Arlington County- political Cop- Stop


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A redmonk Zinger- for redmonkee brigrade members down belowfind it ::: this date Nov 26, 2002

The cowards of Arlington County inthe--police dept.?-- in theCourt House in the†† Arlington Jail,the crazed- Jewish Wenatchee social worker at the jail and the mentally Ill FBI agent

And the Wenatchee- ASPAN- org.?

Wenatchee like in the town of Wenatchee in the State of Washington were social workers lied on innocent people because the police told em too and put these poor people in Prison and took their children from them-- all because the police det. Perez of the town of Wenatchee was mentally illand he told the social workers to write up these poor defenseless people that they were child molesters, they were all found innocent years later ††that how I mean Wenatchee ASPAN,how cowardly are social workersat ASPANorg in Arlington va ? I donít know ? would they do the same thing as the social workers did in the town of Wenatchee to save their job? I donít know .


are- indeed- Arlington County Cops- also†† mentally Ill ? concerning the Redmonkee??? you desidegood people , make up your own mind

concerning the broken ribs, torn hernia, smashed face, on April 22 2002 at about 9:30 in front of the Hecht Co at Ballston Shopping center in Arlington va. the county jail refused to give me medical help while I was incrasaratedin the Arlington Countyjail for 7 long days I askrepeatly for medical help, several times a day for seven daysthey refuseda - Crime. By the Arlington county Government

Read about the mentally ill FBI Agent who was sent to a mental ward because of hismental obsession about me,- I was told this by a staff member on the Ruby ridge hearings, held in the Hart building on capital hill this staff memberwho I contacted concerning a letter of complaint I wroteonthis FBI agent misconduct inside the ruby ridge hearings room and on thebike trail on the way to Leesburg , Va .

Are the Arlington county Cops who stopped me also mentally ill with an obsession about me ,? / because I fight the American Government ? Iam askinghard Questions about American Society , and the boots and saddles of the US park police in the manure Pile? (Check photo gallery page )†† you decide if iam lying?-a History of abuse and pure assholeism of Arlington county coward cops?so all students in Arlington County schools will knowwhat happened / it may or may not surprise you†† as to the sorry conduct ofthis very coward white skinnedbuck police dept. but you tax payers in Arlington are paying for it.

Arl.Cops stopping me and screaming like a drill instructor in a boot camptrying to get the redmonk to strike out,-theass hole cop turning to his buddy cop and laughing,-this under American law is called an Assault. By the Arlington cops,- Does chief of the arlington county Police one chief Flynn Know?

the Common wealth attorney Stoddard does he know/ How about the jewish Employees who work in the Arlington Court house?? The jewish prosecutors ? the little one who sneered at me in the court roomEmbassy row in Washington DCwill have his nameall the jewish names of employees in the court house , - Iam giving to Embassy Row

Arlington CopsScreaming that I am mentally ill, trying to get me to go offthen saying you can go laughing, at me asas I leaveis this Physiological Abuse and Arlington county cop cowardice at the same time? / what do youArlington County students think ?†† Iam asking Questions?

Arllington copsSneering at me from their cars like ass hole tough guys from a cheap high school,the cops do this on a regularly basesever day all week long,- what would you students call that kind of as# hole behavior by Arlington cops? Iam asking a question ?

Arlington CountyJewish Cop Kantar at the theater parking lot at corner of Randolphstreet andwhere I havebeengoing to this movie theater for years almost weeklyKantar talks to me like Iam a Homosexual with a lispanother cop comes up and says in a outrage voice dam queer so I assumed that kantar a Arlington county cop was a Homosexual trying to solicit sex from me,- because iam am a heterosexual,-I told ASPAN aboutit,-what an As$ hole Jew††††† Kanter is,- what an as$hole Arlington Cop, Kantaris. and what an As$ hole White American Jew-kantar is, as a White person / is this true, ? Iam asking a Question? Just like news men would ask

†† Does chief Flynn Know ? / Does Commonwealth attorney StoddardKnow ? what their cops are doing to mea Homeless politicalactivistliving in Arlington County,- Now almost 40 Years thatís forty years I lived in the County of arlington Virginia 15 min by car from Washington DC,-

they violated my civil Rights according to the Constitution holding me and not letting me go,- debasing ,me showing hostility and hate like crazed cops,just like the crazed American Govermentcopsat theWaco and Ruby ridge. Killings,

