The Redmonkee Trophy Room


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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A Redmonk alert,located on # 88 on this page look for alarge green 88 left side of page half way down

The redmonk,- beaten up by Arlington County Police in arl. Va 15 min from Washington DC on April 22, 2002, about 9..30†† broken ribs bloody face in front the Hecht Co Balleston story on link page click on arl county coming soon check Mclean high page for changes new up-date page on the link page/ and new Arlington Page tells about the court room drama in the redmonkee trial in Arlington County15 min by car from Washington Dc

The Big Heads on the wall in the trophy room,- of the Red Monkee.


read this page in Toto, make up your own mindif its true indeed as concerns- -

the Heads on my Trophy wall ? ?(there areseveral surprising†† redmonk Zingers on this page too,- but youl have to find em, - THE zingers are just like looking for a 4 leaf clover)


the Heads


are:- Robert McAdams former Secretary of the Smithsonian.?

†††††††††††††††† Ira Haymen former Sec of ther Smithsonian-?

††††††††††††† Parker Hill- US Park police Chief -?

†††††† Jack Manas Fishformer head of the U.S.park service-?

††† Donald Graham former Publisher of the Washington post news paper-?

Hellen Faheyformer US Attorney for the eastern district of Virginia.-?


††††† Whoís next ?,- is yet to be seen ? Iam working on††††††††††

††††††Arlington County. Va. ? after the broken ribs

and beating†††††† by the Arl police

†††††††††† ĖAll ofyou decide if this is††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† true,- as concerns the heads on the wall

††††††††† Back- groundinfo firstdonít forget the # 88 on the left side of this page half way down

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† and Keep an eye out for those Zingers down below

By fleeing across the Berlin Wall into Germany and then into Russia U.S.S.R, in Feb- 1988, the redmonkee forced top u.s.- Government Agencies, including those in the white house and capitol hill to look atthe redmonks terminationat the Smithsonian and ask why.?

Phones were ringing of the hookasking why is a Smithsonian Employee going into the Russian Embassy, and theChinese Communist Embassy asking for help?

Keep in mind - At this time in American History -( the Cold Warwas still on) a person could not walk into these embassies with out the National security Agency or FBI knowing about It, so you see-itís all on Film.

When at last the Red Monkee made it to the Soviet Union USSR, his plane landed in Leningrad USSR ,he then traveled by train to Moscow U.S.S.R. then went to his Slavic Brothers in the Russian Nationalist Org. -PAMYET and then to the K.G.B. Headquarters Building downtown- Moscow, at the Yablanka Prison and told them he wanted to get the Americans,- settle scores- for what they did to him at the Smithsonian Inst

This is when the roundup of Americans happened at the Cosmos Hotel, downtown Moscow USSR. .. pay backs are hell, haint they folks, the innocent Pay, just like in Oklahoma City call me a lier,†† -†† but some one, some were,- must pay the bill, right ?

The Americans acted poorly, they continued to mill around like cattle surrounded by members of PAMYET, who had guns, ropes and axes.

The Americans stated over and over again, it wasn't us. It was the Smithsonian.

The Americans were all upset at the Smithsonian. And vowed when they got back to the United States they would tell their Congressmen, what the Smithsonian did to me. Did they do it? Tell their Congressmen?


The Americans were also very frightened and worried looking / no one at the Smithsonian, Paid any thing for what the Smithsonian did to me,- only these innocent American people Paid with fear, on this tourto Russia USSR, these Americans whodid nothing to me,-do you think the Smithsonian Employees care,- hell no, the Smithsonian likes some one else to pay the Smithsonianís Bills. We the American people pay 75 % of their Budget every year .


Look how the US Government is treating the people in Oklahoma City,forcing them towork in a Building close to the one, they were in, when it was blown up by Rebel McVeigh,- the Murraha Building,- Iam Talking about, in Oklahoma City / the US Government had made a promise that these Federal Workers would not go into the New Governmentbuilding across from the Blown Murrha Building.

On this date- April 14,2002 Ė the American Goverment (date may be wrong)- will make thesegovernment workers,- move into the Building across the street from the one Blown,- by Rebel McVeigh, the verything the US Government Swore itwould not doto these Government workers. ( the US Government which is treating the People of Oklahoma City, dirty- and keeping em dumblike Mushrooms, in a coal mine)-

†††††††††††††††††††† Shame Shame on you,- America



. See the photo at the # 4Photo Gallery link page photoof the little witness,- 8 year old Barbara Bavahanie of Falls church Va. She also knows what the Jews of Falls church, Va. did to a little polish American Slav- Girl , the redmonk told Pamyet and pamyet was pissed,Pamyet is a Slav Nationalist org.that protects Slavs around the world/ little Barbarathe†† Falls Church -witness, saw how the Americans acted in the round up and she knows about the- ( dead mummified)- jewish baby that the American New york jew Schermetz tried to take out of Russia U.S.S.R.., she knows the jew was almost killed for doing this (stealing of a dead jewish Baby from world war II )the babies parents were Socialist and Communist and not Zionist,Inga Karlinas Mother was Pissed

she also is a witness as to what happened on the return flight from Russia- ( the Dive) ,-†††† she is a witness as to how the redmonk conducted him selfon the long DiveĖask her ?

The all white Christian News men at the Washington Post news paper are afraid to do this story because of jewish power. All of us in America are 2nd class citizens because of this jewish abuse of power,the Christian News men are afraid of jewish Power.

We donít have freedom of the press in America,-if white Christian newsmen so fear the jews,- that they will not turn out the news, this means,I have to go to foreign news men in China, India, get the story out. Think about that,-

their is no freedom in America,- if the jews have the power to stop the telling of the truth in the news in America. which is indeed what has happened in my case / why this would be so ?- because all ofit is an Embarrassment to the Jewish people / but the Jewish Americans never ask ,- why the Smithsonian refused to give me a 10.000dollar pension for life after 17 years ofGovernment service, Asbestos in my lungs and my ears blown out by a land mine explosion, 50 % hearing loss-while in the US military, the jews never ask what right has the National Zoos-one- Ben Beck to want sex from me, he is the one that threw me out of the Zoo, in great hast under armen guard, why donít the American jews ask these questions? Rather then tell me to shut up . the jewish people need to pay their bill†† .

all white skined Christian news men run away/ white perdue Chicken shi$,- is what they are,-not one of them a man , every white American newsmen andall White News Woman,at the wash. Post news paper-

and the all white news men and White woman at:- the TV stationinthe State of old Oklahoma ----------- get this info to this news channel---

KWTV- channel 9 - Po Box 14159 Oklahoma City OK. 73113-0159in the State ofold OklahomaKWTV. All of em White Perdue Chickens, their white men and women arnt they ? then thay have to bewhite perdue Chickensthe white news girls and boys are terrified of Political correctness Where s the freedom ? I know where the beef is,- but where s the freedom of the press, in America ?- I cant find it.

†††††††††††††††††††††† A Red Monk Zinger down below-



She, the little witness, -8 year old- Little Barbara Bavahane - from Falls Church, Va. 15 min. from Wash. DC- also knows about the Wooden Shed in a Park used for Russian officers and their Ladies before the Russian Revolution 1917,

located in the Russian City Leningrad ĖUSSR,- the Russians filmed the redmonk going down this narrow streetthat passed this shed,

What forced the redmonk to stop and stare at this small Wooden Building ? what was in side this old building,?-that was built from the time of the Russian Czar,?

little Barb Bavahinie a half Indianand half English Anmerican Girl, Knows†† -the little Wittness Knows why the Russians called the Redmonk a Holy Man. Ask her donít be bashful you white guys in thethe all white news media. And all white news rooms

She, little Barb knows why,- the Russian Tour Guide,- Inga Karlinasmother carried a Lantern at night for years, after the war,- little Barb the little Wittness knows

Inga Karlinas Mother took care of dead babies during the 900 daySiege of Leningrad,world war II / when Gemans shelling came very close to her, as she was washing dead babies on the banks of the Neva River, after she washed the dead babies, she would wrap them,she dropped something in the river when the German shells landed too close to her,what was it ? these dead babies could not be buried, the ground was frozen,-†† Ingraís Karlinas Mother was a Mortician during this long 900 daysiege, of this famous Russian city , see the movie- Enemy at the gate

Inga Karlinas Father,- was he a German war prisoner and a Mortician also?,what was in the wooden Shed from the Russian Czar time? Why did Ingas mother and others carry a lantern at Night to protect what, from what?Little Barbara Knows-the little Wittness- from Falls church Va. 15 min. from wash. D.C.

This section on dead babies down below is dedicated to the Jewish woman of Falls church Va 15 min. from Washington DC


Thousands upon thousands of Russians starved to death during the ( 900 day Siege of Leningrad USSR of world war II, the Russian Government made a decision in Leningrad USSR that their indeed was not enough food to feed every one,- so all male babies must be let to starve to death, and all female babies must be given food,- so the she girl babies could live after the war,- to Have more babies to save the Russian race.. Russian mothers carrying their starving to death baby sons intothe communal mess halls to eat , when themothers left the mess halls after eating,- the Russiansmothers were forced to open their mouthssoguards at the door could see that the mothers ate all their food and did not save or hide any food in their mouthsto feed to their starving to death screaming baby sons.†††

Inga Karlinas Mother said so, she was there- she also said many mothers tried to hide the food but were cought , Inga mother said somemothers went mad from the screaming starving babies(wherethe hell were you ?) . you white woman in America haint diddly $hit in the suffering Dept. /

What was in the wooden shed from the time of the Russian Czar?†† you White American woman never suffered a day in your life. And the only female ACE fighter pilots in the History of world are Russian Slav Girl Combat Pilots of world war two-her name Lilli Vetiek††† they called her ( the Russian White Lilly) she shot down 13 German Planes,she was a SLAVFemale†† she was not an Anglo Saxon, femaleshe was SLAV femaleI like to rub it in . the way you English Americans rub it into us White Ethenics in the 1940s 1950s 1960s I was theirand it haint over .


why were the Russians going to kill the American jew, Eric Shmeritz,? he was a New york lawyer and in the Deakins Admistration of new York City. He and his brother rode into the USSR with us

he was also rounded up in the Cosmos hotel, he did not act like a man, he acted poorly, he passed money in a Russian Church .††††† like a Judas)- the Russians saved his jewish life and gave him the jewish State of Iserial, - he also spit on the Russians peoples Church , by passing money-how dirty can a jew get Ė really!

If I save your life, your to respect me . and kiss my As$, not spit on me ! It cost 49 million dead Russians to kill Hitler 1945 and save the jewswhere is the thanks?

The Little Wittness, Little Barbara Knows . she was there and saw the jews, she knows what songs the jews sang on the long DiveDid the Russianjewswho were leaving Russia for the last time and on the same plane as the redmonk did these jewssing for Russia or did they sing for the Jews, Little Barb knows†††† , see the photo of Eric and his brother going to the Russian church to pass money- Gallery 2 ,

the little Wittness, little Barb. From Falls church -she knows what the falls church Jews did to a little 8 year old skinny Polish girlat her school,the little brave Polish Slav child stood up in class and said there is two side to the Slav and Jew story, not one side , this very brave little polish girl did this because the jewswhere attacking the Polish people/ the white skinned christian school teachers where cowardsand would not protect this brave little Slav Childfrom this jewish hate crime /

The redmonkee shouts there is twenty or fifty sides to the Slav and jew Story, not two sides ,

you Falls church jewswant to do some thing about itpay me a visit and bring the coward white skinned Christians with you,they will be glad to help you jews out. whers Abe Foxmen on this,? a bunch of Cowards all of you, you have white skin donít you,? your American arnt you,? this means to the redmonk yur all cowards to your white corenot one of you is as brave as the little Polish girl , you show me white skin Ill show you a white Purdue Chicken,If its White its not A man and it haint a womanIts a a DisgraceAsk the little polish girl if I lied / you white Bags of American white shi# from the backend of a white cow donít have the nerve to ask the 8 year old polish girl / to be anwhite American is a Embarrassment / and # 13 in freedom tooso said the UN,- WoWyou phoney white mfers- really†† just ask me and the little polish girl what you white Christians are ?


That was a redmonkee Zinger you will never read what is in this Zinger at the dirty News paper,- the rag- known as the†† Washington Post in Washington by the dirty Greedy Graham family.††


While the Americans were being rounded up by members of pamyet,- Officials from the American Embassy showed up at the Cosmos Hotel, down town Moscow with the Russian Police in tow. While the Americans Tourist where in round up mode,- and the redmonk was feeling the Slavic Juice ,-as they say in the streets. Go ahead have a laugh, after you White christian Americans picture the scene. above


This is where the Jewish Fellow who was also a New york lawyer- by name Eric Schmertz the Commissioner of labor in the Deakins Administration†† (New York City) acted poorly. His photo and Business card coming to the link page photo gallery 6 or 7/ I get even

He was later fired from his position, within the Deakens Adm. look it up in the New York Times news paper,- donít trust the redmonk, look it up ) getten even is just another term for justice


. Little Barb- aka-the little witness, )- from Falls church VA. - knows what I did to him,- (the American jew Schmertz )- Little Barb- her photo ongallery 4 photo page her mom and brothers doing a little buying on the black market in front of Moscow University check the photo out and on Gallery 2 is the photo of these two American jews,- Eric and his brother showing no respect for the Russian people,- passing jewish money in a Russian church,- so as to mock the Russian people,- on the Jewish sly,- the Russian people who saved every jew on earth by defeating Hitler in 1945.-

Great-Russia,- with the loss of 49 million dead Russians ,- the new # and the new # loss to the jews of world war II- only 4 and a half million dead jews, not 6 million / 1939 1945 / jews donít know how to be gratefull to the Slavs ,-who saved them-

Get this info to Abe Foxmen and any and all Jews in fallschurch or Arlington va.


This new info on the #sis from Prof. Erickson of Scotland,-who spent two years in the Russian Archives looking this up .(research) lets talk about these new numbers , this info on the new # was posted in the Washington post newspaperowned by the Jewish graham family the Family that goes to a Methodist church on SundayWhy are Jewish Americans Silent ?

The jew s Donít know how to show respect to the Slavs who saved their jewish religion and lives/ and gave the jews the state of Israel,- the jewish people are to suck up to the Slavs,- not spit on the Great Slav raceand complain about the Slavs. Which all jews do,- ( Complain about Russia )

†† Letsall -pass money in a jewish churchand watch the jews Scream itís not right.

Iíam Trying to make it fair and the jews are screaming that I Am a Antisemitefor saying these honest things,

I got a Complaint against the Jewish people, how dare the jews tell me,- I cant Complain that the Jewish people are shoving and pushing andstepping all over my Slavic peoples toes . the same toes that saved every jew on Earth , can we get a thanks from the Jews ? when ?I say give me the date .


Are the jewish people in Arlington County Virginaand Falls ChurchVirgina.- Jewish Fanatics ?and wont accept these new #s ††of the dead of world War Two-1939 to 1945 ? these twoJewish Communities Arlington and Fall churchonly 20.min form the American capitalWashington D.c.usa


why is it in America, that only Muslims and Catholics are calledreligious Fanatics- by- White christian news men and white Christian news woman - but American jews can never be jewish Fanatics. Give me a break,- pleeease.


†† The United Nations troops,- must be brought in to Arlington County Va. And Falls Church, Va. to force these new #s of the Dead of World War two on the Jewish people and their jewish children and these new #s must be taught to all School children of all races,- in Arlington County Virginia- Schools .


OnlyUnited Nationstroops can force these truths on Arlington County School board and the Jewsat UNgun point.-(all legal if the U.N. does it /).

look at my complaint from the view out of theSlav window,- not the jews window.

Why are Christians Americans in Arlington County Virginia.- 15 min s from the Nations Capital silent?

I will give the Christians Churches Names and addresses in Arlington County Va,- Soon- Ballston church, parking lot were the Arlington Police dragged me out of my van at three oíclock in the morning screaming at me†† the cops wokeup the whole neighbor hoodpeople out on their porches asking what the hell is going on beating up on a homeless PoliticalActivist, who has beentrying to clear his name, going on 17 years now / and Iam goining to bust this case open and clear my name†††† St Georgeschurch, in Arlingtonthatís a story in its self

The Wall of theheads are down below keep goin, youl get their

I urge -News Men from India and Communist China,- Come to Arlington County Va. and do this story, this county Arlington,- is only 15 min from Washington D.C.shame America and Shame the Jews, shame the Christians -†† Shame Arlington County Government and its Leaders†† -make it fair.


Arab news men,- ask why American Jewish Congressman and Jewish Senators and Congresswoman such as Barbara Boxer,- Sen Dian Fienstienhave not and will not hire American Slavs and American Arabs on their Staffs on Capital Hill ?

It is indeed against American civil rights laws,- for the jews not to hire Slavs and Arabs on their staffs on Capital hilland itísup to the jews to make the Slavs and Arabs feel Welcome. Itís up to the Jews to prove they, the Jewish Congressmen and woman are not Racist / look at the view through the Arab and Slav Window,not the Jew Window, take a look! Donít be bashful- all you jewish Congressmen and jewish Galsin the US Senate.

