New up date June, 11th 2001

The Russian Zookeeper Affair At

the Smithsonian Institution Wash. D.C. USA

Gentleman of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Please keep in mind as you read this that I was an animal keeper for horses at the U.S. Park Police, Horse Mounted Unit in Washington, DC.and was employed As a Zookeeper at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. U.S.A.

 President Reagan rode horses from this Park Police Unit. His favorite horse was named "Jackpot". I took care of that horse as well as several others. This is how I came to know that these horses were being drugged with a tranquilizer called ACE Promozine. On several occasions I was the person who went to pick up the drug from the Deepwood Vetinary Clinic in Virginia.

 I warned President Reagan about the tranquilizing of the horses. I refuse to believe that he knew his horse was being drugged anymore than he would know if his limousine had a full tank of gas. But, if anyone found out that the presidents  horse was being drugged with a tranquilizer to make the horse sleepy so it would not hurt the President , this would cause great embarrassment and disgrace to the U.S. President as a horseman. No real Horseman rides a drugged horse.

 I then went to Congressman Wolfs' Office in Virginia and spoke to his aide Judy McCurry. Congressman Wolf turned me over to the Police, who attempted to murder me, to shut me up, as concerns what I knew. Cong. Wolf’s father was a cop in the state of penn.and took the Park Police side, I went every where for help the congress the Senate, news- paper men like  Jack Anderson,,,…. Dale Van Atta, Bob Woodward, Richard Cohen,of the Wash Post. Lalley Graham Weymouth , her mother Kay Graham, her brother Donald Graham, they own and publish the Washington Post news paper in Wash D.C. they refused to do the story

 The jewish Graham family members are some of the most powerful people in America,They never ran for political office, but they rule over us, the Grahams have control over us because they control the news.  

 I then ran to the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC for help and protection. Ladies, Gents  and Children of the world, I am telling the truth, and I will continue to expose the cover-ups by the Smithsonian Institution. And other government agencies.including the Graham family… click on link page….. (publisher D.Graham story),ladies and gents of Europe and Canada don’t let these basterds get away with what they did to me.   help me out, alert your news papers so we can uncover the cover-ups, the Americans are too cowardly to help, the Americans are afraid of these powerful people. 

those cover-ups include:

 1). The drugging of President Reagan’s' horse….“Jack Pott”

 2). Smithsonian Jews killing the Baby Pandas' by accident?and getting away with it

 3). The death of President Reagan’s' elephant "Little Jayto" by two female Zookeepers who practiced witchcraft at the Zoo.

 4). US Senator Jesse Helms involvement in the horse killings for insurance money and as to help his wealthy constitutions..who then gave him money to get  reelected

 5). Smithsonian Jews stating on documents that C.J. the Russian Zookeeper, (a Slavic American) was mentally ill, because he was a Slav. Could you say a jew was mentally ill because he or she was a jew? (The Russian Embassy was told of this,.and they didn’t like it. ,C.J.Koritko walked into the Russian Embassie and told the Great Russians from the far North, the dirty American people wouldn’t help him, so he helped himself, in America every one is afraid of the jews and there power….not C.J. he will fight jews if he has to, because of what the jews have done to him a Slav.. not backing down…what the Jews have done to the redmonkee is against American law and this story will be told on the link page under jewish racism stay tuned…more info  coming

 6). The Chinese government was informed about the unclean conditions in the "Panda Den" at the National Zoo. More on all of this later, also concerning the white tiger

 7). The scalding of a lion tail monkey by a black Zookeeper,.a cover up by the zoo. Because the almost all white Zoo leader ship is afraid of the Blacks

 8). The stomping on the hand of a sloth  and breaking the hand.this was done by a black zookeeper supervisor whose name is Joe Rasberry,  These are just some of the things that happened at the National Zoo.the zoo vet was there at the time and  nothing was done about it, because Joe Rasberry is black,… race cowardice by the White  P.H.D. officials at the zoo was some thing to see.You all know what white guys are ? COWARDs in America the white guys are Girly men, who wear a Kotex once a month, and their not ashamed,their white guys, call me a lier I dare you  


 9). At the National Zoo a jewish Zookeeper, named Ralph,Strauss while a settler in Israel murdered and shot to death thirteen little Arab children. The Russian Zookeeper urges all of you to stay away from the Smithsonian Institution and the National Zoo because of a possible terrorist attack. By Arab freedom fighters, to avenge..  the murdered 13 little Arab children……… the Smithsonian has no shame,…but if it was a Arab American that killed 13 jewish children the cowardly Smithsonian would have acted. America is one Big phony country.

Slavs and Arabs are not hired at the Smithsonian, because the Jewish power structure at the Smithsonian does not feel comfortable around Slavs or Arabs,  if you don’t believe me , count  the Arabs, count the Slavs and then count the jews ..see if I am lying ,military vets are not welcome either, the Dirty Smithsonian told the redmonkee your military service wont help you here. (said in a snotty Smithsonian tone of voice) and that was on my first day on the job, (that pissed me off ) there was no need to say that some people Hate the military at the Smithsonian and they are never punished  the phony Smithsonian has no shame as concerns mistreatment of Military Veterans they treat military vets like crap. Because most Smithsonian employees didn’t serve in the military and are cowards, Girly men, they do not give military preference to military vets as indeed the Law states they must.

  Do not visit the Smithsonian it could cost you your life.if you lose family members in the coming terrorist attack the redmonk will give all of you, free at no charge, the proof of certified mailings,as concerns letters of warning of the coming attack against  the Smithsonian Inst. to  U.S. Government officials and ( all Smithsonian Reagents) and Smithsonian officials and members of the U.S. Congress and the senate

Proof of Mailings to-

, all Smithsonian officials Larry Small, Lucy Spelmen, Zoo director including C.I.A.officials as well as U.S. state dept officials M. Albright,…....F.B.I.---officials.. Sessions, Fhree, Webster, Janet Reno, the presidents of the U.S. Clinton, and his family NancyReagen, and her Family, Tipper Gore and her Family … and their family members,

Proof of mailings to --

 all members of  the United States Supreme Court, including the female.. Jewish girl….. Judge Ginsburg, all jewish Officials, Jewish newspapers, the “Jewish Weekly: located in Rockvill Md. to the jew Richard Cohen of the Wash Post , including   Abe Foxmen of the A.D.L. all Jewish Congressmen and jewish Senators Tom Lantos,  D. Fienstien, Arlene Specter,  Wash post news paper lady.. that Horrid horrid, Jewish women, K Graham… who would not allow this story to be told in her news paper all of the jews were silent .you people get the picture don’t you (the jews scream that the world was silent about them during ww 2) why are the jews silent now? No one has a gun to the jewish peoples head  to keep them silent, as indeed German Soldiers put guns to the head of Slavs and threatened to kill  the Slavs, if the should look were the Jews were rounded up   in Poland and Russia during world War 11 through out Euorpe, 1939 to 1945 @……………. the silence… of the (phony) jews screams.and the phony Christians too

 the redmonkee will assist all of you victims in any and all law suits you can bring against the Smithsonian Inst. , and  U.S. Government, and against the jewish people, so that  you victims,who lose loved ones, can sue  every one to get justice, so you can ..All Be Made Hole.. that’s  an American legal term. I learned this term, from some cheap lawyers, (at least iam honest about it)

After the coming Arab freedom fighters attack all of you victims will know how the people of Oklahoma City feel,read my last letter to Tim Mcveigh on the new Link and document page, so you will understand- June11 th 2001

 As Tim McVeigh told the Redmonkee at a gun show were we met, Tim said as he handed me a rifle..( here its yours) , “I am just trying to help you out.

Tim McVeigh said that to  to the Redmonkee…….and ladies and Gents of the world,  I am just trying to help all of you out, with this warning,.. protect your family.. stay away from the Smithsonian Inst../  don’t let your little babies get hurt,.. check link page ..(the Tim McVeigh story) )…then you will under stand.. read on ….good people of Europe and Canada, ( just trying to help you out..) as Tim McVeigh said to the Red monkee (me) ……at a gun show at………… Fredricksburg M.D… Tim McVeigh knows,  what they did to the redmonk at the Smithsonian

A.. FBI and other Law enforcement agencies of the U.S. Government to punish the Russian Zookeeper, had photos of his dead cousin passed around to the black janitors to look at, in the General Accounting Office Building, Washington, DC.

 Louis Freeh, Janet Reno , Jamie Gorlick and Devel Patrick of the civil rights div. U.S.Justice Dept. Wash DC. were faxed this information and it was also sent certified mail, and all of them refused to answer any of the inquires. The Russian Zookeepers female cousin photos show her naked and dead in bed with slime coming out of her mouth……the American Government doesn’t want me to get even (revenge) (satifaction),( Made hole ) or (talk about it,) the F.B.I.threatend to lock me up if I don’t shut up about what I know,in front of my Wittness no less that is why I keep running into foreign embassies, asking to get on their television news,  to tell my story, I will not give up, till justice is done, and I am made hole..that’s an American legal term…   all of you had better be ready,  don’t you think??? People of Europe, stay away, alert your school district to warn the children and there mothers,stay away from the Smithsonian inst Wash D.C. U.S.A and stay away from the National Zoo you could lose your life in the coming Arab freedom fighters attack.

(the publics right to know) -supercedes all rights of the US Government. 