These US Government CopsWho murdered Woman and 2 year old Childrenin dipars -gassed them with military Gas for 6 hours at Waco Texas,-

the United nations law and American law- states it is Against the Law to use this gas on woman and childrenand then the Cops whooped and laughed about it as the cops burned and gassed to death woman and children Two years old in Diapers--all caught on Film ,

just as the CopsinArlington Virginia did do to me on a much smaller scale -arlington-Cop Kantar also ask me about Ruby ridge and Waco which is no different then ifArlington JewishCop kantar ask any of you about your believes as concerns being a member of theDemocrat or Republican Party. The cops do this on a regular bases to intidmate methey are breaking the law. Violating my rights. The arlington po lice also tore up my van when they arressested me and had it towed to the impoundment lot , these same political cops also thre out of my van my protest signs I use for waco and ruby ridge demos in front of the FBI Building and the White House , they were bent and wet from rain wher the arlington Copsthrew them out of the vanother prisnors in the Arlington Jail also told me the Arlington police tore their cars upand damage it,- you have no right to complain†† the cops bent and damaged my side door and left the battery on so as to kill the battery I thenhad to spend 30.oo dollars for a new battery this very coward Arlington police force is no different then a Facist police force in Hitlers Germany they are abusing the peopleas they did me and the Arlington Court system is backing the police up against the peoplethe cops are never punished the Judges and the proscuters take the cops side against the people , as in my case††

Iam being Harassed for my believes,-which is against American law to harass me for what I believe /the Cops lied how they stopped me and its in the court record transcripts,-the Arlington cops show deception and the Arlington Prosecutor lied on me in the court room and that shows deception, she only was concerned about my political believes as she tried to keep me from getting bail,- telling the judgeI was mentally ill , that I was doing propaganda for China†† on my Political Desenterweb site www. Redmonkee .com

She futher stated that I never worked for the Park police , and that I have been saying that for years - stating to the judge these are incredabile timesI could not take the lies any more and spoke up to the judge that I worked for the US park police for 5 yearsand the judgehad me removed from the court roomI could still hear say to the judge that Ibragged that my wife worked at the white houseand that I brag that I took care of president Reagans horseLies, incrediable Political liesthis is the prosucuter that knew about the arlington Stalker of womanand did nothing about itI worked at two different placesfor a total of 6 years and never one time did I ever mention that I took care of president Reagans horseJackpottbecause its cheap and bad taste.

they are committing crimes against the lawagainstmy persons andgetting away with it in this Coward County, Arlington Virginiaits Facisiam?††

As concerns Kantar being Jewish, what would happenIf I demanded he answerme,- If I was asking about his Jewish believes as Concerns Jews Killing Arab Children, using American Christians WomansTax Dollars to do the killing .?

Also in the Arlington Court Room the little jewish prosecutor name coming†† sneered at me as he walk by me in the court room, what a jewish As& hole / remember the jewish Cop Kantar actions toward me ?and how about the Jewish Social workerin the County Jail I was forced to meet as a Prisoner he the jew says were going to shut you down meaning my web site,-he gives me his card and then later takes it away from me stating I donít want you using it on your web site, this crazed jew then pounds the table with his finger over and over again likesome Nazi Gestapo agent in Hitler s Germany talking to a Jew / who in the Arlington County Government made the decision to send him the jewish Fanatic to talk to me,- what as# holeArlingtonCounty Government Official sent him,-††† the tow truck driver the†† witness against me his aka Pork chopshaved head like a skin heada White guy trying hard to be a black man ,-sad isnítit ?††† tow truck driveraka pork chopwalked by me in the court room at my hearingin judgecourt roomand tried to make conversation with me by statingIam a man not a girl, with his hand over his name tag, so I couldnít see his name,- who told him to do this the Prosecutor Fran OíBrien ? or the frightened Arlington countyCops sitting with himI refused to look at him or talk to him per my lawyers instructions, a one mr. Steve Brigelia , my lawyer

did Arlington County prosecutor Fran OíBrientell him, the tow truck driverpork chop to do that to me,-try to engage me in conversation?there are witnessísdoes this tow truck driver have family members that works for the police and or in the Arlington County jail? How friendly is he with these cops as a tow truck driver and why does he always park the tow truck at the Hecht Co waiting for a tow / what s the releationship /? Iam only asking a question .††


