Today's date ( old -) is the 3rd of January 1999. new up date Feb14 2002 The Redmonkee wishes all his fans a Happy Wonderful New Year. And wishes everyone the very best of luck in this New Year. The Photos are on the hard drive but are not available for viewing because of a software conflict with the ISP. Until I get this solved, please be patieeent.. Meanwhile, the Redmonkees going to give a run through of coming events on the Redmonkee trail. Including addresses of institutions and people to write to, as well as books that will give you a better understanding of the Russian Zookeeper Affair at the Smithsonian Institution.

This week we will discuss similarities at the Smithsonian Institution.

Ira Heyman former Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, and now Larry Small the New Sec.- Including Lucy Spelmen director of the National Zoo all of em are similar to the Mayor of the resort town, called Amity, in the movie called Jaws. Where the Mayor of Amity does not want the public to know about the great white shark that is eating people who are swimming on the beach on Amity. The Mayor is afraid if the tourist visiting his town find out about the Great White shark eating people, they will all flee and the business people in town will lose income.

Ira Heyman, former Sec. Of the Smithsonian Inst. and now today -Feb12, 2002-  the new Sec. Is -Larry Small and Lucy Spelman of the National zoo all of em doesn't want any of the American people to know, that, they,- personally and other high ranking Smithsonian Officials, covered up and hid that fact that a Jewish American settler named Ralph Strauss, who spent many years in Israel as a jewish settler, where he shot to death thirteen little Arab children. Ralph then got a job at the Smithsonian Institution. Where Ira Haymen who by the way is jewish and other Smithsonian Jews and  also dirty indeed- Christians protected - Ralph Strauss) the Child Killing jew  / And by doing so, they endangered the lives of American Women and Children. There is no doubt that Arab freedom fighters will avenge the killing of the  13 little Arab children. By the jew Ralph Strauss -So you see Ira Haymen, Larry Small and Lucy Spelman are indeed,- like the Mayor of Amity. In the movie by the name of Jaws. See the movie !

Tell Nora Ephorn she has E-mail. The address to the Smithsonian Institution 1000 Jefferson Drive SW Suite 318 MRC008, Washington, DC 20560.

 Nora’s  Ephron’s made a couple of movies with a lot of help from her sister Nora’s sister is like Cinderella , she never gets any credit , she does all the work and Nora gets the credit. Nora was in the court room at my hearing on appeal with Judge kennth Starr / the judge who chased Pres. Clinton

  Nora Ephorns former husband was non other then Carl jj Bernstein  who together with Bob Woodward of the Washington post newspaper brought down Pres. Nixon,- they still crow about it. See the spoof on Bob Woodward and his wife Elsa Walsh and read Apples and oranges, and the Gift to Julie Nixon on the Movie page- at the bottom also the little jewish Sailor link page movie page  and see who crows on Whom,- as the redmonk crows on the Washington post Employees Elsa and Bob Woodward / did Bob woodward a naval officer earn his bravery medal ?

 Can American Mothers who lose children in the Coming Arab  terrorist attack at the National zoo and Smithsonian Inst.,  sue Chief Justice Rehnquist of the Supreme Court  and Congressman and Congresswoman  who had all of this info and remained silent and did not report it to the police ,

 The law states that any person that knows of a crime and does not report it  to a legal authority can be put in Jail , Supreme Court Judge Rehnquist entire family knows about this and the Rehnquest family has remained silent in Toto – all mothers in Arlington County Virgina 15 min. from Americas capitol send e- mail to the Supreme court make Judge Rehnquest answer / a massive cover up by the US Supreme Courts highest Judge And his family, don’t let him get away. You dirty cheap White American woman,- take charge/ get some guts – they, the Rehnquist  family works for you, you don’t work for them. Take charge / bust their as# throw him off the court , get that SOB he didn’t care about your family, he cared about protecting the Smithsonian officials Jobs and pensions, but he,- Supreme Court Judge Rehnquest  didn’t care about your babies / think about  that,  Rehnquest  is just like the ENRON Corp.  and so is WETA radio and TV located in Arlington Virginia / they were given all the info too    