B…The Russian Zookeeper calls on the Women of the of World to demand an investigation of Janet Reno and Louis Freeh, F.B.I. director, The F.B.Is very strange silence on this matter of defiling my dead female cousins body…..ladies and gents 0f Europe do I have the right to get even, revenge,satifaction, etc. any which way I can, for what the Americans did to me ? send me E-mail-- what do you think the redmonkee is going to do ?something ?, nothing ? what? The redmonkee is a Slav from the mountains and coal fields, see the movies October Sky, and Mattawan concerning problems in the coal fields in the U.S. what do you think is going to happen?stay tuned…..the terrorist, the F.B.I. calls-  the Redmonkee,  some where in America fighting alone   school children of the world, I need your help, get my story out any way you can, contact members of Pamyet in Russia and your local news paper your local TV station, children don’t let me down, the REDMONKEE needs your…help ………………………………………………………………………………………help

C… The Russian Zookeeper lives in the streets and is without funds. The FBI gets him fired from his places of work. The hounding and harassment continues, please help-People of France…England,..Germany ,.. Italy,..Russia, All the peoples of the  world right to know supersedes all the rights of the U.S.Government and the Smithsonian Inst. The US Government through the FBI  and Washington Post Newspaper is indeed trying to cover this up, (the Russian Zookeeper affair) as they, (the FBI ) indeed covered up and hounded and threatened Americans witness in the Oklahoma City Bombing by Tim Mcveigh, the Rebel Soldier,in the April 19 th rebellion, on going in America today were not free in America ,its all pretend 

 The Redmonkee calls on the Russian Cossacks,.. all members of pamyet-- get even with America for what it has done to me, your Slav Brother,  use Slavic Law to,beat up the Americans and the jews, if you must, make it fair for me Slav brothers, All members of Pamyet get the jews and Americans with out mercy, using Slav Law, show no mercy to the jews, they showed none to me and an 8 year old Polish girl from Falls church Va, which is 15 min. from Wash.D.C. …Slav brothers and Slav Sisters, in all the Slavic East lands … help get me get.. Justice…. …..  ..make it Fair, Pamyet…and all Russian Nationalist who love Russia and the SLAV RACE  ,

Your Slav Brother,( the Russian Zookeeper ) in America,. shouts.

Get the Americans, the way  Pamyat. got Eric Schmretz and the other Americans in the Cosmos Hotel down town Moscow USSR,. After I went to pamyet for help,  Come to America and capture the Americans involved and take them back to a Russian court of law, to stand trial under Slav Law,by going over the head of the American Government.

 America Captures other Countries Nationals and puts them on trial in America and so does the jewish State of Israel, it is now time for the Slavic States to do the same thing .this will bring honor and prestige to Russia and all Slavic States by capturing American Citizens who harm Slavs any were in the world, the American Government refuses to protect Slavic Americans from Jewish abuse such as in my case and the 8 year old polish girl of Falls church Va.

   the Publics right to know, supercedes all rights of the American Government.--

Other Important Side Bar Issues

1. A News Reporter from the Washington Post Newspaper told the Russian Zookeeper that it was Nancy Reagan who gave the order to drug President Reagan’s' horse to make it sleepy so he, the U.S. President wouldn’t get hurt...the redmonkee can not give the reporters name because that horrid, horrid jewish women, K. Graham, would fire him.she owns the wash post news paper CO., she is the most powerful Jewish  women in America, she controls the news we read and pulls stories for her friends in high places,( he who controlls the news, controls the masses) she never ran for political office one time

,I was in front of the Russian Embassy in wash. Dc. With my sign protesting my removal from the Smithsonian Inst. When the reporter talked to me on film. also reporters have told me, at the highest levels at the Wash. Post news co, they discussed doing my story but K. Graham that  horrid ,Horrid, Jewish woman  turned it down …….read on to find out why.. click on link page… (Donald Graham story) and how her son Donald Graham publisher of the Wash Post NewsPaper gave up a news sourse and almost got the news source killed,… Bob Woodward, who brought Down Pres. Nixon also involved, he works for Publisher  Graham of the Wash. Post news co. in Wash D.C., all politicians in America are afraid of the jewish Graham family that belongs to a Methodist church,how can they be jews, if they go to a Methodist church?this is a strange Jewish family, dont you think? 


2. The U.S. Secret Service.. has four years in a row, contacted DMV in the State of Virginia and asked them not to let the Russian Zookeeper renew his Drivers License or Tags as a favor to the Secret Service, this means the Russian Zookeeper spends four days off of work trying to get his tags. The state employee was Carol Bauldin (703) 379-7811.(This is State terrorism.)

 They did the same thing to me in the Sterling Va. Office of Division Of Motor Vehicles and the State employees were not happy about it, after I told them and shouted to the crowded room as concerns drugging the horses and  what happened to the pandas, my dead cousins body being defiled by the U.S.Government  etc.…. the people waiting in line  shook their heads, with one brave Hispanic guy,  saying out loud (there is no freedom in this country either,) and most of the people nodded their heads in approval,looking at me and listening intently, on that day America took a hit at the division of Motor Vehicles at Sterling Va. (I fight back)

 Phony dirty America betrayed the terrorist known as the red monkee, one betrayal deserves another, don’t you think ladies and gents of Europe and Canada?, the first betrayal was the American people,.. the second betrayal  will be the redmonkees(to make it fair). And the American People have no Idea whats coming, Wow!

 The F.B.I. said the redmonkee was a terrorist, the redmonkee tells the truth and is not a terrorist. To slap the FBIs face, the Russian Zookeeper took the Aka- (Redmonkee terrorist,) as a taunt to the FBI and the US Government, who indeed invent their own monsters, so they can ask for more FBI agents and money from the US congress and Senate,

 The American Govt wants silence, from the redmonkee..Ladies and Gents of Europe and Canada, there is no Freedom in America, only Political Correctness, there is no justice in America, if you have no money for lawyers you have to take what ever they do to you, in America if you don’t have 60.000 to a 100.000 dollars to pay to lawyers, you are told you cant afford justice, you are then nothing more then a slave… where is this freedom they talk about in America?

 See the American movie Called “Heavens Gate” to see howAmerica treated Russian Immigrants, America beat them or worked them in hard conditions, the redmonkee calls on Pamyet to get the Americans, to make it fair for the slavs   Slavs brothers in Pamyet get theAmericans in Russia using Slav law, for what they (the Americans) did to me,   please don’t break any laws-- shouts the Redmonkee.  get me.. …Justice.using Slav law only,-not American law,

3. Horse killer for Insurance money, Richard Bailey was at the U.S. Park Police stables, Washington, DC. He was visiting Sgt. Huber. A guy named Burns who worked with Richard Bailey was also at the Police stables, and he hit the Russian Zookeepers horse in the knee with a hammer. The Russian was outraged.

 Burns said if you are going to work with us, this is what you are going to have to do. Sgt. Huber put two ping-pong balls up a horses nose. The Russian Zookeeper began to fear for his life. Judge Shadur of Chicago, IL. was given all this information, plus much more in a letter and  a tape. Mailed cert, to the judge The Judge responded by letter to the redmonk,Judge Shadur stated that he sent it to U.S. Prosecutors. This Judge stated he believes Bailey, killed Helen Brach. the wealthy candy lady whose body has never been found…. check link page for Helen Brach story

 The Russian Zookeeper fears for his life. More info coming. did the horse killers, kill Pres. Reagens horse Jack Pott  by accident? at the U.S.Park Police Stables, in Wash D.C. is this what the F.B.I.wanted the Redmonkee to shut up about? Ladies and Gents of Europe read on,  you have no idea,   really…

The stupid Jackass white American people, have no idea, as to what the hell has happened, they don’t want to know, they want to feel safe and watch their V.C.R.s the Americans don’t like freedom, it is too much trouble, the white Americans are like frightened rabbets, political correctness has made them this way, they wont fight it, they are cowards very frightened cowards, just like sheep, the whiter their skin, the more coward they are, they have no shame, they want to be safe at any price, including the loss of  their freedom to speak, to think, thought police on college campus, and that’s why Rebel Soldier McVeigh Killed the People in Oklahoma City see Tim McVeighs Last letter link Page

who was the dumb F.B.I. agent who took one of these donated U S park Police broken down horses for a dollar a year (fee,) and this horse almost hurt his 13 year old daughter, remember these horse’s were donated to the U.S.Park police wash. DC, for tax right offs for wealthy people including movie star Bert Reynolds his  farm-- Jupiter farms in Florida, Marylyn Revere of Akin, South Carolina plus a lot more, too many names to type, I will give all the names at a later date,  all of these greedy wealthy people,  who gave money to  congressmen and senators to get them reelected, like dirty.. Sen. Jessie Helms.. of the state of old Carolina.. more then a 100 of these donated  horses were kept at the Mannass civil war battle field in the State of Virginia, (I counted them) they could not be ridden ,the redmonkee is a witness on all of it,… the Russians Know.

  Horses were killed to make room for more in coming horses, the killed horses were fed to the wealthy hunt clubs dog packs, the animal rights groups like Jeanie Roush- head of P.E.T.A. were given all this info and they protected the Republican Party,.. dirty p.e.t.a. would not help the redmonkee, PETA is also in Europe, all European people put Pressure on PETA leadership to make Roush, take a lie detector test on your television shows, Ill be their to take mine at the same time, it will make great entertainment and make a fool out of the Animals rights People and at the same time make a fool out of America. Two for the price of one

 Jeanie Roush is jewish and a Lesbian,and was the director of the animal rights org. called P.E.T.A.which is also in Europe, by selling out the redmonkee, did P.E.T.A.and J. Roush protect her jewish brother Ralf Strauss who murdered 13 Arab children and is a homosexual and works at the national zoo,

 Did the republican political party gave  a promises of support for P.E.T.A.s agenda on animal rights  if P.E.T.A would help do in, and crush  and denie help and assistance to the redmonkee, as a favor for the Republican party? Stay tuned good people of Europe, I need your help, get your TV programs to give me a lie detector test on your nightly television show it will be great entertainment and you Europeans can make a fool out of the United States and the US Congress and Senate,.. do it ladies and gents of Europe invite me to your country to take a lie detecter test  

 remember President Reagan’s daughter Patty Davis hung out at P.E.T.A.s and was a big supporter of P.E.TA.s.. as so many are in Hollywood …

 were is Hollywood’s support  for the redmonkee???? Were the F… you at Hollywood, shouts the redmonkee I live in the streets, I need your help too, you dirty Movie stars  and C. suckers in Hollywood, you stinking movie stars…S.O.B.s how about me ???? hello Hollywood come in… dirty Movie Hollywood, hellooo I need money to clear my name…. do you get the picture… Hollywood………..any one out their in Hollywood HELLOOOO ?  …….the red monkee is taking poetic license agenst stinking Holly wood and its stinking  movie stars who remain silent as concerns the Redmonkee, and the Russian Zookeeper Affair, at the Smithsonian Inst., In Washington D.C. us of a    

4. I am indeed a witness against the U.S. governments U.S.  Marshall.. Larry Cooper, when I overheard damaging statements his family made against him at the hearings on Ruby Ridge.i was sitting directly behind Coopers family, that’s how I over heard what they said (On Camera).in the u.s. Hart bldg. wash.D.c. Capital Hill ,Where all the Ruby Ridge Hearings were held.The Redmonkee went to almost every hearing held on Ruby Ridge on link page (Ruby Ridge)

 5. I gave statements to Kevin Harris who was wounded at Ruby ridge as concern what Sniper.. Coopers family said, a female law enforcement officer stood 2 feet away writing down in a little book everything I told Kevin Harris. (The camera will note this.) she was wearing a blue pants suite, later.. out side the Hart bldg,. Harris and his lawyer offered to take me to supper and wanted me to be in a video to reenact what happened,.. (what I heard,) if you don’t believe the redmonk ,then ask Kevin Harris if this happened.