We all live in the American police State†† 15,000 dollars is what I am paying to a lawyer to defend mefrom the Arlington County Cops beating700.00 dollars for medical for broken ribs Doc. report . ripped HerniaCollapsed lungs what else ?all while I was Chained.†† When you see a cop you see a lier, every prisoner iv met in Jail,- all say the Cops lied on them,- a little,- a lot,- andmake up stories etcand my experience with the cops is that it is all true about cops lying,- never trust em, never,- their Whores in the Justice Dept. and killers of democracy. And freedom. Because they lie.†† The FBI agent that gave the naked photos off my dead cousins body(she was found dead in bed sitting up with slime coming out of her mouth her head turned to one side chin on her chestand her breast exposed) this same FBI agent gave thisPhoto to black janitors in the GAO buildingwere I worked to show around and snicker at.

, Staff members on Capital hill†† I talk to by phone about this and complained to Sen. Specter and all other Members of the ruby ridge hearings, by letter and phone calls- were this took place in theUS Government Hart building,- told me this FBI agentwas obsessed with me and was in a mental health unit, mentally sick concering me, with this obsession.- thatís what the staff membertold me over the phone†††† this is the same FBI agent that walked by News Woman Nina Totenberg at the Ruby ridge hearings ,- Nina Totenberg sat at the long ten foot tables for news people-( see the photo gallery ) this FBI agent then said out loud - nice tits, I was sitting close to Totenberg table,- I believe he meant to say it to me, HE WAS LOOKING IN MY DIRECTION AND WHERE HE WAS STANDING he also LOOKED at the same time IN Totenbergs directions =- this remark I still belive was directed at me and my dead cousin concerning my dead cousins naked body photos shown in the GAO building- but she Totenberg thought the FBI agent meant her,-she was pissed ,this incident may be on film,-in this hearing room,- this is the same FBI agent that passed me on the bike trial with his girl friend near leesburg Va and said to me,- nice tits ,(I have long distance bike for health reasons and a hobby for years)††† that leads me to ask a question - concerning the ArlingtonCounty Cops who stopped me in front of the Hecht Co on April 22 2002 and ripped my Hernia open,- broke several ribs smashed my face in the ground while I was chained.†† are the Arlington- Cops- also mentally ill and Obsessed with me as this sick FBI agent was ? how about the Arlington County Jewishcop Kantarorthe Christian Ė cop-Murphy, ? I am Only asking a question ? Ill put all the cops names out,- plus the judge ;s Name who protected the Arlington Cop Telda in his Court room,- showing Bias toward me,-this cop was wearingbodyArmer in this judges court roomhow about the judge ? what was he wearing? How much armer ?cowardsagainst a homeless person,- cowards all of em,-Are you white people ever going to stand up for me the messenger ?- who warned you mothers in Arlington Va about the danger at the National Zoo the open graves†† in Arlington cemetery and even told you mothers,the names of those who didnít warn you /

Is the Arlington County Commonwealths Attorney one- Fran OíBrien who is prosecuting me,- is she protecting the US park police who took photos of a dead black womanís viginia, ? does she know about the complaint to Arlington Police from Percy Rockefeller the CEO of WETA radio located in Arlington and the wife of Sen. Jay Rockefeller,- when did assistant Commonwealth attorney Fran OíBrien know about the Child killing Jew at the national; Zoo ?when did she know aboutdrugging the Presidents Reagens horse with Aceprozeme? When did she know about the Fairfax police asking Arlington County police about me per Jewish Arlington County - Cop Kantar,? does she knowher witness the tow truck driver walked by me in the court room and tried to engage me in conversation mocking me,- stating to meiam not a girl Iam a man,- all the while covering his name tag on his shirt with his hand, ILooked straight ahead refusing to respond,-two lawyers sitting in back of me said hes not to talk to you, another lawyer lateralso said that Fran Obrain does what the cops tell her to do,the cops told her they demand I get jail time / the Law statesand is written that if you brush up against a cop that is an assault against a police officerand max 6 years in jail.,- Min one year injail, guaranteed.-

