This entire web sit is leads for investigative reporters to break the Redmonkee case open and shame America, at a place called the United States where we have freedom of talking,- but not freedom of speech. 





When one fights the US Government as an activist, informants are everywhere, these little people called informants believe they can get their car payment from the US Government if they inform. And maybe their Junior FBI Badges as well.


The Redmonkee worked for a Police department for five years, that is how he. knows informants are hated by the law enforcement, and sometimes hurt by the police, after their usefulness as informants is over.


FBI Agents Doyle and Gieger were in a meeting with the Redmonkee. The Redmonkee told the FBI Agents,who the informants were. FBI Agent Doyle pulled out the photos as the Redmonkee called out their names, and told the agents your wasting your money paying these people to inform on me. F.B.I agent Dole told F.B.I. agent Geiger we can’t use these people anymore.


Guards in every building that the Redmonkee worked in, fit the profile of an informant. It takes a couple of weeks after his first day on the job the guards attitude’s changed from ignoring the redmonkee to focusing on the Redmonkee and asking the same questions. (The local cops show up or the FBI). Then the questions are about President Regan, killing the President, asking questions concerning Martian’s and UFO’s. One of the most popular questions asked by the informants. Is Who killed President Kennedy? Some guards after reading the Redmonkee’s website. Have stated that they are not going to inform any more. They see what’s this is about.


How Guards and informants give themselves away, they don’t hide their emotions very well.

There eyes glow when they talk to the Redmonkee. Some of these guards are so stupid as people, that they have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. Meaning, they will get a Junior FBI Badge or connect with law enforcement in someway.their self esteem in most cases, is very low and they have a cowards type of personality


Sometime the head of Security in the building will order his guards to gather information on the Redmonkee for him. The head of security will also enlist the employees in this endeavor, like most guards these employees are uneducated, unworldly and unsophisticated, they too think they are going to get their FBI badges. and or collect informant pay at 250 dollars per month as informants


On more than one occasion, law enforcement, who liked the Redmonkee have told him who the informants are. Many people are on the Redmonkee’s side in- law enforcement and out. That’s how I know who you are. The guards and the employees that are informants don’t know that they can go to jail for six years for violating the civil rights of the Redmonkee, concerning his political beliefs.

 You have to come back for the rest of this story. See the movie Guilty by Suspicion with Robert DeNero and check out the pawnshop scene. To see what it is like when the FBI shows up on the job. asking your boss about you!


One of the informants for some people in Arlington county is the coward Rod O CCONER who hung out a AA meetings in Arlington,- a  Army General helped Rod Occoner pay his rent------ O cconer couldn’t hold down a job, his pretty wife,is from England and has pretty redhair they have two sons, Occoner clamed he worked in army intelligence in Korea when he was in the army and that he was a Sargent     more about him later, plus the stalker of Arlington county, who was used by the county as an informant and the county would not alert the women of Arlington, as concerns their safety,the stalker was also the coward , of desert storm, where at night he would scream in his sleep,  upsetting  his men,  the u.s. army shipped him back to GERMANY in disgrace, he was a sgt.

 He worked with computers in an air condition trailer and shot down one of our own planes.. by mistake, he was a stalker in Alex Va. F.B.I.confirmed, he resigned from the Army, he was a street person, living in the woods along the Bike trail, were a Arlington female was murdered,  the County police blamed it on a black homeless guy.

 The redmonkee alerted  a very thin, ASPAN social worker with a masters degree in social work, who works the streets  with the Homeless, her name-Michelle Hirschman (-)  her bosses name is Marty Bermen- (a very nice Jewish girl,)  what  Marty and Mischelle did with the info on the stalker of Arlington, we don’t know. ASPAN telephone

# is ( 703 ) 8204357 ) A S P A N-    stands for  Arlington Street Peoples , Assistance net work , to help Homeless people in Arlington county Virgina See photo page of calling card of Michelle on gallery -8

 As the redmonk had a photo of the Arlington Stalker, and or Pepping Tom,

 he decided to make up a poster with the stalkers photo and the info printed below and planed to post this stalker Photo alert on the telephone poles in the County  so as to alert the Woman of Arlington County, so they could protect them selves,

