Arlington County, Virgina

Locatedacross the Potomac river -15 min. from the united States Capital ĖWashington DC ĖUSA




-         1-on this page you will hear of the Arlington County Stalkerthatthe County officials would not warn you about. Only the redmonk warned you. Were they using him as an informant?

-         2- the beating of the redmonk by Arlington police, on April 22, 2002

-         3- the open grave in Arl. Cementerythat the Arl.police where told about and the location, Arl. County did nothing?

-         4-including, all county officials knew about the Jewish Child killer of 13 Arab childrenwho worked at the National zoo and all Arlington county Officialsremained silent, Including Sharon Percy Rockefeller CEO of†† WETATV and radio not a peep out of her only the redmonk warned youArlington. mothers and children.††

-         5 †††Sharon persey Rockefeller is reported to havecomplained to the Arl. Police about me, is that why they the Arl. Policebroke my ribs and collapsed my lungs and almost killed me and then charged me with assaulting 4 robust healthy young white skined buck cops- 0f the Arlington. Police dept -.this, said in the coal field vernacular of the 1940s 50s 60sso as to heighten the awareness as concerns Mountian coalfield culture in the 1940s 1950s†† all I said about the Rockefeller Family is the truth,Sharonís family killed little coal minen children at their Ludlow Coal mine at Ludlow Colo. And got away with it , but not on this the redmonkee Arlington county page shes not.

-         6-†† Does-WETA Pres. Sharon Persey Rockefeller and the Rockefeller family own Arlington County Virginia 15 min from Americas Capital,- the same way the Wealthy Dupont family owns the State of Delaware, as their own Fiefdom? Does the Rockefella hidden hand control the Arlington County Police, is Arlington County Virgina,- Rockefellas Fiefdom?


-         When you read the Redmonkee web siteand this page you are reading the-

-         Anatomy of a Murder- actually taking place as it happens in Arlington County Virginia 15 min from America capital Washington DC usa all of you on this page are watching it, the murder happen, all slight of hand



-         ††The Murder of the Redmonkee by slight of hand and hidden handsofthe- Smithsonian inst.the Jewish Americans ,because of thedeath of the pandas and the child killing jew cover up- the US park police ,-drugging the horses and boots and saddles in the manure pile, cover up†† WETA Radio and T.V. CEO Ė Sharon Percy Rockefeller . her family killed coal minen children at the Ludlow mine Ė cover upthe Republican Political party drugging Pres. Reagens horse- cover up Arlington County officials- Ellen Bozmen ,- the Arlington stalker and she covered up what Lee and Bingham did to me two socials workers and the lying charges put on me, and the beatingby Arl Cops-cover up

††† †††

-         Washington Post News Coand its owners the total Graham Family,- led by Donald Graham and his sister Lalleyincluding their employeesBen Bradley,- Richard Cohen,- Bob Woodward his wife Elsa Walsh, even- Nora Ephorn- Carl JJ Bernstiens wife,- including including Congressman Moran of the State of Virgina as well as Christian Church Groups,- because of the embarrassment of their wrong doing of silence and the terrorer of fear with in allthem,= that they will all be found out on the redmonkee web site, that they all of those mentioned above, all together, covered up for the child killing jew at the National Zoo and did not warn the Americans mothers, I warned the American mothers on this political web site, www. Moran did not warn you I did ./


-         ††.theredmonkee triall in a Arlington county court room on Aug 13, 2002 is and will be a political trial, and he the political activistcalled the redmonkee,- will be found guilty,all slight of hand . by the hidden hands up above .


-         They came close to killing the redmonk when they broke his ribs and collapsed his lungs on April 22, 2002 Arrests,

-         You allsaw the beating by the white cops of the none resisting blacks on TV,but indeed black American leaders came to their aid to fight for these beaten blacks.


-         †††noWhite American leaderscame to my aid, I have white skin,- no white news men or white news womandid my story,-†† the all white news men and white news woman in America to a man and a woman,- in their all white news rooms,- will not do stories of cops beating and killing white people as white Arlington county cops did indeed doas in my case.


-         ††Only stories of black people being beaten are told by white news men and white news girls in America in their all white news rooms, why is that ?

-         ††The cops just yesterday july 10 2002 killed a Black woman across the Potomac river in MD. The cops in Arlingtona few weeks ago shot a man to death,they beat me only when I was chained ( cuffed )I did not resist them ,( thatís a crime ) what Arlington County cops did to me is a crime )- that is just reasently whatthe State of Maryland Cops did to a black guy few weeks ago and killed him,- you cant get oxygen.

-         , The cops are smothering us to death, the more we struggle for air the more they kill us,- 4 healthy White young White skined robustArlington Countycops taking me,- a 63 year old man,- a political activistsoff the hood of their police cruiser and throughing their totalweight of their 4- bodies on me, in unison, slamming meas we hit the ground,- thatís has to be 5 or 6 hundred pounds of body weight falling on me in unison from the height of the hood of the police cruiser. You all saw on television what the white cops did to the handcuffed teenagerslammen him and punching him in the faceon American Television News. Because of my white skin the US justice dept and John Ashcroft will not help me.


-         †††the United Nations Court must be brought in to all Americain cities all across America to†† get these cops who are murdering us and the County prosecutors and County Judges, who are letting the killer and beating cops get away, the reason being ,-only because of the fear of lawsuitsagainst the County Government,- the Government officials donít care about us the people.

-         , There is no justice in my case,-it is also Political,- because I am a political Dissenter. And homeless living in my van , which makes me different and in America they always kill, beat and murder, and put in jailany one who is different, such as homeless people for example,- ask a black American, or an Indian American if I am lying about being different,- being homeless ††by the way is not against thelaw.

-         Iam indeedembarrassing high ranking American leaders and powerful Americans and members of lawinforcement who are afraid I will get laws passed in other countriesto have these killer copsJudges and prosecutors, FBI agents and othersincluding American polticians put on trial in other countries and or in the United Nations courtwhich I am suppose to do as a Political activist,-it is my duty to raise the level of awareness and the level of your consciousness as concerns injustice in America against any one and or group.