more flag men on the Virginia high ways died getting hit by autos with the flag in their hands, then did all the Cops in the State of Virginia, 7 flag men died in one year in the state of Virginia while I was flagging for a road paving co . , thatís seven flag men and to taunt the Arlington white Coward Po lice their was no Bagpipes playing for the 7 flag men ,you poor frightened Arlington copsyou poor dears /the animal keeping profession,- Circusís, rodeos, horsemen, cattlemen, zookeepers, firemen,-have a higher death rate per population then all the Cops deathin America in any given year. Up until the 1960s 5ooo coal miners died every year in Americas coal mines thatís five thousandsdeadcoal minersdead in the mines every year , think about that,- the cops profession is nota dangerous profession at all,its a American Myth, itís a Cop myth itís a Politicans Myth promoted by the Arlington County po lice for ego reasons and by the coward politicians who want the cop vote,- to show how tough they are on crime like cong, mick Jim Moran , that Holywood US marine)-††† and it showsdeep mental illness among all Cops who disagree with this factual information concerning this cop myth that there jobin lawinforcement is dangerous. the American Cops have become like the American Jews,-no one sufferes but cops, no one dies but cops , give me a break pleeease )- the white Cops in Arlington county need to quite crying in there beer and throw away the bagpipes and let their balls and oaveris drop, and for all youwhite po lice through away the ketchep dripping Kotex between your shaky legsand become realBlue copperswith balls,- overees and guts.

That kind of cop the redmonk is talken,- is Called a Tom Mix cop a real copper in blue,- a†† Tom Mix copand for the lesbo Queen Cops. And she girl coppersbe a cattle kate cop all Of ya she- girl coppers in blue and tell the Arlington county male cops to quit telling people I donít have balls and I am a coward ,- get em redmonkees,- get em,get the cops,-laugh at emthey donít have a dangerous job,- tight rope walkers do,- Lion tamers do,- elephant trainers do,-Flag men on the highway do have dangerous jobs and the proof is in the body count,-lets count the dead cops and then count the dead in the other dangerous jobsArlington County Cops and Arlington county Judges and Arlington County prosecutors have a lot of boloney with em challenge em on the body count,- their liarsI am telling the truth / the cops are liars

†††††††††††††††† The coward cop law-- that makes all cops Cowards and all the American people second class citizens.

This cop- law puts the Cops above the people .

In a demoracy this can not be allowed , no one is above the people in a Demoracy ever .

Remove this cop law now-from the law booksnow- today,- you coward white Americans- all of ya

†† Was this law that makes all cop cowards,- the law that states if you brush up against a cop the max sentenice is 6 years in jail and the minimin jail time is 6 monthsit was written by politicians to get the Cop vote?

When you see an Arlington county cop in Arlington County Va.-- stopping someone there is always 2 or 3 cops backing the one cop up, why? A waste of man power, all of you see itin Arlington County /--

Are the Arlington Cops that afraid,? if they are,- why are they cops,??- we need the redmonkee Kill and fear model to get rid of the- ( skardy kat cops.)

Can the Arlington county cops pass the Kill and Fear Modelthat the redmonk offers to the Arlington Police deptand Arlington Governmentfor a fee ???.


the Fairfax County Cops failed their test the Fairfax County Virginia is 20 minby car from Washington DC.

Sheriff Simpson of Loudon county VA which is 40 min by auto from Washington DC failed his test what a Pussy sheriff Simpson is,-he put on his Cop web site that iam deranged, and dangerious so cops can kill legallyand get away with it. Check mate on you coward cop-- Simpson

I shouted at a demo in front of the white house over and over again that he Simpson doesnít do his job,-- his own men on the Loundon County police force have stated about this English American Coward Cop simpson that he donít like paper work ))†† you can see the photo of this demo where I shouted Simpson does not do his job -- on the photo pagethe signs in the photo say donít bomb Iraqó

is that why heóEnglish American--(meat head)- Simpson a Sheriff of the Loudon County Police force in the State of Virginia only 45 min from Washington dc is trying to get other cops to kill me on the sly,-telling other cops I am dangerous and deranged , as they approaches my car, hay - I scratch my ear and the cops shoot me -saying he the cop thought I was reaching for a gun,-


