patriotic act , ) murder at Ruby Ridge  and Waco  by coward American  copLawinforcement cowards ETC, the white Americans all love Jim Jones, and his lemonade- they the white American don’t love democracy,- I was told by a Russian news men ta never finish the story  because  news men like to find out them selves when they investigate and that’s why I never concluded any of these stories  he,- the Russian news men also told me  never to give the hole story for other reasons  that I wont go into ?  this large paragraph below is the add on in the year typed 2003 dec .like intermission at a  movie theater go get popcorn,-  those who where their in the pilot house-  may  remember them differently  and that’s ok  that’s the way its suppose ta be-  remember I was the only one out side on deck in this storm and the only one roaming the ship  helping out going to places others would not go- does that sound like iam crowing?--   ? if Iam not for me, who would be for me if not me ? surely none of you white people , but black people and Hispanics  have been for me  -- in America where all white people don’t care about freedom or  Mrs, Weaver at ruby ridge or two year old babies in diapers  at Waco  Tex-- white America don’t care  the new motto of America  is - the united Statesof ( we don’t Care America ) --  always get ya licks in  on redmonks route 66   know what I mean ?  Hay—L.S.T.- 1160- TC  Jerry are ya with me  bell bottom sailor boy ?,- is the Neptune  with me ?  or Am I the sparrow  alone on the roof top ? Watching,-- youuu out their L.S.T. jerry 1160   listen up -- now back ta the pilot house  L.S.T.- 1162  some where out there beound the big- Blue  ta ta   to all of youuu

We -- Boatsen Johnson and i -   climbed back up into the pilot house,- the officers and  Capt. Rogers As wellas a gang of crew members where all hanging around  discussing abandoning the ship  Boatsen Johnson  told em what I saw  when I climbed the bow Ramp-- I then moved forward to the Capt Buck Rogers  Commander  .  And made a plea to save the ship  not let her go down that I would stay aboard  her and man the wheel helm -- but I needed one Engine man in the engine room to man the engines and  I on the ships wheel that’s all we needed and ask for the Capt. To plot us a course,  that I would bring her in to a safe harbor,- if not, ill taker her to Davy Jones locker with my hands on the ships wheel Helm- I  Will not  abandon her,- ( sounds like a lot of bull shi# I know,- but that’s what I said )  I Pleaded my case with the  Capt Rogers saying- she’s a good ship sir,-  shel hold   her bow is flappen a little,- but shes hard as concrete a little ways up her bow, I saw it -  I say shel hold ,- I know she a fat ugly LST but she can take it, she’s tuff , she a good ship - shel hold,- Ill bring her in, ( sounds like more bull shit but that’s what I said )    I went on--I just need a good Engine men to man the engine room, and plot me a course- to a safe harbor   Capt. Rogers Looked thoughtfully after my pleading- turned to his officers and said this might just work,-  Capitaan Buck Rogers then stated to all--   Ill stay on the ship and plot the course  for em- well bring her in,-  the rest of the crew will  abandon ship to safety, -- at that time an Italian American Engine men  from New Jersey I remember as a neat cool guy  stepped forward and said : Ill stay with ya,- he- looking at me direct, that’s was two of us, now- Plus the Capt.  the little Jewish sailor was in the pilot house also and had been pestering  me with the same  question- will she hold, ? I ask him earlery ta stay with us to  keep us in  coffee - he couldnet make up his mind to go or to stay,-  he would walk back to me time and time again and ask the same question do ya think shel hold?- I said  for the tenth time,-- belive me - shel hold , shes a goina hold- the little jewish sailor then announced first to me these words- Ill stay-  Ill Stay  with ya --then louder to every one--- Iam stayen  !  that he was stayen to make coffee  for us,- as he was a clerk,- he needed ta learn ta make coffee,- the officers orderd the ships mess cook to teach him how to work the ship big coffeepots that look like small boilers- they run off of steam- rumbleing noise, hiss and leak steam-so  away the little jewish Salior went below to the mess decks  with the cook in tow who had  on a white apron :---- youl have ta come back for the rest of this story  said in the voice of Paul Harvey  news Commentater

  this section is old written in 2001 this section  Earler.- every one including the redmonk,- put on life jackets world war II types- same same  ) most crew members had em on since the begining of the storm sleeping with em- on- not the redmonk,  the redmonk didnt like a life jacket  because of getting hung up with the bulk and the straps  you couldn’t move fast and slick with all that bulk so he always traveled light and snappy when he danced with the little lady called the sea,( he was 130 some lbs a skinny kid ) his eyes and ears set like he was in Injen Country. On deck When your dancen  With the little lady they call the Sea / he had watched the little lady called the sea,- kill a couple of sailors  and sink a ship early,- he had no doubts about who she was and what she could  do to ya,- when the redmonk finely put on a life jacket before the shipped fell over on her side flat in the sea - the Redmonk got two life jackets not one,-  because some of the life jackets have tares in them  and you wont stay afloat long  in the water . if the Life jacket starts filling up with water with two life jackets- he figured he might float and ride for mabey two days if the huge waves didn’t rip off the Life jackets. From our bodies   

 when we finely made harbor,-  as we tied the ship up ,- every one went below for coffee,-  the crew was exhausted,- every one still walking like they were going up hill,  then down hill  only sailors know what I just said and what it means-- and all of us very very quiet,-  not talking,- silence even while drinking coffee no one spoke it was  eerie  silence that I never heard on a ship before,-- I went back on deck with my coffee mug by my self and a lady  all dressed up in fine clothes  beckoned me to come closer, she had like a French accent,- I knelt down on the deck on one knee and  put my head between the life lines so my face was closer to her so I could hear ,-she ask me how bad was it , I said I never saw any thing  this bad, never!  I told her  about the Pilot house hulk and the over turned white life boat,- with great urgency she ask me the color of the pilot house hulk,- I told her, her face contorted in pain her face  became ashen in color,-she turned to talk to her like- brothers who had the face of worried men,-  they were standing around her,- she pulled a hanky out and wiped tears from her eyes / she said several times its  ok  its ok Its ok  controlling her emotions with style and grace, she remarked  they have not heard from my husbands ship- a freighter  she started to ask me another question when suddenly-  Capt Rogers  looking like a crazed man shouted,- don’t talk to her,-  I responded,- she thinks her husband ship might be in trouble.  he said again, with great force, don’t talk to her, this is when I noticed Capt. Rogers a graduate from the US naval Academy looked like a crazy man and I remember saying hes cracked up and he did too,-  I turned to the lady, and said I cant talk to you,- she said  why not?  I said hes the Capt . he don’t want me talking to you,-  there was a Murmur from the crowd that turned to like booing, I walked away.

 I heard the crowd  shout why cant he talk to her , Why ?  I said to my self what a dirty prick the Capt. Is./  like all US naval officers he not a man of honor / a coward from the United States Naval Academy / this is how I remember these events / How many ships sank in this storm I don’t know,-  we saw life rafts  with no one in them and ship flotsam rolling by for every day of this storm  we were told by  radio to be on the look out for men in life rafts,- every life raft was empty,  but the overturned white life boat with two sailor under neith of it  you couldn’t see them , only hear them ,-   a American Ship a oilier tanker -- the Gulf tiger or the gulf leopard  went down and disappeared off the screen never did find out what happened to her,  this is how I remember these events of a long time ago, some one else who was their may remember them differently /

 I told this story so there is a record of this most terrible storm   and how men act and behave . their were many brave men here and  they so acted and did brave things   boatsen Johnson,- LT murphy who was not from the US Naval Acadamy,- all were sterling  in their behavior , some  acted Poorly, most did not,--- perhaps  some journelast would uncover the  history of the most terrable storm  this is said and done for the two sailors from a MerchentShip -a freighter they were under a overturned white life boat  as they rode fast- on the Rogue Wave to their death  50 yards  right over there,-  and that’s not a lie


                                        look at the L.S.T. photos on this L.S.T .sailors web site his name Jerry------ his  site LST-1160  - to see photos of the gun tub on the stern as I watched ---  all redmonkees - ask  L.S.T.  Jerry ta save LST 1162  shea rusten away in Susene Bay California  tell  T.C.- jerry who is a real L.S.T. sailor,-- and a better man then me and a better American then me,( is this true ? Ta Ta )- we all gut ta go are own way , and we all gut ta do what we gut ta do- right ?  of course  -because we all different   all of Youuu-  look up Jerrys- web site now today do it ! tell jerry I wrote a cheap lousy L.S.T.- poem  and dedicated  it to him and his  LST 1160 and his other  Ship - Neptune   the L.S.T. 1160 aka- T.C. the LST cousin of LST-1162- same LST family- meaning same class of L.S.T.s – carbon copies -check his web site out

 The redmonk and the Coward US Naval officer on wooden mine sweeper.    

 in  a nother storm – we took 4 old wooden mine sweepers across the ocean and had to refuel them every 4 days or they would got down( Sink ) they had to be refueled  no matter what , see the photo gallery of these small wooden mine sweepers, made of all wood World War II type to be given away to Turkey  or Spain, I  believe, / the photo Gallery shows  these wooden mine sweepers  being refueled in very calm weather,-in rough water the crew members a seaman on the mine sweepers ended up with a cracked skull as we drew along side to put him in a boatsen chair and bring him aboard into our sick bay  we had two bunks and they had none,-  I saw this  US navy officer Cowardice again,- the coward navy Chaplin pushed the wounded sailor aside and got into the chair  to come aboard our larger ship because he couldn’t take the rough sea treatment aboard the very small wooden mine sweeper in this storm, - see the (photo) on the 5 or 6 gallery  he actually pushed  the seamen out of the way, pushed him  if you can believe it   and took the seamen’s place in the boatsen chair  we brought this navy officer coward aboard he was scared shit#less  fear in his face  I said to my ship mates you know these US navy officers are a bunch of  Fuc#ing Cowards  they don’t care about their men or crew    my mates responded -  what he did was dirty, it caused a kind of depression on the crew members who saw it  - the seamen finally came aboard he was seeeeing double,-  brain concussion,- others had broken arms   two crew members had to maneuver him and carry him down below / the navy officer coward then began laughing and joking  talking to the LST officers how rough it was, like he was a big time survivor  a sorry as$  U S Navy officer ---- Coward – this true story  you just read is dedicated  to the black Naval cadet at Annapolis  Naval Academy who told the truth, and kept the navies honor code- that he, indeed cheated on a test,-  but all the white cadets lied and said they didn’t cheat ,- it was proven later the white cadets cheated on the test also and then lied about it, - the only Cadet to be thrown out of the Academy was the Black cadet ,- the only cadet of any skin color to tell the truth, - he was a black cadet he had honor  and the French Foreign Legion would know that ,- but the United States Naval Academy doesn’t know what honor is,- so they booted out of the U S naval Academy, the only cadet with honor,- the one who told the truth,- and kept the honor code,- to tell the truth,- the white cadets lied about cheating  on the test  then were found out they lied and the white cadets were not thrown out  only the black cadet who  told the truth   a country like America  needs to be overthrown  and its leader put in prison  if their playing the game like this,-  the US navy has no honor / the US Military Officer in the US navy is a piece of Shi#  their Whore cheap wives too /  the great pretenders, the American officers wives pretending  that they are ladies / their whores,  not ladies, sucking off the American workers  the naval officers  and their wives are a bad joke on us the American people  who feed and clothe these silly US   Navy military officers and their silly children and Wives – why ? / let us the American people shut down  the United States Naval Academy  and save money,-  we the people don’t need all of these military Academies,-  we only need one , not three – Westpoint,- Airforce, Navy  / naval officers are not fighting men,- they are nothing more then  foremen in a factory and or clerks who do paper work  they do Administrative work,- their not warriors , they are paper pushers, they control a floating gun platform that all - how can they end up with the Navy cross medal , ?  when they have done nothing brave ! / the naval officers spit on the navy cross medal they don’t earn it,- doing any thing brave,-  men of dishonor United States Naval officers

 all US Naval ships should be captained by US navy seals,-  Navy Fighter Pilots,-  Navy frogmen, UDT Boys and maybe even some boat crews,-  if these brave navy men don’t want the job then.

    United States marine officers should be forced to command the naval ships in the US navy -- Marine- Colonels a fighten man -  a US marine,- not a pussy US naval officer,-  with no guts US naval officers  who takes food from a sailors mouth,- as they did indeed do to me and for real too ,- a French Legioneers wife  straightened a US naval officer out,-  for taking my food she kooked for me ./ what is a military officer in America  ? can some one tell me / what do we the people get for our money? /  the officers wifes and children are leaches,-  sucking off of us / get even,- help Ben laden  said as a tounge in cheek- taunt to shake up the US Navy / Iam from the coal fields / coal field people vow revenge/ and never let it go till they get it /  US  naval officer was left behind in Corsica,- Why? He jumped from a window to his death  or was he pushed  ? a red monk mystery ! You might figure it out  ?   ya have ta go were the crosses grow,-  they grow in the dirty  work horse  travel alone by our selves, Gator navy,  not the pretty boy Aircraft carrier  battleship navy  of the 6 th fleet  no no no   

 Please- Remember , he was a Black Naval Cadet- who told the truth and kept the US Navies honor code, at the United States Naval Academey, he was  not a white Navel cadet  - get it ? the White naval cadets all lied, all of em and were not punished when found out, and it was  proven the white Cadet lied and  cheated on the same test, and lied and told the investigaters they didn’t cheat on the test-- only the Black Naval cadet was punished ,-- the only US Naval  cadet to keep the honor code, when ask did he cheat on the test he told the truth that -, yes-   he cheated on the test, a man of honor the Black Cadet ! kept the honor code of a US naval officer and told the truth    when the navy and America acts this way with no honor,- America and the US navy is not worth defending,  Its a crooked game  / look the other way when Ben laden comes to your  town,( said tounge in cheek)  fight back / America is not worth defending it has no Honor / America is a crooked fixed game  against the working class people / get even /

   I slowly last all respect for the United States Navy  and  one day with US marines in my LCVP landing  boat  heading for the beach of Lebanon 1958 on--. operation Blue Bat  ) the boat wasnt mine,- later I took it and made it mine  - that leads me to the story called ::;the run to the beach 2 nd story down

 the redmonk and the the Rogue Dreeeam on a Rogue wave

 000h  / some months ago in  the year -/ 2002  a she girl Capitan of a commercial fishing boat came to talk to me and offered me a job,- she ask me about the terrable storm,-  so I told her about the seamen’s face frozen in the  port hole window of the pilot house hulk as he rode to his death his eyes met mine and locked on as he passed  I told her about  the overturned white life boat  she reached over and squeezed my hand for good luck as she got ready to go ,- it felt warm and salt incrusted  like ,  and then she said good by and was gone,- that very night in a deep sleep,  I saw again the frozen face of the  Seamen s in the port hole window as he rode by in the floating hulk ,-his eye stare lock on my eyes  as he  passed, by me in the stern gun tub  and then was gone.  I jerked awake  and set up and stared straight ahead in the dark until it was all gone , I then fell back in to my rack ( bed)  and went to sleep didn’t bother me a bit ,

 since the terrible storm of many many years ago,-  the seamen in the port hole window has come to visit me several times  now,- all total, over the years- at night,- as I sleep the deep sleep and I always jerk up awake sitting streight up in the dark and  stare straight ahead- direct- till  the  ships flotsam  that looks like twinkling confettie ona dark brimy Navy  blackblue night sea is  gone-  I then fall back wards on my back into my bunk and sleep the deep sleep  - doesent bother me a bit !

The she girl captain of the commercial fishing Boat brought him with her  when she grabbed my hand and  the she girl -Capt.’s squeeze on my hand felt like warm seawater incrusted with sea salt and I declined her offer of a position on her Commercial Fishing boat / I have the greatest respect for the She girl Capitan of the Commercial Fishing boat,-  it was a honor that she would ask  me to crew on  her boat, because shes a great fishen boat capitain,- man or woman , ) she just happened to be a  she girl capt and better then most men Capt.s ) - but she brought the seamen in the port hole window with her, when she came,-  and that’s not good,-  that’s a bad omen on the high seas --- for me,-  not her,- she is sea salt,- I could feel it and smell it on her – a ( salty sea- she- girl Capitan - of a Commerical Fishing boat . I respect her very very  much,   Shes Sea Salty, means shes more sailor then all others  I respect her !   almost with awe,-  shes the fastest gun in the west,-  if you know what I mean . her name can never be given . just as the name of  She girl- Ape  of the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers circus can never be Given -

  the redmonk and the run to the beach No Towel

When the United States Marines come aboard a Navy L.S.T.  amphibious  ship the marine corp gives Marines to sailors to work like you would give some body slaves,- they gave me 6 , a real good bunch of guys, I  treated em right and fair , I made sure I got em extra food pies cakes  etc. I took good care of em  and worked the hell out of em  too,-  they didn’t complain , because I took special care of them  even stole chocolate milk for em out of the reefer – ice box-- the marines craved Chocolate milk  like a drug,-  in fact when word got around  other marines came to me and wanted to work for me, some of the sailors treated em like shi# . talked to em like dogs / I treated my 6 marines like I would want to be treated , Fair     I told the 6 Marines  who were given to me,  to put them to  work, I mentioned days earler I was Going in land with  em when we hit the beach , I was leaven the sorry as# US Navy / on this landing,-  the United States Marines who worked for me  Stole a a B.A.R- ( Browning  automatic rifle)- for me,-  from the Armor and  hid  it in my boat under a canvas tarp, plus plenty of ammo ,- these 6 Marines got into my boat  on this run to the beach, so I already had my own little out fit,- me a gator sailor and- 6 - US marines.

  On this run to the beach - I took a US marine Corp.- Capt. Hostage in my boat for cowardice and removed two marines from my boat who were afraid to fight and die and wanted off.  I made another boat come along side and removed the cowards off  for stinking up my boat with cowardice - including the Marine Capt. After that transfer,- is when the Marines in the other boats standing off from our boat  all sang the United States Marine Corp. hymn and  Fired a Mi rifle volley salute to my boat as we alone moved on in to the beach, no helmets, no one in my boat was allowed to wear a helmet, I said so , it had to do with honor.-  a helmet signifies  some form of cowardice  their afraid ?_) like a virus it can be catchy

    – to make me a marine,  they,  the 35 US marine s with loaded m I- rifles from World war II  with the safety off,- their fingers on the trigger,- the boat bouncing and bobbing,  the diesel engine screaming – sounds like a bus engine gas peddle to the floor and smells the same )  each of the 35 US marine in the boat, moved forward one at a time to where I was standing  each in turn- put the loaded muzzel of his  M I rifle up against my bowed head and held it their against my head his finger on the trigger and counted to ten,-  and pronounced me a  marine,- 35 times, 35 times- the US marines put the muzzle of their loaded M I  rifles to my head ( the safty off ) and held it there on my head , one marine held the muzzle to my head and did the looooong count  the slowest count I ever heard,- until other marines told him to get with it ,- the coxan in the boat a sailor from an navy LSD amphibian Ship another Ship ( they were short of boat crews the  navy was taking boat crews from were ever they could find em ) this LSD sailor  the coxan,-  the capt of the boat  with only a Colt 45 strapped to his hip and a white sailor hat on the back of his head said he haint switching sides, hes a  US navy gator sailor and hes staying one,-  when the marines from the other boats sang the marine corp. hymn for us ,-he the LSD- gator sailor sang screeching loud ( Anchors away )  he stayed a sailor. I under stood him staying a sailor as he under stood I had to switch to the marines     I wore a US Navy Donald Duck Blue hat with a 4 foot long black ribbon blowing in the wind behind me    .. the rest is United States Marine Corp history.

 The day before the landing  When the Ships boatsen Johnson lined the boat crews up on deck and  ask for volunteers for the boat crews to take the Marines in - only I stepped forward across the line.  he had to shout to the other crewmen that the marines were our brothers and if they were pushed back in to the sea off the sand dunes, we got to go get em,-  their was going to be a 80 % casulity rate for boat crews. So said a Naval officer from the Command ship  every boat crew  must be a single not married and a vollenteer,  I steped across the line a long time early  and waited the long wait for the Anglo Saxons  to come  cross the line.( Those racest SOBes )  the Anglo Saxon KkK members those S.o..b es from the South - didn’t want to cross the line—they held back,- Boatsen Johnson had to taunt them and slowly one by one they crossed the line/ a US marine Major addressed the boat crews, they had navy camera men filming us as they talked to us,- the Marine Major stated the U S Marine Corp would give all of us boat crews-(  3 sailors to a boat )- a Marine Corp Fighting Knife called a K- bar as a thank you,-  he didn’t keep his word.  The day of the landing we were called to the mess decks at 1 ;0clock in the morning, boat crews first in front of all others so we could get the boats ready and into the water,- we were given steaks and eggs at 2 o’clock in the morn, pitch black out side  the crew ate next  then the Marines every 0ne given big steaks and eggs I never saw steaks this big, / next/  boat crews lined up 5 abreast in three rows deep- in front of a priest next to the boats  put our helmets under one arm and were ordered to fall to our knees in unison to the deck,- to receive holy Communion , I  looked up and noticed the priest  was praying real hard over each  boat crew member  with his head tilted a little  to one side, and a contorted face  he was praying too hard. /

 / as I waited my turn I also noticed the little jewish Sailor my witness,- my little chaver, praying with all his jewish religious equipment on,-  prayer shawl  the works,-  alone,  by him self , bobbing and weaving under his prayer shawl,- I watched him until the priest came to pray over me - hard

. below is listed all total attacks on the US marine Corp. by me,- I took a  45- Colt pistol I was to guard water with and  rammed it in a US Marine officers Eye and threatened to kill him if he did”t back his Contengent of Marines away from the water they tried to force take from me,- I was told to guard the water /  he had a damaged eye  and still does today,-,  the other marines got gars on their bodies who I shot up  who were with him  I gave em gars with a colt 45  as I told em to back off and they said I wasn’t going to diddle shi#  that I had a Howdy doody face,-  after I put gars on their bodies and made them scream like a woman and made em ,crawl and bark as they carried their wounded with em.

 I later tried to cut out of the ships tiny brig with a hack saw a Super brave US marine who had been  in my boat, he was a Private  I made him top Kick Sarg in  charge of the 35 marines in my boat and took his Sargent hostage  because the Marine Capt. And Sarg. Didn’t want to go in and Fight.

 After we got back to  the so called powers to be on LST 1162  they got him and me, that’s another story / while in the boat  the US marine Capt. had Ordered all 35 Marines to put 35 MI rifles from World war II  on me in the shoot position to take me down and I put my colt 45  on him and told him he don’t back down ill kill him, this is my boat Iam the Commodore and the Coxswain was the Capitan and that these 35 US marines belong to me and  were goin in, I told him    I got a hair trigger and its half squeezed  down to fire even if his 35 marines fire into my body I would still kill him from the death reflex in my trigger finger that was on my colt- 45 trigger – my colt 45 was pointed  on his forehead,- he at the bow of my boat and me on the engine housing standing with my Donald duck hat on with a four foot black ribbon blowing in the wind,-the boat engine screaming and the boat bobbing and rolling and his 35 marines in the middle holding there 35 MI rifles in the shoot position on me,- that’s 35 world war II mI rifles pointed on  me  in the shoot position as the boat rolled and pitched and moved on  the engine screaming   and I ment to kill him if he didt back his marines  down / he backed down  and I took his command from him he was my prisoner and I made my 6 marines top kicks,-  the FBI knows all about this,- but thy haint talking / they know about the pictures  of the Arab tankers who wanted their photos taken  with me  I had my  Donald duck hat on and my trusty military colt 45  Pistol draped over my soldier in a holster why did these military Tank crew want to meet me and have their picture taken with me , you may never know ?- as concerns my donald duck hat because of pride  I had a metal wire frame made for my Donald duck hat – it fit in side my cap so it always had a saddle  look from the side view  a dip in it if viewed from the side

  later I ask the Marines in the boat to take a vote that we go inland and rob a bank in side Beriut Lebanon and get the gold bars, two gold bars apiece for each of us,-  I wanted to buy a small farm in the mountains/ two marines said why not it sounded good to them , the other US marines demurred and talked about it amoung them selves for a while  arguing ,- after some time had passed the US Marine,- I made # 1 top kick , said to me, - where United states marines were not bank robbers  we haint goin / After that statement it was all over  . /    we headed back to the ship  and it was our As#s now,- he was locked up in the brig ,- I fought for em hard shouting these are brave United States marines in my boat I demanded they be give all the Steaks thy could eat  and they eat steak until the top kick through up Vomited - he ate so many steaks as the other marines looked on longingly  through the hatch asking   asking how good were the steaks ? like bull dogs licking their chops,- the old marine Sarg told the Bull dogs licking their chops you want steaks ,  you gut ta do something  like what they did,  they earned there steaks  ,  he  told em to move on  out of the hatch

 I wasn’t put in the brig because they needed me to stand watch and work  and they did not give me any more US marines ever,- this big tall tuff handsome US marine Capt. had his As$ beat on the Tank deck by an Italian Irish American names Russo (a seamen no stripes ) a Short guy - built like a tank from the lower east side of  new York,- the big tall over 6 foot tall marine Capt. got his as$ kicked by Russo on the tank deck in front of every one and the marine major told  the marine Capt. in front of all the marines and LST crew to get the hell of the US Marines he wasn’t a marine.

 This is the same kind of US marine Cong. Jim- ( Bob Hope )- Moran of Virgina is, a Pretty handsome marine, he put on Boxing Shows for the troops   called a Hollywood Marine. /  their afraide to die -  and get their Uniform dirty-- get up and move forward) Commonwealth Attorney Robert Horan of Fairfax va. the same as Cong. Moran,- Hollywood marines, / the woman go crazy over these pretty Hollywood marines like- Horan and Moran  two low class Irish Micks both of em afraid to get their marine uniform dirty-  low class-micks to the core. Moran and Horan- pay backs are hell –fire both of em

 the United states Marines recruiter told me at 16 year s of age the marines didn’t want me, I was too little and skinny-  try the army, he said- at 13 years of age I tried to join the marines for the Korean War , they said I was too little and skinny / they didn’t want me  ,- the same thing the marines said to Audie Murphy,

- but I was made a marine,- the US marines in my boat made me a marine  for a short while .- and after what the Us marines did to Vietnam area US marine Bobby Garwood a poor white boy from a trailer court  no money for lawyers court marshaled him crucified him  and the marines let the  American military officers who beat American prisoners with their fist in the pow camps  to make them comply and  agree with the communist jailers,-  ( Vietnam  ) the coward American officer  Corp. did not charge these American military officers with any crime,- the US military officers did a 1000 times worse crimes against American PoW in the Hanoi Hilton POW camp then PVT. Garwood  ever did - the American Government and the Coward US marine Officer Corp only punished Privet-  US Marine Bobby Garwood a poor white boy. Working class from a trailer court,- no money for lawyers the dirty US Army went after a poor white polish Slav Boy in WWII his name Eddie Slovik he too had no money for lawyers all poor working class white boys  the US army  Government prosacuters know these white boys are defenceless againt the onslot of the us Government no one with white skin in America stood up for em no body  dirty white MFEing white people in America   I am Glad I was a marine for only a short time,-  because the Us Marine officer corp. started acting like the US navy officer corp. cowards against their own men / all of em sorry as#,- Iam ashamed of all of you American military officers-  all of you a stinking disgraced officer Corp in the  US American Military officer corp. your whore wives too cheap camp followers hoes who do laundrey on the side, your wife   and your cheap children too ,- you have no honor, no kavod - look up Garwood on the link page. Read what they did to him. This last said- For Garwood’s- Mother – for Gunners mate Hartwigs sister and mother for what the cheap US Military officer Corp did to these poor defenseless white working class boys, the US Military officer Corp.has no honor and their cheap Military  officers  Wives—aka- the great pretenders,) pretending their ladies )- the US Military officer Corp. a fraud on the American people and working class.  For the info of Slavic American Students The  Slavic American Soldiers Fought harder then other races of Americans in WWII the Slavs are only 7 % of the American population their where tons of English Americans Irish Americans Scottish Americans Weksh Americans by the ton but the Gover,ment chose to kill Eddie Slovik a poor white Slav Soldier so the history books say a Slav was a coward and not the true coward race in America the white skin Anglo Saxons who refused to fight in far greater numbers   make your White Anglo saxon school teacher in All Arlington County School answear the Question if their was indeed more anglo Saxon who refused to fight as Eddie Slovik did why kill the slav race memberer when the English American was the greater coward by Numbers refusing to fight in WWII 1939 1945  ask why a slav boy Eddie Slovik who had no education and was from a race of people who are only 7 % of the American people why choose him ?  you Slavic students will see miss White skin Anglo Saxon  school teacher miss white cringer do something, she will do something  shut your question down  and not let it be ask  in your Arlington School class room   and to think Arlington County Schools just 15 min from the American White house Slavic American students  hold a demonstration at all Arlington County schools shut the school down until they teach the round up of Italians WWII the Hounding of Slavs by Sen Mcarthey Communist whitch hunts 1950s   at no time are Anglo Saxon American Students responsible for any of this,- white Skin Anglo Saxons Students in Arlington County  are innocent but doo make this demo at your school a White ethenic thing: Italian Polish Russian Greek Ruthenian  Serbian  etc, your not English  your Not Irish your not Scottish ,   tell the other races it’s a white ethenic thing,- they wouldnet under stand it,- form an all white Ethenic Club  of Italians, Hungariens Russians, ukranians, Polish, Greeks, Arabs,  Ruthenians,-  demand your white Ethenic Slice of the American Pie  the Anglo Saxons Americans are giving your  American slice away  stand up don’t back up  put your White ethnic demo at your Arlington School on film sell it to the news stations 60 min 20/20 investagative TV shows ask Miss white cringer your white School teacher why did they excute Eddie Slovik wwii ALSO FILM  her answearing  this question AND SEE HOW THE BLACK STUDENTS AND JEWISH STUDENT AND ANGLO SAXON STUDENTS REACT TO YOU WANTING YOUR WHITE Ethenic Say at Arlington Schools  tell your white coward Anglo Saxon teacher Miss white Cringer   and tell the Jewishs Students  Black students  and anglo saxon students they don’t speak for the  white Ethenic  Arlington Students white Ethenic must speak for them selvs in Arlington Schools, where not them and they are not us we are a beautiful different kind of people  we did nothing to black people we were not in America when Slavery happened  in Fact the Jewish Students and Black Students  in Arlington  County are alive today 2004 because of the slav race and for no other reason are the Jewish and Black student alive  49 million dead Russians killed stopping Hitler,- 1945,- Hitler who was going to kill all black people and all jewish people  after he won World War Two 1945     if the all white Anglo Saxon arlington school board refuses your demand-- put on a demo and riot get the press from the Italian and Russian Embassy to come out and Film the White Ethenic demo  in Arlington County just 15 min from the White House where the President of the US George Bush lives  let the world know white Ethenic are here and demand their slice  shut the school down if ya have too  rase Hell     

 New 2003,4 ---Memorable words of the redmonk on this  run to the beach-  no- towel-- the redmonk told the Marine Capt. Ta get out of the boat  the Marine Capt responded with a shrug of his shoulders-  their nothing but water here! Where Iam I suppose to go? as the boat was moven on- engine screaming – I - standing legs spread up on  the engine housing  looking down into the boat and the marines with the marine Capt. Standing his back to the bow ramp facing me  the redmonk  with his colt 45 pistol  pointed on the marines capt. Head- the redmonk replied you’re an officer “ Walk on water”   - the 35  US Marines laughed  the quick short laugh- a Guffaw really-  being marines their expression went back immediately to the dangerous placid face that hunting dogs or pit bullsdogs have- the looks is --- no expression on the face at all- blank-  but deep staring from the eyes ready to move on to the hunting trail and kill,- no helmets, on their heads- not afraid ta die,-  for real  not afraid ta die,-  beautiful sight ta see  if ya never saw it   --the red monk then said    to the Marine Capt.--get out of the boat,- ordered him to climb up the bow ramp  and the Marine Capt Climbed  up on the bow ramp over and down the  ramp holding on like a figure head bow sprit on a  clipper ship of old –- as the boat moved on engine screaming -- to  the Marine Capt. credit he did a little later pull out a very small pistol and put it on me   but I made him drop it  in the sea,  I had at the beginning made a very sharp upper class educated black marine-- my master of arms in the boat  and ordered him    my master at arms, the black marine  who s aka was  private snow Ball _ I ask the marines  you-- whats your name and  all the marines said as one- hes private Snow Ball- I made him master at arms  Johnney on the spot  and ordered him-- to put over the side, of my boat as it was moven on engine screaming-  a marine tied with rope)( line)   into the water,- a marine that didn’t want to fight  and drugg him along side of the boat trying ta break him,  as I ordered my boat turned around and head to the other boats,--  the other boats who had just alittle earlery sung  us  the Marine Corp. hymn and had fired an WWII- MI Rifle volley salute to my Boat and the 35 super brave United States marines in my boat.   as we pulled along side  I ordered off loading of these cowards  stinken up my boat.  They were glad to get off too -  the boat was not mine  I took it and made it mine now do ya see why I tried to cut out of the ships brig  a very brave US marine who was in  my boat  using a hacksaw   these US marines and I,- who made all of them call me the Commodor of the boat,- my rank)  and the  gater sailor  who was addressed as -boat Captian.  Who was  off of an L.S.D gator ship—where we  used as bulls eyes to see what would happen as we closed to the shore their s more to this story  but I gut ta go  and it would just bore ya   a Mexican stand off  as they say!     Youl have ta come back for the rest of the story -- this is not Paul Harvey the  news commenter  _ always get ya licks in on redmonkees Route 66 – stay tuned


 The 17 year old red monk : And  the  US Navy Admirals: Lady  : all ya land lubbers , listen up  come below decks ta hear the story true  of a US Navy lady  : the last of her kind,   aboard the US Navy cargo  ship - Arneb aka 56, - for Iam an old sailor  who will tell ya no lies, for these things did happen on the high seas   a long ,long  time ago  . whers my colt 45 _?


