Letters, Home- To Russia Ėletter # 8


Death of the Giant Panda

At the National Zoo Washington, DC, U.S.A


The Giant Pandas at the Zoo are very political Animals, closely tied with Communist China.- as you well know.

All Zookeepers at the National Zoo were abuzz with talk concerning the death of the baby pandas and the missing portion of the Video tape that disappeared showing Dr. Edwin Gould PHD intellectual and Dr. Devra Klinman PhD intellectual sneaking up on the Giant female Panda as she stroked her baby and shined a flash light in her face in the darkened Panda Den.

The Zookeepers at the National Zoo believe that the flashlight held by Dr. Eddie Gould, frightened the mother Giant Panda causing the Panda mother to crush the baby to her chest in fright, causing its death.

, It was The Jewish Doctor of letters, Ed Gould with the flash light, who wanted to see if the female had ( twin ) baby pandas, they, the two jewish Doctors of Letters, Klinemen and Gould could not tell if there was two baby Pandas or one,- by looking at the Video Camera.

.It was Doc. Eddie Gould, a PhD Intellectuals idea to get the Flash light, for a closer look- see, inside the Darkened Panda Den, as the mother Panda was sitting in the corner of the Den, next to the Glass front of the Den,that all of you, who have visited the Zoo and Panda Den, know the set up, with the glass front enclosure,etc. ) the mother panda was stroking her baby, when Doctor Edwin Gould-( P.H.D)with the Jewish Girl, Doc.- Devra Klinmen P.H.D, who by the why, was not sure it was a good idea, going along, with the (P.H.D. ) Eddie Gould, her jewish brother,

whose aka now,/- is, ("Flash light Eddie" , the Jew )

Head- Panda Keeper, Mike Connerly secretly made a copy of the tape, just before it disappeared, PHD, Doc. Eddie Gould, Offered Mike $20.000 dollars for his copy of the tape.

I told the F.B.I all about this, as well as Embassy Row,in Washington D.C,

I first kept faith with the National Zoo and Smithsonian Inst,. By going through National Zoo and Smithsonian Channels with my complaints ,including putting my white paper expo. of thirty some pages, of wrong doing, on the front seat of the zoo directors Car-( wrong doing -such as drug use by Employees who were then, after doing drugs, causing fights and arguments with other employees and the coward all white Zoo management wouldnít do any thing about it,) the reason I mention that Doc Ed Gould is a jew,- he, Ed Gould is the jew, that called me mentally ill because I am a Slav, I have not forgetten it either and I mean to get even / he the jew,- Ed Gould who had a power position at the National zoo offered to apologize to me through my Jewish lawyer- Stern while I was incarscarated at the Washington D.C- all black- Jail, for Protesting inside the White House- my removial from my position as Zookeeper at the National; Zoo-/ I fight back and with no money for lawyers, too / you got to do something, you cant just stand there, and let them roll over you Ė fight back! Any which way you can and I did and still am and will you can take it to the bank as they say / read ooon

I Told my Court apponted Jewish- Lawyer Richard Stern, concerning the offered apologie by the Jew, Ed Gould Ė No - it would only make Gould feel better, not me. This is the Same jewish Doc. Of letters )- Letters- meaning- he,- the jew, Gould was not a medical Doc. He,- Doc. Gould was only an Intellectual, further more, Eddie, the jew Gould, would not let me put up on the posting board in the Lion and Tiger Building how many Slavs Died in the death Camps in Hitlerís Germany 1939 to 1945

( I told the Russians about this ) ,he the Jew,- Gould would put on his office Door, that, he,- the Jew, Ed Gould would be off for the Jewish Holidays and leave his door open while he prayed with his jewish prayer shawl on, so every one could see, / this is the Jew who would not protect white female s who worked the the Seal section at the zoo, who complained that the National zoo Blacks were threatening them and this Jew, Ed Gould the Doc. Of letters- told the whites that these Blacks where from Lorton prison and the DC ghetto and they, the white Employees, better be careful, he, Ed Gould,- PHD the jewish Coward, did nothing about it, one Black threatened to kill Doc. Ed Gould and they would not fire the Black , some of these Blacks also threatened me with a 10 foot chain and demanded I quite my Job, when they got me alone at the trash compacter at the Zoos back road, I told them off and also told the blacks if you want potatoís get a hoe and dig like me, I also told them I wouldnít stand their and let them kick my ass I would fight back, i stood up to em , the blacks said I was a raciest for saying that statement, about the Hoe and potato, I was the only white working in this all black Trash Gang at the national zoo, working my way to a Zookeeper position and I also volunteered on my days off, in side the Animal Section, at the zoo, to work my way up to a Zoo keeper position. think about that, as Rebel- Tim McVeigh liked to say: really think about that you dirty Americans Mfers ,think about that,./ the Blacks are not doing diddly Shi#, but complaining about the only white guy, me, working in their all black section at the zoo, they donít want a white guy working with them / I indeed integrated the all black trash Section, as the only white guy, you would think the phony blacks and the all white chicken shi# Zoo management would be grateful./ this is were I heard the rumor that, the All white Zoo management got a 1000 dollars bonus, if their were no Discrimination complaints filed at the Zoo /

white news girls and white news guys at the most powerful News paper in the this Nations Capital the Washington Post Newspaper located down town Washingtion D.C could indeed find out, if this was true, concerning the 1000 dollars bonus, but the Washington Post news paper is not interested in the truth, only protecting their scource for animal- stories, coming out of the Zoo/ call me a lier? I dare you. The all white news boys and all whitenews girls and the few token blacks and Asians who worked at the Washington post, covered this all up from the get go and I"am going to uncover it and make a fool out of the Washington News Paper employees, / see if one guy from the mountains with no educiation can bust the wash. Post news papers snotty as#, the redmonk is sure as hell goin a try