-         ††It is indeed a historical fact that it is in the Anglo Saxon tradition to mock and make a fool out of the leaders of the land, it is indeed theBritish wayand America long ago decided to go with the Anglo Saxon law and tradition, I will continue to make a fool out of America and its leaders and its peopleby using only the truth, that America, and its people and its leaders are a big lieon the world. Shouting at American leaders( you are an As$ hole with toilet paper stuck to you) so as to imbarrasse the leaders in front of a crowd. This of course will get you labled deranged by the police, beaten and given broken ribsfreedom haint free and the redmonk is proving it bypaying the price .†††††††


-         much much more coming .- how it all happened,-all on this page scroll down††††



.Was there a Conspiracy to destroy the Russian Zookeeper who worked at the Smithsonian Institution and who formally took care of president Reganís. and Nancyís Reganís Horses ďJack PottĒand ďOlympiaĒ

Remember (the Presidents horse was drugged with a horse Trank called Ace Promizine to make the horse sleepy, so it wouldnít hurt the president of the United States.)

†† Did this Conspiracy (if it was a Conspiracy ? ) to destroy the Russian Zookeeper involve top officials from Arlington CountyVirgina ?as well as FairFax, County, Virgina officials including commonwealth Attorney Robert Horan ,Sheriff Peed, Katherine K. Hanley,Board of Supervisors all ofFairFax County Virgina.

All of these people are high ranking officials who run and control the countyand all are political involved in the Republican party and or the Democratic party in America,††† Fairfax County VA. By the way†† is located 30 min from the United States Capitol Wash DC. USA


In Arlington county Virginawhich is a 15 min car ride from the nations capital Washington DCArlington County is where the Redmonkee has lived for more thensince 1960

,we have Mrs. Ellen Bozeman,( her photo on the photo page)-

Arlington County Sheriffs

I.C. O'Neil...............1869-1874
R.D. Ruffin...............1874
James C. Roach............1874-1876
William C. Wibirt.........1876-1879
Frederick S. Corbett......1879-1883
Richard A. Veitch.........1883-1895
William H. Palmer.........1895-1912
Jacob E. Birch............1912
A.H. Barbor...............1912-1916
Howard B. Fields..........1916-1920

A.C. Clements.............1920-1924
Howard B. Fields..........1924-1944
Homer Bauserman...........1944-1948
J. Elwood Clements........1948-1952
Carl Taylor...............1952-1960
T.W. Frederick............1960-1964
J. Elwood Clements........1964-1980
James A. Gondles..........1980-1990
Thomas N. Faust...........1990-2000
Beth Arthur...............2000-Present


Mrs. Bingham, Mrs. Lee two social workers who are involved in this conspiracy to get and destroythe Russian Zookeeper and demonize him for speaking up about druggingPres.Reagens Horse.


How is theRepublican party involved? the C.I.A.?- FBI ? Arlington County police,? U.S.Park Police,? Fairfax County police,?

As well as other Law enforcement agencies of the United States Government who haved vowed to get the Russian Zookeeper for running to the Russian Embassy to get help. When Russia was still the- USSR


This- After no American or lawfirm would help the Russian Zookeeper after U.S.Park police cop, Mike Owens Tried to blow off the hand of the Russian zookeeper with explosive devise. And death threats were a daily occurrence - a cover upthe Goverment refused to investigate. So as to protect the police.


Mrs. Lee a social worker for Arlington County is of Vietnamese origin and came to this country after the fall of South Vietnam, Mrs. Leeís Father was a wealthy man, Who sent Mrs. Lee to France, to school, thatís some background,on Mrs. Lee.

She still works for Arlington County social services.

Mrs. Bingham is a Christian woman, or so she claims, she too works for Arlington County Virginia Social services. These two woman Bingham and Lee plus others involved, put sex charges on the Russian zookeeper claiming he molested Vietnamese children that lived alone in the apartment below the Russian Zookeeper at Arna valley Apartments in Arlington Virginia. Off of Glebe road

But it was Mrs. Lee who was Harming the children, who she had total control of as a social worker, along with Mrs. Bingham these two social workers committed crimes against these childern,not the Russian Zookeeper.

The U.S.Government saw a chance to demonize and destroy the Russian Zookeeper by getting Arlington Government workers to putsly sneaky -sex charges on the Russian Zookeeper, implying the redmonk molested these little children living alonealso Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Bingham- ( the two arlington County social workers )- knew that five Small under age children were forbidden by law to live alone in a apartment paid for by Arlington County? And or a Church Org.?


. Miss. Lilly Wong- a South Vietnamese refugee who lived across from the Russian Zookeeper in the next apt. knows the truth of what happened, if Lilley Wong of South Vietnam is a true Lilley of South Vietnam, she will tell the truth as to what happened to these children.

A Viet drug gang had taken over the apt and the Children a massive cover by Arlington County police and Goverment

Also Mrs. Lee threatened me with Vietnam Gangsat this meeting I requested with the County, this meeting held in my apt. with Mrs Beingham and Mrs. Lee and myself this is when the threat was made against me.

Mrs. Lee also used these children to clean her apt. like they were her Slaves, did these children clean Mrs. Bingham house also? Arlington County Cover up. I wrote Mrs. Ellen Bowman a letter explaining what happened and she refused to answerer

I was fighting the U.S. park police and the U.S. Government at this time frame,- when they all ganged up on me,- like the coward white men and woman of the Anglo Saxon race they truly are.

Is Lilly Wong a true Lilly of South Vietnam,? thatís the question/

#88 redmonk alertasconcerns lies on the redmonkin the Arlington county court room in April of 2002the county proscuter , lying,the united states navy,lying stating he never served on a ship/ the arrest by Arl Police on April 22 202broken ribsand the lying chargesput on the redmonk to silence him / Arl county prosecutor lieing in the court room, stating to the Judge- that the redmonk never worked for the Park police, a massive lie I worked their 5 yearsthe redmonkya true Political activistthat shames America with the truth,- the US Government wants silence,-I will shout louder not shut up ††††

Arlington County prosecutor at my bond hearing,told the judge that I never worked for the US park police and that I have been saying that for yearsand I had mental problems,- I was stunned beyond belief,-I went to work ever day at the US park police for 5 years where the hell was I,- if not at the Police dept. working, 5 days a week for 5 years,- Lisa StevensPanda Manager at the National Zoohelped hire me at the zoo,- knows I worked at the Police dept I worked for Lisa Stevens in the Monkey houseat the national zoo . I got the proof I worked at the Park police5 years / the US navy sent me info I ask for,- concerning my term seved on naval Ship LST 1162,-the United States Navystated I never went to sea one time and that I never served over seas / I spent all total of 4 years at sea on the Arneb, vangard , lst 1162, never had a day working shore duty while in the US Navy,why the lies by USGoverment. And theArlington County prosecutor ?