 A United States

Navy : Lady  the year: 1956

 When the US Navy still had Officers wives who were indeed Ladies.

 the year 1956,- on the good ship USS Arneb aka 56 – attack cargo    Amphibious ship from WWII  her former name was the SS Mischief she was  Admiral George Dufek’s flag ship for Operation Deep Freeze 1—task force 43- supply runs to the Antarctic to the research station at Mercado sound.  Antarctica

  this ship- Arneb the  first ship the redmonk ever served on,  was holed in the Ship yards when he first met her ,-- her main deck was a mess with  all kinds  and sorts of Equipment, clutter – hoses,- beams , etc- yard workers milling around - red devils sucking air down below decks through the open hatches,- massive repair work being done, just   before Arneb aka 56 went to  Davidson Rohde Island to load up  to make her run to Antarctica , called-( Operation Deep Freeze)

 this,- then is when  the 17 year old redmonk climbed aboard  the gang plank with his heavy sea bag loaded with all his belongings on one shoulder, handed the deck watch his orders in a large yellow envelope   and waited the long wait for some one in authority to take him down below  and show him his bunk  and locker so he could get squared away – that was  background   



 the US Navy lady-  was the wife of Admiral George Dufek, she the Navy lady- hitched a ride on the haze Grey Arneb as the  ArNeb was sailing to Norfolk Va ,- just prior to going to the Antarctic,- How  did we the  lowley sailors bumped into the Admirals lady on the upper superstructer of the ship ,- weeee..--  Well it was like this ---

about 6 of us sailors,- mostly-- just out of Boot Camp were ordered up in the early morn to Paint the section of the superstructer  railings and deck and bulkhead in this one section  of the ship officers quarters,-  outside topside-  the Young Navy L.t. was as nervise as a new bride as he orderd us to do a good paint job, ( no holidays,) be quick  about it,-  paint and brushes were waiting for us  he said  ready to go,-- so away we went  in our blue navy dungrees and white hat  sleeves rolled up, we   talked about who would take what section,- grabbed our brushes and started painting.    the port holes   by chance to the cabin were open, nice sea breeze blowing , we were talking  as we worked, the young nervous Nellie- the  Navy LT dressed in Khakis came up and again told us to to work quickly and  be quiet  no talking – he then fled down below .

 we all begin complaining  to each other after making sure  he was gone -- what the hell does he want ?  were working etc . suddenley a womans strong  upper class voice  waifted through the port hole sounding like she was in charge,- talking to some one   ( time was about 8:15 in the Morn )  she sounded like Laura Bacall the Movie Star )-  we were stunned,- a woman was aboard the ship ?  we started whispering to each other,-  it was probley the admirals girl friend,-  we wondered if the admirals wife knew  ,all of us painting along and chuckling as we painted   making sniding remarks  about this woman aboard the Arneb at sea WOW!  We didn’t see her,- only heard the voice the port holes were open  to the cabin  then suddley she- the navy Lady with the voice appeared in the hatch door way, standing like Laura Bacall,  smoking a cigrett like Laura Bacall , and ask in her upper class voice. Sounding very much like Laura Bacall:- what are you boys doing  ?  I spoke up and said the LT. Told us to come up and paint this section  fast,- then a man suddnley  appeard  next to her  in a tee shirt and pance his hair askew, Admiral george Dufeke- his name and rank  and said in a athortian voice- who told you to come up here! ? I didn’t know the LTs name as I was brand spankin new crew member  so one of the older guys spoke up, gave the LTs  name   Admiral Dufik turned and left  got on the phone  and started to chew some one out on the other end of the phone  not too harsh, not Angry   but firm  we could hear him- asking questions – like ---  I don’t see why you waited until I was aboard to paint,- I cant go out on the deck its wet paint!  well I don’t want it painted now,-  he sounded annoyed , his parting  words as he hung up the phone-- you come up here  ,- then  the Admirals lady spoke up still standing in the hatch door way watching us  as she smoked smoked her cigarette - the Lara Bacall way-  same facial expression and  remarked off handly to no one in particular- they can paint !, she then ask us  _ how long it would take to finish-  about 20 min we replied, -- she then ask,- do you boys want breakfast,?  coffee,? sweet rolls-?  The Admiral   then spoke up  to his navy lady  in a gruff voice-  annoyed,:- they get their rations, they ate this morning,- they don’t get double rations-  their sailors,- they got a bunk  and three rations a day that’s what they get,- he then came to the hatch  look  us  over and said -did you men eat this morning ? we all answered yes sir   then the Admiral said to his navy lady-- seee ?   we all hesitated, not sure if we could get  breakfast- our eyes focused on both of them like hungry pups  waiten for the bowl ta be filled-- the Navy Lady then said to her Admiral George Dufik  I thought officers were to take care of their troops?, they look hungry to me!  Still sounding Like Laura Bacall--:   then she added- a parting shot- my father always said take care of the troops    again turning to us  Admiral George Dufiks wife said   Ill get you boys breakfast you look hungrey --- Just tell me what you want?,-  since no one was speaking up,- their was what seemed to me,- a loong silence-   All  of us afraid wed get in trouble,-- But I could see something different - breakfast slipping by-   I saw oppurtinuty-  and I grabbed for it-  I blurted out –yes, yes , we want breakfast, said -  loud- )-- and then  my mates chimed in- yes,  yes  well have breakfast,-  smiles on their  happyfaces – she turned and left,  then the Young navy LT.  Showed up in a  fit  telling us to stop painting and get our gear and get out , Admiral George Dufik then appeared in the hatch like out of a mist and  told the LT.- Come in here.  Every one started to leave  and I said- no no.,- she goin to get us breakfast,-  some of the others remarked- the L.T. said go-  we better go,  just  then,- out comes a black messman, all dressed in white,- I ask the black Messman  did he think wed get in trouble eating breakfast,-  because the Admiral didn’t want us to eat   the black messman smiled a ever so  little slight knowing smile   and ask softly as butlers do-  did the admirals lady say you could have breakfast ?- we all replied yes, yes nodding our heads  he then said,-- then tell me what you want, I ordered up scrambled eggs, bacon, toast-  I asked that  my eggs be  cooked in raw Inions, the black messmen raised his eyebrows for a mila sec. Looking at me direct and  asked, the others  -  you all want coffee,- we all said yes, yes,- he turned and left , we waited  for a while smiling to our selves on our good luck sitting on the deck    the LT then came out of the Admirals cabin all in a tizzy  and said to all of us   I told all of  you to get your gear and leave,- lets go! Move it    the L.T. was in a  real Tizzy besides himselve with a heavy dose of the nerves,--  we all spoke up at once and said the Admirals lady wants us to have  breakfast ? !, the Young  navy  L.T. now became very agitated and  ordered us out waving his arms.- saying between clinched teeth  out, out on the double-  just then,  the admirals lady was in the hatch screen  door  agaian silently she appeared like smoke and or mist,- she said like Lara Bacall would say,( same voice )- “ I said they could have breakfast,-  youu may leave !  the navy L.T. fled ,-

 just then the Black Messman dressed in all white like a butler  very proper- showed up with dinner plates of Eggs, bacon, sausage, sweet rolls the works   and an officer s mess silver coffee pot  full of steaming hot black Navy coffee and   on a silver tray yet. officer mess cups and plates with the little blue navy anchors on them,-  as the Black mess men opened the screen door to serve us eggs he remarked to me direct eyeball to eyeball just for a mila sec. Just for a milia sec.- With an ever so slight smile  on his face said:-  I heated your sweet roll ) and moved toward me ta serve us   the Navy lady that would be - Admiral George Dufiks Wife-- said no no! - to the Black mess man,  Ill serve them,  the Admiral was  standing behind her in the screened hatch door   with a half smile on his face shaking his head and remarked: I married a waitress.  as the US Navy Lady served us on plates  and poured us coffee one by one as we sat on the deck and ate---- as   Admirals George Dufiks wife poured coffee she remarked loud enough and firm enough   so the Admiral could hear in his cabin – the US Navy Lady said loud firm direct== My father always said  -- take care of the troops  -- then turning  to us lowly seamen-  she added- do you boys want more,- I can get you more eggs, bacon,  toast what ever you  boys want – just tell me , Ill see that you get it,  the Admiral now in the hatchdoor way- said: geez   shaking his head  stating- voice annoyed- their navy sailors- they can take  it,  you spoiling them,-  as she bent over pouring more coffee in our cups  Admiral George Dufiks Wife  the Navy Lady got in the last word   said in the firm voice of  Laura Bacall-   of the 1930s40s )   the ladys last words -  ( always take care of the troops ! ---- was  the Navy lady making sure the Admiral   did not  forget to take care of his troops on operation Deep Freeze ?? could the Admirals Wife  teach , today, teach the United States Navy something  very basic   the basics are always forgotten, by the US Army too  ask Col. Hackworth ?  they the basics have to be taught again and again every where   since the US Navy lady used the military term Troops rather then Crew,- was the Navy lady  a Daughter of a US Army officer or a Daughter of a US Marine Officer ?   -- but indeed we,-  the  Sailors on the USS Arneb know a real Navy lady  when we see and hear one,-  their actions tell us their US Navy ladies   and Admiral George Dufik of the United States Navy had one, -  I saw her in Action in 1956- was the year- on a WWII US Navy cargo Ship Hauling Cargo to the Antarctic,  on Operation Deep freeze A ship called  the – Arneb aka 56 )- as she the Navy lady taught  a US Navy Admiral Basics,-  she was a class act, strong , firm and high Class  in her demeanor,- she knew who she was--  a Navy lady  she had a job to do-  Teach  -  if not to teach,   then  a reminder on basics  she gave every one a message  , she just  did  it - Boom – end of story – as Arneb steamed south

 if any one out their knows  the children or grand children of this United States Navy lady  send em a copy of this true tail of the sea   this story is about a navy lady and I give it as Gift to all the Wives of  US military officers – including Army, Airforce, and Marines,- why?  because I have attack the US military officer Corp. and their dirty  dirty wifes in a very very, haard way,- on this web site --  again and again and again and rightfully so: ( this said for  for gunners mate Hatwig mother )---  buuut,  I like two way streets, not one way streets. I think every one is intitled ta two way street  don’t youuuuuu.   Ya can see what the Arneb looked like by going to navy ships hull # and or  type in Arneb   on the web 


Admiral George Dufik was the First admiral I ever saw and his Wife was the First U.S. Navy Lady I ever saw  --- I just turned 17 years old   just got out of boot camp Bainbridge Md. 1956  world war   II -Barracks  like barns on the inside and pot belly black coal stove ta heat the barracks   I  Just came  out of the Coal fields  I was still 16 years old  in this navy boot camp. -  On the USS Arneb as I went through chow line  I  was served shrimp for the very first time in my life, I had no Idea what it was, I never saw shrimp,-  I ask the Black cook- what is this? and two WW II black cooks Lifers as they say working  behind the steam line on the chow line in the ships galley remarked- we got a young boot here, smiles on their faces, as they looked at me smiling  in Amazement- well show  you, they said- go through the chow line,--  after filling my tray and headed to the  mess tables on the mess decks in the ships galley and sat down with my 1930 prison metal tray,-  from WWII –they, the two black cooks  both sat down with me one one each  side  in their white aprons on the Arneb mess decks  and showed me how to peel spice shrimp, dip it in Coxtail sause and eat shrimp   It was delious,  I was learnen-  I just turned 17 years old by a  month or so ---  I know what shrimp is and how ta eat it   two black U S Navy WWII cooks taught me ! on a world War II cargo ship called Arneb- name means –the britest star .*


  Near the end of my naval tour ( what ever that means) the second highest ranking officer I met was a four stripe Naval captain and or an admiral –( I don’t remember which ,-its been a long time ) he told me on deck with us both standing,- surrounded by other high ranking Naval officers from headquarters,-  he dressed in his great naval Coat brass buttons black gloves white silk scarf around  his neck on deck of LST 1162 standing - he said  direct to me if I every tried that again , that _ meaning  taking part in the mutiny on  LST 1162 hed see that I would hang by the neck at portsmith naval prison until dead, - I had just finished telling   him how the mutiny came about,- he then said your - good man, a smile on his face, I saluted ,- turned sharply and left for below decks  I was dressed in dungarees  work boots and white hat,-  Ole Salty boatsen Johnson was waiten down  below decks like an old hen ta find out how it all went  he had givin me some pointers on what ta say before I went up  on deck ta face the  naval officers alone by my self -    

         This story on the Navy lady also for  the Black mess men dressed in white ,  I don’t know his name  I didn’t travel in offcers quarters,-- he too was a class act  and had the demeanor of a gentlemen      noooo, nooo,- the black messmen was  not an uncle Tom , not a buffooon , not a mcqueeeny   he was a professional, I say professional  , professional- get it,?- professional-  who did his job with class,- if your black  and reading this  with a college degree and wire rimmed glasses on your black or tan  and  or almost white  face and a buttin pinned on your white jacket that says Black Power   and another butten on your black jacket that says fight whitey and  youuu were expecting something else,--- soooory for youuuu  --- I told the truth ! give the blackmessmen his due ,  and why not ? did I hear ya blacks reading this say--- uncle Tom !?   pleeeease ya gut ta be kidden meee,   ----  why don’t ya shut your black mouth and a stopa flappen your black uuubangees and  take care of the troops !  All  youuu  US Military officers wifes youuuu – two way streets ! I like two way streets what kind you like

 This web site is a political web site ta raise your level of Consciousness and awareness  on race and politics and other matters     don’t be afrade  don’t be afrade  of my words


  The redmonk in the Ships pilot house  as look out :;

Running Blind in a fog

40 feet  high  steel wall pops out of the fog bank___commen___ on_____________________

 It was a British merchant cargo ship  moven fast  out of the thick goooy fog, sliding  silently, and fast past  L.S.T. 1162  in the opposite direction at no more then 60 yards   off our starboard side  her screws thumpen - the water as she passed,  commin  on strong  outa the fog like a ghost appearen  this British cargo ship moving right pass us  like two  big Smi Trucks passing on a two lane narrow dirt  road commin through the Straits of  Gibraltar. Each ship going in the opposite direction—way, way tooo too close the law of the sea states all ships must keep 3 miles distence between them  at all times

 L.S.T. 1162 in the wrong  ships channel !  Yaa.   fog so thick ya could just barely make out the LST 1162 bow from the pilot house the ship incased in prison cell of wall fog  as we boogied down through the straits of Gibraltar  the pilot house where I was stationed with a pair of binoculars  as look out, our radar was on  but it was the old type  and the setting was set wrong  a ship on our radar showing 5 miles  away was in fact right on us  coming right at us   it all happened so quickly,- the British ship came out of the Fog bank  like a ghost appearen  I saw her bow cut through the  fog wall and in suspended  disbelieve  watched helplessly as she fully appeared like a woman who fully drops all her clothes off at once in a mila sec,   standing in front of ya for just a mila sec.  Naked- Then boom,- gone  -get it ?  40 feet of steel wall  zoomed by  and was gone covered and enveloped in the  gooey gooey thick fog  she had disappeared  behind us ,-but  the British ships Capitan  with a British accent – was quick - loud OVER  his ships outside loudspeakers  AS HIS SHIP ZOOMED BY and away-- gone into the fog  bank  the British sea capitan screamed --youuu are in the wrrong ships channel  this is the Capitan of the  British ship that just past youu   youuu are in the wrong channel, I repeat YOUU ARE IN THE WRONG SHIP CHANNELL,- THERE IS A SHIP  COMMEN UP behind me !  HE GAVE THE DISTINCE OF THE NEXT SHIP commen at us head on or Bow ta Bow  the British sea Capitan contunind shouting   YOUUU ARE IN THE WRONG SHIPS ChANNEL AS HIS voice GReW DIMMER  and dimmer AND FADED AWAAY  gone  boom!                          Ya wanta know what happened ? I bet ya dooo  in the year –2003  now today - and now in year 2004 –ok so ill tell ya !   since ya abeggen-   the young  naval officer in the pilot house with  the redmonk as look out and the wheel  helmsman  this young officer of the deck he was a real As#  should never have been an Naval officer  he talked down the navy,  the capitan,-- getting us to laugh at the capt. That he was getting out of the service- that type of thing he couldn’t tell a joke but would want us ta laugh at his sorry as$ jokes  this typical US naval officer of the deck  as% hole,- in the LSTs pilot house--  I as look- out had told him—a couple of times now- I could hear ships fog horns  blowing  first here,--- then over their,,-  and I told him they sound close,- he replied were ok  its just sounds that way because of the fog ,- I again went to him  saying  they  sound very close,-- he gut annoyed and said the radar says there are no ships close by,- he then walked over  studied the radar screen again –

 as the British freighter passed  by outa of the fog bank –he- the officer called officer as# hole then panicked running over to the radar studied the radar screen  for a little bit  and then called the lower grade ships officer not the capitan,-  he then told me what  to say when the officers came up into the piolet house,- he told me to say the ship passed way over their---  not close to LST 1162 as it indeed did do , but just at that sec. Out jumped US Navy Commander Capitan. Buck Rogers from his cabin he said in anger I heard that !  he went direct- up close to the  officer of the deck the naval officer as$ Hole  and asked what happened  ?- firm-stress and agation in the Capt.s voice  ?   the naval officer mumbled this mumbled that and then Capt. Rogers turned to me sharply and said what happened ?  I said  a freighter  poped out of the fog right up front of our bow and came by our starboard side in a rush and I pointed out the open hatch pilot house door Hatch  and said right over their !   the Capitan said where ?-  I again-  said right over their- pointing  the young naval officer then looked at me with hatred with a snarl on his face  even as the Capt.  Ran over to the  Radar screen  took a  look  and said you gut the setting wrong!  and made adjustments  and then all the officers of LST came into the pilot house in a bunch  at once and said :- we heard that  !– meaning the British Ship capitan voice over his ships inter com system ,-- as course corrections were made  and LST 1162 gut into the right channel  coming through the straights of Gibraliter.  the Capt then said : now ! what happened ?  background _before this incident took place their was one officer in the pilot house ,- me- as look out and the helms man- the guy on the wheel   I told the officers what happened  with the capt watching and listening in the background as they all stood around me all looking direct  and then  I dropped the bomb---I said the officer of the deck told me to lie that the ship passed way over their  not close to starboard as did happen,--- Capt Rogers broke in and asked  why didn’t you lie as he wanted ?  I responded with  ( these no no words )-: because my loyality is to the ship, not the officers ,- then Capt Buck Rogers broke in again and said  loud to all his officers  Iam  glad their someone else on this ship that cares about this ship beside s me – said hot with anger  he then looked around and said to his officers keep an eeeye on hiiim  meaning the Young as$ hole officer, aka- LT as$ hole.

 ! as I was still on watch  in the pilot house the other officers stayed behind  keeping an eye  out- they started to berate the Naval officer LT. as$ Hole  with Ltjg murphey getting up in his face  very threating  like he was going ta kick his as$ for real too ,--telling  this officer as$ hole he was going to get us all killed  surrounding him  up close   threating him with their body language and mocking him bad ,---  as he acted like a kid pouting and snarling , saying iam not staying in the service anyway he wanted out – after that  the officers  then would ask me  where did the British freighter pass ? and I would point right over their!-- and the  officers would mock Officer as$ hole  saying over and over  looking at him direct–right over their  ! right over their! pointing their hands in the directions of the sea were the freighter passed-  mocking him  like in a chant at Naval Officer  as# hole - who then said he didn’t want me on his watch ever , ! Pouting  and the other officers almost shouted  at him-  this statement:- He,- meaning me - can be on my watch in the pilot house any time  I want him on my watch !  all looking direct at officer as# Hole as they said it . it seemed after that every time officer As# hole was on watch in the pilot house I was on his watch- DAMn!  hed make me go outside on the flying bridge as,- look out- cold as hell,- freezing  would not let me go ta the head  to take a leak,- no coffee  I didn’t like It - but I also didn’t care ,-I knew I was right  Fuc$ him,- Iam for the ship , ! Just  like I was for my animals at the national zoo and Fuc$ the PHD Intellectuals at the Smithsonian zoo who are using the zoo animals to make a name for them selves doing research  as I was too for my horses at the us park police Horse mounted unit and fuc# the cops   Fuc# all of em I know iam right,--  Every Time,- I did the right thing,-  down below -getting in his redmonk licks  on redmonk route 66 -- it was the coward white Christians Americans who did the wrong thing – they all remained silent   this is a political web site that does many things  one -- to show America as a big lie on the world  and I get my licks in on America in any time I can,-- like right now  --

and  do remember what Gen MacArthur said: Yaa-

 ( to sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men )

  as he,- MacArther was fired  from  his job as Commander of the Korean War : 1950s-: 


     ALL OF YOU WERE  ! you stinken –  white Christian Mfers cowards youuuu

 And now lecture TIME-- on redmonkees Route 66,- pound em,- pound hell outa em –

shouts the redmonk

 all White Christian Americans remained silent --- including the Owners of the Washington Post news paper the Graham Family-- Kathryn, who is dead, now – ( thank God- ) A little REDMONKS - ROUTE 66- lick—up ahead ALSO KNOWN AS A redmonk ZINGER------- kay graham who owned the Washington Post news CO had sexual relations with Robert McNamara defense Sec. Can ya just see em old lady graham and mack bouncing away in bed nuff ta make ya laugh  THOUGHT YA LIKE TA KNOW ,- POUND EM SHOUTS THE REDMONKEE  Pound hell outa em— this web site better then matt Drudges web site-- Kay Grahams daughter Lalley  had all the info on this web site and was silent -  her son-,Donald, silent- their hired help- Bradlee graham  and hired help- bob Woodward his two daughters Talia and Diana Woodward  and   hired help-Ben Bradlee who all remained silent and to think their news paper  people  they all-- including—the dead News Whore- Kay graham did not do the right thing ,--- they are suppose ta put out the news –  they all pull stories for the National Zoo and Smithsonian,-  they all party  with Smithsonian and National zoo officials  their pals,- Kay graham covered up for the National Zoo to get stories from the zoo,- newsmen told me so,

- she- k,  graham only cared about her greedy selfish rich- self— I want ya ta know  --just getting in my redmonk licks – on the dirty Grahams,-- those low class money eyed - dirty not one of the Grahams  an American,- the Graham family and their all white skined hired help--  don’t have a clue who the American people are,   they play at being news people,  they infact are circus entertainers not news people - E—mail this to Bradlee Graham at the Washington Post news paper located in Washington DC  e mail this section all over the world,- all of ya fight back  e_ mail!  Stand up,-  e-Mail,- shame em,-  e- mail

  down below an L.S.T. story by Ben Bradlee  who worked for wages all his life  and loves  ta brag on American TV every year, every year  how he brought down pres. Nixon--  but Bradlee the coward lacked the guts of a news man--- to bring down Arrogant PHD Culture  at the national Zoo to defend the zoo animals and the zookeepers, --- the PHD culture is whats wrong at the Zoo  you as# hole ben bradlee- Youuu  What a coward puffed up Anglo Saxon Ben bradlee is-  a coward – a coward, 10 times a coward - ben Bradlee  bob Woodward,  Donald Graham, Bradlee Graham, Elsa Walsh, -- Richard-  (the jews do nothing wrong-) Cohen,    Katherine Graham  the Queen of  white skinned woman coward In America  and dead,too,-- thank God!-- Thank you  sweet Jesus--- Every one -Send the Graham white chicken Family E- mail on this cover up- at the National Zoo  tyell em ta clean their  whitefeathers- they all shi# through- flood em  at this coward News paper  the Washington Post .   contact   William Jasper and or a guy last name Cash -  at the ( new American Magazine)-  phone  920-7493784   or fax 920 7493785  ---

 also on the web all Zoo keepers. stay away from the wash post newpaper the white cowards who work at this rag of a paper the Wash. post  turn in Zookeepers who complain about the national zoo  ,--back to the Zoo officials,-  think of it!!!  they give up the news source as SOB en- Donald Graham  the publisher of this news paper gave me up to the Park police in his barn in Warrenton Va  and almost gut me killed  attempt s were made on my life and the Arlington Po lice force is indeed helping the Park police by Harassing me, threaten me,-beating me,- lieing on me, Dec 10 th 2002  in Judge joan Alpers court room telling people and  Prisoners  in the  Arlington Jail and  Homeless people  on Arlington Streets iam a Homosexual  and  they  are getting away with it,--  all in Arlington county Virginia – which is located 15 min by auto from the White house  Arlington po lice are getting  away with breaking the law  and violating my civil rights 

 because of the corruption of the Virginia courts- US attorneys and the  corrupt Arlington Police Chief Scott who is a homosexual lover with Arlington county Cop Tedla ?  is this so ? - is this true ??? Iam asking a question?

 Cop Tedla is  also a Hispanic and Arlington Cop-  Irish- Mick- cop- Murphys family  burned KKK crosses on chesnut ridge I and my people lived below the ridge  the Anglo Saxon - KKK,- 1940s-- cop Tedla likes to tell Homeless people that Iam Homosexual  so they will harass me ,( I am not,- nor have I ever been Homosexual  ) but is it arlington Cop Tedla and the Chief of Arlington po lice Scott that is Homosexual  lovers, is this true?—I am asking a question? the coward bald headed Homo top Arlington cop  Scott,-( is this true?) Scott was    from a police force-  called Fairfax county Po lice  force that shot a Hispanic woman to death while she slept in her own bed,- covered in her own blanket,- in her own home, asleep   and the cops gut away with it, no one punished -- its called murder, this same Fairfax- po lice force  that  chief  of the Arlington Po lice force one -dug Scott was a member of for most of his cop career ,-   Top Arlington Cop -Scott the homosexual cop- yes no mabey , what ? iam just asking a question? is this true about theses Arlington Cops mentioned above.

 ?--  top Arlington  cop Dug Scott also knows Fairfax County Prosecutor Irish Mick- Horan  who stated on American television  that an Arab Muslim would kill his own Muslim  mother for 2000, 00  American dollars, he,- Horan,- too was not fired  could you or me say that about a jew ?? that a jew wouldkill his jewish mother for 2000, dollars?- what would happen if we did ,  Muslim  and arabs Americans are indeed second class citizens in America , and  in Arlington and in Fairfax County Virginia too ?? where s the fairness ? where s the  justice ? whers the decency,-- I say, and shout --  to white Arlington  top cop Scott and brown cop Tedla  and white skin new york - Judge joan Alper -:

two way streets not one way streets ) ,

 you call me a homosexual Ill call you one ten times  back--iam from the coalfields not Mclean va --- the redmonkee as teacher with no teaching certificate- Listen up :::  For Judge Joan Alper and Chief of the Arlington Po lice- Donald Scott- for your information--  on the high seas a Naval Capt is responsible for what happens to his ship even if hes sleeping in his cabin  and Chief of the Arlington Po Lice is responsibility for Arlington cop Tedla calling me a Homosexual  and Gringo other things,---  like lying  -his-- meaning- what top cop-  Chiefs Scotts-  Arlington cops have done to me,-   It called breaking the gut damn  law by gut damn law enforcement – In case ya didn’t know ?--  like at Waco Texas and ruby ridge murders of woman and children  by American lawinforcement, no cop is ever punished  the corrupt American judges protect the killer cops all across America  in every court house   all of yoou Americans are silent  , and the  shooting of a Latino Mexican woman while she slept  in her bed in Fairfax county Virginia located 20 min from the white house , Fairfax  county po lice  have stated iam trying to get Latino men to kill Fairfax county cops  to  avenge this coward Fairfax cops killing of this sleeping Mexican woman  in her bed under her blanket by my talking about this Cop murder of a sleeping Mexico woman , on my web site redmonkee .com ,---

  Fairfax County cops did  other things wrong like putting false sex charges on a innocent man, the guy was  Italian American this innocent man had to spend 30, 000 dollars of his money to clear his name that story coming on this site ---  the story ran in the news papers    they- the cops and judges want silence from me, their ashamed of their fuc$ ups --- like at the national zoo officials wanted silence on their Fuc$ ups and fired me for going to the Smithsonian castle to complain about their cover ups  with the zoo animals at the national Zoo.

  and now today in the year 2003 the National zoo is under investigation for animals deaths by world renowned Animal Org  --- on dec 7, 2003 in Washington news paper I was vindicated some what  on my complaints to the Smithsionian officials back then looke it up.  when can I complain in America? , when ? give me a date  ? the jews say I cant complain about them either ? they the jews  say it could cause anti-Semitism,-- if I complain about them the Jews ---  whers the freedom of speech? /       I am complaining  about all of this   why are you white skined Christians citizens in Arlington county va. silent  ? redmonk as teacher ::- to the phoney White Christian Americans  In Arlington County Virgina – the redmonk as teacher :: shouts:: to all of ya __ first they came for me and no one spoke up,- then they came for youu, and no one spoke up , then they came for your husband your children ,- and no one spoke, up---  this date 2004  - E mail to  Bradlee Graham Washington post  news

 Redmonk getting his licks in on the white christian people of Arlington – on the  redmonks route 66

a true store on ben Bradlee of the Washington post  who crows he brought down Persident Nixion    but lacks the balls ta bring down the National zoo ,  Iam doing his job for him now going on twenty years    ---   read down below  his story not mine !

Ben Bradlee of the Washington post news paper who was a US Naval officer in world War II on a Navy destroyer who quiped in his  self love book,--(its a wondefull life) a book he wrote about himself,-  that during a military landing in the pacific his sleek fast moving destroyer gut hung up in among a bunch  Fat ass L.S.Ts-( his words) and almost got him killed,- he sounded offended -- his ship a sleek fast destroyer could not maneuver  ,- his ship was caught in among these slow moving L.S.T.s doing 5 knots and could not get out   as the Japanese gunners  on shore were shooting the LSTs who were going in to the beach at 5 knots  to off load supplies - Bradlees Navy destroyer who could  do 25 knots was hung up with these LSTs doing 5 knots -  his ship was getting shot at, - as indeed were the LST s ,-- Bradlees famous World war Two  quip : a Bunch of fat as$ LSTs almost got me killed  ---- nooo Shi# Bradlee ,-- Nooo shi$ Bradlee- WOW!-- what about the guys on the LSTs ? moven at 5 knots into the  Japanese guns on the beach  ta off load  supplies  ammo, tanks, trucks,and 300 gi joes directly on to the beach !  WOW! This said for all the Americans Liberians who have the same stern as LST s  check em out !  and that’s why all Liberians in America in every library- should try to save LST 1162 from the scrap heap  she stood on her nose, she lay flat down on her side,-  she ran the gantlet of rouge waves as other lesser ships sank to the bottom,---- and beside s you librarians youuuu  LST 1162 is a lot like all of youuuu  she rotting away in susene Bay California  let it be said - the Librarians in America saved her- that,- fat lady LST- # 1162 . why not?  move on it,-- all you American Liberians  save her from the scrappers  she has a stern just like all of youuuu  don’t ya want ta be reminded ? cantya see her allpainted upand clean refurbished tyed up at dock side as allof  youuu librarians save an old ugly fat LST the last of her kind,-  their are no more,-- all gone ! seeeee ya – Boom !

 and do ya have a copy of the weavers family book in your  Libairy the book that Sara weaver and her father wrote as to what the us Government did to her  family at ruby Ridge do youuuu have this book in your Library in what ever state your from- Youuu Libiarian Youuu,- because the ArlingtonCounty  library   just 15 min from the white house  will not allow it in the Library  a jewish woman runs this library Ann Freedmen  and a  jewish guy named Abe Foxmen who runs the ADL org.  helped kill the Weavers at ruby ridge by sigging the FBI on the weavers through the southern poverty law center  because of  Weavers  Political believes and for their religion for what they the weaver family believed-- it came out at the hearings held on these killings by American lawinforcement at Ruby Ridge, In the US Hart building on capital hill.

 I was their--- a living Wittiness -- the prosecutors from Idaho who chased the weaver family said at this hearing -- he went after the weavers because  their religion was different then his- the prosecutors Grandmothers  he implied this in a around about way--, we in the audience were stunned – he gave himself up,- showed hate and religious intolarence on the sneaky sly like only lawyers and cops can do.

  Col. Bo Grize was their  sitting a few seats away  from me  we looked stunned ! just as I am being hounded in Arlington County for my Political believes in the Arlington Library sting operations, talking harsh and down to me  to make me angry to make me go off

 Does this have anything to do about the school teacher who murdered a wee boy on a wire 45 years ago on Arlington Ridge road ?--  I was a witness to what she did,-- there are other witness  does this teacher have a daughter who works for the Arlington County government  and can been seen with plaTnam blond hair in the library system. Post office where ?- Could this be the reason I am being harrased ??

    this is a political web site to raise your level of political Conscientious as concerns Fascist employees in the Arlington Court house and police dept,- the  Judges  and the Employees in Arlington  Libraries who I have straightened out a few time s including in one case  a letter was written by another library patron to get rid of a black racist Librarian  who was Racially abusing white patrons  she was then removed for a while for some months then came back -- drug problem  ? or hating Whitey problem ? I ask hard questions  you should too  if you are a real American –

 you- members  at American legion  post 139 in Arlington va  the hounding of  me  on Nov 7 2003 on Lincoln st across from the 7 / 11 in Arlington by  the Nazi Arlington po lice force violating my civil right s because of what I believe,- these as$ hole white trash unworldly un educated police broke the law they are sworn to up hold   County Attorney Stoddard  and chief   of police Scott are derelict in their duty- not investigating these charges are they obstructing Justice ? because of my Political believes ?    they Stoddard and Top Cop- Dug Scot are the criminals,? Yes no or what ? --- letters to US attorney  jerry Kilgore  and US attorney McNutly letters to US Justice dept.  because I have no faith in Arlington County Commen wealth Attorney Stoddard office  located in the Arlington Court house   and or the political Arlington Judges and Political prosecutors office  they stretch the law to do  what ever they want it,-- the law to do, -  the law in Arlington County is a Rubber band  said tounge in cheek

the red monk news paper - Tease did Arlington County Chief of Police Dug Scot know a Pota Rican prosecutor when he Dug Scot worked most of his po lice career at the Fairfax County Virginia police dept , did he know the Pota Rican pross who worked in Fairfax court house and was the Pota Rican hired by top Fairfax Pross Horen  ? did the pota Rican s Wife get ajob at the Smithsonian? Iam just asken a Question  ?   this tease leads some were  but ya have ta connect the dots  all ya Redmonkee (Johnny Dollars) investigators ,----------  this in  reference ta old time radio show from the 1940 50s  this guy Johnny Dollar was an Investigator for the Hartford Insurance Co Hartford Conn.  Ya have ta hear the old radio show on Sunday night  ta know what I mean  by Redmonkee Johhney Dollars investigators )- with in the redmonkee Bragrade the redmonk Johney Dollars Investagators helping the redmonk break this redmonkee case open,   --- get it  ?   If not I cant help ya  the old radio program is on local radio every Sunday Night  find out and dooo listion to old time radio from the 1940 50s

 Back ta the old LSTs  not the new ones , the old I don’t like the news ones

 If ya interested on this type of L.S.Ts  ---CHECK WITH A REAL L.S.T. sailor  ON THE WEB SITE that would be L.S.T. 1160  Travis county HIS NAME JERRY seems like a great guy  check him out  HE MAY HAVE HEARD OF THIS MUTNEY AND or  LST 1162 STANDING ON HER NOSE AND HER LAY DOWN  IN THE STORM he   SEEMS LIKE A NICE GUY- he wont hang up on ya   HE WAS A FIREMEN FOR 25 YEARS,--- LOOK AT HIS PICTURES AND YOUL SEE THE FAT END OF  a LST JUST LIKE ALL Americans Librarians have,- including  the ones in Arlington County va.  your Librarian looks from the back just as a L.S.T. looks from the back.- same same  said as a Tounge  in cheek taunt  freedom of Speech – the publics right ta know ,-

  Jerry’s Photos will show ya -- where I hid between two guns in the stern gun tub hiding from the waves breaking over  so as not to be washed over the side  the stern gun tub where I saw the over turned life boat go by, _------  the photo of the back end his LST in the Norfolk navy yards the life boat went past about were the wooden fence is in jerry’s photo   the photos of the landing craft boats is the boat with US marines in it heading for the beach at  Lebanon 1958, the photo  of the  bow doors open show the round holes on the bow ramp that I held on too as I searched up and across the bow ramp looking  for info on the bow plates flappen  in the storm we rolled over in   with Boson Johnson ordering me on ta the bow ramp   this LST 1160 is the Same class LSTas LST 1162 same same  lockers, bunks sinks, everthing etc . like  twins twins sisters  same --- the best photos of this class of LST any where on the web bar none !  ata go jerry !  allredmonkees e mail Jerry ask him about LST 1162  he may know something that would give me credibility about all of this  ;  redmonks e—mail   jerry  L.S.T. 1160 askem he may know ! run his as# ta ground ya redmonk Johnny Dollars find out ! sniff around something might turn up , but ya gut ta sniff

88 the stories begin again after the looooong liiick

 Come ooon -T.C.-- come oooon Neptune- bring all the cable ya gut, but dooo come ooon – blow the stacks - flank speed  kick as$ but come onnn   this situation-?___ Custer at the little Big horn


 The redmonk and the retired US Army colonels and Congressman Jim (Bob Hope ) Moran in Arlington County- Pay Back!   - are these  US Army col.. Out of American legion post 139 or the Arlington Army navy club ? this info for investigative reporters from  Arab and Europe countries   its is against the law for any body to use government workers to harass another citizen, it is indeed  against the law ! to US postal Employees or Arlington librarians as they have indeed done  journalist check it out their License tags coming  so you journalist can look up who it is  Iam talking about  I cant get their names  so ill get their car tags this date 2003 dec  did ya know about the Porta Rician prosecutor working in Fair fax County Va  _ (located 20 min drive by auto from the white House. )   his wife gut a Job at the Smithsonian  Inst after they fired me, is this true ? the short tease or the long tease ?  this info just in  its called a tease in the news paper business  this pota Rican  did he the Pota Rican  hate and fear white people at the same time, would he and his porta Rican wife  lie on a white person to gain something for their Pota Rican Selvs like a Job at the Smithsonian   did Pross- Horan the head  Irish Mick prosecutor in Fairfax County hire the Porta Rican ? and what was the date ?/ does this lead to Horan wrong doing on the sneaky sly / how well does Horan know my former  Lawyer Steave Brigilia  who was a prosacuter in  this county ?    this just  in  Feb 2004  news men and red monk  (Johnney Dollar )- investigators check it out, -  the noose tightens ? -- was the two little witness on the small Lad who was killed on the telephone  Pole wire  Arlington Ridge Road by the old school teacher or old Milk maid ? It was not the Butler that did the negligent Homicide of the wee lad on the telephone pole wire   was it the milk maid or school teacher -?  Who are the school teachers daughters and were do they work ? The good  Ruthenian Sheperd saved one wee lad on that elec. Pole  – who did the old school teacher blame the homicide on  ? does one of the witness work in the Arlington School system ?  iis one of the little Wittness  on the death of the wee boy on the Wire hiding behind  an Eyetalion  Last  Name ??

 haaaay out their in Arlington County  Virginia does any one Fuc$ing Knoooooowwwwww

did the Arlington police cover up for the killer  school teacher ?  because of her money  her political clout /  I can tell ya the arlingtoin Cop was afrade of her and told me so  and the cop said she didn’t like my story  she was saying something else he and I had words the Arlington cop trying to make me lie  the Arlington Cop then threatened me  If I didn’t agree with what the killer school teacher was saying  I never received any paper work  was told by the corrupt Arlington Cop to go  its called Obstruction of Justice  is Judge Alper and franceen O:Brien and Stoddard  obstructing justice ? helping the Arlington police ? how well do these people know the MStapel family /  just asking a question  Johonny Dollars redmonks  finds out  I need your help send all info to the Russian embassy and the Chinese Embassy and to the Putin Family in the Kremlin in Russia  60 min 20.20 investagative shows

 Johnny dollars Redmonks help me out  Iam one man alone  look what’s arrayed against me

 In Arlington County Va. were I have lived more then  40 years  I was told by journalist that the reason I have been harassed in Arlington County Library, Cleardon post office, Arlington Jail  and other places   by Arlington cops and  Arlington County Government Workers  is because of retired US Army or air force  Colonels and Cong Jim Moran and or his- morans brother  both low class Irish  micks   I had a sexual relationship with a Colonels wife  for over a year her relative was a well known Famous talk show host. –      I will give her  name as punishment to the retired military colonels who live in Arlington County Virginia  and hang out at post 139  as pay back-- along with congressmen Jim Moran,- who Journalist told me are causing me trouble and getting people to  Harassing me   in Arlington county. The Cleardon Post office story will shock you / ask Thresa O roiak a poettess  did Cong. Jim Moran use the  post office employees to mock and harrase me in the arlington Cleardon Post office ? do any of the retired Col. At American legion post 139 know and if so who are the low class white skin Anglo Saxon  flunkys who await their orders form these  Army Col. at post 139 in Arlington County,-  do any of the white skin dim whit flunkys work or live at big broom parking lot cleaning co.??? do any of the members of leigion post 139 have blood relatives or friends  on the US park police? -  how bout last name Grasso? For starters---  are their Military officers sons or daughters on the Arlington police force or US Park police ?  connect the dots, --- the us Army Sargents went to jail for having sex with female soldiers  under their command the US army officer corp. did also have sex with Female soldiers  no Army general or weak  as$ licking US Army col. went to jail  and American Leigion post 139 white skin trash dim whits kisses the ass of the  Military officers at post 139  

Theresa O’Rourke as witness ? at the attack on me at the Cleardon post office Thresa  a retired nurse, born in Ireland   lives in Arlington always wears a Tam on her head also a published poet she saw what happened in the  Cleardon post office when the  black female employee shouted I was crazy and the white skin Postal official in a suite and tie laughed  looking at me direct from behind the counter he was the one who told the black girl to shout I was crazy  to humiliate me  in front of all the public who all were shocked and murmered they would sue  I then rose to the attack demanding who told her to say that, to me?  The black postal employee refused to answer as I was not dealing with her in any way but at the end of the  room with a supervisor named Tracy about a postal problem  getting my return mail receipt  returned, talking in a very low key manner   - that’s when a brave black dude  Postal Employee grabbed  this white coward  superviser by his clothes and shoved him out so I could see  he looked scared , is Moran On the postal committees on the Capital wash DC Hill  ? does Moran know Fran O;  Brian  ?/  I did my own investigation and the postal employees said Moran caused that incident  at the Cleardon post office,- the post master came out and apologized to me  ask Theresa O Rourk  she was their again when Moran and sen Robb was their on renaming this post office  I was eating the food the post office had out and Moran told Robb look how much I was  eating it,- the food  was free payed by taxpayers  he also ordered his security detail to close in on me and snarl  I believe Theresa O Rourk heard Moran say  that to    Sen Robb  as concerns me taking too much food

read on ta find out ----  this web site better then matt drudge, Better  your getten it first here !

