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And for all you adults, go see some of the Redmonkee's favorite movies: The Ö.Wreck of the Mary Dearie (Gary Cooper).the redmonk case something like this movie?
ÖÖHUD†† (Paul Newman)
The Field..
Ö..One Ey
ed JacksÖ (Marlon Brando)Dedicated to the Smithsonian Institution and the American White PEOPLE
†† ÖThe
Greatest Show on Earth..- (Cecil B. De Mille)--Dedicated to Mrs. Clyde Beatty, who had her own big cat act in the circus. And She was the best of friends with Mabel Stark, the greatest cat lady in the history of modern circus.
..Reservoir Dogs - (Dedicated to the U.S. Park Police & Arlington County Police) Fairfax County police and Leesburg police dept who refused to investigate the near poisoning of me at De lA Rueprint,this movie also forUS Attorney Hellen Fahey of theeastern district of Virginia andHead FBI Agent Thompson in Richmond Va,allsilentthe Hellen Fahey page coming to the newfrontPage coming soonthis date March 7 2002
Ö.Paradiso- for the Children of the world
And for the children the Red Monkees' favorite book, when he was a little monkee;- (
THE BOXCAR CHILDREN,) it's out of print, but your Grandmother can find it for you. It was the favorite book of circus children.

Please don't stay away to long.. Come Back.. see the photo of the youngest bank robber in American history- on link page

This thing ain't over. See you on the Red Monkee Trail. Be sure to give Mario Marino a telephone call. Have a banana and stay cool. LAST UPDATE 24 August 1998. this new up date Feb- 18 2002

The (new old)update coming up 30 August 1998 this new up date feb19 2002 the redmonkee would like to alert his fans, that the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, will be at Dulles, Virginia at Wax pool Road and the Wall mart Shopping Center 4 thru 7 September 1998. There you will get the opportunity to knock on the door of the trailer of David Hoover. The only true Ape Boy in American Circus History. Ask him to show you pictures of his ape. The most beautiful, kind she girl ape ever. You can ask David for her name, the Red Monkee will never mention the name of David Hoovers' ape. David Hoover has been in the circus for more than 50 years, and is a walking encyclopedia of the old circus.

We want to alert you that the little lady is still working on the red monkee logo. It should be ready next week. We made changes this week to the link page, and you can pick up the American Indian Leonard Peltiers' site. As well as Waco I and Waco II sites, they are all activated. Meanwhile,until we complete the site, stay cool, eat a banana and watch some of the Red Monkees' favorite movies of the week.

THE REDMONKEE ON THE RUN..THE REDMONKE DOESN'T DELIVER PIZZAS.. HE DELIVERS HELL.. TO THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. Stay tuned this thing ain't over. Meanwhile, while your waiting, listen to some of the Red Monkees favorite CD's; Down at the Sky-Vue Drive In- by Don Walser. l. Please Help Me I'm Falling. 2. Hot Rod Mercury 3. Fools such as I 4. Are you Teasing Me.

The other CD which has the redmonk party- theme song at all Red Monkee Parties; the song- By the Mavericks, DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY. Every Red Monkee party starts with Dance the Night away and ends with Dance the Night Away.

Movie star-Robert Redfordís-

†††††††† Sundance Institute-

At- P.O. Box 16450 Salt Lake City,††††††††††††††††††††††††† Utah.-

††††††††† Phone (801) 328-3456. Will be asked to review the manuscript submitted by the Red Monkee called-

†††††††††††††††††††††† "The Little Circus Rascals",

names are Little Cody, Butch and CJ. All these stories take place in the 1940's, when the circus traveled by train. The comical situations they would get into with social workers, chased in every town.

The characters include three little children all orphans. They always had a small ape with them where ever they would go. This series could surpass the English TV Series "All Creatures Great and Small", that was so popular. A. The ape was the same size as the three Circus Rascals, and they was all billed in circus as††† the four Orphans.