9 months of every year, for 4 years,- I spent on ships at searoaming ,6 months in the med sea,- working for the†† 6 th fleet , where we- LST 1162 travled alone,-we were too slow to keep up with the 6 th fleet, they didnít want us- then 3 months in the Caribbean sea , every year , a total of 9 months -then we would go into a ship yard for repairs for a month or so,and one time when we got back to the States,- I left on leave for two weeks and when I came back to the ship yard,- LST 1162 had left the Hoboken ship yard in New jersey and returned to sea,- I caught her at Little creek Virgina.

At the Little creek Amphib base where weleft the pierevery couple days or weeks andwent on training mine laying, andsweeping and other exercise/ if I wasnít on these ships,- then were the hell was I ?, why is theArlington County, Va. Goverment and federal Government lieing on me , the secret service lied on me inMagistrate Jean Dyers Federal Court room in Washington DC at my trial for protesting in the white house over my firing from the Smithsonian. Why the lies ? what is the us navy and US Government Afraid of including Arlington County virgina, Goverment afraid of, Arlington,where I have lived since 1960? why are they lieing on me ?

The lies on me at my trial, in Judge Hogans court room(for protesting in the white house )Agent Baily lied on my ex wife who I had not talked to in 17 years,-my ex wife had to get a lawyer,to protect her self from the lies of White Housesecret serviceAgent Baily,-My ex wife worked in the Ex .Office building across from the white house.††, its is my under standing that MagistrateDyer lives in Arlington County Va. Ill put out her address after I get it and maybe her photo too ,/

I will put out on the photo gallery the scanned photo of the US navyletter stating,- I never served on a ship and or over seas, what a lie, thatís all I ever did, sail on ships- the record are lying thatís why at the bottom of the movie page on the linkpage I ask every one to find the little jewish sailor from Philadelphia Pennsylvania as my witness,- he will tell you about the storm and what happened in my Boat and every thing else,

nowon April , - 2002to hear the Arlington County Prosecutor say - I never worked at the Park POLICE ,-†† WHAT WOULD A REASONABE PEARSON,-- using the reasonable man rule that is used in anglo Saxon lawTHINK,)-- If you were me,- what would you think?,- THEY ARE TRYING TO HARM ME,- PUT, ME AWAY WITH LIES,-TO SHUT ME UP,-

Ihave ATTACK ARLINGTON county Virgina and some of its leadersof this county Government on this web siteas concerns the Arlington county Court house and wrong doing by Arlington officials the Arlington police stopped me on April 22 2002 and said my tint in my rear windows was to0 dark, on my red chevy Van-but my van is my home I live in,-I too like to sleep with no one looking in my windows, just like all of you/ the cops then saw a knife I cut my food up withand charged me with a hidden weapon,- whatIam I to cut my food up with if not a knife,? My teeth ?my van is my home I live in, I am homless, and a political activist.think about that,- Why is the Arlington County Female Proscuter is allowed to have a knife in her kitchen but a homeless person in Arlington is not allowed to have one in his home on wheels ? Will the American Civil liberties Union take this case all the way to the Supreme court ?

The arlington cops that beat me also have knives in their home to cut food,the Judge who found probale Cause in my case in the Arlington County Court house and saidwe go to trial,- he too no doubt has a knife in his kitchen.- the nerve of the Arlington County Judge, Cops and female Prosacuter†† the nerve†† keep in mind I am the one that alerted the Arlington Cops about the Arlington County Stalker not the Judge, not the Cops and Not the Arlington County Female prosacuter warned you†† you know you jackas$ Arlington County White People need to get you head out of youer As$ as concerns this beating of meand the Stalker the warning about the Child killing Jew at the Zoo†† which is now a super hot spot in this war America has with the Muslem peopleyou chicken Shi# white people in Arlington County need to stand up for me not reamain silent .

The police then beat me up and broke my ribs and locked me upwith charges I assaulted a police officer and had a hidden weapon the Knife†† they locked me up from April 22 202 to May 7 2002every day I ask for a doc. To look at my ribs and week went by before they took xrays and would not tell what happened to my ribsthey broke my glasses, bent them in a u when the police took them they were streaight,busted up my faceas I shouted over and over again I was nonviolent , and donít break my glasses, as they took me down I shouted Ruby ridge and Wacoand that I am a political, activest ,

This happened in front of the Hecht Co in Ballston at about 9 oíclock at night, on April 22, 2002a few weeks earlier I was stopped by an Arlington County cop as I was reading a book in my van and they degraded me and kept me for a long time, the one Arl. copnamed Kantar mentioned that Fairfax County cops was asking about me,- why would Fairfax county cops ask about me ? I am asking Mexican Americans to get Legislation passed by the Mexican government to capture the Fairfax County Cops and Attorney Robert Horan,to be taken to Mexico to stand trial for murder of a American Mexican woman sleeping in her bed? the Copsbroke in to the wrong house and I have called them cowards which I think they are- afraid , when a cop is afrade he will killmost cops are tough guys not brave guysthere is a big difference between the two

On my political web site, www. I have attack the Fairfax County Police and Commonwealths Attorney Robert Horan of Fairfax County Vafor the Killing a Mexican Woman in her bedwhile she slept , thatís why the cops are hurting me, breaking my ribs collapsing my lungs and almost killing meand then lieing I attack them,- 4 healthy white cops, includingHarassmentof me etc. which is against American lawto harass a person because of ones Political believes.

Just as the US lawinforcementmurders atWaco and Ruby Ridgeby the American Government, no lawinforcement went to jail for murder of all of theseAmerican Citizens, some as young as two years old. Where Military gas was used on the children, which is against the law , all because the Cops wanted to go home. And were tired .

