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Tim McViegh

Englewood Federal Correction Facility  -   12076-064                                     

9595 Quincy Avenue                                                         letter #1                               

Littleton,  Colorado   80120                                                                          



To Tim McViegh;


    I am asking that you do something bold in the courtroom of your trial.  Go in the courtroom and hold my letter to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Ira Hyman, aloft and SHOUT:


You Tim Mcviegh must alert and warn the American Women and children of a possible terrorist attack at the Smithsonian Washington, DC, based on the information Sent to you by me.

  This information shouted in the courtroom by you will ELECTRIFY the news media in the courtroom, and the world media will by this one act, turn the tables on the Government prosecutors.

 The world news media will focus on Jewish wrongdoing at the Smithsonian Institution using their Jewish religious law to force the Arabs to blowup the Smithsonian to avenge the murdered 13… little children “Arabs” by the Jewish settler, who was employed by the Smithsonian  Institution at the National Zoo.

 This Arab terrorist attack on the Smithsonian Institution Complex will also result in the massive loss of life of Christian Women and Children, who are visitors to the Smithsonian Complex, including the National Zoo.

  Secretary of the Smithsonian , Ira Hyman is Jewish, and has used his Jewish religious beliefs and jewish law to keep this quiet and out of the press, so that Christian Women And Children cannot be warned to stay away from the Smithsonian Inst.

  The Jews mentioned below have all the information, and have remained totally silent.

  The Smithsonian Jews and Ira Hyman, fired the only witness against Ralph Strauss the child killing jew.  They totally destroyed and defiled this witness, even going into a Alcoholic Anonymous  of Arlington,  Virginia. To gather information on the Wittness against Ralf Strauss.

  I urge you Tim McViegh, you will do a great service to your country by warning the American Women and Children. See if your Lawyer could somehow use this information to help your case.  Perhaps Terry Nichols Lawyer, Mr. Tiger would have some use for this information.



Tim,                                                                                                             “DO IT TIM”!!!!!

If the terrorist attack occurs, can the                                                              Following people be sued in a court of law?                                                 

I need your help.

Don’t let me down.


   The List of Jews… receiving this information by certified mail at their offices on Capitol Hill:


Rep.Sid Yates ( ILL)…Silence


The Washington Post News Company.Kay Graham…. Silence and jewish

(Publisher)donald Graham…. Silence

Lallie Graham.. Weymouth….Silence


Sen. Diane Fienstien (CA)….Silence Washington, DC

Rep Tom Lantos (CA)…..Silence                                                                                  

Sen. Arlen Specter (PA)….Silence                                                                 Barbara Boxer (CA)….Silence                                                  

Rep Schummer (NY)….Silence                                                                             Janet Reno (  AttorneyGeneral)….Silence

Sen. Herb Kohl (WI….Silence                                                                       Lewis Freeh (FBI)….Silence


The Holocaust MemorialCounsel.. Learmen, Kruger Abe Foxman A.D.L..all Silent the Jews silence screams                                                            


Jamie Gorlick (US JusticeDept)….silence

Vice President Al Gore and Family….Silence

Judge Reinquist U.S. Supreme Court….Silence

All Smithsonian Regents….Silence

Rusty Powell National Gallery of Art…..Silence

Mr. Paul Mellon (Art Patron And Horseman)….Silence



Sent FAX and Certified Mail. To all the people so named in this letter. Not one answered            




 This is a add on to Mcveighs letter  for this web site and was not part of this first letter to    Tim Mc Veigh in his prison cell


With proof of mailings to prove that it was mailed to their office.if your children are killed in the possible coming terrorist attack at the Smithsonian INST… …………………the red monkee offers free to the mothers and grand mothers of the murdered children

the proofs of mailings so that  you can sue these people and  the Smithsonian INST so that your family can get justice



Their silence SCREAMS .. and their silence also proves that they are bad Americans.


That they lack courage. They are terrified into silence because the Jews will call them anti-Semites.   these silent Americans are bad bad cowardly Americans ..they don’t care about there own American people  …….  children of France, Germany,- the Netherlands please get this story out to your news papers I need your help..