Old Ladies gave them money. When they sang the Rascals theme songó

( you are my sun shine )- for the little old ladies

Butch and CJ would take Cody's toys and give them to the monkeys' in their cages. This would enrage Cody. The Monkeys' refused to give up the toys. The Rascals would devise means to get the toys back. The Rascals used the Elephants in the circus at three o'clock in the morning to maneuver the big cat cages, to get a big cat in their enemies house trailer when they were gone.

Little Cody was found under the big tent by Butchís' ape. Little Cody was an infant in diapers playing by himself near the center pole, some woman, unknown dropped Cody off. After the circus crowds left, s had gone that Butch and his ape always walked through this big tent looking for anything that was left behind. Butchís' ape spied little Cody and rushed over and picked him up. Little Cody never had a name, until he was thirteen years old.

Mrs. Harriet Beatty raised him, she was married to the great Clyde Beatty. Cody's first name came from Buffalo Bill, the great western showman.

Little Cody was also kidnapped in a circus parade in the state of Louisiana during the 1940's. It was a woman in a blue dress, blue gloves. She snatched Cody from the back of a open convertible, yellow Pontiac. Driven by the Great Clyde Beatty, sitting on the back of the convertible, were the four orphans. Butch, his ape , CJ, and Little Cody. As the parade and the convertible slowly turned the curve, the woman in the blue dress and veil snatched Little Cody from the back, Butchís ape stood up on the back of the car, and pointed in the direction the lady in the blue dress had disappeared. The song playing on the car radio at the time was the Blue skirt waltz, this song dedicated to the Kidnapped Circus Orphan-little Cody

Two very wealthy little girls became involved with the Circus Rascals, when they came to visit the circus/ and would use their wealthy Fathers' power to protect the circus rascals from the evil evil social workers. The little rich girls names were Kathy and Ruby. (Their last names can never be mentioned )

This will give the Red Monkee believers some idea of what is being delivered to the Sundance Institute. At Park city Utah

Other Addresses / Clyde Beatty- Cole Bros Circus 1038 Martin Street Deland, Florida 32720-3921 Phone # 904-736-0071. David Hoover 875 Liberty Ct Deland, Florida 32724 Phone # 904-738-0653.

Give them a call and tell David Hoover, whose circus name was Butch that the King of the Townies is coming back to pick him and Cody up. This thing ain't over stay tuned. Contact the Sundance Inst. Requesting that Robert Redford turn the Circus Rascals into a childrenís series, if you think it would make great entertainment for children ?help me out.-check the photo of the youngest bank Robber on the link Page.

The Red Monkees' old- theme song is Jim Dandy. Wherever Jim Dandy is mentioned in this song, replace Jim Dandy with the Red Monkee. The new theme song,- forced on the redmonk by redmonk brigade members is- Thunder Road††† see the movie by the same name this date- Feb 18 2002 - see link page Marshall high school Falls Church Va. Redmonkee Bergrade

His other favorites music Groupes- are The Night Hawks an all white blues group..more about this later. If you want to know about the Night Hawks, the Polish American guitar player from Baltimore, MD. The lead guitarist is really wild, and the gravel voice blues singer is unbelievably good. If you're not listening to the Night Hawks, your not listening.

The Night Hawks , PO Box 383. Kensington, MD 20895-0383, web page at, the Redmonkee likes the Nighthawks on Saturday Night.

On Sat and the after noon the redmonk listens to old Country Music from the 40s 50s 60s the greatMarty Robbins, out of old Arizona who drove a LCVP landing craft in wwII,Hank Snow- out of Nova Scotia, was a cabin boy on a large working clipper ship in the 1920s Hank Williams- the old man) old Hank is the only one,- who can sing the song,-( I saw a tear drop fall upon a on a rose ) - for the Greatest She girl ape in American Circus History, her name can never be mentioned ,- she lived in the Clyde Beatty cole bros, Circus before she was shot and beaten to death./ people were hard and mean in the coal field amd mountains in the 1940s not soft like people are today /