After being stopped by Arlington Cop kantar and a 2nd cop whose name I do not know,( I ask for his card he said he didnít have one ) officer Kantar did give me his card ) because of these two cops strange behavior††† I then went to an org. in Arlington County that helps homeless people called ASPAN, I am on record theirand told two of the aSPAn workers that maybe we should see some one in the county to see what the rules and reg. Are-. as concerns homeless people living in their vans or cars in Arlington County Virginia.

She told me to make a appointment with Marty Berman, who runs ASPAN,-because of the strange aggressive way the Arlington cops are acting and I was getting tired of it , becauseits abusive its intrusive ,( background on me) I am also an Activists for the release of Indian leader Leonard peltier as wellas a Activists for theWaco and Ruby Ridge killings by the American Government and American lawinforcement. The Peltier Web Site is on my web site link pagewith two- Waco sits and one ruby ridge web site. Photos on the photo gallery show me at Demos

Arlingtion County Outragewhile in the Jail

†† Concerning the Fairfax County Cops asking about me, Per Arlington CopKantar- )- is he jewish ? and what does that mean if he is?- as concerns the new # on the Holocaust on my web site.? And keep in mind the jewish fanatic case worker I was forced to meet while locked up in the Arlington Jail,after he, the , came into the room and I sat down well he was still standing he leaned over the table and tapping his finger on the table stated in a angrey voice we are going to shut you down , he also complained about my new # of the dead of the Hollacaust of World War II, and made the remark that Dr Edwin Gould remark that I am mentally Ill because Iam a Slav was Correctand further mor his jewish people were going to talk to Prof Ercison Of Edenburg Scotlandabout his research on the new Numbers of the deadof wotrld War IIthis sameJewish Fanatic case worker he said he was 62 years old he looked 80 years old Jewishfanitac gave me his card, I put it in my top pocket and he later reached over and took it out of my pocket,- stating I donít want you using my card on your web site , said in a snotty tone of voice, should some one like him be allowed to meet and deal with a political activist such as I, who is havingdisagreements with the jewish Americans concernining the dead of world war II?is this right for the county gvt. To send some one like thisJewish guy to talk to me ?

Arlington cop Kantar being jewish would he lie on me,? because I say on my Political web site the numbers of the dead of the Holocaust are wrong? And thatMy Slav race suffered moredid the Arlington County Female white Anglo Saxon prosecutor say to aArlingtonCounty African American Judge I was a Holocaust denier ? read my web siteand you will see it is I, accusing the Jewish People of being a Holocaust deniers,- because of the new # of the dead of world war II the Russians lost 49 million dead and the jews lost 4 and a half million dead not 6 million†† at my bail hearingat this same bail hearing held in the Arlington county Court house did they say I was doing propaganda for Communist China on my web site ? my first court appt. lawyer was a lawyer named Foley, who the Arlington county judge told me that she wanted me to have a really good lawyer, she assigned me,- Mr. Foley this female Judgeshe has red hair.†††† Iam sure he, Mr. Foleyis a very good lawyer being court appt. but I felt I need a different type of lawyer , and I got one.

Is this why the cops broke my ribs?

my web site at ask that the Mexican Government and Mexican Americans in Fairfax Countyget legislation passed to take back to Mexico and put on trial in the country Mexico,- under Mexican lawthe Fairfax CopsCops who shot to death a Mexican woman sleeping in her bedwhich Fairfax Cops did indeed do / which is my right to do as a free Citizen inAmerica)

I also asked Arab Americans to get Legislation passed in some Arab country to arrested Fairfax County prosecutor Robert Horan and make him stand at trial in an Arab countryfor a hate crime against Muslims because he,Fairfax County va. Common wealth Attorney one Mr. Robert Horan,- said on American television that a Pakistani would kill his own mother for 2000 dollars,he was not firedas Fairfax County prosecutor and or Fairfax common wealth attorneyfor this hate crime,- against Muslims and their faith.

no one on the Fairfax County Police Dept .- went to jail for the killing of the sleeping Mexican woman by Fairfax Cops / these bad American Cops andEvil bad Lying Prosecutors are killing freedomand Democracy every day in America , anumber of news Magazines . are reporting about the Us prosecutors misconduct in the court roomsall across America, every day all day long††† With holding Evidence, putting innocent people away in jail, so they,the US prosecutors can make a name for them selves. And later run for political office,- the Senate or Congress or State Governor

Iam Complaining about this cop abuse, on going through out Americaon my Political web site , I believe we Americansnowlive in a mild fascist state,- because of lying Law enforcement, you are guilty in America until proven Innocent, the cops said I beat them up,- 4 of them against me,they broke my ribsIam 63 years old manfighting for freedomin America,-my Court hearing is going to be in Arlington County Court house on June 4, 2002

I fought for civil rights for Asians and Slavs at the Smithsonian and got the first Asian Hired a Korean welder named Kimhe later thanked me, Iam a Ruthenian American the smallest Minority in America there are only 300.000 Ruthenian s left in our home landand the UN said our Language is dying out this statement on the UN web site.

I am an activist to free little Ruthinia,( which is my right ,)a very small country in the Carpathian Mt. Of Europe,Ruthenia was free once in 1939.I have fought for blacks when it was Dangerous in the 1950s I fought for jews,I stood up for HispanicsI protest in front of the White house and FBI Buildingfor Waco and Ruby ridge and the American Indian Leader Leonard peltier yearly at demos††† yet Blacks,- jews and Hispanics will call me a racist if I disagree with them on any issue and even attack me . but still,-only Blacks and Spain- latinos come for me and help me,-never white people .