  These are the same American retired Military coloners who screw each others wife’s and screw the female soldiers under their command, and these very same retired military officers in Arlington County  then put in military prison Army Sergeants  for up to 30 years for also screwing the same female soldiers under there command .  it was all over the news  for about a year, the US military Officers did not go to prison,- only the Sargants did .  ( fuc$ youuuu America  ) I call on the Sargents retired at post 139 ta beat liven hell out of the Generals and low class Army Col. at post 139 beat em for the Sargents and get the Admirals too  every wed. Night is  beat the Military officers night  Go for it yahoo

 the US military officer corp has no honor . their wives are cheap woman looking for a meal ticket  and power on the cheap  / the retired military officers wives  pretend there Ladies, known as the great pretenders- in fact,- military officers Wives are Whores,- the cheapest of American woman who marry up – camp followers like of old  they all lay on their backs for the Army generals  so their colo. husbands get more medals , with each lay  / as like Army- camp follower whores of old who followed the US Army and did laundry and gave sexual favors for change money  they use their vigina to advance their husbands carreers all United States Military officers Wifes in Arlington County Virginia. The song for the wives of US military officers is- ( the great pretender )- by the Platters

  these retired Army Colonels in Arlington County  who sold out the US army with their silence ,-going along with political correctness / not speaking out because they were afraid,-  half of the medals on their chest they did not earn , these retired Us army or  US air force Colonels have no honor,  they have pretend honor,-  their wife’s have pretend honor,-  cheap woman with no honor,-  how many Arlington County Judges and prosecutors know these retired Army Colonels  and their wives ?   how many Arlington county Cops Know these US army  retired Colonel s? and their cheap  wives ?

 do any of these Colonels wives work in the Arlington Library ?  the School system / and if so, is she the military officers wife the one who was unfaithful to her Military  husband ? / she works in which Arlington County library ?  which arlington School ? did a retired military Air force colonerl ask the redmonk  that he would pay money to  the redmonk  to shut up ? about the military officers  cheap whore woman  of no honor, all 0f  the  military  wives, cheap whores to the core  in Arlington County Virginia .----- ( calling woman whores is cheap thing to do  all men are no better including the redmonk  lets be honest ) but their are exceptions – and a US Military Officers wive is one of them.- you know who iam talking about-   (said for Gunners mate Hartwig  mothers and sister)

/ all of theses truths on the dis- honored United States retired military officer Corp in Arlington County Va. Only 15 min by car from Washington DC  I say these honest statements  about theses retired military officer Cowards and their cheap whore wives--- for US marine  Private Bobby Garwood’s mother and this is  said for the mother and sister of dead US navy Gunner mates Hartwig in the blow in # 2 Gun  turret on the Battle ship Iowa,----  gunners mate Hartwig,-- ( below said as a spoof-)  whose  body was dragged behind a US navy pick up truck,- driven by US navy officers and there Cheap whore  wives,-  with  a cocktails glass.s in their hands whoopen and hollering  as they dragged Gunners mate Hartwig Body behind the Navy truck ,- they did this drag  of dead gunners mate Hartwig  so as to protect the navy officers pension and  careers, - Gunner Hartwig - dragged behind a  US navy truck gas peddle to the floor - ) by US military officers just like the Black guy at Jasper Texas was dragged  and chained  by white guys / ( this last statement said as a taunt to the US naval officers corp . that has no honor )

  no white people in Arlington county Virginia - located 15 min by car from Washington dc,- care about these poorly, educated working class white boys, gunners mate- Hartwig  and POW- Bobby Garwood-  who had no power, no privileges  / I do care about them  and I will get the coward , no honor -US Military retired officer Corp . Leaches . their officers Corp. hoe- wives, leaches,- there cheap military children,- Little leaches,  no Honor, no honor, no honor- sucking off the American working Class people, known as the mass man the mass woman ----- pay back for Private Garwood’s mother a jewish woman married to a Anglo Saxon  working class man the people ran Garwoods Jewish mother  out of town /,- pay back for Hartwigs mother. And sister Oct 19 , 2002- Don’t vote for Jim Moran and or Zimmerman  get rid of em,- Congressmen Jim (Bob hope)  Moran -- is with the Retired Army Colonels and their cheap whore wives  in Arlington va  – support the redmonkee,-  send money,,-- CJ koritko post office box 11167 arlington va. 22210   send all ya got  Iam the voice that gave you woman a choice  your Arlington Government,- county board Commen wealth  attorney Stodderd, Joan Alper, Francine Obrian Magst. Bell  did not give you a choice their all covering up  ta hide their Fuc$ ups just like the national Zoo hid theirs after firing me telling every one not to listen to me  that I was crazy  as those bastards tried to hide     read front page Washington post news paper  date dec.7 2003 Sunday story on the Zoo fuc# ups  just like Arlington counties which is  located 15 min. by car from the white house                                                    

 The redmonk and the :::   U.S. Coast Guard Story:::

 Not  dedicated to the Arlington Fireman ,- Coast Guardsmen don’t hug Teddy bears,-   Arlington county Fire men do? , what’s your problem Firemen?- looked bad on the TV news , I saw it,   I turned away , because that’s not how I see firemen Hugging Teddy bears . I was wrong  about ya  I guess , I was also wrong about Arlington County Va.- Liberians,    I believed the American librarians across America in every library  would not let the FBI in the library to watch what we the people read,- books, we take out etc and what we type and look at on the library computers, in all of the libraries in Arlington County va. located 15 min  by Auto from Americas capital  and the White House,

 all of the Arlington Liberians acted like Hitler’s Librarians in Berlin  Germany 1939  ---who obeyed Hitler and let Hitler in all the German libraries with out a protest ,    just,- exactly as the Arlington county Liberians, obeyed and  let  John Ashcroft and the ATF,- FBI  in Arlington County Libraries  in the year 2003    in all Americans  Libraries through out America in the year 2003 it is indeed Germany 1939     same same, same same     with out a protest  --  and only three Arlington firemens wives spoke up About the danger at the National Zoo -- only three woman married to three Firemen  one white two black only three firemens wives  spoke up and   gave a choice to the Arlington County mothers  with Children, the choice-  to go to the National  Zoo or not to go to the zoo,-- (read the Chinese Amb. Letter  ) - who in the Arlington County Government threatened these three Brave Firemens Wives-   to shut their mouths  - was it Arlington county official   Isenburg   Elen Bozemen ,  Stoddard who is the Commonwealths attorney for Arlington ?  who?  what was their names ? and when did they do it,-- demand silence  from the brave three while all other firmens Wives told their firemen husbands to remain silent ??? the brave 3 don’t ya want ta know their names , you white woman of Arlington ! the 3 gimee their brave womans names-- the 3

 I the redmonk the  onlyVoice that gave the mothers of Arlington Va. a Choice ,-  to go or not to go -    that was you firemen’s job, that was Stoddards job that was Arlington po lice job including- top cop- Dug Scotts job , all County board  and school board -members –job,-  cong  mickMoran job   - not mine!  your ta protect the people you Arlington Firemen --- and the Arlington Liberians have no right to look down their noses at the German Liberians and German people of 1939 for selling out to Hitler,   because you Firemen and Liberians and the Arlington Po-lice force to a man and a woman in the year 2003 did exactly the same thing,  all of you   silent because you are all afraid,-   like the Germans were afraid in Berlin 1939---   all  Arlington County firemen and all Liberians, including Cong Moran,- all arlington po lice Scott,-- Stoddard,-- Judge Alper ,-Prosacuter Levy , Fran O:brien  ETC.    admit  to me,!  Admite it  that your all just like the German people of 1939  afraid for your jobs  you Arlington Firemen and Liberians  are  indeed Berliners  of 1939  -- Yes,- No.- maybe ? or what ? 

  New Update 2003 nov.  The Fantastic Redmonk finishes up the Coastie Story  the US Coast Guard at Little Creek Amphib_Gator

__ Base—L.S.T. Piers ,- Fantastic !  nuff ta drive ya crazy, this up date the year 2004 April-

  This Coastie story will put you fireman in your place , fast too, just like the Coasties did me  a long time ago on a pier on a navy Gator Base at little creek Va   as I and my mates were lined up on a pier- by LT Murphy and a coast Guard officer-- as we the  Six  stood at attention  I ask the guy next to me  in a whisper whats this about,  he replied I don’t know,  we all  Six of us started  murmiming  whats this  ?  whats goin on ? no one had a clue.- a gray coast guard Truck pulled up to a screeching stop,- out jumps this tall gangly Coast Guard officer he rushes up to LT Murphy they talk in a huddle  then LT Murphy brings us the Six to attention the coast guard officer then  walks the line getting up in each mans face like a drill instructor in boot camp and says in a very angry voice,: you call my brave men- - puddle jumpers !?   then  he stated --one of youuuu   remarked the US coast guard is afraid of the Waaaves ?    which one of you said that ?- to these brave coast guard men last night in the bar down the road? , do any of you Remember ??- I got a surprise for youuu !- he then walked over to the truck and brought out the three  Coast guard men – we the 6 were messing with in the Bar last night, calling em Coasties- puddle jumpers   LT Murphy was smiling  the barely repressed smile of those who know,- and slowly all three of the Coasties walked by us stopping in front of each one of us and the medals on the Coast guardmen blouse was sagging with medals for bravery   Sagging Sagging from the weight  of all those medals they earned for risking their lives  over and over again against the SEA  - for real,- one of the coasties Stepped in front one of the famous –(or the disgraced, --- take your pick_   gator 6 Sailors  and  stated   youuuu might be able to be a coastguardsmen  but not the others.         the Coasties beat us with the truth   and handed each  us a plate of coast Guard blue crow  to eat , on blue Coastguard plates- I ate the  beak first,   it was hard,  tuff goin  , very tuff,--  I finley got it down,-  next- I ate  the feet,  not as rough as the beak,- but almost.   At last, I ate the feathers   after the beak and feet,  the feathers went down easy - guuulp

 And ill never, ever, say anything but brave things about those brave men in the US Coast Guard. boats Who go where all other Sailor fear to go - in to the Storm  as all others flee the storm, -

 This down below ta be moved to the new front page the grudge report 2004 by pass ta the next story

 and now for a__ RED plate of-- Redmonkees red crow  for the Clams of Arlington County Government: Cops, firemen,  court appointed shi# head worthless Lawyers, court house judges, those SOBes in Black robes  called the leaning towers of Pezza they lean for the cops and prosacuters   Etc.   Ya Arlington Clams gut the Chinese Amb .letter of Warning AS CONCERNS THE Arab Freedom fighters  possable probably Attack and why and didn’t warn the people of Arlington-- ya a bunch of chicken Shi$ Clams all of ya  especially at American Legion post 139  the Military vet Clams  they had the letter too,- hand delivered   those phony vets at Post 139 never stood up in their fuc#ing low class white  dim wit  life  not one of em a real American,- I mean ta make this post 139 eat a plate of my Red Crow  since some of their chicken shi$ members want ta fuc$ with me  they don’t like my political believes , they want ta be heroes on the cheap attacking me . as I mind my own business drinking my coffee at McDonalds not talking to any one  reading a  my news paper the Washington Times

 more stories down below  by pass this redmonk routE 66 heavy lick on American legion POST 139 DOWN TOWN Arlington  the photo of this American legion post coming  find out what I did to one of your as$ holes find it if ya brave  read new story Apirl 2004 how  Arlington Police obstructed Justice on Arlington Ridge road 40 some years AGO  THE SCHOOL TEACHER LIED-BOY DEAD ON THE WIRE-  THE COWARD Staples Family  yes no or what ?  just asken a question ?  --the redmonk witness saved one boy --  did the Staples killed two or one figuer it out connect the dotS firemen cowards IN # 2 FIRE HOUSE AND American legion post 139  a bunch of Fuc$ing Cowards  one stapel girl hiding behind a Italian name  the other works in the library at what position, hay hay   was the Arlington Corrupt cop Afraid of the killer school teacher,-------- all________  the little witness know  who were under that telephone pole of death that day  --- newsmen find em before the staples and the corrupt Arlington police do ---what news Journelist will break this story open ??? Ill put money on the wild as$ jewish reporter who will go against the grain, and do this story all of it ---  see if iam right  read the burnt flag story on monkey tails  more American as$ holeism in Arlington cementary --- the Jews involved ?  read the kicker ta this story  
  to obstruct justice in America  is a prison sentence yes no maby or what ? --  the Arlington Police force a disgrace on the American people, yes No maybe or what just asken a Question ?   how about the sex charges put on the redmonk by Lee and Bingham social workers for the County   was old lady staples the killer school teacher on that one too  in on that on too firming up her story on Arlington Ridge road ? Iam just askin a Question / that’s all just asken a Question /    /// more info on the firemen at the Pica Deli attack  read what your white haired Firemen brother did at the Mc Donald’s look for it on grudge report under Auto tags  #  I doiontt need their names  I gut the Auto Tag # s  Photos coming too

 Man that’s stands up is the  Fuc#inG hero not youuu who are afraid of the government, afrade of the FBI and  lieing down cowards,  no guts , hiding behind your gun and badge, hiding in the post 139 basement swilling beer  or hiding in your Fire truck fire house #2----- not ever gointa be Americans,-  ever!- a $2.98 cent  military medal on their puffed up phony white  American Vet  chest , at American legion  post 139  their all afraid of the blacks and have their white tongue on black mans  as$ every day they carried their lunch pail ta work, for the Government  for 30 years-- with black men screaming no more lickes ! Pleeease! and you silly white guys at post 139  swear that’s not what your doing – licking black as$ because you at post 139 are  afrade of blacks ,- Youuuu white ignorant dolts at post 139 never question the government, never joined a mutiny against your Military officers,- as I indeed have- you gut ta have balls  and nerve like me   you dare call your self a man? An American ??  you  dumb  white skinned dim wit lackeys at post 139 your  nothing but cannon fodder for Enron Corp. and Enron’s- President Ken lay, cannon fodder for the republican Mafia Party, Cannon fodder for the Democrat Mafia party,  cannon fodder for the State of Iserial,-- Cannon fodder for Iraq , but ya never cannon fodder for America, or the American people  only for special interest groups who give money to the dems and Reps  but youuu haint never goin ta be a real Americaaan s,--- ever! You white skin stupid Cannon fodder youu, your white skin Enron Slaves , your white skin democrat slaves, republicans Slaves, white skin gulf Oil corp.-Slaves, white skin lackeys for the rich and powerful  corporate America, your - low class white dim wits Americans  Slaves  who belong to the Dems, - Reps , Enron corp. Gulf oil corp., the Jewish people who use you white low class dim wits as cannon fodder for their jewish Religious State of  Israel   a fuc$ing  Blind person can see  all of it  for crise Sake, but you cowards at Post 139 cant see it, blind rats over their  at post 139   every body check em out at American legion post 139 More route 66 licks

   your not even ashamed of your white skin selves as you Arlington County Whites  skin people  scream for  more Arab blood after the Arab woman send their sons to kill you americans, so as to get even  for all the beatings the arabs take in Isreal  you see it on television  every night don’t tell me ya dont see it?   but you white as$ holes at post 139 swear  to god ya  don’t see it -WOW  the Arab woman  told their sons to give you  the  twin Towers New York, and the Pentagon and you have the nerve to scream the Arabs  attack AMERICA?, what did you and your white skin ugly white hoe wife that ya married and took home ta meet ya white  moma do to these Arabs woman, and Arab children ? ta make em come here to kill you ? what did you doooooo ?  white dim whits at post 139 ? what did you white people in Arlington va.- dooo to these Arabs ?  --- stay the Fuc$ away from me  you white shi$  Post 139 Americans your all nuts and crazy and low class  un worldly and un sophisticated  at the same time , your crazy nutty country America,- it too is  nuts and crazy just like you, at post 139-  because Political Correctness is  Insanity and you white stinking Shi$ Americans at American Legion  Post 139 love it, your all NuTs,- please,- I beg ya kill your post 139  selves  on July 4 th 2004 do the world a fuc$ing favor , have a mass Suside, called a kill in   at post 139  you low class white dim wit’s, white trash white ignorant white filth  at American post 139  ya never goin ta be an American, ever ! not one of you at Post 139  never,goina be American – a American stands up ! a Man stands up, a Woman lays down

 Hay post 139  was it worth fuc$ing with me ? 

  Post 139 your stinken dumb white  cannon fodder for Enron Corp. and ya love it , ya love it  Please kill your self on July 4 th 2004, I thank  all of ya   at post 139 where thy cant wait ta die for Enron Corp. Gulf Oil Corp.and the Jewish State of Israel  and throw away your lives for Iraq, they die in Iraq  not for America put for  special interest groups, who give money to politicians  who don’t give a good rats as$ about any American GI Joe  at American legion Post 139  call me a liar I dare ya ? you cant handle the truth  your white Americans you cant handel the truth---  you need a oiley rag in  your mouth  code red  Post 139  the as$ hole American legion post ---

 hay I want ya to know I was minding my own business  drinking my  Coffee  readen my Washington Times news  paper, --- never thought of post 139 didn’t know were you was at and didn’t care  when the Arlington Stalker who I turned in to aspan org. does Lory Rinker of ASPAN and her husband know the killer milk maid ? I told Aspan  marcks was  stalking  woman  FBI Alexander Police Know --  your arlington cops didn’t turn him in  I did  the stalker says to me  theirs a  guy named graves asking about you and hes a member of American legion 139  the stalker after I put pressure on him told me other names a judge named Berton some one named Fran, some one named  Murphy   a person named Bridges who worked for the Arlington police   the stalker was living at big broom  cleaning co. Graves is reported to live their too hes asking a lot of questions  about you the stalker says / I don’t have a clue who these people are ?  (that was some background )  as I said I was drinkin My coffee reading My paper  minden my own business   when your white as$ holes went on the attack not even a howdy do, to me ,  ya don’t introduce your selves, ya just get up close to my table breathing , I look up from my paper  and   you as$ holes say ya gut damn traitor were goian a get you  and a hole bunch of other shit staring gritting your teeth, mocking me with your smile that Malcolm X said you white Anglo Saxons smile between your teeth--  it called cheezing ,  the smile its brought on by fear, the blacks know that’s why ya whites smile that way /    when I go after ya ya get scared  stinken fuc$ing white American Cowards / you as$ holes at post 139, -- are the Col and Generals screwing your low class white  wives at post 139  like one of your brave as$ holes  I know over their hesa dead now, - bad heart. I heard   he was pretending  he was  taken care of Arlington homeless military  vet problems, who live on the street he was never in the street dealing with Vets—he was always, - sick . but collected his pay check, -- none of us ever saw him,-  he was paid about 30,000 a year, he tried to order me around like ya coc#suckers at the post 139 do telling me what iam going ta believe  I straighten his as%s out in the Arlington Library main  tons of witnesses, when I did it   Idint know him never saw him, never spoke to him in my life    but that one time he approached me like I was a in boot camp and he the dI-- he walks in the Library like a general and says out loud I want to talk to youuuu   talking to me like I was a dog and he was a drill instructor  he   a low class white anglo saxon  guy  yo post 139 ya know this white anglo saxon white skin  Nigger Iam talking About ?  I put him in his place so fast he was stuttering and apologizing ---did this general who was screwen  this low class white guys  wife did this general have family members on the US park police where I worked for 5 years  how about the phony retired Army  Col , at post 139  any of them with friends or relatives on the US park police, were I worked for 5  years  I never spoke to these people in my life  why are they involving them selves with me . ????? this piese of white Shit Graves  or members of this fuc5ed  up family of drunks and drug addicts and whores  all total about 15 member in his fuc$ed up family , welfare type people  ( I have since found out this bit of news ? ) -- at big broom cleaning  does this as$ hole Graves live their, the stalker scott marcks lived their also . same time     how about Cop Murphy  ya know him at post 139  //   he this low class as$ hole white guy who was to be taken care of Homeless Vets   on Arlington Street admitted in front of witness at the library   main his wife was probably fuc$ing  this  general  his wife worked for  and that’s how he gut the Job  do any of you stinking White skin as$ holes at American legion post 139 know this dead MFER ? he tried to run me off the road, with his car, after the incident at Library main --- with witnesses, this white skin as$ hole  wouldn’t let me pass him in my van, he would do about 5, - 3 miles an hour  with me on his bumper   etc Happened about a week after  I put him in his place in front of people at the Arlington county library a stinken  low class red neck  piece of white Anglo Saxon American white  Shi$ do ya know him Post 139 ?  how about you low class white shi% Firemen of fire House #2  do any of you firemen know him ?  maybe ya all screwing his wife Too ?// no am not jealous  I don’t put my hose in a dirty hole like that  but a American Army general did ? Iam asking a question ? but do gimmie a name

 and now more war with your as$ hole Firemen read white hair firmens story Grudge report---- his car  tag #  another as$ hole firemen for our time  WOW ! 2004 all in Arlington County Virginia --

you cocKsuc4ers Arlington firemen think your Cute in the year 2004   you gut a cooo cooo whistle in your fire truck, when you see me  you turn on the loud speaker it says Coo coo Coo coo  the firmen whose doing that I want ya ta know  your mother pussy stinks boy, -- bad-   the stinken pussy that gave ya live  was afirmens mothers stinken Pussy  it was your Mother  you  firmen with the coooo cooo  you and all the firmen who ride with youuuu know about you on this web site and all of Arlington county every one in the county will know your  as$ Hole fire men  every body knows who your are with the  cooo cooo whistle you turn on when I pass one of your Fire Trucks  as iam walking down the street you know who you are and now  every on will know who yo low white class  firemen are  I said every time you blow tha cooo coo whistle  your mothers pussy stinks you gut it fire house # 2  feb 2004  coo coo up your mothers dirty a$S  firemen with the coo coo whistle in the year-Feb 2004

I fight back  firemen  I gut your as$ hole  brother firemen with white hair check his story Grudge report   this white haired  white skin nigger is retired . and ya all know him hesa your brother  -- the bottom line firemen  is ya didn’t do your fuc$ing Job  and there  are tooo many anglo saxon Firemen in the  Arlington fire houses  Irish, English, Cornish, Welsh, Scot  and too many blacks too !-  get the fuc$ out of the Arlington fire houses the white Ethenics want yo Job, yah like the  Russian, Italians, all  Slavs, Chinese Americans - Greeks   get yo stinken White Anglo Saxon ugly  white skin As$ out  of the fire Houses ya been in this country America stealing Jobs  long enough, --- two hundred years long ya been stealing --   go back to the British islands were ya came from, firemen ---  just because ya Anglo Saxons speak English doesent mean ya an American, - know what I mean, _ two way streets  taken ya back ta the 1940s 1950s 1960s  a little pay back   

   Ill think and believe what I want , - your Country America is an As$ hole and so are youuu   at American legion post 139  and fire House #2 -- Iam ashamed of youuu  you’re a white Slave, and ya proud   I know ya well because I usta think like you, -- love Amerixca and all that good bull shi$, but I spent 12 hours with the jewish Buddha and rose ta a higher Plain of thinking you low class firemen dim wits you white shi# slave for Enron Corp. and cannon fodder for the wealthy corp. and  connan fodder  for Dem and Rep Political  parties  never did ya fight one time  for America ya fought for the Corps and their rich friends . ya a dumb white skin as$ hole white Slave and not ashamed  and the little Charlie Cong beat ya as$ bad too  and sent ya home crying  you dumb  dim wit you  Iam ashamed of ya  all of ya white guys   a fuc$ing disgrace  every time I look at a white man I feel  your shame your not a man  the Black man who is a man said so    and so did the Spanish guys  both who are men, --- not white pussy cats like you white guys  with your tounge on a black mans as$ black man screaming pleeeease stop My black as# is sore pleeeease Whitey Stop for gods sake stop --- post 139 show me were I lied on Post 139 and or  Fire House # 2 showed me were I lied on youuu,

 Tim McVeigh was a white man, --- old Doc Nichols  at the Zoo was a White man , --Smithsonian Head Larry Small told him ta shut his mouth,  he   Nichols refused he kept telling what the fuc$ is wrong at the zoo, like a real man is suppose ta do, like a real American is suppose ta do    not silent like you coward white guys in Post 139 and fire house #2  Iam in the name of God Ashamed of you white boys all of ya not a man I don’t respect you white boys because ya haint a Man. And or American

  what’s the army Col.s and Generals Names at post 139 ?  because one General usta pay Rod O’Conner a Arlington County informants  rent on his house  in Arlington, --- does,- Fran O Brien Know? Does Judge Joan Alper know ?  how about US attorneys  Kilgore or McNutly one located  in Richmond Va  and one in Alexander Va putting arab freedom fighter s on trial  you at post 139 are so stupid and dumb white people  it would take a 1000 hours with the  jewish Buddha to  get ya ta see you’re a white Slave and cannon fodder for Enron corp.    and I heard ya kiss the retired Col. As$ and the retired generals as$  over their at post 139 is that true post 139  ? Iam just asken a Question? --- I don’t know just asking a Question  ?

- why don’t these retired Col. And chicken shit generals come see me by them selves ??/ why do they send ya low class white  Anglo Saxon white dim white enlisted men lackeys ?  hay post 139  ya their ?   ya cant handle the truth  so was your white mother a piece of white shi4 to the core  post 139, Iam just asken a question   do they do drugs at Post 139  just asken a Question /? are some of ya going to go to jail for violating my civil rights,-  including  the as$ hole retired Army Col.s  will I get their house ?  iam asking  questions that’s all ?  coo coo to all ya firemen mothers out their   you firemen started this I never talked ta ya  one time never said booo ta you  you started all of this  fuc$ing shi$ with me the cops too for what I believe,  you low class white uneducated white  shit America Firemen ever read a fuc%ing book you low class dim wit  slave for Enron corp

 Indeed as my slav sister from a far away country   ( exchange student )  shouted at - you shit , you shi$ -you shit ,-to the under cover white skin Arlington cop in libary Main , my Slav Sisiter  did this   because  of what he the under cover white  cop was doing to me    many witness, witness saw the jew procter assault me  about my believes .  he also took photos of me in the library --- is he related to the jew  wolfenstein   also the young  very attractive  almost slim Platnim white haired woman who walks around the all the Arlington County libaries  believed to be related to the old  Killer School teacher  who killed the wee lad on the wire Arlington Ridge road she  called me a basterd in front of the pota Rican head Libarian ,

a Fuc#ing Wilding by Arlington County Employees  on one Man, me - WHY ? Is it because  some powerfull people and their Lackeys  in this Arlington county know the Arlington County cop and School teacher who indeed   Obstructed Justice  40 some years ago on Arlington Ridge road --- negligent homaside  on a little boy and lied about it  and threatened the witness  me  they would put sex charges on this guy  me if he- I  told the truth   the guy that saved two lads on the pole me   do any of ya as# hole Arlington County  people have clue whats going on here ?    / By pass go to the next story

 this visiting Slav female  exchange student  fighting for me in the Libary happened in the Arlington Library main  on one of your Libiary sting operations against me  you Fuc%ing people are sick about me  its a Whilding

 my Slav sister and the other slav sissters and one  slav brother from a far away country  a forme enemy of america saw what you did that day and it wasent  last summer  this last said as a taunt   ya can die in a war  know what I mean Firemen, your stupied white people  I don’t respect you,-  as my  Slav sister a exchange student  from a forgein country that was Americas Enemy some time ago  shouted   white shit , white Shit  at the cop and told me, -- tell em capskie tell im  ?  lets all wait and see, --- this web site  is evidence against ya, cops ,-firemen,- county Attornies office--- this Date Feb 20 2004 ---  but I gut ta get the world to read it, --- I know how ta do it . does the U.S. State dept. know about this  incident   the people from  my slav sisters  Country know what ya did ta me  on that day her government has all the paper work on every thing else drugging the horses tax right off s my eeoc complaint  at the Smithsonian in toto

  do any of the black Arlington Librians know the Black  Firemen ?  in fire house # 2 ya bet ya – Shabbat Shalom you Mfers  and up your mothers Tocus all you firemen who want ta fuc$ with me   up your mothers tocus, --- you white skin nigger firmen  work for me  I don’t work for you and its against the law to use your Government  position  as a Arlington county Employee to Harass some one, -- any one for their political believes  does Judge Joan Alper Know the killer school teacher are they friends /  is commonwealth attorney Stoddard  friends of the killer school teacher ?  did the killer school teacher daughters  tell the Library employees to harrrase me   --  if so is she breaking the law ?  this is turning into a international incident Yes No maybe or what  Foreign Governments know what you Arlington County Coc#suckers are doing to me you a bunch of white skin as$ holes, really get a life  quite sucking off me   ta have a life your sick in your head  about me     why ?   read my Jail House letters  do what I do. --- fight the corrupt Police and Government

                                     this is the   the Brew Hammer not the heeeB

  Down below = ya don’t want ta read the  redmonks long long lick then by- pass to the next story—how many times I gut ta tell ya  The redmonk gets his licks in, on  American legion  post 139- on Redmonkees-- route 66 will be moved to the  new  in 2004 – to redmonkee grudge report  front page later  down below to be moved ta the grudge report by pass to next story- it’s a Bitch  so move on  ta next story also check out the death transports  story and navy lady story all new on monkey tails , 40 feet of steel wall! Story ---  the red monk sneaky  news paper  Tease ____ ya know about the pota Rician prosacuter Fairfax County Virginia 20 min drive from white House   the American White house were the American president lives ., - does Horen the Irish Mick  Prosacuter know ? and when did he know ? is it true the Pota ricians wife gut a job at the Smithsonian . Pross Horen hired him ? Iam Just asking a Question ? that’s all nothing more – this web site is leads for Investagative reporters to break this story. Russian Zookeeper Affair  wide open  Iv been commen for 20 years to clear my name   who killed the little boy on the wire on Arlington Ridge road Arlington County 45 years ago  ? milk maid or School teacher ? --  it was not the butler   letter to the FBI and other places commin ta this site 

  Route 66 --in the year May 2002 in  side the Arlington County Jail I went on a Hunger strike in Cell block 7 C  for several reasons,- one to protest arl.- Police brutality on me  and to protest against the  Iraqi War and the 80 billion American dollars it cost,- that money belong here in America not Iraq,-  I so stated this and much more  in my hunger strike letter to the news media, the Arlington Judges _ Alper, Shearden, sent it to the FBI at FBI headquarters to  US Attorney Jerry Kilgore in Richmond Va. and US Attorney McNutly,- in Alex Va  Commonwealth attorney Stoddard  in Arlington to each member of the Arlington County board  if you think we belong in Iraq   eat my red crow you white hunkey Ignorant UNeducated  unsophisticated unworldly low class white  mfers at post 139 with piss on your bronze star medal  pissed on by the Government, youuu love  and the US Military officer Corp.  who youuu suck up to,-- you, you white low class dim wit  all of youuuu  members at post 139 kiss as$ and grovel  like white weak lackeys-  white Girley  man you truly  are,     you who are silent ,- afraid white Americans males at Post 139 none of you at the Frank Perdue White Chicken post 139    could never in a thousands years be an American, your  white slaves for Enron Corp.. and Ken lay, white Slaves for the  US  Military Officer Corp.  white Slaves all of ya-- the Government the Officers  all pissed on your medals and pisse don you and you all remain silent, Why ?-   when they gave  PVT.Jessica Lynch a bronze star  medal for bravery for passing out in battle  and you dare call your self an American,   frightened white men  like you at post 139 do not take a sign in their hands and go in front of the white house ta complain and or the capital to the congress and Senate  to the FBI Building  to confront the  American Mild Fascist Government and    Killer FBI agents,

 brave men and  brave women do, stand up, ---  not coward white men like you, at post 139--  is it  by chance because you at post 139 didn’t earn your medals  either,--- the so called  military fakes     youuuuu--- who don’t like my  Political Believes  at the American legion Bullshi# post 139 DOWN TOWN ARLINGTON  Virginia 15 min by auto  from the White House   have any of ya chicken shi# white skinned  as$ holes at post 139 heard of freedom of fuc#ing speech , cause I have,  Ill believe what I want ta believe and say what I want ta say  Im from WWII   --I indeed rode in the Back of US army trucks with PVT Ryan  1943, 44. 45 . who the Fuc# did you ride with ? give me a name  you frightened  American legion  white clams  at post 139 give me a name!