George Jones,- who came out of the hills ) old Billie Joe Shaver and his son Eddie out of Texas, Hank Thompson, Web Pierce, HawK Shaw Hawkins,- out of old West Virginia, the great she girl country singer called the female Hank Williams by some,-the great - Kitty Wells, the Great Slim Whitmen,- his song Marie will kill you) Ralph Stanley and the Clinch mountains Boys , theonly mountain Coalfield music with no skin on it- Rraaaw- the song by Stanley a little glass of wine-dedication to the Smithsonian Inst.Ernest Tubb, Porter Wagner, Tex Ritter, Gov. Jimmy Davis singen- you are my sun shinethe great Jim Eanswas the favorite of the Circus Rascals,- singen- I wonder where you are tonight )- Melba Montgomery , and George Jones singing- we must have been out of our minds./ and the old Germans daughter / this music is also called barn music , the cows like it,- on Sunday, barn music was the country Gospelmusic, played in the barn for the cows , the cows liked it,Cows, donít like rock an roll, they tighten up with all that noise and hold back their milk / you let a cowlistento country Gospel , their a Contented Cow , Happy cow.-get the picture ?

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. America and all ships at sea.

This is theRed Monk and IíamBack!!

First I must tell you what has happened, we at the Red Monkee Online had a break in on the Website by unknowns, and some damage was done. We believe it to be one of the Law Enforcement Agencies of the US Government. But which one? Ė Arlington County police,? Army Intell.,? Navy Intell,? FBI,? National security ,?Which one did it ? They,- put out the photo of the little murdered Girl Jone Bennet of Coloon my web site childrens Page,-thatís how dirty Lawinforcement is in America,so as to harm me,- they also shot off mrs. Weaver s faceat ruby Ridge as she held her baby†† check the photo Gallery #4 out

What happened, cuss words, swearing, racy and dirty filthy jokes were put on the childrenís page. On the Little Red Monkee Page. We will be putting out a disclaimer in about a week or so.

Remember we have money problems, we have computer problems, we are building this site almost with air..nothing. check the up date page for my e- mail Address

But we are back now, we have scanned photos, the page is ready. Gallery 1 2 3 4 , go Cat go,-5 and 6 cummin up

This is the Red Monkee signing off. Todayís date isold- Sunday 15 November 1998. new March7 2002 Stay Cool have a banana. Watch a movie, the movie of the week: HERO -Dustin Hoffman. The redmonk living in the streets too , one time,- the redmonk was working at a ware house, where they sold jogging shoesand they threw away shoes that had some small defect,but brand new, so the redmonk climbed in to the dumpster and retrieved about 60 pairs of these shoes and he would sell a couple pair a week and live off the money-for gas and food shoes every where in the camper just like in this movie see the movie

Red Monkee on a run. He don't deliver pizzas and he don't deliver Hoagies either. Stay tuned for next week. -The Red Monkee loves his fans, and the Red Monkee Believers. (The Chimp is a little rough on the front page. But it's just a filler. until we get a replacement.) Stay tuned. Were not getting a replacement, every one likes the chimp, but we donít gut him a name yet,if you gut a good name for the chimp, let us know at this date march 4 2002

The Red Monkee is back, today is Sunday, 22 November 1998. We at the Red Monkee Website will be Online Thanksgiving Day. At that time, the photo gallery page 1 2 34are ready to of the youngest bank robber on the photo page is now up,new- Death of the pandas , new- mclean high page,most important the- Movie page,- used as a closet, all OF EM new on the link page,-rebel McVeighs lastletters coming,. Photo Gallery 4 now up,This date March 4 2002

The Redmonkee wants to share with you an incident at a Grocery Store which is located in Clerendon Virginia which is called "Fresh Fields", As the Red Monkey is standing in line to pay his bill, who shows up pushing a shopping cart, none other than baby killer, and baby snatcher-Janet Reno, The U.S. Attorney General of the U.S. Justice Department. With her were two FBI thugs, for protection.

The Red Monkey wasgoing to shout something concerning law enforcement murders at Waco, Texas and the murders of the Weaver Family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.But ,As his Website was not completed, he didn't want to chance being arrested. Next time she won't be that lucky.