The Redmonkee request that you contact these people at these addresses:

Chief Justice Of The United States

William Hobbs Rehnquist

One First Street NE

Washington, DC 20543


Attorney General John Ashcroft

(Former Janet Reno)

Department of Justice

5111 Main Justice

10th St & Constitution Ave NW

Washington, DC


 Robert Mueller III

Director of the FBI
 (former Louis Freeh, Sessions ,Webster all,- who were on duty as FBI Dirs. when all of this took place and they,- all to a man- covered it up for the US Gov. and Republican party  )

Federal Bureau of Investigation

9th Street & Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC


United States Attorney-

 for the Eastern district of the State of Virgina-

 Miss ,Hellen Fahey

20100 Jamieson Ave. Alexandria. Virginia.22314-5794

        Tele (703) 299-3700

Woman of ARLINGTON county Va Fire Hellen Fahey as US Attorney for the Eastern Dis. Of Virginia for obstruction of Justice /Hellen didn’t warn you,- I did



1000 Berlin 10,

Franklinstrasse 27

Tel: 391 27 22

Berlin, Germany


Katherine K. Hanley


County of Fairfax

12000 Government Center Pkwy

Fairfax, VA 22035 USA


Bailey's Crossroads Community Shelter

3525 Moncure Ave

Falls Church, VA 22041 USA


Helen Brach Foundation

55 West Wacker Dr. Suite 701

cX Chicago, Il 60601 USA


ABC News 20/20

147 Columbus Avenue

New York, New York 10023-5907 USA


60 Minutes Investigative Television Program

524 West 57th Street

New York, New York 10019


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

P.O. BOX 42516,

Washington, DC 20015


The Redmonkee must read books Books


Lone Wolf The Life and Death-

 of U-Boat Ace Capt. Werner Henke

 by Timothy P. Mulligan

 the  redmonk portrayed U- boat 515 Capt. Henkes death on the wire at Fort Hunt Va for a filming crew.



The Last Secret of the Vietnam War.. SPITE HOUSE…. The Story of US Marine PVT. Bobby Garwood and his   total betrayal  by the US Marine Corp and his betrayal by the American people  author Monika Jenson Stevens she is a white girl from Canada, Monika is not a white girl from America get IT !…. shouts the redmonkee!!!


 Why didn’t you get me out – by Frank Anton--  check link page  Garwood story,- it tells about Anton and Garwood read both books then make up your mind, look for how Anton looks over the treason of the US Officer class in the POW camps  in VietNAM, because, he Anton is a US Army Col.. Son,- Anton made sure he protected his class,-  coming soon,- this up date Feb19 2002  nobody gets away. Right,  not the redmonk and not Anton  and  not the US Military Officer Class and or you,- either. No body gets away


And Justice for None .. by Cowboy Lawyer,- Gary Spence of Spence, Moriarity & Schuster 15 South Jackson Street P.O. Box 548 Jackson, WY 83001 USA
Write to Spence and ask him to pursue  the Redmonkee case.  The great lawyer Spence,  also has a talk show on TV. This book is the redmonkees bible, there is no book more true than- (Justice for none) the redmonk lived this book ,then read it by accident, that’s how the redmonk knows it is true, when the redmonkee is found dead, see to it, that the redmonkee has two books,  in each arm, one- (Justice for None) and the other- (Give Me
Liberty)  all school children should read these two books, a must read.


About Face …by COL David Hackworth USA,RET…. Old  Hack … is the greatest of the great American dog face solders  ever !…came up through the ranks, was a merchant seamen, shoe shine boy  then joined the Army and rose to the rank of Col. 