I took my complaint on race problems with jews and Blacks at the National zoo to the Ethnic affairs section in the white house- by certified letter and to the Smithsoniam Ombudsmen, in person, to her office, in the Smithsonian Castle, on the Mall, her name - Heilmen, her office in the Smithsonian castle, they did not respond, Hielman is a lot of bull shi#, meaning her office, she and her office covers the Smithsonian as# Heilman donít help you, she hurts you, she is a token Asian , I went this route- because of the Race Cowardice of the all English And Jewish American management at the Smithsonian and the national zoo, I knew the all White Anglo and all jewish Zoo leader ship would do nothing, the Zoo leaders would let the Blacks post anything they wanted on the posting board, but not me, a Slav , think about that ? now do you see why I keep calling Doc. Ed Gould A jew, every time I Write his name ? he the Jew Gould Prays on Zoo time, post on his office door a sign he will be off for the Jewish holidays he, the Jew, Gould pushes his jewish people up front, count the Jews at the zoo if you donít believe me, then count the Slavs, I did, and I went back 30 years in my own investigation, Slavs are only- 7 % of the American population, itís a jewish dominated zoo and my Slav Race is not there, and has not been there in the Zoos history, its all about the English and Jewish Americans and they all kiss the Blacks As$ to keep it this way, so that it benefits the Jews and English Americans and not white Ethnics,: Slavs, Greeks, Italians, Finnish Americans,- these, then, are the Race Facts, as indeed they are, at the National Zoo and also at the Smithsonian Inst. the Russian Government and other Governments have all the Paper work on this including the EEOc investigation Document and the proof of certified mailings, I hand delivered it and mailed it to all of them, asking to get on their Television News / I fight Back/ after first giving the Zoo and Smithsonian Inst. a chance to make it fair and they, the Smithsonianís all white English and Jewish Leadership- refused to make it fair / it was me and my investigation that got the first Asian hired at the Zoo in its history and if the white coward news men and the cheap white woman from the Washington Post ask, I can prove it / the Washington Post newsboys and news girls donít want to know, the Post needs the stories out of the zoo and now, you all know how, the Wash. post Newspaper get those Stories? ask Wash. Post girl-staff writer Jacqueline Trescott, I sent her and hand delivered to her, all of this, Child Killing Jew story etc. at the Wash. post Building mail room and signed it in to her on the sign in sheet , and .thatís how I hand delivered all of this over the years to old lady Graham and her other employees, also to her son Donald and daughter Lallie including the Wash. Post in house Pussy- Leonard Downe Jr, /and the white English American Coward-Vice President bare as$ Ben Bradlee, at this all powerful news paper, in the United States Capital Wash. D.c.-Trescott, too, is a white skinned Coward news person and a female too, she no doubt will hid behind, she is a female, if questioned about this / The female Trescott, and Ben Bradlee, who may or may not be a male and old lady Graham protected the Zoo and Smithsonian and did not warn the American mothers, of a possible Terrorist attack because of the Child Killing Jew who worked at the Zoo you mothers, of the dead children, can sue her, the white- Female American- Staff writer- Trescott, in a court of law too, Benny Bradlee,Janet Reno Jamie Gorlic, Arlene Specter Cong. Female-D. Fienstien,) Cong. Female -B. Boxer,) Chief Justice William Rehnquist)- who is Chancellor of the Smithsonian and his- sweetwife, and also his- little daughter , who by the way- worked for US Attorney Hellen Fahey in Alex Va. ( I believe,) -( Alex. Va. is 15 min. from the white House) did Judge Rehnquist get his daughter the job? At the us attorneys Office in Alex. Va? / US Attorney H. Fahey knows all about this too / sent- cert.- mailed to FBI Thompson, in Richmond Va all of em- I"ll give you American mothers the proofs of mailings ? free ! so you can sue all of these dirty S.O.B.-en American people mentioned here,all of em are bad, bad, Americans and lousy selfish humans, who only care about them selves, their Jobs and pensions, they,- all together, are known, as the chattering Snot Elite Ruling Class and they, as a sub group, donít care about the American mothers and or American children and or the American people / believe that !/ and fire US Attorney- female- Hellen Fahey and FBI agent- Male- Thompson from there Governments Jobs, they, Hellen and Thompson work for you, the American people, Fahey and Thompson donít know their place. Which is at the feet of the American people. Call me a lier?)

Donít blame the redmonkee when your children are killed at the Smithsonian, blame the people mentioned above, the Bad Americans, donít blame the redmonk,Iam warning you all and these bad people are telling you mothers out their, not to listen to me, that I am crazy, think about that, the only way you mothers will believe me and not the bad people mentioned above, is the Arab freedon fighters must blow up the Smithsonian and National Zoo, example Ė( at the Air and Space building on the mall there are at least 2000 school children their on a given day at any one time in the summer months)( I counted them,) as they are yelling and screaming running around , calling out to each other, you cant hear a thing.) the Arab freedom fighters blow this building and 2000 American children go down in one day,- think about that?- as Rebel McVeigh liked to say) then you Mothers will all say, we should have listened to - the redmonk and not to the Smithsonian and FBI, it will be too late then, for you mothers , trust the friendly terrorist called the redmonkee, donít trust the Washington Post News pape,r Smithsonian Inst. and or the Government, this is said as a taunt to the American mothers whoís aka is Mushroom Moms / she, your mom is kept in the dark like a mushroom, by the wash. Post paper, FBI, Smithsonian larry Small and Lucy (the Goose) Spelman a jewish girl who runs the Zoo/ The Redmonkee on Line web site - is like a flash light, the redmonk is going to light up all those Mushroom Moms / you Mushroom Moms,- out their,- break this case open ! now, do it! Trust the Redmonk, donít trust the dirty bastards at the Smithsonian their all covering their As$

At the National Zoo in Washington D.C. where I was employed as a zoo keeper, their was drug dealing and drug use by the work force at the zoo , I complained about the unclean and slimy conditions of the Giant Panda Exhibit. I observed Kathy Wallace and Morna Holden two female Zookeepers in the elephant house at the zoo, would allow presidents Regean little baby elephant,- ( Little Jayto)- a she girl elephant, drink soapy water and other chemicals daily with her bath,- while this animal had a deathly serious case of diarrhea and eventually died, at this time, the two Female Zookeepers- Holden and Wallace put a bogus sex charge on me, claiming I exposed my self to them in the elephant house at the National Zoo, this was a massive lie on me.

I had just returned from the Smithsonian Castle on the Mall In Washington DC were I filed a complaint on wrong doing at the Zoo , when I returned from the Smithsonian castle and walked into Supervisor Elizabeth Franks office, in the Elephant house, is when they announced, they put the sex charge on me.

Zoo management said they believe the two females Keepers and not me, it was two against one , they made it stick with the Help of Zoo PHD Management, which by the way is all white and Jewish with one exception of a black- Lisa Stevens in charge of the Primate section and now today, she- Lisa, is the Panda Manager at the Zoo. all of you have seen her on Television

No Male Employee at the National Zoo would walk in to the Elephant House at the National Zoo unless they were in Pairs, after the sex charges were put on me, in the Elephant house by Female Zoo keepers Wallace and Holden, the males were afraid to go alone, because of the sex charges put on me to Destroy me, they, the men at the Zoo, were concerned that the dirty white females would do the same to them, if they should have a problem with the dirty White woman Ė


No Slavic American, Italian American, Greek American Arab American, Chinese American: ever ran the National zoo and or the Smithsonian Inst in American History and no Slavic American has ever been President of the United States and or been on the U.S Supreme Court in American History,

you damn right I run in to the Russian embassy to get help, itís an unfair fight, the Smithsonian and Government, FBI, got all the Lawyers , all the guns and money,

when I raised this Issue of un fairness as concerns hiring White Ethnics, the All Jewish and all Anglo Saxon Smithsonian Management was angry that I dare broach this question.

I told National Zoo director, Mike Robinson to his face, in front of witnesses, that the National Zoo had a Very serious Drug Problem among the Work force and mismanagement of the zoo and Animals including Personnel, by the PhDs at the Zoo etc.