Check my new Arlington County Page on my web Site link pagehow the police beat up other homeless people to be informants , the Stalker of Arlington CountyI told ASPANsocial Workers about and the woman who feed the Homeless thanked me, the FBI told me he was a Stalker, he then confessed to me he was a stalkerhis story in full on the Arlington page is that why Arlington Cops broke my ribs,? was the Arlington police using him as an Informent ? how many other homless people are the police using as informants ,I told Arlington County Copsabout opened graves at Arlington cemeteryrats and squirrelseating bodies/grave name- Halsey from Oklahoma story in full on the new Arlington county Va page coming to the new front page Photos too,- is this why they beat me and lie on me in Arlington county Virginia 15 min fron the American capital ?††

With my web site Iam trying to get justice , keep in mind the ARLINGTON county prosecutor said I never workedat the US park police, she said this in front of a judge,- she lied to keep me in jail / I have every reason to believe that cops would harm me for my believes,- they the cops are all taught to watch out for any one who supports the weaver familyat Ruby ridge and or the murdered gassed and burned little two year old children atWaco,- and how about the photo of the US park police Boots and saddles in the Manure Pileon my photo page would no doubt incite some lawinforcement UNSTABLECops to commit MURDER AND MAYHEM against my persons. Use ( the reasonable man rule,) thatís used in Anglo Saxon law. Iam trying to get governments of the world to investigate Arlington county Court house/ its judges Cops and Proscuterskeeping the jobs for ther English irish blacks and Jewsother races need not applythe US Justice Dept . must be brought in toinvestigatedid the cops who broke my ribs wear body armer in the court room to deminze me did the judge wear body armer who else wore body armer in this Arlington County court room ? the female Proscuter /did the judge show hostility toward me in this court room ?††

AND LIKE Tim McVeigh I too think most cops do a hard jobRebel Mcveigh liked Cops,- he didnít likethe Feds- FBI etc.he thought cops had a hard job and respected them/ I on the other hand, want the bad cops outand only the United Nationscan do it. Because of the corruption of the American justice System in the US and Arlington County corrupt Government,

RememberI worked for a police dept. for 5 years there are bad cops, good cops and crazy copsand dumb cops, afraid copsand dangerous copsthe cops who killed the sleeping Mexican Woman in her bed were afraid copsand need to be firedtell the Fairfax Cops to see the movie (All the Pretty horse ) so they,- to a cop will know were to put their money as the Mexican Government takes them to the wallfor the murder of the sleeping Mexican woman in her bed,-you cops put your money in your boot and throw the bootsee the scene in the movie, so you Fairfax countywill know how to do it,-see the scene of this 15 year old west Virgina coal field boy thronging his boot as the Mexican Federalie Police drag him the 15 year oldrunaway in this movieto the wall to be shot††† I was the same age and from the coal fields when I hit the road. They stole his horse and the Smithsonian stole my job and it haint over .†††††

when I was stopped by the Arlington County Copson April 22 20o2 in front of the Hecht co. Ballston ,in Arlington Va . I ask the cops some thing to the effect,- why are they acting this way and one of the copssaid there is a hazarded warning from a cop web site in Loudon County Va.some thing about I am dangerous,- I have never been Charged with any thing in Loudon County Va. In my life,- this is the County Loudon,- on my web site that I complain about Sheriff Simpson of Loudon County not doing his job,- I went to his office by sert letter complaining about De la Rue Print Security killing wildlife and the near poisoning of me by the Head of securityat De la Ruewho formerly worked as a Treasury agent for about 13 yearshe was the one ordering the killing of wild life,- see link page Del a Rue Story it will explain Simpson ) Simpson put on his copweb sit that I am derangedso other cops can see it when they punch in my name on their computer / mabey Simpson needs to be taken to Russia to stand trial in a Russian court of law along with the Arlington County cops who beat me a Ruthenian Slav.

The headof Del a Rue Security printhe s the one who thought he was smart and clever to get me to poisen wildlifeand nearly poisoned mea Mexican American saved me, white people were trying to hurt me, because I raised hell about them calling Indians Redskinswhat a bunch of white scum bag mfers white people are in Americ,- thisMexican s Mother was more woman then a 1000.000 white American woman any time any where†††† dirty white people,dirty to the core†††† long live the great Mexican people,- one of your sons of old Mexico saved me,-thanks,his mexican mother raised him rightwith honor,he did the right thing, when no one else would - he was a son of old mexico, his mother was a Mexican woman,†† not an white Anglo saxon woman , and it showed too.. by what her son did for me.

†† †††I also went to FBI head Agent Thompson in Richmond Va By cert mail with this complaint and to US Attorney of the eastern distrerct ofVirginia Helen Fahey, her office in Alexandria Virginawhere the Arab Freedom fighters are on trial, they also got the Chinese Amb. Letter on the child killing Jewish Zookeeper and they all went quiet not a peep out of emWhy ?

Simpson and Fahey and Thompson refused to do any thing,- none of them answeredand you ask why I run into the Russian and Chinese Embassies and ask to get on their TV News Programs and ask for protection ? now do you see why I go to embassy row.?

the US justice system does not work,only for the rich and powerfull ,- I call my self the redmonkeeas a tauntto the FBI for putting me on the terrorest watch list,-they told me I was on the terrorest watch listin front of a witness , later they told me they took me off the list .

, I ask all Arab American,- Chinese American and members of the redmonkee Brigrade(a Animal Rights and Human Rights Org.) that I am starting up with high school children of the World,- including students in America, and in Arlington CountyVaFalls church , McLean Va - asking all studentsto stand up for freedom and be againstand shut down political correctness in America.

†††† on my Political web site, I requested that school†† children plant trees for the Murdered SleepingMexican woman, shot to death byFairfax County Policein the state of Virginia 20 min from Washington DC ,-

Thattreesbe planted forMurdered 14 year oldSam weaver at ruby ridge ,- trees to be planted for the children murdered at Waco Texas--, and the murdered 13 little Arab Children shot to death by the Zoo keeper who worked at the Smithsonian National zoowhen he was a Settler in the Jewish State ofIserial-

Trees planted for the murderedcoal mining Children at the Ludlow coal mine which was owned and operated by. WETA Radio pres. Percy Rockefeller, Family,-her radio Station locatedinArlington County Va . this powerful woman,- Percy Rockefeller who I was told complained to Arlington County police about me , concerning what I have put on my political web site-redmonkee .com) you can see iton the bottom of the Movie page onmy link page front page,- asconcerning her family killing Children at the Ludlow coal mine,- at Ludlow Colo.the killing of Prisoners at New Yorks Attica prison by her Father in law.

