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The Little Circus Rascals

The Circus Rascals recounts a reconstructed sequence of events that involves circus children born and raised in circuses of the 1940's and 1950's. When the old Timy Circus that your Grandmothers knew, that traveled by train to a thousand hamlets across America in the late 1940's and 1950's. During the period before and after World War II. And up to and including the 90's. This novel about circus children and how they live and interact with the outside world and it's people. These people are known in circus jargon as the townies. This is a novel of circus children, happiness, joy, and breathtaking plunges into despair and suffering and pain. Exploitation of animals, people and children. It runs the gambit of emotion. Based entirely on factual history of circus children of the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers circus. When the circus came to towns by train. There would also be massive circus parades through small mountain towns. It was purely show business on wheels., On the move..Lastrada.

Perhaps 95% of the material utilized in the Little Circus Rascals was derived from straight forward sources, all first hand, which are verifiable and reliable. The remaining 5 % was predicated on local sources, personal history of the novelist, formal and informal interviews with the participants who have personal insight resulting in the present text and format.

Chapter One describes the setting in the little circus rascals. Painting the romance and intrigue of the circus. How circus rascals became orphans, and ended up in the circus. And were inserted into show business, and billed as the four orphans. Three human orphans and one ape, all four the same size.

Chapter 2 develops the theme of a well entrenched family community and the relationships and social interacting among the other circus individuals and performers.

The remaining chapters cover crucial aspects of the story, reflecting intrigue romantic involvement, power politics, loyalty, violence, greed, and injustice. The text builds to crescendo the ending is heart wrenching. Of the four orphans add the two wealthy girls that involve themselves with the four orphans. A total of six children and an ape. Of these six , one is married and divorced several times and is an alcoholic. One is mentally ill and is locked up in an asylum. One is in charge of the circus, one owns an orange grove in Florida, and one is beaten to death with a claw hammer, and shot several times in the head, and then dug up from the grave. Only to be beaten again with clubs. A most terrible unbelievable death. The abuse of a dead corpse and one of the rascals became a terrorist. Also including the shooting death of an individual trying to steal and elephant from the circus. The novelist leaves all of you with a sly little mystery. Always eat Hagen's ...mountain ice cream. And always deposit your money in Mellons bank.

The Red Monkee calls on the people of Europe and Canada and all other Red Monkee believers, help the Red Monkee. He needs your help desperately. If you believe the little circus rascals will make great entertainment for the children of the world, that the little circus rascals be turned into a series, not one movie but a series that would equal or surpass the beloved British series. "All Creatures Great and Small". Toy can help out be writing to Robert Redford's Sundance Institute, PO Box 16450, Slat Lake City, Utah 84116 USA. Telephone (801)328-3456. Hours Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5pm. Don't let me down people of Europe and Canada. -The Red Monkee.

Movie star Robert Redford's Sundance Institute at PO Box 16450 Salt Lake City, Utah. Phone (801) 328-3456. Will be asked to review the manuscript submitted by t he Red Monkee. Entitled, "The Little Circus Rascals, and the names are Little Cody, Butch, CJ. All these stories take place in the 1940's, when the circus traveled by train. The comical situations they would get into with social workers, chased in every town. The characters include three little children, all orphans. They always had a small ape with them where ever they would go. This series could surpass the English TV Series "All Creatures Great and Small", that was so popular.

The ape was the same size as the three Little Circus Rascals, and they were billed by the circus as the four orphans. Old Ladies gave them money. Butch and CJ would take Cody's toys and give them to the monkeys in there cages. This would enrage Cody. The Monkey's refused to give up the toys. The Rascals would devise means to get the toys back. The rascals used the elephants in the circus at three o'clock in the morning to maneuver in the big cat cages, to get a big cat in their enemy's house trailer when they were gone. Little Cody was found under the big tent by Butchs' ape. Little Cody was an infant in diapers playing by himself near the center pole. Some woman, unknown, left Cody off. After the Circus crowds left and gone, Butch and his ape would always go through this big tent looking fo r things that may have been left behind. Butchs' ape spotted Cody and rushed ove r to pick him up. Little Cody never had a name until he was thirteen years old. Mrs. Harriet Beatty raised him, she was married to the great Clyde Beatty. Cody' s first name came from Buffalo Bill, the great western showman. Little Cody was also kidnapped in a circus parade in the state of Louisiana during the 1940's. It was a woman in a blue dress, blue gloves. She snatched Cody from the back of an open convertible. A yellow Pontiac. A car driven by the great Clyde Beatty.

Sitting in back of the convertible were the four orphans. Butch, his ape, CJ and Little Cody. As the parade and the convertible turned the corner, the woman in the blue dress and veil reached in and snatched Little Cody from the car. Butch' s ape stood up on the back of the car, and pointed in the direction the lady in the blue dress had disappeared to. Two very wealthy little girls became involved with the Little Circus Rascals. When these girls would visit the circus, they would use there wealthy Fathers power to protect the circus Rascals from the evil evil social workers. The little rich girls names were Cathy and Ruby. This will give the Red Monkee Believers some idea of what is being delivered to the Sundance Institute. Other address: Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus 1038 Main Street Deland, Florida. 32720-3921. Phone 904-736-0071. David Hoover, 875 Liberty Cour t, Deland, Florida. 32724. Phone 904-738-0653. Give them a call and tell David Hoover, whose circus name was Butch, and the king of the townies is coming back to pick him and Cody up. This thing ain't over stay tuned.

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