he , Sinpson is the same sheriff that didnít want the American Muslim people to have a religious center in Loudon county=Virginia ,-a racist hate crime by this White Anglo Saxon buck-( coward)- One-Sheriff Simpson,- now I guess this white Anglo Saxon Buck- Coward- cop Simpson will tell the US attorney for the Eastern district of Virginia Mr. McNutly, and US attorney Jerry Kilgorethe United States Attorney for the whole State of Virginia††† that I am implying to Arab freedom fighters to blow up Loudon County, Va because the white Christian people in LeesBurg Vadonít want Arabs living there. And also hate Arabs. Americans are taught to hate Arabs from the getgo movies school , newmenthe jewish people all teach hatred of thr Arabsyou all knows that not a lie! The question is.???- does Jerry Kilgore Ė do his job and McNutly does he do his job??? Did US attorney Helen Fahey do her Job ???In my caseas the head of security- (a former treasury Agentfor 13 years who talked to FBI Agents about me ) of trying to poison me at Delarue security print on the Sly- in Loudon Count Va.and what the Arlington policehave doneto me Brutalized mewhile chained, almost killing me and Cop Tedla calling me a Gringo, did these three powerfull Justice peoplein this state do fair and right by meI have to say noKilgore and McNutly are just like sheriff Simpson afraid of paper work ?/ will Kilgore and McNutly now say Iam trying to get Arab freedom Fighters to Blow uP Loudon County va????

As if the Arab freedom fighters donít know where Loudon County- Va. is located, as if the Arab freedom fighters donít know that Arlington county Va. is 15 min by Auto from Washington Dc and Leesburg Virginia where Simpson is located is a 30 min. drive by auto from Washington DC.†††††† I have been told to my face by the by police and US marshals they are going to plant drugs on me,- plant guns on me, no matter how long it takes they will get me for what I did to their cop brothers on the US park police the one Fairfax County Cop is Italian and his name means Spider in Italian hes about 300 lb. I wrote aletter as concerns this complaint to Katheren Handlythis letter will be on this web sit to prove total corruption of the United States Justice system in America.

All redmonkee Brigade members will hound their mothers to remove from the law Books the law that states if you brush against a cop, fall against, a coptouch a Cop,- thatís a Felony and a 6 year Prison sentence††† are they the cops that frightened and,- afraidwhat are we the American people,- Spiders ? and the Cops are they all - Miss Muffetts,- who saw a spider and became frightened /

throw the bagpipes away you chicken shi#Arlington County White skin Buck cops get some guts and play the bagpipes for the 7 flag men killed in one year on Virgina Highwaysa flagmens job is more dangerious then a cops any time any were . get some gutsyou crybabie Arlington County†† cops , located 15 min by car from Washington DCIn the old days cops didnít hug one another1940s 1950s 1960 no mountain coal field cops ever hugged any onethey took care of cop business straight up they had balls the coal field mountain cops went alone,- I repeat the Mountain cops go Alone by them selves / with a pistil on there hip and a shot gun and or a 30/30 Winchester rifle cradled in their arms whats youíre problem Arlington county coppers ??/

go work for Wackenhut security Guard Coco.-- home office located in Floridaif your afraid and quit beating up on Homeless people as your white skinned Buck CopCraddock didand on a regular bases in the woodsI toldASPAN case Worker what he was doing is that why Arlington Cops Beat meup and threatened they will gewt me for what I did the cop brother Craddock††† for you tuff guys Arlington Cops wackenhut security is the same guard Co that showed the photos of my dead naked female cousins body around for black Janitors to laugh at in the Government GAO buildinglocated in Washington dc the same kind ofsnickering and laughing the US Park police Cops did to the photo of a dead naked black womanís body in the DC morgue I wrote a letter and complained about it and the cops through out America vowed revenge against meand vowed theywould get me sooner or later/

always tryto do the right thing / you redmonkees all know what the right things is,,--- allredmonkees you,- knowand lets do get this story on ! As I was saying -------

†† When did she- Fran OíBrienan Irish American Girl and prosacuter in the court house in Arlingtonknow about a Christian fanatic Doc.a one ĖDoc. Campbell in Fairfax va who using his Christian religion on a Fairfax County prostute and caused her to commit Suicide by not treating her with Physicritrie but with his fanatic Christian religion,forcing the Bible on her,-her name was Jackie,

theNazi Christian fanatic doc. Campbell works for Kaiser Permanente a health care org. and also for Fairfax county Social services located 30 min from Washington dc by auto))-- working with the down and out and always on the look out to gather up sheep,- if you know what I mean ?