Why would Mrs. Percy Rockefeller the wife of a US Senator complain about me to the police ?-I only told the truth, about what crimes her Rockefeller family committed against the working Classpeople in Americaand iam from the Coal Fieldsbecause of Percy Rockefellers complaintto Arlington Police,- will she ,Percy Rockefeller get me Killed?I too iam from the Coal fields,-I lived 35 yards from the Oliver # 2 Coal mine, Its seems to me†† the Rockefellers a Capitalists Rich powerfully Familylikes to kill coal minen working people from the mountains? You have to wonder?

you would have to ask Percy Rockefeller of WETA Radio Stationlocated in Arlington County Virginia why she called the Police, on me,- thenthe policebroke my ribs and beat me up, broke my glasses I am 63 years old,living onvery little money fromsocial security check,- living in my van homeless,

Percy Rockellfer no doubt†† will now like the Arlington policetokill me ,- when they get the chance, slight of hand, all of thiswhen I was non violent and shouted to the public to watch what the police were doing to me because of my political believes, Arlington police who I complained aboutto ASPAN org. for homeless people that the Arlington Police wereharassingme. When I got back from my run to Russia seeking political asylumtrying to get on Russian Television to embarrass America,- the Smithsonianand Arlington County Government for what they did to me.†† the Arlington County PoliceHarassesed me on a Regular bases after I came back, from Russia USSR took my Bike from me,-I used for long distance Biking , a Hobby, ) Ė the cops beat on my camper with night sticks. Ordering me out . even tho the bike was mine they refused to give it back.

all oftheseAmerican Woman and Children†† murdered by American Lawinforcementand the copsat Ruby ridge and Waco and Numerous other places are nevernever punished , thatís why my political web site is trying to alert the UN,- they must come into America and take over the us Justice system in Cop Killing Cases,- the American Judges and American US Prosecutors are protecting each other†† and the AmericanCops who are Murdering American Citizens and walking Away,-I also ask the school children of the world to plant trees for the 13 murdered Arab children by the Jewish American Zoo keeper Ralph Strauss at the National Zoo in Washington DC-.

Theseindeed are just some of the reasons the Arlington county Government and American Lawinforcement including Fairfax County Cops are asking About me Per Arlington County Cop Kantarand would want to Silence me by killing me, and or putting me away for 6 years on these charges I will then be 69 or 70 year old man when I get out of prison for telling the truth on America†† thatís my crime. Telling the truth is now a crime in political correctAmerica

††††††††††††††††††††† For The dirty WhiteWoman in America,- eyes only

I ask all you White Christian American woman,- in Arlington County Va. 15 min from the nationsCapitalis not the Smithsonian Inst and the National Zoo in Washington Dc a Super Hot Spot in the on going War with Arab Muslim people,- Ben Laden Etc.?

because the Smithsonian Officials and the Zoo Officials allowed a Jewish Settler who killed 13 Arab Womanís Children , work at the smithsonian-

when this Jewish Zookeeper Ralph Strauss lived in the State of Israel as a settler he killed these little Arab children you see it on the TV every night,-then he came back to America and got a job at the National zoo and then Arab Woman came to the National Zoo looking for Ralph to confront him about the killing of her children , would the white Christian woman in Arlington County confront Ralf it was their children he killed ?

the Arabs ask me where they could find him andthe Jewish and Christian Zoo officials began hiding Ralph in side the zoo buildings,is the Zoo not a Super hot spot in this war with the Arab people?,†† now, today.

†† AmI wrong to warn you White Christian woman in Arlington County Va , if not ,- then are not you white Christian woman suppose to help me,-not hurt me , the Arlington Police saidI,†† a 63 year old man assaulted 4 young healthy White skinned buck Copsthatís 4 cops,-if you believe that,- I have the Brooklyn bridge for sale at a very cheap price , they broke my ribsmy glasses, bent them in a Uon and on . Why?††† so you wont know about the threat at the Zoo and Smithsonian is their a Hidden jewish hand in this beating of me to silence me ? is the Hidden jewish Hand driving theArlington Police and theWhite Christian Female Prosacuterin the Arlington Court House- 15 min. from Americas Capital ? Washington dc

the Arlington County Cops, Judges, prosacuters, did not warn you mothers,- I did,†† Sheriff Flynnof Arlington Didnít warn you,no FBI agents warned you,†† not one jew warned you .I alone of all the people who know about the Child Killing Jew at the Zoowarned you American woman and you have not given me a penny to pay lawyers to defend my self,- what does this silence say about you white Christian mothersin Arlington County Va 15 min . from the Americans Capital ?

Black and Brown Woman in America have already done yourWhite Womans Job,- How many times,- standing up for me,-you white people are dirtyin America . I like to rub it in,-

a Jewish social worker came to the Arlington. Jail and I had to meet with him,- he said in a sneering voice were going to shut you down , a jewish Fanatic ? why shut me downso I cant warn you Americans ?some of the inmates in the Arlington County Jail came to me and said there is some kind of Demo out side the Jail,- animal right s people, they said they think its your people†† they couldnít be for me,no one knew I was in the Jailand it would not have been PETAfor me,what that was about I donít know as I have 50 % hearing loss I cant hear too well and I was with out glasses almost two weeks I was their in Jail I can only see 6 inches from my face with out glassesso I was kept blind,-the jewish social worker remarked there are jewish monkees out side for youyour army, said in a Snearing voice†† I donít have a clue what they were talking about. There is no doubt the Government wants this political web site downall of you must keep it upyou mothers in Arlington must warn other mothers through out America donít let the FBI Arlington County prosecutors and the jewish people shut me downtell the world what they did to mein # 13 in freedom Americathe UN said we Americansare # 13 in freedom I didnít make this up the UN said so

send all the money you got to CJ Koritko at PO Box11167 Arlington Virginia 2210 pay your billyou dirtywhite woman††††††

the powerful Goverment people mentioned here need to be fired from their jobsthey are all protected by the Corrupt American Justice System†† and the FBI told me in front of Witness the FBI wants me to shut up about what I know or they would lock me up. And threatened me with the Killer FBI agent HiendsI have witness, I will not shut up,I will shout these truths louder,-†† I again, call on China and Russian Government s and Chinese People and all Slav peoplesto protect my life, fromAll American lawinforcement†† keep a very close eye on Arlington county policeCounty Judges and County Prosecutors in this Corrupt County located 15 min from Washington DC, I will. Give the name of the Lawyers office for thedefense fund for the redmonkee lawyer fundI was in jail from April 22 till may 7 2002††† I need 15000 dollars to pay a lawyerthatís the cost,†† help out,- I helped you and your family,- help mesend the moneyyou adults

I need protection from all Government s of the world France, Germany, England, Russia,= all Slavic States, Mexico,- all Arab Governments the Government ofIndia,every onecontact Pres . Of Russia Putins Wife,- tell her what Arlington county is doing to me,- allredmonkee Brigrade members hold Car washes to get me money for a good lawyer , shoot e-mail rockets to all news org.tell these world wide news org . the US Government and Arlington County Government and Americam Lawinforcement is indeed going to kill the redmonkee and it will be slight of hand.