 Later, the U.S.Marshells, then tried to frighten the redmonk with long hard stair downs in side the hearing room,in front of congressmen and senators too, where marshal Cooper pointed me out to the gang of F.B.I. thugs (F.B.I.agents)  (I will give the F.B.I.thugs names later) I stared back at them long and hard, as they were staring at me long and hard . the dirty white news men in the Ruby Ridge  hearing room saw this and wouldn’t do the story 99 percent of the news men were white in this  Ruby Ridge hearing room at every hearing   I mentioned this to prove the white news-men don’t want to work with blacks, but these same white newsmen will tell blue collar working class whites they, the whites are racist for not sucking up to blacks, the white newsmen in America are  phony as hell. They control whats in the papers,we the people have no say,were is the Freedom?


 In the bath room in the U.S. Hart bldg. (during a break in the Ruby ridge hearings) a F.B.I.agent who was washing his face looked up as the redmonk walked in and the agent told the redmonkee, you cant come in here, in a snotty FBI tone of voice, the redmonkee replied F…  you.. and went into the John or as they say in England the Louie, the agents then  threw water on the red monk, who then threw toilet paper back on them, (after wiping his butt,) the red monkee then  shouted I have a.i.d.s,   the Government agents then all bolted for the door, and bunched up in the door trying to get out, (I don’t have A.I.D.s I just said that to freak the Agents out) the redmonk  then  cussed them out calling them SOBs. And C. suckers--, a week or so later, riding my bike to Leesburg VA. on the bike trail from Arlington Va. (Arl. is about 15 min from Wash. DC.) and Leesburg, Va is about 30 miles from Wash. D.C. The F.B.I.agent who made a snotty remark concerning my dead cousins dead body in side the ruby ridge hearings room, (on Capitol hill) passed me on the bike trial  not too far from Leesburg Va and sneered at me saying nice tits, a short while later he and his girl friend stopped, as I caught up to them he let me see his pistol and demanded to know if I was following him, using that snotty F.B.I. Tone of voice, he showed his badge, he then said again, (nice tits) his girl friend became enraged with him and shouted at him, come on lets go. … I gave all this info in writing to all members on the Ruby Ridge hearings SEN Specter, Thompson, Fienistien all the members. E.T.C.  I sent it certified mail and hand delivered it to their offices on Capitol Hill, not one of them answered me, I then made a followup phone call to a staff member, She stated they all know about it but  if they do any thing about it, that is none of your business, she further stated, that’s how law enforcements works,… she further stated you will never find out what we did with the info you gave us., (that’s not freedom!)

Now ladies and gents of Europe and Canada do you see why I run Into foreign Embassies asking for help and do you good people think I am traitor to America for going to foreign governments for help?… no one in America will help me, and I will not give up the fight until justice is done, the American people are a dirty people ..believe me people of Europe the Americans are a dirty bunch of cowards, the Americans today are not the Americans all of you knew  from ww-2, 1939 to 1945 these new Americans are a different breed of cat, a stinking yellow cat, is what they turned into.           

 6. While the redmonkee was working for the U.S. Park Police, in wash. D.C..SEN- Diane Fienstien a wealthy Jewish female took free riding lessons at Park Police stables on US Government horses. CONG.. women Barbara Boxer was there also. This is against the law. (Did the FBI know?) Also Senator Diane Feinstien was nearly thrown over the head of one of the horses. That’s when she noticed the Redmonkee observing her from the gate. She screamed get him out of here. Her riding abilities need to be improved upon at her own expense. The horse she was riding had  neveculer diseased front feet.the horse was donated for a tax write off  by the wealthy, how much money did these wealthy people give to Fienstien,?

 These bad horses were. forced on the police,by dirty Sen. Jessie Helms of Carolina and dirty Marilyn Revere of Akin South Carolina, and other wealthy Americans, was the police trying to hurt Diane by giving her a bad horse to ride and get her hurt? the cops snikered that’s what they were doing, if she had ask me, I would have told her , but she yelled at me, that’s the wrong thing to do to me, ill let you go over the water falls and not tell you  look out!,

 I did tell her jewish girlfriend barbra Boxer, who was standing next to me at the gate,  you can get some one hurt giving them a horse like that. I then explained to the Jewish Girl Barbra- B, what was wrong with that horse, That’s the kind of horses the Stinking Rich (Cheapskate) Americans (most of them Christens) gave to the U.S. Government, so they( the Wealthy) could get a Tax right off  and that’s  how and why Kay Graham owner of the Wash. Post Newspaper, Co in Wash. D.C.usa has helped her powerful friends, by keeping this out of her Paper, Old lady Kay Graham had a home in the Middleberg hunt Country were many believe, she killed her husband Phil with a shot gun blast and got away with murder,     you people have no idea what the hell else happened, stay tuned, the red monkee is going to get dirty and low down and spill the beans and pull down the drapes and knock over the wine glasses on every body( revenge )….pay backs are hell aint they?   you people have no idea what’s coming…stay tuned, have a banana on the redmonkee……………….read ooon   it gets better or worse depending on your point of view. But you gotta like it, know what I mean?

At the ruby ridge hearings held on Capital Hill Wash.D.C., Sen. Feinstien always talked very nice to the F.B.I. agents… she talked very nasty to Kevin Harris, who was very very brave at the Ruby Ridge shoot out, with killer agents of the U.S. Government.  Kevin  was wounded, and shot by the U.S. government.. and almost died, at Ruby Ridge,

 the great congress- women Helen Chenoweth of Idaho—(who is a Christen)- with a red and purple face, chewed out the jewish girl, Diane Feinstien, for abusing Kevin Harris, Feinstien looked frightened, as Helen, that Christen girl from Idaho.. chewed the jewish girl out, Helen then went out side in the hall way, yelling to the newsmen and camera’s ,as concerns what the jewish girl, Diane Fienstien did to Kevin Harris, Helen face was red and purple with rage, I mentioned this because she was P.O. i went out in the hall way and watched her do it ……. the redmonkee was impressed.. but he moved on down the hall way ,to get away from the situation and turned the corner and Helen was still rasin hell, you could still hear her,Yelling, way down the hall way, she was defiently fired up… the Redmonk went and got a cup of coffee and came back when it was all quiet.. click on the link page (Ruby ridge)   Matt drudge is not this good, and the powers to be don’t like Matt  Drudge either anymore then they like the Redmonk.

when it came time for Sen Arelin Specter, (who is not a Christen) to hold his little news conference, out side the hearing room, at the Ruby Ridge hearings which he did almost every day, a brave white girl Reporter asked Sen Specter, what roll did jewish orgs. Play, including the A.D.L. and Abe Foxmen as concerns  telling lies ,on the weaver family at Ruby Ridge, so that law enforcement would go after the Weavers, Sen. Areline Specter panicked  and acted like some one who had to go pee.. real bad and ended the news conference And FLED,!   --- ,as if the Rev. Gert Butler and StormTroopers  of the Aryan Nation were after him. I was astounded to see Specter run from that hot Question, and I still am astounded, why did Sen. Arlene Specter- Run from the hot question? Why didn’t he stand like a man and answer the hot Question straight up like a real American

 the redmonkee was pretending as if he was a news reporter writing on a pad no more then 3 feet away from Sen. Specter, that how I know what the hell happened, that white girl reporter ,asking Sen. Specter that hot question, unnerved  Sen. Specter, the red monkee was there, I guess this means the ADL. And Abe Foxman who is Jewish, did help kill a mother with a baby in her arms at Ruby Ridge , the jewish Americans say iam a Antisemite for bringing this up , were is  freedom of speech in America ? If I cant ask these Questions of the Jews, but these Jews can ask me a Slav, any question they want ? Iam not going along with phoney Political Correctness.

 no news paper reported Sen. Specter was asked that hot question, concerning the jewish org. A.D.Ls roll in getting the weaver family killed, because the Jews didn’t like the Weavers political Believes, what Abe Foxmen did was use jewish American power to get the FBI  and US Government to go after the Weaver family because the ADL and Foxman didn’t like the political belives of the weavers,  the jews have no shame concerning their part in blowing the face off a mother holding her 9 month old baby girl in her arms or shooting the mothers 14 year old son Sammy weaver in the back,and shooting his arm off, that it hung only by the skin,

    Remember what the jews did at the national zoo, to the Pandas the jewish zookeeper who killed 13 little children, and of course what the jews did to the redmonkee, degrading me, telling me I am mentaly ill because I am a Slav, and what the Fallschurch Va. Jews did to an 8 year old polish girl ,  remember the U.S. Government gave medals to these F.B.I.killers of a mother holding a baby in her arms,  these same Government agents then went to Waco Texas, were they killed more then 100 woman and children, and were given more medals? Kay Graham backed the FBI in these killings of Americans and her Wash.Post Building has not been blown up by rebel Soldiers in the April 19 th rebellion in America, remember- Kay Graham is Jewish, and controls the news we read, were is the freedom? 