 .. including  Hazardous Duty   

  Hell, Old Col. David  Hackworth Fought longer and harder and braver  then any one, buy his book  and buy all of em- ----- the Army was going to throw him out without a pension, because Hack told the truth on the war in Nam,-  after sweaten it  and with help from some good guys Hack got his pension and left America in Anger and stayed 18 years in   exil in Australia where he owned a restaurent… after 18 years in exil - he came back and is still telling the truth on the US Army that he Loves, but don’t love Hack.

 but all US Army dog face Soldiers love Hack and call him on the phone and tell him when the Generals are Fuc# ing up,- Hack then tells the American people in the news paper columns he writes /

 the Redmonk left America in anger too, after what the Smithsonian did to him / and the redmonk means to get even too, getten Even is just another word for justice.

 The redmonk is not as good as American as Hack, the Great Dogface Soldier HackWorth forgave America, after his 18 year exil- in Australia .

 Hack has stated he wanted to rest his bones in America when he dies, and Hack forgave America,. And came back to America,-    not me, I haint forgivin Shi#  ,  Iam from the mountains and Coal fields  and a Ruthenian Slav,- I want Blood  in my  bucket /  I sure as hell don’t want my bones restin in this dirty stinkin country after I die. After what this country American has done to me . Iam only hanging around for the big Blast , the Arab people are going to give you Americans, for what you Americans have done to the Arabs / pay backs are hell haint they folks, ?  ask the US Army, as Col. David Hackworth bust the US Army’s As# every time the US Army brass abuses the troops, and Hackworth finds out about  it/ the US Army generals all scream that Col. David HackWorth is lieing and mentally Ill,/ thats what the Smithsonian says about me, Iam mentally Ill and lieing / buy Hacks Books, read em and you will know what a sorry as# country America is / his web site is on the link page under Alternative view, on this web site rebel soldier McVeigh liked Hack too and Col David Hackworth is one of  only a very few people to get an interview with Rebel soldier McVeigh  who was in the  April 19th rebellion- on going today- in America



Ambush at Ruby Ridge… by Bock… it is an honest and fair account of what happened to the Weaver Family at Ruby must read it to know what your Government did at Ruby Creek ,your American Government  murdered people and got away with it and that started the militia movement,- which frightened the government, the Government then went to Waco Texas and murdered more Americans including 2i little children at Waco… the U.S. Goverment agents  gave themselves medals for killing Children and woman. Think about that,- medals for killing children .

  . check link page Waco I Waco 2 - Ruby Ridge is the reason Rebel Soldier McVeigh has stated he was forced to attack the US Government at Oklahoma with his truck bomb  at the Murrah Government Building in Oklahoma City, because of the Governments, criminal actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge, but it was Ruby Ridge that first set McVeigh on the path to becoming a Rebel soldier in the April 19th rebellion , Mc Veigh Said so, the Rebellion that’s On going in America today,  with  the latest attack against  the Americana Government by the Rebel soldier Commander -Pedro  and four of his Rebel soldiers having robbed (twenty four banks) in the North west so as to Fund the April 19th Rebellion, and lot more coming,/



-- In Our Own words.. the Siege at Ruby Ridge a book- written by Randy Weaver And his Daughter Sarah Weaver’

as concerns what happened to the weaver family at the Siege at Ruby Ridge 

you can buy this book directly from the Weaver family

 at Ruby Ridge INC.PO box1101 Marion. MT 59925  ….cost ( (21.95. American dollars,)

ask your local library to order it or buy it your self..also…. look on my link page… click on RubyRidge – get involved for Gods Sake, do something beside watching Television you scum bag white people / Arlington County Library in Arlington Virginia USA ,-the main one on 10 street, refused to buy this book for the people of Arlington after the redmonk made several request they do so,  he was told no, the Arlington County Library would not order this book,- written by the Weavers, the woman behind the desk after checking all over the United States said that there are only 58 of this book written by the Weavers in all the Libraries in all of America / 58 books in all the Libraries in the United States of America, but if this was about blacks or jews you know their would be several copies in each library across America

  this book by the  Weaver Family and what the American Government did to the Weavers got the people of Oklahoma City Killed By rebel soldier McVeigh and almost started a Revolution/ militias Where formed/

 Arlington County Va Government 15 min. from the Nations Capital does not want the People and school Children of Arlington, know what the Weavers have to say,

 who decides what books we are allowed to read? is decided by whom ? in Arlington County Virgina, what are their names,?  we are not free in America,-I was told by a librarian  that their are only 58 of the Weavers book in all of American liberarys  across the united States.  she used the cd rom to find out / Arlington County refuses to buy this rare book,- we the People don’t get to hear what the Weavers have to say?