  This below Will be moved ta the all new redmonk Grudge report  so doo  by pass to next story

 You White Clams in the fire house  house #2 Arlington va. Your photo commin to this site   -- I gave you the Chinese Amb Letter a long time ago, years ago , remember? did you tell any one ? my own investigation has shown that three,- that’s three wives of  three Firemen  out of all the firemen in the County of Arlington Virginia  took this info in the Chinese Ambassador letter on a for real possible Terrorist attack at the national zoo  to higher Arlington county authorities and gut in trouble, what’s their names these three brave woman one White, two  of em blacks  where were the rest of the Firemen’s wives ??/ are their clams in the Fire House ,? the County Board ?, the Police Station???????????   Is Arlington County va  the Clam Capital of the world?? A Journalist told the redmonk they have Clams at the National Zoo,- he gave a broad smile when he said it, - I-  with no smile  say_ they have clams in Arlington Fire houses  the Arlington  judges and prosecutors in the Arl. court houses  all Clams

 also get ready to read what really happened to me when cop Tedla stopped me and one of your guys shows with a medic truck,-  your man tells me to calm down,- does he know what the hell happened ? look up the cop stop on the photo gallery  my lawyers defense on the photo page  in 2004 new front page

 your Cop buddy- Tedla told me to wait here Gringo as he walked back to his Police cruiser- WOW ---  Iam a Ruthenian not a Gringo, where did he go to school ? wait heree Greeingo , WOW-- as he went back to his Arlington  Po lice cruiser  -he had 9 months on the job as a spanking new shinny copper penny  new Cop  WOW !  this is just the beginning,  Tedla also went to  Hispanic Homeless people living in the street and told all of them to harass me he Cop Tedla told them I was a Queer a Homosexual  I am not Homosexual nor have I ever been – I had to chase the Hispanics homeless and threaten them to leave me alone a couple of times  -- No cop any where  any time is allowed to demonize any citizen  with lies because they the Arlington coward Arlington Cops want to get even  for me turning in the US park police for degrading a dead naked black woman at the DC Morgue and the Prosecutors office Common Wealth Attorney Stoddard wants to get the brown Hispanic vote so he will not investigate Tedla racism  I am left defenseless as the cops and us Attorneys want ___ at my trial Dec 2002 in the Arlington Court house the Juries stated that both Arlington Cop Tedla and Cop Murphy need to be put  on trial too and that Cop Tedla owed me a transmission  for my vehicle Hispanic Cop tedla  I caught talking to the Hispanic mechanic who was working on van  check junk shop on bottom of Marshall high page  link page

where is  US attorney Mc Nutley  on these civil rights volitions and Criminal  Arlington cop activities against me - ??--  the Judges, - attorneys  backing the cops up because of my political believes ??/  read my hunger strike letter to Kilgore McNutly judge Alper and the Arl.  county board  ? not one answered I must now mail all of them again to the same people ( reads my Jail letter front page) ---  certified mail so I have proof they gut the letter on Cop abuse that will cost about 4 dollars a Mailing,--  add it up. It comes to 40 0r 50 dollars - ---- to fight the Goverment cost lots of money   ---now do you seee why the rebel soldiers rob banks, to fund the April 19th American  rebellion, ?---  the ok city Bomb cost 5000 dollars ta make, -- rebel McVeigh said so ? --    the white Americans  their all cowards- with their silence where is the  white Anglo saxon people people for Schieff of the US Park police chambers  who was fired for speaking up to defend the American woman and children  where is post 139 and post 85 for Chambers  youuu phoney mfers  American legion Vets   and by the way if Iam a gringo as Arlington Copp Tedla said I was  then it stands to be --   is he- mcNutly a gringo tooo ?  is Judge Joan Alper a gringa--  too WoW! And to think I was going to leave Arlington county in a few weeks  just before this brutal cop  stop,-  the cops beat me and damaged my body - surgery, lungs hurt,  broken ribs,  lying on me  by Commen wealth’s attorney Female to keep me in Jail  - WoW ! read  Lawyer- Johnny Cochran’s new Book,- -( a lawyers life )  it Explains the LPD Police dept. of Los Angles miss- treating black People , it also explains the Arlington County police dept. miss- treating white people-- same same   the white news men refuse to do stories on Arlington po lice  abusing White people  because the news papers white English Americans  keep blacks out of the Press room and Editors room,--- blacks are not Editors in any of the all white news papers in America ,--Editors are all White Anglo Saxon and or jewish upper class from the elite schools Yale Harved who write about and through their looking window of their class  their upper snot class   why???-- if their were black editors in all news papers by law decree I might get my story told . think about that,???  give me black news editors and we white people would be all better off – the black editers are more then likely to do stories of white people being abused by cops,-- yes , no mabey , or what ?  their black Editors not white,-- meaning the blacks Editors are men and the white editors are girley men with snot on their  white upper class faces such as  Ben Bradlee  of the Washington post News paper bob Woodward, nut bag Senator Frist who leaves his job at the US Senate and comes and  plays at the national zoo  every week  the kind of yale person Harverd person iam talking about Frist, Woodward, Bradlee, this is a long long long   redmonk Route 66 lick  Pounden hell out of em, ya cant handel it go to next story   by pass to next story down below --  I can tell ya cant deal with this long lick on redmonks route 66

by pass to new stories down below

 your still on redmonks long – lick on route 66—by- pass to the next story this at alater date moved to the new grudge report front page some time in 2004 also death transports on the new redmonky tails  and the killer milk maid  the mystic Rebbe,- burnt Flag Arlington cementery 2004

 Arlington Cop Abuse--  down below _-

the same way Arlington county Cops and the Court house employees  stopped, me on April 22 2002 and treated me,- beat me with their fist as the crowd watched and booed across the street then the cops lied in Arlington Court in front of Judge Joan Alper  court and said their was no crowd across the street  the coward white skin buck Arlington Cop  a fuc#ing Coward – he gut scared  when  I told em I was going to go to the American Civil liberties Union and sue the county I am sitting down on the street with my hands upon my head like a prisoner of war in front of the Hecht Co  arl. 4/ 22 /2002 the genevia Convention says ya cant treat people like they did me  at this stop   When this coward cop used his fist on me the crowd booing him  watching across the street  this arlington cops mother pussy stinks for what he did to me, he broke the law , this is the stop the] copy called me a gringo and broke my ribs collapsed my lungs and smashed my head  and ssaid that’s for  capt Day of the National zoo police  Cop Murphy mother pussy stinks cop Tedla mothers  was saved by the Girls from EL Salvador the girls who fought for me ---I fight back   I fight back and the Female Arlington  as# hole copWho laughed at me when the Silly arlington Police broke the law forcing me out of my van at 1130 at night nov 7,- 2003  on Lincoln Street Arlington  and ordered me ta move on  because I was sleeping in my van ,---I am allowed by law to sleep in my van on a Public street  ASPAN org. said the county Lawyer said so    they the Arl. Po lice made me move on after beating my van nearly ta death  this is the same spot several weeks earlier the cops broke my door handle and shook my van so violently I thought it was a mob of animals doing the shaking a wilding, and wittiness too  a black guy and the white girl who lives in the Apt. next to my van the  cop screamed where going ta talk,-  the people in the Apt. shouted----- we see what your doing to him we read his web site-  the cop shouted give me the camera gime me the film- Iam a police officer – the next morning  a resident getting in his car as I looked at my Van said to me direct we had to call the cops on the police and shook his head  and drove off ,2003      read the book  by Johnny- Cochoren( a lawyers life  ) the LPD po lice he writes about-- is just like Arlington County Po lice ,  same - US Attorney McNutley don’t have any balls, hes a white guy , in the System,- hes busy stalking Arab freedom Fighters  in Alex Virginia / Arab freedom fighters that are pissed off that American white woman taxes helps the jews who beat  and kill and dehumanize Arab woman and children all day long every day  all year long in Iserial the white Dolts at Post 139 don’t get it, the  White dimwit dolts Military veterans at Arlington County American legion post 139 don’t have the guts ta say they want cheap oil and gas  and the blood thirsty vets at post 139 would kill every arab women and child ta get it  that’s what they all think and say inside the post 139 but lack the guts ta say it  out in the open  I ask the crowd at the cop stop on April 2002 in front of the hecht co arl. Ballston  to call the Russian and Chinese Embassy gave em my name and description  that said they would call   Irony  about a year  later  in  about June or july –2003 Foreign Exchange students in the main Arlington library  witness a cowardly sting operation by the coward Liberians –( as I was set up  inside the library and fought back against this abusive outrage and not the first time either  many many timess  their photos and names coming ) __  the  three foreign exchange students said the crowd across the street did call the embassy in Washington DC the students  heard about it  and told the patrons at the library  other patrons said the guy who was fuc#ing with me was a under cover cop   posing as a Construction worker

-         if  the Arabs  are   not freedom fighters, wanting you Americans out of their desert, getting cheap oil and want you American to stop assisting the jewish people  beating Arab woman’s children and shooting arab womans children and    supporting the jews at all times, every time  --then what the hell are they?  The Arabs,?  because the Arabs  didn’t have a expensive army uniforms and 100 dollars  Combat boots-  say like the British or American armies , then pray tell firemen in # 2 fire house inArlington what the hell did the British call American freedom fighters firing Rifles  hiding like American- cowards ?- behind trees the Americans did hide behind stone wall fences,- shooting at British Soldiers  in red coats Americans wearing buck skin jackets too,- that’s not much better then the Arab freedom fighters dress , honestly yes or no ?

-         if your wearen buck skin and shooting and hiding behind fences  ducking and shucking like the Americans freedom fighter did indeed do in the war with British. The year- 1776 did you firemen forget

-         we the Americans were indeed terrorist  in 1776 -- ask the British if Iam lying / Americans have a lot of bull shi# with em – call me a lier ,- we all believe our Boloney  bull shi#   including you Firemen,  the redmonk haint no angel but neither are any of you  firemen,- angels , you do have honor and class  you proved it the old fashion way- do something with the black dude  firemen who thinks he works for him self and not for the Arlington tax payer -the people) and ask the Hispanic Arlington Cop  Tedla - is he a taco bell or maybe a chili bean how about Chili Mack  ask him,- goa head ask him,-two way streets not one way streets ,-because I have  white skin and cop Tedla has brown skin Arlington County court house , including all of the  common wealth attornies male and female Christian and jewish and US attorney McNutly in Alex Va and Us attorney Kilgore in Richmond Va is going to believe  Arlington County- Cop-Tedla and not me  as concerns  Arlington county Cop Tedla calling me a Gringo  watch Cop Tedla Lie and  commwealth Attorney- one-Fran Obrian Help Cop Tedla Lie. I the redmonk says FUC$ ALL OF YOUU dirty American white skin bastards your suppose ta back me up ! I have white skin  youuuu coc#suckers , what the FUC# are ya doin on Tedla side ???/

-         read Lawyer Johnny Cochran’s new book on and about cops and cop corruption, and Court house Corruption,-- the name of this book is called – ( a Lawyers life ) Is he writing about Arlington County court House, Judges Fran O Brien  the little Jewish Guy Levie, or the big Cheeze  Stoddard, all of em  same as the LPD po lice force and court house ?   my trial date set for Dec 10th Arlington Court house I beat up four Arlington Cops ya gottaa be kidden me.

         Iam 65 years old in April 14 2004  they were 4 young white skinned bucks  the coward cop law that’s on the law books says you brush up against a cop,- fall against a cop,-  touch a cop with your little finger, you will get- max 6 years in jail and min 6 months in jail,--  so states the coward cop law,- that makes every American Citizen a second class citizen in America,-  this coward cop law,- got to be taken off the books ,- this law makes every cop a yellow spine rotted coward,-  get it off the books /( a cop that cant take a punch to his ugly face need s to find another job) in the month of  aug , 2003 the arlington Cops tried to break in to my van late at night as I was sleeping  almost ripping the door off shaking the van back and forth like  a crazed wilding , I had to by another door handle)- the one cop said that’s a heat defelcter for the window  while they were shaking my van and damaging my door one cop said  were going to talk, were going to talk , read my web site for the story on the sick FBI agent,-   remember the FBI agent,- who was obessesd with me and was taken to a mental ward,  mentally ill concerning me  the staff members on the ruby ridge hearings said so, this web site and web page is  leads for investagitave reporters   how sick are the arlington county Cops concering me  the people in the high rise Apt I believe witness it I heard female voices say,- we see what your doing  to him.  The next morn I guy from the apt said to me we had to call the police on the police   

         People of arlington county your  Congressmen: Jim Moran  of va.supportes this law and will not change it  that puts the cops above the people,   this law is proof that America is a police state,- mild,- but still a police state,- we are being enslaved daily with these kind of bad laws forced on the people  by Jim Moran-  and the Law profession is it because they are bad Americans / the people are everything,- the cops are nothing,-  they work for wages ,- Paid by the people,- we the people feed the cops,-  we feed the Judges , we feed the  Prosecutors  these Arlington Employees don’t know their place – Its at the feet of  the people,  I shout  the feet, the feet – E- mail this to all police dept. and politicians  in Arlington county Court house,  tell em-the feet the redmonk is a populist political dissenter  for the working class , tell the court house--- the Feet   is were they are suppose to be,- the feet, spelled- f e e t ! every one in Arlington Va all citizens  buy a large Jar of pigs feet send it to em in the  Barb Wire  Fasicst-Arlington court house     the people are every thing, in a real live democracy- the Court  House employees are nothing,- but hired help, the Arlingtion Government employees  don’t know their place . yea  Gut my licks in  on redmonk route 66

 The Redmonk and the :: High Sheriff  in the  Coalfields

 Arlington county [po lice  Chief – (Eddie Boy)- Flynn,- and now in the Year 2003 Douglas Scott the new  Chief of Pol ice  might not be able to  handle this story on old time  Sheriffen in the Coal fields in the 1940s 1950s- below chestnut Ridge  (  Coal field men fighting over  a dead deer- Gars put on  men’s faces  to force em to give up the deer, fighten with deer rifles, trying to shoot the ears off eash other to make the other guy give up the deer  they both were claiming as theirs were do you think I learned it,-  to put Gars on Marines Faces in my LCVP  boat  I took from the US navy) on operation Blue Bat

 the high Sheriff in the Coal Fields  beating bad Honchos in the mountains coalfields with the butt of his pistol on the top eye bone too, so it would hurt, too, - with their hands down by there side,-  eyes closed,- as he gave it to them again and again, slowly on the eye bone,- as he took slow aim with the butt of his pistol,- so as not to knock out an eye and   they better never, never open their eyes or raise their hand to the High Sheriff  as they get beaten, no Jail time for em  if they took the blows  ) 

 The high Sheriff called all the wee coal field boys around him,- as he did it,- the beating ,-  he said he wanted the Coalfield pups to see  it -so the the Coalfield pups could learn what is going to happen to em if they step out of line when they get older , the wee redmonk got up close to see em get it , in these Coalfields is were the wee redmonk was learnen--- to make men bark and crawl and put gars on their ribs with a pistol,- put gars on men’s faces -  with a pistol,-  this is how ya do it,- Coal field law,-  not Anglo Saxon law . / there is a difference . do you think  chief of the Arlington County po lice aka  Chief (Eddie Boy) Flynn-  and or dug baby Scott  has a clue about what I just said,- hes the high chief of the county Arlington,- located-  15 min by auto from Washington DC-- hes got bad cops on his force  and I mean to do something about it ,- like give friends on  Embassy row in Washington DC their names . their names, their names ,- their names


 The  :: shoot out! Or shoot up  Pistolee wippen at

Whities Tavern

down town arlington Va 1961or 1962  about 45 years ago  are their living witness:s?

: if ya knew how it came about –(  the shoot out )  the redmonks is always on the right side  Heavy Klue Klux Klan Activities in Arlington in the 1960s ask the old Black guys  in Arlington --who are the redmonks age ( 65) if iam lying the American legion Post  139 in Arlington are all white  who was in the American legion Post# 139 in the 1960s ? the KLAN? How about post # 85 ?

 in the coalfields in the 1940s on the top of Chestnut Ridge  the Anglo Saxon Irish mick Family named Delaney,-- owned Delaney’s cave  they were cross burners  on the ridge,-- KKK --they burned crosses to intimidate the Italians, Slavs, Greeks, Slavs,- Ruthenians  who lived below the ridge who worked the  Coal mines and coke oven fields

 is Arlington Cop Murphy  related by blood to the Delaney cross burners on the top of Chestnut ridge? At the cop stop he said he was  Because at the cop stop on April 22, 2002 he said his name was Delaney and that he was related to  the Delaney’s  who owned a deep cave  we all went to to stay cool in the hot summer,  I as a wee lad was sent by my aunt Irene the one who stood up for the Elephants -- read story on link page she saved the elephants Elephants )  who were left behind in the mountains in the coalfields 1940s she stood brave and fast  for the Elephants against a mob who was chopping on the Elephants with an AX   that was background- now back to the cross burners up on Chestnut ridge  :- I the wee red monk did a Recon. mission  in  depth. Up on the  chestnut ridge – my brave aunt sent me  up for the recon mission  In depth over several days  I went  back up  on the ridge observing gathering -intell.-(- Don’t ya just love it,-  all this military bull shi#  slang ? )- I watched the making of the crosses by murphies family, now believed to be his mother or grandmother  to burn their crosses   wrapped in Burlap  and stacked   in one of the biggest cross burning ever on the ridge,-  I slipped out quietly and reported back to my Brave aunt Irene who had a mouth and would fight back and speak up against injustice  not like coward white Anglo Saxon woman in Arlington va today 2004 getting my licks in Yaah and the very next day  I headed  back up Chestnut ridge  with  the little jewish girl,named  Julie-- intow --same age as me  she had the high tech equipment  - the little jewish girl who had a High teck browinie  box camera and a hat with a card in the hat that said press  she was going to take pictures and write a story  this story coming in full  this new year 2004  what takes place is a night mare  with almost   the wee redmonk and julies capture, by the cross burning KKK-  Delaney’s I have a living witness to this  so id be careful if I was youuuu --Cop Head--  on the Arlington po lice force about saying I am  lying ---  this story will be dedicated to Cops Murphy, Tedla, the arlington Cops father who threatened me in McDonalds rest. Located- corner of rt 50 and glebe road and US Attorney jerry Kilgore US attorney mcNutly  Commen wealth attorney Stoddard and   petite bull shi$ streatch the law  Arlington prosacuter franceneee O: Brien ------- this story on cross burning on  chestnut ridge also dedicated  to the Arlington female cop with catalyteic conferter problems and the female cop on the stop on Nov 7 th 2003 on Lincoln Street  arl.  who was in her cop car looking out the window chuckling, and laughing  at me  and remarked that’s for either -Fran or tedla or Arian,  I couldnet hear that good  land mine explosion  while in the military hurt my ears --- the witness at the Apt. building on the balconey on Nov 7 th 2003 would know, what she the female  Arlington County cop  said- the black guy standing in front of my van  watching and listening as this happened,  he was standing two feet away from my van  get the pict. ---- he looked scared and the woman up stairs out on the balcony said what are they doing to him ?  as Arlington county   Po lice Had me out side up against my vehicle red van on the side  is posted  for all ta see the Po Lice  after first beating  ferociously  like animals on  my 20 year old  Chevy  van  they the cops had already damaged my door and  door handle and other damage  weeks early  harassing me and damaged it when they towed me - left on the lights and burned  the battery  out )— NOW -on nov 7  -2003 cop stop   I with little clothes on- very  cold surronded by three Arlington Cops and one female cop who was  chuckling looking direct at me  in her police  cruiser she staying were it was warm  I smelled a wafe of sardines smell coming from the female  Arlington cops vehicle  sardine odor  a stink whether it was in side her the Arlington Po-lice  car or outside her po- lice car I don’t know?  Chief of Arlington Po-lice Scott  who has a bald head, and may know the  Fairfax county cops who shot  to death a Mexican woman in her bed as she slept covered with her  blanket sleeping soundly he top Arlington Cop- Scott  who worked for many years on this Fairfax po lice force might have been the one who shot to death  the mexicon  latino woman sleeping in her bed and or knows the Fairfax  cops who did-  bald headed  top Arlington Cop- Scott might want ta sniff around  and find out  about the oder! In or out of one of his po lice cruisers manned by a white Anglo saxon  female po lice she- girl cop as she laughed harder and harder the smell the stink got stronger and stronger  when she said that’s for Tedla Aren or Fran.-   I must say-somebody’s catalytic converter  may be goin bad? It was the laughing clown arlington Female cops car a suv or a DoB the terrible stink--  As concerns the cop stop on Lincoln st on Nov 7- 2003  the Sardines smell Inside or out side the Arlington police car with a female laughing  cop inside, the kind of laughing the bobbing head  manikins  ya see in the carnivals with smoke bellowing up from under the carnivals female manikins dress—head bobbing back and forth and ther carnival manakin laughin haw haw haw get the pict . /  same  as the female arlington Cop  --- on nov 7 th 2003 I don’t know, ?-- ya know what I mean ?,--has this clown of a female cop  who like s to laugh and has vapors coming from her Arlington- po lice car  is the sardines odor in side or out side  ?  I also know how ta roll dough, kneed it back and forth, yes indeed I doo, you know what I mean? -- is she   the laughing jackas$ female cop --a member of american legion post 139 ? or American legion - post 85 , where they drink beer out side in the parking lot at--- post 85 are they allowed ta do that  drink beer in the parking lot ? )-- Post 85 located on the hill overlooking my parking place on Lincolin street where iam standing out side my van surrounded by cops 11:30 at night nov 7 ,-2003   the Arlington Po lice cops then  forcing me to move on , I complained to the cop Burgess, the Arlington cop in charge  at this cop stop - -- they were making new case law and they cant do that,-  make some one move on,--  a citizen who is not breakin any law,-  I was parked on a public street, discreet silent in my van minding my own business   reading a book when the Arlington Cops went on the Attack,-- like crazy people  mentally ill in some way,-  they the Arlington cops broke the law and violated my civil rights. Making new law--

 That smell coming from that Arlington female cops po lice car as she sat with the  window open laughing  the smell  was very very stinken  Peeuu wow ! the same smell on a white woman that doesn’t keep her Vigana clean,( female organ  clean) same smell as sardines,-  do ya know her name ? Ill put it on this web site – she needs help and or her cop car  needs help which I don’t know Iam just asking a question,-  is the number on this female Arlington Po Lice car  # 54 ?  AND is Chief of Arlington Po Lice  (bald headed Scott  the  homosexual lover of Arlington Cop Tedla? Iam just asking a question?   Are they???  Iam just asen a question Two way streets not one way streets  copper )= does bald headed top Arlington county- Cop dug Scott --call out -- car 54 where are ya ?  aim just asking a question ,-

  All cops are below the people,--  not above the people in a democracy ,-- is America a democracy ?  is Arlington County a democracy?  The Arlington   Cops  the Judges and prosecutors  don’t know their place in Arlington  County Virginia,-  its at the feet of the people , I thought ya like ta know,-  always get your licks in when ever ya can,  on redmonkees route 66 -this isent going away you all see it commin don’t ya  1  e- mail the press tell em  world wide but do  stay away from the Washington Post news paper they will turn ya in to the authorities, all ya Zoo keepers - for real Zookeepers stay away from the Washington post news paper  send em E mail pound em  the people are everything and the cops judges and  mentally Ill corrupt  Arlington County lawyers are nothing when compaired to the American people yaaah ---  Lawyers,- cops and judges don’t know their place in American Society /  its at the FEET of the People 


 Redmonk      Death Ground  Stories

 also called : when ya walk where the Crosses grow

 this is what ya see ___

 the term- death ground is in reference to military officals usinig this term to denote the place on the battle field were death is

highly likely to come to those in that section of the battle field

 its called_______death ground


 1940s WWII-  the French sparrow: Edith Piaf  can sing their song all day long where those crosses grow___

 the wild ugly side of life-your ma never taught ya –


the ugly side-  damn right

___Con khi


 I watch, and  am  a sparrow alone upon the house top

 _____________psalm 102:7


 New-2003 The Redmonk and the ::: Death of a Haitian prostitute 1956 : Porta Prince Haiti ; shot dead in the very middle of the forehead she had stolen 60 dollars from me  I  told a Haitian cop, who hanging out a few doors down ,-- he told me to wait out side the white door to the  whore house ,-  as he went inside and closed the white door, bam !

 he was in there a little while,- then,  voices were raised- when I heard the gun shot,- he,  the cop opened the door quickly came out  handed me my 60 dollars and told me to go in and take a look,-  the white door was partly open  his parting words as he passed me   - she’s a bad girl, I didn’t know what to expect, I was no more then  six feet away out side the white door,  I went up the three short steps  I pushed the white door open,-  the Haitian cop dressed in tan WWII kakie uniform his gun slung low on his hip  behind me as I went in only a few feet,- the  rooms were small.   I saw in front of me the dead prostitute sitting up in a  rocking chair, standing a few feet off from her  in a bunch were all the prostitutes in this whore house  dressed in white silk Slips as they all do dress,--- all trembling and shaking in fear and terror-  all staring  at the dead prostitute, then giving furtive glanses at the Haitian Cop standing behind me who was   dressed in Military Tan  khakis- same uniform WWII American soldiers wore  his pistol slung low on his hip cowboy style   the Pistol grip were white plastic to looked like ivory,--- their was   a perfect round bullet hole in the center of the dead prostitute fore-head with a perfect ring of red blood circling the hole and a black gun powder ring circling   around the bullet hole , one of the prostitutes  came over quickly and looked at me in a strained face all the while patting the face of the dead prostitute with both her hands ,-said-she was my sister,  their was gray matter running out of the back of the dead prostitutes  head on to the back of the rocker.  I backed up stunned- one or two steps back and stumbled backwords out the door down the three steps  the white door slammed shut,  the door open and the Haitian cop came out walked past me   briskly down the three steps –saying as he passed-- she was a bad girl,  he then disappeared,---  alone - I kept staring at the closed white door  in surprise schock  I was stunned,-  I then  went up the three steps pushed the White door open again  slowly, with the fingers of my hand- and all of the Haitians whores had a knife in their hands  in the stabbing position shaking the knives at me  Looking at me with hate   all of them bunched together around the dead Prostitute  all dressed in white silk slips no panises ( that’s how whores dressed in those days  ) they were  all  bunched around the dead prostitute who was sitting up right in that rocker chair , I stumbled  backwards a second time down the three steps losing my balance almost  falling, on my back catching my self,   with both hands all the while- as I fell  and stumbled back my eyes were locked on the round bullet hole circled in red blood and black gun powder in the very center of  her forehead as I stumbled backwords down the three steps   the  white door slammed shut,-  I stared at the white door for some time,- reapeting holy shi# holy Shi#  I then turned walked away quickly- stunned, my mind racing,-   not knowing what to think or due,  I was 17 years old , it was the year 1956- If ya want to see the world,-  Join the Navy,- go into the junk navy,- the pirate Navy,- called the amphibious Navy,- cargo ships, L.S.T.s  the boats etc   ,- a different kind of Navy( ugly ) then you might go where the crosses grow,   not like the pretty boy navy of air craft Carriers and Battle wagons  ,  Its not always like the recruiting navy posters  you see out side a navy recruiting station in some small mountain coalmining towns, the navy trying hard to hook some poor white boy into the sevice—for a 4 year hitch--- some time its where the crosses grow,- is were you go when ya go in the military    I saw the crosses grow looong before I ever went into the military service – I saw the crosses grow in the coal fields :;

 the year 1956 was still 1930 in Haiti,- time can indeed stand still --  a persons life was not much in  Haiti in 1956 - 1956 was not America  in  the year 2003- a different time,- a different way of living,-a different way of talking,-  a different way of  thinking,- ina poor country like Haiti you could buy a 10 year old Haitian boy to work as a slave for 10 American dollars  and keep him till he turned 21 years old    I met them,- the slaves and talked to them that’s how I know    working for Haitian Fishermen,  their mothers sold them to Haitian fishermen for ten American dollars  till he who was sold in Bondage reached 21  years of age it was a better life for him ,-at least he ate regular - only you white crybaby Americans think there is something wrong with that, thaaat,   - meaning selling people for 10 dollars  WOW ! I can tell ya white people never been hungrey? You White as# hole youuu  1956 in Haiti is not 2003  in   Mclean va , Fallchurch Va  Great Falls va. or Arlington va --- 1956-  a different world,-  a different place,- a different time,-  a world so different  that most white people in Arlington  county Virginia 15 min from the White House couldn’t under stand it, or belive it , youd pass out in cowardly White schock  if ya ever  go were the crosses grow you silly silly white people you,- you whites who live in Arlington live in a dream world  in 2003 , in the real world of yesteryear   ya-  could buy people for 10 American dollars and a prostitute could die for stealing 60 dollars and end up with a Perfect round  hole in the center of  her forhead  circled with a very thin ring of blood over a thin circle of black gun powder  like the ring was drawn by an artist   they had donkies not trucks ,   if you don’t get it, -  sorry for youu-!  1956 is not 2003,- how many times do I gut ta tell ya ,-  found out later she was the favorite whore of a highly placed Haitian cop,- shed been stealing money from him, keeping money back, not turning it over to him________

 ( she was a bad girl -  his words .   not mine          1956 Porta prince Haiti  I was 17 years old   the crosses grow every where  Ya never know-  just where  they might grow,! --it can happen in a blink of an old mans rummy eye- Bam ! goes the gun- the smell 0f cordite , waifs the air- smells like pizza,- then a dead person sitten straight up in an old rocken chair,---- down in old Haiti  1956    -redmonk  written as  irish limrick -spoof =  but all true –

 sitten in an old rocken chair Yes,- indeed,  just like in that old movie- physco see the movie ta see the old women sitten up in an old rocken chair theirs a redmonkee  true mystry here LT Murphy is involved  saving some peoples life,- redmonk involved and in a strange way too  -run silent run deep – its called breaken the law - lucky people they were too as death chased them through the streets of black voodoo Haiti,- the year 1956,  an adult and a child  were wisked away ta a place called Boston in the u s of a  in the dark of the Haitian  night in the belly of an ugly  beast  by a catholic Irish Mick,- the mick was green not orange  thought ya like ta know-  youl never figure it out so I wont be a telling ya  so here I go -  yes indeed Ill tell ya no lies for iam an ole sailor  and I did indeed stare death in the eye -- soooo whaaaat !  --as Andy Warhol the ruthenian American artist like ta say  ssoooo whaaaat -- roll on buddy roll on  a coal minen pit pony song sung in the coal fields   roll on buddy roll on,-- buddy was his name  and hauling  blackcoal in a pit wagon  all day was buddys the pit ponys game  he lived down below in coal mine oliver # 2 thought ya all like ta know – send money  ya stinken bleaten White Sheep   ya cheap bastard youuuu -send money  to- cj koritko po box 11167 arlington va 22210)  money huney ,--keep me in the fight  bleat for me hunny ,-bleeeat,  but indeed send the money—you white  hunny 



  Death of a jewish car salsmen late 1940s

  the shooting to death of a jewish car sales men  in the small mountain Coal town  I was standing across the street and saw it happen- the shooting  I was about 10 years old, the little coke oven and  or little coal field  jewish girl ( take your pick, she lived no more then 150, 200 yards from the Oliver #2 Coal mine and the  coke oven field, 300 beehive coke ovens in a bank  she lies about how far she lived from the mine and in the mountains  she sais she lived  the in valley it was just below- Chestnut ridge  she was ashamed  of the coal fields,   ) she  may have ritten up a story on this shooting ta death of a jewish carsailsmen, WHY ? because  later -she interview me in front of the car showroom  with her stuped Dick Tracy hat,- she wore with the card on the  hat  said-( press )  we all thought she was a nuisance,-  now- today- in the year 2004 a one and only Witness. Ya never know,! know what I mean? Ya never know,!!!-  she was always on the scene with her little note-pad and pensile and her Dick Tracy hat said:- Press,

 what a pain in the As# she was !- we usta threaten ta beat her up if she didn’t leave,-  she also bribed us ta give  her stories by giving us GoldBerg chews candy,-  then we let her stay. And that’s how I gut hooked on Goldberg chews,  even today Ill buy Goldberg Chews  and Iam 65 year old, a coalfield jewish girl first introduced me to this candy and I still eat it today and you should too  have a Goldberg chew on the redmonk , and  Merry christmass and or Happy Honeeka  all true! Take it ta the Bank and deposit it, read on  if ya want.-   all new  stories and finishing up stories coming  to Monkey Tails  this date Sept 28 2003 and into the year 2004


Death ground_______ the human condition


 the Shooting death of  the cruel Cartaker

 Aka- Coalfield Justice      late 1940s 

  The shooting to death of a care taker at an old age home in the Coal mining town   the building look like something from Charles Dickens time,

 the old white hair man a little bent over  passed me about 50 yards  from the old age  home – he  stopped and pulled out his pistol half way out of his pocket it had a pearl handle it was a old army colt  he told me a bad  story and that he was going to kill the care taker for beating  the inmates-- old people,- who lived here, beaten  for some In- fraction,- he told me the caretaker was also doing something to the woman but didn’t tell me what,- and I never pressed it,-  I showed deference to the old man as was the custom in the coal field in those days  I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. But said nothing!

 I still remember the old man bent over he used these words that sonbitch haint goin ta beat me no more  Iam goin ta kill that sunofa bitch, - he,- the old man,- had a heavy shock of thick white hair. Like  Robert Frost the poet and wore suspenders on working mens clothes from the 1940s

he then shuffled off , I followed behind him  to the counties old age home a brick  forboding building   about 50 yards from where we were talking.

  As we Approached the building I followed behind him and  as he approached the steps  I  stepped back away from the steps  behind a tree- as I looked up I saw the white Anglo Saxon caretaker all dressed in white,- the  care taker was   dressed in all  white  starched pance and white shirt, white shoes with a bow tie  professional like,-  his face snarled  as he saw the old man and says- Ive been waiting for you Charlie!

1.  1.  as the old man gut up close up on the porch like entrance to the building just in front of the door and stopped 

the caretaker dressed in white  then grabbed the old man by the neck with one hand

  other inmates Shuffled  back away,- the old man half bent over     now with the care takers hand grasp around the back of the old mans  neck, the old man in that bent over position  pulled out his pistol and shot the caretaker up close  in the stomach  bam bam  and the white caretaker bent over just like Lee Harvey Oswald  did after he was shot in the same place (the stomach)   the old white haired man had a half sick happy smile on his face as he looked in my direction,-  I with a poker face expression just watching  - he-  the old White haired man knew he got the Anglo Saxon son of a bitch dressed in white,-  the inmates on the porch all seemed happy  with half smiles on their faces,  he-- the caretaker then kinda rolled over to the side and fell slowly on his side in the bent at the waist position with both of his hands holding his stomach   with  the help of two inmates who layed him on the floor of the porch like in slow motion he was still in the fetal position then all inmates backed away, and silent- just watching , so did the wee redmonk . Coal field Law, not Anglo Saxon law

 another care taker in white,- a woman came out in a rush and  made like a shreak sound out of her mouth as she bent down on the porch close to the shot caretaker  then swiftly rose up and fled inside the building shouting, several times in rapid machingun fashon to some one  inside the building,- the inmates stayed on the porch just as before just watching, silent - the caretaker lieng on the porch as before  I stayed and watched everything from my hiding place behind the tree.-- Coal field law

 the coal field police showed up after a little while in those black 1940s fords Victorias V8s  the coal field Cops  then  came and  ask me what I knew about this  shooting?  They did this- because the inmates from the porch pointed me out to the cops ,- ( the same way the US marshals pointed me out in the Ruby Ridge Hearing Room in the  Hart Building Capital hill   at the hearings on Ruby Ridge  the long point)   I thought I could help the old man out by telling the police that white Anglo Saxon guy who was dressed in  all white  with a bow tie was beating the people real bad and the old man said he wasn’t goin to let  caretaker  beat him no more – Coalfield law

  when the old white haired man shot the caretaker I felt  a little surprised, at first, because I didn’t know if he was lying to me about shooting the caretaker,    as the shots rang out,   I felt proud of the old man,  he kept his word and I felt good he shot that dirty sob,- I was about 10 year old and I felt good about It

 as they say in the Coalfields, in America- some people need killing ?

 call me a lier ?

 he Got Coal field Law, not Anglo saxon law

 Coalfield law is fair, Anglo saxon law is for those who buy justice with green dollars,- you don’t need lawyers in the coal field there is no money for lawyers, your on your own-

 Coalfield law


 A  death IN   Spain 1957

 The death  of a terrorist  or was he a freedom fighter ?       

