Fannie Mae
Federal National Mortgage Association
3900 Wisconsin Ave N.W.
Washington, DC 20016-2892

President and COO Larry M. Small

C.J. Koritko
PO Box 11167
Arlington, Virgina 22210

First allow me to congratulate you on your new assignment, Secretary of the Smithsonian. That aside, let me alert you, that your biggest problem is that I will make and attempt to stop the movement of giant pandas out of China to the Smithsonian. See Enclosed letter to Chinese Ambassador. If you want peace, first there must be justice. You may want to ask Jamie Gorlick who I am. The FBI has put me on the terrorist watch list, even though I am not a terrorist. Read my website at

Wishing You the Best of Luck.

Most Sincerly,

C.J. Koritko


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