……Soldier … a book….by COL Anthony Herbert the movie Deer Hunter is based on Col Herbert experiences in Viet Nam, also this movie, the Deer Hunter is the only movie ever made about Ruthian Americans. This movie stars Robert DeNero. Col Tony Herbert was the most decorated soldier of the Korean War. Mrs. Roosevelt pinned his medals on him at the White House. He was a Slav from the coal fields and mountains. He was hounded out of the US Army with death threats against his children. He is retired and is working as a physcyitrist


……Sky of Stone- and The Rockett boys - by Homer Hickam


…..Cyber Shock by Winn Schwartau


….All Creature Great and Small by Harret

… An the Confessions of a S.O.B – by the Great Al Neharth

 …Hating Whitey  by David Horwitze


 U.S.Navel Seal, Commander,- Richard Marcinkos'…….            Rouge Warrior, Marcinko and his Naval Seals harassed Naval Brass by sneaking onto American Nuclear Submarines proving they were not secure. Marcinko eventually spent two years in Petersburg Federal Prison for the loss of Oxygen tanks, As punishment for embarrassing the Admirals. Marcinko is a Slav from coal fields and Mountains.He has written many other books… Blue team, Red Team,. How to be a winner,  etc, on and on he goes   with his books,  he Just  got a new one out, I cant remember the Name of his latest book , but their all good, buy em all, or take them out of the your libery- free, you cant go wrong Seal Commander  Marcinko,s Books are a Good read.

   ..Stolen valor  by BG Berkett

 Those who claim to have won  military war medals and didn’t,-  photo of News men- Dan Rather is in this book Rather couldn’t make it through military boot camp, did bob woodward who  works at the Washington Post newspaper and crows he brought down Pres. Nixon – did bob woodward earn his Military medal, the same medal given to pres. Kennedy  when his Pt boat sank and he risked his life to get help / what did bob Woodard do that was brave / contact Berkett and find out,-  the redmonk shouts to Bob woodward,- return you medal Now ! you white anglo Saxon Coward-  Bob Woodward---  the English American Coward- Woodward,- at the Wash.Post newspaper in Washington D.C. USA


..Duty  by a guy named green

The great Col.,- Now General Tibbets who won WWII by ending  the war with the dropping of the atomic bomb, on  Japan.  and saving thousands of American soldiers lives by dropping this atomic Bomb on Japan with his crew and plane the Anola Gay  the plane named after his mother and of course don’t forget the other Plane-  Box  Car  this plane amd crew dropped the second Adem bomb  on Japan  to get the Japs to surrunder, so the American Boys could home alive

    The wee redmonk was 6 and Half years old  and remembers it well, we called it the adem bomb not the atomic Bomb. all American mothers were besides themselves with joy  when the Anola Gay  and Col. Tibbets dropped the adem Bomb on Japan- because it ment their sons ,husbands  and brothers would live and come home , all the mothers in the mountains and coalfields loved the Anola Gay.

   They were all grateful their sons would live,/ thank god and praise the lord  the redmonk fought for the Anola Gay on a job site at a labor pool 6 $ an hour job) where the as$ holes on this job (all black) said it was racist to drop the bomb on Asians, we had words and they wernt going to let me come back to work  the next day, I told the Black manager I would file a racist complaint against the blacks if I didn’t get the job back )- the black manager shi$ his pance and I was back on the job the next day- you got to fight back- all the blacks refused to talk to me/ like I really cared, one way black bastards all of em , one black military vet was on my side, he agreed with me / but not too strong / or the blacks would get him. 

also when I was the only demonstrator in front of the Smithsonian inst. for the Anola Gay, General Paul Tibbets came out of the Air and Space museum  and had his picture taken with me and my sign     / my sign stated –