Is this why the Arlington County policeare harassingMe? Is their a jewish hidden hand or is their a Cong Moran hidden hand , or Sharon percy Rockefella hidden hand driving the Arlington Court system? And policecheck the new Front page Arlington county page link page


A redmonk Zinger on Arlington countydown below


I did investigate,-thatís how I knowin Arlington County Fire Houses, located in Arlington Va. the Slavs are Not 7 % of the Firemen,-yet the Slav Race is 7 % of the American Population / there are too many Black and English American Firmen,- in the Fire Houses, in Arlington County Virginia, which is- 15 min. from the Nations Capital- Washington Dc usa

, The English and Black Firemen got to go, meaning,- find other employment,get out of the Firehouses, so as to make room for Slavic Firemen. Italian , Greek, Arab, Chinese,- Fireman.

The English Americans roll over- every day,- all day long,for Blacks, all you have seen it -)let the English American roll over for theSlavs, - be an equal roller,- all you English Americans in arlington county Va which is 15 min. from Washington Dc.†† Show me were I lied?

. In Arlington County Libraries through outArlington County,- the Slavs and other White Ethnics are not hired ,-7% of all Librarians should be Slav,- thehead -Librarians should be 7 % Slav,-


the Arlington County Police Force Must be 7 % Slav , a Slavic American has never been Police Chief of this county in its History, the Countysheriff Flynn is Irish American,- he got to go, hes the wrong race ,- an Italian or Swedish American must be given Flynnís jobonly Anglo Saxons are allowed to be the Police Chief in this Arlington County

this county,- Arlington has been Racist against White Ethnics since its Inception and have gotten away with it, but not on this, the redmonkee Political activist web site. Their not!


††††† Slavs are 7 % of the American population. And demand 7% slice of the American pie. Including 7 % of theArlington County Pie,tell Sheriff Flynn to move over and move out the Anglo Saxon American Cops,-to make way for White EthenicAmericans ,-Italians, Slavs, Chinese, Finns,Sweds, Croats, Serbs, Hungariens -†† who have been left outof Arlington county Police by the old BoyAnglo Saxon Americannet work, who for too long have been keeping the jobs for them selves,- seeletter sent to the US Justice Dept. asking for investigationofArlington County and the English Americans and irish Americans taking all the good Jobsleaving the white ethenics out since the inception of Arlington CountyVirginia


†† Thatís why Iam telling the Russians about it, I checked the - % numbers my selfon the Arlington police Force†††††††† the English American Cops got to go too , the English American Judges in Arlington County Court System got to go and make room for white Ethnics,-In the Prosecutors office in Arlington County Court system ,- all English American prosecutors must be removed, cleaned out and replaced with Slavic, Italian, Greek ,Americans,the English Americans must be removed for racial diversity, their English American Race has been stealing Jobs long enough.

the English American Cops, Judges, Prosecutors, for too long have been stealing Jobs from White Ethnics Slavs, Italians, Greeks, Finns, Chinese,Arabs, Swedes, Its long past due to clean out the English Americansin Arlington county Government and in the Court Systemthey had it their way too long


. Howd you like that Redmonk Zinger Above††

, lets make it fair.

You Americans all want and love political Correctness, the redmonk hates political correctness Ill give you political correctness 360 degrees not 180 degrees that youEnglish Americans likeyou English Americanslike -180 degrees because it allow you English Americans to steal JOBS THAT DONíT BELONG TO YOU,-360 degrees meansyou give diversity and quota systems all the way around the hornmeaning blacks brown yellow and White ethenics,- 18o degrees means only giving to blacks and browns and jewsand the English Americans keep the rest for them selves.


Like in the fire houses like in the Arlington Police dept,like in theCourt house- theJudges and prosecutors- where you English Americans keep the slicethat belong to theSlavs, Italians, Greeks, Chinese andArabs Americans- for your English selves /

I HAVE THE PROOF AND I WILL POST IT ON THIS WEB SITEINCLUDING THE LAST NAMES OF ALL THE sheriffsin Arlington county, Fairfax county Loudon countyin all of these Counties in there long History since their inception,

I am putting Eddie Gouldís Flash light on these Virgina counties as a starter††† the same flash lightthe Eddie the JewGould put on the Baby pandas at the national Zoo. In case you forgot. Eddie Goulds photo on Gallery 7 or 8 ?


Let see if the redmonk can get mr. Lee of the US justice deptto .start ethenic cleaning of arlington County,- by counting 360 degrees not 180 degrees around the horn as concerns racial diveresty and Politial correctness so as to see wher we all are located,- job wise, as Americans,-in this county called arlington15 min by car from the American capital.

you stupid white Americans like political correctness,Ill give you political correctness,more then you want. 360 degrees not 18o degrees,†† will the English Americans be able to with stand the investigation by mr. Lee of the Us justice dept on White Ethenics. And wher there located in side the County Goverment? Since this counties insecption ? the White ethenics were kept outcheck new Arlington county page on the link page / and Helen Fahey page also on the new redmonk front page /


These are the names of all the Arlington County SheriffĒsin this county historysee if there is one white Ethenic ?-Slav, Italian, Greek or Chinese name on this Anglo Saxon list ? this is how I nailed the Smithsonian Inst on Race issues, a 1000 little investiagations such as this name list,- down below-I started sniffing around after they pissed me off†† I added em all up and we had foot prints in the snow- that lead to English and theJewish Americans Stealing jobs from white Ethenics and boy was the Smithsonian pissed at me / one official face got as red as a beethis nostrials flared,- wow! I ask for my Peoples slice of the pie and the Smithsonian wouldnít give it to me,- so I busted the Smithsonian As# using the Truth and the numbers #sand stillam,- now that your Arlington county broke my ribs and nearly killed me-( no oxygen collapsed lungs while chained by police) they then charged me with beating up two cops / you got to be kidden me ! I will focus on Arlington county the same as I focused on the Smithsonian


††††††††††††††††††††† Names of all Arlington Sheriffs in this county history every one of them an Anglo saxon--

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ac Clements 1920 1924†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Howard b Fields-1924 1944

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Homer Bausermanó1944 1948

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††J. Elwood Clements 1048 19452

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Carl Taylor-1956 1960

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† T.W.Fredrickó1960 1964

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† j.Elwood Clements Ė 1964 1980

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† James a Gondles 1980 1990

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Thomas N. Fist 1090 2000

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Beth Arthur Ė2000 to present-


the only she girl Sheriffand they made sure she was a AngloSaxon girl not Italian ,Greek and or Slav girl ! Racest Arlington County / I got plenty more proof coming up / just the way I got the Smithsonianstart your own investigation / the foot prints in the Snow donít lie how About the Arlington County Female Proscuters ?all Anglo saxon,-††††† how about the rest of us?.



This web site is a political web sit it is not political correct,- it is a honest web site that ask questions that anger, enrage. and terrify most white Christian and Jewish Americans,- and some Black Americans because its true and for no other reason-

as Concerns what they all owe some other Races, every body pay your own damn bills, donít ask me to pay em. I am a Ruthenian,-my people are 300,000 strong in the home land of Rutheniathatís all thatís left,- we are listed as a dying raceI donít owenothing to nobody, we got here to America through Ellis Island in 1893 with 19 dollars in are pocketon aGerman ship called the Kogen out of Berenhauven Germany,- we reached this ship after several days of climbing down from the Carpathian Mountains, my people never saw a ship and or a Steam locomotive and or a black person in their lives until then. We never did any thing to black people in fact we spoke up for em in the mountains and I got fired at 13 years of age for giving blacks gas so they could get over the mountains, an anglo saxon fired me early 1950s he called me a Bohunk and one step up from a Nigger and your fired thatís how it was in 1950s in the anglosaxon dominated Mountians.


†† I want you English Americans to stop telling me I owe black people something,-my people never saw a black person until they came to America and wondered what the hell happen to them, why are they black! ?much later, Little did I know,- the Blacks and the Hispanic would be the only people to show up and fight for me,-in my 17 year long struggle to clear my name / I appreciate it tooI say thanks,-to Spain and Africa†† and White Europe America can kiss myRuthenian mountain as# - all of you white people Ėyou chickened liver white mFers- cowards to the core,- Iam ashamed of you. Stop licking black as#you sorry as# white people in America / Stop licking, right now ,stop it. The Ruthenian orders you whites to stop licking . showed me were I lied? Said as an Political educiational Taunt to white Americans in Arlington county va. 15 min . by car from washington DC

†† Use the Computer to prove the jewish politicians in America are Jewish bigots, and hate fill peopleand will not hire Slavs and Arabs,- use the computer.

Go all the way back to the first jewish Congressman up to,- todayís date,- April 15, 2002looking to see if the Jewish Congressmen ever hired Slavs and Arabs on their Staffs.

Beat the jewish people with the truth,- not lies,- beat America with the truth not lies, beat Arlington County Va.With the truth includingthe way Arlington County Cops beat me - Arab Newsmen investigate please -the truth only / my own investigation proves the jews have not andwill not hire American Slavs or Arabs ontheir Staffs on capital hill UsA/ Arlington County Virginia will not hire Slavs . in the Fire houses, Court house and Cop dept. show me were I lied?


Every one, get EL Jaseera- Arab Television-) to do this story . Use the truth as a Weapon, / not lies†† no lies,- Pleeease, only the truth††††† I talked to the Russians Goverment officials about all of this,-Its unjust and un fair to us Slavs .call me a lier .the truth can not be a lie.


Now ,-Let us all,- take a stroll through the redmonks Wall-of Heads


††† Head # 1

As Concerns- Robert McAdams, former Secretary of the Smithsonian Inst., his head on theRedmonks trophy Wall- was reported to Have had a nervous breakdown.

He was travelingand could not talk to any one,( so said a Smithsonian Spokmen) a sure sigh your in trouble if youíre a high ranking American Government Official.( Look it up in the wash. post news paper )This- After the round up of Americansin the Cosmoshotel- down town Moscow. U.S.S.R.

Head #2

Ira Heyman former Smithsonian Secretary, whosehead is alsoon theRedmonk Trophy wall, after the advent of the redmonkee website, and the knocking on the doors of the most powerful people in America, asking for the removal of Ira Heyman. Because he didnít leadwhile he was in charge of the Smithsonian( Lead or get the hell out of the way )- so said†† the United States Marine Corp and the redmonk - to the jewish Guy, Ira Haymen - a Former U.S. Marine Ė can you believe that ?-Ira,- a U.S. Marine and he didnít do diddly shi$ for U.S. Military Vets who worked at the SmithsonianWhile Ira was in charge of the Smithsonian Inst. Call me a lier I dare you ?3 Hollywood Marines - the jewish guy-. Ira Haymen,Cong. Moran, andthe Prosecutor for Fairfax County- Horan- two phoney Irish Catholics,- all3 of em Hollywood Marines. Two Micks and one Jew / Hollywood Marines all three of em together- not one time, ever,- did anything for the Military Vets in America and all three of em had Political Power.


†† While I worked at the National Zoo,- I requested that the Smithsonian print out the Names of the Smithsonian PhD. Intellectuals,- who did not serve in the the us Military and post it on the bulletin board every veterans Day,- so the work force at the Smithsonian and National zoo wouldknow who gave to America and who didnít give to america ,- the Smithsonian Intellectuals were Annoyed as concerns my request. Offended would be a better word , and they let me know it , too. I was asked if I like my job ?, I was askeddo you like working here ?most of em know Bob Woodward of the Washington post newspaper

A former US Naval officer who didnít earn his medal / there are no medals on the redmonks chestthe only commendation he got was for saving a shipmate life the Capt gave it to the redmonk unsignedthe only ship crew to get his unsigned and the only on to risked his lifeand what the Capt. wrote on the commendation did not happen. But the French foreign legion made it fair for something else I didon a dusty road in north Africa they gave meand only me a legionnaires epaulettand in front of every one on a dusty road they the French said I had honor as they handed it to me†† you filthy white Americans can kiss my Ruthenian American mountain coal field as$the French Legion didnít give you Americansdidly shi#Naval ship LST 1162 was aKKKshiploaded with Anglo Saxons who hated jews, Slavs, and Italiansin the 1950s††††† this Web site is my life songand as americans Indians say, my life is my Sun dance , this web site is my sun dance as I tell my life Story,- this took place in the 1950s what was race realitions for white ethenics in the 1940s 1950s 1960s?do you have any idea? My mouthwas taped for 17 years until I got on the internet and a web site to tell my side

Ira Heyman has resigned at the end of this year 1999, and is traveling and cannot talk to anyone. A sure sign you've been fired if your a high rankinggovernment Official. In America.

Is Larry Small, the present Smithsonian Sec. Too little ,) for the Job, the Redmonkee is going to find out.

Another Redmonk trophy head on the wall of the Red Monk,- this time it's a black one-

Head #3

Former- Chief of the U.S. Park Police,- Parker Hill.

The Red Monkee took Parker Hill up to Capitol Hill, over the dead naked black female in the DC Morgue, where the US Park Police took pictures of her vagina and showed it around for every one to look at and mock and snicker . This photo showed her entire body with her breast hanging off to the side, the photo was shot up between her naked legs. She was chubby and over weight, she was some bodyís daughter she was some bodies mother.--think about that. As Rebel Soldier- McVeigh liked to say.

( you damn rightI crossed the thin Blue line and the police vowed revenge/ did Pres. Reagan Know?Did the white House Staff know? What do you think?††

How many people who worked for a police dept. ever cross the thin blue line?/ not many, thatís why they call it the thin blue line, - because the Coppers on all police dept.sare all too chicken Shi$ thatís why / they all know what happened to the redmonk and every copper in Blue is Hunkered down,- call me a lier - the redmonk didcross the thin Blue line and American Lawinforcementtells people I donít have balls.why do they do that.?†† Thatís why I call lawinforcement Chicken shi$ / I fight back. And still am and will,-it haint over ,- did the redmonkget former- U.S. Attorney Hellen Fahey ? is her head on the redmonk trophy wall ? Iam just asking a question ? she got a new job with parole Board / if any of you reading this pagedonít believe me about the heads you donít know the whole story and time frame of this fight.It is 17 years long from the firingI had no way to get my side of the fight out to the public, now I do, by internet. Think of it this way they had tape over my mouth for 17 years I could not talkI had no way to get my side of the story out so donít worry about me running off at the mouth ill edit and throw away about a thired of the excess baggage remember,- tape on my mouth for 17 years,- let me talk Pleaseeee, the internet levels the playing field no matter how poor you are

Black Police chief,- Parker Hill was well aware of drugging U.S. Park policehorses with acepromozine. And the horse donations This was all covered up to protect U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators who were forcing the U.S. Park Police to take bad horses,- from rich constituents for tax write-offs.- Like Sen. Jessie Helms and his constituent that ††white anglo saxon- hoe-Marilyn Revere of Akin South Carolina,-she lives on Marian st, in the City of Akin,.

The redmonk calls on News men from India, Get her side of the tax write off story ? what a cheap person she is . that dirty white Christian , Marilyn Revere from Akin, South Carolina

And while your at it, contact Movie- Star Bert Reynolds, at his Farm,- Jupiter Farms.- in Florida, - ask him what the hell goin on, given bad crippled up horses for Tax write offs. To the US Goverment

Doesnít Bert Rynolds have enough money? He;s a movie Star- he is reported to get a million Dollars a picture. How greedy can you get?

And the Animal Rights Org. called PETA helping the republican party to cover this all up and not helping the redmonk,who indeed was asking for help from PETA,-think about that,-)

The US Government and Local Police dept. telling people not to listen to me,-that Iam crazy. By saying Iam crazy, and not to listento me,- look who it protects,-:†††† the Jews Killing the Pandas by accident,†† Pres. Reagan riding a drugged horse, /the child killing Jew at the Zoo , /what the US Government did to the photos of my dead cusins body in the GAO buildingPassing them around for the people to look atand laugh atall in Washington DCShame Shame on you,-phoney America shouts the redmonkee.óby saying the redmonk is crazy it†† ---------protects----- all of the below-------

Horse tax Write offs for the wealthy, of sen Jessie Helms and Congressmen / ,

At the ruby ridge hearings Iam a witness, as I over heard what - U.S. Marshall Larry Coopers family said about him Lieing, he ,Larry Cooper did indeed kill little Sam Weaver at Ruby ridge./ who else did he kill?

Animal abuse at the National zoo/ shame Shame on you America,-shame on PETA†††† when the US Governmentcalls the redmonk a lier and crazyit protects --- who /down belowóread it

US Government Operation Mk ĖUltra on the crew of US naval Ship 1162 /shame on you America shame on the US navy

The Mutiny on the us Naval ship LST 1162†† / Shame Shame on you America

The National Zoo,- zoo keepers acting like Clams,not a peep out of em,- so said a newsmen -†† what does all that silence say about the Zoo Keeper- Clams at the National zoo?/ shame on you America shame on the Zoo

The US park Police,- Taking photosof a dead black womanís Vigina at the DC morgue and showing her- Vigina photo around the naked photos of my dead cousin passed around by the FBI so as to mock me†† / shame shame on you America, shame onyou white christianwoman for being silent , you Jewish woman too, all- silent. WOW!