 While in Franco’s Fascist Spain 1957 I took a taxi out 25 miles from Cadiz Spain wanted to see old Spain that was 100 years ago  men working the fields with oxen etc, Spain in 1957 was still late 1800s way out in the country the Taxi guy took me to a village  and let me out  I walked through the village looking for photo ops and ran into a cabbriene -a Spanish cop  I ask were are all the people ?  there is no one in the streets he replied there are some bad people around here,  every one is locked down,-  not allowed out of their homes, where looking for some one he said. he wanted to know what I was doing their in this village  so far out , he looked over my documents and we chatted  about America, old Spain, how much cops earn in America etc.

  Just at that moment a guy came running out  of a house  no more them thirty yards away ,-,- as the Spanish Cop spun around  and faced the guy  the cop shouted  halta, he shouted s second time-, halta  he pulled his pistol out it was pointed at the man who was now walking away very fast, no longer running but  walking  a shot rang out from a side street and  he  the fellow walking fast,- fell flat face down on the cobble stone, no sound, just the smell of cordite wafted through the  crisp clear air, on a sunny day in old Spain,- I then heard the noise of running Boots pounding on the cobble stones and a large group of Spanish cops dressed all black   some with Black riding boots on as you see in 1930 Spanish photos, very Fascist looking  they came running in a bunch around a corner  with rifles ready to shoot, in the shoot position in a bunch, shoulder to shoulder  like -- I turned to look Again at the fallen shot man lying prone on the cobble stone  I then saw a large pool of dark blood begin growing around the mans prone body a tall  Spanish good looking Gal very tall and beautiful  came running out of the house and sobbed over the prone figure on the ground,- the police all turned away and refused to look at him,-  I ask aren’t ya going ta get a doctor? the Spanish cop who I had been talking to said it would take a  several  hours to get a doctor way out to this village  ? the high ranking police officer in black boots  ask me  what happened  , what I saw?!  And I repeated  what happened  as he wrote down on a little note pad what I said . he was much interested about the cop who was talking to me  and if he shot and how many times  the cop talking to me had shouted halta two times then a shot rang out from the corner side street, I believe that was the shot that killed the Spanish guy ? because he fell to the cobble stone  after that first shot from the side street  they all had rifles not pistols, the cop talking to me had a pistol;  this all happened in Fascist Franco’s Spain – 1957

 Addendum to this story-  get ya redmonk licks in when ever ? pound the  on redmonks route 66-- little education for the Arlington Court House-- but ill tell you true-  the Spanish cops in a Fascist country such as Franco’s Spain 1957 were more professional and low key in their approach when talking to and or dealing with citizens-  not like,- loud mouth shouting screaming un professional Arlington county low class white Cops,- for real too,  why is it Americans cops all over America are trained to yell and scream at citizens? ,In Canada the same European low key approach  to Canadians citizens is used  talking calmly to people,--- all over Europe the cops talk to people in a kind manner  I observed it ,  think of it Spanish Cops in Franco’s Fascist Spain in 1957 are  more professional and cool then Arlington County white low class  Cops in 2002 2003 2004  mostly of the Anglo Saxon race too-- is that because the county attorney Stoddard and the Arlington Judges like it that way, it empowers them,- the judges and  county Attorneys  in a sick mentally ill way , ? like a drug addict the Arlington Judges drug of choice  the drug power – the most powerful drug in the world – drug called- Power )  Stoddard the  common wealth Attorney for Arlington would fit in well with Hitler’s- Prosecutors office down town Berlin 1939   and for real to   if you were never in a Fascist country as I indeed was,- how would any Arlington County Judge,- Cop, and or  prosecutor  know  what I just said about them is a lie, or the truth,-- how would they know??  when Stoddard  ran for commen wealth attorneys office in the year 2003  he was unopposed,-  meaning, we the people only had one person to vote for,- him ! - just like in a Fascist state, only one canadate  same  same  you have on caNADATE IN A  FAScist STATE AND EVERY ONE VOTES FOR That one and  ONLY CANADATE  just like in Arlington County which  is located 15 min by car from the American white house  WOW ! theirs no democracy in Arlington Va ---- but pretend  democracy,- we all pretend, at least Iam raisen hell about it in the streets,- Protests etc and on this  dissenters web site in writing  and so should you , where are the rest of ya - you white coward youuuu in down town Arlington va  ya blood thirsty white mfers  ya want war with a little country the size of Texas- called iraq -- all ya  white Americans  at Post 139  American Legion post in Arlington were screaming for arab woman and arab childrens blood when it all started--  and now with dead American solders dying every day ya all scard whining, saying like only coward white Americans always say--- mabey we should bring the troops hooome, --- I was against the war from the start, and was given hell for my belives by you as$ hole white Americans-- because I say and shout the hell with iraq- that money 80 billion dollars (cost of the war) belongs in America for are libaries and poor people, new bridges, computers Etc-- bring the troops home my as$,-- too late now ! ya should have thought about that before ya were screaming for Arabs woman blood  with hate inyour white American eyes you white guys,-- who have your white tongue on a Black mans as$$  because you white guys are scared, afraid  and lie about it !  ya didn’t see black Americans screaming for Arab blood, Why?  only ya whites where,-  were ya releasing your anxieties about licking a black mans as$ and scared ta death of the jewish peoples power, that if ya  white christians dared disagree wth the jewish people on any issue,-  such as Congressman  Moran  of Virgina the jews will call ya a anti-Semite like the jews did him  ?? and get ya fired from your job,--- is that why ya went to war   with iraq for, - release of your white mans Anxieties- the release felt good didn’t it?-- as you bombed  Iraq and kicked their as$  Iraq a little country  the same size as the state of Texas- WOW !  tuff guys   -- you white guys  in Arlington Va are indeed damn tuff guys  brave too- how big is America compared to Iraq?  how about the little country Panama ? you kicked hell out of  the size ?  Iam talking Size—

 TA TA to all ya white Amerticans.--- the redmonk as guidance counselor—to ya white people ________  in Arlington County  Commen wealth attorneys Stoddard’s  office located  in the Arlington Court house the prosecutors in this office make sure the lady at the desk is a brown skin Muslim  woman in a shawl –  Why? !-- is Stoddard and the  all white skinned prosecutors Christian and jewish in his office hiding behind this Arab woman’s Muslim Shawl? how phony can ya get , at all windows serving the public in Arlington county Government buildings  in every building every one behind the counter serving the  public is Brown Hispanic  ,-from India or Black--- with one token white person, if ya lucky,- at the windows that serve the public,--  that’s not race diversity that a fuc$ing race lie,-- bull Shi$--  Arlington County is not 90 % brown , black   or yellow --why is there this Muslim woman in Stoddard’s office greating the public ?? why ??? pretending that  Stoddards office and  the all white anglo saxon, and All White jewish prosacuters in his office love Islam ?? or are these coward white skined prosacuters skard shi$ less, so  that  by hiding behind a Arab muslim woman they wont get blown up by Arab freedom fighters. ?

 An  Arab freedom fighters dirty bomb goes off in this court house radioactivity could blow all the way to Washington DC, the cloud could zoom all the way up the mall pass the Smithsonian Inst. zoom on to capital Hill  what the  Arlington County government  needs to do is  shut down the streets and parking lot around the Arlington  court house  and have dog Patrols  around the clock, 24 hours a day--- the Arlington County board and or judges, prosacuters and lawyers  who work in this Court house  don’t have that now,-  2004  and they the  same  government employees judges,- prosacuters,- lawyers ,didn’t warn the Arlington citizens about the Arlingtion Stalker Scott marcks- his photo on the photo Gallery )  the Arlington Prosacuters OBrien Stoddard Levy  all the Judges, and or the Firemen or cops refused to worn you Citizens about the   child killing Jew--- Ralph Strauss at the National  z oo , or the killer milk maid  I did !  and the jewish Employees of the County  government are outraged , and acting out against me .It’s the same situation at the Cleardon post office in Arlington va.  no white people at the windows serving the public why ?---  and  why Iam I punished and hated and harassed , by some people in America  and hated and harassed by some people in Arlington county for asking these honest hard question,? Why arnet white Americans in arlington county asking these same hard  questions  I am --? why ? if America and  Arlington county  is indeed a Democracy ??  you White American  people in arlington County Va  are bull Shi#  all of ya  at American legion  post 139 too / only two white people at Post 139 shouted at me  to keep shouting and a white woman at post 139 shouted to me thanks for the warning- concerning the National zoo- concerning the  Arab child killing Jew Ralf Strauss zookeeper at the national zoo –in Washington DC four Arlington Firemen said keep shouting, that’s all, only 4   what does that tell ya about the Arlington Firemen the Arabs know all about this it you the people of Arlington that don’t know  the county board and the judges and prasacuters want reelection money  for Richmond it was the old Arlington School teacher who killed the boy on the wire it was not the butler  who did the old school teacher blame the boys death on  what was that persons name do ya have a clue ? I bet ya don’t,, ---- who told the librians ta harrase me the killer milk maid daughter ? stapels

  At American legion post 139 I was looking over the beat up rusted out Army artillery piece in front of post 139  when they shouted it at me from the door way,  two white people as they were going into post 139 they had read my web site-  get the picture.?  The jewish employees of Arlington county government are hysterical about my web site and are harassing me for what I believe, like wolfenstein and the library jewish procter  I call the jewish troll that too is against the law  the court house is silent  these people must be fired  ? Stoddard  common wealth attorney  is not doing his job he ran unopposed for reelection  the year 2003 just like in a Nazi state

 The state of  Virginia in the year 2003 was listed as the state with the most unopposed candidates for political office in any state in America it was in the news  nation wide    Virginia is a Fascist state ! the Judges make 130,000 dollars a year ?- and are appointed and removed  if they don’t do what Richmond the capital tells the judges to do,  its all Corruption  not demcoracy  they want silence from me !,  Ill shout louder!

 Send me a donation of  money  you coward white people in Arlington County Va. Keep me in the fight ! because you white people  are sheep- let the redmonk hear ya bleat,-  ya white sheep!- Youuuu- bleeat  - but send a donation of money  as you bleat.

 To sin by silence,when they should protest, makes cowards  of men

 _______ Gen Douglas MacArthur

 as he was being fired from his job as Cammander  Military forces  in Korea 1950s


 The dead jewish Barber late 1940s just after the war

 The wee red monk went to this jewish barber to get a haircut cost,- 50cents 1946 or 47  the wee redmonk sit in the chair and the jewish barber started to cut his hair  silent and strange  he only finished one side and told me not to leave the chair hed be right back – he went up stairs it was his private residence and he never came back down – I hour -went by I shouted up stairs are ya coming down only silence -  another hour went by  I shouted are ya going ta finish my hair cut  no answear  the smell in the house was strong of gas  then a man walked in and said my god ! the stove is left on – and ran up stairs, open all the doors and windows  the jewish barber had killed him self by putting his head in the stove  with the gas on people were running all over the place while I was in the barber chair with the barber cape on in the basement  – his jewish wife then ask me what happened I told her,: I said he told me to wait and what ever I do,- do not come up staires jut wait hed be back  with a smile on his face went up stairs and never returned  he had only cut half of my head  so I ask who would finish cutting my hair  she finished the other half and pocketed the 50 cents in her apron pocket woman all wore in the 1940s she  told me to go home,-- police and all kinds of people running in and out in and out of the house  crazy.----witnesses

 Their s more to this  but youl have ta come back _- this haint Paul Harvey  the news commentater

a lot of suicides in the coal fields down by the rail road tracks where they did it,- stand in front of a  black steam coal train commin down the track,-- pink foam and flesh on the track,,-- priest on his knees praying with a coalminers daughter on the train track with pink foam blowing along the ground from the wind, like small  tiney tumble weed - gasoline poured from buckets all over the tracks and gravel by coalminers,-  dressed in their coal minen clothes miners hat with light, boots darkend faces from coal dust then lit to burn the little bits of flesh  and pink foam they could not pick up with shovels  or by hand  pieces too small,- coal field girl  about 15 years old on her coalfield knees praying in shock with a bubabuska on her head and a long  winter coat 1940s it was cold- with a priest on his knees beside her  on the  train track—kneeling, praying hard togeather    in the gravel right next to the tracks up close to the flesh and bloody foam burning,- wind blowing hard cold .-

  the wee redmonk and his  coalfield pals watching  silently, from a respectful distance on the other side of the train track  just coalfield pups  watching, just watching the human condition and the gut damn American experience  all at one time----- the coalfields haint Fallchurch va or Mclean or Great falls va.-- Yah - Coalfields !  a different place,- a different time  wasent 2003 or 4  was late 1940s and  its called the human condition

 death ground____________

 The wee redmonk and the  dead mechanic

 and the  thousand yard stare-----------------------------------------------------------

  The wee red redmonk  walked past a garage 1940s that a guy who returned from the war 1945  started a little car repair business  under his house  the garage – as the redmonk went by the WWII  Vet, shouted out to me,-- hand me this wrench! he did not have  jacks under the car he had cinder blocks holding up the car  the cinder blocks started to crack  and he yelled for me to raise the jack I did not know how ,- I tried to pump and was not strong enough,- so  I ran to get his wife  as I ran he let out a  high pitched scream   I yelled to wife the cars falling,-- she ran out,-- me behind her,- she tried to get the car jack to work put couldn’t  I watched as the car crushed his chest, helpless  I tried pushen up on the car,-  she quite  fooling with the jack and said its too late,- she stood there looking down at him, her feet next to his head she didn’t cry just stood their   me standing  beside her  off to the side a little facinig  her  I looked down in  the dead mechanics face  and that was the first time I saw a thousand yard stare   --- the lights were out eyes wide open  and nobody was going ta be home ever again !    she said softly but firmly to me, still looking at him- he lying flat on his back staring up  with the  front chassie in the middle of his sternum bone as she said    run  home, go!   I looked back for a mila sec not stopping as I went through the garage door and she was still looking at him with her head down ,-her chin resting on her chest  I ran --- she had one of those wwII aprons  that woman all wore in the 1940s   and I did, run---------- found out later they said he was depressed after coming home after the war 1945 and committed suicide because  he knew he should never used cinder blocks to hold up a car,---- only car Jacks—At his Funeral  I stood off to the side of the road and watched them load him in a black Hearse  to be taken  away to the grave yard   all dressed in Black   that was a long time ago 1948   or so I was 8 or 9 years old------

the crosses can grow any where. Ya never know!


 The Human Condition and the American Experience



 Redmonkee death ground  here_____________


 Death in the  Coalfields)  Its called murder  in the Ist digree any were else,--- in the coal fields its called:- justice johnney on the Spot

 Old Anglo Saxon man about 75 yearold shot ta death a young Anglo Saxon Buck both of em Anglo Saxons young dude who was about 19 years old in the coalfields  who was abusing this old man over a long time peroried, the old man had enough and settled it  with death ground, gun shot killed the 19 year old bully  the redmonk didn’t see it  the shooting)- only a witness for the coal field cops on the abuse the old man suffered  over a long time by the hands of the young  Anglo sax0n nasty  dude, who pushed every body around ,--  for telling the truth the Anglo Saxons chased the wee redmonk for miles through the coalfields some adults  with clubs  in cars even for telling the truth on a dirty mean- 19 year old Anglo Saxon young Buck coc#sucker     as he  the wee redmonk alluded em, on the run like a fox using wood lore and wwII tactics taught to him  and other coalfield pups by WWII soldiers marines paratroopers late 1940s  get the picture 1940s haint 2003  - 04-- mean mfers in the mountains and coalfields, mean cruel  hard core  1940s for real, not tame like today  dirt roads no asphalt  until 1949 1950s   story coming 2004 --------- the American Experience 1940s


 let me take ya for a stroll into the  mid-1950s , yaaah_  Naples Italy the sunny Mediterranean

 I say lets stroll   Yah_ lets stroll, comon,  gimmie ya little shaken white  hand,-  ahhhh common, lets stroll- let me take ya  were, the crosses grow  where  the  terror , fear and Anxiety knows, Yahaaa where those white crosses grow,- a long  long time ago  Yaaaaah__________ common lets stroll

 See the scène in the movie


 Redmonk::::::: and the Death transports that carried Gypsies and Greek jews to the death camps   in a Naples Italy rail yard 1957 ?

 The redmonk did it all 

the redmonk and the little jewish sailor in Naples Italy 1950s    we together saved a one of it kind rail   death train transport cars THAT CARRIED jews and gypsies TO THE DEATH CAMPS , I carried the entire side of a box car death transport  on my back to the ship L.S.T. 1162    one side of an death transport had massive blood dried black  were the jews AND or Gypsies were gunned down in side the death transports  the other side of a transport  was used for  moving stolen artifacts paintings etc. back to the 3 rd Reich it was all beautiful inside blond wood with red circled swastikas  that encircled the  entire transport,?!   Lucky Luciano Italian- Businessmen  is involved,---   let me explain --- in the 1950s he  Mr. Lucky Luciano  held court in Naples Italy he had been deported to Italy  by the American Government  he was in the cigarette business  we American Military,- got free cigarettes. From the American cigarette co.-- a case a month I believe ?  I usta give mine away,-- I didn’t smoke   mr. Lucky Luciano boys engaged me in conversation on the dock over a period of a couple of days  these Italians,-  they,--- like my Grand father went to America 1890s 1910 and then came back to Italy  after saving money what ever,---  any whey I like ta talk to these old immigrants as to what America was like for Immigrants in 1890s 1910, we drank wine at a little cafae and talked on the water front in Naples 1957  and one day I ask about WWII and where the Germans fought and hung out  in Naples etc,- I wanted ta see because the war was over only like 11 or 12 years early and Italy was still bombed out in many parts of Italy like the Germans just left last week, for real rubble bullet poc marks  on buildings etc--  one thing led to another  I ask about the round up of Jews  they rolled their eyes and said they would show me,-   I gut off the ship next day  and  I gave em my cases of cigarettes as payment to take me and take me they did  to the massive rail yard   their on the far siding  was a long train of WwII death transports  and also German bunkers some  for machinegun emplacements and others,-- German ammo bunkers  I went inside looked around  hoping I might find something I asked why these death trans[ports were not used,?  -- they told me  the Italian train engineers would not have them on their train, refused,- bad luck the ran their finger across their throat to signify death  and so after some time --  they left me their alone---  I started  looking in each and every death transport climbed up in side, eash and every one-  climbed under neith  on top where the German guards would sit that type of thing   small not large like American Box Cars  and then I found the one with all the blood  blood smeared just like  at a murder scene  each place a person had stood behind was the smear of large blood some thick as they slid down  I said to my self,-- man they killed a lot of people in this one transport,-  blood every were,-  I then observed the beautiful blond wood transport  I went looking for artifacts and a couple of hours later went back to the ship  LST 1162 and told the little jewish sailor,--:  I want you to come with me tomorrow, well go together,  he ask what was it ?  I said  it has to do with your people,-  you come with me  Ill show you something ,- he didn’t want to come so I kind of  half told him,-  so he agreed ,- we spent hours their  and he decided to take the side off and take it back to America  the next day I went their again and saw him with another sailor trying to tear the side of the death transport out  later it was too much !- I came back a couple hours later-  he was by him self , the side was off-- he said he was going to leave it,-- it was too much,-- I then told him no,-  well take it back to the ship and you can put it in a Museum its too valuable, because of the blood-  he said  its too heavy,- just leave it,- I refused,- I told him Ill help you get it back  if you agree to put Old man Rosenberg name and Julies Name on the two sides of the Death transport, he shook his head and said how we going to carry it all the way back ?  it was still tooo big heavy we struggled like it was too much, he said again leave it its too much,-- so I came up with an idea,- we would put the side of the transport almost standing straight up and then I would walk under it, slowly get  in a low crouch as the death transport side slowly came down on my back,- until I found the center of gravity and then balance it on my back, knees bent  walking like a duck  the total weight on my back and legs with the little jewish sailor bring ing up the rear steadying the back, so it wouldn’t tip back.- all the weight on my back as I walked knees bent in a crouch it was rough going  because the trains would come through this rail yard at a high speed screaming their WWII high pitched whistle and their were so many tracks ya didn’t know what track the train was on plus wed go until exhaustion and then drop it down and start back to get the blond wood one with the red swaskias same side section,- get the picture, -- if not I cant help ya- the little jewish sailor wanted to quit a number of times I wouldn’t let him,-  it was worse then Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill worse !  It keeps sliding down   we saw our ship mate walking back to the ship though the rail yard and ask for help they refused ( mfers) me and the little jew pressed on  into hell through the speed trains and  tracks, screaming whistles  on and on  struggling,-  dusk was coming now and I felt near death for real  other sailors came by again, we  ask for help.- no help. All of em SOBes-- so I ask one of em,- is the Southern KKKmembers from the south on the ships deck watch?,-  if so ,- we were screwed other sailors would let us on,- not those KkK  basterds,-  a Jew and a Slav no way !  this is the 1950s  not 2003 mario Cumo was not allowed to run for president because he was Italian,-  no Anglo Saxon law firm would hire Slav lawyers or Italians  in these days get a fuc4ing grip  you young people reading this !   in 2004

 so this story will continue  2004  we finally gut to the Ships gang way- me and the little jewish sailor Iam looking up worried  now ta see whos on deck watch ? and  the worst thing that could happen happened,-- the three KKK members was waiting  for us  up on top the deck  lookin down on us  I said were commen aboard,- the southern  KkKlan boatsen mate said - no your not,-  I said yes we are,- theKKK boys all three looken over the side- said,-- not with that  your not,- I said the fuc$ we haint ,- at this time I was physical beaten down-  tired etc,-- I and the little jewish sailor tried to get it up the ships gang way, by our selvs- too much, wew rolled back down slowly and let it drop tooo fuc$ing much, heavy, just wore out,-  finally another jew,- red head deck hand ( not all jews are doctors and lawyers ) showed up on deck he worked the deck as a seamen he looked  over the side,- he didn’t seem interesed  I got up on the deck and was surrounded by the kkk, so i yelled at the red headed jewish sailor give me your fighten K-bar knife  as I was fightn the three KkK members  he, the red headed jew threw me his knife through the air I cought it  and two of the KKK member ran below decks,- then one came back with a fire ax  swingen it at me ,-- me trying to cut him  with my K- bar knife  as he was swingen the ax like a Bat, - I would sneak in with a slash at his stomach   back and forth we went, --- finally he ran  and a bunch of the crew came up ta see what the commotion was about and a bunch of the guys including the big redheaded jew seamen from Philadelphia PA  carried the death transports side up on the  deck for us-- the Capt. Came out on deck and ask what happened and what is this-- I told him about the death transports and they needed to be in a museum  he looked at me like I was crazy, he said you cant have them on the ship,-- I saw opportunity slipping away  but I had plan,-   a gut damn plan,- but a plan,- the little jew Sailor was crying because we were losing it all  after all that struggle the redmonks plan the jewish American people don’t want ya ta know?,--- down below  the plan- WHY they don’t want ya ta know ? Ya havta ask the jews but thel call ya an anti-Semite  if ya do ask___ soooo watch out

 the red monks plan ta save the death transport sides   remember it was nip and tuck tuck and nip weather we could pull this thing off, what we had arrared against us was like almost too much

 I knew the Capt. Had been wanting us ta give money to the new  gates for the US naval academy the whole 6 th fleet  was ask to donate so I told the little sailor  ya gut ta ask the  Capt. To use the phone ta call home and tell your Rabbi and mother to call the Capt. and congressmen that your mom and rabbi will make a donation to the Annapolis Gates if we can bring back the sides of the transports to America   I talked to the captain alone and said he the little Jewish sailor comes from big money  I didnt know that I just said it hoping the Capt. could see the  reality in all of this, if the little jew could call home -- we save the rare death transports and the navy gets the money for the gates and if we save these sides of the death transport  for a museum the jews make a donation to the gates the Capt. let the little jew call home  the little jew was worried he couldn’t make it happen,- he was always worren he worred when the ships might be  going down in the storm  couldn’t decide to abandon ship or stay aboard ship with me , hes always worrien, that  story on monkey tails  )—I was getting worried too )- I told him fake it out,- pretend, lie what ever,-  say the  moneys coming,- the mission is every thing save the  death transport  he called again and made arrangements over a couple days  as   I was alone with the Capt. On one of these days And remarked that he, Capitan Rogers  is going to have a hard time with  the little Jewish sailor  jewish mother ( I said this to keep the intrest up ) , I didn’t want it to die  I met her for a little while when she came aboard  once and she was a real ya  know what?   --Ya know the type  of jewish woman iam talking about ? if ya don’t I cant help ya  

        The little jewish sailors whole family was  afraid of her so,- I told the Capt hes going to need help when it was agreed they would meet for dinner on the ship  that this is what she was like. Shed run all over him   he replied  annoyed,- he has experience with woman like that  meaning his,-- the Capt. – mother,----  later the KkKboys tried to cut the swastakas off the blond wood transport siding as souvenirs  and I  saw the little jewish sailor  standing next to the transports crying head down looking at the sides of the death transports that where now below decks on the ships tank deck now,---  and he said,- the kkk boys were going to through over the side into the sea the death   transports sidings-=-- I gut pissed and said go to the Capt, right now, tell him the moneys commin,- ya git to,- or all will be lost,-  go now to  his cabin,- knock on the door and tell him, -- he did and the Capt. Rogers Put a watch on the death transport siding  on the L.S.T. 1162s ships tank deck,-- the carved attempt to cut off the swastikas  by the KKK boys would be still showing on these transports sides today in 2004 where ever they are ? I also told the little jewish sailor we gut to get the death  transport sides with  blood set differently because they were rubbing together and the blood was in some cases rubbing off  so we re did em  ta save the blood, and coverd them with canavas  and a watch was put on the sidings so no one would hurt em,-  when we were still carring the transport sides in the rail yard s me and the little jewish sailor , alone  no one would help us  the blood gut on my back and he the little jew Sailor ask ta use my white sailor jumper blouse to save the blood chips that were like paint   he picked em off my back  one at a time as I stayed bent over  and brushed all the blood chips in to the blouse and saved em,- we then turned the death transport sides over ta save the blood  when I left the ship for the last time the little jewish sailor carried my sea bag off the ship for me,- as is custom and with tears in his eyes he hugged me and he said hed never forget me   I don’t know his name  I don’t remembers it was 50 years ago this took place in the 1950s  in  Naples  Italy  train yard -11 or 12 years after WWII  Italy was still bombed out in so many places just like in a WW II film,- people poor with nothing,- the little jewish salor  his photo is on the photo gallery--- I heard through the grape vien  he  kept the death transport sides kept  them in his mother house in the basement and  sent  and paid an Italian family money every month to build a cover over the rest of the death transport and keep it in a n Italians yard  for many years   the Navy Capts I heard was contacted bya Congressmen and told to save the  Death transport and they gut it out of the rail Road yard using the kkkmembers of the ship to do the hard labor,- I saw them and was shocked  they were with the Little jewish sailor  UN fuc$ ing believable I ask in schock and in a surprised voice to the little jewsh sailor,- what are you doing with these KKK SOBes,?--- he replied he had to take em ,- I also heard the kkk member gut an  award of some kind  if that’s true it Un fuc$ing believable those racest Anglo saxon KKK bastards   they also used a little crane  hoisting the wheels and axel of this transport and took it to these Italians house yard whatever   using  the  L.S.T. 1162 pick up truck that we kept on the ship  for transportation  when we gut to some port,---  what ever happened to  the rest of this story I don’t know /  but theirs more to it then just this small story  iam telling you   it all started with  my intrest in WWII history because Iam, from WWII born 1939, did indeed ride in the Back of US Army tricks with American GI joes in the coalfields as a wee lad during world War II, we all begged for rides as long military convoys passed through the coal field on training  we are the only children in the world called war babies because WWII was the only world war in the history of the Planet, saving this death transport, I want the jewish people ta know  and the jewish Hollacust suvivars, to know that I  climbed aboard each and every death Transport at this siding mabey 15  or twenty , I climbed underneath, all over them  to get the fill of riding the death transports     but these death transports  on the Italian rail sidings weren’t goin anywhere they wernt heden for death ground like they were filled with Gypsies and Jews  these death transports  silent  just waiten ta die alone, to be torn apart  way in back of this rail sidings-  and througn away  we gut their in the nick of time  the Italians stayed away from them  even Italian children told me their bad luck and didn’t go inside they ran their little finger across their throats  to signfy death and point at the transports    being in side these darkened death transports and to hear the trains coming flat out through this massive train yard   high pitched whistles screaming  was earie   it was very much like the transports in the movie Harts war ) that’s what they looked like,- the whistle screaming  evry thing,-  what more can I say, others things happened  but why even talk about it    I t all happened a long time ago  because of old man Rosenburg an old mountain coalfield jew who worked on the rail road as a clerk,- his cow rosie, who usta give me cold milk fresh from his brindle cow Rosie  and a coal field jewish girl- Julie  who usta pray for me  and a couple of cases of my  cigretts,- an Italian Business man  by name  of Mr. Lucky  Luciano   famous Italian buseness man   and the little jewish Sailor  and me,-  that’s what it took to jump start the saving of the rare death Transports and oh, Yah-- I almost for got,-  my gut damn Back   I almost for got ta tell ya   after the fight with the KK klan  on deck  with the fighten k- bar knife, and ax I got this muscle tighting and spasems in my back and legs  qirving and shaking I had to crule up on the deck and could not straighten up my legs or back or stand up bad- pain,-  the big red headed jewish seamen carried me below decks, after the little jewish sailor ran and gut the big red headed jew seamen yeling pick him up pick him up   the little jew shouting,- help him, help him—Ya just never  know  ya know what I mean-? All of it- nuff ta make ya puke !  vue den,- you don’t want ta know

the American experience

And The human  condition



 The shooting to death _______

 of the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers   Circus , -greatest she girl  show Business  Starlet Ape

her name can never be mentioned

 every  American over 50 years of age  on the eastern seaboard of the United States___

 knows this show business female Ape, -  some have photos of her,-  the circus boy Butch who owned her ,- sold to the Public her photos,-  the photos are out their  and ____

the wee redmonk is in one of them . she and I__  Butch is still sellin em

 Her name   can never be given !

 In the Early 1940s  the circus came to a coal field mountain town  and a  Italian American had just been shot to death for trying to steal an elephant  from the circus -cost about 70 ooo dollars and Clyde Beatty greatest of cat men shot him to death  I didn’t see it only heard the shot and the crowd become unruly and threatening to the circus employees-

  background in the 1940 30 s coal fields mountain people always stole the animals from the circus you want a monkey take it,- friend of mine  sparky reached in a chimps cage  grabbed the chimp by the throat and the circus chimp bit Sparkys finger off sparky passed out on to the ground and the  Coalfield police came and hauled him away and that’s Why  the great Clyde Beatty always said every time this circus comes out of these damn mountains  the animals are depleted gone , disappear  and the circus has to buy more animals because of these animal  thefts  by coal field mountain people,-   stealing animals,- Clyde Beatty remarked these people think the circus is a pet store with door missing and he was tired of it maybe that’s why he shot the guy stealing the elephant,-- also people would bring their guns to the circus,- they clamed they might have ta shoot in case the lions or tigers gut out  their cages   and when the people played a game of chance to win a teddy bear for their girl friends  if they lost they would put their pistol on the carnie workers head and make the circus carnie give the guys girl friend a bear  they  never lost, - Clyde was pissed about that too  that’s background – settin the stage  for this  that I wont dwell on for reasons I don’t care ta tell ya

 The she girl ape was being used by a circus carny to bring customers in to a Show  that high lighted the Crab Family ,--this family mother,  father, and two sons had feet and hands like crabs,- for real  a freak show it was called back then and the old guy  the carnie was using butchs she girl Ape as a ballyhoo a draw to get people to pay a quarter to see these human freaks   circus boy Butch earlier had painted his apes face with paint so she looked like a mandrill,  not like an ape  and she looked good too, butch learned this from the circus clowns and had his own colors  etc  the she grill ape had a chain around her neck  held by the circus pitch man- carne  --who didn’t know this ape but was told to use her for a draw-- circus boy butch was standing close by talking to her to keep her calm  the ape sitting up on the  pedestal  same level as the face of the carne pitch man who held on to her chain selling tickets she looked large and colorful the  circus crowd  where impressed  I standing front of the pedestal  the ape above my head  sitting on top of the pedestal the wee redmonk had on a skimmer hat on an angle and  a Cain, in his hand- looked down right  dapper,- Cain in his hand trying to hook  by the arm with the Cain any  children who came  by to come in  ta see the side show of freaks-  butches ape was up on topof the pedestal the carnie was sitting behind selling tickets  as I was trying ta drag in customers, suddenly I heard a loud commotion behind me  I turned around and the old carne pitch man was  holding his thigh  moaning and groaning  the Ape was gone  the carne was holding the chain too hard and knocked her the she gril Ape off balance the ape who then bit the carne in the thigh as she fell into his lap the ape  was now at  the carnies feet trying ta get away,- with circus boy butch  moving in to get her when the pitch man carne angry said I know what to do  he grabed a hammer   hit her in the head with a hammer again and again again  I watched the circus boy Butch try to  get control of her  screaming  don’t hit her don’t hit her  the crowd had backed away frightened   suddenly Clyde Beatty showed up and found out what happened and looked at the ape and  Butch pleading her case  lets take her to the hospital Clyde- ill pay you back   some how,-- we can take her to a doctor.! Butch Pleading her case  Clyde pulled out his stag handle pistol and shot her in the head  thats not the end of the story but  ill wont tell ya the  rest its non of your business


 Quick  ending of this story,-  not quit, just a smiggen  of the ending

 she was buried in the circus lot   the entire circus and animals and trucks  wagons,- animals  horses etc walked over her grave as the circus left  so no one would know where she was buried  only the elephants refused to walk over her grave  they put their trunks down on her grave and played with the  dirt on her grave like  they knew she was down their  they refused and bulked and would not step on her grave they refused even when the ancus was used    they circled the grave  like in  a foot ball players ina huddle in with their trunks on her grave ------- the circus gone -- ( those 1940s days a circus would have 20 or 30 elephants not 4 or 6 like today  )  some week passed ,the  wee redmonk  walked again down to the circus lot to see her grave  about 8:30 to his horror the family of the dead Italian shot by Clyde over the Elephant about 15  of these adults from this family had dug her up and was beating her dead body  with long poles clubs and sticks I ran up shouting don’t beat her,- don’t beat her, shes a good ape  don’t beat her no more  the crowd then turned on me hitting me with the clubs and poles  I back away and  tried to talk them out of beating her, they mocked me  and  continue  to beat  her  I then dove on top of her body taking the blows on my back and head  my face was on the back of her head and they hit her so hard the eye ball flew out of her skull right pass my eye on a long stringy piece of muscle  with the blows raining down   I thought I would pass out  then I heard  gun shots-  two -- and the beating stopped  and the Italians family  all immigrants like my people looked in the direction of the gun it was a coalfield cop  commin on a slight  run,- the mob then started running off the circus lot across the rail tracks across the creek like a low black moving shadowy cloud it carrying their poles and clubs  was dusk, they moved in mass  to get away from the coal field cop when he gut up to me I was still on the ground   he said I see what happened  stay here with her he jogged back to his police car  he came back from his car and  he walked toward me with a shovel in his hand  I was nauseated by the beating  my arm was cracked I was in pain  I stood over her with out looking at her ,- he the coal field cop   came up to me wth a shovel  in his hand and  said : she loved you bury her -- throwing the shovel at my feet  and turned went back to his squad car  old 1948 49 fords     I started digging  I  gut down a about a foot and became dizzy and nauseated and vomited and the  coalfield cop  had  just come back said get out   Ill  bury her,--- threw off his jacket  rolled his sleeves up,- gut the shovel and started diggin  fast and hard,- as he dug  he said ill call butch and tell him what happened  I waited till he finished ,---he gut a old blanket  we put her on it  wrapped her then carried her  to the grave we buried her  then we walked to a house that was close by people on the porch  like they do in the mountains, no TV the Coalfield Cop gave the woman three dollars to call him if the mob come to dig her up again  they said they would ! butch has photos of me looking wrapped in bandages like the spirit of 76 arm in a sling and head wrapped in white bandages he has these photos of me and so does the little coalfield jewish gril  Youl have ta come back for the rest of the story and the two trees  in a circus lot in the Coalfields –

 the coal field Way-

  throwing the shovel at my feet is the coalfield way- no mercy    and that’s the right way ta do it 

 there are other deaths too many to mention  like of my play mates dieing ina cave- in,- while they were playing coalminer anther drowned in front of me – others   playing on the stacked mine post that shore up the mine  they brake away  and  so their ya go________  the coalfields and the human condition   yesterday, yearyear 1940s is not 2003 –4  -  know what I mean ?_______ If not, I cant help you.