( Phony P.E.T.A - Jeanie Roush and others were told all about this by me in a meeting I requested with Jeany Roush of P.E..T.A and J. Roush and P.e.t.a remained silent and PETAs Silence screams)

the White Paper Bomb

One Female Zoo Keeper called a meeting, so the Zookeepers could discuss the problems at the Zoo, (thatís another story in its self, zoo management broke it up with threats against the Zookeepers ) I will put on the photo page the original copy of the Females Zookeepers letter) So, as I said earlier, I dropped this thirty page (White paper Bomb,-ala O.K.City) in Dr Mike Robinsonís Car, which was parked in the basement of the Administration Building at the National Zoo. National Zoo Director -Mike Robinson( ) had his car window cracked open enough, to put my papers through and they dropped on to his front seat, he- Mike Robinson -( British Subject with a green card) Doc. Mike Robinson( Zoo Director) English man of letters, not a medical Doc. Robinson- did nothing about it, only silence, although he had alerted the Zoo keeping Force at the Zoo, his car could be used for just that purpose, ( he lied) and I proved it!

He was a British Subject From England with a green card and he was made Director of the National Zoo?, when Slavic Americans or Italian Americans, Greek Americans have never run the Zoo in American history?

I complained about it too, it was a Race outrage, that the snotty Smithsonian Inst. could not find an White Ethnic American to Run the National Zoo in Washington D.C.- think about it ) only English and jewish Americans are allowed to run the Zoo, in the history of the National Zoo. And 75% of their budget is paid for by all Americans through their Taxes,( thatís 75% ), think about that,: 75%, - the white Ethnics Pay the Bills and donít get to ride the Poney, fu..k you shouts the redmonk, this shi# haint goin down this way, with out a fight, we:- Slavs, Italians, Greeks, Finns,Chinese, donít get to ride the poney, we will kill the poney, no body rides, thatís how the redmonk sees it from the Coal fields in the Mountians

Lucy Spelman is the First Female to run the Zoo, she is Jewish, think about it ) ( Really, think about It) How about the rest of us Americans, we are always left out! Why not an Arab American female, why not a Slavic American Female, why not a Italian American Female, to run the Zoo and or Smithsonian, Inst,

Larry Small is a Anglo Saxon American, he Runs the Smithsonian,

why not a Ruthenian American running the Smithsonian, Inst.?

The arrogance, of snott that the Smithsonian Inst. Has on its face, is the same arrogance of Snott, that the F.B.I had on the F.B.I face, at Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas, were the FBI agents, indeed killed and Murdered American Citizens,-including Children as young as 2 years old , and we all know, how that FBI snott, on the Face of the F.B.I, got the People in Oklahoma City, in the State of Oklahoma, Killed in the Bomb Blast at the( U.S. Government Federal Murrah Building) by Rebel soldier McVeigh, on April, 19 th.

I was in front of the F.B.I building in Washington DC on a Waco Demo. with other Demonstrators when O.K. City Blew and the FBI ran us off, and ended the demonstration, so much for freedom.

While I was serving with the

U.S. Park police Horse mounted unit in Washington, D.C.

I observed and over heard Pvt. Grasso of the U.S. Park Police horse mounted Unit walk in to Sgt. Huberís office (Pvt. Grasso was in Civilian clothes) and Grasso was bragging that he had just returned from court were he lied on the stand to put a Black drug dealer away in Prison, I was standing about five feet away from Pvt. Grasso when he made these remarks,

At a meeting I had with FBI agents, I asked them about Grasso lying on the stand,- to put a drug dealer away , the FBI agents Doyle and Geiger said that the drug dealer is no longer in jail, the police would talk about a U.S. Government Prosecutor named Joe who would take cops out on a boat in the river and tell them how to to lie on people to put them away. This is the police force that some one (I donít know who) filled up their boots with horse manure and through their saddles in the Manure pile and then took photos and gave the photos of the boots and saddles in the manure pile to the Russians, the Russians, then,- much later, told the redmonk they laughed inside the Kremlin U.S.S.R. ( you Americans get the picture? You fuc# with some guy, and he is the wrong guy to fuc# over and he means to get even and to settle a score at any and all cost, it can turn deadly, for every one,

Shi$ gets out hand as they say / a Coal train cummin down the track/ called dead headen it,- means gas peddle to the floor/ you cant put it back in the bottle, itís too damn late / you got to pay the fiddler-:

its your as$ now, as they say, in the coal fields in the mountians )

Rumors at the Park police stated that U.S. Park service officials and higher up civilians were involved in organized crime and gambling, Senator Jesse Helms and other Congressman and Senators on Capital hill were forcing the US Park Police Horse mounted Unit, to take broken down horses, that were unfit for police work and (in some cases were only fit for the meat can), for a Tax right off for his wealthy Constituents, how much money was returned to Sen. Jesse Helms so he could be reelected Ė

we donít Know.!

one of old- Sen. Jesse Helms constituents was old lady Revere of Akin, South Carolina she lives on Marian St. in Akin South Carolina look her up, give her a call, ask her what the hells going on. giving junk horses to the US Government and then getting a tax right off , When she, old lady Revere came to visit the Horse mounted unit, she acted like she owned it, more on this later, she was a pain in a Horses as#, all puffed up, like she was the Queen, she decided what music the Horse mounted Drill team would use, putting on their show.

Congressmen Frank Wolf- Of the State of Virgina,who I went to for help, and who I believe to be a coward in my case. That dirty S.o.B- turned me back over to the US park police in Wash. D.C. who made an attempt to blow off my hand with an explosive devise. Cong. Wolf, father was a dirty cop in Pa.

There were numerous other threats made against my life by the police . the US Attorney for the District of Columbia Washington D.C. a one --------

Mr. Joseph De Genevea,( a republican appt.? Aka- Joe- does he have a boat? ) - would not help me, after being alerted, his Personal Secretary- Rose Muller ( spelling may not be correct), was nasty to me after first sounding anxiety ridden when I first told her of the drugging of the horses , including the President Reagens horse :-Jack Pott, much later one newsman from the Washington Post Newspaper in Washington DC (usa) told me in front of the Russian Embassy on 16 the street , that it was Nancy Reagan who gave the order to drug the US Presidents horse, I was in front of the Russian Embassy, Protesting my Firing From the Smithsonian Inst.and ,National Zoo, in Washington, D.C, when I talked to this news men, on camera- the cold War was still on. And Russia was still the U.S.S.R.- ( I fight back)

After knowledge of the drugging of the US Presidents. horse went around Embassy Row, President Reagan was bucked off his horse and slightly injured, (some of you- out their, remember that on the news), some one,- went inside of the Embassies in Washington D.C. on Embassy Row and told the foreign Governments and showed them the Evidence, that it was true, that the Pres. Regean Rode a drugged horse and the Tax write off for the horse donations to the U.S.Park Police, by the Wealthy privileged class,( all of them Christians and not one of them a Jew, think about that! The Christians talk about the Jews, the Christians need to talk about them selves, Harper Valley Pta s Christians all of em)

the horses were un- fit for police work and had to be drugged with Ace promizene. so they could be ridden

I was their, thatís how I know. I was the one, to go pick up the drugs at the deep wood Vet Clinic in the state- Va. And it was me who said:- I donít think we should be drugging the presidents horse it makes him look bad / you would think I just had farted in church. I was then roughed up by the police several different ways mussell of guns rammed in my ear, death threats on and on it went and it all pissed me off and I vowed- with coal field Slav mountain Hate, - laced and dipped with revenge, I would settle the score, and make America pay : has any one out their, figured out, how this war between me and America all started ? the white guys in the all white news rooms cant figure it out thatís why the mushroom Moms got to do it!