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† #88 redmonk alertasconcerns lies on the redmonkin the Arlington county court room in April of 2002the county proscuter , lying,the united states navy,lying stating he never served on a ship/ the arrest by Arl Police on April 22 202broken ribsand the lying chargesput on the redmonk to silence him / Arl county prosecutor lieing in the court room, stating to the Judge- that the redmonk never worked for the Park police, a massive lie I worked their 5 yearsthe redmonkya true Political activistthat shames America with the truth,- the US Government wants silence,-I will shout louder not shut up ††††

Arlington County prosecutor at my bond hearing,told the judge that I never worked for the US park police and that I have been saying that for yearsand I had mental problems,- I was stunned beyond belief,-I went to work ever day at the US park police for 5 years where the hell was I,- if not at the Police dept. working, 5 days a week for 5 years,- Lisa StevensPanda Manager at the National Zoohelped hire me at the zoo,- knows I worked at the Police dept I worked for Lisa Stevens in the Monkey houseat the national zoo . I got the proof I worked at the Park police5 years / the US navy sent me info I ask for,- concerning my term seved on naval Ship LST 1162,-the United States Navystated I never went to sea one time and that I never served over seas / I spent all total of 4 years at sea on the Arneb, vangard , lst 1162, never had a day working shore duty while in the US Navy,why the lies by USGoverment. And theArlington County prosecutor ?

9 months of every year, for 4 years,- I spent on ships at searoaming ,6 months in the med sea,- working for the†† 6 th fleet , where we- LST 1162 travled alone,-we were too slow to keep up with the 6 th fleet, they didnít want us- then 3 months in the Caribbean sea , every year , a total of 9 months -then we would go into a ship yard for repairs for a month or so,and one time when we got back to the States,- I left on leave for two weeks and when I came back to the ship yard,- LST 1162 had left the Hoboken ship yard in New jersey and returned to sea,- I caught her at Little creek Virgina.

At the Little creek Amphib base where weleft the pierevery couple days or weeks andwent on training mine laying, andsweeping and other exercise/ if I wasnít on these ships,- then were the hell was I ?, why is theArlington County, Va. Goverment and federal Government lieing on me , the secret service lied on me inMagistrate Jean Dyers Federal Court room in Washington DC at my trial for protesting in the white house over my firing from the Smithsonian. Why the lies ? what is the us navy and US Government Afraid of including Arlington County virgina, Goverment afraid of, Arlington,where I have lived since 1960? why are they lieing on me ?

The lies on me at my trial, in Judge Hogans court room(for protesting in the white house )Agent Baily lied on my ex wife who I had not talked to in 17 years,-my ex wife had to get a lawyer,to protect her self from the lies of White Housesecret serviceAgent Baily,-My ex wife worked in the Ex .Office building across from the white house.††, its is my under standing that MagistrateDyer lives in Arlington County Va. Ill put out her address after I get it and maybe her photo too ,/

I will put out on the photo gallery the scanned photo of the US navyletter stating,- I never served on a ship and or over seas, what a lie, thatís all I ever did, sail on ships- the record are lying thatís why at the bottom of the movie page on the linkpage I ask every one to find the little jewish sailor from Philadelphia Pennsylvania as my witness,- he will tell you about the storm and what happened in my Boat and every thing else,

nowon April , - 2002to hear the Arlington County Prosecutor say - I never worked at the Park POLICE ,-†† WHAT WOULD A REASONABE PEARSON,-- using the reasonable man rule that is used in anglo Saxon lawTHINK,)-- If you were me,- what would you think?,- THEY ARE TRYING TO HARM ME,- PUT, ME AWAY WITH LIES,-TO SHUT ME UP,-

Ihave ATTACK ARLINGTON county Virgina and some of its leadersof this county Government on this web siteas concerns the Arlington county Court house and wrong doing by Arlington officials the Arlington police stopped me on April 22 2002 and said my tint in my rear windows was to0 dark, on my red chevy Van-but my van is my home I live in,-I too like to sleep with no one looking in my windows, just like all of you/ the cops then saw a knife I cut my food up withand charged me with a hidden weapon,- whatIam I to cut my food up with if not a knife,? My teeth ?my van is my home I live in, I am homless, and a political activist.think about that,- Why is the Arlington County Female Proscuter is allowed to have a knife in her kitchen but a homeless person in Arlington is not allowed to have one in his home on wheels ? Will the American Civil liberties Union take this case all the way to the Supreme court ?

The arlington cops that beat me also have knives in their home to cut food,the Judge who found probale Cause in my case in the Arlington County Court house and saidwe go to trial,- he too no doubt has a knife in his kitchen.- the nerve of the Arlington County Judge, Cops and female Prosacuter†† the nerve†† keep in mind I am the one that alerted the Arlington Cops about the Arlington County Stalker not the Judge, not the Cops and Not the Arlington County Female prosacuter warned you†† you know you jackas$ Arlington County White People need to get you head out of youer As$ as concerns this beating of meand the Stalker the warning about the Child killing Jew at the Zoo†† which is now a super hot spot in this war America has with the Muslem peopleyou chicken Shi# white people in Arlington County need to stand up for me not reamain silent .

The police then beat me up and broke my ribs and locked me upwith charges I assaulted a police officer and had a hidden weapon the Knife†† they locked me up from April 22 202 to May 7 2002every day I ask for a doc. To look at my ribs and week went by before they took xrays and would not tell what happened to my ribsthey broke my glasses, bent them in a u when the police took them they were streaight,busted up my faceas I shouted over and over again I was nonviolent , and donít break my glasses, as they took me down I shouted Ruby ridge and Wacoand that I am a political, activest ,

This happened in front of the Hecht Co in Ballston at about 9 oíclock at night, on April 22, 2002a few weeks earlier I was stopped by an Arlington County cop as I was reading a book in my van and they degraded me and kept me for a long time, the one Arl. copnamed Kantar mentioned that Fairfax County cops was asking about me,- why would Fairfax county cops ask about me ? I am asking Mexican Americans to get Legislation passed by the Mexican government to capture the Fairfax County Cops and Attorney Robert Horan,to be taken to Mexico to stand trial for murder of a American Mexican woman sleeping in her bed? and I have called them cowards which I think they are- afraid

because on my political web site I have attack the Fairfax County Police and Commonwealths Attorney Robert Horan for the Killing a Mexican Woman in her bedwhile she slept , thatís why the cops are hurting me, Harassmentof me etc. which is against American lawto harass a person because of ones Political believes.Just as the US lawinforcementmurders atWaco and Ruby Ridgeby the American Government no lawinforcement went to jail for murder of all of theseAmerican Citizens, some as young as two years old.

After being stopped by Arlington Cop kantar and a 2nd cop whose name I do not know,( I ask for his card he said he didnít have one ) officer Kantar did give me his card ) because of these two cops strange behavior††† I then went to an org. in Arlington County that helps homeless people called ASPAN, I am on record theirand told two of the aSPAn workers that maybe we should see some one in the county to see what the rules and reg. Are-. as concerns homeless people living in their vans or cars in Arlington County Virginia.

She told me to make a appointment with Marty Berman, who runs ASPAN,-because of the strange aggressive way the Arlington cops are acting and I was getting tired of it , becauseits abusive its intrusive , I am an Activists for the release of Indian leader Leonard peltier as wellas a Activists for Waco and ruby Ridge killings by the American Government and American lawinforcement. The Peltier Web Site is on my web site link pagewith two- Waco sits and one ruby ridge web site.

†† Concerning the Fairfax County Cops asking about me, Per Arlington CopKantar- )- my web site at ask that the Mexican Government and Mexican Americans in Fairfax Countyget legislation passed to take back to Mexico and put on trial in the country Mexico,- under Mexican lawthe Fairfax CopsCops who shot to death a Mexican woman sleeping in her bedwhich Fairfax Cops did indeed do / which is my right to do as a free Citzen inAmerica)

I also asked Arab Americans to get Legislation passed in some Arab country to arrested Fairfax County prosecutor Horan and make him stand at trial in an Arab countryfor a hate crime against Muslims because he, Horan,- said on American television that a Pakistani would kill his own mother for 2000 dollars,he was not firedas Fairfax County prosecutorfor this hate crime,-

no one on the Fairfax County Police Dept .- went to jail for the killing of the sleeping Mexican woman by Fairfax Cops / these bad American Cops andEvil bad Lying Prosecutors are killing freedomand Democracy every day in America , anumber of news Magazines . are reporting about the Us prosecutors misconduct in the court roomsall across America, every day all day long††† With holding Evidence, putting innocent people away in jail, so they,the US prosecutors can make a name for them selves. And later run for political office,- the Senate or Congress or State Governor

Iam Complaining about this cop abuse, on going through out Americaon my Political web site , I believe we Americansnowlive in a mild fascist state,- because of lying Law enforcement, you are guilty in America until proven Innocent, the cops said I beat them up,- 4 of them against me,they broke my ribsIam 63 years old manfighting for freedomin America,-my Court hearing is going to be in Arlington County Court house on June 4, 2002

I fought for civil rights for Asians and Slavs at the Smithsonian and got the first Asian Hired a Korean welder named Kimhe later thanked me, Iam a Ruthenian American the smallest Minority in America there are only 300.000 Ruthenian s left in our home landand the UN said our Language is dying out this statement on the UN web site.

I am an activist to free little Ruthinia,( which is my right ,)a very small country in the Carpathian Mt. Of Europe,Ruthenia was free once in 1939.I have fought for blacks when it was Dangerous in the 1950s I fought for jews,I stood up for HispanicsI protest in front of the White house and FBI Buildingfor Waco and Ruby ridge and the American Indian Leader Leonard peltier yearly at demos††† yet Blacks,- jews and Hispanics call me a racist if I disagree with them on any issue and even attack me . but still only Blacks and Spain come for me and help me never white peopleCheck my new Arlington County Page on my web Site link pagehow the police beat up other homeless people to be informants , the Stalker of Arlington CountyI told ASPANsocial Workers about and the woman who feed the Homeless thanked me, the FBI told me he was a Stalker his story in full on the Arlington page is that why Arlington Cops broke my ribs was the Arlington police using him as an Informent ?I told Arlington County Copabout opened graves at Arlington cemeteryrats and squirrelseating bodies/grave name- Halsey from Okalohoma story in full on the new Arlington county Va page coming to the new front page Photos too is this why they beat me and lie on me in Arlington county Virginia 15 min fron the American capital ?††

With my web site Iam trying to get justice , keep in mind the ARLINGTON county prosecutor said I never workedat the US park police, she said this in front of a judge she lied to keep me in jail / I have every reason to believe that cops would harm me for my believes,- they the cops are all taught to watch out for any one who supports the weaver familyat Ruby ridge and or the murdered gassed and burned little two year old children atWaco,- and how about the photo of the US park police Boots and saddles in the Manure Pileon my photo page would no doubt incite some lawinforcement UNSTABLECops to commit MURDER AND MAYHEM against my persons. Use ( the reasonable man rule,) thatís used in Anglo Saxon law. Iam trying to get governments of the world to investigate Arlington county Court house/ its judges Cops and Proscuterskeeping the jobs for ther English irish blacks and Jewsother races need not applythe US Justice Dept . must be brought in toinvestigate

AND LIKE Tim McVeigh I too think most cops do a hard jobRebel Mcveigh liked Cops,- he didnít likethe Feds- FBI etc.he thought cops had a hard job and respected them/ I on the other hand, want the bad cops outand only the United Nationscan do it. Because of the corruption of the American justice System in the US and Arlington County corrupt Government,

RememberI worked for a police dept. for 5 years there are bad cops, good cops and crazy copsand dumb cops, afraid copsand dangerous copsthe cops who killed the sleeping mexican Woman in her bed were afraid copsand need to be firedtell the Fairfax Cops to see the movie (All the Pretty horse ) so they,- to a cop will know were to put their money as the Mexican Government takes them to the wallfor the murder of the sleeping mexican woman in her bedyou cops put your money in your boot and throw the bootsee the sciene in the movie, so you Fairfax countywill know how to do itsee the sciene of this 15 year old west Virgina coal field boy throughing his boot as the Mexcan Federalie Police drag him the 15 year oldrunaway in this movieto the wall to be shot††† I was the same age and from the coal fields when I hit the road. They stole his horse and the Smithsonian stole my job and it haint over .†††††

when I was stopped by the Arlington County Copson April 22 20o2 in front of the Hecht co. Ballston ,in Arlington Va . I ask the cops some thing to the effect,- why are they acting this way and one of the copssaid there is a hazarded warning from a cop web site in Loudon County Va.some thing about I am dangerous,- I have never been Charged with any thing in Loudon County Va. In my life,- this is the County Loudon,- on my web site that I complain about Sheriff Simpson of Loudon County not doing his job,- I went to his office by sert letter complaining about De la Rue Print Security killing wildlife and the near poisoning of me by the Head of securityat De la Ruewho formerly worked as a Treasury agent for about 13 yearshe was the one ordering the killing of wild life,- see link page Del a Rue Story it will explain Simpson )

SheriffSimpson put on his copweb sit that I am derangedso other cops can see it when they punch in my name / is he hoping other cops who stop me will kill me and slight of hand get away with itmaybe Sheriff Simpsonof Loudon County Virginia 30 miles from Washington DC needs to be taken to Russia to stand trial in a Slavic court of law under Slav law along with the Arlington County cops who beat me a Ruthenian Slav.we American must go to the Unite Nations and or the Country of our grand parents to get the Cops for wrong doingthe American justicesystem does not work in cop cases and maybe not at all ever/by -Slight of hand,- I mean the way the government slight of hand gave Randy weaver of Ruby ridge the wrong court dateto appear in court and then went out to arrests him when he didnít show up in court all slight of hand,- the government can then lie it was a mistake mistake my as# its done slight, of hand,I worked for a Police dept 5 years donít tell me I;; tell you,- all cops including Arlington County cops are taught to carry a hidden through down weapon so after the cops kill you, he takes this little pistol and or knife and thoroughs it down on you dead body and says you attack him,- the way the Arlington County cops lied and said I attack them while I was Chained and only then did they break my ribs and bloody my face while I was chained and also collapsed my lungs and almost killed me a defenseless 63 year old man non violenta political activesttelling truths on Percy Rockellfella family killing coal minen children†† Helen Fahey ,Arlington County hiring policiesJews killing the pandas and jews killing arab children

the American liberity unionis located in Richmond Virgina at 6 North 6th street -Suit 400 Ė Richmond Virgina-23219-2419

The headof Del a Rue Security printhe s the one who thought he was smart and clever to get me to poisen wildlifeand nearly poisoned mea Mexican American saved me, white people were trying to hurt me, because I raised hell about them calling Indians redskinswhat a bunch of white scum bag mfers white people are in America thisMexican s Mother was more woman then a 1000.000 white American woman any time any where†††† dirty white people,dirty to the core†††† long live the great Mexican people one of your sons of old Mexico saved me,-thanks,his mexico mother raised him rightwith honor,he did the right thing, when no one else would - he was a son of old mexico, his mother was a Mexican woman,†† not an white Anglo saxon woman , and it showed too..

†† †††I also went to FBI head Agent Thompson in Richmond Va By cert mail with this complaint and to US Attorney of the eastern distrerct of Virginia Helen Fahey, her office in Alexandria Virginawhere the Arab Freedom fighters are on trial, they also got the Chinese Amb. Letter on the child killing Jewish Zookeeper and they all went quiet not a peep out of emWhy ?

Simpson and Fahey and Thompson refused to do any thing,- none of them answeredand you ask why I run into the Russian and Chinese Embassies and ask to get on their TV News Programs and ask for protection ? now do you see why I go to embassy row.?

the US justice system does not work,only for the rich and powerfull ,- I call my self the redmonkeeas a tauntto the FBI for putting me on the terrorest watch list,-they told me I was on the terrorest watch listin front of a witness , later they told me they took me off the list .

, I ask all Arab American,- Chinese American and members of the redmonkee Brigrade(a Animal Rights and Human Rights Org.) that I am starting up with high school children of the World,- including students in America, and in Arlington CountyVaFalls church , McLean Va - asking all studentsto stand up for freedom and be againstand shut down political correctness in America.