 Death ground

 the death of a small boy on the telephone pole  while a school teacher slept?-  or was it arrogance?  The place now is a realtor  place,-- steep hill two were saved and one died_on the wire on Arlington ridge road  a long long time ago,. But  will she milk cows for Jesus  in that big dairy barn in the sky ? or will Jesus let her teach the angels ? the redmonk was their  and will tell this story at another date it’s a shocker  wait till ya find out who the teacher was,- who slept at dawn,- sound a little like Pearl harbor   and then youl know the redmonk as hero – ( not as- SOB,  homo , traitor , mentally ill - none of these  I am )  as the Arlington county government Employees  demonize me to shut me up, I was told  many times by many people working for the county THEY want you out, who the hell is they ?   do ya think the milk maid has enough money to pay off the county lawyer Stoddard’s office  and or pay the corrupt Arlington Judges and librarians, or Richmond Va  off to keep demonizing and harassing me in Arlington, ongoing now in 2003 04, sick isnit ? them,- not me  their mother s and fathers grandparents did the same thing to blacks in the 1940 30s 50s-  its called drive the nigger out, hate the nigger , chase the nigger,- hang the nigger,-  beat the nigger,-  burn the nigger,- the nigger raped a white woman,-  I heard , I heard ,--Tommy told me  the nigger raped 8 white woman not one   drag the nigger out , we want the nigger   the Arlington Prosecutors office, Arlington sheriff and Arlington police chief heard _ they,-- the Arlington white Anglo Saxon people want the nigger out    yaaaa I get it ________ they ! I think I know who the fuc$ they is,-  all  Righ,-t ! the killer milk maid ? the gutdamn  Butler didn’t do it, --- the old School teacher did,-  Nazi jew wolfenstien and his jewish brothers, some of his jewish people but   what %  of his jewish people ? dats the Question ?  and  the Arlington Cops protecteing their cop brothers  on the US park police,  wow? --if ya read my web site ya know why /  some member s American legion post 139 and all of em lieing about  it –( they )

 Iam sick of hearing ( they- want you- out !

 Face me you white skin Anglo Saxon coward mother fers

 and  did ya know the background on the Pota Rican prosecutor in Fairfax county Va  works for Horan the Big Irish mick  prosacuter ?- did the pota Ricans wife get a job at the Smithsonian ?

 does Smithsonian  spoksmen Jim  (english boy )  Douglas Know ?  if so when /  the plot thickens , yes no, mabey or what ?

 those mentioned above all gut their white sheet cleaned and pressed in the bottom drawer- waten! Cant bull shi# the redmonk, well, mabey some times ?

 it haint over till its over  and it haint over  the world Wide press will do these stories Ill sho ya how



 Now the story of the dead small boy on the wire on Arlington Ridge-  age about 5- or 6   years old

  It wasent the Butler that did it !  keep that in front of ya white eyes

 Was it the old milk maid ? How about the old School teacher ?

 The two little Sam’s – Hay _ does one work and hang out in the Arlington Library ?

 And the other little Sam hide behind an Eyetalian last  name  starts with a T

the pota Rican Fairfax prosacuter ?

 His pota Rican wife _?

 His little pota Rican Daughter?

 The Smithsonian ?

 Back ta  Jim  English boy Douglas ?

 And Yah - back ta the Milk maid connect the do0000ts  

 No no no no, it was not the  Butler that did it 

 It was some one else ?

 Who else?

 Who did it ? 

 Who was it ?

 Is the noose tighting ?

 Do read the human_ condition down below

 And let me take ya by the hand

as I walk ya were the Crosses grow

 read on if ya brave    


  Dead boy on the telephone Pole wire  Arlington Ridge road 1960 ?  Negligent Homicide  ?

  about 45 years ago  the little witnesses- two little white scrubbed clean,- buster brown shoe type     white female, little girls,--- observed and are indeed the witnesses –

 as I came up the steep hill  ( see photo -- I notices three small boys on the telephone  pole climbing up  one after the other like three bear cubs their were other children standing around below watching  I approached the pole and told the boys not to go up any higher ,-- the wires have electricity in them and if they touch them they will be electrocuted and die  they are now up the pole look like three bear cubs  climbing a tree  that’s the scene ? the first boy states he climbs the pole all the time and mrs.( So and so knows – I don’t recall the name ) he pointed to a little building across the road  I again tried several times to get them to come down they refused  laughing and giggling  I then walked across the street and went in side  the small building the scene in side – a stern school teacher looking type women was talking to two well dressed alert small girls one was older then the other, 8 and 12 years old blond hair looking Irish Mick like  very neat and attentive wearen  Buster brown type shoes  standing as I approached the school teacher both girls almost standing at attention  in front of the school  teacher  it (was summer I believe  or spring )     the school teacher was talking to the two girls  and I  said some thing to the effect you have got to do something about those boys on the telephone wire thel get electuated if you don’t get them off the pole  she looked at me with arrogance and said WHO  are youu   what are you doing in here ,- and went back talking to the two girls I said with urgency in my voice you got to get those boys off the telephone pole   She replied annoyed I know their up their in an off handed manner  and went back talking to the girls  ignoring me  I then said aren’t you going to do something  she ignored me  I then turned and went  out the door and I heard the school teacher schreak I continued on to the telephone pole  and saw the 2nd and 3rd boy on the pole  and he said their  some thing wrong with  he said the name ( I don’t remember the 1st boys name ) and I looked up and I saw the frozen look on the first boys face and shouted to the two boys don’t move come down now  hes electrocuted,  hes dead, stay away from him come down  if you touch him you will die  too the 2 boy started a crying whining  and said I can almost touch him  the 2nd boy saying  no he isn’t dead he’s just playing , his small voice whining and crying  both boys confused and scared at the same time  the 2nd boy started to touch the first boy  and I screamed  you touch him youl die the other boy had jumped off the pole  I said come down he’s dead  the 2nd boy whining  said no he isn’t no he isn’t . he’s playing  he then came down the pole still whining afraid  I told all children to run across the street and not to look at the boy on the wire,- they ran I then took the two  boys by the hand and ran them across the street  told them not to look,--  the 2nd boy kept saying over, and over he not dead  hes not dead whining afraid looking back over his shoulder as we ran  saying hes not dead, I know hes not dead hes just playing -- as I ran them across the road  I told him firm- hes dead if you touched him you would be dead too,-  don’t you look ! don’t look! No body looks --  as we ran across the road --on the side of the building  were the two neat dressed little girls  watching __  with blank faces,- they were the witness:s in side and the two witness’s out side  who are they ??/ does any one know ? will they tell the truth or will they lie ? will they have to LIE ? who would they have to give up ,-- ya may never know  but I dooooo,_______

 Arlington County corrupt cop Obstructs justice on Arlington Ridge road 40 some years ago

 Arlington police  dept has been found out  how many ways will this corrupt police dept try ta silence the redmonk  do indeed watch as the murder take place --on the American Cop sneaky sly ? indeed 

 I Watch,  and am like a sparrow alone upon the roof top

____________________________Psalm 102:7________ for the two girl little witttnesses

 are their names Little SAM”s    ?   see the movie the wittness,  _ ta see whate I mean,- is their names_  the two little_____SAM s---?

  the  school teacher then told a lady from the neighborhood to take  the children away, and she did  the police came, so it goes on death ground   the crosses grow anywhere ,- any time of day too  Ya just never know ?  yah,- damn right  ,- ya never know-, yah,  --- redmonkee death ground ,  do ya want ta know the rest of it ???  the two boys on the pole know, ?  they must still be alive ,--mabey not,-  death ground is were the crosses grow- the big Green Alligator came walking by on his two back hind legs, standen up proud like,-- Yah- like  the Gator always does,- on death ground  and picked up the wee lad frozen  on the wire and carried the boy to the black box,- the way the green Gator will come for all of us  at the end of the last wave   so it goes , on redmonk death ground  thought ya want ta know that’s were the Crosses grow   nuff ta make ya puke

 the Redmonk and  the  Human condition-

 and the 

American Experince.

Her name can not be mentioned

 her home was in  

 Clyde Beatty Cole brother Circus

 For her beautiful Ape soul and the others_________

 Let a Spanish girl say it for them all ___


Iam the albatross waiting for you,

at the end of the world.

Iam the forgotten soul of the dead seamen who sailed around Cape Horn

 from all  the seas of the earth..

But they have not died in the fury of the waves.

 To day they fly on my wings toward eternity.

 In the crevasse of the Antartic Winds.


                                                                  Sara Vial

Chilean Poet______ Spain:

Sara Vial _ a Spanish girl from Chile knows how to say it-

for all of   those above  !on__________

________ Redmonkee  death ground  and the little French Sparrow Edith piaf can sing  for them all ,

-on this redmonk place,_ called redmonk death ground !

Epilogue___ In 2004  I sleep well at night and deep, too- the bulls in the Mountains that tried to kill me  three different times as a wee lad have stopped coming to visit me at night  as they usto  for many years they came for me at night, I awoke with a sweat  but not for 30, 40 years,-  they have gone, - the dead seamen in the port hole his frozen face and the rogue Wave came all total 6 or 7 times in 40 years his frozen white face and thousand yard stare and the floating hulk and rogue wave  too come no more,-  I sleep well,- a peaceful sleep because I did nothing wrong- I survived, others died  in front of me,  my God must have loved me,- even tho I was a Dirty sinner,- like all of youuu,  because I sleep well, I did the best I could at the time it all happened and as the French Foreign legion says:-

  Je  Ne Regrett  Rien- I regret nothing  !  this is so, not because  I say its so,- but because its so !      In this world your coming or going  Iam still coming,- how bout youuu   ?

oh sing on,- you little French Sparrow-    sing   for them  on death Ground________  Sing



 I don’t know if this is true but I bet Ive seen more death then Most Arlington county Cops,

 Yes , - no -- maybe ? ! or-  WhaT ?? just want ya ta know

as the Ruthenian- artist _________- Andy Warhol like to say--____ sooooo whaaaat !



 Noooo ____________death ground  here-_

some one burned with a cigarette butt the buttocks of  a very high ranking  US government officials  at the Viet nam Wall several ago--Army rangers involved and a Gator sailor  who else,?---  ya want ta know that story? itl shock ya,--- coming 2004  who do ya think it was,  ??/  that was burned by the cigarette butt on the Buttocs.  a clue mackn cant tell ya just yet,--   he knows the Kennedies that gives out awards for  being brave  __________Yaaah no  what /

ya may never know this story below  because ya white arlington people   are scard of ever thing the weather, mad cow , flue,  black people, jewish people , wax on apples  what the hell haint ya white people in arlington county  not afrade of / tell me Pleeeeease  Iam ashamed of ya white people


 Shouten ta the US marine Corp story commen 2004.

 ya know the story a couple of years old on the guy in a camper at the Iwoa Jima statue while the US marine band was getting ready ta march and play  like they do every tues,--  that guy parked in a camper called a Chinook across the highway next to the High rise apt. red brick  starts yelling to the marine Sergeant ta  to shoot a  blank volley into  the US marine officers and their wives and children on the stand and then shoot a volley into the public the people watching tourest etc.  so the white woman standing watching with their children know how the Viet nam woman at Me Lie felt getting gunned down, the first  volley in to the officers family to teach the officer corp. about leaving the POWs behind in Nam and for Marine Bobby Garwood ,--- did _ that guy stay the course and keep shouting shout to the Marine contingent to obey the sergeant not the US marine officer, leading them,-- did indeed  that guy shout-: obey the sergeant of the Corp always the sergeant of the Corp . what happened ???  did US marines in civilian clothes chase the Guy in the camper and the Marine  bull dogs doin their chasing  get their transmission fuc% ed up on a large rock near the exit  on ta rt. 50  trying ta take a short cut trying to capture that guy as that guy sped away like the Fox   did these Marine bull dogs track that guy down  at a demo and confront him in front of the White house?  And ask the redmonk are you the redmonkee , ?--- the redmonk replies  why ?  the  Marine bull dogs say we think you are the redmonk--, redmonk says- ok I might be  ?---the bull dogs then say--- Ill ride in your boat and wont wear a helmet, --- said in  front of the white house , the same demo wher the Hispanic woman on another demo for their cause paused and prayed for mrs. Weaver and her son Sammy -W  after I shouted to them to pray for mrs. Weaver  at ruby ridge _--  that story never made the news your hearing it here fo thee first time , ya gut ta make shi$ happen, Ya - cant stay in Americian legion post 85 and post 139 drinken beer  know what I mean ? - the photo of the demo on the photo Gallery  my sign says ruby ridge  ya don’t want ta know,  this story- it could scare ya white people ya  all a bunch of white American Arlington  punks, get a grip pleeeeease   Iam ashamed of you white people  the coalfield people coalminers  who face death every day ashamed of you – for crice sake get some guts  you yellow bastered white people  youuu 

the story how in the 1950s at little creek Virginia GaterAmphib. base in Racist State of Virginia the white Anglo Saxons who worked at the Virginia  State DMV  would not let the redmonk have a driver license because of his Slav last name   he applied for adrivers license  just out side the navy gate was the State of Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles the DMV--  the all white Anglo Saxons woman treated me like shi$ asking me if I was white, was I sure I was white  snarling at me , Implying I might be  a communist a Bolshevik , all those white English  Irish welsh, English,- Scottish MFERs standing around her staring snarling at me  etc.  check  my photos on the photos gallery better looken then any Anglo Saxon white male and braver too,- also whiter too,-  they made me wait all day from 9 till 4 in the afternoon  four days in a row I went  four days in a row, you come back sharp tomarrow and well see what happens - racial abuse, mocking me, just total bull shi$  this is the treatment we White ethenics gut all the time from Anglo Saxons  from the time we were small children  for real ,-  I was pissed --- I had to stay,- till I got the license I couldn’t go back  with out it  I was on Navy time,-- the Navy wanted me have a driver license to drive the truck  I went back to the ship and talked to LTG Murphy a well like officer by the crew and told him what these Anglo Saxon $ocksuckers were doing to me  he gut pissed and the next morning we went together he  blew up at the snotty Anglo Saxon woman behind the counter and the others alglo Saxon meat balls who still refused me a license because they said i may be communist because of my last name and they are checking me out, and wanted to know if I was white - (to all Anglo saxon Americans   let us all pause for a redmonk route 66 on your white as$ - Yaaah  some times ya get what ya prey for,--  later in my life while Employeed b y the US park service  in Washington dC as I was being over run  by US park police comcerning my complaint of   the photos of  dead black woman,-  the horses problems -)etc , National Zoo and Smithsonian , General  accountining office building wash. Dc - where Coward American  lawinforcement using poor black janitors in this building  to defile  my dead cousins naked  body--- using photographs  of her dead naked body  to pass around  for people to laugh at like the Park police did the Black Woman in the Wash . Dc mourge .)- the  Commerce dept black racest , the blacks  who laughed at these photos , etc--- I was being over  run  by American law inforce,ment  I was outnumberd 1000 to I. --- I refused to give up my struggle for justice --   I ran to my slav bros in the  Russian embassy ta kick your American  Stinken Mfken as$, I was outnumbered like gen Custer at the battle of the little big horn—you low class Anglo Saxons Americans like the numbers #s to be 1000 anglos saxons against 2 Ruthenians you anglos call that a fair fight . and indeed crow how great you are when ya win this lopsided fight  and no race of people in America kiss black peoples as$like you anglo Saxons American every day all day long  in the Washington DC area  Iam ashamed of you Anglo saxon Americans, ashamed  Yahh I getting in my famous Redmonk ( Rt. 66 licks) in damn right, damn right I am ----  my little daughter where ever she is is half anglo saxon so I better be carefull  about jumpen on you Anglo Saxons, anglo Saxons treated me good some treated me special  coal mine supertedent wife who wore a pioneer woman’s bonnet all the time forced me to drink milk to save my bones  she paid Slav coal field  boys to capture me a 10 cents apiece to  bring me to her house force milk down my throat ta save my bones  glass after glass,- the old last US army Drummer boy gave me his drum,-- he played drums for Teddy Roosevelt  and gave me rides on the train turn tables at the round house  were they repaired trains black steam locomotives he worked their with his hands  two way streets not one way streets—Iam getting my RT 66 licks in,-- but still trying ta be fair- now back ta getting my driver license ---------- the year  1957 you Arlington county students inArlington county Virginia—the year 1957 haint the year 2004 get a grip and you white Anglo saxon school children with white skin blue eyes and small lips don’t owe me or black people,- jew people, Italian people, Greek people , Russian people, or any other people any thing any where any time,-- you are innocent  its your grand fathers arss I want,-  for pay back he did the crime let him do the time , stay out of it  now back to getting my drivers licenese the year  1957

 LTJG Murphy started yelling, waving his arms shouted -- this man is in the military service  and your going to give him his driver license, now,- to day,- all the big wigs came out of their offices and surrounded  the white woman and the other standing behind her all  who refused me a driver license because of my last name, and wanted to know if I was white - they relucuntly let me have it after threats from LT JG Murphy  then a few years later  I settled with a little down payment  on what’s owed me by the Anglo Saxons at whiteys bar, 1960 the Arlington All Anglo Saxon’s-- Clam  Garvey,  Clam-Farley, Clam- Mary Haines will not teach any of this in the Arlington School system because their fathers and grand fathers did this type of Race abuse thing daily to my father,- Grand father and me, -- Italians, Russians, Greeks ,Poles, Ruthenians, Lebanese etc. in the 1900 1930 1940 50 and this type of racist bullshi4 from the dirty coward Anglo Saxons Americans was a daily occurrence in Anglo Saxon Dominated America in this time frame 19 40s -50s 1960 s   and the all White Arlington Anglo Saxon school board  in Arlington  county and jack as% Arlington white skin judges  and  white skin Prosecutors don’t under stand my anger of wanting me to get even  Wow  and these are the same Anglo Saxons fuc$ ing with me today 2003 04 about what I believe political,--- to me all this bull shi$ is the 2nd coming of the  Joe McCarthy peired 1950s  think of it , I get it twice, 1950s and  and again in 2003 --John Ashcroft patriot act – Arlington cops wanting to know my religion, my political believes  and being ask this question by a jewish cop yet ! in Arlington -- I get it twice  they beat me,-- fuc$ my body up,  I have an operation  and they demand silence  from me  threaten me as a prisoner in the Arlington Jail they will shut down my web site,-  I want the Russian Pamyet org. and Russian Speztnse and the Russian government to kill these mfer for what they are doing to me, if they are found guilty in a slav court of law   --  -! at least Iam honest about  the mental sickness of the Anglo Saxons which is in their Arlington County heads that they are aloud to do this shi% to white ethnics Americans and the white ethnics like me will not fight back  - teach all the race history in America not just black ,jew, Hispanic, and   Indians, history-- get some guts  ya phony white Americans C- suckers in Arlington  county Va , just 15 min by car from the white house ? where at ASPAN org one of their clients told them they are going to get me  I grabbed him by the throat and made him tell me whose going to beat me for what I believe what are their names some of them live at Big Broom  cleaning Co in arl Va -where the Arlington stalker lived  he mentioned people names and other small time drug dealers in Arlington they also threatened me with small time  drug dealers,  Graves  the Arlington Court house loves this  the cops the judges the Common wealth attorneys office, judges Magst Bell Franceen O: Brien,- Stoddard, Levie, they love it ---  read the story new on the death of a child on the wire on Arlington Ridge road 1960 me the hero,-? Did a very wealthy person well known in Arlington blame me  so as to cover her self from shame of what she did   I save the children the old school teacher kills the children ya know who she is  ? all of you ?— she taught some of you in school she might have been your principle  did she talk down to the dead boys mother ? did I meet the dead boys mother at the bottom of the pole ? the photo comming  who called me a bastard the pota Rican Libirian a witness was it one of the little Sams , you basterd your goin ta kill her , she says to me  then she says Iam sorry Iam sorry  the pota Rican girl helping her  ?)  does any one give a good fuc$ about me  Iam not your wippen boy,- and my skin haint black  its white, -- Iam goin ta fight back ,-- Could this be the reason I have been talked down too and given the short riff at the libiray? As they try ta make me go off -- this just in off the wire ) the Arlington County female cop whore who runs the 2nd direct  she runs cops Tedla cop Murphy  this for investigative reporters --- rumor is-- she delt and talks to Smithsonian officials about me yes no mabey or what --- is a senator from the State of Tennessee involved with  the white skinned Anglo Saxon  female Capt.  Arlington cop 2nd district   is the senators name First  who wrote a mentally ill report in the Washington post  news paper defending the Nationals Zoo from animal Abuse and miss management charges  by world renowned Animal Org. on Dec 7 and dec 8 in the Washington Post news paper the dam burst on the Zoo  they were found guilty of ever thing I complained about  I was vindicated  on dec. 7 th 2003 look it up in the Washington post news paper  if ya look at Sen. First he has the look of a mentally ill person he’s from Harvard he’s arragront like all Yale and Harverd graduates  don’t ya just love my spelling  Ill correct it later  it the meat in the story dummy not the spelling – get it ? and for all you redmonk non believers in the Arlington Court house I lived thousands of these race bull shi# crimes by you cocucker Anglo Saxons  from the day I was born in this country  thousands , -- this is not taught in the Arlington public Schools the Anglo Saxons woman control the door  to education  in this Modern Nazi County Arlington  and Modern Nazi State of Virginia  and I don’t hold the white skin Blond hair small lips  blue eyed Anglo Saxon children responsible  because if the Blacks or jews were in charge they would mistreat white Christian  people too  who ever has the power over other people—abuse--always and every time , - look what blacks do to white people in Africa  where the Blacks rule, - look what the jews do to the Arab Palestinian’s on the Gaza In Israel  who ever  got the power abuses it  white skin Anglo Saxon children owe no apology to any one  Ill defend ya Anglo Saxon school children  with the  truth, --- even throw I cant stand your grand father who iam going ta kick his as$ when I catch him for what he did to me  1940s 1950s 1960s  tell him Iam looken for him- white school children stand up for ya selves your Innocent   you don’t do the crime ya don’t do the time / end of story, yes no mabey or what?


 The KKK Cross burners on the top of Chestnut ridge

 1940s  and  the wee redmonk and the Little  jewish girl  UPI reporter brake open the case of  the Delaney’s Cross burners at Delaney’s cave, --- the Arlington Cop Murphy who was involved in the Arlington Cop stop year 2002 read front page  at the stop he stated his name was Delaney not Murphy --- the KKK crosses were burned on top of Chestnut ridge in my grand fathers time -1890s, my fathers time 1930s and my time 1950s   the crosses were burned by the Anglo Saxons to intimidate the Immigrants living below Chestnut Ridge who worked the coal mines --  the Anglo saxon cross burners  had names like Clam Garvey Clam Mary Haines  Clam Farlow  who are on the Arlington school Board, hiding and covering up and claming up for   the Arlington stalker,- the child killing jew at the zoo ,- the death of the Giant pandas at the zoo -- the milk maid who lost a boy to death on the wire at Arlington Ridge  fire all three of em  for betrayal of the citizens of Arlington  ??/ getting my licks in on redmonk RT. 66 ---  that was all back ground, more background  before I get on with the story   including the rattlesnakes living in the Delaney’s cave hibernating  how old lady Delaney a mountain woman dressed the same as  all Appalachian mountain woman did of the 1940s  would save and protect the diamond back giant rattle snakes as they could barley make it out of the cave  in the spring time  she and her daughter who I believe is Arlington Cop Murphy’s mother  who was like 14 or 13  years old at the time I  saw all of this. Because we would walk to Delaney cave to fool around playing pirate  the Delaney’s always kept a small rattler on a little rock ledge about head high to keep people out of the cave  it would be coiled and its rattler buzzing  shaking  we would hunker down and crawl beneath it  under the rock shelf so the rattler couldn’t see us and get through  I saw old lady Delaney and her grand daughter  carry the snakes out of the cave on sticks like holding up 6 feet of long taffy with sticks  she would talk to em the snakes like they where humans as she and her grand daughter? -- carried the rattlers out of the cave one at a time the snakes didn’t have enough fat or strength to make it out  they looked terrible like shrunken starving people look  some so long in length it was frightening these were big daddy diamond back  rattlers,- not  12 or 13 inches but the lenth of a grown mans leg ,--- after old lady Delaney fed em in those wire cages they would be as thick and fat as your arm and when she let em out they moved like bats out of hell  really moved on  one I remember was so big the stick broke as they carried em,- the biggest head and had strange yellow streaks on its  massive head strange and beautiful at the same time  she would take the rattlers to a large cage and feed em overs a period of time and then let them go after they got fat  and the next year do the same thing.

  the rattlers always came back to Delaney’s cave to winter over   all of us below the ridge would come up to Delaney’s cave to cool off in the hot summer old lady Delaney ust to charge 15 cents for a glass of water from her well , it was a rip off , -   I I    the day I saw the crosses burn   I looked up on the ridge and  it was an eerie sight  so my aunt Irene who was super brave woman   she stood up to the coalfield mob who was chopping on the elephants  with a ax, story on link page-- she also stood up for a black coal minen family whose house was built too close to a bank of beehive coke ovens during the war II 1940s and  she and another girl went to the engineers and gut then to shut down that one coke oven, the anglo Saxons said they did care if  the black coal minen family house burned down,-   the black coal minen family had to throw buckets of water from a well on to the side of their house to keep it from burning  24 hours a day throwen water sitten in a chair readen a book —the side of the house  smoked and some time erupted in flames a true WWII story ya never read in the Washington Post news paper, that rag sheet in Washington dC owened by the coward Graham family  who their dirty son the coward Donald  gave me up to the police and almost gut me killed --- my aunt told me to make a reconance in depth of the Delaney’s  gather intell, Etc. the Delaney’s lived in like a very small white painted shack on top and behind the cave entrance  so the next day I walked to the foot of Summit Mountain and climbed the ridge   gathering Intel on the goings on as concerns the Delaney’s cross burnen  what I saw through the tall   grass was old lady Delaney wrapping large Christian crosses with burlap sacks tying them with rope  and they had a stack of em, these  crosses  I snuck out and down the mountain I went and told my aunt what I saw , she told me to go back up  the next day and get more info on the Delaney’s the next day the little jewish girl Julie   shows up with her camera and she’s going ta do a story on the cross burners  her dad drove us to the foot of the summit mountain and we snuck in on the Delaney’s  and watched in the grass as they carried more crosses it was old lady Delaney and her grand daughter carrying the crosses who I now believe is the mother of Arlington Cop Murphy   more on this story later how the Delaney’s lost their Cave to the state of Pennsylvania, I was their the day it happened ,-- how the state officials berated old lady Delaney in front of me terrible, ugly sight  threatened not just ta take away her cave but her little house on top of the cave a shack really--   if she didn’t shut up, as she verbly argued this was hers  the big boss anglo saxon  did every thing but slap her face  made her put her head down her chin resting on her chest  and say shes sorry and made her thank him for letting her keep her house  treated her like that black woman in the movie deep purple  where the whites get the black woman,--- ugly for real   old lady Delaney she dressed like Appalachian women of the 1940s  ya have ta see photos of those woman I cant explain but it is not how you woman dress now  today 2004- I started haten anglo Saxons with white shirts and ties pushen every one around    and their--- kings English  they spoke, --- If I had a gun I would have shot that sob or make him back off  because that’s how I was raised  he also had a couple of cars of Anglo Saxon officials with him from the government  all of em  in white shirts and ties   ---this ugly story coming  in 2004 or 5 look for it ! the Dalaneys and other old time anglo Saxons in the mountains and through out America   were afraid the new immigrants  Slav Italian Greeks white Ethenics immigrants from Europe   were taken over America   and pushen the anglo Saxons out . ya have ta put it in perspective  ya know  I don’t like an Injustice  if ya from the coalfields and mountains  ya know what I mean.

more stories commin______ 2004 2005 when ever,- ya gut ta come back, -  No- this haint my swan song

 its my sun dance  there is a difference

 ask an American Indian what the difference is ?


 Hitlers     white Slave  Labor woman 1940s

 the young redmonk and   Ukrainian Slave Labor woman for Hitler’s third Reich comes to the mountains after the War 1945 as a D.P.  (displaced person ) her head glowed at night  because of contamination of phosphors  she put on watch dials to makem  the numbers on the watches  glow in  Hitler  slave factory for slavs  one tiney horror story of what Hitler’s third Rich did to the Slav Race   the Jewish girl  Julie  miss u.p.i.  may know about this as she was always sniffen around

 British Evacuees in the Coal fields  below Chestnut Ridge 1940s  WWII  

 the wee redmonk and the two little English girl Evacuees brought to America at the height of WWII 1940s for safety  from Hitler’s bombing of England  WWII, one of their English aunts married an American  soldier ( called a war bride in those days  )  and she was allowed to come to America with these two British Children same age as the wee redmonk  this story will knock ya out   this story for the British girl who tries ta get the British news paper Guardian to do my story  she’s British,  she’s not American, -- get it ?


 wee- Brew Hammer-1940s

the  Wee red monk   stops______________

 the  new York jewish  Kidnappers

 ice  cold in the coalfields1940s  below chestnut ridge  ---, 1940s a for real story  their all real and true  I gut witnesses- whata you gut -?- 

  the kidnapping of miss. Rosenberg his school teacher by dirty new York Jews  in a black Chrysler   with 1940s new york licenese Plates  Miss Rosenberg  the redmonks school teacher, Yah--  the daughter of the old jew Mr. Rosenberg who had a cow Rosie-- incase ya don’t remember ---  brigen ya up ta speed on this story - the wee redmonk uses a hunting rifle on the jews as he watches in disbelief as two jews in black with beards one on each side of mrs Rosenberg holding her arms  walking her down a dirt drive way  no asphalt  trees overhanging the drive way  that led to old mans Rosenbergs barn  get the pict. ? she crying no no I don’t want ta go pleeease shes a struggling  the wee redmonk watches in suspended disbelieve  and  moves into action,--- runs to a coalminers house beats on the door  screaming their kidnapping Mrs. Rosenberg  get some guns  we need guns  there kidnappers, the coalminers wife  her husband is asleep  I said ya gutta come noow bring guns  the kidnappers from newyork gut mrs, Rosenberg their taken her away- right now we don’t have time  ya gutta come now  so the miners wife said here -hands me a deer rifle gave me a hand full of shells said – go- the wee redmonk now on the run back ta stop the Jewish new york kidnappers he see em they gut mr. Rosenberg now  in the jews black car from new yourk  I cam see the plates says new yourk    the wee redmonk fires a shot pass em  they look shocked the wee redmonk screamen put your hand on top of the car, spread your legs the wee redmonk screeaming -  the wee redmonk WWII trained by WWII paratroopers and marines and Gi Joes 1945 1946 1947 1948   damn  right spread those legs --good training came In handy,- how ta beat a prisnor too ,-all came in handy    and the wee redmonk makes em,-- the jews  take the position --legs spread  -- hands on top of a 1946 black Chrysler with new york license plates  he the wee redmonk  saves his school teacher   from the Yid Kidnappers from new york  ---Yaaah ! he  lets the new York jews know he means business too he the wee redmonk fires a shot or round what ever ya want ta call it a bullet coming out of a gun barrel  into the door it passes through  to the  other door and out WOW_____, he rams the barrel of the rifle up hard in to the jews crotch again and again  he made the new York jews shake and bake as miss Rosenberg is sitten in the back seat of the black Chrysler  out of it, -- staring streight ahead like shes in shock-  after the shot went through both doors  almost hit her in the knee,  ( found out later )---- the redmonk screaming run Miss Rosenberg ruuun  ruuun !  I gut em  I gut em, - ruuun miss Rosenberg ruuun --- the wee redmonk -  ramen the  the jew  up in the crotch again and again  and a again with barrel of my rifle the jew hoppen up and down lika jewish  Austrialian  kangaroo staying in the position on the Black Chrysler  jew dressed in black and with a beard his as$ facen me   ya get the picture ?  Iam a midget with a gun fuc$ing this new york jew up,---get the picture  coalfields 1940s haint  haint never goina be  new york 2004  get real  !

 the Americasn east in some back water places like in the mountains- Saaay-----  was wilder then the   old American west, -- wilder---  take it ta the bank  and deposit it

 the wee redmonk maken  the new york jews shaken and baken how it all happened how it all ended  --

this story will knock ya out  ya jews of Arlington and the famous Hitler Jews and cordavins Jewdenes of  Fallschurch  Virginia  who like their jewish sons ta beat up on a 8 year old brave skinny polish gril ya gotta come back  for the ending  and  the Alexander Virginia  jews weeell --- Like  say--- Rabbi Jack Moline of Alexander V Virginia  I want ya to know  the Cath movie  by mel Gibson the Passion )-  haint as good as this story on the New York kidnappen jews , -- all ya yids come back   Ital tear ya jeish heart out  your gonia love it  don’t miss it  all ya yids  out their- listen up—yaaah -- this is the Brew Hammer not the Heeb hammer -- Shaobit shalom you jewish SOBeS -- all you Yids out their --- Up your Tocus - I learned Yiddish from real jews from Ellius Island 1940s jews from the shettels of eastern Europe  with no college digree  little hole in the wall shops  trying hard ta sell something  called rag jews  ifa youa noa under astanda I canta helpa youuua     all new coming sometime in – 2004 all true shake and bake all ya yids oye oye oye  you gut it ? ! riiight  the Brew Hammer  in Arlington  says Shabbat Shalom you sorry as$ yids you   don’t miss this story – oye   oye--- the Brew Hammer is the only real Hammer the Heeb Hammer is a fraud   take it to the bank and deposit it

 the Ability of jews to internalize any critical and

Condemntory remark and castigate them selves  is

  one of the marvels  of human nature

_ Aharon Appelfeld, to Philip Ross


 Every country gets the jews it deserves

________Kar Emil Franzos, the jews of Barnow  -1877 




  the living Jewish manikin  who cried tears

 of white Ice -  in a jewish store  window

   Crying in a store glass - window in a coalfield  mountain town____  as he stood still with out a movement of his body    1949?  Tears flowing down his cheeks  coal field children laughing at him mocking him ,making faces  at him  pounding on the window  Haw Haw get the picture ?

 The wee redmonk as the  wee Brew Hammer moves in and  saves the living jewish Manikin from his  Nazi jewish mothers cruelty her aka Mrs. Hitlergoldberg, Yah - a ten year old jewish boy  same age as the red monk  forced by his cruel Jewish mother to be a freak in the jewish clothing store window he better not move his position  the slightest movement gets him beaten in front of all of us   by his cruel jew Mother s her name   Mrs Naziburg   beatings like ya see people some time in a movie  or in real life  beat a dog or horse  the redmonk knows this SHI$-- then the story moves on from the 1940s to to 1990s   how  50 years later we two by chance meet again on the street of a dying coal mining town boarded up windows drapes painted on the windows  Etc so people think their some one living in side so vandals don’t break the window s  get the pict.  Of course youuuu doo --so the jewish manikin  and I, hay -   we  talk about the old days, 1940s  --  we sit on a small wall in this dead boarded up coal town  he dressed like old down and out hippie  he tells the redmonk  my grand father owned all of these building s waving his arm  in the direction of the buildings  he says my aunt took over every thing  after he died,-- the jewish  Manikan  boy in the window-- hesa  complaining  now – a jewish  lament that only a jew can doooo – he says  Paaaained -  I don’t know what she doing ? she gives me a little bit of money—she stole every thing   the 50 something year old Redmonk looks hard at the jewish guy who is also  50 years old  something and the redmonk says-  I remember youuu-- you’re the jewish kid in the window  that clothing store long time ago,-  do you remember me ?  iam the kid who tried ta get you to run, -  you wouldn’t go  ya said she d only find ya --   did ya do what I told ya to do, -- go to the jewish court  and file charges against your mother   did ya do it ?--  a Big smile crossed his face and he said  with a smile  nodding his head,- I remember  you now too, he says  -- I saw you a couple days ago up at Doms  Restaurant he says,( a hole in the wall from  1940s  left over store  struggling ta make a couple bucks )  ,( their clothing shop was next door to Doms Rest in those days 1940s  .  Doms is all that’s left open  ___ the jew laments more now  picken it up  ya get the pict.- he goes on, -- but I wasn’t sure it was you, he says -  he then  stood up and with tears running down his jewish cheeks   he lookes at me  and then hugged me so hard  his head buried in my chest he wouldn’t let go, -- I was uncomfortable , -- I don’t like any one hugging me  Iam from the coal fields  ya only touch a man in the coalfields ta shake hands or try ta  knock him out in a Fight,-- coalfield culture )  ---  he finely lets go and with tears runnin  nodding his head   I again said, -- well did ya go to the JEWISH Court  or not, - after all these years,--  I want ta know, !-- again he nodded his head nodding up and down, --  still- tears runnin down his cheeks looking at me crying   I ask again well did ya  ? Iam dyen ta know   what happened ?- --, I had learnd this jewish court business  from the old jewish tailor who tried ta teach me jewish law  as I hung around his  little hole in the wall tailor shoplookin for little jobs  candy money  Kibetsin  all that good shi# ya get the picture  etc – rag jews poor good descent people hard working, - but poor rag jews as they say    this old Ellis Island jew  Tailor told me about this Jewish court, --- not an American court, But a jewish Court that  jews are terrified of this jewish court  the old jew told me, -- but he never told me why?-  he also told me I could take him to a jewish court even , I was impressed  I felt impowered !

