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But the Spirt of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet... Judges VI, 34

Am I, the Chinese monkey.. they call……

  Sun  Hou-Tzu?


This children’s page is dedicated to…. Little Elisheba… Her Mother held her tight at Ruby Ridge

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SUN  Hou-Tzu … the Chinese monkey,. speaks   the words of Sun Hou-Tzu

 The Chinese monkey they call….. Sun  Hou –Tzu…tells all, ..

 the Red monkee will take the Smithsonian  Inst. Through the mouth of the Dragon and .through the Three Gorges of the Great,Yangtze River. In Great China.


  Sun Hou Tzu ---  Tricky monkey questions-

… the Chinese monkey- Sun Hou-Tzu ..Says.. In this world, we are Coming or Going.


……… Chinese monkey-.Sun Hou- Tzu…Says…we are all, right, were we want to be .

…. The Chinese Monkey .Sun  Hou-Tzu…says,- Make your own luck.

  Children of the world Ask your Grand mothers what is the monkey- they call- Sun Hou- Tzu  mean by these statements Above.?


….. more to come,… Children of the world , contact the Smithsonian’s, new Sec. Larry Small, alert him, that he has begun the journey, through the Dragons  mouth, and  hard travels through,.. the Three Gorges of the Great Chinese River, they call, the Great Yangtze River of China.


Be sure to get your mother and Grand mother, to look up the river on a map and also join the Jane Goodall Inst.

 get your grandmother and mother to become Bird watchers.- Glass every bird,- go to Hawk mt. Pa.  to watch hawks at snickers gap near Pottstown Pa

   All of you children stay away from the ---PETA, Animal rights Org. they are bad, bad, Evil, people at PETA. They would not help the Redmonkee. Have your Grand mother check the front page-- heading wrong  doing at the National  Zoo in Washington DC- USA

. be sure to ask your Grand mother to take you to visit the Great Clyde Beatty Cole Bro. Circus, when it comes to your town, and ask to meet David Hoover the only true Ape boy, in Circus History  and ask him to show you a picture of his She Girl Ape, who always wore a straw hat with blue Ribbon.

get your mother to send you to Circus school, so you can learn juggling and go to Clown School also, and always Love the circus, and fight dirty PETA who wants to hurt the circus,

 always stay with Jane Goodall-  the Chimp Lady,  ) be sure to get your mother and Grand mother to join up with Jane Goodall- the Chimp lady. She has a web site .

 get  your grand mother to Read this Page and web site, to make sure its save for children.if its not safe for children, tell your Grandmother to call the FBI. And or US Attorney John Ashcroft and or the President of the United States Pres. Bush and or his Mother Mrs. Barbara Bush.

 For your Grandmothers eyes only

This Children’s Web Site, is dedicated to Mrs. Vicky Weavers- Daughter,-- little Alsheba and Mrs. Weavers son- Samuel Hanson Weaver- 14 years old ) this web site is also dedicated to two small boys from the State of Michagian wo drank poisoned milk  because poisoned cattle feed was eaten by the cows and they the children  drank the milk

 and the dead and murdered little children at the Branch Daviden Compound at a place called Waco, Texas,   All of these Dead Woman and Children who were indeed  murdered  by---

-         the United States Government- which used more than 400- US Law enforcement Agencies Personnel, against the one- Weaver Family, with a total of 7 people in the Weaver family, a couple of dogs and a horse and some chickens- at a place they call Ruby Ridge in the State of Idaho.


-          The American Government in the Name of the American People, did indeed, commit Murder, at Ruby Ridge and at the Branch Dravidian religion- Compound at Waco, Texas.

-         The American people as a whole have remained silent, concerning these murders by their American Government.

-         On April 19 th  a Rebel Soldier, by name of Tim McVeigh who was in the ( April 19 th Rebellion)- on going in America to day,)  - drove a bomb truck to the City of Oklahoma in the State of Oklahoma ,usa and punished the people of Oklahoma City for their Silence for what their Government did at Waco And Ruby Ridge in the name of the people of Oklahoma its called Murder !

-           we urge you to write a letter  to the president of the United States to release the imprisoned Branch Dravidians , the jury members at their trial held in Texas didn’t want them to go to Jail Judge Smith gave some of them 20 to 40 years  in  prison the jury didn’t want them to spend that much time in prison, Judge Smith is protecting his class s special privileges and not doing what the people want , judge Smith went over the head of the jury  that’s not right  write that letter>  and read the book the-( Grey Wave  on the decline of the white American population       

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