 DAS Redmonkee -DUTCH RUSS-  “the RASIN BOMBER”   .. get this info to Helmut and the other world 2 children of Berlin Germany 1945.. at the Banhoff mission, near the Berlin zoo at Franklin Strasser,

tell Helmut that the “Raisen Bomber” needs his help-DutchRuss, 1939 to1945- Das Redmonkee’s Run to the Berlin wall 1988.. ..2000 .( the WW2 childern of Berlin, Germany gave the aka Raisen Bomber and Dutch Russ to the redmonkee) Why?

    The Redmonkee calls on the children of the world,  get this letter to Helmut and the other WW2 children of Berlin 1945… the Amercian people, are a dirty white people, they wont help the Redmonkee,

Helmut knows my story, this then, is the reason I call on the children of Germany, France the Arab World and all children of the world for Help.


 Get this Info to Helmet and the other Child Soldiers of the German  Army- of 1945,- about 400 German child Soldiers of  Hitler’s Army, 11, 12  15 16  years old  who were called up to fight in the last battle of Berlin,  fought against Russian soldiers and Russian tanks  at the Tergarten  park,- this park which is about 300 yards from  the Banhoffmission  where I was sent to stay after I was cought crossing the Berlin Wall  into Communist East Germany, I was sent to the Mission   by David Cohen ,vice Counsel of Berlin Germany  Feb.1988 .

 I knew the 11 year old WWII German soldier of 1945  and his girl friend,- she later put up a Russian cross in the yard for me after I was caught on the communist East German side of the Berlin Wall  and forced returned back to   West  Berlin and the States, she said I was like peter Fletcher  he didn’t get across the Berlin wall  either , he got hung up in the Barb wire , running in the other direction, a true story,- all of it,/ - what happened inside the mission?/ you don’t want to know, you Americans couldn’t handle  the truth, /

 Abe- F  from the ADL knows, he knows about the world war II German Nurse in this mission, who was taking care of the down and out world war II children same age as the redmonk the German world War II nurse who during the war was a Kidnapped nurse for the German Government   who went into the Slav lands looking for Slav Children who looked German, measured there heads and features with her Instruments  for Aryan looks and color  kidnapped them  and brought them back to Germany to be raised as Germans,- more then 600,000 Slav children were Kidnapped during World war II , by the Kidnapped  German Nurse Corp.

  This old World War II German Army Nurse asked the redmonk if he would let her measure his body with her World War II Instruments  to see if indeed  he was Slav,-  because the World war II German Child Soldiers staying in the Mission with the Redmonk thought he, the redmonk  looked German. And they knew he was a Ruthenian.

 The redmonkee said why not,-go head ,- ( remember the redmonk was sent to this German Mission for homeless People by Vice Counsel of Berlin -David Cohen,- Berlin was a divided City  at this time  I crossed the Berlin Wall I also crossed a Check point Charlie, I got Caught  in Communist east Germany and forced returned to west Berlin  )

 the next day after they served supper   the German War Nurse asked me to set in this chair at attention , I Did and all the World War II  German Children and World War II German Soldiers some of em SS one a   SS-Sergeant who served in 1942 1943 1944 1945  all of em alcoholics,-  broken down gathered around,-  you could hear a pin drop, the world War II German Nurse conducted her self Sharp and Starchy ever thing she did clicked and snapped- when she was finished she snapped closed all her instruments in small medical black boxes after a long pause standing behind me,- total Silence -you could  hear a pin drop/   she announced  to the room that  I was Dutch Russ and pronounced that she would have captured me if she saw me in a Slav village during the War,- as she protrolled in a German Auto through Slav Villages  looking for blond German Looking Slav Children, who she snatched,  Slav children were warned to be on the look out for these cars with the German Kidnapped Army Nurses.

    All the World War II Germans Children and Soldiers Murmured and nodded their heads in Approval   and shook my hand after the measureing of my body / it reminded me of the movie  -- called-( the 25 th hour)    Abe Foxmen Knows     but he haint talking,-  all of it a true story, that the Washington post news paper said, you Americans don’t need to know.


Das.”Redmonkee “