†††† on my Political web site, I requested that school†† children plant trees for the Murdered SleepingMexican woman, shot to death byFairfax County Policein the state of Virginia 20 min from Washington DC ,-

Thattreesbe planted forMurdered 14 year oldSam weaver at ruby ridge ,- trees to be planted for the children murdered at Waco Texas--, and the murdered 13 little Arab Children shot to death by the Zoo keeper who worked at the Smithsonian National zoowhen he was a Settler in the Jewish State ofIserial-

Trees planted for the murderedcoal mining Children at the Ludlow coal mine which was owned and operated by. WETA Radio pres. Percy Rockefeller, Family,-her radio Station locatedinArlington County Va . this powerful woman,- Percy Rockefeller who I was told complained to Arlington County police about me , concerning what I have put on my political web site-redmonkee .com) you can see iton the bottom of the Movie page onmy link page front page,- asconcerning her family killing Children at the Ludlow coal mine,- at Ludlow Colo.the killing of Prisoners at New Yorks Attica prison by her Father in law.

Why would Mrs. Percy Rockefeller the wife of a US Senator complain about me to the police ?-I only told the truth, about what crimes her Rockefeller family committed against the working Classpeople in Americaand iam from the Coal Fieldsbecause of Percy Rockefellers complaintto Arlington Police,- will she ,Percy Rockefeller get me Killed?I too iam from the Coal fields,-I lived 35 yards from the Oliver # 2 Coal mine, Its seems to me†† the Rockefellers a Capitalists Rich powerfully Familylikes to kill coal minen working people from the mountains? You have to wonder?

you would have to ask Percy Rockefeller of WETA Radio Stationlocated in Arlington County Virginia why she called the Police, on me,- thenthe policebroke my ribs and beat me up, broke my glasses I am 63 years old,living onvery little money fromsocial security check,- living in my van homeless,

Percy Rockefeller no doubt†† will now like the Arlington policetokill me ,- when they get the chance, slight of hand, all of thiswhen I was non violent and shouted to the public to watch what the police were doing to me because of my political believes, Arlington police who I complained aboutto ASPAN org. for homeless people that the Arlington Police wereharassingme. When I got back from my run to Russia seeking political asylumtrying to get on Russian Television to embarrass America,- the Smithsonianand Arlington County Government for what they did to me.†† the Arlington County PoliceHarassesed me on a Regular bases after I came back, from Russia USSR took my Bike from me,-I used for long distance Biking , a Hobby, ) Ė the cops beat on my camper with night sticks. Ordering me out . even tho the bike was mine they refused to give it back.

all oftheseAmerican Woman and Children†† murdered by American Lawinforcementand the copsat Ruby ridge and Waco and Numerous other places are nevernever punished , thatís why my political web site is trying to alert the UN,- they must come into America and take over the us Justice system in Cop Killing Cases,- the American Judges and American US Prosecutors are protecting each other†† and the AmericanCops who are Murdering American Citizens and walking Away,-I also ask the school children of the world to plant trees for the 13 murdered Arab children by the Jewish American Zoo keeper Ralph Strauss at the National Zoo in Washington DC-.

Theseindeed are just some of the reasons the Arlington county Government and American Lawinforcement including Fairfax County Cops are asking About me Per Arlington County Cop Kantarand would want to Silence me by killing me, and or putting me away for 6 years on these charges I will then be 69 or 70 year old man when I get out of prison for telling the truth on America†† thatís my crime. Telling the truth is now a crime in political correctAmerica

††††††††††††††††††††† For The dirty WhiteWoman in America,- eyes only

I ask all you White Christian American woman,- in Arlington County Va. 15 min from the nationsCapitalis not the Smithsonian Inst and the National Zoo in Washington Dc a Super Hot Spot in the on going War with Arab Muslim people,- Ben Laden Etc.?

because the Smithsonian Officials and the Zoo Officials allowed a Jewish Settler who killed 13 Arab Womanís Children , work at the smithsonian-

when this Jewish Zookeeper Ralph Strauss lived in the State of Israel as a settler he killed these little Arab children you see it on the TV every night,-then he came back to America and got a job at the National zoo and then Arab Woman came to the National Zoo looking for Ralph to confront him about the killing of her children , would the white Christian woman in Arlington County confront Ralf it was their children he killed ?

the Arabs ask me where they could find him andthe Jewish and Christian Zoo officials began hiding Ralph in side the zoo buildings,is the Zoo not a Super hot spot in this war with the Arab people?,†† now, today.

†† AmI wrong to warn you White Christian woman in Arlington County Va , if not ,- then are not you white Christian woman suppose to help me,-not hurt me , the Arlington Police saidI,†† a 63 year old man assaulted 4 young healthy White skinned buck Copsthatís 4 cops,-if you believe that,- I have the Brooklyn bridge for sale at a very cheap price , they broke my ribsmy glasses, bent them in a Uon and on . Why?††† so you wont know about the threat at the Zoo and Smithsonian is their a Hidden jewish hand in this beating of me to silence me ? is the Hidden jewish Hand driving theArlington Police and theWhite Christian Female Prosacuterin the Arlington Court House- 15 min. from Americas Capital ?

the Arlington County Cops, Judges, prosacuters, did not warn you mothers,- I did,†† Sheriff Flynnof Arlington Didnít warn you,no FBI agents warned you,†† not one jew warned you .I alone of all the people who know about the Child Killing Jew at the Zoowarned you American woman and you have not given me a penny to pay lawyers to defend my self,- what does this silence say about you white Christian mothersin Arlington County Va 15 min . from the Americans Capital ?

Black and Brown Woman in America have already done yourWhite Womans Job,- How many times,- standing up for me,-you white people are dirtyin America . I like to rub it in,-

a Jewish social worker came to the Arlington. Jail and I had to meet with him,- he said in a sneering voice were going to shut you down , a jewish Fanatic ? why shut me downso I cant warn you Americans ?some of the inmates in the Arlington County Jail came to me and said there is some kind of Demo out side the Jail,- animal right s people, they said they think its your people†† they couldnít be for me,no one knew I was in the Jailand it would not have been PETAfor me,what that was about I donít know as I have 50 % hearing loss I cant hear too well and I was with out glasses almost two weeks I was their in Jail I can only see 6 inches from my face with out glassesso I was kept blind,-the jewish social worker remarked there are jewish monkees out side for youyour army, said in a Snearing voice†† I donít have a clue what they were talking about. There is no doubt the Government wants this political web site downall of you must keep it upyou mothers in Arlington must warn other mothers through out America donít let the FBI Arlington County prosecutors and the jewish people shut me downtell the world what they did to mein # 13 in freedom Americathe UN said we Americansare # 13 in freedom I didnít make this up the UN said so, send all the money you got to CJ Koritko at PO Box11167 Arlington Virginia 2210 pay your billyou dirtywhite woman††††††

the powerful Goverment people mentioned here need to be fired from their jobsthey are all protected by the Corrupt American Justice System†† and the FBI told me in front of Witness the FBI wants me to shut up about what I know or they would lock me up. And threatened me with the Killer FBI agent HiendsI have witness, I will not shut up,I will shout these truths louder,-†† I again, call on China and Russian Government s and Chinese People and all Slav peoplesto protect my life, fromAll American lawinforcement†† keep a very close eye on Arlington county policeCounty Judges and County Prosscuters in this Corrupt County located 15 min from Washington DC I will. Give the name of the Lawyers office fordefense fund for the redmonkee lawyer fundI was in jail from April 22 till may 7 2002††† I need 15000 dollars to pay a lawyerthatís the cost,†† help out,- I helped you and your family,- help mesend the moneyyou adults

I need protection from all Government s of the world France, Germany, England, Russia,= all Slavic States, Mexico,- all Arab Governments the Government ofIndia,every onecontact Pres . Of Russia Putins Wife,- tell her what Arlington county is doing to me,- allredmonkee Brigrade members hold Car washes to get me money for a good lawyer , shoot e-mail rockets to all news org.tell these world wide news org . the US Government and Arlington County Government and Americam Lawinforcement is indeed going to kill the redmonkee and it will be slight of hand.

My death protects who and what ? in the US Government and Arlington county GovernmentFairfax County Govermentcheck the Marshall High School falls church va web Page ) on theLink page,-know why they are going to kill the redmonkee /all of you can stop the killing of the redmonkee,-†† write the Chinese and Russian Embassy send thousands of email and hand written lettersthe Chinese Embassy do it to day,- my life is in your hands Redmonkee Brigrade membersby killing me,-this is what and who, my death protects with silence down below†††††††††††††††

††Alington County Government Social workers Lee And Bingham implingputting sex charges on me that I molested Viet children,-who lived alone in a apartmentbelow me,- at Arna Valley apt.- in Arlington County, Va. It was the Social Workersabusing the VietChildren ),-- shame on you America and arlington County

Do you Recallthe Townof Wenatchee,-in the state of Washington ? and the social workers and a Det. Perez,- putting sex charges on innocent people,- then taking their children away, and putting the poor people in prison, some were Janitors, some spoke very little Englishthey had(no money for Lawyers,)- they were defenseless, against the onslaught of the American Justice SystemJanet Renohead of the US Justice dept.refused to do any thing to helpthese poor people )- the Social workers were Cowards,- how brave are ASPAN workers in Arlington Va for homeless people?the Social workers and Perez still work for the town of Wenatchee, after several years passed the peoplewere found Innocent but were forbidden to sue the town of Wenatcheein the state of Washington )they,the Arlington County- social workers and Arlington Government did some thing similar to me, while I was fighting the US parkPoliceand US Government /the Arlington Police refused to come back and investigate, these implied charges against me - so I could clear my name ,- I called how many times ?/only silence form Arlington county/---- ShameShame on you America. Shame shame on you Arlington County,-which is 15 min from Washington DC


The United StatesGoverment saying Iam crazy,- that non of what Iam sayingis true,all of this and much more is allcovered up to protect how many people and US and County Government- and US federal Agencies and officialsincluding the US Navy†† ?

Sen. Jessie Helms,? Andthe Washington post Newspaper,- who had all this info on the child Killing Jew and Animal Abuse their Shame of silence screams / this news paper is against the Animals, this news paper is not for the Animals.- but for the greedy Graham Familythat owns this news paper, the Washington Post news paper.

how about the Animal Rights org PETA,- who indeed, wasnot for the Animals,- but for the Politicians, in the Republican Party-selling out the redmonkee. And selling out the Animals at the same time,- so PETA can get political Clout.†† shame shame on PETA,-Shame Shame on Mary Beth Sweetland, ShameShame on Jeanny Roush , and shame on that PETA- British Hoe you all know her name.†††

PETAs for the new world order and Lesbiansand is indeed anti woman meaning the woman who like men and children,

PETAs Lesbians call mothers Dumb cows,If mothers are dumb cows as PETAíS lesbians say,- then Pray tell,- what are PETAS lesbians?††† I fire Back,- shame on the LESBO Queens of PETA,

Shame shame shame on America

Lesbians and Homosexuals have every right to be left alone and live in peace and Dignity,-they have no right to hate men who like womanand or get up in our faces with hate,- as they do and or call Grandmothers and woman who like men,- Dumb Cows which is what they do, I heard them and so have some of you.

The lesbian Factor and the Arlington County Female Cop ? in all of this - while I was working in the Elephant house at the National Zoo a Long legged Femalewho I believe to be a Arlington County Cop who may be a lesbian,- told Zookeepers Cathy Wallace and morna Holden to put sex charges on me, they didnít mention my name,- but used the word- he and him , but a little later thatís what morna and Cathy did do -Put sex charges on me.

)the long legged White female who I believe to be an arlington county Female Cop said to do this to him†† because of a 1000 year suffering of woman by men,-

I say this because a femaleArlington County cop who gave me a ticket not too long after I was fired, from the Zoo,-looked like this woman and I believe this wasthe same femalecop who came toArlington countyLibrary located close to four mile run drive in Arlingtonto look into a complaint, that I posted animal abuse letters on the Animal Welfare leaguewindows and they, Animal Welfare League people- called the arlington cops, I watched from the arlington library, as this female cop took the complaint,-

I swear it was the same woman who talked to Cathy and Morna zookeepers at the Nationalzoo, while I was in the Elephant house Kitchen prepping food, for the Animals they didnít know I was in the kitchenas I over heard them talkingand I remember thinking, they are going to mess some one up, this is when the redmonkey said to himself,- these Lesbo woman are dirty Mfers,- you got to watch em,- they hate men,- withPathology of hate - ) at the time,-I didnít know they were talking about me,-this happened at the Elephant house at the National zoo. In Washington DC.

Iam a Innocent man / I didnít do it / iam going to Al Jerssia Television with thisto make a fool out of America and Arlington county va. ill not give up the fight until I get justice and or iam deadI already got you dirty stinking White Americans in Russia, but iam still thirsty for justice

††† This all took place at theNational zoo where I worked as a Zoo keeper this, was the same time I was fighting the Park police, and running into†† the Russian embassy for help to get on their TV news Shows because no onein America wouldhelp me, I went every where for help, in this same time framewhere Two Arlington CountySocialworkersLee and Bingham implied I molested these little VIET children that were under age and living alone in the Apt. Below me , at Arna Valley Apts, in Arlington County 15 min from Washington Dcoff of Glebe Road. A massive lie on me

Lee also threatened me with Viet Gangsin front of Bingham who is suppose to be a Christianit is against the law for under age children to live alone, like this . Arlington County owes me money for all of this.

I demand that Arlington County- Sheriff Flynn and the Arlington County Board make all the femaleArlington county Cops line up in a long straight lineso I can point out the female cop who was in the elephant House at the National Zoo , shetold thetwo Female Zookeepers to put Sex Charges on me,-I will also tell what the hell went on at Arlington national Cemetery and Arlington County didnít do anything as far as iam aware Arlington county Government also knew about the Jewish Child Killing Zoo keeper at the National s Zoo and Kept Quiet you would think the dirty white woman in Arlington, Couinty Virgina 15 min from the nationa Capitalwould thank me for the warning about the danger of going to the Nationalzoo

†† damn right I run into the Russian embassy to get help and Chinese Embassyits an unfair fight, no one would help me,- dirty stinking White Christian Americansall of em )

†† after listening in to what I believe to bethe Arlington countyLesbian Cop tell morna Holden, andCathy Wallace toput sex Charges onsome guy and they did, and it was me , I was the guy,- this wasafter I came back from the Smithsonian Castle on the mall after filing a complaint against the Zoo ,- Zookeepers Cathy and Mornaput th Sex charges on me†† and ruined my lifealmost 20 years of my life has been an attempt to clear my name , I am 63 years old they took the best years of my life from me and not one dirty White American helped me,- only Black people and Hispanic people didand theAmerican Tourist payed in Moscow USSR after I went to the Slav Nationalst org, pamyet to get the Americans for doing this to me,- and the American were rounded upand frightened - I fight back.

All White Woman in Arlington county Va .Make Arlington County Sheriff,- Flynn line up his She Girl coppers in blueso I can point her out,-she was a long leggy Anglo Saxon Type /

AlsoIll give the US Army generals name later and his address and a photo of his house,the general who gave money to US Army informantRodOíConnor†† thisUS Army generalsupported the ArlingtonCounty informant Rod OíConnor.- Also OíConnor told me he was working witha Arlington Cop named Rodriguezís, who had black hair then and now I believe he has white hair if it is the same cop,- he was in my apartment at Arna valley investigation the beating of a white woman named Higgins, if I remember rightly. I have it in my files .

I had gone out side to help her after she was beaten she was yelling for me to help her ,- I looked out the window, I saw her on the ground like she was drunk ,she was laying on the ground all beaten up. Her face was distorted by the beating

the drug dealers were all over Arena Valley apartmentsbad people roaming in gangs night and day cops running around with dogs going through windowsinto apartments to catch drug dealerscops surrounding Apts with drawn gunsit was a war zone.

so I assumed some drug addict tried to get her money , I grabbed my military Colt 45 which I kept on a coffiee table when I went down to help her,- because of drug dealing and no lights it was pitch darkand fired a couple of rounds in the air†† as I hit the bottom landing,

later while Cop Rodriguez was talking to me, he was pissed I took my colt out sideand gave me a ration of $hit aboutit ., (I was doing the cops job for em you would think the cops would be gratefull ) Cop Rodriguez made the remark sheís #ucking you,- what he ment by that statement I donít know, this beaten Woman was my neighbor who lived their a long time and we were friendlyover many years she wa s friendly toward my girlfriends who lived with me at different times.†††††

I demand that Arlington County white Woman,all together nowdemand the County investigate and line up the female Arlington county cops so I can pick her out††† I demand the white Arlington county woman do this because Black woman and Hispanic woman have all ready done your white woman job how many times ? as concerns me / save your selfís you stinking white American Christian woman in Arlington countydemand Sheriff Flynn do it the Female Cop line up , let me inspect em†††††††† Shame shame on thelesbians, and Shame on America for letting them get away with itIts Called Pathology of hate by the Lesbians against mothers Grand Mothersand men.

this is not a political correct web site it is a honest web site,telling truths.