The redmonkee calls on the Peoples of Europe to   petition the United Nations to hold a trial and to charge with mass Murder and Breaking of the Nurenburg laws by the FBI and all other law inforcement agencies of the U.S.government and also- Abe Foxman of the ADL, for what they All did together, (Murder  woman and children) at RUBY RIDGE and WACO TEXAS, including Janet Reno General of the United States. In your petition and charges to the UN- go after phony America


                          Below   A Redmonkee Zinger>>>>>>>>

 some one  went into the Ruby Ridge hearing room when no one was there, and tore open Sen. Fienstien chair and inserted a piece of wood with a tack and set it up so that  when Diane Finestien sat on the chair the tack would protrude up into her buttocks….. the redmonkee hasn't a clue who did it, so don’t ask….. look on the photo gallery to see the photos of the inner workings of the hearing room behind the scenes were the cameras were Howd you like that zinger…. Good people of Europe and Canada, this is better than Matt Drudge, call me a lier      


7. A brave Black Postal Employee told the redmonkee that the U.S. government agency called National Security and U.S.Army intellegence is not letting my mail get through. I'm wasting money on mail. The white Postal employees were silent stinking cowards. We all know what white people are in America. Don’t we? More on this later…concerning my mail box in Arlington Va  central Post office in Cleardon were a Black female employee shouted to the public as I stood in line that I was crazy, the post master was called out ,    ….and the secret Gvt agency known as “National security” involvement in tampering with my Mail Box, all of this at the Central post office in Cleardon Va,


8. Telephone Company states family members are wire tapped at several locations. The telephone company states that they need a subpoena from a judge to tell who is wiretapping the phone.


9. While working for the U.S. Park Police, Senators,and  Congressman used the Park Police as a dumping ground for bad horses. A tax write-off for their rich constituents. The Senators and the Congressmen didn’t care about the cops.Who had to ride the horses,  SEN Jesse Helms was the Sen. doing this most frequently, staff members on capital hill told the redmonkee no one is going to help you, your attacking S.E.N. Helms and we have to work with him…. the Law Firm of Hogan and Hartsons pro. Bono. Dept.said the same thing, but in a different way, no American law firm would help the redmonkee,that’s why he went to Russian G.V.T.for help.

 the U.S.Government and American law enforcement are outraged that he went to foreign governments for help over the head of the American Government,I urge all of you to do the same thing… they F…..the redmonkee he Fu…. them back., and it aint over tills its over and it aint over the April 19th rebellion  song,sung by Shaver and his dead son,  the redmonkee is not playing by American rules any more, because he can never win, it is a unfair fight, the redmonkee has no lawyers, the government has 1000 of lawyers on there side        


10. Death threats against my life are never investigated by law enforcement. U.S.Park Police cop.. Mike Owens is the one that tried to blow off my arm with a explosive devise, remember Pres. REGEAN rode horse's from this horse  mounted unit.. this could only bring shame to the Pres.Reagen, and the United States,once it all begin to unravel

massive cover- up by the U.S.government and massive un –covering by the redmonkee

 I am not going to stop coming until I get all you basterds that screwed me up, I made the Americans pay in Russia and I will make all of all you pay here in America, none of you have any idea as to what is… coming…and none of you are getting away…. all legal of course. 


11. I fled inside foreign embassies to protect myself from this terrorism of the United States against me. What else would you call it?. The book on terrorism states what is happening to me is a state of terrorism against a citizen. By the U.S. Government.don’t believe me ?, look it up at your local library, don’t trust me, trust your self


12. Jerry Seper and Nina Totenburg two journalist know something about this story, they were at the Ruby Ridge hearing. Sam Donaldson, Barry Sarafin and Col Bo Gritz, movie star Mike Douglas. Mike Douglas was attacked by the Redmonkee at the Decatur House one block up from the White House. More on this later..


13. FBI has told family members I am on the terrorist watch list. That is when i got the AKA. Redmonkee. as a way to taunt the American Government and F.B.I. I am not a terrorist, but since they put me on the list, I am not coming off.. the F.B.I. said they took me off the list, I yelled back, I don’t want to be taken off, it gives me statues among other demonstrators at the F.B.I. bldg and the White House, children have asked for my autograph at Waco Demos.


14. While in the Military, the unit I was with , dropped tons of explosives within the three mile limit of the country of Morocco and Algeria that is a danger to Arab fisherman.who are catching bombs in there nets as they fish the ocean floor, bombs we dumped off the coast, the redmonkee along with other Crew members of L.S.T.1162 rolled hundreds of 500 lb bombs and 1000 lb bombs off the Ship and into the ocean, off the coast of Morocco  I agree to go on Arab television to tell the Arab people at no fee other then plane fare,  to get to the  Arab World and there TV stations to get my story out.

A.. The Redmonkee told the Algerian Embassy last year to get even.with stinking America, the redmonkee is a revenge seeking monkee, (He s not going to lie about it) The Redmonkee aint no angel. He has no wings on his back. But he will even the score…. He is a Slav from the Coalfields and Mountians,he was raised with the mountain CODE no one at the FBI or the Smithsonian Inst. has any idea what the mountain CODE is or what a COKE OVEN under stand the mountain CODE good people of Europe you must know the true story of the Southern Soldier from the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky and what happened to his wife and daughter his name was CHAMP FERGESON, he too didn’t let any one get away, his story on the link page, the jackass Americans at the Smithsonian are asleep as concerns the Redmonkee and the mountain CODE, read .Fergenson then you will under stand    

 The Algerians wondered why fishermen were catching 500 pound bombs in their fishing nets on the ocean floor. They thanked the Redmonkee…..  who ,s going to pay to clean it up ???the dirty American people who betrayed the redmonkee that's who … the redmonkee settles scores, he hangs out on Embassy row….. stay tuned this thing aint over.

15. Was the Redmonkee fired from the National Zoo because he was witness against the child killing Jew?Who worked at the Smithsion inst.and killed 13 little children when he was a Settler in Iserial for 4 years???

AA… So the Redmonkee has gone to the Islamic Association for Palestine, to inform them, that the U.S. Senate and Congress does not care about the murder of the Arab children. But they would all scream if a Jewish child got scratched..the Phony  U.S.congress and the phony American people.


B…He is also asking Arab Governments for a computer so he can build a Worldwide Website so that he can go over the head of the American government.directly to the people of the world seeking support in this matter people of France get this story in French news papers  please …. The redmonkee also agrees to take a lie detector test on French television concerning all of this, any time any were.  


C.. Francine Berkowitz a Jewish girl who is the Director, Office of International Relations at the Smithsonian Institute. Wash. D.C.

 If Francine Berkowitz fails to hold a news conference to warn.. Christian, American Women and Christian.. Children of a possible terrorist attack by Arab Freedom Fighters because the Jewish sayans mentioned in the Congress and Senate, and the Jewish sayans at the Smithsonian hid and protected a Jewish settler who murdered and shot to death 13 little Arab children. The youngest, six years old…………………………..and the dirty white Christian woman in America are only silent, silent, silent, Wow !

 CAN FRANCINE BERKOWITZ a jewish girl BE SUED IN A COURT OF LAW FOR REMAINING SILENT?as concerns what her jewish brother did?


16. I will be protesting in front of the Russian and Chinese’s Embassies, and on Capitol Hill. I plan a hunger strike to force the U.S. Justice Department to investigate civil rights violations against me by Smithsonian employees. Which include sexual harassment charges filed against  Ben Beck.who will be going to China to pick up the new PANDAS,? per Larry Small the new Sec. Of the Smithsonian- the F.B.I.knows all about Beck 

 A.. The Jews of the Smithsonian using their Jewish religious law to harm me. So as to protect the Jewish mass child killer, of thirteen little Arab children.

B.. This Jewish settler worked at the National Zoo where I was a witness against him.

C… For the death of the Giant  Pandas by two Jewish Americans, Ed Gould and Devera Klineman. The death of President Reagan’s'  little baby elephant,  little Jato.. by Morna Holden and Kathy Wallace, two  Zookeepers in the Elephant house.

E …These are just some of the reasons why they would want me removed from the National Zoo, on trumped up charges. The Smithsonian fired me for being a threat to the animals, staff, public and Smithsonian collection. Not even Ira Heymen or Hitler including  Larry Small all put together was ever that dangerous. The people who killed the animals are still working there. Think of it ….the outrage and injustice and the u.s. government wants me to shut up ???  this is not going away until justice is done ,I will not shut up, I will shout louder! This update the first in two years- June 11th 2001

F… As soon as I acquire a computer and a scanner I will scan all documents to a Web site, asking for hearings by the US Goverment.I am now borrowing time on the computer where ever I can……people of France help me, get my story out to your news shows, there are no time to make corrections I must type as much and as fast as I can


17. I demand an investigation by the United States Government, into the defiling of 3 dead bodies by employees of Mr. Richard Abalon, President of Ogden Corporation, 2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10121.

 This  crime of defiling dead bodies took place in the General Accounting Office Building Washington, DC. 4416 G Street NW. This is a U.S. government building managed by Comptroller General of the United States, Charles A. Browser, a Republican appointee.

 I also believe that other government agencies involved in U.S. law enforcement, were FBI agents, Secret Service Agents and Federal Protective Service agents. How else could black janitors get photos of dead white people to show around and laugh at in a government building? I was sickened by the photos, defiling dead bodies who are defenseless to protect themselves. I asked Ron Young why he was doing this, and he replied he was told to do it. When I asked by whom, he would not tell me.

A… I then informed Ron Young and Rose Battle and others from the all black Ogden janitorial force, that when  I was employed by the U.S. Park Police horse mounted unit, Washington, DC. The Park Police showed a picture of a dead black female as she lay on a slab in a DC morgue. The photo shows a shot up photo between her legs., so you could see her vagina. I complained about it,and wrote a letter wittnessing what transpired,( check the last letter to Tim mcveigh for more details)

B… Ron Young a supervisor for Ogden  then showed the photos all around to black janitors and black guards,to look at who mocked me, by saying nice tits. They were all laughing,they were all black. I was the only white Janitor supervisor working in this government building.the F.B.I. hate crime unite refused to investigate… read tim McVeighs last letter link Page

 C…Women of the world write to the White house,.demanding they go after these people, make janet Reno and John Ashcroft answer,….get some guts,, the American women don’t have any ….its all up to you EUROPEAN WOMEN to do it, the Americans women lack guts..the whites are a bunch of cowards…in America, white people in America are sheep …Women of France, please help.. get my story out .