World War II children for the Anola Gay-

if you don’t believe,ask General Tibbets  for the photo and or ask the Smithsonian  docents / you cant stay home and hide out in Oklahoma / you got to go were the crosses grow, know what I mean? Freedom haint free  you got to go out their where they hate you, cuss you out, laugh at you, and threaten you, and in front of the Russian Embassy they spit on me  freedom haint free / you got to die like the brave rebel soldier McVeigh

/ The demonstrators against the Anola gay in front of the Smithsonian were about 20 or thirty in number, they were led by an Italian American, a stinking disgrace , I on the other hand, was a Ruthenian Mountain coal field Slav and knew the truth and knew Italian Americans who came home in  caskets from wwII defending America, while their Italian Fathers were taken away by armed soldiers to internment Camps, I stood in line with the old Italian immigrants on a road and watched them taken away by soldiers with rifles , that’s how I know what the hell happened ,- I was a witness, and still am today/ and no one is going to shut me up/ Ill shout louder

  those who were against the Anola Gay  at this demo,- need to talk to those old Italians  Immigrants.  ask them if it was bad to drop the bomb on Japan, ? they, all,will tell you,- they were glad, it, ment their Italian son would live,- and come home.

  These feel good bastard  stinking white Americans are crazy – like those against the Anola Gay,-  the Jews came out of the Smithsonian and put hate on me / one jewish girl screamed stay away from me over and over like a crazy person, she took my news letter and threw it in the trash can,

 a High ranking female Smithsonian official dressed in a double brested pined striped suit came out and walked up to me and said you- and turned around and did the long walk back to the castle, the redmonk had enough,he, watched,and waited until she got almost in to the castle door and shouted ,- -her Smithsonian Pussy Stinks) said several times mountain Style loud , - the black guards laughed their as# off,- she turned at the door and shouted back,- you will never get your job back here, ) all of this story and info on the Smithsonian Guards attack on me, where they slamed me to the ground after grabing me from the back yet while my hands were full of signs,- what cowards /  on the side of the side walk that is controlled by D.C. police they broke the law / another time they  were reaching for their pistols/ As# holes telling me Iam not allowed to carry a sign on the Washington DC side walk / the Smithsonian Guards were breaking the law  I called the news paper wash Post they would not come  all of this  was on this web site about  two years ago, but was blown up,  Ill be Back with it and give the guards names and the full story, this is about the time, maby a day  or two later Sara Weaver and her father  Randy Weaver and their lawyers were walking toward me having come from the ruby ridge hearings on capital hill in the Hart Building and I was walking past the Smithsonian to get to the ruby ridge Hearings  and  we passed each other and Sara Gave me a Kiss and thanked me,  don’t trust me, ask Sara Weaver. Shel tell you, ask Keven Harris if he didn’t ask me to come to his place for a meal after I told him what I heard US Marshel Larry Coopers Family say about  Cooper nside the Hearing Room  as concerning killing 14 year old Sam Weaver .

    I get even and I fight back ,all of you Americans are crazy to fuc# with me/ why in the hell do you do it ? is it fun? Must be / it can turn deadly / but you keep doing it / not thinking for a mili second you and others can die / rebel Soldier McVeigh never got his story out/ Iam / I know were this is all going and none of you Americans do,  you white Americans are Stupid MFers  Really! 

  While all of this was going on, Some one in the Smithsonian called the D.C. police and the DC police came and ask what’s goin on,  I told them,  they saw and read my sign,  and then told me some one called to say their was a crazy person out side the Smithsonian shouting - , apparently meaning me on my one man Demo / this is the institution I was not allowed to use the word circus at,  if you read my boiler plate front page and or the movie page  that I am using as a closet so to speak you will under stand if you see the Movie page / and know the story on the word circus

 A Jew was running the air and Space Museum at the time  and didn’t care that he, this jew, spit on the world II vets,- who with a Russia soldier Named- IVAN saved his jewish life  and gave him the State Of Israel . that’s how dirty Jewish people are  in America / the jews don’t know how to say thanks and suck up to those who saved them, what a bunch of dirty Mfers, really! All they know how to do is shout Antisemite and no one suffered but us jews.