 This is when the stalker fled from Big Broom Cleaning Co. located in Arl. Were he,- the Stalker Was employed, and lived When he fled, he left his  Pay check, and cloths behind ,then fled,  several days before he fled, he dyed his hair dark Red. HIS PHOTO  is on Photo GALLERY 9 OR 10

 Social; workers from ASPAN  that assists the homeless in the County made inquires, asking street people the homeless if any one has seen Scott ,-  Arlington County Police were rumored to be using the Stalker as an informant for the Arl.  police Dept and or Army intelligence, which is located at Fort Meyer Army base, Va. the USArmy base-- some BACK GROUND—

Fort Myers is located about 5oo yards from the Arlington County Government seat , Court house etc. and 15 min. from Washington D.C a LARGE NUMBER of retired Army Colonels and Generals etc. live in Arlington and some of them think they run the county, these are the same Colonels and generals that couldn’t run the US Army  except into the ground, not one of them stood up to political Correctness  they took their pensions and ran like Cowards/ ask-( GI Joe Soldier-)  Col;. Hackworth  if iam lieing on the retired Army Col-. In Arlington most of the Retired Military Army officers in Arlingtion didn’t earn there military medals  the medals were given to them by the old boy military officer net work. ----   a News men told me the reason Iam having problems in Arlington County is Because of Cong. Jim Moran and the retired US Army Col. -- High ranking Smithsonian officials live in Arlington also/ including Magistrate jean Dyer from the US district Court in Washington DC she let a Secret service Agent Named Charlie Bailey lie on me in her Court room, hes the one who told DC Jail; officials to shoot to kill as concerns me  when their was a jail break  at this old DC jail were I was jailed for  protesting in the White house  all of this to be used as leads   for investigative reporters from China, Russia, France,  El Salvador, Mexico = to use these leads to break this case open in Arlington County Virgina 15 min from Washington DC by car     

 The food ladies that feed the homeless in the County, thanked the redmonk, for telling them about the Stalker----  not the FBI, not Arlington Police, not the Retired Army Colonels and Generals not Army intelligence not Navy intelligence, not the Arlington County board, Not Cong. Moran , Not Cong Wolf , all of these people had the Chinese Ambadassor letter on the Child Killing Jew and all were Silent  all of them living and working in Arlington County Va. did not warn the woman of Arlington about the Stalker, only the redmonke warned the woman of Arlington /  more to this story then meets the eye/ stay tuned / the redmonk haint no angel , but you can bet hel do the right thing  more often then most men/ bet on it / hers what happened at the Arlington County Library ( main ) where they fed the homeless at night about 6 o’clock  one of the woman that fed the homeless good looking gal  the Stalker knew were she lived /  his name Scott marcks  his photo on the photo gallery—the woman was in a truck with her daughter who was about 12 years old she  knew that the stalker had her home under surveillance and she screamed at me you knew he was the stalker and you did tell me,-  the Police were using him as an informant  they knew,,,- the FBI knew and I was using him to build my web site,-- so I could tell the world what happened too me and clear my name ,--- no one would help me

 So when the FBI told me he was a stalker, and  he shot down one of our planes in the gulf war – (he was a Army Sarg.)  and  implied he was dangerious, I didnt care,- I needed to get my story out  on the web site at all cost / to clear my name  white people and white woman would not help me  I became inraged at her for saying that to me and told her off  in front of her daughter that you dirty White woman would not help me and it was you dirty white woman at the Zoo who lied on me  to get me fired, I live in the street  , - I could give a good damn about you and your Daughter even if he the stalker was killing you and your daughter  you white woman never  gave a a shi# about me,- black woman and hispanic woman helped me – you white woman did not help me not one time /  why should I care about you white woman,- after what you white woman have done to me, you white woman reap what you sow )  I see you white woman getting robbed beaten I wont help you Ill help black woman and Brown Hispanic Woman  but not white women,-- do you now understand why I wont help you white woman  you reap what you sow,-  that goes for me too.   you want me to give up the only thing that will give me justice and clear my name- my web Site www. Redmonkee .com---- I was livid that all,- she,- a white woman cared about was her self,     my living like a dog in the street she don’t care about,-  , trying to stay cleane,  looking for water, to clean my self    freezing in the winter  she could care less ( Iam a whistle Blower the kind of brave people this country needs  read my web site)—I am paying the price  that’s ok  Id Blow the whistle all over agaian only smarter  Ill pay the price but Ill also fight back  also ?

