Embassy of the People's Republic of China 14 June 1999
Chancery: 2300 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC USA 20008

Your Excellency LI Zhao Xing;

I respectfully request that the Chinese Government not allow the giant Pandas' to be brought out of China and delivered to the National Zoo, Smithsonian Institution. That the request by the Smithsonian Institution National Zoo for new Pandas' be denied. And below are some of the reasons:

RACISM: Racism at the Smithsonian against Arab Americans, Slavic Americans and Asian Americans was awesome. These racial groups are marginalized at the Smithsonian with Jewish Americans by far, holding the dominant positions of power. Along with English Americans. Other white ethnics, Asians, Latinos and Arabs need not apply.

Mr. Ambassador you do not want the giant Pandas' to be a part of this racist Institution. The Smithsonian has admitted that it is a racist Institution in the Washington Post Newspaper.

Danger of a Possible Terrorist Attack:
Your Excellency if you allow the giant Pandas' to come to the National Zoo, you will slap the face of the Palestinian people, and below is how you will slap thier face and show disrespect.

I have delivered to many Embassies in Washington, DC information concerning the Smithsonian Zookeeper Ralph Strauss, a Jewish American, who was employed at the National Zoo for many years. While he lived as a Settler in the state of Israel, he shot to death thirteen little Arab Children. The youngest six years old. How I know this Your Excellency, a Palestinian family came to the National Zoo and approched me as I was working, and asked the whereabouts of one Ralph Strauss, Jewish American Zookeeper. I asked the Palestinians if they were friends of his. The Arab Gentleman stated no, and then pointed his finger at one of the Arab women, and stated Ralph Strauss killed her children. And they were looking for Ralph Strauss, to confront him. The Smithsonian Officals and the Jewish Americans at the Smithsonian, as well as Jewish Americans outside the Smithsonian harrassed me and threatened me. Your Excellency could and Arab American citizen kill 13 Jewish children in Israel and be allowed to work at the Smithsonian as Ralph Strauss did?

Mr. Ambassador I agree to take a polygraph test, to prove that I am not lying. I further agree to be interviewed inside the Chinese Embassy with the Embassy Psychiatrist. And I also agree to be interviewed regarding this matter, on Chinese television.

Ralph Strauss admitted to me, Melba Shields and Grayson Harding and other Employees, that he indeed killed these children, and that he didn't care.

Your Excellency, The Danger of a Possible Arab Terrorist Attack against the National Zoo, is a very real possibility, because of the racial arrogance of Smithsonian Officals, covering up for the child killing Jew, Ralph Strauss. This could cost the lives of the giant Pandas that you are about to allow into America. This is not good business for China. I urge you to never allow the giant Pandas' to be brought to the National Zoo. Because the Smithsonian Officals do not know how to act in an honorable manner, concerning the child killing Jew incident. Which not only endangers the gaint pandas', but every American school child that visits the Smithsonian. When you make this decision concerning the giant pandas, think of the thirteen little Arab children. Think of the danger to the pandas and think of the danger to the American School Children who visit the National Zoo, Smithsonian Institution

Drug Addiction, among the Employees ran at 50%, with high ranking Offical John Jameson agreeing it so. Stating that this goes on every where. Union Offical Douglas Speaks, a welder at the the National Zoo stated that 50% of the employees were on drugs and further stated the Smithsonian Administration is not going to do anything about it.

All Zookeepers in North Mammals at the National Zoo talked about the missing portion of the video tape that shows Dr. Edwin Gould and Dr. Devra Klineman sneaking up on the Mother Panda as she stroked her baby, and Dr. Gould shined a flashlight in her face, through the glass enclosure. That frightened the female Panda the video tape reportedly showed her crushing the Baby Panda to her body. One of the Keepers requested that Elizabeth Frank, Supervisor of the Pandas file a complaint against Dr. Gould and Dr. Klineman. She refused. Mike Connery, Head PAnda Keeper, secretly made a copy of the tape before it disappeared. (The Pandas are taped 24 hours around the clock.)The Zookeepers went to Mike Connerys residence to observe the tape. Dr. Edwin Gould offered Mike Connery 20,000 dollars for his copy of the tape. Mike Connery refused. The FBI knows about this, and so does the US Justice Department.... All Silent.

Kathyrn Graham, who owns the Washington Post News Company and is one of the most powerful women in America, her daughter Lallie Graham and son Donald Graham, were given all this information and they all remained silent. The Graham family is a Jewish family. Some of her Employees who recieved this information and remain silent are Bob Woodward, Richard Cohen, JJ Burnstien, and his former wife Nora. Kathryn Graham will pull stories that are embarrasing to her friends. Her paper, the Washington Post always gets first crack at any of the stories coming out of the National Zoo.

Below are some of the powerful people that recieved this information and remained silent.

Abe Foxman. ADL
Mike Robinson, Director of the National Zoo, British citizen with green card
Dr. Devra Klieinman Panda Project
Dr. Ed Gould
Louis Freeh FBI Director ...silent
Janet Reno, Attorney General ...silent
All Smithsonian Regents, All Silent.
Senator Fred Thompson TENN Possible Presidental Candidate ...silent
Senator Diane Fienstien, CALIF possible Vice Presidental candidate ...silent.
Congressman Tom Lantos CALIF Recieved many Animal Rights Awards ...silent and Jewish
Congresswoman Barbra Boxer, CALI
Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper Gore and their children. All silent. Running for President of the United States.
President Bill Clinton his wife Hillary, his daugther Chelsea, all silent.

Francine Burkowitz, Smithsonian Institution ..Silent.
Smithsonian Legal Council... silent.

Mr. Zhao Qingguo, Ministry of Construction, China
George Schaller, Panda Naturalist
David Towne, Director of American Zoo and Aquarium Association (Panda Program)
Lisa Stevens, Panda Supervisor, National Zoo
Jerry Seper, Journalist Washington Times Newspaper
San Diego Zoo California

I will go on a hunger strike in front of your Chinese Embassy to try to get you to stop the movement of giant Pandas' out of China and into the Smithsonian Institution. Please read my Website at www.redmonkee.com. A copy of this letter is displayed on my link page. For more information concerning this problem. Read my Website.

Most Sincerly Yours,
C.J. Koritko
P.O.BOX 11167
Arlington, VA 22210
Former Employee of the National Zoo Smithsonian Washington, DC

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