The Red Monkey, will shout thereís Janet Reno the killer of 23 children at Waco, Texas. Burned em and gassed em to deathyou could hearthe children screaming and the ATF and FBI Agents whooping and laughing,Black FBI agents laughed too, Isaw the photos of the Black Agents laughing as the white Children screamed as they went to their death, ††the US Government does not want white people to see the photos of Black Agents laughing at Waco,- why?the Government doesnít want the people to know what the blacks did to my dead cousins body in the GOA building Wash D.C.why the Racial Cover ups for the Blacks?- by the Jewish and Black Dominated Blockers atUS Justice Dept who lose my Paperswhen I ask for Justice ,these Jewish and Black- blockers control the door to justice/ you close the door on me, Ill go to my big bro Slavs the Great Russians to kick your American Justice Dept . As$ / the more the US Government Covers this up, the harder I un cover it ,- no one in the Government can see were this is going,Oklahoma Too

You all know - the US Justice dept. in Wash. D.c. where US Attorney John Ashcroft climbed up on his bunk for the Black Leaders in America at a meeting he was forced to have with black leaders, who then ripped and Gutted Ashcroft and cut his balls off ,- a Coward Anglo Saxon, White Christian Man Ė see the movie-( murder in the 1st Degree Ė with Kevin Bacon) to seeJohn Ashcroft - US Attorney General of the United Statesclimb up in his bunk for blacks,-†† this statement for the White people and the white and black police officers on thisPolice force in the City of Cincinnati Ohio,- who got a bad deal from Ashcroft and from pres. Bush. During the Cincinnati Black riots against White People†††††† Check photo page and movie page

†† At the Us Justice Dept in wash D.C.- were -.Janet Reno -The killer of 14 year old Samuel Hanson Weaver, at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. SHOT IN THE BACK by theUS Marshall Larry Cooper and left Little Samin a fieldto die !

At the US. Justice Dept. Wash D.C.--Janet Reno the killer of SamuelWeavers' Mother, Mrs.Weaver, at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. SHOT IN THE FACE WHILE HOLDING A BABY GIRL IN HER ARMS. To the dirty silent white Anglo saxon woman in Arlington va 15 min from Washington D.C.Mrs. Weaver- the mother of 4 children never dropped her baby when she fell backwards after half her face was shot away, her 16 year old daughter Sara had to pry the baby from Mrs. Weavers dead handsóno one in the US Government went to jailfor this murder,-Rebel McVeigh killed the people in Oklahoma City for these Murders by the US Government, the white christen Woman were all silent about Mrs. Weaver, and her 14 year old son / rebel Soldier McVeigh butchered em for being silent / you White woman better think about that/ there are other rebel soldiers about†† and one is talking to you right Ė now†† -on this web site,- how you white woman doing?

Samuel Weavers dog- Striker- also killed by Janet Reno. SHOT IN THE HIND QUARTERS, AND LATER Government FBI Agents RAN OVER Samís dead dog with FBI TRUCKS SEVERAL TIMES,-BECAUSE IT WAS FUN-they. The FBI then took photos of Striker with the tire marks on strikers dead bodyfor American lawinforcement,- the redmonk worked for a police dept . for 5 years thatís how he knows what the cops are about,-The law of the sea states that a Capt. Is responsible for any harm that happens to his ship even if he is sleeping in his bunk and the law of the sea says Janet Reno is Guilty of Murder of little sam Weaver and little Sams DogJanet Reno was the Capt. Of the US Justice Dept. check link page- Ruby Ridge- donít call theredmonk a lier.

the last words of Samuel Weaver at Ruby Ridge after the FBI and US Marshall arose out of the Bushes and did not identify them selves as Lawinforcement shot Striker with out a word. little Sam shouted- you SOB You Shot Striker ) and raised his rifle and fired on the Agents / Sams Father,- not seeing what happened, only heard the gun fire Sams Father, Randy weaver shouted ( Run Back to the Cabin Sam_ Sam shouted Iím Coming dad ) these were Samís Last words it was Larry Cooper a US marshall that shot Sam in the Back and Shot his arm almost off that it only hung by the skin, and left him to bleed to death in a field /