   she said that she and other woman had gone to a judge in Arlington and he wouldnt do anything about,It   his name was Barton I believe,--- she also told me that all of the woman who feed the homeless were cold with seething rage about not being told he was a stalker  and that she was leaving the County  for her safety,-  the Arlington Government would not do anything to protect her,-   the Arlington police in Fact gave him protection  at the Mc Donalds Rest. I know this for a fact /  With a ArlingtonCop to protect him / the police were using him as informant on me   the Address of this woman is  2701 2nd street s corner of Cleveland street near the Columbia pike libary   find her before the Arlington Cops do to shut her up  the Arlington White Female prosacuters and white judges and arl det.  Are covering this up for political reasons  are they all together obstruction of  justice    call us Attornys Jerry Kilgore in Richmond Va anf mcNutly in alex  make both of em protect the redmonks witnesses  including Lilly Wong from South Vietnam anf Barbra Bahavanie of Fallschurch they need protection from the  Arlington police Dept.         

                  What I saw the day before the Judges and or commonwealths attorney showed up at the library food stop for the homeless,- this woman in the pick up truck with her daughter who was pissed at me for not warnning the woman early ( I did get the stalker out of Arlington  by telling my case worker mechiel Herchmen from ASPAN  what I knew and what the FBI Agent told me in front of Witrtnesss about the stalker scott marcks she moved on it  )  the Stalker was working and living at BIG BROOM CO Cleaning parking Lots  this gal in the pick up truck skared to death about the stalker  and angrey at me for not bringing it up sooner—(r the Police knew,- the Arlington Cops kept Quiet they knew about the child killing jew at the zoo and the Park police Boots an sadles in the manure pile look it up photo page )   she was a vollenteer to feed the homeless  came to talk to me, after she was told about the stalker she shouted at me I should have told some one sooner I got pissed and told her off,-  if I hadn’t told meschiel Hershmen the ASPAN case worker in Arlington The Stalker would still be here think about that?  Where is the thanks ?  a Arlington County Female Judge with red Hair was their at the food stop with two other Female prosacuters the one who is thin and looks worried all the time she sits in a room with a white guy who needs to get on a Diet   they sit together side by side   at a desk  talking and making deals plea bargens ets with Defendents lawyers  on the 2 nd floor of the Arlington Court house

, these are leads all of this,- for Investigative Reporters form around the world to investigate, 60 min  20/20   investigative TV shows ---break this story open,- these are leads, track this story down  I need your help  

 you News men can go to the arlington Court house today, in 2002 and see them,- the prosecutors  in the little office out side the court rooms  Ill get their names  spelling etc.  it was the  rather tall skinny white woman  who looks Jewish and worried like her jewish mother in law  from New york is on the porch  of her house looking in her window to see if her house is clean, go look at her and seee if iam lieing, she looks worried all the time like some one is going to take advantage of her  in all the deal cutting  that goes on in this office  she seemed to be in charge at the Homeless food stop  that night   with the Judge Redhead ill give her name too when I get the spelling correct- ASPAN  case worker Mechiel Herchmen was their, I may be getting all of these woman from the court house  mixed up  If I see em Id know 

 What kind of Spin will all of these Powerful people who did;t warn the woman about  this  Arlington stalker story  didn’t warn you about the Child killer at the Zoo  danger ,watch em youl see- you will see them all do something its called    LIE  Did a redhead Judge with a tall thin Attorney maby a judge -- from the  Arlington Court house, she still works there) she looks like your Aunt Threasa who cought you with your hand in her purse stealing money when you were a wee lad ,-  come to the street were we feed the homeless for a look see  as concerns the Arlington Stalker ?  Is it true National Zoo director-  Lucy Spelman  come to the Arlington County and Complained About me  and my web Site  to Arlington County Court house Prosecutors and or Judges and or Arlington county High Sheriff one - Eddie Flynn ? I was told Spelmen did just that,  did Donald Graham owner and former Publisher  of the Washington post news paper . complain to  Arlington County Government and or police .  did  CEO Persey Rockafella  CEO –of WETA radio and TV station located in Arlington Complain to the Arlington police concerining me   Woman of Arlington Find out!    also