 18. If the Redmonkee is lying, why was he debriefed on Oracoke Island, North Carolina, the outer banks,of Carolina, by U.S. Government  debriefers Bob Hype and Gary Sydlow, two U.S. Government Debriefers.

A… The U.S. Marine Bobby Garwood was debriefed in the same house on the island. And Bobby Garwood is a witness that the Red Monkey was debriefed in that same house. The U.S. Marine Garwood has been found innocent by Bob Hype and Gary Sydlow. Garwood unwittingly is a witness for the Redmonkee. One questioned asked of Garwood and then the answer from Garwood, will prove indeed that the Red monkey was debriefed in the house on Okracoke Island. Click on link page for the Garwood story



19. Misconduct by Smithsonian Employee, who works at the National Zoo. His name is RON SCHUMAKER, who works with Ben Beck, Primotolgest at the Zoo. I presently have on file, with the FBI, a complaint against Ben Beck, concerning a civil rights violation against me by Beck. This complaint has also been filed with Janet Reno, Jamie Gorlick and Devil Patrick of the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice for my illegal firing.

 I was thrown out of the Zoo in great haste by Ben Beck. Ron Schumaker came to Baileys' Crossroads shelter, run by the County of Fairfax, Virginia for homeless people. Schumaker came inside the shelter and took photographs of me, with a smirk and grin on his face.

 He hung around a female volunteer named Ursula Gartman. The homeless people were outraged at what Ron Schumaker had done. The Salvation Army was managing the shelter for Fairfax County, I had no money for Lawyers. I went to the Russian and Chinese Embassies, seeking assistance. Congressman, one would help me …people of the world I gave the dirty Americans plenty of opportunity to assist me they always refused because they were cowards, they betrayed me did they not ? am I not intilited to betray the dirtyAmericans in kind ???? 


 Ron Schumaker (Insulted Viet Nam veterans at the shelter). Who then threatened to kick his ass (poetic license). And indeed one Viet Nam veteran chased the Salvation Army Manager with rage and threats over what Ron Schumaker had done . the manger fled in his office and locked the door

 While I worked at the National Zoo as a ZooKeeper, Schumaker was lazy and snotty, and in one case I observed Dr. Mitchell Bush reprimand Schumaker because he left green slime growing on the water bowls for the monkeys. All this information was sent to Katharine K. Hanley, Chairperson County of Fairfax. (Certified Mail). She refused to all jewish American she remained silent,… like all white Christian Americans she remained silent

20. Ira Heyman present Smithsonian Secretary, was on the Board of Regents, and knew about the Jewish child killer at the Zoo but he too remained a silent jew…. why? The Jews scream the Slav race was silent about them during ww 2, no Germans have a gun at jewish peoples head why then are the jews silent in America  about whats happened at the Smithsonian?

So, did Congressman Sid Yates of Illinois, DianeFienstein of California, Barbara Boxer, Tom Lantos, Abe Foxman of the ADL, all the Holocaust Memorial Officials, Janet Reno and Jamie Gorlick. These are just some of the officials that received this information and remained silent. Why are these jews silent? People of the world make the jews answer..

not one of these American jews mentioned above  will hire slavic americans or Arabs americans on there staffs which is the marker of proof that all of them are raciest jews, it is also against American law for these jews not to hire slavs or Arabs on there staffs… people of France and Germany all Arab Countries, get your news papers to do this story.. I need your help,the Americans are cowards and American Jews are Bigots 


21. The Iraqi Embassy in Washington DC knows the number of children that Ralph Strauss murdered and are aware of his home address. The Witness against Ralph Strauss, C.J. Koritko was terminated and fired from his position at the National Zoo. Ira Heyman knew about this and remained silent.

Also Kathryn Graham who owns the Washington Post News Company, were given all this information, and Kathryn Graham remained silent.

 Kathryn Graham is Jewish, so is her daughter Lallie.. jewish.

 We urge all news companies, including all newsman in the World Press Building, down town Was.D.C. to warn their Embassies in Washington D.C and citizens of their country not to visit the Smithsonian, it could cost them their lives.

22. Does this mean that the Jews pictured below can be sued by victims families? After the terrorist attack against the Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art and the National Zoo. Because these Jews, who are pictured below, REMAIN SILENT.





Mildred M. Glover, John Huerta, Sec Larry Small, former Sec Michael Heyman Smithsonian Institution
General Counsel Office 1000 Jefferson Drive SW Suite 318
Washington, DC 20560 Send them a copy and give them a call.


24. Jewish Lawyer misconduct in the Russian Zookeeper Affair at the National Zoo, Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC.

All of his Jewish Lawyers told the Russian Zookeeper not to mention the Jewish Settler, who worked at the National Zoo and murdered thirteen little Arab children when he lived in Israel. They include the Law firm of Passman and Broda, located on K Street NW Washington, DC. Peter Broda was the Russian Zookeepers' Attorney. He was also the Attorney for Rita Maccuass an employee of the U.S. Justice Department who was terribly racially abused by Black Afro Americans employed at the U.S. Justice Department.

Peter Broda lives in Arlington, Virginia, in Arlington County,. He knows the likes of James Hunter, Ellen Bozeman.more on what Ellen Bozeman did and didn’t do,, it will shock you,it includes death threats against the pres. Reagan, that she failed to report,allowing Arlington county to put sex charges on a innocent man for political reasons to cover up abuse of children by two Arlington social workers Mrs.  Lee and Mrs. Bingham the county police used a mentally ill stalker of Arlington County woman, as a informant to demonize a innocent man a few months ago, Arlington county protected the stalker not the woman in Arlington County Va. this story in detail later, you will have to come back for the rest of this story, on the link page and document page


 This is  same County, Arlington, that hired a female cop named Grasso. Her husband, also last name Grasso, and worked for the U.S. Park Police Horse Mounted Unit, Washington, DC. He rode a black horse named Diablo. Grasso's wife of the Arlington Police Department, her father was a Col. in the Air Force or Army. Private Grasso of the U.S. Park Police caught his wife in bed with another female cop. She claims to her husband that she was just resting in bed with this other women. She and her husband had a home in Warrenton, Virginia. The Russian Zookeeper worked at the U. S. Park Police Horse Mounted Unit, prior to working at the Zoo.

 How the Russian Zookeeper knows Rita Maccuass from the U.S. Justice Department, when C.J. the Russian Zoo Keeper filed a discrimination complaint against the Smithsonian, he filed with Rita Maccuass, a paralegal at the U.S. Justice Department. Because the Russian Zookeepers name began with a "K". And he spoke with her by phone. And when she won her case against the Justice Department it was splashed all over the Washington Post Newspaper, C.J. called her on the telephone. It cost her 20 thousand dollars to fight her case. When C.J. lost his case against the Smithsonian Institution, for his illegal firing, he vowed he would flee to the Soviet Union to seek asylum and get his story on the European News. So as to embarrase the Smithsonian and the Jewish Americans  (All this information is in the file system of the Russian Zookeeper). For the investigative reporters to look through.


25. When he returned  from the Soviet Union, after being denied asylum. After he went to members of PAMYET in Moscow. He told members of PAMYET what the Americans had done to him at the Smithsonian. PAMYET rounded Americans up in the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow, USSR and terrorized them. With axes, ropes and guns. Because of what the Americans did to the Russian Zookeeper C.J..,at the Smithsonian inst. ..

Also rounded up at the Cosmos Hotel were Eric Schmertz and his Brother,….Eric Schmertz was Commissioner of Labor in the Dekins Administration. 110 Church Street New York, New York 10007,.. New York City.this story in full later- document Page link page

 how… Schmertz a american jew was to be killed in side of Russia,his arrogent jewish behavoir almost got him killed, he was buying jews with bulging envelopes of money or giving  air line tickets to jews in side a Russian church, the redmonkee watched Eric pass the envelope, this jew also told the redmonk not to take his  picture, to pass money in a Russian Church like a Judis, is the living proof he has no respect for the Slav race which saved his Jewish People from Hitlerand gave the jews Iseral and their Religion and the Jewish people never said thanks  to the slav race

 , all Russian Nationalist leaders led the bus carrying the Jew Schmertz and the redmonkee to the airport, the redmonkee was forced back to the States, after he met with K.G.B. agents and told them what the jews did to the red,monkee at the Smithsonian, the redmonkee went to the K.G.B. head quarters down town Moscow, this is were the american Jew was to be killed on the way to the air port for his arrogant behavior in Russia, the red monkee went in to the back of the bus to get Schmertz, he begged like only the jews know how to beg, when they have no one to defend them.

 like the coward jew he was, he curled up on the seat saying over and over again, I have a bad  heart, his jewish brother begain to weep and said to the redmonkee in a pleading voice “please don’t hurt my brother”but the jews had no trouble hurting the redmonkee at Smithsonian, the jews liked hurting the redmonkee, now that it was the jews turn to be hurt, the jews  cry and beg, (don’t hurt me,)

 the jew Schmerz,head was to be put under the front wheel and the driver was to go forward and crush his skull, Schmertz had early remarked that he went into the Eastern Zone and bought jews out under the nose of the Russian s in 1945 or 1946 he didnt like the Russians who saved his jewish life and gave the jewish people Iserial by defeating Hitlers Germany, the Great Russian People Lost 49 million dead to defeat Hitler not 20 million the old number,  the jews loss 4 and half million  jews, not 6 million  -these new numbers come from Prof. Ericson of Edenburg Scotland,

 no jew has ever said thanks to Russia nor has the West said thanks to Russia, no black American would be alive on this planet if it wasn”t for the Great Russian People who lost 49 million dead of ww- 2 to defeat Hitler,

 no black Leader ever said thanks, that’s how dirty the Black Americans are, this then ladies and Gents of Europe and Canada is how dirty the black and jewish people are in America, the jew and black americans hate the redmonkee for saying these factual truths, and call him a racist, if I live in freedom in America why cant I say these honest things, this is the proof we in America are not free

 did Schmertz the American jew try to steal a dead jewish baby from ww2 Leningrad (USSR) that had mummified and bring it to the Holocaust Meauseam in Wash DC  to be put on display ,is this why the  Russian nationalist wanted this New york – jew-Schmerz killed.?that’s what Pamyet told me and Pamyet was P O, the Jews don’t know how to treat people

 I believe this one of the many reasons Kay Graham will not do this story she is protecting her jewish people so the jews will buy advertising in her news paper, Kay Graham is jewish, but goes to a Methodist Church , what kind of Jew is that ?      