The Washington Post Newspaper lady- Kay Graham covered this up for the Reagan family, she partied with the Reagen Family and spiked this story for the Reaganís, she also spiked the story on the dead Pandas and the Child killing Jew, just reasently, her news paper did stories on how great the park police are and their horses and kay Graham News paper, also did a story just recently on what a great job the National Zoo did in the Tamerman- Lion project) in Brazil that involved Ben Beck Primatologest at the National Zoo.

That un- American, woman- Kay Graham, she did these stories in her paper, only, after I wrote to Rebel Soldier Tim McVEIGH, IN HIS prison cell, telling him what happened at the Smithsonian And the Park police and also the national zoo, where I was formerly Employed, I made damn sure she, old lady Graham got a copy of Rebel Tims Mcveighs letter

This Federal Prison, where the US Government reads McVeighs mail, before they give it to him, hells fire, every one knows that/ the Washington Posts,- Kay Graham and her total Family- Lallie- her daughter, Donald- her Son and all of her White News Men, Richard Cohen, Bob Woodward, Elsa Walsh , on and on , all of them,- who work for old lady Graham,- received Rebel- McVeigh last Letters, that will be coming soon to my new front page this (date oct 1O, 2001) ( old lady Graham then did the stories on the Zoo and park Police as concerns the Tamarind lion project and Police Horses look up the dates, it was right after I delivered McVeigh Last Letter : to Woodward, Cohen, Lallie, Donald, and old Lady Graham her self.-( hand delivered and sent certified Mail / was this Bare As$- Ben Bradlees idea to run these stories ? so as to cover up for the police and the Zoo, so her paper gets first crack at stories at the Park police and the National zoo ? one hand washes the other as old Italian Immigrants told me, when I was a wee lad in the coal fields in the mountains )

the Washington post News Co and its Employees received all letters, over the years including the Chinese Ambassador letter, on a possible Terrorist attack on the Smithsonian, And she,- Kay Graham, refused to do this story, treating all of the mothers in America Like Mushrooms keeping the American people in the Dark, about the possible coming Terrorist attack at the Smithsonian Inst. because she and her News paper the Washington Post spiked all the stories including the Child Killing Jew,- Ralph Strauss story, who worked at the national Zoo, another cover up by Kay Graham who uses her news paper to cover up for the Government, so she can get invited to dine with the President and the most powerful politicians in America, at the White House, so as to feed her,- Kay Grahams, Ego, her mother was the same way, itís all about Kay Graham, not about the American people / Kay Graham, was and is and always has been a evil bad, Selfish person and a bad Bad American, she thinks she is running the country, her dirty son Donald gave me up in his Barn to the Police and nearly got me killed. that dirty stinking S.O.B.: Donald Graham publisher of the Washington Post News paper, he also called me a S.O.B. in his barn and thatís why I call him a S.O.B. on my Web site. Every chance I get. How Iam I doing? People of Canada and Europe?

As I wrote Rebel Soldier- Tim McVeigh in his cell just before he was killed by the Government, that I would never forgive him for not taking out the Washington post news paper and killing all the White Trash- Wash.post news men and woman and Donald Graham, Lallie, Woodward, Cohen, Walsh, for what they all have done to the American people, treating the American adults- like children, and mushrooms, keeping the Americans in the dark,

after this McVeighs Last letter,) the stories showed up in the Washington post how great the park police are and how great the Tamerin Lion project was, lies, massive lies, by her paper covering up, so her paper can continue to get the stories out of the zoo and police ( one hand washes the other) a truly-

Evil,evil woman, Kay Graham and the White news men and dirty white woman who work for her.. at the most read news paper in the United States Capital

Located at- 1150 15th st.Washington D.C 20071

Tele.202 334 6000 they also have a web site

This is for the People of Oklahoma City only

Donít be afraid to tell a man heís no good.

A man canít get good if he doesn;t know heís bad.

-Homer Hadley Hickam Sr.-

Coal Mine --Superintendent-

At CoalWood West Virgina in the mountians

It is well known and has been investigated on Capital Hill in Washington D.C by the Congressional over site committee members, as concerns this arrogance of snott, that the people of the Smithsonian have on them.

The Oversight members, on capital hill have scolded the Smithsonian Leaders about this arrogance of Snott, thatís on the Smithsonians,face,(I like to rub it in)-- when hearings, were held on the Smithsonian, on Capital hill, this, happened, after I was forced back from the Soviet Union USSR, were I Sought Political asylum, and Pamyet rounded Americans up in the Cosmos Hotel- for what the Cowardly Smithsonian Leaders did to me,( I fight back ) (after I told the Smithsonian the truth, and went through their Channels and kept the faith and the Smithsonian, Inst is now crying like a baby-,wah! wah! to the FBI, that Iam Telling the Arabs about Smithsonian Leaderships wrong doing?) and they, the Smithsonian might get blown up, by the Arab freedom fighters ? Wow!

Remember and keep in mind, Good people, I went through Smithsonian channels with my complaints and kept faith with Zoo management, and the Smithsonian Inst. I was then punished by the Smithsonian officials, as the arrogant Intellectuals closed ranks to protect them selves , and put sex charges on me, which, as every one on earth knows, is guaranteed to destroy any one.

(but I fight back, as all of you Americans will find out, and the poor dear,- Americans on that fatal day, in the Cosmos Hotel, down town, Moscow, USSR,, found out and well know, how I fight back, donít you ?,I fight back, I settle scores,, I get even, Just as all American Leaders get even and settle scores as All- Jews get Even and settle scores ,as all Blacks get Even and settle scores, Call me a liar,? I dare you.