†† the White woman in Arlington County owe me thisline up,- because I warned the white woman about the Child killing Jew at the Zoo not the Arlington County Board,- not the High Sheriff Flynn, not Percy Rockefeller at WETA Radio,

only I warned you white woman,-pay me, you white woman what you owe me,for the warning, I gave you, when no one else would warn you, all the Arabs s know about the National zoo keeper who murdered Arab womanís children / its you the dumb White woman that donít know,

the US Supreme Court Judge Reinquist and Percy Rockefeller of WETA radio in Arlington County Betrayed all you white Womenand your children in Arlington Va. Call me a lier?

†† you white woman have told me to shut up ,the Arabs might hear me,- all the Arabs know ! its you dumb white woman that donít know/ why are you telling me to shutup, so you can feel save and comfortable/ you white American woman in Arlington County, va are White perdue white Chickens / get some guts for Gods sake /

and send me moneyto pay my lawyer / you stinking White Hoes of Arlington 15 min from Washington dc,- your cops beat up on meand lied on meand not one Arlington county Cop gave you a warning about the Zoo and or Smithsonian Inst. two big super hot spots in the ongoing war with Arab freedom Fighters,- Ashcroft and Mueillerdidnít warn you either,what did you white people in Arlington do to these Arab people to make them hate you . you must have done something to ps% them off .

get honest,- you White Christian Americans in Arlington County Virginia you have always hated Arab muslim peoplefrom theget go,American Culture teaches it from the get go/ call me a lier†††

not Helen Fahey not the FBIThompson not Judge Rienquestnot Larry small not Lucy Spelmenfrom the National zoo, warned you,you dirty white woman†† get me thethe female cop line up , so I can clear my name .make Arlington County High Sheriff Flynndo it,- the female copline up,

this total Web site is like leads for investigative Journalist from around the world India, China,Russia, Mexico,Africa to come into Arlington County Virgina which is 15 min from Americas capital Washington DC.††

†††† What has happened to mecan happen only in a third World Country Right,never in a Country like freedom loving America ? / Shame Shame on america

America is listed as # 13 in freedom for its people by the United Nations/

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Shame on America

†† 12 other countries in the world have more freedom for its people then America Does/ how is it then, that President Bush tells other countries how to live and behave toward their people,-when President Bush,s Country- called America is only- listed # 13 in freedom ? should,t America be trying for #1 in freedom not #13.††† Shame shame on America

every one Please- E- mail communist China and tell the Chinese People America is #13 in Freedom in the world.†† that in America there is indeed a Quota system for Asian american Chinese studentsat the University, but not a Quota for Jewish American Students, why? Why only American Chinese students?ShameShame Shame on America

The first thing Black American P.P.- Chief Parker Hill did after taking over the US park police inthe Nations Capital -Washington DC.,-wasto have a meeting with the Black- US park Police,-at a location off the park service grounds and told the black Cops,- where taken over,- he did not invite White US park Police, is thisa Black Race hate Crimeagainst the White Park police Cops.? -think about that?asRebel Tim McVeigh liked to say / this is better than Matt Drudge and the Grudge report/his, Matts-website on the Web, look it up /

The Horsemenand Art patron -Paul Mellon of Rokby Farms- Uppervill Va.One hours drive from the Nations Capital,-Was involved with the FBI in the investigation of killing horses for insurance money,old man Mellon always thought he was Dick Tracy,- ask the people in Upperville Virgina if Iam lieing?

President Reaganís horse was stabled at the U.S. park police stables on the mall in Wash.D.C . Which was an embarrassment to the President of the United States. think about that,-every thing that was going on there

Tax right offs, horse drugging- Abuse, horse killing,-really think about that!- Paul Mellon wrote a book called-Reflections in a Silver spoon- a good read- was it Paul Mellon who gave the idea of Horse donations for tax write offs ?†† no body gets away right/ not America,- not me and not you,

shame shame shame on you,- America

The horse killers for insurance money, Richard Bailey showed up at these stables to see the Sergeant., Richard Bailey is accused of killing Helen Brach. That Candy woman from Chicago. whose body has never been found. Check photo Gallery for Judge Schader letter and proof of mailings nobody mentions the tape he was sent.

,That is when the Chicago Horse Mounted Police showed up and told the Red Monkee your boss is in trouble!. Helen Brach is from Chicago area. The redmonkee gave the info to US Judge Schauder of Chicago Ill., the judge, Schauder, wrote the redmonkee a letter, saying he gave the info to the US prosecutor. and that he, Judge Schauder was no longer involved in the Richard Bailey affair, the Judges letter will be on the photo page 5 or 6

†† Silence and cover up, - by the US Government and the U.S. Prosecutor,- to protect who?†† Sen. jessie Helms? Pres. Reagean,?Wealthy Donors to the Republican Party,? or silence to protect the U.S. Prosecutors from the loss of pensions and Shame,- the Redmonkee donít know, he is only asking Questions?????

. US Attorney Hellen Fahey knows,- FBI- head- agent) -Thompson out of Richmond Va.too. All these S.O.B. esknow it and covered it up , wheres the freedom ? wheres the justice ? the FBI and U.S. Justice Dept. is totally corrupt and can not be repaired,-

thatís why rebel McVeigh who was in the April 19th rebellion and Killed the people in the April 19thRebellion, in Oklahoma City/ the Rebel- Anglo Saxon Soldier,- McVeighsaid the American system is to0 far gone to be repaired. Its hopeless look at Immigration,- Enron corp. Anderson†† the people lost their pensions , Anthrax at the US post office, the U.S. congressmen running like hell out of the building and telling the American people not to worry , sit tight,while the American politicians fled the Capital.

Ė       etc and one- lone brave Politician- Sen. McCain from Arizona, calling the leaders of the land who were running like hell - profiles in courage,) mocking them for running, so said Sen. Mccain on a Television news show )- I saw the program


Ė       since most US Naval officers donít have balls and donít earn their War Medals, ala US NavyLST 1162. ala- USnaval officer -Bob woodward at theWash post,- I was amazed that a US Naval officer would be brave and tell the truth like McCain did,-

Ė       later on American television talk show I sawother Congressman state that they would get Sen. McCain for that remark and not work with him,-the Coward American White people didnít go into the streets and fight for Sen. McCain. He told the truth . and no stinking WhiteAmericansfought for him. What does that say about the Dirty American White People,- the redmonk says- the American white people are not worthy of Sen McCain. And the white Americans are not worthy of the redmonk, either,- call me a lier?††††††

t Thomas Jefferson stated Ė their must be many American revolutionsbecause evil men will take over the American Government / I didnít say that/ ,tomas Jefferson did and Tom was rightand now is the time . donít you think ?

†† The Anglo Saxon- American- Rebel soldier- Tim McVeigh,- led the First charge-see the movie Lawrence of Arabia- you can see Rebel Tim McVeigh ride his horse alone- down on the American GovernmentFBI, ATF- American Government- Turks , )†† Rebel McVeigh- sword held highin his hand,†† riding hard, down on the Turks looking for FBI- ( chubby cheeks) Ė Ricks.

†† the†† Anglo Saxon Rebel soldier,- Tim McVeigh,- alone,by him self ,- alone on the long Charge†† the long charge†††††† think of the Anglo Saxon - Rebel McVeigh this way.

The April 19th - Rebel soldier McVeigh,- knew the American system could not be repaired ,-their s no hope, no hope, no hope - andMcVeigh so stated in his book/

McVeigh rode down on the Goverment Turks- and the dirtyFBI Turk - Rickswho was working for the Govenor of Oklahoma ?that Murrah Building where the orders were sent out by the uS governmentto get the People at Waco Texas - see the movieLawrence of Arabia youl under stand

-/ Oklahoma died for FBI- Ricks ? / and Ricks talked snotty to Mcveigh Father when they met / Ricks of the FBI is a Piece of FBI Shi# and not a real Americanand FBI ricks has no ballshe is a tough guybut never a brave guy, he FBI ricks could never ride in the redmonks navy LCVP boatRicks like all FBI agents has no balls , he hides his Little balls behind his FBI badge,- he would never meet me in old Insenda mexico with colts,- he like the other Americans leaders are not men and have no balls the very thing the FBI said about me / I fight back /

it was RebelAnglo Saxon Soldier -McVeigh who told me the orders to hit Waco came from in sideOklahoma City,-and he mentioned FBI- Ricks . I believeI met FBI Ricks out side the Smithsonian Castle after I was first fired , I could be wrongI say this because he Ricks face is a houdy doody faceyou would not soon forget,- I went down and faced them, the Smithsonian officials)- straight up when they fired me,-†† you can see the photo of my very first time demonstrating ever in my life ,I Know it was Ricks because he has a chubby cheeks anda Howdy doody face,- the same pussy face, that the US marines said I had, just before I shot em up and made em bark and crawl and carry their wounded with emas they barked and crawld as they tried to steal water, that I was told to protect.

I told FBI- Ricks and the other Agent with him at the time I talk to him in front of the Smithsonian Ill tell the Russians every thing and the Chineseevery thing on the Pandas and further stated -that you fire me,- your going to have alot trouble for doing me wrong.

I also told em, I wouldnít care if I was fired for stealingsomething ,but your not going to fire me for telling the truth, and further more,- that my loyalty was too my Animals,- not some PHD intellectual at the Smithsonian.The Smithsonian leaders Fuc# up big time,- on my firing and I mean to proveit,

I askedfor 10.000 American dollars a year pension for 17 years government service 50% hearing loss, land mine- asbestos in my lungs from the ships engine room all service connectedthe Smithsonian said they haint paying diddly Shi#the US Navy said they haint paying either / you take your America and go to hell,-only Black Americans and Hispanics helped me,-what does that say about you white Americans ,you white Americans stink call me a lier/††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A redmonk Zinger

People in the Virgina Hunt Country Middleberg Vasaid that:- by firing me the Smithsonian had a Back fire. Over their at the Smithsonian. And they chuckled when they said it. I hand delivered infoto the different stores and homes in Middleburgva. my Info on the Zoo. Over and over again I deliveredeven put the Chinese Ambassador letter on the Child killing Jew and put it inthe Manger for baby Jesus during Christmas in front of a church in Middleburg/ I did this knowing the church people would eventually see the largeyellow envelope and think someone made a donation and open it and read the letter to the Chinese Ambassador on the dead Pandas/

A News Men several months ago talked to me for a sec.he ask me some questions, I then ask him ,are they sweaten yet,- over at the Smithsonian , he replied no, their wearen Diapers, the people sitten with him laughed . I didnít laughI was surprised that they all laughed

That was a redmonk Zinger up above ††

Thomas Jefferson told us what to doabout evil men taking over the American Government,- Jefferson in his own words---: said: their must be many Revaluations in American because evil men will take over the American Government)-†† . I didnít say that,- Tom Jefferson did, was Jefferson lieing ?

††††† And so did president Abe Lincoln tell us,- the American people what to doĖon Capital hill in 1864 when he -Lincoln, addressed the Us Congress,-both Jefferson and Lincoln made a call to arms against the American Government,-(†† look it up),donít trust the redmonk.-)

††† President Abe Lincoln told us in this speech,- in 1864,-:

we the American people have the right, to over throw the Americangovernment and get a new one that suits us better .:

Abe Lincoln said that,- I didnít,-but, I paraphrase his statement at Demonstrations in front of the White House and FBI Building / and the FBI Agents told me to my face Iam on the terrorist watch list for saying it,†† - whereís the freedom ofspeech,- ? I know where the beef is.,-itís the freedom of speechI cant find in America.

And thecowardlywhite Americans donít Care. About their own white People and or freedom .††† Andthose areJust some of the many reasons I;am a Rebel Ruthenian mountain Coalfield soldier- in the April 19th rebellion on going in America to day- April 23 2002 look up the redmonks Freedom of talking but no freedom of speech in America): sound biteon the very bottom of the movie page / we have freedom of talking not freedom of speechin America.

Head #4

The next head on the trophy wall of the Red Monkee, is none other,- than the former Regional director of the US Park Service, in Washington DC. Jack Manus Fish.

He took a hit for the same reason, Chief Parker Hill, did. I took a lady friend with me to do short hand at our meeting at Park Severice headquarters buildingas I requested a meeting through Cong Frank Wolfs officewe all set around a round table as I told him of Abuse to the horses and the rich American forcing the bad horses on the police for tax write offs

Head# 5

Did the redmonk get- Hellen Faheyís Head on his Wall ?she is theformer U.S. Attorney for the Eastern district of the State of Virgina / she refused to warn the people of the state of Virginia about the coming Arab freedom Fighters attack at the Smithsonian Inst.

I gave her all the infoand she did nothing about the near poisoning of me at the British printing Firm,-at Dallas Va. called De la Rue PrintBecause she feared Jewish power ? / or British power?- or Republican Party power which one was it that she feared.

The Jews do not want this story in the Press , it makes the Jews look bad, HellenFahey is now working with the Parole Board in the prison systemin the State of Virginia/ this date- March20, 2002 is that a come down from U.S. Attorney ?

News men,- from India,- do this story / I need your help, the American Newsmen are too cowardly to do this story, the Jews org. will get them, and all white Christian Newsmen fear Jewish Power/ thatís why Arab Newsmen and Newsmen from India must do this story / put the American white christian newsmen in their place, which ison their knees,- in america / call me a lier, I dare you

Head #6

†† Is-The new Head on the Trophy wall of the Redmonkee,†† none other than,-

Donny (Archie)Graham,? former publisher of the Washington post News Co. Wash. DC. And the son of the late Phil Graham and Kay Graham and the brother of Lalley Graham Weymouth,

the redmonk gave the aka- Archie )- to Donald Graham because he looks like Archie in the comic Book- called Archie Ė same face, check the book outand go to movie page on link page and read the spoof on the Employees of the Washington Post news paper, the bottom of the Movie page and Donald Graham Publisher on link page

. new up date March27, 2002 check out the last letter to the Rebel soldier Tim McVeigh that will be coming on the new front page that is coming up shortly, check the link page Donald Graham Story†† does it tell why Donny Graham resigned,? Yes, no, what ?

American News men told the redmonkee Ėyou got Graham , that Graham fell on his sword for you, that Donny was fed up with the Job and that the redmonk helped Graham get out.

One news men also told me about 4 months ago,- Osoma Ben Laden helped you,-said with a smile on his face,-sure he did.-my story the (Russian Zookeeper Affiar at the Smithsonian )was buried†† deeper then a coal mine,- until the - Sept. 11 Blast at the Twin Towers in New York City USA - when the US Government†† pulled meand the Russian Zoo keeper affair upto the†† surface,-for another look see.

Some one in law enforcement, (I donít recall who) / told me,- after the FBI talked to Larry small concerningthe redmonkee at the Smithsonian Castle, -that Larry Small was staring straight ahead and sitting at attention in his chair, when the FBI left the room and that their was going to be indictments at the Smithsonian and else where .-

what all that means, the redmonk donít know , he hasnít a clue, are they lieing to the Redmonk? are they FÖingwith the redmonk, playing games with theredmonks mind? the redmonk donít know and donít care, he just mentions it for the European Reporters from Countries such as France, Germany, Canada, Italy, India,- China and or any and all- Arab Countries that wants to embarrass America and Its people- With the truth- and also embarrass the Washington Post news paper in Washington D.C. with the truth,-the most read paper in theNations Capital the wash. Post

The American People and their American Government, and Washington post news paper need to be Embarrassed, call me a liar I dare you? Then,- they all togeather can become better /the redmonkee telling truths on America .

The American people-through the Smithsonian and National Zoo leadership, would not allow the redmonkee to use the word- Circus at the National zoo in Wash.D.C, the redmonk warns the American people,in Toto--- as Rebel McVeigh said---

You are responsible for your Governments Action, be they good or bad in a democracy.:

But you, the- American people refuse to take Responsibility for your Governments action at Ruby Ridge and at Waco Texas, and what you have done to me the redmonk -- Including Arlington County Virginia,-15 min. from the Nations Capital.)

Your all bull Shi# Americans with White Skin , you talk a good game about freedom but you donít practice it.You Americans keep flying bigger and bigger American Flags from your houses and cars and trucks†† since theAttackSept.11 at the Twin towers,- new york ,thatís not a real American , thatís a feel good American , lets see you do something hard,- like Iam doing,-stand up /speak out, when there is no attack.

take on your Evil American Government,- get on the terrorist watch list like me, get some real guts andtake down the cameras on every street corner in America, un plug em/go to the FBI Building head quarters in Washington DC and rip off of the FBI building - the Name of the greatest Black mailer in American history- J Eger Hoover , who Blacked mailed every president of the United States to keep his, Hoovers,- Job / be a real American, not a feel good American,- as all of you phony Flag wavers are., call me a liar, I dare you.†††††

This means to me, you,-- all of you Americans, would never take Responsibility for allowing the Smithsonian and National zoo, forbidding me to use the word Circus at the National Zoo where I was Employed, and Iím damn mad about it., Jews telling me I cant say circus,jews telling me I cant defend my Slav race and my Arab uncle as the Jews are attacking my race and Arabs to my Face,which the Jews did to me,in the Small animal house at lunch time.At the national zoo ,- wheres the freedom ? I know were the beef is .