 Upon the force-return of the redmonkee to America, Pvt Grasso and other Arlington County Cops harassed him. Taking his bicycle from him, but the Redmonkee checkmated the Arlington County Police who had surrounded him. Shouting- to the crowd not to leave ,but watch and observe what the cops were doing to him, He also shouted to the crowd, that he knew that President Reagan rode a drugged horse. And that was why the police were harassing him in Arlington County.

The cops also beat on his camper with their nightsticks ordering him out of his vehicle.

 Including obstructing Justice, concerning other involving C.J. will be Ellen Bozeman, Jim Hunter, the Sheriffs Office the two prosecutors of Arlington County. A Lawyer in Arlington County, named Marni E. Bryum Attorney at Law, was paid 75.00 by C.J. concerning his firing from the Smithsonian, she is also Jewish, she tucked the money into her bra.

 His other Lawyer, Richard Stern of Washington, DC. court appointed by Judge Hogan, US. District Court, DC. Stern a jew told C.J.  not to mention the child killing Jew at the National Zoo. That would not help his case.

 Borda the jewish lawyer told C.J. that he would not take his case if he mentioned the child killing Jew at the Zoo, He told all his Jewish Lawyers he believed that he was fired because he was a witness against the child killing Jew. Broda lives in Arlington County Va and Knows the powerful in the County

 All Jews were hysterical. As concerns Ralph Strauss, the child killing Jew at the Zoo.

 Professor Charlie of Slavic studies SLIPPERY ROCK STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, Slippery Rock , Penn. knows about the roundup of Americans in the Cosmos Hotel, Moscow, USSR. He was the tour guide, he knows Inga Karlina, Russian tour guide from Leningrad, USSR. She watched the roundup by members of PAMYET. Her brothers name is Karol they know about the Dead mummfied Jewish Baby from ww 2 .


26. The Redmonkee met and talked to Jim Norell at the Ruby Ridge hearings on Capitol Hill in the Hart Building. Jim Norell asked what he heard as the Redmonkee sat behind U.S. Marshall Larry Coopers' family, and the Red Monkey overheard what Coopers' family members said concerning Marshall Cooper giving statements to the committee members. The Redmonkee was sitting closer to the Cooper family than Jim Norell the writer was. The Red Monkey always wore a blue expensive blazer and dark glasses.

 Jim Norell approached the Redmonkee "terrorist". Norell then asked ? What did Coopers' family members say? And the Redmonkee replied, "The woman said, HE DID IT, HE DID IT,..THAT'S THE WAY HE ACTED WHEN HE LIED TO ME, WHEN HE WAS A LITTLE BOY!" she was sniffling crying softly when she said it The elderly man sitting next to her, said "DON'T SAY NOTHING. DON'T SAY NOTHING. Said twice.

Little known incidents at the Ruby Ridge Hearings .

27. As the Redmonkee was walking to the Ruby Ridge hearings he was walking past the Smithsonian Institution and Randy Weaver and his daughter Sarah were walking with other friends toward the Redmonkee. The Redmonkee spoke with Randy Weaver and his daughter Sarah Weaver. He told them he was protesting for them. And Sarah Weaver gave the Redmonkee a hug and a kiss. If you don't believe the Redmonkee ask Sarah Weaver. The Red Monkey protest for the Weavers' every year, in front of the FBI Building, U.S. Justice Department and the White House. He Protest with the WACO crowd, whose' leader is Carol Moore. -The Redmonkee.

28. Russian Zookeeper at the Smithsonian Institution.
Betreff: Aufmerksamkiet Berlin!
Frau und Kinder bitte nicht Besuch das Smithsonian Institution und Washington, DC USA. Unmoglich Terrorismus nahe "Arab Freedom Fighters", sein bevorstehend. Judisch Angestelle von Smithsonian morder und dreizehn klien Arab kinder. Wann er in Israel Junger bis sechs Jahre. Das Judisch von Smithsonian Vertushung. Judisch wahlen Offiziell Tom Lantos, Arlen Spector, und Diane Fienstien nicht informieren der amerikanisch Menschen. Wissen herum das Kommen Angriff, Aufmerksamkiet Berlin! Beschutzen Ihr junge Leute. Der Redmonkee.

29.When the Russian Zookeeper went to P.E.T.A. (People For Ethical treatment of animals)  a animal rights groupe for help, Alex Pacheco and Jeanne Roush. He taped Jeanne Roush in her office. The FBI knows about the tapes. He told Jeanne about animal abuse, with animals that were part time  under his care. that were being abused by other people at the zoo, In one case a telephone call to Jeanne Roush asking for help. This dirty Jewish  Woman threatened to call the Police, if he the redmonkee  would not stop calling. The witnesses to this were the people in her office. A very young girl on the phone at the time, when it was located in or near Rockvill,MD.

 The Arlington County Animal Welfare League complained to the Arlington Police, that C.J. posted on their windows, concerning animal abuse at the National Zoo. He watched from the county,Library which uses the same parking lot as the Animal welfare League does as they complained To arlington police That is how dirty these people are. Other people that know about this is Neal Bernard, P.H.D.(silence). To many more to name, but they were all silent. Pamela Spraker, Executive Officer U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division 10th & Constitution Ave. N.W. Room 7224 Washington, DC 20530.- Silent

 A list of other people, Senator Bob Smith, Rep. Tom Lantos, Special Agent Basil C. Doyle threatened C.J. to shut up about what he knows. Or the U.S.government will lock him up.. Charlene Alden and Terry Saunders with Media Bypass.Charlene was given this info but so far has remained silent her husband is jewish… Fax #619-481-8264. Carol Moore wrote the book "Davidian Massacre", phone (202) 635-3739. She was kind enough to let C.J. protest for the Weavers' of Ruby Ridge, with the Waco crowd.

30. His Bible is a book by Cowboy Lawyer Gary Spence called "AND JUSTICE FOR NONE". C.J. shouts to the RCMP if he goes face down in the mud on this hunger strike. (Dead)…DON'T BURY ME AMERICAN ever, BURY ME RCMP.

 This struggle is dedicated to Cody and David Hoover, David Black, David Schwartz of the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, DeLand, Florida.


 FOR A HORSE NAMED.. WINDSOR. the  horse.... with a big heart and brave   … a gray

For a horse named…LYNN ..with a.L..branded on her jaw…she was a polo pony  and a gray, she was brave , with a big heart, she would push the redmonk up hills using the flat of her forhead, and spin on a dime and give you change.

FOR A PIT PONY CALLED.. SPOT..) FROM THE OLIVER #2 MINE, who pulled a pit wagon of # 9 coal all day long, ever day and on Sunday, the miners brought (Spot) up from the coal pit and Wagered money  the Great-(Spot )- pit poney from the oliver #2 coal mine could pull a heavier pit wagon  loaded with # 9 coal further than other Pit ponies, who were brought in from other local coal mines in the mountains, that’s the way it was done, in the Coal fields in the Mountians in the late 1940s early 50s let PETA scream, they didn’t treat people much better either, in the Coalfields PETA never screamed for coal mining children 

   FOR the U.S. MARINE BOBBY GARWOOD, who was left behind and got angry and slapped Americas face,….. GARY DOTSON…  SAM WEAVER AND HIS DOG- STRIKER ) AT RUBY RIDGE…. FOR A WWII WAR DOG NAMED SHEP, wounded on the battlefield and buried on the old Palay farm below Chestnut Ridge…,…

For the 12 murdered coal mining  children of the Ludlow mine massacre, by the Rockefeller family….. for Joe Hill who died for all of us, for Ned Kelly and the other Bush Rangers who were killed fighting at Glenrowen, Australia.   


31. Sole agent for transcripts for any of the above copyrighted material. Copyright 1986, 1998. If you are interested in book publication and or movie rights, photos of President Reagan’s' horse "Jackpot" acquiring President Reagan’s' groom box for a museum. Contact C.J. Koritko P.O. Box 11167 Arlington, VA 22210. Pager - (703) 422-0195.

Mysteries of the Russian Zookeeper Affair

At the National Zoo


The Redmonkee

1.      What photos, are in Kathy Mellon’s locket, she always wears around her neck? You can see this locket in a book her Father wrote called Reflections in a Silverspoon. ….Read it

2. Who was the old thin lady in the blue dress? And the super wide-brimmed blue hat? Who sat in the back of the courtroom, at all of the hearings in Judge Hogan’s' Courtroom. (She always hid her face so no one could see.) She was also brought to the holding cell outside Judge Hogan’s' chambers. The cell was next to the Russian Zookeepers cell. She asked the Russian Zookeeper questions. She would never show her face. Her legs were skinny as toothpicks with red blotches. She was dressed in all dark blue.


3. Who was the young woman, who came screaming and running out of a long black limousine? As the Russian Zookeeper was in shackles and chains, and an orange jumpsuit from the DC jail? This happened on K Street in DC, at the Marina Travel agency, where 3 U.S. Marshals armed with shotguns and revolvers, held high in the air, were going to kill the Zookeeper, with one shotgun held at his head in a shoot position. Did this woman screaming and yelling, save the Zookeepers life

4. Who were the Zookeepers who came to the DC Jail? To mock the Zookeeper in his cell. How did they get in the jail?

5. Why did the US Prosecutor say that the tapes and photos the Russian Zookeeper took into the Whitehouse and loaded with evidence must be destroyed after his trial? Was it Paul Melon who gave the US Park Police the idea to accept wealthy peoples horses for tax write-offs. Including movie star Bert Reynolds.

7. Why did the Helen Brach Foundation remain silent after receiving info on Richard Bailey Horse killer. From the redmonk,  How did Pres. Reagan’s Horse (Jack Pott)- Die, at the Park Police Stables?