†† Does Fran OíBrien commonwealth Attorney for Arlington county Virginia, located 15 min from Washington DC by auto know,? Does Arlington county Cops know about Fanatic Christian- Doc Campbell and thedeath of a Prostituteby theChristian Bible? And a Nazi Doctor, Christian Punk Campbell walking around free , will he strike again Ė in the Arlington county court house- askone Prosecutor- Fran OíBrienan Irish girl-located in ArlingtonCounty virgina. Where they have nazi jewish-Cops,Nazi- Jewish-Social workersand at least on nazi jewishProsecutor who sneered at me in the court room up close to my face†† andjust15 min from Washington DC by Car / WoW!††

††† Fascisms is back in Vogue in the Arlington county Court house. The American jewish people in Arlington Love Fascisms as long as its jewish Fascismsagainst any and all Americans who have the courage and the guts to disagree with the jewson any subject matterWOW !


The names of the cops and prosecutor and judges commen up on theArlington County page at the bottom†† also the countysheriff Beth Artherand the Redmonk in the Elevator alone togethera true story plus how the arlingtion police beat and lied on the redmonk and what really happened and a copy of my lawyers defence so you can see how well he defended meall on the Arlington county page /check the new short stories called-( monkey tails) page- front pagenewall true

I need to explainwhy I usethe term-( Arlington county is Located 15 min by Auto . from Washington DC )

I want the worldto know were these counties are located,-so the people of the world will know that only 15 min from Americas Capital- Washington dC- these are the kind of white people that live only 15 min from Americas capitalcorrupt police force,- corrupt county courtHouse, all corrupt Politcanstake the Wealthys peoples reelection moneythen the politicans do what the wealthy people want,-including get and lock up the redmonkee for the new numbers of the dead of World war II, -and thatthese coward White people locate only 15 min from wash . dC with no guts to stand up to this Mild fascist Country called- America, these same white Americans to a White man and a White Woman are telling all of the Peoples of theWorld how to live their lives Ė How Phoney can a White American Person get?? When any person any were in the world says- (15 min )- I want the people of the world who have read this web site to†† Shout-- oh yes thats Arlington County Virginia just 15 min from Americas capital by carwhere the White people live in a Mild Fascist Enron Stateand mild- Fascist Enron Countyand to think,-- just 15 min from Washington DCthe freedom capital of the world- ya gotta be kidden me ?

Leads For investigative TV News and news paper reporters this entire web site- www. is leadsto break this story open and give the people of the world a look see in to how the American Justice system dispenses justice to poor people with out money and to what degree is America a mild-fascist State.

the Russian Zookeeper affair at the Smithsonian INST.will tell you.

A-Redmonk Zinger::::

News Men from all over the world break this story open,- your all I got American newsmen are afraid and too cowardly you foreign journalist must do it --- all redmonkee Brigade members get this info toall Australian TV station in Melbourne, Sidney, Perth- all over Australia-

ask the TV stations in Australian to alert the Great- Crockadile- Dundee and the Great-Steve Erwin two well known animal men from down under--Australiaís Finest animal men- to date, maybe ever,- askem to come to America to assist the redmonkee in his fight with Corrupt Arlington CountyGovernment,- corrupt Arlington cops,- corrupt Arlington Judges, the - corrupt Arlington prosecutors ,

Its Now or never,- no doubt Steve Erwin can be located at his brand new Zoohe is building some were in Australia,- but where?-- all redmonkee Rocketeers, each and every- Covert Red-full attack,- Blast all of Australiaís TV Station and radio station until they alert crock- Dundee and good ole Steve Ė W- Its now or never,- I need their interventionnow !

RedmonkeeRocketeers Blast Australia until TV producers look like the sub engineer in the Movie Das Boot

Show No mercy no mercy to Australian TV producers Ė take no prisoners

give em Redmonkee-

Rocketeers- Cyberschock******* !


what happened in the Arlington hospital while I was in Surgey , did arl Cops try to break in and ask questions ?

did Racest Hispanic Arlington Cop Tedla call the Hispanic Woman who set up Surgery and order her not to let me havesurgery,- did a Anglo Saxon American girl Straighten this Latino gril out,the name of the Latino girl at the Hospital coming .

did White hating and Lying cop- Tedlaonly 9 monthsa cop when he made a illegal stop on April 22 2002the Four Arlington cops did a crimeon this date did Cop Tedla tell Hispanic Homeless men to harass me ???

this is a Wilding by this very sick Arlington County against meSick Ė how about the Homeless Org ASPANDid Cop Tedla try to and indeed get Information on me from the Employees who work at ASPAN.