A Jewish hate crimes against me such as theZoo- jew - Gould telling me iam mentally ill because iam a Slav, said to me in the Lion and Tiger house, Small animal House, an - outrage so great,- that the Slav Nationalist Pamyetshould use Bull Dozers to run over the death camps in Poland and other Slav Lands and flatten all Jewish death Camps such as- Auschwitz to the ground and then dump the soil, andold bonesand trash into the Baltic Sea,

so as to make the jews come to the table,- with their hat in their hand,asking,- how can we, the jews,solve this problem, what have we, thejews done wrong, to you and your people,-please tell us?

trust me, the redmonk ,- you need an Adem bomb to get the Jews to the table,thatís to just get em to the table ,-trust me, when I tell you that- theJewish people will tellall of you, to your Christians Faces,- we Jews donít do anything wrong, where Jews, we suffered /

should Pamyet†† smash all the jewish Fiddles in the Prague Museum, ?- to teach the Jewish people a lesson and get their Attention ?,- for what the jews have done to me at the national Zoo, in Washington D.c.and the 8 year old Slav polishchild of Falls Church Va.? Get this info to the Slav TV in the Slavic East lands.

Could any race of people in America treat jews, the way these American jews treated me and the little polish, Slav girl of Fall church Va.? And the FBI would not investigate ? what about the Silence of the White news men at the Washington Post News Co.? what does this silence say about Ben Bradley, Elsa Walsh, Richard Cohen, BobWoodward , ,- who work at this news Co .?owned bythe Jewish -Graham Family? How can they be jews they go to a Christian churchevery Sundaythe Methodist church

Where were the dirty WhiteChristianAmericans? where was the US justice Dept ? // to defend us from the jews, in America,- one can only fight back with lawyers and with no money for lawyers, then a Gun, Bomb, or fall to your knees, and accept what ever the injustice is,- I refuse to fall to my knees,-††† when I continue to fight back, my way,†† - going to Embassy row in Washington D.C. to get help,the system punishes me, again, screaming how could you, youíre a traitor to America . / how unfair does it get ?

come on-Arab News men , help me, - get me Justicein UnJust America . do my story,hurt and shameAmerica at the same time,- two for the price of one, what a deal for you Arab news men .

Slav brothers in pamyet do it,make it fair for me and the 8 year old Slav polish girl,------†† get the Jews in Russia,make it fair

every one get this info to Pamyet in Russia, I fight back, no money and no lawyers . living in the streets. Let the bulldozers roll over the death campsuntil the jewish Americans say their sorry and give tons of money to the world war two Russian soldier ,-so as to pay their Jewish Bill. The jews owe to the Slavs.- You Jews lived in our land ,the Slav lands we didnít live in yourJewish land.

,Get the picture,? - you Jews pay your Bills,- you Jews are as bad as the US Navy,- the U.S. Navy doesnít pay its bills either,:- my damaged ears,- landmine explosion,)- Asbestos in my lungs-from the engine Room).

when you jews come to pay your bill drag theNavy with you,they owe me not only for my lungs and ears,-but my medals also,that they gave to sailors who didnít do anything /†† Donít worry my dear jewish fellow Americans citizens,- I know how to make it all even / stay tuned,-the below said tongue in cheek,- as an educational taunt to the Falls church Virginia Jews , their AKA ( the Hitler jews of Falls church ) these Hitler jews wait in Bushes for any little 8 year old polish child to walk by,- the Hitler jews of FallChurch then jump out and beat and clubthe little slav child, then the jew all sing jewish songs with their arms around each otherslowly walking home, (-happy campers)†† this said as a eduicationaltaunt to the Hitler jewsof Falls church VA. 20 min. by car- fromAmericas capital

,- Start your engines Ėpamyet -shouts the redmonk,- lets see how long it takes for the jews of Falls church Va and Arlington come to their senses,-will the Falls church jewish people be the first to Apologize, and pay money they owe for what they did to an 8 year old polish Slav Child ?-will the Smithsonian Jews apologize and pay their bill they owe to the redmonk ? or will the Jewish death camps in Poland go down-- stay tuned,- contact Abe Foxmen of the A.D.L.-a Jewish org. that knows all the locations of the jewish Militias in the U.S. known as the jewish Sticks,- that are reported to be in Arlington Va and Falls church Va ,-- Arlington county,-VA Lawinforcement hasnít a clue,- ††for Abe,-tell Abe-††† - LexTalionis--- for the 8 year old polish Slav child, crucified by the Jews in the town of Falls church Va and to think,- the White Christian Woman of Oklahoma City are silent, Why ?

a little Background on Foxmen, down below

Tell Abe Foxmen all about it, make Abe Foxmen Scream and force him come to his senses,- a Slav peasant Woman, savedFoxmens Jewish life by hidiing Abe Foxman,- when he was a wee jewish Lad,- Hiding in Poland from Hitler,-who by the way was going to kill Abe Foxmen, if Hitler could find little Abe .

Hitler would have killed the polish farm woman ,-if Hitler found out,- she a Slav woman hid thelittle Jew Abe, Foxman,-this happened during World War II and Abe Foxmen,- a Jew andHead of the A.D.L. a Jewish org. thatís protects jews,- never said thanks to the Slavs, think about that,- as Rebel Tim McVeigh liked to say,-reallythink about that.)Never never said thanks one time, I like to rub it in .

-click on link page under Alteritive view for the A.D.L. web sit and the ARAB Web Site Ė keep an open mind- every one Ė

justice delayed is justice denied. And American Justice has been delayed muchtoo long,- in the redmonkee case at the Smithsonian Inst.

And Please,donít forget to e- mail Abe Foxmen and shout - Lex Talionis†† at- Abe Foxmen who is Jewish and is alive only because of Slavsand for no no no other reason /-stop Complaining, about the Slavs and prove your gratefull.

Abe Foxmen Ė you†† personely should hang the Falls church Hitler Jewswho beat up on a 8 year old Polish ( Slav)- child . in falls church Va. Pay your bill

for all you jewish AmericansĖ What is Whisperin the Closet shall be shouted from the Roof tops .- Justice Brandies†††††

who was a jewish fellow and had a lot to say, the redmonk will alwaysquote the jewish fellow- Justice Brandiesand so did the Anglo Saxon -Rebel Soldier Tim McVeigh,- quotethe jewish Fellow,- Brandies/ the truth is the truth,- the truth can not be a lie . why are the Jewish American people afraid of the truth,- concerning the new #só

4 and a half million†† not6 million- Jews

†††† 49 million not 20 million- ††††Slavs

Russia lost 30 % of its people in world war II -1945to defeat Hitler,- (and then the Jews were saved, and only then)- when a country loses 20 % of its people,-demographers- who study populations,- state it is a catastrophe for that nation,- a nation may not recover after the loss of†† 20%of its people†† Russia lost 30%of its people thatís 30% not 20%

While the cold war was still on,- President Kennedy got on American Television,( I saw the program)-Pres. Kennedy Said to the American people if you wanted to know what it cost theRussian people to defeat Hitler in 1945, think of it this way.

Every living thing, bird, insects, every blade of grass,every human being, all animals, all buildings , leaves on the treesevery treeburned to the ground, not one living thing left alive , all barren,- burned flat to the ground,- total devastation-from the East coast of America to the Mississippi river. Thatís what the Russian people payed to defeat Hitler 1945 every thing gone from the east coast to the Missippi river

The American jewish leaders and the American Jews have stated,- the Russian Slav Race could have done more to save the jews of world war II,-Iserial Jews never make that statement never, I have talked to Israilie Jewsthey are taught Russia- saved themonly theAmerican Jews complainabout Russia, why is that?

There is one American Jewish doctor on his own who has gone to Russia to take Medical care of Russian world war II soldiers,- known as Private Ivan- (the Red Russian Soldier of WWII ) only one Jewish Doc. One, not two, one.

One jew in all of America paying his Jewish peoples bill to†† PVT Ivan , the Russian Soldier who gave the Jews the state of Iserial and let every jew live on this planet,- thatís one jewish Doctor, one, not two, one. Think about that, one jewish Docone, not two.

I rub it inIam not Ashamed. You complain about my people Ill tell you off . Also,- There is also one American jew who fights for and defendsthe Clyde Beatty Cole bro. Circus every year, he s out their by him self, alone, being spit on andthreatened by the Animal rights people, he made the Washington post news paper, one jew, aloneonly one, not two, One ,- by him self with his sign,alone against the PETA- Mob-,think about that, really think about that! Thatís a real jew,- not like the Falls church jewswho waitin bushes for an 8 year old polish childto beat up on††

If indeed 2000 American soldierswho fought in WWII die each day in America from old agehow many WWII Russian soldier die each day in Russia .the jews are running out of time to pay their bill, donít you think?

America lost 300,OOO dead to defeat Hitler- 1945 the same number of Ruthenians left alive in there Homeland called Ruthenia



a redmonkee zinger down below

while I was walking by the George Mason Law School in- Arlington Va.- a Professionel,very well dressed , tall leggy white Anglo saxon type womanin a Pin striped suits (you get the picture) came up to me in a rush and said:-yournumbers are right, but you donít have the credentials to leadsus.†† she further: stated:†† we just donít know how to get your numbers out to the people /††† she then turned and walked toward the steps to the law center†† she never turned around just kept walking and said,- we know you have balls, sheguffawed,-†† but you donít have credentials . she never looked back asshe walked away , who was that tall leggy Anglo saxon woman ? a Red Monk mystrey

she acted like the upper class woman in the movie Gosford park- see the movie ,-to see what she acted like--tall straight and Anglo Saxon leggy type the type of woman,- the Jewish Guys and Black Guys like and drool over and swear they donít,-the redmonk says theirs nothing like rubbing it in, you know what I mean?-,Black guys andjewish Guys ?you two phoney Mfers, call the redmonk a lier,- I dare you

Howd you all like that redmonk zinger up above, but the redmonk mystery is: what #s are they talking about,? the Jewish new numbers- 4 and a half million dead ? not 6 million.or the % numbers of white people in the world at- (9 % versis black, brown, yellow, World Populationat 91 %†† / ?//??/ what #s was she talking about ?and keep in mind ,-the boys at the CIA like the redmonks Manifesto

That was a redmonk Zinger up above

Rebel Soldier McVeigh Killed the People of Oklahoma City, for not taking responsibility for what their American Government did at Ruby Ridge toMrs.Weaver and her -14 year old small skinny --son- Samuel,what do you Americans think the Redmonkee is going to do,- to America to even the score , to make it fair? some thing ? nothing ?what ? their haint nothing like fore play./ read ooon- the jews of Falls churchdidnít get thatlast remark /-

Lex Talionis. For ABE,-††† you know who

There are many ways to be a Rebel soldier in the April 19th rebellion, some Like Rebel McVeighuse bombs ,some like Rebel Soldier- Pedro- rob banks and some like theRedmonk the FBI confirmed Ė Terrorist -who is also a rebel soldier, in the April 19 American rebellion, )†† will use only the truth on the internet,-to expose wrong doing by the U.S. Government agencies .and try to get the World to see America as the Big Lie and fraud on the World,

the United States is listed #13 by the United Nations as concerns freedoms for its American people, this means there are 12 countries with more freedom for their people thenAmerica has for theAmerican people,-if your #13 in freedom,- how can yourAmerican .Government be telling other peoples of the world how to live their lives ?

where is the Freedom? I know where the beef is, Itís the freedom I cant find in America.See movie page bottom page link pageon WETA Radio station in Arlington††† and what the FBI reportedly told Larry Small about the redmonk and the bulls eye and possible Ėindictments.

Donald Grahams mother, that horrid Horrid Jewish woman, Kay Graham-who went to a Methodist church every sunday, how can she be a Jew/ ? ) would not let her News Paper the Wash.Post news Co. do the redmonkee story, she killed the redmonkee story! - newsman told me to my face in front of the Russian Embassy.-†††† Why?!the redmonk lets all of you figure it out! Did it have anything to dowith her son Donny? The Publisher of the Washington post news paper ? giving meup to the police in his Barn,?

That almost cost me my life and I was a source for his,- Donny Grahams news paper, / what a dirty Mfer Donald Graham is /

If Arab freedom fighters blow the Washington post Building,- Ill be one happy Ruthenian mountain Coalfield - S.O.B.-- you hear me Donald (Archie) Graham,- you dirty S.O.B.- for calling me a S.o.b. in your Barn,- in Warrenton Virginia / I fight back , you almost got me killed,- you dirty S.O.B. Graham.††† I fight back ,-the FBI reads this web site but not yours, Why?Youíre a lousy Americanthatís why. The FBI does not red your web site

Read--- Rebel Soldier McVeighs - last letter, sent to him by the Redmonkee toRebel McVeigh,- in his prison cell,- at Terra Haut Ind.just before his execution, and death on June 11th 2001- this letter the (last letter to the Rebel Soldier- McVeigh) will be on the new front page, coming soon, this date- todayóMarch 19, 2002

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Another††† Redmonkee Zinger††† ???/

that you will never read in the Washington post Newspaper in the Nations Capital Ė down below

see the photos of the proof of mailing to Rebel McVeighon photo gallery5 or 6†† ask rebel McVeighs lawyer Robert Nigh,- if McVeigh sent me something in the mailin a Envelopeand did he,- Rebel McVeigh read my last letter to him,- in his prison cell, just before his death ? only Robert Nigha lawyer knows for sure Ė news men from India askBob Nigh- McVeighs lawyer / did he send me something in the mail ? what was it ?

Howd you like that little ole Redmonk Zinger above

This last letter to Mcveigh is one of three letters, sent to the Brave Rebel Soldier- McVeigh, by the redmonk,Rebel- McVeigh as you all know , was in the April 19 th rebellion- on going in America to day, note- that the redmonk salutes the the rebel soldier- known as Commander Pedro and his brave Rebel soldiers- who reportedly took down 24 banks in the far west, to fund theRebellion, the redmonk shouts long live Brave Rebel soldier- Pedro and his bank robbin Soldiers.

The redmonks is a Political Activist and a Populist , for all the little people with no power and you should be too,- if you were a real American. You areeither with the Coal miners or your with the Coal Co who you withĒ?

The redmonk also does political,street theater at Demonstrations†† using a Caricature known as Billy Bob, the country Preacher,/ to makepolitical statements in front of the FBI headquarters in Wash. Dc and or white House.

Rebel Soldier Pedroís father was a CIA agent, Pedro grew up in the city of Wheaton, in the State of Maryland, close to Washington D.C. born to wealth and privilege, still he turned against America , why you might ask? he couldnít get a job , he had two kids and a wife,- think about that !

Rebel soldierMcVeigh had the same problem, McVeigh who was super smart,( every one said so, including the Government)Tim took the test to be a U.S. Marshal, McVeigh scored high on the test, but the government gave his Job to a Black American, who scored lower. /

McVeigh wasangry ,wouldnít you be?The old blacks Americans know how McVeigh felt- they got the same treatment.

People of Europe and Canada? India, China,-.†††† The Jews, Blacks and English Americans Took my Job At the Smithsonian and Ė I, a, Ruthenian Mountain Coal field Slav- -†† Iam indeed a rebel soldier in the April 19th rebellion, why wouldnít I be ? there is no Justice in America unless you have a lot of money, to buy Justice,- I fight back, and if you donít, your a coward, thatís how the redmonk sees it!fÖ America before America FÖÖ you†† --call me a Liar, I Dare you? The - American Government is for the rich and Powerfull Americans only and notfor the Blue collar Working Class Americans.

The rebel soldiers in the April 19th rebellion are all Working Classmen and Woman / and have a seething hatred of the American Government , which Oppresses the working class called theMass man and mass Woman†† the United States Goverment uses Political correctness to controll the working Class and themasses.Known as the Mass man and mass woman

Look up www. to see what Rebel Soldier McVeigh had to sayin his own words,- why he blew the US Government Murrah Building and Tims paper on Hypocrisy-all, on this web site-- ,

Rebel- Tim Mcveigh,- an Anglo Saxon Rebel soldier,- was a man of very few words, the redmonk on the other hand ,is a man of too ,too many words, call me a lier , I dare you / If the redmonk could only write like McVeigh ,( tight) Wow!

I could do some big timedamage!- To this country,called America,- using only the truth/ by getting Arab government to fund my org .:- called-Rebel American Soldiers for truth )-, using hidden Camerasto get Christians , and jewishAmericans in there own words saying hate against the Arab Muslim people, this video of proof,-†† to be shown on Arab television such as the famous Arabnews program Jazeera.

/ I would use the Arab funding,- to pay for demonstrators and Lawyers, an Example-

a month of Demos to close off the Washington post news paper with a hundred paid demonstrators forcing the Graham Family,- who owns this news Co. to hire Arab American as staffWriters , on this racist news paper,- keep in mind this news paper was charged with race and Sex Discrimination in a court of lawlook it up in the book written by Al Naruth called(an Confession of a SOB)

I will Usethe lawyers, to take into court the Washington post employees charging them withRacism, against Arabs and Muslims, and Slavs, Chinese, Greeks, Italians, in hiring

Sneaking in to Jewish Synagogesand film the jewish people preaching hateagainst the Arabs .