 . the only people to suffer,- is and was Russian Slavs who saved every jew on Earth  with the loss of 49 millions Russians the new #  to defeat Hitlers Germany  1939 1945,- did you ever hear a jew say thanks,- call me a lier, I dare you , the great Russian people who cut the chains of Mother Africa, when no other people in the world would   and saved every black on this earth including every black in  America,- including Arlington County Virgina Blacks.  did you ever hear a black say thanks to the Slav race ,

 African men and woman from Africa have thanked me  and fought for me  when they find out I am Slav and told me,- they love Russians in Africa,- in Africa in the Schools they are tought it was Russia who gave  Africa their freedom,  not America . and for sure, not the Jews who were friends with South Africa , no other country showed up for Africa but Russia / the jewish State of Iseral didn’t show up  for africa, call me a lier   you don’t forget those who helped you ) when are the Black Americans going to say thanks,  I don’t owe Black people diddly Shi#  the Blacks owe us Slavs, my people didn’t come to America until 1893,- Blacks owe for the American Civil War,  that was fought to set the Blacks free, in the US,

 when are the Black American going to pay their Bills to the American Government and to the dead White civil War Soldiers who died fighting to set the Blacks free in America, when are the Black Americans going to pay the White Soldiers  Families,

  why don’t the Black and Jews pay their bills to the Slav race, and the dead white Civil War Soldiers Families  the Blacks and Jews owe Money   the Slav race is the only reason the Blacks and jews are Alive on this Planet. Did you ever hear a Black or jew say thanks to the Slav race,-  Arlington County Schools are not teaching the truth on Race in the arlington school System to Black and Jewish School children. As concerns the great slav race  and what we Slavs did for the Jew and Black,-  the Russian Slavs  Who let the jews and blacks live, it was the Slavs . and no one else,- ask an African if Iam lying  I demand the jews and Blacks in Arlington County Kiss my As#  because I am from the Slav People who saved the  every Jew and Black on Earth with the loss of 49million dead to defeat Hitler and the Russian blood and Russian money that cost the Russian people to free Africa and cut the Chains of Mother Africa/ you Black Mfers need to pay  your bill / you jew Mfers need to pay your bill   / the Slav race is tired of waiting for you too dead beats the black and the jew  dead beat- to pay your bill,  both of you, Pay up and Suck up  to the Race that’s saved you, the Slavs

 Only 4 and a Half million jews died in the death camps of Hitler’s Germany not 6 million  these new # s come from a Prof. Erickson from Edinburgh University Scotland who spent two years in the Russian Archives this is were he found that 49million Russians died fighting Hitler  not the old number 20 million and the new #s on the Jews  why is white  Christian news men and white Christian news girls silent about these new #s  ?

 .. HOT BLOOD The book you need to read, by….. ……………………………………………Ken Englade…….

 The death of Helen Brach and the killing of horses for insurance money. the millionaires, the money and the horse murders. A true story and a cover up


…………..A Red monkee Zinger>>>>>>> Down below >>>>

 The redmonkee knew of some of these people. A ll of the people in the Virgina hunt country of Middleburg  and UppervilleVA. knew them and or some of them.

 ,What was horse killer Charles Bailey doing at the U S Park Police Stables in wash. DC ? why the cover up? How did Pres. Regan’s favorite horse “Jack Pott” die at the U S Park police stables on the Mall Wash DC…. Was it an accident, oops .. you have no Idea?….. shouts the Redmonkee a lot of killing going on with electric wire and ping pong balls, when you got too many horses coming in for tax write offs from Powerful Congressman constitutints and not enough Horses dieing fast enough, and the hunt country dog packs are hungry and you wonder why the US Government And US Law enforcement would Demonize the Redmonkee? Did the Parkpolice go to their brother Cops in Arlington County and Fairfaxcounty and ask these police dept. to harrase the redmonk as a favor to the Park police ? I don’t know I’am only Asking a question. What do you the american people think

 Dirty Jessie Helms the Senator from the State of Old Caroline was the one doing it most,  along with his constituent Dirty Marilyn Revier of old Aken South Carolin, she used the Park Police as her private little police force she gave tons of money to old Senator- Jessie Helms so he could stay in power on Capital Hill she was a Pain in the As# all puffed up abusing her help, hitting them with her open hand like a mother spanking a child in anger  when asking for a coat,-  what a puffed uped As# hole  Marilyn Revier is, from old Carolina / pay backs are hell aint they folks ?