This above will be moved to the new Arlington Cop page on the new front page comminand the short stories will also be moved to the front pageas I rework this thingand on the photo gallery I have spelling errorsand broken sentences that could kill a draft horsethere so bad /bear with meplease Ill get it right /on the one photo tex were I state what United States Marshall Larry CooperĒfamily members said about him lying,†††† her head no further then 2 or 3 feet away from minein front of me , was this, firsttheir was sniffling like crying softly,- she then said- he did it,- he did it, thatís the way he acted when he lied to me when he was a little boy. Larry cooper was shouting loud like cops do when they lie,- shouting that Randy Weaver killed his own son at ruby ridge,he did this shouting in side the Ruby ridge hearing room were wethe American Publicwere sitting in blue plastic chairs taking in the Hearings held in the US Hart Building and Agent Coopers Family took a seat right in front of meand sat downI had no idea who they were until I herd the woman start to sniffle and cry softly another person heard them alsothe old man with the woman told her not to say anything he told her twicenot to say anything the US Justice Dept lawyers were angry and later the Coward Cop Larry Cooper came out and and held his finger pointed at me for the longest timewith the other killer cops standing behind him with smoldering hatred in the coward Cop faces they also burned and gassed children and woman at Waco Texasis this why Arlington Cops beat me ?is this part of the reason they beat mea 63 year Old man defenless against 4 white Arlington countyyoungWhite Skined Buck Copswhat do you think? Every member of the redmonkee brigrade will call the Arlington County police Force the the White Perdue Chicken police dept. their new emblem a shoulder patch with a white perdue checken- a hen)- not a rooster.every one laugh at emthey can only murder me as their cop bothers murdered at Waco and at Ruby ridge and McNutly the US Attorney for Eastern Virginia will slight hand help emMcNutly does what the Jewish people tell him what to do .††††††††


†† This down below concerns Commenwealth Attorney Robert Horan of Fairfax CountyVirginastating on American Television a Mulsim would kill his own Mother for$2000 dollarshe was not fired which proves the Arab Americans are 2nd class American Citizens

the Arab Americans todayarebeing treated some thing like the Italians in Americaduring World war II The- secret Story)††† an American disgrace on the White Anglo Saxon Race, because they, - the English Americawere running and controlling America at the time , they did it, the English Americans did it/no one else,- the Anglo Saxonlearned nothingfrom what they did to Japanese and Italians Americans in World War II and or the Mistreatment of Slavic Americansduring the Communist Witch hunts of the 1950s, that I lived through,-now today,- the Anglo Saxon is doing it all over again to Arab Americans.†† Same same .

the English American Students owe the redmonkee nothing,you English Americans students never did any thing to me, so how could owe me something?,-you White students donít owe any thing to the Blacks American either,you didnt do any thing to them,-you Christian students today donít owe the Jews Nothing,you didnít do any thing to the Jews . But the schools need to discuss this in the class room,-Do the Blacks owe for the Civil War that set them free and do the blacks owe money to the dead white Anglo saxon Soldiers who died to free the Blacks in the American civil war ? do the Jews owe the Slavs for the state of Iserial and do the jews owe forthe 49 million dead Slavs who died to kill Hitlersaving the Jewish Peoples Lives and jewish faithand do the jews owe the Slav race for letting the jews live in the Slav Lands for a 1000 years when no one else would take the jews in ,/

who ows the Slavic American for the Communist Witch Hunts in the 1950s ? who owes the Italian americans for the interment camps and fear on these Immigrants in world War II .. who, now today, is going to owe the Arabs American for what we are doing to themnow to day ,

whos going to pay,Who owes who?That is the Question??