My org. would use only the truth that would be on film with words out of their own Mouths ,/ only the truthout of their own American mouths on film

we would go to Abe Foxmans Home,- he runs the A.D.L. org.,- with a demo of a100 Demonstratorsfor weeks on end charging him with Hate against Arabs and Muslims, and Slavshe also helped kill Mrs. Weaverat Ruby Ridge, by putting the FBI on the Weaver Family. And so did FBI Sherpiro and Us Treasury Official Ron Nobel.

only Ron Nobel a Black American with power apologized to me about my dead naked cousins body photographs being shown around in the GAO buildingby the FBI? How else did they get them?the US treasury had the top floor with computers a black man Ron Noble Apologized,- no white people did,black people must be more then white people, - a lie is a lie and the truth is the truth,†† black girls fought for me / and black guys endangered them selves for me and white people only ran away, black girls applauded meas a gave ahell and damnation sermon called the(fire insurance sermon ) in front of the FBI building at a demo against the FBI†† and the white girls only walked by and gave me scorn,- as humane beings Black people must be morethen white peoplemust be , must be, Why?-

because of the way blacks behave morally superior as concerns me and my 17 year struggle to get justicethe blacks stand up and do the right Christian thingthen do White Christians Americans,-the whites fleeand act in an un Christian manneras concerns me and my struggle . those are indeed the factsas concerns white and black conduct toward my 17 year struggle to get justice in America/ the blackpeople must be more , gota be, I saw it with my own eyes over and over againthe truth is the truth and a lie is a lie, the truth cant be a lie and Iam telling the truth. On black people being morally superior the truth is the truth the truth can not be a lieiam telling truths on black Americans .††† who came for me ? thatís the bottom line.Black people showed up,black people endangered their jobs for meand one got firedgiving me copiesbecause I didnít have enough money / a black woman cried with her head on a desk after they showed photos of my dead cousins body aroundin the GAO buildingI ask her whatís she crying for,- she said what their doing to yoou/black girls in a groupe came to me and saidCJ we donít like what their doing to you,/they were ghetto girls / black girls came to me and told me were some one wrote a bad lieing letter on me and told me were it was in a officesoI could read itto protect my self/ no white people showed up for me

My Org.( Rebel Soldiers for truth) would us these demos to shame American Government officialsthe†† ADL Jewish officials on a Daily bases every day all day long. Seven days a weekall year long becoming a political force on the American land scape

†† The redmonk org could become a force on the American landscape using only the truth and the hidden camera / if it haint thetruth,- we donít use it,- if its not on filmout of their own mouths we donít use it /

I call on all Arab Americans to contact Wealthy Arab Business man who will Fund the- ( American- rebel soldier fortruth Brigade. )Do it now, today / no one else is doing it / I have the Experience,- I donít have the funding / all Muslims get me funded so I can go to war Against Americanand prove to the world,-Americais theBig Lie on the World,- let me prove it, that big lie statementwith the truth and intheir own words on camera ,/ gotcha America/ Arab Americans get me Funding !think of the redmonk as a 60 min. TV investigative show on two legs and hidden cameras / the redmonkee gotcha America,- with truth,- out of your American mouths. I got this idea from Abe Foxmenweb site / thanks Abe,-for helping out, its about time you payed your bill to the Slav Race, that saved youcall me a lier Abe ?††

The redmonk,- a Rebel soldier for truth in the American April 19 th Rebellion on going in America today- march 29 2002

As Randy Weaver- (of Ruby Ridge)- said,- concerning rebel McVeigh Ė he McVeigh was a brave soldier, who just switched sides , thatís all) /

. And so didthe redmonk,- switch sides / buyRandy and SaraWeavers book,its for sell there are only 58 copies of this book in all of the libaries in America. Look it up on the CDRom,†† donít trust the redmonk,- trust your self, look it up,- get some balls. You cringing white Americans,- get some guts,-now today do it.

The redmonk believes every word,- that McVeigh wrote as concerns Rebel Tims McVeigh- Essay on Hypocrisy/ and why he killed those White Christian people in Oklahoma city,-look it up at www. Outpost -of- freedom .com

If you Disagree with Rebel- Tim,- youíre a Coward and no Doubt will be a White man†† and or white woman,who cringe in front of Blacks and FBI agents and the US Government†† and lick black hands and feet until black Americans scream Peleeeease Stop,- Ií am sore,

†† the white man or woman will allways be an Anglo Saxon American,call me a liar / I saw it every day while working for the- US Government, and or in US Government buildings ,-in Washington D.C. and so have all of you who work for the US Government seen what I just saidthe licking,

I tell the truthand the white Americans hate me,- more than Blacks do,-itís White Anglo Saxon American who attack me,- not Blacks and or Brown People,- why is that? In fact blackshave helped meand even endangered their jobs helping me ,/ think about that / and no white people showed up for me,- until I got to Berlin GermanyFeb 1988,- on my long run to the Berlin wall ,- White German people helped me in Berlin / not white Americans ! White Americans are dirty,- for real

Some Redmonk foodfor thought,-

Rebel soldier- Tim McVeigh- wanted to be a U.S. Marshal,Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge,- wanted to be an F.B.I. agent, - the American terrorist,-the FBI calls the redmonk,- wanted to be a North West Mounted Canadian Police the redmonk has class, something the Anglo Saxons rebel Soldiers donít have

. just look at the uniforms and call me a lierI told FBI agent Doyle to his face,- why is it that FBI agents always wear cheap suits, he then told me were he buys his suits,( in a stern voice) a place called Raleighís / I donít care how much they pay for their suits, when a FBI agent wears a Suite, it always looks cheap . because Agent Doyle is Irish,- his suit had a greenish hue to it.For real,-I have a witness,-we both chuckled about that suit FBI doyle was wearn after we left the meeting .

The White Jackass,- FBI profiler, at FBI Head Quarters in the Nation Capitalhas never figured this out / all of the rebel soldiers in the April 19th rebellion are,- all blue collar workers,/ what does that tell you?

The FBI profiler also got the UNA- Bomber Ted all wrong , the FBI profiler said the UNA Bomber,- would be a blue Collar workeras well as un educiated,

UNA Bomber- Ted is an Intellectual. White collar. how wrong can you get?

Does The FBI look in Snow balls and crystal ballsto get this kind of information so dang blamwrong?

The redmonk could send the FBI profilers to some really great Gypsie woman Fortune tellers,- in Arlington Virgina,- 15 min from the nations capital ,-right across from Maros Pizza,-on Arlington Blvd. In Arlington Va. They will give the FBI a better read,- then one, the FBI profiler gave on Una bomber Ted,-

Bomber Ted -who by the way,- is a Slav from a Slavic Tribe- called the people Ė(of the Flat Grassy meadows) and or the People of the( Flat Grass land) ††that country,- is known by theword Poland,and that is what the word Poland means.

††† The people of the Slavic tribe,- known by the namepeople of the flat Grassy meadows††† (get the picture Oklahoma?) do the Slavs covet you flat grass lands in Oklahoma,- said tounge in cheek

-sent one of their sons from the Country- called theflat grassy meadows-one -Ted†† to bust your American As$, his name, Ted,from the Flat grassy meadows people, this : said as a educational redmonktaunt to the American Anglo Saxonspeople,-who havenít a clue what the word Poland means / but they all know how to put a rubber on a banana.: Wow! the redmonk is not impressed.

the Redmonk is a Ruthenian MountianSlav:-means_ we take your cattle when your not looking . Iam just kidden) Ruthenians rode with Huns into the Carpathian mountainsas equals,Ruthenians were the cattle and horses dealers for the Hun people and in one case the Ruthenian Chiefs put to death 12 Hun chiefs and nothing was done about/

this onfo on the Huns- is in the Huns History books,- called the chronicles ofthe Huns,- the Ruthenians are a very special race,- part Viking, Swedish,- white Croat Slav, French trader,: they are dying out,- listed as indangered by the united Nations/ do any of you think a Ruthenian will let the Smithsonian get away ?

The Gypsies would love to help the FBI profilers outand while the FBIs at It,- they cancut a slice of Pizza at Marios. Which is just across the street from the Gypsies read oooon- Marios double steak and cheese haint bad either .

I urge every one,- go to the GypsyWoman across from Marioís Pizza for a read,then cut back across the street,- to Marioís for a slice of pizza/

For your info-President Bill Clinton got his sandwiches- hoagies etc , at Marios pizza. And e- mail the FBI profiler,- if he gives the Gypsy woman some money,- they will sing the redmonks war song,- against the American government and dirty white ChristianAmericans- - that song -- why does the Black bird sing Ė and the Gypsy woman just may throw in a free read,- for the FBI Profiler, who cant read didly Shi$ ,the people of Oklahoma City are learning the hard way about their Government and FBI, the same way the redmonk learned , I was dumb like you people of Oklahomatoo,but I got smart as to what America is really aboutyou people will too

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A little redmonk Zinger down belowfor Oklahoma city

TheFBI agent Doyle at our meetingwe had , I ask him what does this mean on his Card -Special Agent†† - I ask is he,- FBI agent Doyle,- a specialist in somefield or what ?what does this mean, I asked,- agent Doyle answered,-no,- he stated thatevery FBI agent is - Special .--- †††you know Oklahoma City- the FBI has a lot of Bull Shi# withem, and you people from Oklahoma City are just now finding this out the hard way,-you people from Oklahoma can sign up for the April 19 th Rebellion any time you want.

You people in oklahoma stop licking the FBI s Hand,- it doesnít wear well, really.why are you suing the country called Iraq,? but wont sue the FBI that got you Killed,? why only Iraq,? why in your America,- Oklahoma, is their a Quota System for Chinese Americans at Universitiesbut no Quota System for Jewish Americans? At the same Universities ?

, why not sue the FBI ? is it because you are Afraid of the FBI, is that why?††† are you People from Oklahoma that are suing the country Iraq,- Being used by the FBI and US Government ?- why sue only Iraq,- but not the FBI,not - Janet Reno, not -Larry Potts,notFBI- Ricks ?

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† that was a wee redmonk Zinger up above††††

Some great international music for you dirty white Christians in Arlington, Va.give em a callthe great Gypsy Strings at 703 273 Ė0544 and at www. Gypsystrings.comthey play sweet musicbut only Gypsy woman can sing the song-( why does the black bird sing ? the gypsy strings cant do itonly Rom woman can do it. And get it rightthe redmonks favorate bandfor all around sweet music the- Gypsy strings.- get em at your next partya redmonk public service announcement,-for the stinking white Christians,-call the gypsies in,you white Christians cant handle the redmonks truths /let the Arlington Gypsies handle it .

The American Terroristknown as the Redmonk ,- eatsat marios when he can afford it / prices are getting high, tell Mario to lower the prices,-and he is getting tight with the cheese-that wasa redmonk public service announcement on eating out in Arlington, County Virgina- which is 15 min. from Wash. D.C. the Nations Capitaló

the redmonk drinks coffee at the PICAdeli a great coffee stop.,-†† for the friendly American Terrorist,-aka- the Redmonkee- an F.B.I.confirmed Terrorist. The deli PiCa has great home cooked meals and wines /they serve you nice small little place they treat you right at the PICA Deli you can sit out side and feed the little sparrows,- I do. they hop up on the redmonk shoulder and eat††

The two FBI agents Doyle andAgent Geiger told me to my face andmy wittiness face at this meeting, I was forced to have with them- at Burger Kings†† in Arlington (and it was not on Arlington Road see the movie by the same name)

†† the FBI profiler stated,- I was like FBI Agents,†† I ask,- how so ?, Agent Doyle replied,like us,- you have fear deficiencies , /

If I have fear deficiencies, as the FBI Profiler said I have why do I still have flash backs in my sleep about 3 different Bulls that tried to kill me, and almost didthree different times , in the Cumberland Allegheny mountains,-that was when bulls in America,- had brains and could play chess with you,- they were smart, not dumb like bulls are today. And they had horns

one bull tried to get me as I hid under a low wooden bridge crossing a stream the bull got down on his knees and crawled under to get me,I was screaming scared inside my head and heart ,(fear deficiencies my as$ )- this happened

when I was a wee lad in the mountains,-three different timesonfarms,

orhow about the time,- as the youngest bank robber in America (as I indeed am)- as the clock on the Court House tower struck 12.ooI did indeed- walk in to the Fayette countybank ,-as I went on my first bank job with a dry mouth ,- (dry as cotton)and a slight tremor in my hands, as I Indeed,- went to get my slice of the American pie / as the youngest bank robber in American History, as indeed I am.Why was my mouth dry as cotten,- if I had fear deficiency.?

Where does the FBI profiler get this stuff on me ? but I still went in the bank and demanded mySlice of the American pie / as I indeed did do,†† itís all American History now.The youngest bank robber, in America ever

check photo on link page youngest bank robber

How about on US naval ship LST 1162- when during a bad Storm with 8 feet of water running over the deck I fled,- and climbed up into a stern Gun tub to Just barely) escape a wavethat was chasing me,-not knowing if I was going to make it up into the gun tub/ fear grabbed my throat and choked me,-as I waited for the next wave, andno Life jacket too!/fear deficiencies my as# !The FBI profiler hasent a clue what he;s talking about./ I have plenty of fear, but I stillgo. When other men will not go / what does that tell you ?

Or how about the time†† I carried a cooked hang fire shell out of the breech of a 3 in50 gun and carried it to the side of the ship to throw it over the side before it could explode,- as I got over to the side/ the ship rolled,-I could not throw it, because the shell was large and heavy and would hit the side of the ship and might go off and exploid/ I had to wait until she rolled back and evened up,-before heaving the shell over the side/ you damn right it was a long wait and I had fear,- but I held until the right timeto throw the shell over the side .

,/I sure as hell donít havewhat the FBI profiler said I have- Fear deficiencies / where do they, the FBI profilersget this shi$? the FBI is Full of beans.- telling me I have fear deficiencies -same as FBI agents have fear deficiencies,-Pleeease give me a brake,- Pleeeease / shouts the redmonk believe me when I tell you the redmonk is not like an FBI agent, Pleeeease!

I have a lot of fear,- but I still go / I donít lie down, like some guys . maybe thatís what frightens FBI agent s Balls , I dont know? What do you think?

If you donít get your story out,- the FBI will, indeed tell a lieing story on you,- believe me ,I know.The FBI has a group of agents whos duty is to demonize those who dare todisagree with the American Governments policyand or the FBI,- one of these FBI Agents name is Hiends ( spelling mat not be correct ) agents Doyle and Gieger threatened me with FBI AgentHiends in front of my witness no less

The FBI agents are for the American State, theRepublican party ,the Democrat party,- but arenot for youthe American people / theirs no difference between Communist East German Stasie police in former Communist East Germany and the FBI, same same / I lived it,- thatís how I know .you cant hide out in Oklahoma and find these things out,- you got to go where the crosses grow and with no FBI- fear deficienciesto boot ,- the deficiencies that seem to inflict all FBI agents / what a bunch of Bull Shi# the FBI is, -- call me a lier , FBI- car 54 were are you?/ FBI F troop were are you? ,,†† - the redmonk - mocking the FBI††† the redmonk calls on Communist China, England and Russia to protect the redmonk from the American Government and Lawinforcement, and Arlington County Police and Judges and Arlington County prosecutorsyou cant beat embassy row forinsurance protection,know what I mean?††††††

At the National Zoo the all white English Christian and jewish leaderslet a black Zookeeper retire from the Lion and Tiger House at 80% of his salary, because of a nervous condition brought on by the black guy being around the big cats. In the Big Cat house at the Zoo.

The Zoos all white and jewish leaders ship went to my enemies at the Zoo and ask them about me, then wrote up what my enemies said about me / let me talk to your Enemies about you, then ill write a paper on you,thatís whatthe Smithsonian and American lawinforcement did indeed do to me,

News men know about it, they are the ones who told me thatís what happened ,I never got to face my accusers / wheres the justice ? News men told me they have Clams at the zoo / I replied -What ?he said Clams,-with a big smile on hisNews men face,- then I got it,- right, clams,- nobodies talking, you damn right nobodies talkingat the National zoo,-because if it is as bad as I say,- why didnít they,- the zookeepers speak up . the News men also said their hiding something and orare guilty of something concerning you,-I replied,- how do you know,- if nobodys talking at the National Zoo and the news men said-we go to journelist school and are taught to know when some one lies to us or is hidingsomething .and the Zoo and Smithsonian is hiding something

†† Another news men(now dead who worked forthe Washington times ) who Kevin Mulcahy the former CIA analyst knew very well†† and I knew casually,thisnewsmen said to me-you want the Zookeepers to peach on them selves and the zookeepers are not going to do that.// hewent onto say, that he believes me. /( the word,- Peach by the way†† ,- is a 1930s American slang term,)-meaning,- telling on ones self ,)this is the Same news men who played horse shoeswith Presidents Bushís fatherat the white house, I suggested to Keven,- that we use this newsmento get our story out,- Keven , freaked out andsaid donít tell this news men any thing,- that he workes for thenational security Agency. The redmonk was learning / watch those White news guy and White girls,- did wash.Post news men- Bob woodward give me up to the Smithsonian / he parties with the Smithsonian officials ? did Bob earn his military medal?