8. The Redmonkee will be going on a hunger strike, and
offers to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, President Reagan’s groom box. Just as it was last used with the medicines, etc, (inside). If RCMP agrees to bury the Red Monkey, RCMP. Suited up scarlet coat, full dress, spurs, boots, and bury him on the Brule Sioux Indian Reservation in Canada


Shouts the Redmonkee


Dont Ever Bury Me American, … shouts the redmonkee

Bury me Royal Canadian Mounted Police

In Canada


Don’t ever ever bury me American, Ever!

Because of the betrayal of the American People. A dirty stinking people.

9. The Redmonkee was an acquaintance of CIA Analyst ,Kevin Mulcahy, who ran with Wilson and Terpel.Two Gunrunners. What did Kevin give to the Red Monkey, in a bag to carry to Iceland? When the terrorist called Carlos the Jackal was in Husvic, Iceland. In the far North. The Redmonkee was looking for a rare falcon.

 What happened to a young Icelandic fisherman, whose nickname was Ollie Palmtree? So named because his Mother worked with horses, with the Ringling North Circus, Florida.

10. Was the Redmonkee used as a cover by the CIA in Husvic, Iceland?

. Kevin and the Redmonkee were going to do the story on drugging President Reagan’s horse with ACE Promozine. That was one Sunday, on Tuesday he was found dead in a cabin.

 Kevin was on the  TV Program 60minutes. Kevin had one leg the other one was chopped off, he would take off the false leg and throw it at people when he got angry,

his favorite songs were the “Boston Burgler” and “Brown eyes” .. two Irish songs, the redmonkee really liked the “Boston burgler” also if its played by the right groupe, Kevin also played an irish drum<<<

 Kevin told the redmonkee, that his father who worked at the CIA for years, told Kevin he would have to chase Wilson and Terple, or he Kevin was going to jail for a long time, his father also told Kevin that he was going to have to get a new nose before this thing was over,

 Kevin and the redmonkee went to Ed Wilsons office on K street in wash. DC, Kevin tried the Key, it wouldn’t work, we then left, a guy by the name of Clink who passed him self off as a Col.would ask the redmonkee about Kevins comings and …goings, the red monk warned Kevin ,Kevin was concerned about taking a hit, this was when people involved were having their boats blown up and getting killed,the redmonk drove Kevens Blue Chevy pick up truck, back out of the mountains, after he was found dead, all the wiring was riped out of the doors etc, Kevin believed he was being bugged by the Goverment.

 when the redmonkee was in Iceland in the far north at a fishing villege called Husivic, as the redmonk was sleeping in the only hotel late at night, some men intered his room dragged him out of bed with his head on the floor with the rest of his body in the bed  and held a knife at his throt and ask him questions, told him to carry a messige to Kevin, the messege was, (he had better shut his mouth or he would be killed) more on this later the furnel, the cabin, the navy investigators.     

11. Why did Kevin’s family start to sue the US Government, over Kevin’s death? And then stop? Kevin was to the CIA born, his Father was there when the CIA was born.
12. What has become of Ollie Palmtree?

Places and People that the Redmonkee went to for assistance and the total betrayal by the Animal Rights Movement in America against the Red Monkey

1. ACLU and Perle Hoffman of the selection committee Wash, DC…. six times  denied.

2. Government accountability project Tom Dine denied.. ….4..times

3. Russian Government Officials told the Redmonkee the ACLU and Tom Dine turned the information you give to their friends on Capitol Hill. It doesn't help you, it hurts you.


Hogan and Hartson Law firm- Down town Wash  DC (Cloumba Square)

Sent all information to the Warden at Englewood Prison < Colorado.

 (Sent Certified Mail). Sent everything to Tim McViegh, at his prison cell in Englewood Prison.

 Also Terry Nichols, in his cell at Englewood Prison.

 Red Monkey did this knowing the FBI and Justice Department Officials read Tim and Terry's mail. What the F.B.I and U.S.Justice are reading is what happened at the Smithsonian.

Sent to the Austin Law School, Austin, Texas.,to Professor Tigar, Terry Nichols Lawyer. And also a very special letter for mike Tigars little sweet wife, the tigar famly went silent –why?

Sent in toto to the US Judiciary, the Senate and Congress. Senator Spector, Sen Fienstien, Sen. Thompson, Yates, Tom Lantos, Lewis Freeh of the FBI, Janet Reno Attorney General... All silent.

In toto to foreign Embassies, China, Russia, Iraq all over Embassy Row Wash, DC. Hand delivered.

. US Press Building Wash, DC. Top floor to the Bottom. 12 Stories. Hand Delivered to foreign journalist.

9. Crossed the Berlin Wall (twice) 1988, into East Germany, asking for political asylum. And a position in one of their Zoos, after his firing from the Smithsonian. (the redmonk got nerve)

10. Went to PAMYET and KGB downtown Moscow, USSR. And told them everything that happened, at the Smithsonian Institution, National Zoo, US Park Police drugging the horses, killing the Pandas ...Etc. That's when the big roundup of Americans happened in the Cosmos Hotel, downtown Moscow. He even went to Crosstar the Nationalist Group. They were interested in what the blacks and Jews did to the Redmonkee, and offered him TV time in July of this year. A Christian Group gave him part of a Computer to help him build a Web Site. All other Americans and all Animal Rights Groups such as PETA would not help him. (The Redmonk Got Balls)


 Total Betrayal by the Animal Rights People. Like dirty P.ET.A. and the  Dirty american Zookeeper ASSO.

 The American children are going to know and talk about the Russian Zookeeper affair at the Smithsonian Institution. You can put that in your bank savings account, bet on it

Why the Washington Post will not do this story-

...Kay Graham, who owns the Wash Post News Co. and Nancy Reagan and Paul Mellon are all personal friends. Did Paul Mellon make sure the FBI Investigations of horse killing for insurance money, did not go near the Reagan’s. Remember Paul Mellon assisted the FBI in this investigation in the horse country of Middleburg, and Upperville Virginia. were Old lady Graham is reported to have killed her husband Phil with a shot gun and got away with it

 In the all white newsrooms, at the Washington Post and the Washington Times, newspaper the white guys can't figure this story out. Bob Woodward of the Post was the first one the Red Monkee talked to. He asked the red Monkee about the gun runner Kevin Mulchay. Jerry Seper of the Washington Times, Seper met the Red Monkee in person. Two Republican administrations kept the lid on this story, using their raw power to demonize and crush the Russian Zookeeper.

1. Why did the Red Monkee call Carter Brown of the National Art Gallery a C Sucker? In front on the Smithsonian Castle?

2. Who was the lesbian who came into the elephant house at the National Zoo and told Morna Holden and Kathy Wallace, two Zookeepers to lie on the Russian Zookeeper? To get him fired from his job. Morna and Kathy then put bogus sex charges on the Red Monkee. The lesbian said to do this to the Red Monkee because of the thousand year suffering of women by men. The red Monkee went to the Women’s Movement for help, he cleverly put them on trail MORALLY. This includes the women’s movement NOW. They also refused to help Paula Corbin Jones. A poor white female. In her legal problems with President Clinton. You all know about that





1. SECRET TUGWELL STATIONS..- #2 Brown.. in the Caribbean. Tugwell Brown, was on Providenicals Island in the Cacaos Groupe the most Easterly of the West Indies The red monkee was there with the U.S.Military  living in a tent,there were three tents, cook tent ,radio tent, ,sleeping tent, we had three elec generators, we erected a large tower settled down into military routine 8hours on 4hours off radio watch listening for air craft out of Cuba, the redmonkee had a pet Iguana he kept out side his tent on a line, he was stung by a scourpian his arm swelled to a enormous size and he was deathly ill for several days, he watched as a Russian Bear Bomber flew over his Tugwell station, he swam in shark infested waters down at the lagoon, went conk fishing in the early morn with the natives in a dugout canoo,…one day a strong wind blew the main sail and the boom into the water and the large single masted boat went down, the redmonkee had to swim to a small island that was inhabited at high tide by large giant Iguanas who climbed into the scrub trees looking around flicking there tounges, the redmonkee climbed into the same trees as the water rose, and they stared at each other silently until several hours later helped arrived, the boat that sunk  looked like the boat in (Artist) Hoppers painting called   

  the native girls walked several miles from Blue town on the far end of Providencelis Island to the salt ponds near the old British sponge settlement, that was in ruins  to pick up the redmonkee dirty laundry,then they walked back to Blue town carring the dirty cloths on there heads, the next day they arrived with the clean cloths they were paid a American dime each, they always called the redmonkee “SLIM” the Native girls were crazy about the redmonkee, who’s AKA then was SLIM the name given to him by the native girls who washed his cloths “SLIM”he had a blond goatee and wore navy trunks and carried a Navy Fighting knive called the  K BAR on his belt the native girls got him a nice straw plantation hat, which he wore ever day with dark glasses, walking with his pet Iguana at sun down, with a cold can of beer, the redmonkee looked down right dapper, walking through the salt ponds talking to his Iguana who”s AKA was “IGGY”at all other times, the redmonkee was standing radio watch in the radio tent, to see if Russian planes were coming out of Cuba, the Tugwell Stations were under direct orders OF Admiral Arlie Burk ,later CIA types came to the camp and did something to the radio equipment, some months later when it came time to break camp CIA types didn’t want to wait for the Helicopter so we took two of the native fishing boats and nailed on plywood and made a barge we then loaded all the communication equipment  aboard and headed out of the lagoon into the open sea   and  back to L.S.T.1162 the mother ship  which was standing off the Island.     

2. Secret Martin Marietta Corporation involvement in Tugwell stations and Operations Ivy Bells (The Red Monkee was there).

3. The CIA secret experiments on the crew of LST 1162. (And the Cover-up).the redmonkee was hiding in a LCVP boat and watched the CIA officer do it to the crew. 

4. How the US Park Police covered up and hid a horse trank it used on it's horses everyday.

5. How the Red Monkee portrayed Captain Werner Henke (U-Boot 515), death on the wire at Fort Hunt Park in Northern Virginia, by a German filming crew.

6. Red Monkee Legal Defense Fund P.O. Box 11167, Arlington, Virgina 2221O...I need money to keep this fight going,you all know that to be true.