I am from the Race of Peoples, the Smithsonian jews and Anglo-Saxons donít want in the Smithsonian and National Zoo, Ruthenian Mountain Shepherd Slavs, White Ethnics--,Greeks, Italians, Slavs, (Token Chinese only) Finns , Swedes. Serbs, and no Military Vets need apply either, at the Smithsonian inst. because the military Vets Remind the Intellectuals what pussy Cowards the Smithsonian leaders are, for hiding out in college Do you get the Picture on Race at the Smithsonian,- and the antiVeteran picture? by the Smithsonian leadership ?

you Mushroom Moms out their, wake up! )

I taunt all Americans, including John Ashcroft and the head FBI agent (the New Guy,- Robert S. Mueller III )

Mueller has a sweet looking wife, I saw her at the US- Hart Building in the same room where the Government held the Ruby ridge Hearings I went to Muellerís Confirmation Hearings wher he answered a lot of un neccery Questions to be FBI director, thatís how I saw his, Muellers, sweet little wife. Shes a hunney bun, trust the redmonk

I- the terrorist, they Called the redmonkee, has Embassy Row and Arab Freedom Fighters, who the hell does the Smithsonian Inst.,- Larry Small (the English Boy) and Lucy Spellman- (the jewish Girl) Have? the F.B.I agents?-

all F.B.I agents,- know about the hatred of Military Veterans, By the Smithsonian PhD Intelligentsia, most FBI agents Know the Smithsonian does not like Military Vets, almost all FBI agents have served in the US Military, the Smithsonian is not going to get much Sympathy from former Military FBI Agents. or will they?

for Oklahoma City eyes only--

The Dirty A.F.G.E Union called the-

-(American Federation of GovermentsWorkers) that is suppose to represent Government Employees, refused to help me and I was a paid member too !

The Black Union official at the Zoo was ( Douglas Speaks )who has white skin but list himself as Black, on all his I.D.s.

His mother is White his Father is Black, I mention this for a reason, he-( Speaks) a A.F.G.E Union official, always tried to prove that he was a super black. Did he liked to hurt white people at the Zoo,? His father was a Black eduicator and his white mother was a lawyer, or so he told me. I was told by my Lawyer that Douglas Speakes A.F.G.E. Official at the National Zoo turned States Evidence as concerns me, at the national zoo, when he was questioned,by lawinforcement, I drove by the national Zoo, back Road Entrance and Shouted at the Black Workers inside the zoo, that Speaks turned states Evidence, in one of my famous- shout bys )- at the Zoo ,as I drove slowly by, more on these -( shout by s) later! example of a redmonkee- (shout by) once driving by the Zoo, I by chance saw the Zoo director Mike Robinson walking with friends just inside the main gate, I leaned out of my Blue Izue Pick up truck and shouted (mountain Style? - Mike Robinson is a CÖ Sucker, - shouted several times, I watched as the Zoo director with a green card and who is a British Subject- I watched as Mike Robinsonís Shoulders sagged and he and his friends picked up the pace / he was the one who fired me from the zoo, a British Subject -I get even )- a coal field Slav

At the bottom of this page I will tell the full story of A.F.G.E union Official Douglas Speaks, Is he a Black Racist who has white skin ? I will also name the A.F.G.E. union Officials in the 14 th District who dyes his hair but never gets all the color dye- off of his scalp, and who refused to help me, after I went to Union headquarters to complain, about Doug Speaks, as what I perceived as misconduct , to the union officials face no less and in his office, no less where he said he would only give me 10 min he had to go to lunch , this was also the time he was running for office again . this Union, the A.F.G.E. Union ,Iím still, at this late date, trying to Sue in a court of law, for not helping me. and being a Racist Union for Blacks, against whites.? is this true about this union ? Iam only asking a Question?

Just maybe, the Government workers in the former Government Murrha Building, Down town Oklahoma City, in the State of Oklahoma, would like to know how their A.F.G.E. union Operates on the East Coast. How the Union Protected blacks at the Zoo who were Sexually Assaulting white Woman Employees at the Zoo, how the Blacks threatened Whites Employees at the Zoo and Eddie Gould, Jewish American PHD with a power position at the Zoo, told the white Zoo Employees, they better be careful, because these black employees were from Lorton Prison, and the Washington DC Ghetto and could be dangerous, zoo management wouldnít do anything about it. every one of them a white coward if their was no EEOC- Race complaints at the Zoo, did the PhDs get a $1000 dollar bonus every year?

This will give you some idea how the Zoo was mismanaged by the cowardly white Phd Intellectuals, all of this was covered up with help of that Horrid jewish Woman, Kay Graham who owns the Washington Post News Co. In Washington DC. in the Nations Capital, some people call the Washington Post News co. (Kay Grahams little Whore House) and she, Kay graham as the Queen- Madam News Prostitute,) for pulling stories for her powerful Rich friends and selling out the truth, to the powerful, to benefit her Wash. Post news Co.and get invited to the White house to dine with the --- U.S. Presidents, Kay Graham was never a great Dame, She was a Enemy of the people and a self seeker, so as to get invites to the White house, many people believe she killed her husband Phil Graham with a shot gun Blast and got away with murder using her money and Powerful Political connections a small town sheriff did the investigation ? think about that?

The closing of ranks by the PhDs at the Zoo and Smithsonian is a story in its self. that will be told at a later date.

The Smithsonian high command , acted as the FBI officials behaved and acted at the Ruby Ridge And Waco Texas cover ups, because of the FBI cover ups to protect FBI official, and FBI- Larry Potts pension, as you all well know, we then got -Tim McVeigh the Rebel Soldier and the Oklahoma City Bomb, as pay back, and the people of O.K. City,- paid the FBIs bill and Larry Potts- Bill, for what the FBI did at Ruby Ridge. (its called, Murder by Government) Kay Grahams news paper reported those killed at Waco and Ruby ridge got what they deserved, after she found out the American people didnít believe their government, she, kay Graham changd her tune / and did an about face, on Waco and ruby Ridge, her news paper the Washington post then began telling stories about how terrible flawed the Government action was at Waco and Ruby Ridge.--- a coward- Rich- white-jewish- woman - Old lady- kay Graham and donít forget what her son Donald did to me, in his barn because I havenít and wont .

The Smithsonian used bogus sex charges against me, to destroy me, the National Zoo and Smithsonian and the U.S. Government wanted me destroyed more than the U.S.Government wanted the Rebel Soldier ( Bomber- Tim McVeigh ) caught and killed, why? you might ask ? because I had the proofs that Pres. Reagan rode a drugged Horse. and the horse tax write off deals for the Rich--. Ė Dirty Christian Americans, - Involving Congressman and movie Stars, like- Bert Reynolds, Senators,- like- dirty- Jessie Helms of the State of Carolina, all of these Government Officials, FBI etc. got away and the people of O.K.City paid every bodies bill.

None of this would have gotten out, None of it,! I kept it all in House in the beginning, but the Smithsonian acted in a Dishonerable manner / I then went for more muscle on embassy row to fight em / If the Smithsonian had Given me the $10,000 dollar Pension per year for life, after I gave 17 years of Government service- to America,:- heavy asbestos in my lungs from serving in a engine Room on USS -Arneb an old world War II cargo ship, my ears blown out when I walked through a mine field, the mine malfunctioned and only blew me through the Air and flashed burned me and gave me 50% hearing loss, the United States Government said they donít owe me diddly nothing.