To get justice ,-you need 80.000 thousand American dollars to fight in the courts and face your accusers / were is the freedom ? think of that, what are the names of the people who said these badbad things about me,- that got me fired, let me face them /. Were is the freedom?- I know were the beef is, but were in the hell is the†† freedom / you damn right Iíam a rebel soldier in the April19 th Rebellion. As I told McVeigh in front of the White house Iam a Slav not an Anglo Saxon / at least Iam fighting. - Thatís the short version

I fight back and alone and by myself,-asking Newsmen from India and Communist China for support. To get on their news programs. / Ill take a lie detector test on Indiaís Television, Ill go under- sodium penithol on Indiaís Television, to get to the truth on the GreatAmerican Coverups,- it will be great intertainment forIndia;s GreatPeople , let em have a laugh on America .

I met and and talked to McVeigh three times not twice as I have stated, what we talked about is non of your business andis for sell and with out giving me a lot 0f money you will never know what we talked about. It just slipped my mind. I donít recall - The FBI knows a lot,- but they will never tell you. The FBI checks this web site every day for changes / but not your web site,- Iam a better American then youisthat why.?I stand up for freedom and all the white Guys lay down††††

Yet when the Red Monkee asked Jim Douglas Spokmen for the Smithsonian in front of Judge Causy of the (Merit Systems Protection Board)- Falls Church Va. to resolve this truth,political, race , and mismanagement problem between the Smithsonian and the redmonk , with a ten thousand dollar a year pension for life,for the Red Monkee.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Check photo gallery photos link page

Jim Douglas stated he didn't thinkthe Smithsonian Administration would go for it. He then made a counter offer that was an insult. If the Smithsonian had agreed to resolve their problem with the Red Monkee, a ten thousand dollar a year pension, there would never have been a Red Monkee Online website, and he, the redmonk, would not have become a Rebel soldier in the April 19th Rebellionand you would not be reading this now. and He would be living on Norfolk Isl with his world warII Jeep and Army Truck that he planed to live in .Not too far from Australia . that was the plan but we got a new plan now ! soooo watch out !there haint nothing like a mountian Coalfield taunt ,

The redmonk was going to leave America and live close to Australia at a place called Norfolk Isl. and never come back, to dirty Bull shi# freedom America/the land of the Big freedom lie- america #13 in freedom for its people so said the United Nations)††††† just like American hero- Col. david Hackworth did,Old Hack,- threw away his Military medalsand went into Exile in Australia for 18 years , He was Pissed at America,/

The Smithsonian PhDswanted tomake an example of the red monk becausehe, the redmonk was not political correct, just as the American Government wanted to showits power over the Weavers at Ruby Ridge and the woman and Children at Waco. And killed em to put em in line .

you step out of Line in- Freedom loving - # 13- America and the Government will kill your Children and You - whereís the freedom in this country ?

In any democracy on earth a Government will kill its own people when that government becomes afraid of its Own people/ so said prof .Perryto the redmonk- at a cheap Community College he went to/-the American Government was Afraid at Waco and Ruby ridge./ - and the government killed Woman and Children as young as 2 years old and then the Cop federal killers got medals and more money in their pay checks from the AmericanPeoples Government, wheres the freedom ?I know where the beef is its the freedom I cant find

The Laws of Nuremberg,- state when a Government kills itís own people thatis indeed a crime against humanity,-so states the laws of Nuremberg ,-

- why are not the American leaders in Jail if thatís true /- Victors Justice- by the American Government -- then rebel McVeigh , then the redmonk,they owe me for my damaged ears- Land mine explosion,)they owe me for my lungs )- asbestos,- all while I seved in the US military_ the US Government said they donít owe me nothing / I say they do owe me†† - / theAnglo Saxon Soldier Rebel- McVeigh never got his story out,I Am

The people of the State of Oklahoma still at this late date, June 28 ,2002 do not under stand,- they died in a War.( For real).they should be given money by the American Government,-just as the people in new York are getting money from Washingtonfor the Sept 11, 2002 Attack at the twin towers/ fair is fair,call me a lier,I dare you.We all know what fair is . show me were iam lieingI dare you to show me,- so I can change to the truth , but you got to show me,- not tell me to shut up, as the Jewish Americans do.

49 % of the people of the state of Oklahoma do not have health insurance

The redmonk calls on the people of the State of Oklahoma topass legistation in the State capital to be allowed to break away from America and become the first state in America,- to become the newest Country in the United nationsthat new country called West- Oklahoma,-

The Redmonk will be your first president,- goahead laaugh,-

The redmonk offers to the people of the newest country in north America called West- Oklahoma --free health insurance from the cradle to the grave,- for every one (all free) including dental and glasses too / free burial for grand ma and Grand Pa /-also thrown in one,free- Grave stone-/

On every Friday night and Sat. night- free pizzas, Hoagies, with the works and soft drinks for the kids and free beer for mom and Pop ,starting at 6 oíclock until 10 oíclock,- every Friday and Sat. Nightall you can eat or drink, - free -collage education for every one at any age.-

all paid for by the new country at the United .Nations- called - West Oklahoma/ this is not a cheap countrythis new country called- West Oklahoma, West Oklahomaspends big time on itís people, It takes good care of itís people ,not like dirty America. Call me a liar I dare you

why is it that 49% of the people ofthe State of Oklahomado not have health insurance ? and their Governor is an old beat up over the hill- FBI Agent?I gave all the info on a for real possible attack at the National Zoo to the Black Guy Wattsnot just Cong. Nicholsa long long time ago , when did either one of these guys tell you Oklahoma People about it , what was the date ?Did either one of these two crooks(their US Politicans arnt they?) warned any one in Oklahoma ? give me the Date/ I say,- give me the date. They warned you

Follow the redmonk,- be a real BigSoooner not a little Soooner like your great grandfather was/ get the carpet cutter out and let the people of Oklahoma cut them selves a slice of theAmerican pie ,-for them selves,-break free, start your own country,- now, today, do it,/Donít break any laws, get the hell out of America,- its done nothing for the people of Oklahoma / cut out Oklahoma,-from the rest of America and goon alone ,-youl be better off.

Be sure tocall TV Station-- KWTV channel 9 Oklahoma city - tell em Oklahoma is leaving and shut the door / check photo page for proof of mailing of Tim McVeigh letters to thisnews outlet

The State of Oklahomas leaving America- theme song,- sung by- old Marty Robbins-is - ( Ill Go on Alone ) tell cheap- Channel 9 to play it for 24 hours straight,- let talk radio ask the people in Oklahomaabout busten out,- let the oklahoma people call in and descide ,- are you leaven or stayen ?if your leaven get the hell off the porch and go,- stop talking .- the redmonk shouts get out,- while the gettens good . cut a slice for your selvesbefore all the slices are gone/ call me a lier ?

That oil under the ground in Oklahoma belongs to the people of Oklahoma not the oil co. call me a liar,- I dare you,

Minimum Wage in West-Oklahoma will be 10.60 per hour,- starting out and colas too, every year,/ All prisoners at McAlester prison in Oklahomawill all be releasedand sent by Bus to Washington D.C to serve out their sentences in the Nations Capital, living and working in the nations capital, withelectronics leg bracelet /all of youpeople in Oklahoma -call Washington D.C. today, do it - tell president Bush you want out . your all leaven .

†† The above -said all in fun, tounge in cheek/ to say the above and mean it,- you could go to jailfor treason , big time? know what I mean Oklahoma- It is against the law to try to break America up into Smaller Country states ,? do look up the redmonks Manifesto on link page / breaking America up into Smallercountry States / its legal if laws are passed to make it legal/ talk it up / the redmonk wants for the Ruthenian Mountian people all of Alaska,- one thired of Canada all the way down to Redding California,- to be carved out of America for the new Country called- Slav Landpopulated with only the Slav race and the American Indian people / all other races removedunder the gun,- out !/ only after its made legal of course./ send this e- mail to the Oklahoma TV Stations

†† Now,- back at the national zoo-And What right does Ben Beck a PHD at the national Zoo , have,- to ask sex from me, I like woman not men,he is the one who threw me out of the Zoo in great hastetoo and - under armed Guard, too-why is it, that the FBI cant find out about Ben Beck at the national Zoo? The FBI couldnít find its Dic# if they had to take a pis$,- those sorry as$FBI agents,-the redmonk told the truth on all of it/the American people will no doubt pay the bill , as always. see the movie by the same name on the redmonks movie page located on the link page

the redmonk does not want his job back, he hungers for something else, guess what it is? people of Europe , Canada and Mexico?India ? China ? the Arab World? get an early start on this story, interview me now, all reporters of Europe and Canada , India, China , ALL ARAB news papers. Give me a lie detector test on your television news Shows/ Ill go under truth serum on your television, it will make great entertainment for the GreatPeople of India.

Does anyone know the name of the insurance Co that insures the Smithsonian Collection on the Mall in Wash.D.C. call the insurance Co and alert them to drop the insurance policy on the Smithsonian inst.-because of a possible Arab Freedom fighters Attackto Avenge the Murdered 13 little Arab baby Children by the Big bad Jew Ralph Strausswho worked for the Smithsonian and was hidden and protected by whom?what is the insurance Co. name ? Arab News Men find outthe. Insurance Co. name , warn them to drop the Insurance policy on the Smithsonian Inst.And fast too !

Did Embassy row listen in over the TelePhones at nightabout the dead Pandas and the firingoftheredmonk while it was in progress at the nationaal Zoo ? did the FBI miss that,? Yo FBI maytag washer repairmen,- every one of them ./

the Smithsonianwas taking the redmonk to the wall to be shot too ( Fired)- just as inthe scene in the movie called- ( All the pretty horse ) the movie scene were it,-shows the 15 year old west virgina boy , who was arunaway in this movie,)- as the MexicanFederalie police are dragging him to the wall to be shot, he yells to his friends- who are prisoners and watchingthe 15 year old west Virgina boy puts his money in his boot and throughshis bootto his friendsso they can have his money .

, As the Smithsonian Intellectuals were dragging the redmonk to the wall to be fired, the redmonk put all of thetelephone Numbers in his redmonk boot and through his boot into embassy row,-hoping some one in Embassy row would listen in on the redmonk Execution.thatís the Coal field Mountian way fight em even as they are taking you to your death , and I did.An American Indian Girl told the redmonk they are going to fire you, get a lawyer /

she is the Indian girlwho gave the redmonk the Indian name Ė He who walks with the wind , kicks open doors and lets the wind in side.) the redmonks Indian name

as concerns the # in the redmonks boot ††

The people on Embassyrow knew and the Zoo covered itup, just like Enron Corp .the FBI too,was Asleep,( just like the may tag washer repair men) as Embassy row listened in? / is that whyEmbassies Row believes the redmonk and not the Smithsonian?.Who got egg on their Face,?- as the Smithsonian officials lied to a Unnamed High ranking Embassy official,-lieing to the Mans Face and all the while,- the Embassy gentlemen on the other side of the desk knew the Smithsonian was Lieing to him/ think about that, really think about that,- as Tim McVeigh liked to say. You damn right,- Iam a light horse men, that Aussie girl in the US Commerice dept. noaabuilding in MD. got me right,and Iam a little guy tooand 63 years old dude cumin up the road to kick you countrys -American As$- ask me whY / blood in the bucket,- hunks of meat in the bucketthe mountain coal field wayas they say all legal of course

the black Phones # too Ė did Embassy row have the black Phone # too ? I didnít want you blacks to call me a raciest ,- I had to include you too , Embassy Row got those Black # too I knew you blacks would be angry if not included.- Wowyou fuc$ with the wrong guy,- your Country can get hurt too . you Anglo Saxon Americans like calling me a Slav Nigger now ?You English Americans like to yell Dago, now? Wop, now?, Bohunk , Polack , greasee Greek Ė Now?††††† you English Americans liked to tell us White Ethnics,- just because we speak English Doesnít mean wererealAmericans,- Iam going to fuc# your country up using the truth /

American White Ethnics fight back, even if there is only one of them left- Pay backs are hell haint they folks and it haint over . as I settle scores /for Sgt.( Manila John)- Basalone and Sgt Mike Strank,- one aItalian and one aRuthenian- White Ethnicsbig time American heroes, from WWII ./-

You English American Coca#uckers Hainta getten away/

also the American Government did something dirty to the Italian Government when we. who crewed US Naval Ship- USS LST 1162- Did Sneaky pete work in the med. Sea.,- in the 1950s , I will explain, at a later date. As pay back for Saco and Vanzetta- two Italians- working class,- murdered by the American Government ,- when hating Italians and Slavs,- Greeks were allowed and condoned by Anglo Saxons Americans and their Anglo Saxon American Government so as to keep white Ethnics in their place,-

the Arlington County School board doesnít want the Children in Arlington Virgina to Know,./ all hush hush as they say/

†† Their were no laws on the books to protect us Slavs ,Italians, Greeks, Arabs , Chinese Americanswe were on are own,these Brown and Black American people ,-today in the year- 2002got it very easy today,- not hard, the way we had it,- with no laws on the books to protect us back in 1900 1940s 1950s 1960s we had to fight,

You black and Brown Americans are riding on our white Ethnic s Backs,-we led the way for civil rights,- not you blacks and brown people / How would you know,- when the schools wont teach it ? you need an Army with guns to force em to do it , wheres the freedom ? I know where the beef is

Arlington County schools will not teach this honest race history in Arlington schools in Arlington County Virginia / 15 min. from the nations Capital because the English Americans control the school board. And wont allow it , it makes the English Americans look bad,-read the book,- onthe Italian American Evacuation and Internment during World War TwoIts Called- UNA. Storia Segreta )- The Secret Story )- I am a living witness,-I stood in line with the Italian Immigrants and the old Italian Bird man who kept tons of birds in small cages in a shed, mostly finches, as a hobbyhe didnít grow tomatoís,he raised finches, I would visit him and his birdsalmost daily I stood in line with himon a Mountain road,- armed American soldiers loaded em, donít tell me, ill tell you / this is what happenedwhat I saw immediately after the attack on pearl harbor the us government agents begin to arrest the non citizens on the custodial detention list,Dec. 7the pres. of the united states signesproclamation 2527 declearingthatan invasion or predatory incursion is threatened upon the territory of the united states by Italy this turns 600,000 Italian immigrants into enemy aliens and begains arrest on the custodial detention list and theconfiscatioin of their property / all Italian language schoolsare closed and the teachers detained or interned / all Italiansare ordered byattorneygeneral Francis Biddleto surrender short wave radiosand cameriasflashlights binocularsforbidden to travel with out a permit,Lt. General De Wittcalls for increased raids on Italians homes / after the government takes away the Italian Bird manthe Italian Bird mans daughterhangs out at the house with a radio and shouts-- I am playing the radio ,) she would put Binoculars to eyes and shout I got Binoculars,)- to taunt the American Government , we are from the coal fields in mountains and were not taking this shi# with out fighting back,-keep in mind their sons were in the US army and Navy fighting Hitler for America ,-if you can believe it.all of these Italian Immigrants had sons in the Army fighting and dying for America 1940 1945think of it,- all you Arab muslim Arab Americansand what John Ascroft is doing to you American muslims today is what the Government did to Italians in the 1940snothing has Changed, because no one knew what the government would do to us you could see it and feel it ( fear, also definence and yes hate )the Italian Immigrants wife was friends with my Ruthenian Grandmotherthe needed aan interpreter to talk, (they used their daughters my aunts )††††

The black, English and jew American said they donít want to hear it / The Secret Story. Then why do we the White Ethenics have to hear the black and jew story every day all day long,-when do we, the White Ethenics get on the stage and get to talk on the microphone to tell our story.?Why does this question poised by me frighten the English, Black and Jewish Americans .? wheres the freedom ?I know were the beef is / itís the freedom I cant findsend money to help me pay for lawyersto defend my self from Arlington county lieing Charges , make out check or money orders to CJ Koritko po box 11167arlington Va 22201†††††††

, now back to the Zoo- Rusty Powel, Director of the National Gallery of Art. His dear sweet wife, was totally correct when she stated,what the Smithsonian did to the Red Monkee at the national zoo was stupid and dumb. Or was it Tipper Gore who said that statement , on the back side of the Smithsonian castle in Wash. DC when the redmonkee was protesting with his sign ,you will have to come back for the rest of the story.

Stay Kool, have a couple bananas. This thing ain't over until the whores sing in the Elephant house at the National Zoo. And this thing ain't going to be over until the cows come home..and the cows haven't come home yet.


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