And we havenít eve touched on the American Indian whos land we all are standing onand took from them because we had the powerto do so, what about the mountain People, Hill Billies they are called,-have been riped and gutted for ever and never has the US government paid them any thing,what is owed the American Hill billies? Who owes Who? Every body get paid or nobody gets paid thatís how the redmonk sees it, you Young Anglo Saxons donít owe me nothing and for sure donít owe any other race anything eitheryou didnít do nothing to me, but your Grand father owesand the school system in Arlington owes us to tell the whole story on wrong doing by the Governmentto all the American people not just the Story, onblacks and the jews all of usnot some of us- tell all the Stories, tell every ones story or tell no ones story- make it fairWhy is your School teacher a white Cowardknown as Miss. Cringer her husband mr White. Cringer††††

Miss white Cringer your School teacher who is afraid of Aunt Jamimia and mr. white Cringer is afraid of old Black Joe, - this said as an educational Race taunt to all white School teachers in Arlington County, who wont teach all the storieson Racial Abusethat happened in Americathe redmonks people Ruthenians never did any thing to black peoplewe donít fear em, we donít owe nothing to no bodywe fought for em in the mountainsand were punished for it by white English Americans, who ruled the mountains with an iron handthey controlled every thingwe also tell emm off when the blacks are wrong /the blacks say you cant tell em offwhen their wrong/ I say you can / tell the truth/ the blacks owe for the civil warand money to the white Anglo Saxon Soldiers familywho died to free Black Americansduring the Civil War/you pay every one or pay no one,this is what redmonkee Brigrade members tell Mrs. Cringer your white School teacherthe perdue white hen . whos afraid of her white shadow and skared to death of a black shadowÖ. your white school teacher,--- Call me a lier ?

these cops liethese cops who are protecting the US park police that took photos of a dead black womanís Vigina and nakedbody and showed them aroundlaughingat her a dead black woman, these same cops mades attempts on my lifeFran OíBrien isa Arlington CountyFemale Employeeworks for your mother for weekly wages, as hired help ,- just as the ArlingtonJudges are Hired help , these two groupes of employees Prosacuters and Judges donít know there place , these two groups-together are helping the cops cover all of this upand beat and even kill the Messenger, me,- the brave redmonkee,- the White Mountian Ruthenian /E mail the Chinese Embassyfor gods sake tell whats happening.Read theArl County Page†††††††††



.. For I am ,-†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Redmonkee.



Ja Ne Regretn Ren

The Redmonkee Circus Brigade††††††††††††††††††† Rolls On

Listen to the song by the Blasters called blue shadowplay it for the Arlington Court House Fascist barb Wireloven -Employeees- white skin Female Prosecutors white skin Judges and White skin Cops and the white skin Jewish fanaticjewish as$Hole social worker wolfenstiena 62 year old jewish religious fanatic all of em who are inlovewith Fascism and Barb wire and hate freedom Ė all in arlington County Virginia 15 min by auto from Washington DC in the crazy old USA ,a country thatís lost its mind and is loaded with frightened white peoplewho are afraid of a white shadow and terrified to death of a Black shadowthatís why I gave the Frank purdue chicken whites who live in Arlington Va.,- the blue shadow by the blastersitl keep you white peoples fear downto a manageable level

look on and shake all you white peoplein Arlington County

remember I and I alone warned you about the stalker and the child killing jew at the zoo I alone told you about the book the( gray wave) and the numbers of white people in the world at Ė9%persent and black , brownyellow people , at 91% persent of the earth population

I and I alone told you about the open and damaged graves in Arlington cementary, why ?because as a wee coalfieldSlav Ėlad - old AngloSaxon Brahmas high cast woman - sent me to check on Gravesin the grave yard and read poetic sayings carved on the stones and it turned into a hobby.

the other lad s were afraid to go into the cemeteries so was I,- but I needed the nickel and some times the dime the old --BrahmasAnglo Saxon woman paid.

†† These old Anglo Saxon woman talked like Mrs Roosevelt and some of em wore dresses from the 1800s meaning the dresses looked like the dresses president Lincoln Wife Wore long to the ground,-black,- buttoned up to the neck these woman were 80- 90 years old in the 1940s when this took place Ben Bradlee of the Washington post newspaper in Washington DC knew theses kind of woman and their dress because he came from these Bramahs English people, his mother and father were on the poor hand side of the Brahmas English people Bradlees were Welfare Brahamas English- meaningóusing wealthy Relatives money and house setting for rich cousins in their large homes when the cousins left for several months ††††††





Dec 10 , 2002political trial in the Arlington County Kangroo court