 All donations are directed toward the Red Monkees' legal representation and other associated costs resulting in his involvement in accruing justice and clearing his name. Your support of this fund is greatly appreciated. For an "I BELIEVE THE RED MONKEE" bumper stickers, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to the Red Monkee' PO Box listed above. (While supplies last).

7. PEOPLE OF CANADA AND EUROPE, PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING EXECUTIVES IN WASHINGTON, DC in reference to a status update on the possible Arab Freedom Fighter Attack against the Smithsonian Inst. Complex in Wash. DC. U. S. A. do not visit the American Capital, in Washington D.C. USA -until you call Beth Tuttle

Beth Tuttle Director, Newsuem, Arlington, Virgina (703)284-3700 E-mail:

Manny F. Pena Chairman of the Board of Directors, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. D.C (202)232-6965 E-mail: Mannyfmp@aol,com

Bradley N. Edwards Chairman, Washington Convention and Visitors Center Association (202) 898-9000 E-mail:

I.  Larry Small the new Secretary, of the  Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC (202) 357-1300.

Ted Turner… at www.turnerfoundation,org he is involved with the American Indians at the Smithsion

Brian Ullmann.. Director of marketing …and communications for the DC Convention Visitors Association…you can reach Brian at, Tele.,202 789 7046 Or his web site at

Please call the phone numbers listed above, as well as your Congressman and Senators. E mail all of them concerning the attack against the Smithsonian, save lives, alert every one to stay away

 Technology and Telecommunications Executives:
Mario Morino
Founder and Chairman
Marino Institute
Member: Smithsonian Washington Council
Network Solutions Advisory Board
You can reach Mario at (703) 620-8971 (phone).

Thomas G. Diggs Jr
President and CEO
Fredericksberg, Virginia
You can reach Tom at (540)373-2900

Sue Porter…Director of Tourism for the D.C.Chamber of Commererce  you can reach Sue   at tele. 202 6387330,Fax  at 202 6386764 Email at

Help out….  ask these good people to solve this problem ……. e-mail  them to day,.. the redmonkee ask your support in alerting all of these good americans to warn and explain to the tourist, of the coming Arab Freedom fighters attack, against the Smithsonian Inst. On the Mall in Washington ,D.C,  - It”s the least you can do if not send me any amount of money I need 10 ,ooo dollars, help out


Continuation of Main Page

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Photos and Documents coming....Please be patient.

Continuation Page of the Red Monkee Online

All you Red Monkee believers give all these people a call and E-mail them do it to- day


The Red Monkey, call’s on the people of Great Britian for assistance.

He calls on evacuees of Black Horse Station of (World War II). He also calls on the British children evacuee’s of Paddington station (World War II). The Red Monkee calls on the members of the British Parliament, including member Angela Smith, lobbyist for L ACS, as well as all standing board members of the (RSPCA). As well as the GREAT Jane Goodall the chimp lady.

 Get this plea for assistance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

And most importantly get this information to Princess Margaret of the Royal British Family. The Red Monkee request that Princess Margaret personally see to the protection of the Red Monkee.

The Red Monkee saga, that has taken place in America, is similar in some aspects to that old English saga,-


Roland alone at the bridge held off the enemy with his sword, all the while blowing his bugle for help. His people stood on top of the high hill and watched Roland fight alone. They refused to come down and help Roland, and he was killed. The dirty American people did the same thing to the Red Monkee at the Smithsonian, US Park Police, GAO and the Commerce Department.

Just like the old English Saga, Roland at the Bridge, the American people remained silent, on the high hill watching, Cowards all. And that is why he is coming to the British people for help and assistance.

The Redmonkee was born 14 April 1939. He collected scrap iron and tin from garbage dumps to assist in the war effort. He chased Army Jeeps and army trucks that came by his home in long convoys.Asking for a ride, As a small lad he vowed he would get his own Army jeep someday. And many years later he did. However, he sold it to fight the Smithsonian Institution. (And he means to get it back.) When World War II was over in 1945, he was the first boy in his school to make parachutes out of sheets, and tie ON pieces of candy for the Berlin Airlift in 1949.

And practices throwing them out the school window to test them to see if they worked

IRONY….  in 1988, the Russian Zookeeper fled to Berlin Germany

 after his firing from the Smithsonian Institution. The World War II children of Berlin who were staying at the Baunhopf Mission 17 Franklinstrasse, Berlin Germany. The World War II children of Berlin treated the Russian Zookeeper better than the Americans did. The Red Monkey was sent to the Mission by David Cohen, Vice Counsel of Berlin. This was after the Children of World War II assisted the Red Monkee to cross the Berlin wall, trying to make it to the Slavic Eastlands. He was stopped 40 miles from the Polish border and was forced to stay at the mission. At the mission he met Helmut , and other child soldiers of Hitlers Army. Who fought in the last battle of Berlin. Against Russian Forces, at the Tiergarten, in Berlin. These World War II children of Germany treated the Red Monkee better than his own American people did. The Red Monkee urges all of you to write to the White House and President Clinton. To the US Congress and Senate. And to Ira Heyman and Larry Small asking for an investigation of my illegal and unjust removal from the Smithsonian Institution. And thanks to the World War II German nurse, who took care of the German world war II children. and the Russian Zookeeper at the German Baunhopf Mission.

We all exchanged war stories of our childhood from World War II. Many many thanks to the Great German people of Berlin. Dutchruss "The Rasin Bomber". The name given to me by the World War II children of Berlin. Thank You, so much. (This Berlin Story will be in toto on the link page.The redmonkee would like to take out time and talk to his redmonkee fans and redmonkee believers and yes even those who dontlike the redmonkee,As all of you travel the redmonkee trail,you will become informed of wrong doing at the Crown Jewel Institution of the American people, the Smithsonian Inst.

First of all we are building this site with nickels and dimes, barbwire and bailing wire.If the spelling or syntax and other English grammner errors,bother you, please bear with it. The redmonkee is fighting the Smithsonian on the run. After we acquire the New Redmonkee Logo that is being designed by a littlelady,whose name we cant give .

The redmonkee front page menue will then be the RussianZookeeperAffair,the link page withits massive menue buttons,example U.S.Park Police story, Child killing Jew story, Photo gallery,etc. the link page will even give you for the first in Smithsonion history, the page by page termination process at the Smithsonian Institution

The third menue on the front page will be the Little redmonkee page and its deducation to Little Alashaba It’swithout a doubt the most fantastic childerns site any where…anytime.We hope to be scanning documents to the link page shortly,and photos to the photo gallery.Meanwhile you redmonkee believers and you RedmonkeeLovers…stay in touch with us and tell your friends and mothers and Fathers about us. And tell all the children in the neighborhood to go to theLittle redmonkee page and have a lot of fun And for all you adults, go see some of the Redmonkees favorate movies. Please don’t stay away too long….Come Back…. This thing aint over.See you on the redmonkee Trail Be sure to give Mario Marino a Telephone call. Have a Banana and stay cool. Allyouredmonkee believers give all of these people a call and E- Mail them.

The redmonkee will speak on the record to MSNBC commentator Laura Ingraham. Ms. Ben Bella  of the Algerian Embassy Press Section (her aka.? )and to a Black haired Russian girl Female journalst from the press section of the Russian Embassy

These are the women he Trust

Stay cool have a banana and watch some of the redmonkee favorite movies

The Greatest Show on Earth…(Cecil B. De Mill)  Dedicated  ……… Mrs. Harriet Beatty who had her own Big Cat act in the Circus before she married the Great Clyde Beatty, Harritt was the best of friends with the Great Mable Stark the Greatest Cat lady in American  Circus History  . Hariet Cat act was with Panthers and Jaguars, her father was a banker, Harriet studied Photographgy at the Univerisity, She was always revenced by the news media as that Stunning Blonde. The Great Clyde Beatty always said he married Harriet to cut down on the comptition.this is the lady that dewarmed the Redmonkee when he was a little monkee and WAS infested with worms.

Please don’t stay away to long….Come back….This thing aint over.See you on the redmonkee trail. Be sure to give Mario Marino a telephone call. Have a Bannana and stay cool Last update 24 Aug 1998.

The new update coming up 30 Aug 1998.The redmonkee would like to alert his fans that the Clyde beatty Cole Bros. Circus will be at Dullas, Virgina at Waxpool Road and theWallmart Shopping center Thru. 7 Sept 1998  There you will get the opportunity to knock on the door  of the trailer of  David Hoover .the only true Ape Boy in American History.Ask him to show you pictures of his Ape, The most beautiful,kind she girl Ape ever. You can ask David her name, the redmonkee will never mention the name of david Hoovers Ape .David Hoover has been in the Circus for more then Fifty years and is a walking encylopedia of the old Circus, when the Circus came by train

We want to alert you that the Little old lady is still working on the redmonkee logo.It should be ready next week.We made changes this week on the link page and you can pick up the American Indian Lenord Peltiers site.AS WELL AS WACO-1 AND WACO 2 SITES, THEY ARE ALL ACTIVATED.meanwhile until we complete the site, stay cool, eat a banana and watch some of the redmonks  favorate movies of the week.

 Flight of the Phenoix with….. Jimmy StewartAnd just like in this movie the redmonkeeplans on flying his wing out of the desert also And none of you have to tell the redmonkee to to watch the water Tower , as he comes in for a landing at the Smithsonian.

The other movies of the week…..The Grey Fox… And….. …The Old Gringo…. Two of the  Redmonks golden movies

 The redmonkee walking and talking to his fans

…..See you again next week on the redmonkee trail,

and by the way, the redmonkee went to……… Susan Cummings for assistance. She is the Little rich girl from Middleburg , Virginia. who shot to death her Latino Peasant Polo playing lover, Susan claimes that she is an animal rights activist. And hangs out at P.E.T.A.?

 The redmonkee wrote a letter to Susan while she was in her Jail cell for a lengthly 54 days, for the murder of her Latino  Polo Playing lover. She has yet to reply to the  redmonkees letter.The redmonkee is waiting for your reply - Susan.

 Susan Cummings has pretty red hair!

 Every thing is going to be ok , see you next week, have a banana and be sure as hell , to call Mario M


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