 I put two and two together  and came up with 4- when I saw the Jewish Manikin Crying getting beaten  staying in position  sort of like a mime, -  blank face  -tears runiin , -get the pict.  If not I cant help ya ,-it haint under lock and key  figure it out  for crice sake  and  youl have ta come back for the finish of this story

  I wasn’t allowed near their clothing shop after that info on the jewish Court was passed  ta the jeish kid in the window  Yaaah- the cat was out of the baag aand runnin and his mother was piiiissed , --- but he, -- the Jewish manikin would make faces at me as I stood across the street watching him in the window as aliving manikin on Sat. him tring to send me a message,  after I gave him the message on the jewish court business —he-  using his face  muscles trying to talk ta me  across the street,-- I couldn’t read what he was sending  -- I was not allowed near the shop the coal field police told me  I was not to go near their mrs. Hitlerberg complained  to the cops   I finely gave up---- then a few weeks later I saw him dressed in a black sueit working customer in the Shop tring ta get them ta buy something  like he was working the circus as a carnie-- his dirty jewish mother Mrs. Nazigoldenberg still bulling him  but at least,- hes at last,- in his element, yaaah - smiling teeth showing  as he works the crowd like a barker in a carnival all dressed up and spiffy  and I heard the old jews tell him out of ear shot of his Nazi jewdene Mother you doing a great job kid  don’t worry what she says , - the old jews trying ta protect him, -

(  his mother  from Falls Church va . ? any one know ? )—

Julie the coalfield gril ( miss Jewish  United Press International  of the coalfields )   --- knows this story she was involved some how ? I cant remember exatly  how ? -  I haint Paul Harvey --but ya still gutta come back to hear the  ending of the story  it too will tear ya jewish  heart out,--  all ya Yids  in Falls church and Arlington County come back , come back  don’t pass this story up  You guessed it  yaah, .it will tear your jewish heart out, - put it back in and then tear it  all out again that’s how bad this story is at the end   don’t be bashful come back for the ending  why would ya want ta miss it .  have a David on me, - but doooo come back  this is the Brew hammer doin good deeds long long  ago 1940s this haint the Heeb  Hammer this a the Little Brew

 Sung to that old tune_ long long ago _  the song  we sang in a coalminen  school locate 200 yards from a Coalmine  miss Gentile an Italian Immigrants daughter  played the school piano  and we sang  long long ago   she was the first one in her family to ever go to collage her father was a coalminer from Italy - hell every body was Italian,  Slav,  Greek , Hungarian, Serbo Croat immigrants worken the mines.- the jews had these little hole in the wall shops like rag jews usta have  jews selling things out of their Cars Willie Lomen jews  not willie Horten , willie Lowmen  type jews 1940s - homberg hat on their head  some came around with two big suit cases full of brushes and things thread pins  huffen ana puffen  thay would take a hankie out of their pocket mop their brow  drink water  over weight  jews - open up their suit cases smiling talking   they spoke Slav . get the pict.   a few big jewish  stores a furniture  in this coaltown   a dept store  jewish owned  by the wealthy jews the  Kaufman’s  from Pittsburg pa - I gut something on the Kaufman’s ill tell ya  later  they own the Falling water Frank Lloyd Wright house , in the mountains  on the other side of Chestnut ridge -- -- come back your goinalove it all ya- yids 0y-  trust me --- now  back at the Coal  mine  they had ta put up signs at the coal  mines all over  in all these  different languages     on the corner of any street in this small coal town  ya could hear several different languages being  spoken at any  one time, -- when she the Italian coalminers daughter  went to collage the Anglo Saxons gave her a rough time  wanted ta know what’s a dago doing here  in Collage ?--  Anglo Saxons fumin -- Arlington County school board don’t know about this, -- I dooo ? Ya white Anglo Saxon whores on the Arlington County school board 2004  better teach the Italian Secret Story on the round up of 600.000 Italians WWII 1940s By Anglo Saxons   Iam a living witness  I saw it up close and boarded a Bus controlled by US army soldiers  with rifles  don’t tell me Ill tell you I was there where the hell where you  ?---- those white skin Anglo Saxons on the  Arlington county school board ?  Yaaah --where was your grandfather and father ?/ yaaah – why are ya anglo Saxons school board members  hiding ?  come out  face me --

 this story in full 2004 or 5 what ever  show up that’s all ya guta dooo

Every Country has the jews it deserves

___Karl Emil Franzos , the jews  of Barrnow 1877





 Irish mick in the Coal fields late 1940s

 What is a coalfield mick ya about ta find out   coming sometime  2004




 A cruel Rich  jewish Kid and a Pony

 with a Red saddle  in the mountains  1940s

 the wee redmonk  as the wee brew Hammer moves in ta save the pony from this little Nazi jew  same age as the wee redmonk  ,---  their Yid  name the rich Kaufmens born ta wealth-- they own the  famous house in the mountains falling water   I believe   the redmonk bringen back the past  yaah the  1940s, yester year  -- how ya like it?- . coming soon 2004 keep ya eye open  this little Jewish Nazi might have been from falls church va  where the big Nazi Jews Live, Yaaah--  Fallchurch Virginia located  just 15 min from Washington DC in the US of a Yaaaaah - the Famous Hitler Jews  and Cordavin jewdens of Falls Church Va  who live 20 min by car from the white House go see em  they like ta beat up on a 8 year old polish child  the US Justice dept. does nothing  with jewish blockers with there jewish foot on the door of th US  justice  dept. the all white news men silent Yaah   this story will kill ya,- ya guta come back for the ending  don’t miss it  have a david on me,- but come back all ya Yids out there

 Every country has  the jews it , deserves

_Karl Emil Franzos, the jews of Barnow 1877


the story ya been waiten for  down below but ya gut ta pay

 find out how ya pay


   the Burnt American Flag the date  Sun Feb. 15 th 2004

at Arlington National Cemetery US Park police and the redmonk involved  howed it all happen ??? can ya chicken Shi$ white Americans handle this story,  probably not

 go wait inthe car

,-  this story for  American legion Post 139 and post 85  white skin dim Wits who slop down  beer  and - who are terrified of my redmonkee book store and the book the soft cage- Post 139  located   down town- Arlington post 139 members    who are cannon fodder for Enron Corp  cannon fodder for Iserial, -  cannon fodder for Iraq,   cannon fodder for the republican  and democrate  political party  , but never are these white skin dim whits  connon fodder for America .

. this flag story for the coward ? - Arlington firemen in # 2  pink -fire house who uses a coo coo whistle ta taunt me and  fuc$ with me this is the fire house that did not warn the woman and children of Arlington about  the  child killing jew at the Zoo and the Arlington stalker-   ya arlingtin Citizens  need ta fire these fuc$ing firemen  for real  people !  get some guts,- fire em  some  hang out at american  legion  post139 and post 85  how many black members does post 85 have ?-  just asken a question  ya gut ta earn the burnt flag story it haint free

 Burnt American Flag  story Yaah-   feb 15 th 2004  the day this flag was found burnt  on a Sunday   I haint given ya dirty Americans any thing free work for it Yaaah use tongs to pick the story out yaaah

 coo coo Fire House # 2  where the as$ holes firemen coo coos hang out  ! does coo coo Fran O Brian know?- don’t even ask?-  shes located on the  5 th floor of the court house   does coo coo Stoddard  the English boy know ? look for him on the 5 th floor of the court house -- he’s scared of the old  killer school teacher  ? she ever give him money ?// or Iam I just fisshen ? this web site usta be about the Smithsonian inst and the national Zoo wrong doing _- but its turning into the Arlington County wrong doing  web site  and the as$ hole people white skin dim wits and arlington police dept.  doing it just the same way the American Government and  lawinforcement caused all the deaths at Oklahoma city and  Waco, - and  ruby ridge,--  Its called as$ holeissim by the people in charge  where ever -  and this Arlington county gut a heavy case of it  remember I was going to leave Arlington and head west to park city Utah sun dance ) to try to get the circus rascals turned into a movie  but Arlington county Cops Murphy and Tedla stopped me  didn’t want me to leave  ?  BIG Mistake ?  yes or no ? just asken a question ?

 but others have said Tedla and Murphy helped ya, -- how sooo I ask – answer-- now ya can clean up Arlington county  and have some law suits too


 I don’t know ya decide ? background befor ya get the Burnt Flag story I weaved it in and out  so ya gut ta read all my stuff ta get the burnt flag story  Haw Haw  on youuu it haint free ?

 Smithsonian National Zoo said  they fired me for being a threat to the animals staff and the whole Smithsonian Collection  WOW !  I was telling the Bosses how fuc$ed up the National zoo is  drug addiction, among the work force  drug addicts employees threating people at the zoo   , Arab woman coming in the zoo looking for the Jewish arab child  killer zookeeper--- ralph Strauss  who killed the Arab woman children WOW, the oust side Jews come in the zoo threating me  WOW !  jewishs Americans fuc$ed up the  baby Pandas  by accident, black racist at the zoo not delt with , cover ups every were, -- first thing the all white zoo officials care about is Yaaah -  are the ghetto Blacks happy, -- eeoc  ya gut it  ) then- # 2 are the PHDs happy, ) the Animals are the 4 th or 5th thing they care about  I was never a threat to the Animals or staff at the Zoo   the People in charge--    the PHDs  Intellectuals  who are still there running the zoo are the threat against every person and animal   in the zoo---and brave stand up English American  boy Nichols who worked at the zoo proved it  some Anglo Saxons bucks  do stand up, - Rebel Scot Irish  McVeigh , English boy- Nichols -- not many,- rare !  in a Anglo Saxon American white   buck  rare !

 on Dec7 th and Dec. 8 th 2003 a day that will live in Infamy, -- I knew the shi$ was going to fall on them at the national zoo sooner or later it was definitely goina rain shi$ on the National  zoo, I just didn’t know the date the brown  rain would arrive Yaah - monsoon --   ya can not run a animal operation like they do and have it  not emploide   the national Zoo was found out  by world renouned Animal org to be a fuc$ed up   as I said it was when I talked   to the officials down at the Smithsonian Castle on the mall  wash dc. -20 years ago  when I came back from my meeting at  the Smithsonian  castle, on the mall in Washington DC  - when I gut back and walked into the Elephant house  the two female zookeepers  put bogus  sex charges on me to destroy me , yaaah  no Shi$ -- in a meeting with witness  I requested  with Mike Robinson –British citizen. Not American -   English robinson National  zoo director at the time , - me telling him theirs a drug problem at the Zoo the zoo officials were miffed I brought this info they didn’t want to hear to their attention  // Smithsonian  officials  Said I was mentally ill and dangerous and told employees not to listen to any thing I said  and posted my picture all over the  Smithsonian like I was a wanted war criminal  then later refused me a pension for 17 years gvt,  service but   at the same time ask me to leave the area  east coast  of the united states  (its on tape) _ If I agreed ta leave the east coast they the Smithsonian  would not tell any one why ii was fired   with  Judge causey of the merit system   protection board located at 7 corners Virginia  listening in to me and Jim Douglas listening in on a three way phone hook up to settle this unjust   firing --the judge then said he  would make his decision and he made his  and I made mine.

 This above -- Back ground ta get you up ta speed in case ya didn’t read the web site 

  now the story on the Burnt American Flag in Arlington National  Cemetery 

it was on this date I believe Feb 15 a Sunday 2004  at about 3:00 Arlington National cemetery back intrance right up close to the US navy personell buildings get the picture   ?---  sun shining cold brisk after the big snow and ice freeze  like two weeks of ice  remember ?  snow and ice is mostly gone- wet  get the pict. Ok here we go- ---

 ya ready at American legion  post 139 in Arlington  how about youuu # 2  Pink fire House in Arlington Virginia .   ya firemen ready  for this story ?? which is dedicated ta your stinken sorry  white  Arss,s    all of ya,- I want ya to know  I  added on to  the old  firmen story  since ya wanted another war with me – do any of  ya Know People named Murphy, a Col. Peck . some one named  Graves but which one ?---American legion   post 139 do ya know ? , big Broom Cleaning co  a former spokes person for the Arlington police named Bridges is he related to the Bridges who own Big broom cleaning co. where the arlington Stalker lived and worked ?  does a guy live their belong ta your post 139  /  ? just asken questions  that Bradlee Graham should be asken-  no what I mean ? are the ruling Elite of Arlington County who are  in Government and out and know the killer milk maid    Yah _Shevetzen yet  ? you Yids who may have done the American Flag burnin ? are ya yids trying ta put the blame on me . and do the yids American Flag burners in Arlington cemetery  do  they know Rabbie Jack Moline  Alexander Va  ?  Congressmen Mick Moran needs ta look into this American  Flag Burnen   Yaaaah !

  how about the   Arlington county Maples family ?- the two daughters who may be the  two Mapels on the Hill  country weastern song - where do they the two maples  work in the County ?  Chinese news men find out   --- because Bradlee Graham is afraid, but of what ? he workes at the washingtion post news paper   Bradlee Grahams coward father Donald graham was the publisher and the owner of this  very powerfull news co  located in washington DC USA when  his father gave me up ta the po lice in his barn   and I was a source for a story his news paper was suppose ta do on this  same po lice dept . yaah who degraded  a black womans dead body,-  yaah -  Bradlees Graham Father Donald also hid out in Japan during the Viet Nam War where he was safe   Donald Grahams a coward twice  count em ? gimmie a #.

 Bob Woodward knows both of them real well    Pay your Father fuc$ing Bill,-- Bradlee Graham  or get out of the news Business

 your Family is a news  disgrace !   

the burnt American  Flag  Story it haint free-- first ya gut to read my  stuff  ? Yaah! Its weaved in and out so ya gut ta read it all   In the news business its called a tease  strutten my  news stuff like I know

   I have for years come to Arlington cemetery to do research, Always go the back way navy personnel buildings  and always for 10,- 15 years jumped the wall—boom-- into the  Arlington national cemetery -- get the computer and get a name typed in and look up same famous person  and look for the grave , ---- remember I was taught to do this as a wee lad by old 90,- 80 year High cast  old Anglo Saxon brahmas Woman ---who paid me to check on their relatives graves in the mountains  coalfields   1940s told me to   read the poetry  sayings on the grave stone  etc .  I don’t expect ya as$ hole dim wit White Firemen dim wit Arlington Cops as well  dim wit Post 139 to understand this going into the grave yards business --   I see ya as low class dip shi# ignorant white people  who no doubt think and have told me  this hobby of mine is strange to you - a low class white skin dim wit  beer swilling TV  football watching, TV  wrestling watching --  I only read the sport section in the news paper as$ holes like firemen, - cops and Post 139  members - ya cant under stand it ?  doing research in a grave yard  da ya ever read a fuc$ing book  for crice sakes. Loooow class whites, un read un worldly low class unsophisticated  white people in Arlington County Virginia  located 15 min by car from the white house  these are the kind of people  live here

 that was some  back ground ,--- the US  park police become involved, on this wall jumping - they were called  by the US marine Guards,--  who stopped me  after I jumped the wall--- Iam being held by the marines now- who caught me jumpen the Arlington National  cemetery low wall  get the picture ---  remember I worked for the US park police for 5 years, but the Arlington County female Prosecutor Cutie pie  said to an Arlington  black judge  in a court hearing involving me  that  I never did work for the park police  and have been saying that for years, and that I had mental problems   who told her I did ?   -- the police ? WHO is  making this shit UP ABOUT ME  the police ? WHO THE JEWS ?– WHO THE KILLER MILK MAID WHO ? THE NATIONAL Zoo WHO ?  all the names mentioned  people and Org. that  have something ta hide that Iam uncovering  ---Smithsonian inst big time - ? she,- THIS ARLINGTON female  PROSACUTER cutie pie   also told the black Arlington Judge I was a holocaust denier  at this court hearing – to keep me in jail, --- this charge holocaust denier, ---  is the very same  charge I put on the jewish people for  stealing the holocaust trophy from the Slav Russian people who lost 49 million dead 30 % of the Russian people  ta stop Hitler1945    ---- the jews lost only 4 and a half million  dead jews  in the holocaust , ----these new numbers posted  in the Washington post news paper which is owned by the jewish  Graham family, -----  remember what Iam saying ---  the jews are hysterical about these new numbers of the dead—of WWII  and are harassing me  in Jail were iam a prisoner ,-in the Library,-  on the street,- crazy insane like  crazed religious people,-  hate in their jewish eyes like Reglious crazed Fanatics   keep this in mind as I explain  the kicker at the bottom  but ya gut to put the kicker together  their some here, some  their, work for it you all say ya love America  work for it     

 this is  back ground your paying your bill so shut up  and read --

 keep in mind also  the cops put on their web site that Iam deranged so they can kill me on the sly--- yes no mabe or what ? Iam just asking a question ? -   any cop stops me - if I make a mistake scratch my head, boom right  etc.? yes no Maybe or what ??/ you decide – this is more background on the burnt  flag story   when I ask my lawyer how they can do this to me, - never talk to me , - just put it on the cops computer base--  in every cop car, ---  a cop stops me types in my name out comes dangerous and deranged, ---- the Arlington Cop Tedla said this for the court records at my trial in the Arlington Court room dec 2002    the lawyer said the cops can go to their cop Physctrist and  tell him Iam crazy and the Physctrist reads my web side and then is allowed to say yes he is  deranged and crazy end of story  ________fuc$ youu America  freedom my as$- Its  Arlington County  Fascism and  American Fascism  the combo –right

 there is nothing I can do about it, --- to get this false info out ,, burnt flag story commin but ya gut ta read my stuff  it haint freee pay for the burnt flag story  reeeead pay ya gut  ta pay your American bill---  shut up and read pay pay  you soben white  American youuuu

 I tried at different police depts. Ta get info on this bull shit on their cop computers on me  they become threatening to me  and or smile knowling  or  laugh at me and will not tell me what’s in their computer on me, -- to get this false info  out of the cops computer you need Hundreds of Thousands of  American dollars to pay lawyers, I have no money   that’s why I go to Embassy row in Washington DC  to check mate Fascist American lawinforcement trying to get on other government s television news, so the world can see American Fascist at work as it takes place 2004  in Arlington County Fascist  Virginia .

  I have never been judged insane any were any time  their making this up out of cloth to kill and silence me in this very Fascist America and then the cops are saying Iam mentally; sick because I see what the hell their doing  and writing about it on this web site . that I complain about the cops, -- the cops then say that too is  mental illness,   wow --- where are the white news men and white citizens in Arlington County on this  American Fascisms taking place in their state and County located  15 min by auto from  Americas White House  and all white Christians silent  too Wow !

 The American BURNT flag

back ground  Ya gut ta read my stuff first  I HAINT GIVEN YA Americans Shi$, -- ya gut ta work for it – the story on the burnt American flag--  look for the Kicker down below piece it together

 this is why iam asking School children in Arlington County  and school children all over the world to defend me  by Contacting  the Russian government and the Chinese Government and the United nations to send Investigators in to  this Arlington  county  and this very backward State of Virginia as concerns no  Justice for middle class and poor white Citizens   to Investigate  this  American fascist behavior in the justice system . remember this county Arlington uses prison Slave Labor then complains the Russia and China uses Prison labor , and this county  also racially abuses white prisoners and Hispanic prisoners in the Arlington county Jail because the jail Guards are Afraid of the Black prisoners and use the Hispanic prisoners as wippen boys ta control the Blacks, Wow ---- how do I know ?  iwas in this jail for 6 months and on a hunger strike while in their   that’s how I know   remember I was denied an appeal- the year 2002 - based on the fact the court  transcriber at my trial didn’t get the transcripts in on time as  so ordered by Judge Joan Alper of the Arlington Court and my Lawyer Steve  Brigila of the Law firm didn’t ask for a Extension Of time, - two people I  don’t know desicde if I get an Appeal  and can fuc$ up my life  wow -----  I was in jail, locked up-- I had no control over any of this, --- but in the backward state of Virginia  just like the state of Mississippi in the 1930s  same in Virginia in 2002,3,4,- the white Anglo Saxons running this state of Virginia  are low class backword primitive low bred anglo Saxons  runnin this backword  state as concerns Justice  – all of this is of course , IS- that’s too bad for me -  the Virginia supreme court said in a letter to me I broke a rule, I didn’t get my appeal in on time how the fuc$ could I,--  I was locked up in a cell in Arlington County Jail -- what about my right s ? I have none in this Very Fascist Anglo Saxon Dominated State of Virginia  that keeps white Ethnic Americans  out of the Government Jobs  and marginalizes them through out America  On tv  no news commentators are Slav , -Italian,- Hungarian,- Polish etc  the TV stations and TV net works  make sure the news men and woman are Anglo Saxons ,- Black,- Hispanic, jewish and now in 2004 their putting on news woman from India ,-- we the white Ethnic who gave more to this dirty country America are still in 2004 left out, --

  if you complain as Ido  an Activists do you are labeled mentally Ill- or a trouble maker    ya want proof --   where every one at the Arlington County Government windows that serve the public is Black , Brown  or Yellow  with a token White person  (don’t trust me gooo take a look  see if iam lieing ) the common wealth attorney Stoddard an   anglo saxon  in his office on the 5 the floor of the Arlington county court house , -- he a craven  English American Coward, ? -- how do I know ?-- he has white skin, - hes a male anglo Saxon, - hesa American, - whats ta know ?  and he   hides behind a brown Skin Arab Muslin Woman’s Shawl,-  shes at the desk as you go in  the commen wealths attorney office 5 th floor go look   like Stoddard and his Prosacuters are  in love with Islam ? pleeeease give me a break ---  like Anglo SaxonAmerican Cowards and jews  they all are in this office  of corruption,- on the 5th floor of the Arlington Court House  what American Phonys they all are  news men sneak up and film it  don’t trust me  seee for your self  the  Clearden post office the same way  no whites faces at the windows  diversity my as# haint no diversity 

 go see, -- don’t trust me , ---goo see for your self if iam lieing ? 

these kind of phony white Jewish and  anglo Saxons   people on the 5th floor  of the Arlington County Court House located   only 15 min  by car from the white house  both of em  out houses. Not court houses  Yaah

 Hell Iam  better then jessy Jackson, better iam  better then Matt drudge better

  does he the English boy  Stoddard  on the  5 th floor  know the killer milk maid and or her daughters  the milk maid who obstructed justice on Arlington Ridge road 40 some years ago  with her Arlington county Cop buddy damn right iam Crazy and deranged  as they all try ta cover up )   where she-- the killer Schoolteacher  killed a wee lad with arragronce    its called negligent fuc$ing  Homicide  for real too,--- you know Stoddard knows her ? hes gut to --- she’s a power house in this Arlington  county  located 15 min from the white house  she and a corrupt Arlington county Cop obstructed justice and gut away with it 40 some years  ago  did Stoddard take money from the killer milk maid ?  did Fran O Brien take money from the killer Milk maid ??  who took money  from her ? some body or nobody ?   Arlington County board ?  Ferguson , Zimmerman ?  how about the School Board  those white English Hoes ? - who took the Money ? Iam Just asking a Question in no way Iam I  saying any one broke the law only asking a question   that’s back ground ?  folks

 Burnt American Flag  Ya paid your gut damn  dues ,-

-         read _ It-- slop head

-          the kicker in this story  will indeed kick ya  but ya gut ta put it together ? Haw haw


  I walk past the Marine guards at the US Marine  base--- I see them bullshiting laughing until a car pulls  up they all tighten up ya know the scene – I pass them continue on  down the hill to the marine base 2nd gate  that is mostly locked  all year-- I continue on  to the always closed  cemetery Gate just before the gate about 8 feet from the cemetery, -- wall  it is about waist high  I jumped the wall as I have for years walk in on to the road and continue in the cemetery  Iam getten ready to lightup a cigar  Iam not suppose ta smoke asbestus in my lungs   the next thing I hear is a marine on the marine corp. side of the wall says to me come here --  I stop and look-- he’s says again come here . so I walk over to his side of the wall and  he said you jumped the wall, -- let me see some iD  s0 I give him my driver license  he calls some on else and then ask   me to jump over the wall into the marine Compound which I did, --  he then tells me to wait,-- he calls some one on the radio   alittle later he tells me to come with him and we walk to the marine corp. base gate, -- were the  guards are, controlling traffic  two or three,, --  he ask me what I was doing  I tell them I have been doing research in the Cemetery  for many years   and they tell me  to wait they were going to call the Park police  so we waited   5 or  ten min and a park police came he ask me the same question but more in depth like he don’t believe me or hes trying to see if am lying the cop young dude  he’s looking at me funny like hard  this is not good ,-- I thought they would tell me not ta jump the wall again and let me go,- but that is not happening  this is when I hear for the first time from the MARINE who cought me  HE Says LOW voice  THEIR BURNEN FLAGS  I  JERK UP LIKE  OH SHI$ THEY THINK ITS ME. WOWaH !

 Now I see what’s this is about -! WOHaW

  I recognize the next park police cop   who comes an old dude  has the same voice as the high Sheriff in the coal fields 1940s a coal field Cop high Sheriff called  Solomon that wasn’t his name his aka.

   this old US Park cop kinda of tall,- slim not fat and loaded with cholesterol like most  Arlington County cops  - get the picture, -- I say to my self-- I know  this old  Park Cop who is now  in charge of this situation__ he’s a Capt., - major, - what ever    (why do I think I know him? )-- because I worked at the US park police for 5 years, - even thow Cutie Pie  with the biscuits – the Arlington County court House female  Pros said It never  work for the Park police  ---  I didn’t know him,- the big sheeze  Park cop per say --- but seen him around the station on a regular bases, daily for 5 years – ( hay how ya doin type thing  )  when I worked at the park police  on the mall Washington DC—for 5 years – this park cop   serious cop  into cop work not like some  on the Arlington County Po lice force,)-  his brother is a Park cop  jerry a motorcycle cop  on the park police who partook of Whale meat the Whale now located at the National Zooo  jerry the motor cop   his wife don’t know  but I dooo   the Motor Park cops they all hang out or Come to the horse mounted unit on the Mall for what ever, ?-- that’s how I knew this Old  Park Police Cop  now  in Charge now at the  Marine corp. base get the picture ? --, me standing,-- the Hispanic  marine who stopped me - standing behind me  off a little ways and the young Park cop  who came first, -- standing off in front of me facing me -- the big cheese Park cop solomen -- I believe ta be Park motor Cop jerry’s bro .   he  finely arrives in his cruiser gets out slowly  walks up and first thing he ask me -- stunned me, --- and at the same told me what’s in his cop car  computer on me –he says what’s this about the  CIA ?  I haven’t a clue what’s he talking about, ---  so I say their nothing about the CIA. --- its about me taking a short cut into the Arlington cemetery as I have done for many years Jumpen the wall--   doing research the same story --- I told the first park police when   he  ask me  what iam doing  jumping the wall ? / I tell them I do research in the  cemetery for years  and  years  I have always jumped the wall  into the cemetery at this same  location and go to the   computer base in the cemetery some time to get a grave location  and search for it  that’s what I do in Arlington cemetery end of story braken no laws bothering no one  Minden my own business  ) ---   they ask me the same question again and again  I give them the same answer again and again _ I have been jumping the wall  doing it for years etc .  and no one ever said any thing to me before, they give the lecture ya know --- give me all the  good info stuff from the 7:00 o’clock news ya know like  we all know about red alert,- orange alert,- heightened security- 9/ 11 etc  on and on  and then they would ask again why d ya jump the wall ?  id tell em all over again      but I over heard the marine who caught me a Hispanic  say soft to the first Park police cop earlier the cop who came first in almost a whisper-- he may be the one--  meaning me - he may be the one, ! wow  ! what is this ?  ) --- early this same marine said to me after I ask what they were going ta do to me,- arrest me or what ?-  that’s when he said the US park police is coming  and then said   you know about the flags burnin in the cemetery ?  like in a whisper between his teeth to me then shut up  shook his head --like he let the cat out of the bag ..  ?

 Do be on the look out for the Kicker down below  might mean something might not

 I didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about, ---  but i connected  the dots,  some one  doing something in the cementarry their trying ta find out who it is  great, !-- it haint me 

  later the old  Park police in charge after he questened me   said as he told them to let me go,-  he says to the marine  whose looken at me ?--  the old park cop says believe me,- its not him he’s the good guy.  Ill tell ya about it some time . I hope he tells em how many times I shot up Marines  not  obeying my orders,--- but the old Park Cop  soloemn said as he walked to his police  cruiser--- but watch him he might wrap ya up in Christmas tree lights  (  I think I know the scene in the movie  FBI agent  right ya remember too )   he then told the other cop take him were ever he want ta go  drop him off


 the kicker down below 

 so another park cop  takes me around to the front of the Arlington  cemetery and lets me off  I get out, - go to the main cemetery gate passed the guards and in to the cemetery  I go where I usely go and Ill show the photos right here e    so ya can see photos –coming             I then later go to a place in the cemetery were I can sit down lika    chair  youl see the photos ) -  I sit down and rest and  I hear people talking I look over my shoulder  their in a modern green van   two  teenage apparently grand Daughters and this older dude  Girls  about 15, -- 16 years old wearing base ball caps their looking at graves  I immediately get up and start to leave , this is the same place I saw the jews, _-- read the kicker ta under stand s ) I look over my shoulder  I see them the two grils  as I said   I step  up out on the Asphalt road take 4 steps  and I lookm down a t a Object that looks like a   dirty wet fairly big  Rag I almost step on it,-- then look and see its an American flag  folded Military style and  it s burnt on each peak were the corner fold is,-- get the picture ? -   some one tried to start burning it  but could not get it going apparently because each corner was burnt just a little  it burned and then went out --  also it looked like it had been their a long time meaning before the big  snow came  the snow  I mentioned earlery  also it looked like it was not a full flag or it had been run over by trucks or cars  it was flat bad dark dirty  smashed down get the picture of what I saw ?-- this  visual look takes place in just a couple  seconds --- I then immediately step over it and move on down the road to get away from it   I take a few steps and I see the girl approach her grand father  way up in front of me,- hes looking at a grave, -- she said something to him   ?- and they come at me,-  cummon on almost a run pass me the old dude gut the look of a crazy religious person in his face set hard  his breathing hard     face contorted  like hes about ta cry leaning forward on almost a run, breathing hard  -- over weight  old dude  they pass me  and I keep walking  Iam not about to get in volved in this flag thing , ---they the cops and Marines  already think I might be the one doing something wrong --   would you stop and do anything about the Flag if ya were me ?-- get fuc$ing real  ,----the cops want something on me  bad,-anything  I touch that flag Iam a dead Man,--- yes,  No,- Maybe,- or what ?---I keep walking brisk I take a quick glance back  over my shoulder  I see him on his knees like in prayer  I hear the old dude  say out raged and a whine and a moan at the same time like the house just burned or the china was all broken  like his grand daughter was just killed  the old dude says loud   ---- he almost stepped on it, - he step right over it !  _ said  in disbelief,- meaning me stepping over it   ) - his teen age grand daughter  standing beside  him  he on his knees over the spot where the flag is  ---  I keep walking I pass their Green Van  I believe their was a woman in it or was and then she was out side  I said to my self as I pass their green van ,_ I wonder if he would have got that upset  over Mrs. Weaver having her face blown off while holding a baby gril  9 months old    in the door way and her son  Sammy shot in the back at Ruby ridge by American lawinforcement with helicopters and 400 cops out side this weaver  plywood cabin home  and then US Marshalls then pointing me out in the ruby ridge hearing room   on Capital Hill, U.S. Hart building why ?-- because I over heard something on the cop killers, some one in front of me let the cat out of the bag --- US Marshells trying to scare me with long finger pointing on me with hate in their crazed killer eyes, after  the cat came out of the bag  the one pointing was the as$ hole US Marshall who killed the 14 year old  boy –Sammy W--- shot him in the back  shot him again that his arm hung only by skin, Yah - I wondered if this crying moaning slob of an American on his knees in front of the burnt American Flag   at Arlington national cementery would he have  slobbed and moaned for sammy Weaver  14 years old --- like he slobbed and moaned for the burnt  American Flag, --   I wondered if he would Have gut all upset as he watched the Two years old babies in diapers burned at Waco  Texas by the American Government Cops ,  as  he  this American slob -agaonizied over the burnt  American flag ? he looking like  Christ on the mount of Olives praying __ really  

  I know  American slobs like him--- I usta bee like him- My flag,-My country and all the good Shi$, -- but I spent 12 hours with the jewish Buddha he took me to a different level of thinking   and I know what I usta believe   its all Bull Shi$, --- but I understand him,- the old dude on his knees in disbelieve  at what he sees  burnt wet dirty piece of shi$ of whats left of the American Flag – yaaah   how he thinks and feels  down on his knees  in front of the flag, --the old dude and his grand daughters  being all bent out of shape enraged about the American Flag all fuc%ed up bad too, ---  yah I saw it, --- would not dare touch it, --  do ya see why Iam the good Guy, ---   telling you as$ hole white Americans what’s wrong in the  Arlington national cemetery and ya call the police on me, --- fuc$ youuuu,  ---If I see Bin laden I wouldn’t tellya. Your not my people any more  I don’t hang with cowards  which all ya white Americans are   Youd call the police on me   If I told ya look theirs  Bin laden  hesa gut a Bomb ?—look theirs the American flag all burnt  ---said as a tounge in cheek taunt-- like the female FBI agents told  the truth on the FBI screw ups on the ,  9/11 attack  these  FBI agents called mentally Ill  for telling the truth, --- sen Chuck Grasley fighten for em trying ta save their jobs  Kicker down below  ya gut ta pay by reading my stuff because it background for the kicker

 All white Christian Americans in Arlington Silent about all of this  Cutie Pie the pros - in the court House silent- WOW !

 Stoddard silent all white school children silent  every arlington Judge, Silent  every Arlington Lawyer who workes  in the Arlington Court house   Silent WOW  your not my tribe iam a Ruthenian,--please do not call me a white American ever—its Imbarrassen 

 Ya white people  couldn’t make a pimple on a real American as$  not one of ya  Iam Ashamed of white people get the hell away from me  Iam ashamed of you

 The Kicker ya getting close  ta who might have burned the American flag  and why ?   

    the Park police cop his  aka – Solomon-can see through the bull shit concerning me   and Park cop Solomon says right, too,--- to the US Marines  who are holding me a prisoner  Solomon says  --- he haint the one,- hes a the good guy, - hell tell ya what’s wrong in the cementery, --- Solomon lets me go, he makes one last parting remark,- says -- I remember you CJ  and with a little smile on his face says --- where the  real park police cj not the ceremonial guard – meaning  ( Park police horse mounted unit ) he  tells the other cop   -- give him a ride to the front gate,  or were ever he want to go – Solomon gets in his cop cruiser and goes .