 >>>howed you all, like that little old>> ZINGER.>>>. …and theirs more coming, can you hear em all screaming? pay backs are hell, aint they folks? The last true- American Hero, left  alive in America------  Das Redmonkee, If iam not for myself, who in America would be for me, if not me .

 Berlin Germany send money, this is- Das Redmonkee in America!---- Broken down, some where in America,but still fighting the good fight, to make a fool out of  the American Goverment and the coward White American people,  send Money to

 Cj Koritko P. O. Box 11167 Arlington, Virgina 2221O, All Arab peoples, send money , get the Arab Freedom fighters, such as –

 Hamas,  Black June,  Black September, ) ) ) )  send me a Donation, of money, to keep me in the Fight. Keep an open mind every one.

 The White Christians Americans are too cheap and a Coward to a man and Woman  and I’am helping them out with this warning and those Cheap White Christian American have not given me a dime/ think about that, really think about that,- as Rebel Soldier Tim Mcveigh liked to say/ check the redmonk closet out called the movie page info on WETA Radio and TV station in Arlington Va. Run by Sen. Jays Rockefellas Wife- Sheron Percy Rockefella all on the link page movie page/ no American Rebel soldiers in the April 19 rebellion have ever captured a TV Station in America  and broadcast their messiage to the people in most other Countries in the world Rebel soldiers have taken over radio and TV stations   you see on the news  from time to time 

 All Arab Americans Send me a Donation  Iam Fighting for the dead Arab Children that the Jewish Zookeeper at the National Zoo killed , the Jews at the Smithsonian want me to shut up about it, Lucy Spelman the Jewish Zoo Director at the national zoo is trying to shut me up,- telling people not to listen to me, the Smithsonian tells people not listen to me that I am crazy / the Smithsonian would no doubt say the same thing about the whistle blower at ENRON Corp.  I will shout louder, not shut up, I need your Arab peoples Support- send money there is no difference between ENRON Corp officials and the Smithsonian officials / they both spin, they both lie like hell to save them selves / and the white Americans believe the Smithsonian officals .

 look up WWW. to see what Rebel McVeigh said,- as to why he killed the Americans in Oklahoma City,- in his own Words,

 the US  Government, FBI and Arlington County Government in the State  Virginia Does not want you to know/ this coward County,- Arlington does not want you to Know what the Weavers Family members have to say about Ruby Ridge / and what this County also  did to me, as I try to get a free lawyer to sue this county for violating my civil rights and other things / I call on all Arab org. any where in the world, get me a lawyer and I will give half of everything we get from Arlington county to any Arab org.

 look up link page Informants and Arlington county Page on wrong doing in this County and Apple and oranges on the movie page its about Sharon Percy Rockefeller and her TV station WETA in Arlington Va/15 min from the Nations Capital in the old USA

 People of the World, this Arlington County, in the state of Va. located 15 min from Washington DC is known as a Corrupt county seat and a Corrupt Justice System  send your News Men to check out the Court system in Arlington County it will shock you/ the Law Officials through away evidence that would set free a innocent man/ and no one lost their job, they put false sex charges on me to destroy me, two social workers- Lee and Bingham  who are employed  by Arlington Government  to help out the republican Party, why would they do this to me  because I’m fighting the Evil American Government that has become a Mild terrorist State against the American People, and as a favor to their political friends  in the Republican party how many high ranking Smithsonian officials and employees live in Arlington County Virgina ?