I had ask For the $10.000 Pension per Year for life, to solve this problem between me and the Smithsonian, with Judge Causey of the (Merit System Protection Board,) located at seven corners in Fallschurch Va and spokesmen Jim Douglas, of the Smithsonian, stating to me and Judge Casey, in a three way phone hook up He, Douglas, didnít think the Smithsonian Administration would go for it,-- meaning-

(Give me a $10,000 Pension for life)

But the Smithsonian Spokes- men Jim Douglas stated at the same time, to me and the judge, Douglas said, they,-the Smithsonian wanted me- To move out of the area / think about that, good people, really think about that /- and you Americans wonder why I went to Arabs, Russians and Chinese to get help and the Smithsonian inst- has the Smartest people in America, working in this institution? you got to be kidding ? they got to be the Dumbest people in America (all of this on tape

All Government Agencies, including the Smithsonian, Inst acting together, like the foolish FBI officials did, covering up and hiding what they, the FBI did at Waco Texas And Ruby Ridge to protect FBI Agents Pensions and wrong doing by FBI Higher ups.

. Now the whole world Knows about all of it, because of the stupid way, all of the White Skined,- Jackass- U.S. Government Officials, Smithsonian officials, National Zoo Officials and AFGE Union Officials hammered me , lying on me, Demonizing me, telling people that I wanted to have sex with my mother ,that I rape little children,that I have sex with animals, calling me up on the phone on Sat night with party music playing in the back ground and all of the party goers laughing shouting over the phone at me in unision Ass hole , but the American White People donít want me to get Even.-Wow!

let me do it to you?

The Zookeepers Association, refused to help, Me even though, I too, was a paid up Member of the Zookeeper Association./ think about that? and you Americans donít want me to go to Embassy Row for help,- you Dirty M.fÖen- Americans got all the lawyers, guns and money,including- typing- Sec. To do the typing, free postage, free copying machines and I got nothing to fight back with, but me and letters and my protesting with signs and highjacking other peoples demonstrations for 10 or 15 min at a time. in front of the White house and FBI Buildings-- for my cause. and now of course, I got the Internet and I am also using Homeless people who live in the woods and streets, who can type and who know something about computers to show me how the internet works ,-- and at last but not least, Iíam asking school children through out the world to help me.!

You can bet your ugly American As$ Iíam going to win, put your money on the redmonkee, and E-mail the Smithsonian officials and all school Supertendents in all of the United States in all their offices, askem if their sweaten yet?

The Smithsonian , the National Zoo, the FBI, The National Security Agency and the US Government, are outraged that I Have gone over their heads, and the US Goverments Head, to alert Russia, China, Arab Freedom Fighters, Black June, Hamas, including Arab taxi drivers in and around the U.S. Capital and also other Arab and Slav Governments, telling all of these people that the Smithsonian Protected a Jewish American who Murdered 13 little Arab children the youngest 6 years old, when this Jew was a settler in the State of Iserial, the youngest Arab child murdered, was Six years old, and the Washington post News paper lady- Kay Graham would not do the story, she forbid this story - on the child killing Jew- working at the National zoo should not be told to the Americans Mothers- the Arabs are not happy about the National Zoo and the Smithsionian, Inst. Hiding an Arab Child Killing- Jew in the Zoo and the Arabs are such a nice people, that the Arabs have not blown up the Smithsonian and National zoo including the Washington Post building and killed all of the Wash. post employees, who write hate,- against the Arab people and for years too,- such as Richard Cohen a Most hate filled Jew and he is not fired from this news Paper the Washington Post- Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward see nothing wrong with this hate from the Jew Cohen on to the Arab people and Slav peoples? Elsa and Bob work at this Paper / WoW!

The dirty A.F.G.E. Union Officials knew about the child killing jew at the Zoo and protected the Child killing Jewish Zookeeper Ralph Strauss and not me, the witness,)- think about that/?.

A.F.G.E. Union members in Oklahoma City, think about it,!

These Murdered Arab Children are called little Arab Collaterals by the US Government , the Smithsonian Inst. and Abe Foxman of the A.D.L. and the Jewish Americans, all of these people mentioned above, call the murdered Arab Children and murdered Slav children, Collaterals, Wow!

This is that word Collateral, that the white woman of Oklahoma City in the State of Oklahoma hate and bristle with rage, when used on their dead children,in the bombing of the Government,- Murrah Building by Rebel Soldier, McVeigh. in the April 19th Rebellion

But these same white Woman in Oklahoma City, have no problem, when their own American Government calls dead Slav children in Serbia and Dead Arab children in Palestine--- collateral damage, killed by the white American womanís U.S. Government, -(Wow)

talk about Harper Valley P.T.A.s- Christians--Wow!

The Smithsonian and National zoo in its arrogrance, is indeed Accusing me of trying to get them Blown up, nothing could be further from the truth, Iím warning the dirty Americans and the sweet Good People from all countries of the world, Canada, Europe, the great people of Berlin Germany who helped me , to stay away from the Smithsonian Inst. and the National Zoo!. (It is a Safety Question and concern.) Because the Smithsonian Inst. the U.S.Congressmen and U.S.Congresswoman and all members, male and female of the U.S.Senate, including the Union for Government Workers called- (The American Federation of Government Workers union) will not warn the American woman and Children of Oklahoma City, in the Good State, of old Oklahoma,-- to keep all Oklahoma Children, away from the National zoo and the Smithsonian Complex on the Mall in-Washington D.C. usa .

, Oklahoma people, have already taken one hit, in the April 19 th Rebellion,( on going in America today,) let some State in the Eastcoast take the next April 19th Rebellion hit,donít you think?.

For the Mothers, in the State of old Oklahoma, to allow their sons and daughters to visit the National Zoo and the Smithsonian, would be like the mothers in the State of Oklahoma sending their children to Northern Ireland dressed as Irish Catholics, think about it! Wow! Donít worry ,Good people of Oklahoma!

I, the terrorist the FBI calls the redmonk will do the U.S. Governments and the A.F.G.E- Unions and Smithsonian Officials and FBI Officials and the Washington Post news papers -job for them, at no charge. no fee, To the American people!

I the Terrorist, the FBI calls the Redmonkee, shouts, to all you mothers in the good State of Oklahoma, do not visit the Smithsonian and or the National zoo you could get killed by Arab freedom Fighters, trust me, the- Redmonkee Terrorist ) who comes from Shepherd people known as Ruthenians, do not trust,- Smithsonian- Larry Small and or Lucy the Goose Spelman, who runs the National Zoo, do not trust the F.B.I., they, the F.B.I already got you killed once, do not trust the US Government, Trust me!

I hope you American White Woman, in Oklahoma City in the State of Oklahoma Appreciate it, after what you dirty white woman did to me , (Put Bogus Sex Charges on me in the Elephant House) I think Iam treating you dirty stinking- American White Woman pretty damn Good ,as I warn you,. of the coming Arab freedom Fighters Attack against the Smithsonian Inst.- Complex on the Mall) in Washington DC usa. and telling you WHY, its going to happen, so all of you White American woman wont have to ask WHY,, after the Attack, you White Woman now, Know WHY, the possible and probable attack is coming. (nuff said!) you dirty, white woman get the picture yet ? and were is the doe ray me?-as a thank you

Send money to Cj koritko P.o. Box 11167 Arlington Va. 22210 send all you got / no one has ever sent me a dime / nothing !