 US park police redeemed  by the white skin Anglo Saxon US park cop-  Solomon  Anglo Saxon Cop  that last of his kind  he may be related ta Nichols at the national Zoo another Anglo Saxon with white skin who stood up for the Animals and the zookeepers 

 let me explain   about park police Solomon  his aka   come with me  at a another work location Iam having problems with a drug addict boss , --- I don’t do drugs I take life straight up I don’t drink, Yaaah I ust too o I gave it up ---   and this Drug addict boss abuses me and I go off on him  I don’t have to take that kind of Shit yelling at me screaming at me like a crazy man,-- he is doing this because of drugs, hes on  for real -- Iam going ta kick his as$  when I get back to the ware house  his sisster too whose a stinken cordavin  whore   and I let them know iam commen they call the Alex police who are as smart as US park cop aka - Solomon ,--- Alex police says to me, --- you gut problems with drug addicts ---- riiiight,  I didn’t even have ta tell him hesa that bright, -yah  Alex Cop  he can see what it is , not a Arlington Cop, --- a Alexandria city Cop  Yaah  Alexandria city Cop--can see through the bull Shi$  right off  --- at the National zoo too  same thing, --- drugs not being delt with  ---  I and  the Park police  top cop Solomon and the Alexander city Police can see what it is

  it’s the As# holes fuc$ing  f troop , frank Perdue-- and car- 54 were are you-- Arlington County po -lice that cant see what it is, _ Arlington County po lice that can’t see what it is, _-

  is Arlington police accredited ? for real,-

 now do all ya stinken White Americans seeee what I saw and how I saw it the burnt American flag in Arlington national cementary because I want ta move to the Kicker end of this  story ok ? thaaaank youuuum  the kicker might tell ya who burnt the flag  for real  or at least give you a suspect and –

why they could be  suspects on the American  Flag burning  in Arlington  National cementery --

 the kicker*88

88.burnt flag storyPage move If Iam a suspect why cant the jews in the National Arlington cementery be suspect

 two way streets not one way streets Yaaah

did these crazed Religious Jews  who Iam having trouble with in Arlington County over the new Numbers of the dead of WWII 1945 ( read my web site ta under stand )-  did these crazed hate  jews  burn the American flag in national Arlington cementery  where I sit down on a regular bases some times weekly see photo ---  while I do research ,- the burnt American  flag was right their a few feet from where    I rest, on a regular  bases  see the photo  --  did the crazed American jews do this burning  of the American Flag -so It looks like I did it ? read how the jews have threatened me, - following  me around  like crazy people, -  why I say this charge of American  Flag burning  against the jews -  Because Iam now  a suspect as concerns this burnt American  flag----  so said the US marine guards  only the US Park Police who came to investigate this incident  disagreed, -  Iam  asking  questions that’s all, -- read the burnt American flag story on monkee tails ta see what I mean march 2004  this shi$ is getting out of hand  big time.  .  Law inforcement is breaking the law  not investigating these wrong doings that are being brought to the attention  of the white  Citizens  of Arlington County,-- the info on this web site 2004 

 American Rebel soldier McVeigh who bombed the People of  Oklahoma city to death.: ta teach them a lesson for not standing up  – Rebel McVeigh said  that in a Democracy the citizens are responsible  for what there Government does _ be it right or wrong  Yaah !   ___the people of Oklahoma city  are responsible for killing the 2 year old babies in white  diapers at Waco Texas, Yah !  ---  the people of Oklahoma are responsibility for  shooting the face off of Mrs. Weaver at  the siege at Ruby Ridge while she,- a white  Anglo Saxon woman- mother of 4 children,-  held a baby girl in her arms. In diapers yet   Yaah   Rebel soldier McVeigh an Anglo Saxon-- made woman and children in Oklahoma Pay  their Bill for the murder of these innocent people by the Oklahoma s peoples Government and the oklahomas people s lawinforcement meaning- FBI,- ATF,- US marshall service  __ yes no mabey or what ?

  Rebel Tim McVeigh an Anglo Saxon said  by killing the people in the state of Oklahoma  with his  $ 5000 dollar Bomb  the cost ___ he the Rebel soldier  McVeigh found the Christian white people  in Oklahoma city  Guilty  of not taking responsibility for the wrongs of the Oklahoma peoples government  called the United States of American Government   and he, --

 The April 19 th  American Rebellion Rebel supreme court Judge-  that would be Judge  McVeigh,--- Yah ! sentenced the men woman and children__

  some in white  Diapers in the state of Old Oklahoma  to death  for their crime .

 Oklahoma citizens  a Question for ya --- are the jews burning the American Flag in Arlington national  Cemetery  and trying to pin it on me ? --- the reasen I ask ? -is because I know and post on this web site numerious times   the new numbers of the dead of World War II is 49 million dead Russians not  the old number -20 million dead Russians 1945 _ 4 and a half million dead jews the new number, -  not the old number - 6 million dead jews which is  the old number .

 would crazed religious jews in Arlington  county Virginia Burn Americans flags in this National arlington  cemetery  and try ta pin it on me. ?- Ta silence my lone voice of dissent,---   yes no mabey or what ? Iam asking a question ?   what do you the American people think, --- yes, no, maybe or what ?

 Facts of the case 2003  burnt American Flag Arlington national cementery  Yaaah !

 What the jews did in Arlington National cemetery  – for real !   read it post 139 American legion  yah all love the American flag - Right , no , what ? – make Abe Foxmen answer this one !Ya haint gut the nerve 

at the Arlington National  cemetery   for the service held  for the murdered sailors from the US navy ship Liberty_  I was their in Arlington National cemetery at this  ceremony for the dead crew  members of the navy ship – USS Liberty- this American ship  that was attack by the State of Iserial ---- this is a  historical  fact, ( this ship has a web site look it up )  --  -- the state of Iserial agrees indeed this did happen, the attack on this American  ship - but not to the extent  the American say it happened   the jews claiming it was a mistaken Identity ,- the jews say they thought it was a Egyptian Arab ship   not  the American ship the USs liberty _-- some Americans and all crew Member s of the US Navy ship  liberty I spoke with- at Arlington National cemetery  believe the Jewish state of Iserial bombed and strafed and used rockets  against the ship Uss liberty  for hours  on purpose, this an  American ship with the American flag flying  from it stern  Yaah -- – the jews  killed 30 some  American boys – the jews did this  attack with rockets and gun fire  so this US Navy ship the uss Liberty could not gather electronic info on the doings of the Iserial army which was on the move  – Yaaah !--- the Jewish people of Iserial attacked and shot up  the American Navy ship the USS liberty some say for  2 hours with the American Flag Flying  from the stern of this ship - the jews say the attack lasted  only a few min.----  the jewish people of Iserial killed 34 American Sailors and gut away with it, ?  yes no mabey or what -- some say its a a lie on Iserial and the jews - It might be ? – I don’t know ? – I wasn’t there,  you were not there either --- only the USS liberty crew and the jews doing the bombing of the American navy ship liberty were there --    we the American citizens need ta talk about it – yes no maybe or what  ?--- the jews in Arlington County Virginia and Abe Foxmen of the ADL jewish org. say its anti-Semitism to talk about this mistaken attack ?-  on this American Ship uss  liberty by the jewish State Iserial, --- he, Abe  Foxmen diercter of  A.D.L. org. wants silence , WOW ! the Jewish State   who we the American people  give tons of American  tax Dollars to._ Yaah  when the crew of the liberty was given medals for bravery at the white house the Jews demanded the crew of the USS Liberty come through the side door of the white house  not the front door  WOW !  that’s a fact  the jews have stated they want ta silence my web site wow ! – freedom ?  Yaah   not in America

 that was some  background  on this burnt American flag story – it connects ta the burnt American flag story mabey  yes no or what ? you desecide  not me  ---  the jewish Procter in the Main library  Arlington – and Jewish  social worker Wolfenstein at the Arlington jail threatening me as a prisoner for what I believe  none of these jews being fired  why ?  read oooon – the kicker

 why-- where the jews harassing me and taking photos of me  in  Arlington national  cemetery  following me around , taking photos of the crew members of the ship the USS Liberty  and the crew members  Families at Arlington national cementery  Yaah ! I was their that’s how I know _-- the same jews following me are following the navy ship  USS liberty crew members - in Arlington  national cementery , whats the fuc% going on ---- America -  A fuc4ing Police state   for real __ like little jewish spie as$ holes  peeking  around grave stones with their cell phones taking photos  crazed religious jews  sick in their head mentally ill -  for real---  are doing this and getting away with it --- also    these same  jews where filming the American  people who attended  this cermoney for the dead sailors from the ship USS Liberty ? film  yaaah ! movie film cam recorder, Yaah    I was their that’s how I know -  this same  jew  meat ball who  whispered in a the ear of   a security official at the  US coast guard holiday ceremony with Tom Ridge as Speaker , Yaah ! I was their that’s how I know -- some time  later  this  US coast Guard  ceremony open ta the public  held in side the Arlington cemetery at the coast guard  memorial . on a  Military holiday _- I was their how the hell do you think I know ? -

 that was more  background  on the jews in Arlington national cementery  and so is this more background on the burnt flag  down below --- we live in a police state  in America the almost all white  news media will not do there job reporting  the news the news media slants the news to be political correct  all of ya  send me money ta stay in the  fight  ya gut ta pay for this story

 more background onfo on the burnt American Flag________ an old beat up retired Coast Guard Admiral Hangs out at the Coast guard  Memorial their all the time, on Sunday--- because I see him almost every week I go their to do research  some time he brings his own water hose to water his wife’s flowers I saw him do it -- hay this Coast  Guard retired Admiral  his Dead wife is buried their, --- he-  the beat up old Coast guard  Admiral sits in a blue van reading his Sunday paper  minden his  own business - he looks a hundred years old , - if ya know what I mean _ devoted to his wife  I guess, -- he loved her, yaw know how some men are, ?--  Nancy Reagan and pres. Reagan people like that devoted married couples ---  that’s how this old beat up  Coast Guard Admiral is--- news men find out his name  , --- he-- the beat up retired coast guard Admiral sees me at this Arlington National cemetery a lot, as - I walk past his blue van  he- the old beat up sailor boy  Admiral  sitting in side  reading  ----  news men  Journalist ask this coast guard Admiral who’s devoted ta his wife --- she’s a expert cross stitcher  it so  says on her grave  stone .

 More info in the burnt flag

 news men find out --- leads for investigative reporters ---- now back ta the  the coast guard ceremony  held in Arlington national cementery    with Ruthenian American_ Tom Ridge as speaker he the Ruthenian Tom R --now- sitting down in a chair with the other dignitaries facing the crowd   some one else at the podium Talking now  --- get the pict. ?—I- standing in a knot of people--- the  public, -- way in back  watching the event  minding my own business --  I then  sweep the area with my eyes ta see who else is here,-  I spie the  Nazi Jew-  Yaah!-- a little beard  intense eyes like fanatics have,- sick like,-  ya know what I mean,-  the Nazi jew aka- the jewish herp,  then he  slithered  like a green  Jewish dry scaly snake-  up to the security official who had a wire in his ear like the US  secrete service does- ( ya know what I mean  )- and after this slimy snake jew whispers in the security officials ear,-- ( remember  Iam watching him,)- the jewish snake- does this whispring in the ear of the security dude    Get the Pict. ? --- ) as he-- the jews  watching me, as he the jew  whispers (- - as the beautiful; Ruthenian freedom fighter- ( me )-  Watches)-  the jew slimy snake  whispers sweet nothings in the security officials ear, -  up close the way a homosexual jews likes it, Yaaah !  as I watch him-the jew snake  do it, --- he don’t know or don’t care- I know, he knows-  Iam watching  him, what ever, -- but iam watching this snake head jew  on the sly  looking streight ahead, - but looking from the side  get the pict, .?--after the Jewish snake whispers in the ear of the  Coast guard security official,- he the security dude flunky—comes alive  on the fly almost a run- right at me -  immediately and stands up so close ta the back of me,- he’s breathing on my neck    I can feel his breath , I stay nonplus, ---  but I am watching the slimy jew at the same time - who did this  and he looks empowered with a slight  smile on his ugly jew face his cordovan- ( Whore )-  Yid  Mother gave him, Yaah !--( Damn Right I fight back ,--send him---  the jew snake head - a copy of this info on him and a second copy ta his yid  whore jewish mother , the cordavin yid woman who gave him life  and gave him an Ugly face – damn right I fight back   ) send him two copies not one -- - Yaaaah !  the jewish Snake in Arlington cementery smiles  after he whispers  in the ear of the security officer   like he the jew has  done something very clever, - Yaaah !  I know that feeling too ,- when the old Jewish tailor from my child hood,- told me  I could take him,- the old jew  to a jewish court,  even,- if he ever  dared do something wrong ta me   not an American court , a jewish court--- Yaah ! -- I too felt empowered,  the day the old jew from Ellis island and a jewish Shettel  from old Europe who spoke broken English and Yiddish   told me  in his little hole in the wall of a jewish tailor shop Yaaah the old jewish Tailor  says  I could take even him ta a jewish court – empowered indeed  I was --  but I don’t remember if I smiled ,-- Haw Haw -thats for you- the Jewish slime snake in Arlington cementery – just for you _ Haw Haw to the jewish Snake at Arlington  national cemetery--- Yaaah !  _- me  empowered—Yaah!, -  check mate on you jewish snake head,  musta ball head , - jew head what ever /- at Arlington National cementery you know who you are ? ___ get the slime off of your Jewish Nazi body. A Nazi Jew you are ,- drunk on the drug religion yaaah ! gut ya- yaaah !—didn’t I jew head ?  How clever doooo ya think ya are now jew head  you have been found out, for the world to read and laugh at  - Yaaaah , - ya want ta smile now  because every body is now laughing at you jew head---  Haw Haw ---

a Wilding against one man-  me,  - the redmonk --a fuc$ing wilding  against one man, --- me,---  the only white man standing up, ------- all of you White christain  people in Arlington county are cowards. ! with your silence   this word coward against white Anglo Saxons   said for  for mrs. Weaver and Sammy W. at you know where___  yaaah  the weavers were Anglo Saxons too  no anglo Saxon in Arlington County 15 min from the white house stood up for this Anglo saxon family the weavers   that’s all Iam saying _- W0ha-

 every body who reads this site  knows now J- snake head what ya did  , Yaaah    A few years ago Abe Foxmen of the  ADL---ADL stands for the antidefamation league--- the org. that says, but pretends  its for every one but its only for Jews  foxmen whose life by the way  was saved by Slavs and no one else -Slavs  who risked there lives ta save him  a Jew  they hid him  dangerious thing to do ? WWII 1945 --- Foxmen was charged with collecting information on 1000-s or more  of   innocent Americans citizens  and was charged in a Court of Law in the state of Colorado  I believe— It was in the news --I gut the story clipping and will put it up for all of ya to read, --- Iam not lying, Iam not Bull shi$  ----- on the wrong doing of the jewish people, I say to  the jewish American people - you  jews take your hit when your wrong like every body else,  ya Jews  cant  be allowed ta hide behind _ where Jews we suffered bull shi$, ----  No no   you jews take your hit like every one else --- up front facing every one,-  facing the crowd . and you jews  bow your  heads and say how sorry you are  on the 7 o’clock news like every one else does who offend the jews - , --- this last  said for the word Circus and for the 8 year old polish Slav child  abused by the Fallshurch Virginia  Nazi hate Hitler Jews who have not apologized on  the 7:oo’clock news   yet / -

and  you the Jews must  apologize like every one else on the 7 oo o’clock news--- Yaaah -  bowed head, ya know the position ?- saying your  sorry, your sorry,, your sorry ,-  Yah !- the way the Jewish people demand an apology from all of us   when we insult jews ---two way streets not one way streets, ----  the jews are phony Bigots for this reason ---  because we the American people  are forbidden to question jews when they do wrong things to people and  commit crimes against words like  the word circus, -- the jews forbid  this word at the zoo at the national zoo to be exat --=-- – and the Religious and race  hate crime by falls church Virginia  jews against an 8 year old Slav child the jews are not held to the same standards of justice  as the rest of us Americans, ---  this is unjust against the rest of us and all of us   and its illegal  against American law, --- it also cause some people to hate Jews --Jews bringing hate on them selves like Jewish as$ holes  not an ounce of conmen sense. 

  as concerns Abe Foxmen gathering info of all kinds and every kind  on Americans citizens   a Judge through it out – and did not put Abe Foxmen in prison  for turning  America into a Police state --    did  Jewish blockers in the us Justice dept.  let him,- Abe Foxmen  get away with it ? will their be a Citizens arrest of Abe Foxmen ? that’s the question

 where is the German news men from Berlin  Germany  on this story in 2004  ?--- where are the Arab news men on this story- 2004  where are the Black Muslims on this story 2005   ????  where the hell  are you white Christian  news  people at ?  your white skin keepen ya down -  afraid ?  wha t?/ --

 ---so in America today in the year 2004  we have  American Jews now- today the year 2004  just  like the German Hitler  Gestapo ,--in Hitlers Germany 1939 same -- – American jews in 2004  following  Innocent Americans citizens around  collecting information on these American  people who disagree with the Jews on any matter  or disagree with the state of Iserial on any matter or disagree with America on any matter   this unclean dirty  America is a double police state, ---- a police state twice -  (  America  ) - How ya might ask ?--    Once- a Jewish American Police state against freedom of believes   - and a second  time- a  American police state – with the – ( Patrotic act) loss of our freedoms   all for a measley 3000 american dead people, that’s all, just- 3000 American dead-- Russia lost 49 million dead of WWII 1945 , its an insult to me and the Slav Race, and the Russian people  when you stinken  Whining  white stinken skin-Americans talk about a measly 3000 dead Americans,- how dare ya, how dare you  cry for a measley 3000  dead  Americans – when ______--

 Russia lost 49 million dead in 4 years   thats 49 million  million - not thousands  of  dead Russians  But 49 millions of   dead Russians, 30% of the Russian people   Yaaah !- you Americans need ta shut the Fuc$ up the nerve -  crying over 3 ooo ?---,- the United States of America  in the year 2004  Yaah ! Yaaah Damn right Yaaah---two police states in one,--- one Jewish and one American , ----all in the same country, ---  called  America ---  a double police state, yaah - the United States of America, - a double police state,- in the year 2004  where not free  in America  ---yes,- no , -maybe or what  ?

 Show me were I lied ?    show me ?

 The burnt flag kicker down below for  youuu at post 139 who love the American flag – you love beer you love your self  but you don’t love the flag  your all bullshi$ Americans  Me doining your wolk for ya  yaaaah -

 Slavic  American-students of Arlington Virginia schools find out-  who was the little 8 year old polish girl the Nazi Hitler - Jews  of  Fall church Virginia -- Jews beat up on – find out her name, - Slavic American students go to the Russian Embassy and the Chinese Embassy in Washington dC  and ask to get on the Russian news to tell the polish girls story on Jewish American Nazi Abuse on a 8 year old Slav American Child  in Fall church Virginia   the Jews did not apologize on the  7;00oclock news for this Nazi Jewish hate - criime act against a small very thin female  Slav child_ only 8 years old ,- in the city of  Falls church in the stateof  Virginia  is were  this happened – Falls church – Virginia  only 20 min drive by car from the American  white house --  Why didn’t the  jews  say their sorry on the 7 o’clock news  for their Hate crime against a Slav Child ?  with bowed head  ? the  corrupt US Justice dept. did not defend this 8 year old polish Slav girl only 8 years old toowhy?-  the corrupt US Justice dept.  which employees 1000s of American jews --  would not give me Justice concerning  my dead cousins body photos shown around by the FBI  in side the GAO Building  down town Washington DC usa- why? -who were the blockers at the corrupt US  Justice dept, located in Washington dC?-  republician party members? - or Jews ? -- or both  ?- or none of the above  ?- Jamie Gorlick knew and kept Quiet so did Janet Reno   ----where not free  a jewish Police state---- America,   jews following Americans around  like East German Stazie Police in East Germany before the wall came down  -- Jewish Americans doing this following Americans around, --  jews pulling this kind of Shi$ in the year  2004 like little jewish Hitler police   WOW !---- the Jews becoming what the jews Hate the Jews become Nazi and swear that’s not so ---  -- the jews told me I cant use the word circus at the national zoo, --  a jewish police state America,) -- call me a liar I dare ya, ---  the jews telling all of  us,____ the American people in TOTO- what we can and can not say,-  a Jewish police stateAmerica  Yes No,- maybe or what ?--if you were me ? what would you think ?   if you were the 8 year old polish  Slav child what would you think ? if ya were the Anglo Saxon  Christian American  crew members  of the Navy ship the  USS Liberty standing with your family  at the graves of dead sailors from the American ship USS  liberty in Arlington national cementery what would ya think-?----  any and all  mentally Ill jewish Nazi American who feels threatened by your believes and or mine,- this same  Nazi jew in America is filming your family at Arlington national cementery to keep track of the Americans who might have a different opinion about the attack  on the ship USS Liberty   that the  ships crew says and the Jewish Iserial government  agrees- yes - it did indeed attack the American ship USS  liberty and kill Americans, ---  jews taking photos for what purpose ?    at national Arlington Cemetery in Arlington Virginia  at the ceremony for the dead sailors from the USN ship liberty  wow !   what would ya think ?  keep your eye open  for the redmonk  Jewish conveyer belt of wrong doing by the Jewish Americans against American citizens new coming 2004  some one in this as$ hole country  called America has gut ta stand up to this Bull shI% -------- that’s going on.  White men are girly men and cowards and wont stand up

 three times NOW  the jews have threatened to have me killed  one was an official of the Holocaust memorial, as I was protesting in front of the Smithsonian Castle    he said I can have you killed  with hate in his face and voice  I then chased him into traffic to beat him for threatening me, like that, ---  a gut damn jew coward  he almost gut hit by a car  as I chased him  then a little while later 15 min or so - other jews came from the Holocaust memorial and apologized to me, for what he did to me  -- it was Holocaust official  Kruger I believe  a little short Jew and his female helper that apologized  and cleaned up what the Jewish kike  As$ hole with green tolet paper hanging from his tokus  did  threatened my life saying I can have you killed 0 ___-- this happened when I was protesting  in the front of the Smithsonian inst  castle  in Washington DC  on the opposite side of the Mall  that’s controlled by the metropolitan Police- not the US  park police .

 the next death threat, ______  this  as$hole Jewish nut bag who was running the Smithsonian  air and space museum located on the Mall Washington DC degraded the WWII veterans, --- a dirty filthy Jew he was on that day  his jewish mother a Cordivan a  Jewish Whore  because he  spit on the American Soldiers of WWII that saved his life and suffered  for him to keep this jewish as$ hole alive in WWII  1945. jews don’t know how ta act or behave toward other people  and  even when you save there life and jewish religion as the Russians Slavs didi 1945 the jews still complain the slavs could have done more  the jews are narcissist

 he this new American  Nazi jew name  at the air and space _          defended Japan and attack the Anole Gay  and Col Tibbets for dropping the Atom Bomb  on Japan  keep in mind -  remember  he told the Smithsonian security  officials out loud to kill me if I am inside any of the exhibits  the one follow in a suit and tie   who was with this Jewish as$ hole  whose Jewish  mother was a cordivine  whore ta produce such a Narcissist  jew  as the jew running the air and space  Museuim  --- the jew now screaming just like Hitler to kill me, --- think of it ? -  think of what I just said, --  this as$ hole jew screaming like Hitler to kill me  in side the air and space Museum   many witnesses.  

 he knew I brought up the info on  his jewish brother Zookeeper  Ralf Strauss killing 13 Arab Children and  the jews Killing the  Baby Giant pandas by accident – this Jewish as$ hole was later removed.

  but to think a Jew in America can Yell Like Hitler look like Hitler yelling   to kill some one at the Smithsonian inst . is the proof the jews can say and do any thing in America and do any thing to any  American citizen  and nothing Happens to these crazed jewish people their not beaten their not killed their not burned ta death in America their not fired from the job  there not put in jail  to teach them the jews a lesson on -   how ta behave and act toward other people  These jews are mentally ill- with the jewish sickness of Narcissist believes-  no one suffered but jews,--- askem goa head askem  the movie  the Passion is Anti-Semite  ask Abe Foxmen

 these jews are sick mentally ill with paranoia --earlier a Jewish woman came out of the Holocaust Museum and told me I must leave the side walk in front of the Holocaust-- snot running down her very looooong Jewish nose  (I fight back  dirty like – I know how to hurt with a racial slur I gut it   racial slured every day growing up from Anglo Saxons  I haven’t forgetten it either --)long  nose if ya get the picture Looooomg and Jewish the nose    ?  arragront and snotty , ya get the picture  Iam a Expert on a race slur if  ya piss me off ?---and of course the little Jew Kruger and his little helper came out  cleaned that one  up the jewish Kruger cleaning CO cleaning up Jewish Fuc$ ups ---  also kruger  ordered the Jewish cordovan yid  with loooong jewish nose snot running down no hankie—I fight back --  her jewish nose running like the Nile river and no Hankie  I fight back _-- the good Jew Kruger orders her and her looooong jewish nose    back into the Holocaust museum she had been yelling at me    that the side walk belongs to the jews  and my side walk is over their across the street- WOW  she a jewish woman owns the side walk ?—nooo shi$?-  she then ordered out a black female guard with a gun on her hip – to order me off --  my sign said 49 million dead Russian of WWII--  the guard was apologitic and said -- I had to go to the side walk across the street--  this side walk In front of the Holocaust  museuiem  belongs to the jews- wow   that I must go across the street, wow  - In my own country a jew can tell me to go across the street  with a guard with a gun on the hip   freedom ya say I say where’s the Fuc$ is the  freedom in America  / where   ?


  the third time they the jews  threatened to kill me was the Jewish Procter in the Arlington County library main ---- he said to me that Rabbi  Jack Moline could have me killed snarling and rage in his voice the eyes of a religious fanatic  he too likes to tap his finger on the desk like a Nazi As he lectures me  I don’t know this  Jewish As$ Hole  Iam  using the computer  I don’t talk to him  he is not to interact with me in any way he’s employed by  Arlington County Virginia main Library, --- another time the man sitting next to me said the jewish Nazi Procter is taking photos of you, -- I turn and look that’s what hes doing -- using his  cell phone the same way the Jewish nut bags were taking photos of me in Arlington cemetery and were ever I would go a few min later the same  Jews showed up  following me around, in the Arlington national cementery  these are the jews who were in the arl library slaming papers down on my desk  as I am minding my own business  working the computer saying with a snarl you gut 15 min-- turn and walk away another time he remarked I know your dangerious---  then why is he slamming down the paper in my face startling me  it’s the same as being attack --who the fuc$ are these people, ?--- I don’t know them but they seem to know about me  if the police show me photos  of jews  who the Arlington police are working with  I could point them out ? (   after being in this same  area at Arlington national cementery  for a few weeks  I then saw  these same jews  who look like bud abbot  and loue Costello  following me around with the  snake head jew  - his aka iif the police show me photos Ill pick him out --- -- Snake head  J who seemed to be  in charge twice in the national  cementery following me around  they have since gone  from this area I dont see them around  any ( more about these three jews later )    do I have the right to kill Jews who are doing this to me ?-  in this as$ hole country America  yes No mabye or what ? Iam just asking a question ?  >/// since the Government refused to do anything to protect my right s --- who can be sued ?   Iam asking a question what  about my right s ? who can I sue over these Civil right s violation? -- now back to the jewish proctor----  another time he the jewish As$ hole protecter  came up to me and sniffed me, 0-----  his head and nose down on me sniffing this  abusive degrading  behavior  is jewish mental Illness of jew hate on any one who disagrees with the jews on any matter thay know about my web site ? --   the American and Arlington County Government  and US Justice dept. will not protect us from this Jewish crazed sick Nazi behavior. ---   the Jewish Procter also watches porn on the Computer monitors  on the peoples times not his time  and lies about it,-  remember  my mistreatment by the Nazi Jew Arlington County social worker wolfenstien while I was a Prisoner in the Arlington County  Jail 2002   he tooo likes to lecture and tap his finger like a Nazi telling me he’s going ta shut down my web site  and he don’t like my new numbers of the dead of World War II  could we treat a jews this way ? could we treat Blacks this way ?--  as the jews have treated me like a Palestinian ---of course not, ---  would their be investigations by the FBI, -- US Justice dept. if I was doing this to jews yes no maybe or what ?  what about my right s I have none in this Nazi Country America and Nazi County Arlington Virginia 

  Sen.Barbra Boxer who is jewish--- Gut- Bob muiller his job as FBI director what chance do I gut for justice ?  in America ?

the jews don’t get it, ?- in a democracy there are no Sacred Cows because there can not be sacred cow s or we haint a democracy. The jews don’t get what I just said

  the Jews and blacks need ta shut the fuc% up and get in line like every one else  and stop whining  and kiss private Ivan’s Russian  as$ the Russian Slav  soldier as$ of 1945 who saved you jews and Blacks  and gave you Jews  the state of Iserial  and let the blacks live , the blacks too never said thanks -  the jews don’t know their place, -its with every one else- standing in line   get in fuc%ing Line  and wait  in line like all other Americans  you whining crybaby jew  youuuu for real   and shut up, ---- the burnt American Flag Kicker up ahead   Iam making you read all of this to get the brunt flag story togearther like a puzell  ya love my spelling  Yaaah – it’s the meat in the story not the spelling  see if ya can put the brunt story together _ it haint free -

 all of America each and every American  is sick of hearing you jews  whine since 1945 get off the stage and away from the microphone  and let private Ivan talk  so he can tell ya jews and blacks  how lucky ya are that you crybaby jews and moaning Blacks  were saved by the Slav Russian  soldier Boy -called Ivan  1945   and no one else  ya jews and you Blacks  suck it up  for Russian soldier  private Ivan   It wasn’t Abe Foxmen mr. ADL who saved you, -- it wasn’t Rabbi  jack Moline who saved ya , --it wasn’t the Jewish defense league who save you ,-- all ya Jews in Arlington county Virginia  suck it up for Ivan, -  Justa doit   hesa dying by the millions of old age, if two thousands American soldiers of  WWII 1945 die each day in America from old age  in 2004, ---- how many Russians  soldiers of WWII die every day in 2004  ask – ( American Legion post 139 in Arlington County Virginia  the silent white  Americans Anglo Saxons  with no guts  who hang out their at post  American legion 139  sloppen down beer   )---    the old WWII Russian Soldier 1945 that saved every jew on earth and gave the Jews the State of Iserial  and let every jew on earth  live --- today in the year  2004- Yaah --- live and breath air and walk around   and the jewish people never never said thanks  what does that tell ya about jewish people in Arlington, Alexandria and Fallchurch  in the State of Virginia, --- all these jews living  in the modern  Nazi State Of Virginia the knuckle dragging state of Virginia this state Virginia where justice is concerned     one step up from the state of Mississippi in the  1930s )  the state of  Virginia   where modern norms of justice are concerned  its Mississippi 1939 for poor and middle class whites and Hispanics   ---what does it tell ya,- that jews wont say thanks  when you save them and give them the state of Iserial, what does it say about jews ? -   the jewish disease of narcissism  afflict these Jewish  people like no other people on earth. In the United states   Narcissism   indeed  iam speaking out about this  why arnet youuu  white Christians speaking out ?  St Thomas church Ballston church  youuu phoney Christians youuu in Arlington

 and   me  the new  race educator  with out a teaching certificate will tell ya and teach ya how it all happened   stay tuned

for my new jewish conveyer belt  on jewish wrong doing  with news articles to prove Iam not lying  so the jews of Arlington And Jack Moline must suck Up now today to private Ivan, --  I want ta see some grovling Moline.- for real  down low   at the Russian Army  WWII boots  of Ivan the boots that saved you Moline, 1945-  suck up   suck up Moline --- abe foxmen did not save you Moline, Ivan the Slav did,-  suck it up  you phoney basterd you – telling people what to say and not to say  who the hell do you think you are Moline  ? GOD ! ---  how could you be a jew Moline ? ---  your not a Slavic Jew ? your a Clover jew. -  your not a real jew,-  Moline  your not Slav Jew  and that then means,--- youcould  not be  a Rabbie ,? - to be a Rabbie you must be a jew, - you Moline can not be a jew, -- because you did not come from the Slavic East land s  Moline you’re a joke on the jews of Alexander Virginia a .  your not a Rabbie and your not a Jew , -- twice you’re a lier and a fraud on the jewish people-   call me a lier I dare ya,-  you plastic jew you-  Moline you . you clover jew you , Yaaah  I learned this from old jews from Ellis Island   If it haint from the Slav Lands it haint Jew  I learned a lot just haingen around 1940s

 All Arlington County citizens are responsible for what their lawinforcement and or Arlington jews or  Arlington Government employees  and or Christians   does or does not do  in a democracy --- Rebel soldier brave American   bomber McVeigh said so, :  is  the  Rebel American Soldier  McVeigh right or wrong  ?  Yes,  No,  Maybe  or  what  ? –

Iam just asking a question ?     



  I notice the Jewish people are upset about my new numbers of the dead of WWII  on my web site  redmonkee .com

·    ·    the old black lady and  the rhubarb pie , Norfolk va or Portmouth va 1956

·    ·     more true black stories  a little further down below called the young redmonk cause’s  black race  riots Norfolk Va .  coming 2004


  no  _____death ground here !

Shoot out at Whities Tavern took place in about 1961 0r  1962 that’s happened about 45 years ago

 when ya know the straeight  story youl see  who ever the guy was,- was indeed indeed the good sweet handsome guy ,---  in this shoot out at whities  Tavern almost  half a century ago ___

 if you know what they did to  the guy -, think of it as  an old western movie and an American Indian Comes in to the saloon called- Whities tavern  the year 1874 but the real time frame is in 196o  and the cowboys  rough  the Indian up,-  the bartender slaps him around  saying we don’t serve no redskins in here,- we don’t serve no niggers in here and we sure as hell  don’t  serve no Communist in here--  /  that last name of yours boy is communisto  how long ya been in this country  boy,- you sure your American ?  that kind of thing get it- the picture? --youv all seen it  that scene in old western movies     this shoot out story  commin to monkey tails Page on front page . some were pistol whipped some shot  the  bullet holes in the walls,  mirror  bartender forced to pour a heavy frosty mug of beer with no head  if their was a head in the frosty mug the bartender would be shot  pistol pointed on his head later  bartender forced to close his eyes with his hand flat palm down on the bar  a the empty frosty mug  slammed down hard on the bartender hand the guy then makes all the bar patrons in Whities Bar who were giving  this guy  Shi#  this guy tole em ta put their hands  up high in the air    and they better  sing Dixie --for that-- some one ,-that special guy , as the Whities patrons sang  Dixie with their hands straight up in the air   that-  guy made his getaway went out the door, the Bar Patrons then stopped singing Dixie and  that guy  ran back in Whities  fired a shot  and told em-- I said! :- sing  Dixie gut dam it--  and you better not stop singen ,  so the Patrons all started up again singen loud - Dixie  -their hands straight up in the air reaching for the sky you could hearem singen  through the sound of   Arlington po lice sirens  commin , hard—up the road etc,--- some said it sounded like southern rebel confederate solders  singen at the end of the civil war 1865-  others said it was the Mormon tabernacle quor  – that  Guy- who ever he was-- brought the   Coalfields to Whities Tavern down town Arlington   It happened at Whities  bar  almost 50 years ago a different time,   a different way of doining things,    you could call this story,-- the day the coalfields came to Whities Tavern and straighten some White  people out at Whities  50 years ago  theirs more to this story you don’t want ta know ?  but it is believed there are no living witnesses  no one would believe it anyway!  so why  evensay it.

Side bar ta this story at whities

 Their also was a Gal there with  her boyfriend  drinkin beer as she gut snotty with that-  guy- she told that—guy- we haint involved, and futher more  they were not getting under the table,-  then her boy friend gave thaT -------guy---- some verbel shi$ like he- the boy friend was brave showing off for his girlfriend ,- that  guy- fired a shot at their table and said when I say every body under the table that’s what the fuc# I mean ---they went under the table ,--then that- guy told the gal to stand up, she did- that guy then told her - pull up the front of your dress,- she did,- and that guy said-   shake it for me,-  she did,- that guy then said to her,- turn around,- she did , that- guy then said - lift up your dress,-  she did,-- that guy  then said- shake it for me  ,--she did   ---- howd ya like the  fuc#in   coalfields  now ?

 The American Experience

 And the human condition,  as I see it


 Add on background to this story

 During world war II and right after world War II 1946 47 48  the returning soldiers taught  coa