  This County Arlington uses homeless people to inform on people, the county does not like / some of the homeless people are mentally Ill and could get killed for informing,  the police have Beaten a Homeless Person in one case who refused to inform/

 I will lead you  news men from India, China,- to these people, County  Social workers,  and Aspan workers, the woman who gives out cloths to the homeless on Wed, of every week next to ST Georges Church, in Arl. county she tried to get a homeless person to fight and Harrarass some political Activist who was homeless   she didn’t like/ a number of social workers and others who work with the homeless are mentally ill, and not well them selves  / such as the woman who gives out clothes on Wed. night about 5 to 6 oclock what an As# Hole she is . is her husband a retired military Type,-  mabey even a retired army Col.? Let the news men find out/

     ,  you can reach me at  a lot of High Ranking US Government Officials and Smithsonian officials live in this county and party together,- also a Magistrate  named  Dwyer  ( Spelling may not be right) who was in-volved in my trial in the US districts Court, Wash. D.CWashington D.C. she lives in Arlington  her address coming soon

   People of-France, India, Germany, Russia- Communist China - send News Reporters to Arlington County, Virginia. to investigate how they, the Arlington Government decide what books and magazines we are allowed to read  in this county/  what are the political beliefs of the people who make the decision on the books at the Arlington library?,/ what are their names,?  what are their political agendas? / the Conserative news magazene called the New American has been striken from the Shelves/ but there are plenty of leftest  far left magazines on the Shelves,  we the people must decide what, we,- the people want to read, in Arlington County Virginia, not what some County Government Employee  wants us to read, with their agenda, / please Investigate / Its all pretend freedom in America / aka – bull shi# freedom in America - this update Feb,8 2002 be sure to read apples and oranges and the little jewish Sailor story on the Movie page  at the bottom – the redmonk is using the movie page as a closet, shoving every thing in to this closet,- a Russian news man told me not to tell everything,- to save some thing  for a book and or movie , so I can get money  and that’s what Iam doing,-  this Arlington County in the State of Virgina owes me Nothing less then one Million Dollars for allowing the county Employees to violate my rights,-  using their Social workers Lee and Bingham and others  to demonize me, while I was fighting the US Government/

Arlington County dirty Government wants to see the movie, but then does not want to buy a ticket,  they Arlington County Government- think they can sneak in to see the redmonk movie and leave with out paying and when caught inside the movie house , arlington county goverment says its not going to pay for the ticket / then why did you get involved  in the first place Arlington county Virginia, which by the way-is 15 min from Washington D.C.? good question and only you can answer it in a court of law /  I need an Arab lawyer  and Iam sure as hell goin a try to get one and sue Arlington County Government  and others / you can pay your bill in money and or other ways/   but your going to pay, all of you / I don’t stop coming, till I get you, ask the Smithsonian Inst and the Americans rounded up in the Cosmos Hotel down town  Moscow USSR, the Hotel is on the net look em up/ ask em if Iam bull shi#- or did  my Slav Brothers in pamyet make Americans Scream and know fear of the Slav - go to the Cosmos Hotel workers at the hotel and ask em if I am Bull shi#   check photo page gallery 3 to see photo of the little witness-  8 year old barbra Bahavanie of falls church Virginia 20 min. from wash. D.C. photo Gallery  4 coming soon it will be letters you can read to Zoo officals  this date Feb 16 2002  As I have my say / something I could never do before ,because I had no lawyer, no money to buy justice , in America you get as much justice as you can buy with green American dollars  the internet gives us all a chance to make it a little more level playing field / and it haint over / as I come after those who fuc# me up / Ill even give up my life to get you,- Coal field Slav Law  will descide this war, not Anglo Saxon Law, bet on it  as the redmonk comes up the road,  road, like in Coal field mountain road, no Asphalt, graded flat hard dirt road with dust rolling up  from the rear, trees close in to the road and hanging over   the tires crunching on the hard packed road, the gas peddle to the floor,-  get the Picture? Stay tuned,  it haint over, but the Smithsonian Inst and National Zoo thinks its over,  talk about DUMB!