You dirty stinking white woman / pay your Bill for the warning I gave / send 10 000 now, today,all you got Iam broke

Homelass living in my car but still strong and fighting / pay your bill white American woman

The Smithsonian and the National Zoo got pleanty of help in covering this all up with the help of that horrid Jewish Woman- Kay Graham, who owns the Washington Post news paper Co. in Washington D.C she is the most Powerful Jewish woman in America, every American Prez .invites her to the white House for talks and to parties with the Pres. Family, all the Presidents of the United States,-- Clinton, Carter, Reagen, Bush, all of em every US Congressman and woman and all U.S. Senators, kiss old lady Grahams behind, why do they kiss ? so they all can use her news Paper the Washington, Post News Co., to get the stories, the Politicians want out, so as to control the American people. one hand washes the other as old Italian Immigrants told me when I was a wee lad in the Coal fields in the Allegheny Mountains, below Chestnut Ridge.

News man told me that it was Kay Graham, that would not allow my story to be told in her news paper, the Washington Post.

,At the highest levels of the Washington Post, News Co. they discussed doing my story, But old lady Graham said no, she killed what you are reading now,on this web site

Old lady Graham, Bob Woodward, Ben Bradlee, Donald Graham, Lallie Graham-( who by the way is Phil Grahams Little girl), all of these people, who work at the Wash. Post newspaper and many more Employees at the Wash, Post news, Co. in the Nations Capital. all together, said- no, American mother or American Father, needs to know about any of this. These snotty People at the Wash. Post News Co. mentioned above, all of them are treating the American people like children, and the moms and the Pops like mushrooms / kept in the Dark

should and can, the Rebel soldiers, in the April 19th Rebellion, Put These people, at the Washington post news paper: mentioned above,- to death, for crimes against the American people, Iam only asking a Question, ?in no way am I suggesting Rebel Soldiers in the April 19th rebellion Kill Employees at the Washington Post News Paper Co. located in the Nations Capital Washington D.C. usa. I am only asking a Question????

Old lady Graham, that ,( Thank God,) Passed Away a few weeks ago and is locked down In her Casket, deader than a door nail, were she cant hurt us, the people, any more, (Praise the lord),- were she can never tell us, the people, what we can and cannot read, she has a history of pulling stories for her friends, her Paper the Wash.Post gets first Crack at all the stories coming out of the National Zoo. In Wash. D.C., you donít see other News Papers getting stories out of the Zoo, do you?

(One hand washes the other) as old Italian Immigrants from Ellis Island, told me when I was a wee Lad, where I saw these same old Italian Immigrants rounded up by Soldiers with guns by the American Government and taken away to camps during world war two and Iím not forgetting any of it,

As Jews donít forget, as Blacks donít forget, and Slavs and Italian are not going to forget either, were going to settle scores, with America. (You can take it to the Bank)

Old lady Graham owner of the Washington Post indeed knows about- one hand washing the other and so does the Smithsonianís officials, (English)- Larry Small and (Jewish)- Lucy Spelman, If the Wash. Post did my story, It would be the last story, the Wash. Post would get from the zoo for some time. one hand, does, indeed, wash the other,.as old Italian Tailors and Old Italian Shoemakers immigrants from Ellis Island, did indeed, Tell me, as a wee lad in the Mountains below Chestnut Ridge, many years ago. Thatís 35 yards from the # 2 Oliver Coal mine, where I lived thatís 35 yards not miles and none of the Immigrants from Ellis Island had a College degree, you get the Picture- America?

The Washington Post newspaper, in the nations Capital covered this up, Bob Woodward, Old Lady Graham, and her son and daughter,( Donny and Lallie,) and the (Jewish- Musta Ball)- Richard Cohen,( Cohen, the most American jewish Bigot ever) they donít want the American people to know, because the American.- White people could,t handle the truth, (ala Tim McVeigh rebel soldier) ala- Jack Nicholson, Movie star it would frighten the Whites and also little- Nora Ephern who is Richard Cohenís little Jewish-(Buddy) I use the word buddy, the same way White Newsmen like to write and call Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh two Army Buddies, why the word Buddies? why not friends?

Do you notice, how These White News Guys from the Ruling Elite (Snot On the Nose,- like a Brahma Bull has snot on the bulls nose, you all seen it, the snot) on the white news guys thatís the snot the white news guys have in their all white news rooms,were they like to call white Working Class fellows (Buddies) the white snotty News Guys when they write about them selves, their (Snot Class elite) they all have friends, they always have friends, they always use the word friends, you notice that ? but these same snotty white news guys, (Like, at the Wash. Post ) or New york Times, etc, when writing about white working class Guys, the White newsmen always write, working class white guys, have buddies,) there is no difference between a classest and a raciest and the white news guys and their white Elite Buddies donít know, we the white working class, see the white elite- Newsman- naked, with no clothes on, dancing like Fred Astare, in front of us working class white guys, .but the White Elite newsman in America (Ben Bradlee, Bob Woodward, Cohen, the Grahams, Sam Donaldson, Dan Rather, two News hoes: kokie Roberts, Lallie G ) believe and think they got clothes on ! get it !

We working class white guys, see you white news men with no clothes on, your making fools out of your selves, for Gods sake, white news men, for god sake, Stop it!. This section delivered to the Foreign Press men in the U.S.Press Building, Down town Washington D.C.usa so they, the Foreign newsmen ,can get a laugh on the Ben Bradlee Types at the Washington Post news Co.),

when Ben Bradlee went to his former boss, Kay Grahams Funeral, I could see a few tears in his eyes, no crockidall tears, but, still, a few tears, Ill give him that, but I also saw something else, as old and wrinkled up, as old Ben Bradlee Is, he was crying for himself, not for old lady Graham, old Ben Knows, heís Next in the Casket,( and thank God too ! and praise the Lord: shouts the redmonkee,) Old lady Grahams Funeral was just a reminder to that white skinned, Phony Elite, M.F,. Anglo Saxon, C. sucker, Benny Bradleeís wrinkled up As$ - he, Bradlee , is going next. ( Praise the Lord ) shouts your friendly Terrorist-, The Redmonkee,

Will the redmonkee piss on Ben Bradleyís, grave?, can you take it to your Bank savings account? (I am Just asking a Question , I donít know! so donít ask./ if you cant get em when their alive get em when their dead ,why not,? they got all the guns and lawyers and money and we the working Class got nothing to fight back with, pay backs are hell, aint they folks?, were is old Lady Grahams body buried, any body out their know? you all know Old Lady Graham donít you ? Bennie Bradlee of the Washington Post news Co, was Kay Grahams little Buddy. and he worked for wages all his life .