this is the Same- Larry cooper- a US marshal that pointed me out to the other Agents in side the Ruby Ridge Hearing Room in the US Hart Building,( they were hit with anthrax as you know )- after I over heard his female family member cry softly as Cooper gave testimony at these hearings against the Weavers- Cooper shouted that Randy Weaver killed his own Son,)the Woman in Sitting in front me sniffled softly and said he did it he did it thatís the way he lied to me when he was a little boy.) when Cooper pointed me out in the Hearing Room in front of all the News men and Senators etc. Cooper kept his Hand and finger pointed at me for the longest time to no doubt intimedat me,- all of the Agents standing close and behind cooper as he held the hand and finger pointed at me the look on their faces was pure hate I stared back at them with pure hate/ all the news men saw it and some of the senators and nothing was done about it / Nina Toten berg of Public Radio said at these hearings,- I was sitting ten feet away from her Nina said loud enough so we could hear, she said -- what country is this?Is this America? I donít know what Country this is any more /now you know what NinaTotenberg the news lady said at the Ruby ridge Hearings room / this is better than matt druge and His Grudge Report/ call me a lier

later in the Hart Build.,- Bathroom an Agent told me you cant come in here, as I opened the door said in a Snotty voice / I replied Fuc$ You and walked in to a stall, a little later another agents came in and I heard them say is he in here,? the first agent replied yes , the Agents through water on me and I threw toilet paper on the Agents and cussed them out.

You stinking White Americans need to fight back / you coward Bastard White American people / you White Americans Stink from a rotting Spine / I gave all this info to Kevin Harris who shot to deathAgent Deagen at Ruby Ridge after they shot little Sam in the back / it was Harris Lawyer I think named peterson who showed me the green Back pack that Deagan was Wearing when he was shot, and killed the bullet holes were in the back some one shot Agent Deagen in the Back ? Larry CooperI belive it was Deagens wife who passed me at the door to the hearings and said do you smell it and then dumb Hillbilly ) what she was talking about I donít have a clue / but I believe she was Agent s deagen wife she was all bent out of shape crying softly

also at this Ruby Ridge hearing held over many days I got in to a argument with a great American soldier Col. Bo Grice / that is on sound Tape / Col . Bo can be a Pushy bastard about his name, I had to straighten him out on camera,

I had been Shouting his name in front of the FBI building at our Waco demo against the Government, saying nice things about Bo and what he did at Ruby ridge Helping the weaversstay alive, I thought his name was Grits like in cereal,- so at the Ruby Ridge hearings, he was dressed like a bum in Levies and had a skinny tall guy with him, so I didnít recognize Bo, he was fat and over weight , he didnít look like him self, he leaned over and said the names Grice not Grits, I didnít know if he was talking to me or what,- so I said nothing, a little later he leans over and says Again - I said my name is Grice not Grits,- so i replied,- maby youd like buck wheat better, Col Bo Said - no, I said my name is Bo Grice not Bo Grits, I was getting annoyed I said back,- how about cream of wheat , you like that better /he replied, I said my name is Grice not Grits , I could not believe he was not going to let this thing go, it was Sen Arlen Specter who looked up and said, is something going on down there,- whatís the problem?we both went quiet,- when the brake came at the hearing, Col Bo Grice explained it to me and I explained it to him and then as we were talking I said if you had gotten to ruby ridge sooner you could have saved Mr. Weaver and we got in an Argument and thats on CameraBerry Sariefn the Newsman and news woman from Public radio Nina Totenberg was their and I ask them if Bo was fat and out of Shape Totenberg said yes the Camera men left the sound on / while all of this was going on now back to Fresh Fields-

The customers at Fresh fields food store are Baby Boomers, and Generations Xers and old Hippies buying the best food money can buy. You don't see poor people there, and the only blacks there are the ones sweeping the floor and or at Low paying jobs .

And this is where Janet Reno shops. Some times weekly.

The Red Monkey wonder s out loud,- does Louis Freeh, Director of the FBI, his Pretty little sweet-Red headed wife and his four white little bucks, do they shop at Fresh Fields on Wilson Blvd in Clerendon, Virginia?