 Who were the three red head Females thaT came to ASPAN  Org. that helps the homeless in Arlington and talked to the ASPAN officials about me?   what were the Redheads females names . what were the conversations about ?  all in Arlington County  Virginia 15 min by car from Washington DC Investigative Journalist of the world,  come in to Arlington COUNTY VIRGINA which is located 15 min. from Washington DC  by car-  and investigate, break this case open .


  see FBI Agents Doyle and Geiger. Story on the meeting we had. Agent Doyle is the FBI Agent- that took the first phone call from an unknown from Oklahoma City just  before the bombing took place  this is the FBI agent who grew up with and knew well, the CIA analyst Kevin Mulcahy/ who was found dead in a motel- cabin in the hills of  Virginia about an hour and a half from Washington DC? I drove his blue cheve pick up truck, out of the mountains after he was found dead,  his casket, at Murphy’s funeral Home which is located in Falls Church Va, was locked down tight, the redmonkee was their to pay his last respects at the church and his mothers home also, CNN news filmed the funeral at the Church and the film will show  the redmonkee kissing Kevin’s Girl friend, this  FBI agent, that threatened to lock the redmonkee Terrorist up at Butner Carolina, if the redmonk didn;t shut up about what he knows, the redmonkees witness at this meeting said  it was chilling, what the FBI threatened the redmonkee with, and in a Democracy too, think about that,really thank about that,  Butner which is a prison for the Criminally insane/ the Jewish Spy, Jay pollard is in this Prison called Butner/ the redmonk told the Agents, that he will shout louder and will not shut up, until of course, the cows come home and the whores sing in the Elephant house at the National Zoo – on April 22 2002  in front of the Hecht Co at Ballston in Arlington County  Va  the Arl. County- cop Tedla stopped me  and and acted strange holding me for a long time  he finally came to my drivers side  window  and ask for my driver license which I gave him  he the said wait here gringo  Tedla is a whit hating racist Hispanic Arlington county Cop with very dark brown skin, almost black,- he was on the Arlington  police force only 9 months, when he stopped me   he would not let me go and 4 other Arlington cops came  and they would not let me go,-  Arlington police force say the tapes that prove how long they kept me is gone, destroyed this  allows the Arlington  cops to lie on how long they kept me  and  the racist Hispanic Cop Tedla  did lie in court at my hearing he and the other cops lied about some thing else , they broke my ribs collalupsed my lungs  slammed my head in the ground  gave me a mild concussion and ripped opened my hernia, the Arlington Court is protecting these criminal Arlington Cops  see Political Cop Stop    


 ^This then, is how The dirty, Arlington county board ,of the state of virgina, in the good old… UNITED STATES.. protects and conducts its self towards its women. In Arlington County Virgina, the Dirty County

    Ladies of CANADA and EUROPE so it goes in dirty unwashed phony America,  come back for the rest of this story at a later date    and remember you good people of Europe and CANADA,

  America tells all of you, how to run your country and your lives… and America can`t run its own country,   the redmonkee will be BACK

Women of Canada will you please get your news papers to do this story, help out if you can…. Come to Arlington Virgina and Bust this case open, some times a good women is hard to find, if you know what I mean. You great gals from Canada,.shouts the redmonkee

You will have to come back to this page for the rest of the story

June 11,2001 new up date Oct.2 ,2002 be sure to see the Arlington County page on front page  which keeps disappearing along with the new Helen Fahey Page  it goes too  /  every thing on this page and  this total web site are leads for investigative reporters of the world to break this story open because the American All white news men lack the guts to do  it/  White News men in America don’t have shoe leather/ and there White news editer Boss”s are all white guys / why is that?!  That news Editers in America are always white  and do stories that white blue collers  workers don’t suck up to blacks enough / why do the all white news Editers  on every news paper in America do that ?  that’s why Brown Skin and Black Skin and Yellow Skin investigative News reporters from around the world  must come to Arlington County, Va and bust this redmonkee case open/ White news men such as Bob Woodward, Ben Bradlee Elsa Walsh, Richard Cohen   of the all  themWhite   news journelist at thisWashington Post news Paper  the all White News Editers at this same  paper lack the guts to do it, because they don’t have shoe leather, this said as a Taunt   / you news men with color in your skin must do it /  also Woodard and Ben Bradlee never left george Town DC  these two white anglo Saxon guys haven’t a clue about the American people they stay in georgetown never left  Ben Bradlee hasent a clue who the American people are he always held a coat for John kennedy  when they partied together