This Page and the comments on Old Lady Graham and her little Buddy- Ben Bradley are for- for Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh two Rebel Soldier (Buddies) in the April 19 th Rebellion and for the Great Commander Pedro and his 24 bank Robberies in the far North West of America, or so the FBI says it was 24 Banks that Com. Pedro took down

, the Redmonkee Terrorist, as the Youngest Bank Robber in American History, as indeed Iím,

Salute you, Commander Padre and your brave rebel soldiers, that are in your American Revolutionary Army, your funding Program for your Army is apparently working well, the best of luck to you and your brave Rebel Soldiers in the April 19 th Rebellion, Damn brave, your men are too, you all bring memories of the all time great Americans, such as the Great- Willie Sutton,) Baby Face Nelson,) Pretty Boy Floyd who, by the way, was out of Old Oklahoma and gunned down in a corn field by the Dirty, Filthy, cheap suit, wearin, FBI Agents, the FBI shot (Pretty boy) in the Back and killed him in that corn field, its called murder by the FBI and every one knows about Waco and Ruby Ridge

.That aside, all of you, bring back great memories of my first Bank Job, at the little Fayette County National Bank, just- below Chestnut Ridge, that Bank job went down bad, I was caught in side/ I sure wish you all the luck in the world, in your funding activities, Commander Padro, and your American Revolutionary Army in the April 19th Rebellion. on going in America to day . get us all Justice against the banks, they, the Banks would never give me a loan.robb hell out of em, It wont bother me one bit ./ .

The new Zoo Director at the national Zoo is Lucy Spelman who is Jewish, the first female to run the National Zoo in American history, is she qualified other than being Jewish? (its forbidden to ask this question in America) the Jewish people used their Power to steal the psychic coin from the rest of us, Americans, when this unqualified jewish female, Lucy Spelman was hired as Zoo director, this is theft by Race and this type of Race theft is indeed against American law, there are laws on the books that forbid this race theft by Lucy Spelman, a jewish Girl, sure she is a nice person, so what ?, were not talking nice person here , were talking she stealing Jobs!

What about the Slav, Italian, Greek and Asian, Finnish, American Females, their always left out ,if we complain about it, were fired. This then is one of the many reasons Iím a rebel soldier in the April 19 th Rebellion and support the Rebel Soldier McVeigh and I donít care if Arab Freedom fighters blow up the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Inst. Complex on the Mall in Washington D.C USA. there is nothing, but nothing their for there rest of us, its all about the Anglo English ,jews, Blacks and Brown Americans,

The White European Ethnics never get up to bat, so to speak, run for President ,run the Smithsonian ,run the Zoo, never get on the U.S.Supreme Court in History, we Slavs are 7 Percent of the American Population etc. were not English, but the English Americans cleverly lumps us,-- the white Ethnics Americans with them,- the English American) how can a Slav or Italian American, be English American?, were not, why are we not allowed to take racial pride in who we are ? and then the Smithsonian will punished us if we do

I am a Ruthenian American the Smallest Minority in America or Europe, the United .Nation.has listed our language as endangered and we are a dieing Race, there are 1.6 million Ruthenians on the whole earth, there are 300,000 in our home land, in the Carpathian Mountians, My Race, the Rusyn Mountain Shepherd people are as rare as the Giant Pandas,- the Smithsonian through their Actions against me, said they,the Smithsonian didnít want one Ėmeaning a Ruthenian working at Smithsonian Inst..

The Black Race and Brown Race and Yellow Race People of the World are 91% percent of the Earths population and the White European is ( 9 % of the Earth Population, thatís right, I said -- ( ( White people are- 9 percent of the Earths population Black, people, Brown People,and Yellow People are 91 percent and Are not dieing out, they are expanding, only the whites are dieing out, as indeed the Ruthenian mountain people are today. The United Nations said so, It;s on the UN web site.

,At the Smithsonian they put on a display on jewish Cowboys if you can believe it, but never a display on Slav or Italian Cowboys this is stealing the race coin, thatís theft by race.! the Smithsonian Black, Jewish , and Anglo Saxon officials are a bunch of race bigots, how could I care if the Arab Freedom fighters blow up the Smithsonian inst on the Mall in Wash.DC usa,

There is nothing , absolutely nothing, at the Smithsonian Inst. for us Slavs, Arabs, Greeks, Finnish and Italian Americans and their never has been anything for us, in Smithsonian History. the only people to die in the Probable- coming Arab freedom fighters attack at the Smithsonian will be Jews, Blacks and Anglo Saxon Americans all of them crooks too, stealing Jobs at the national Zoo by Race

like Lucy Spelman who is jewish and was born to wealth and privilege as Donald Graham, his mother Kay graham his sister lallie all born to wealth, when the freedom fighters blow the national zoo and Smithsonian on the mall in Washington D.C they sure as hell wont be blowing up Slavs, Italians, Greeks, Finns, Sweds,Chinese were not their and never have been from the get go of the history of the Smithsonian/ nothing for us, then fu.. k you America, fu.k you national zoo and I proved all of it, I checked the numbers my self, the Smithsonian can not say this is a lie, I did my own investigation on race and the #s and I even was kind enough to warn all the white American Woman as concerns the Probably coming Arab Freedom Fighters terrorist attack at the Zoo/

Keep in mind ,the Washington post news paper and FBI did not warn you, I, a Slav did, I even warned the ones that put lying Sex Charges on me, think about that, Iím a Damn Sweet good Guy, hope you dirty White American Woman appreciate the warning, and remember, Iíam Just trying to help you out with this waRNING as Tim McVeigh said to me at a gun show as he handed me a M16 rifle, REBEL Soldier McVeigh Knew what you all did to me, he was in front of the FBI building when I was Shouting what you all did to me , and it wasnít last summer

think about that, really think about that?

I call on the Dirty white American woman Pay your Damn Bill you owe, send me money, I need $20.000 dollars and or any lesser amount to keep going, send the money to CJ Koritko P.O. Box 11167 Arlington Virgina 22210 / PS -no one has ever sent me a penny, not a shiney one or a dull one since this web site has been up, now going on three years when are you White woman going to pay your Bill ? - if you send check and or money to my mail box, send me - e- mail to let me know, because, I donít have a clue if the US postal service security is letting checks and donations to my redmonkee ,legal defense fund get through to me ?

the Book of Exodus told us

An eye for eye,

tooth for tooth,

Burning for burning

wound for wound-

the redmonk has no wings on his back, he is indeed a sinner

and owes up to it, but he will slap you, wth the Lords Book


there are four kinds of Boxes

Ballot box

Jury Box

Ammo Box

Coffen Box

I tried and tested the first two boxes and they donít work

what do you White woman think?

is the redmonkee reachen for the Ammo box ?

the Redmonkee, like McVeigh, is not afraid of the last box the- Coffen box

Justice will be done ! trust the Redmonkee

donít trust the US Government - I did

donít trust the Smithsonian- I did

donít trust the FBI- I did

donít trust US Attorney Hellen Fahey- I did

donít trust FBI agent Thompson in Richmond Va.- I did

donít trust the Washington Post employees or the Graham family

trust your self and you should not have spit on Glenn Wilburn!

send the redmonk the names of those who did spit and I will put their names and addresss on my web site,I get deadly even,

I;am from the coal fields

Trust the Redmonkee, you cant go wrong


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