My death protects who and what ? in the US Government and Arlington county GovernmentFairfax County Govermentcheck the Marshall High School falls church va web Page ) on theLink page,-know why they are going to kill the redmonkee /all of you can stop the killing of the redmonkee,-†† write the Chinese and Russian Embassy send thousands of email and hand written lettersthe Chinese Embassy do it to day,- my life is in your hands Redmonkee Brigrade membersby killing me,-this is what and who, my death protects with silence down below †††††††††††††††

††Alington County Government Social workers Lee And Bingham implingputting sex charges on me that I molested Viet children,-who lived alone in a apartmentbelow me,- at Arna Valley apt.- in Arlington County, Va. It was the Social Workersabusing the VietChildren ),-- shame on you America and arlington County

Do you Recallthe Townof Wenatchee,-in the state of Washington ? and the social workers and a Det. Perez,- putting sex charges on innocent people,- then taking their children away, and putting the poor people in prison, some were Janitors, some spoke very little Englishthey had(no money for Lawyers,)- they were defenseless, against the onslaught of the American Justice SystemJanet Renohead of the US Justice dept.refused to do any thing to helpthese poor people )- the Social workers were Cowards,-the Social workers and Perez still work for the town of Wenatchee, after several years passed the peoplewere found Innocent but were forbidden to sue the town of Wenatcheein the state of Washington )they,the Arlington County- social workers and Arlington Government did some thing similar to me, while I was fighting the US parkPoliceand US Government /the Arlington Police refused to come back and investigate, these implied charges against me - so I could clear my name ,- I called how many times ?/only silence form Arlington county/---- ShameShame on you America. Shame shame on you Arlington County,- which is 15 min from Washington DC


The United StatesGoverment saying Iam crazy,- that non of what Iam sayingis true,all of this and much more is allcovered up to protect how many people and US and County Government- and US federal Agencies and officialsincluding the US Navy†† ?

Sen. Jessie Helms,? Andthe Washington post Newspaper,- who had all this info on the child Killing Jew and Animal Abuse their Shame of silence screams / this news paper is against the Animals, this news paper is not for the Animals.- but for the greedy Graham Familythat owns this news paper, the Washington Post news paper.

how about the Animal Rights org PETA,- who indeed, wasnot for the Animals,- but for the Politicians, in the Republican Party-selling out the redmonkee. And selling out the Animals at the same time,- so PETA can get political Clout.†† shame shame on PETA,-Shame Shame on Mary Beth Sweetland, ShameShame on Jeanny Roush , and shame on that PETA- British Hoe you all know her name.†††

PETAs for the new world order and Lesbiansand is indeed anti woman meaning the woman who like men and children,

PETAs Lesbians call mothers Dumb cows,If mothers are dumb cows as PETAíS lesbians say,- then Pray tell,- what are PETAS lesbians?††† I fire Back,- shame on the LESBO Queens of PETA,Shame shame shame on America

Lesbians and Homosexuals have every right to be left alone and live in peace and Dignity,-they have no right to hate men who like womanand or get up in our faces with hate,- as they do and or call Grandmothers and woman who like men,- Dumb Cows which is what they do, I heard them and so have some of you.

The lesbian Factor and the Arlington County Female Cop ? in all of this - while I was working in the Elephant house at the National Zoo a Long legged Femalewho I believe to be a Arlington County Cop who may be a lesbian,- told Zookeepers Cathy Wallace and morna Holden to put sex charges on me, they didnít mention my name,- but used the word- he and him , but a little later thatís what morna and Cathy did do -Put sex charges on me.

)the long legged White female who I believe to be an arlington county Female Cop said to do this to him†† because of a 1000 year suffering of woman by men,-

I say this because a femaleArlington County cop who gave me a ticket not too long after I was fired, from the Zoo,-looked like this woman and I believe this wasthe same femalecop who came toArlington countyLibrary located close to four mile run drive in Arlingtonto look into a complaint, that I posted animal abuse letters on the Animal Welfare leaguewindows and they, Animal Welfare League people- called the arlington cops, I watched from the arlington library, as this female cop took the complaint,-

I swear it was the same woman who talked to Cathy and Morna zookeepers at the Nationalzoo, while I was in the Elephant house Kitchen prepping food, for the Animals they didnít know I was in the kitchenas I over heard them talkingand I remember thinking, they are going to mess some one up, this is when the redmonkey said to himself,- these Lesbo woman are dirty Mfers,- you got to watch em,- they hate men,- withPathology of hate - ) at the time,-I didnít know they were talking about me,-this happened at the Elephant house at the National zoo. In Washington DC.

Iam a Innocent man / I didnít do it / iam going to Al Jerssia Television with thisto make a fool out of America and Arlington county va. ill not give up the fight until I get justice and or iam deadI already got you dirty stinking White Americans in Russia, but iam still thirsty for justice

††† This all took place at theNational zoo where I worked as a Zoo keeper this, was the same time I was fighting the Park police, and running into†† the Russian embassy for help to get on their TV news Shows because no onein America wouldhelp me, I went every where for help, in this same time framewhere Two Arlington CountySocialworkersLee and Bingham implied I molested these little VIET children that were under age and living alone in the Apt. Below me , at Arna Valley Apts, in Arlington County 15 min from Washington Dcoff of Glebe Road. A massive lie on me

Lee also threatened me with Viet Gangsin front of Bingham who is suppose to be a Christianit is against the law for under age children to live alone, like this . Arlington County owes me money for all of this.