How about, new- FBIDirect.- Robert Mueiller the IIIhis hunney Bun- wife and his little white yearlings, where do they shop. Did- FBI- Muiller III earn his Bronze Star fighting in Nam , or did they give it to him because he was an Officer ? the cheap dirty way Bob Woodward of the Washington post News Paper got his, the US Navy gave the medal to Naval officer Bob woodward of the Wash. Postnews paper†† he didnT earn it/ he is an English American Coward / he crows he brought down pres. Nixon, thats why I ask about theKraut†† I mean the German American Ė FBI Direct.- Mueillers Bronze Star, a bravery war medal, did Mueiller earn it

the US Navy gives the medals to US Naval officers/ the Sailors have to earn em / and then still donít get em,/ask the Republican Party to investigate the Medals of Bob Woodward , how he got em / ask Julie Nixon to investigate Washington post News paper-Woodardís medal / make Bob Woodward give the medal back / see the movie-Men of Honor- with Robert Denero- thatís Bob Woodward getting his medalin this movie,-have a laugh on the US Navy-thatindeed has no honor Ė this for Gunner mate Hartwig in # two Gun turret on the battleship Iowa and his Sister who lost her house and husband fighting to clear her dead brothers name,- as the US Navy dragged her dead brother through the mud to protect the US Naval officers / a Massive crime of Cowardice by the US Naval officers Corp.

Stay tuned this thing ain"t over see you on Thanksgiving.

Sunday December 13, 1998. At the Redmonkee site the scanner isn't working, stay tuned, have a banana.

The Redmonkee was given the circus name by the great Clyde Beatty. The name given was Starr...(Irony) when the Redmonkee appealed his sentence in the US District Court, in the Redmonkee trial the Redmonkee went to the United States Court of Appeals to appeal his conviction. It was argued in the Court of Appeals on March 14, 1989, it was decided on March 28, 1989- before circuit- Judge Kenneth Starr, Judge Williams, and-Judge Buckley- who by the way is the brother of William Buckley

In the Court of Appeals. It was Judge Kenneth Starr that vacated the conviction against the Redmonkee. This is the same Judge Kenneth Starr that is and was chasing the President of the United States pres. Bill Clinton in his legal problems.

The Redmonkee found Kenneth Starr soft spoken and a decent man. In this Courtroom ,

Judge Kenneth Starr chewed out the Redmonkees' Jewish Attorney, Richard Stern.

Also in the Courtroom at the time was Nora Ephorn the wife ofCarl j.j.Bernstein the WashingtonPost Reporter. Who helped bring down President Nixon. She too was chewed out by Judge Kenneth Starr for misconduct in the Courtroom. But thats a story for another time. .

The Redmonkees vacated conviction, was published in the FEDERAL Reporter- 2nd series, book # 870 Ė pages 738,739,740, 741,-Meaning the Red Monkee trial in Judge Kenneth Starr's courtroom in Washington D.C. usa made- new- case law for America.

YOU CAN LOOK IT UP, IN ANY LAW LIBRARY- Stay tuned this thing ain't over.--- you donít see the redmonk hiding, , my picture is on my web site and my address too. You donít see me hiding , the FBI and other law inforcement like to say to the redmonk,- we know where your hang outs are, - like I am Hiding, Iam up front about where Iam at, what is lawinforcements problem,- saying something like - we know were your hang outs are.†††