I demand that Arlington County- Sheriff Flynn and the Arlington County Board make all the femaleArlington county Cops line up in a long straight lineso I can point out the female cop who was in the elephant House at the National Zoo , shetold thetwo Female Zookeepers to put Sex Charges on me,-I will also tell what the hell went on at Arlington national Cemetery and Arlington County didnít do anything as far as iam aware Arlington county Government also knew about the Jewish Child Killing Zoo keeper at the National s Zoo and Kept Quiet you would think the dirty white woman in Arlington, Couinty Virgina 15 min from the nationa Capitalwould thank me for the warning about the danger of going to the Nationalzoo

†† damn right I run into the Russian embassy to get help and Chinese Embassyits an unfair fight, no one would help me,- dirty stinking White Christian Americansall of em )

†† after listening in to what I believe to bethe Arlington countyLesbian Cop tell morna Holden, andCathy Wallace toput sex Charges onsome guy and they did, and it was me , I was the guy,- this wasafter I came back from the Smithsonian Castle on the mall after filing a complaint against the Zoo ,- Zookeepers Cathy and Mornaput th Sex charges on me†† and ruined my lifealmost 20 years of my life has been an attempt to clear my name , I am 63 years old they took the best years of my life from me and not one dirty White American helped me,- only Black people and Hispanic people didand theAmerican Tourist payed in Moscow USSR after I went to the Slav Nationalst org, pamyet to get the Americans for doing this to me,- and the American were rounded upand frightened - I fight back.

All White Woman in Arlington county Va .Make Arlington County Sheriff,- Flynn line up his She Girl coppers in blueso I can point her out,-she was a long leggy Anglo Saxon Type /

AlsoIll give the US Army generals name later and his address and a photo of his house,the general who gave money to US Army informantRodOíConnor†† thisUS Army generalsupported the ArlingtonCounty informant Rod OíConnor.- Also OíConnor told me he was working witha Arlington Cop named Rodriguezís, who had black hair then and now I believe he has white hair if it is the same cop,- he was in my apartment at Arna valley investigation the beating of a white woman named Higgins, if I remember rightly. I have it in my files .

I had gone out side to help her after she was beaten she was yelling for me to help her ,- I looked out the window, I saw her on the ground like she was drunk ,she was laying on the ground all beaten up. Her face was distorted by the beating

the drug dealers were all over Arena Valley apartmentsbad people roaming in gangs night and day cops running around with dogs going through windowsinto apartments to catch drug dealerscops surrounding Apts with drawn gunsit was a war zone.

so I assumed some drug addict tried to get her money , I grabbed my military Colt 45 which I kept on a coffiee table when I went down to help her,- because of drug dealing and no lights it was pitch darkand fired a couple of rounds in the air†† as I hit the bottom landing,

later while Cop Rodriguez was talking to me, he was pissed I took my colt out sideand gave me a ration of $hit aboutit ., (I was doing the cops job for em you would think the cops would be gratefull ) Cop Rodriguez made the remark sheís #ucking you,- what he ment by that statement I donít know, this beaten Woman was my neighbor who lived their a long time and we were friendlyover many years she wa s friendly toward my girlfriends who lived with me at different times.†††††

I demand that Arlington County white Woman,all together nowdemand the County investigate and line up the female Arlington county cops so I can pick her out††† I demand the white Arlington county woman do this because Black woman and Hispanic woman have all ready done your white woman job how many times ? as concerns me / save your selfís you stinking white American Christian woman in Arlington countydemand Sheriff Flynn do it the Female Cop line up , let me inspect em†††††††† Shame shame on thelesbians, and Shame on America for letting them get away with itIts Called Pathology of hate by the Lesbians against mothers Grand Mothersand men.

this is not a political correct web site it is a honest web site,telling truths.

†† the White woman in Arlington County owe me thisline up,- because I warned the white woman about the Child killing Jew at the Zoo not the Arlington County Board,- not the High Sheriff Flynn, not Percy Rockefeller at WETA Radio,

only I warned you white woman,-pay me, you white woman what you owe me,for the warning, I gave you, when no one else would warn you, all the Arabs s know about the National zoo keeper who murdered Arab womanís children / its you the dumb White woman that donít know,

the US Supreme Court Judge Reinquist and Percy Rockefeller of WETA radio in Arlington County Betrayed all you white Womenand your children in Arlington Va. Call me a lier?

†† you white woman have told me to shut up ,the Arabs might hear me,- all the Arabs know ! its you dumb white woman that donít know/ why are you telling me to shutup, so you can feel save and comfortable/ you white American woman in Arlington County, va are White perdue white Chickens / get some guts for Gods sake /

and send me moneyto pay my lawyer / you stinking White Hoes of Arlington 15 min from Washington dc,- your cops beat up on meand lied on meand not one Arlington county Cop gave you a warning about the Zoo and or Smithsonian Inst. two big super hot spots in the ongoing war with Arab freedom Fighters,- Ashcroft and Mueillerdidnít warn you either,what did you white people in Arlington do to these Arab people to make them hate you . you must have done something to ps% them off .

get honest,- you White Christian Americans in Arlington County Virginia you have always hated Arab muslim peoplefrom theget go,American Culture teaches it/ call me a lier†††

not Helen Fahey not the FBIThompson not Judge Rienquestnot Larry small not Lucy Spelmenfrom the National zoo, warned you,you dirty white woman†† get me thethe female cop line up , so I can clear my name .make Arlington County High Sheriff Flynndo it,- the female copline up,

this total Web site is like leads for investigative Journalist from around the world India, China,Russia, Mexico,Africa to come into Arlington County Virgina 15 min from Americas capital Washington DC.††

†††† What has happened to mecan happen only in a third World Country Right,never in a Country like freedom loving America ? / Shame Shame on america

America is listed as # 13 in freedom for its people by the United Nations/

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Shame on America

†† 12 other countries in the world have more freedom for its people then America Does/ how is it then, that President Bush tells other countries how to live and behave toward their people,-when President Bush,s Country- called America is only- listed # 13 in freedom ? should,t America be trying for #1 in freedom not #13.††† Shame shame on America

every one Please- E- mail Communist China and tell the Chinese People America is #13 in Freedom in the world.†† that in America there is indeed a Quota system for Asian american Chinese studentsat the University, but not a Quota for Jewish American Students, why? Why only American Chinese


I call on News men from India, Europe, Russia, the Arab- World, Communist China to come to Arlington county and break this case open, Ill give half the money we get in any lawsuit, against this county Arlington-to any news men or news womanfrom the countries mentioned above who bust this case open and do the story in their news paper.

The Redmonkee