Someone alert- Delia and Nora Ephron that they have E-mail. Nora Ephron was formely married to-- Carl JJ. Bernstien- Old Lady Kay Graham got rid of him,JJ. told the truth on Wash Post news paper . on drug use by Washington Post Reporters andMrs. Graham the owner of the most read news paper in the American Capitalwas Pissed at JJ in Washington D.C- the Washington post newspaper the most read News paper in the Nations Capitalthe President and every U.S. Congressman and Senater read this paper ist thing every morning and every Persident of the United States Kiss the Butt of mrs, Graham the owner of this News paper all Senaters and all Congressmen and Congresswomen kiss old lady Grahams Butt too.,they all fear her,I donít fear her, I attack old lady graham, and her children and news paper.some on gut to do it, or America haint goin be free,this old woman- Kay Graham has too much power over the American peopleall over the US ,- All newsmen Fear her, I donítthe Presidents of the United States Clinton, Bush, KennedyJohnsonall afraid of her News paper/ she never ran for office one time / she fell to her death not too long ago, slipped and fell who was she talking to and what subject was she talking about, when she fell ,- does any one know /the Washington Post Employees have told me I am dirty to talk about Old Lady graham like this after she is dead and buried.- I answer back, the white Employees and Jewish employees at the Washington Post news paper saw nothing wrong with way the U. S navy talked about dead Gunners Mate Hartwig in the Blow in # Two Gun Turret on the battle ship Iowa / Hartwig was from the working class /the Washington post white Christian and jewish employees are Classiest,a Classiest is the same as a raciestsame same

†††††† Did the redmonk talk to rebel soldier McVeigh about blowing up the Washington Post Building??? No - but If Rebel soldier McVeigh had ask me to blow the Murrah Building I would have said, hell no, why go way out their in Oklahoma, their nothing their,- you need get the Washington post building with all the white News men who hate the working Class and are Snotty, the FBI building- thatís were all the FBI agents are that killed mrs. Weaverand burned and gassed the little children at waco and how about the US justice Dept. Building the most evil Americans work their, who would not give me justice ,-Janets Reno is in there, after these three Buildings go ,- the april 19 th rebellion will be over, Justice formrs Weaver and her son and the children at wacowill be done, we can all go home†† we can do it, and†† all in one day and there will be no more April 19 th rebellion/ the rebellion will be over ,- butthe Brave Rebel Anglo Saxon soldier McVeigh never asked me , but we talked about other thingsthe FBI knows, because the FBI told me to my face what happenedbetween me and rebel Soldier McVeigh at a meeting i was forced to have withthe FBI overmy protesting against the American GovermentI have witnessread Link page McVeigh

Have a banana.

The Redmonkee Update; this date Feb-26,2002
Two things will be requested in this update, more request for help from the people of Europe,
Arabs all Over the world,

Calling on the people of the world to contact the- Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, asking Johnny Pugh, Who now owns and runs the circus with a guy named - Holdwal who is a financial guenis. David Hoover, the great Cody, the greatest bull man in circus history, THE GREAT Logan.

All Elephants are referenced as bulls in circus jargon. The Redmonkee whose' circus name was Starr, was to take Clyde Beattyís' place inthe big killer cat cages. But the Redmonkee called Starr drifted off.

And is now ready to take his rightful place with the killer cats in the center ring. That is his rightful legacy. Given to him by the Great Clyde Beatty. Of the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, DEland, FLA.

3. MARRIAGE PROPOSAL BY THE RED MONKEE TO ANY MIDDLE AGED ATTACTIVE SUPER WEALTHY ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, WITH RED HAIR. Because poverty sucks,, the Red Monkee is going to be (honest about it). If any Redheaded woman has a million dollars in her bank account, and is physically well kept and attractive, up to sixty years of age. the Red monkee will propose marriage, provided the criteria above is met. ,, the Redmonkee is movie star looking good. looks forty years of age, is physically active, and has a slim body.

We can exchange photos, or you can meet mebehind the White House, with the Lenered Pelteir crowd. That way we can meet discreetly. If you like horses, you'll LOVE the Red Monkee.

The meeting at Peltier Rally is a way to discreetly meet the Red Monkee. Check link page,- peltier defense Committee

This is the Red Monkee signing off to all you good looking Redheaded Women. Scan me your photo. And my photo is on the photo page gallery 3 and the marrage prop. Is on the link page,/ anything can happen!Itís enough to give agood Gal - gooose Bumps -ÖÖÖ call me a lier

Perhaps we can meet for dinner at the Red Fox Inn located in Middleburg, VA.

This marriage proposal is serious. I want a long term relationship. If you looking for marital Bliss with an activist. The Red Monkee is exactly what you are looking probably just don't know it. After all, Senator Warner married for money. All things being equal. Have a banana, stay cool, tune in next Sunday. this is the redmonkee


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