Chief Justice of the United States

William Hobbs Rehnquist

One First Street, NE

Washington,  DC 20543



Dear Chief Justice Rehnquist,


    I have information concerning the Smithsonian and the National Zoo, which I am sure you will no doubt find disturbing, “Please read on”.  As you are a Chancellor of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian,  I urgently request that you call a news conference to announce a POSSIBLE terrorist attack against the Smithsonian complex on the mall, Washington,  DC, USA


.  Please read my letters to the Director of the FBI Louis Freeh and Attorney General Janet Reno U.S. Justice Department.  Mr. Paul Mellon’s letter “Art Patron”,  Ira Haymens letter sec.of the Smithsonian and also Mr. Tim McVieghs letter who has been found guilty of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

 Please read my remarks to and about Francine Burkowicz, Director of International Relations at the Smithsonian.    She is mentioned in the letter I wrote praising Senator Charles E. Grassly of Iowa.


The Smithsonian Institution  has refused my repeated request for the addresses of the Smithsonian Regents,  so I could alert them as concerns this terrorist threat that is a real possibility since the Smithsonian Institution knowingly  harbored and protected a Jewish Settler, who lived and worked  in the state of Israel, where he shot to death and murdered thirteen little Arab  children., the  youngest six years old.


Using the reasonable man rule,  that is used in Anglo Saxon Law , a reasonable person would have to conclude that the Arab Freedom Fighters are going to blow up the Smithsonian Institution in retaliation for Zookeeper Ralph Strauss,s murder of thirteen  little Arab children.

   I, Chief Justice I’m a witness against Ralph Strauss and I believe that I was terminated and fired from the National Zoo, Because I was a witness against this American jew Ralph Strauss  where I was employed s as a Zookeeper.


 Prior to working at the Zoo, I worked for the U.S Park Police Horse Mounted Unit taking care of Horses, including President Reagan’s horse “Jackpot”, and Nancy Reagan’s horse “Olympia”.  The horses at the U.S. Park Police were drugged with a horse tranquilizer called acepromozene.  I thought this dishonored President Reagan and I made a phone call to the White House to complain about it.  Death threats  were made against my life by the U.S. Park Police, and U.S. Attorney Joseph Degenova, a Republican refused to help me.


  I’m aware Chief Justice that you are appointed to your position on the Court by the President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan,  and that you and your wife are friends with Nancy Reagan.. Futhermore, Nancy Reagan and movie star Michael Douglas are aware of these charges that I am making.


  I close this letter and hope that you will do the right thing,  and warn the American Women and Children of this possible terrorist attack against the Smithsonian.  I also urge you to ask Senator Charles E. Grassley to hold hearings on Capitol Hill concerning my removal from the Smithsonian Institution. The people mentioned in this letter have received all this information that I am sending you, and THEY ALL REMAIN SILENT.


  Do your duty to the American People, chief justice Rehnquest.


 Thank you so much.


C. J. Koritko

Post office box 11167

Arl. Virgina 22210 usa


Former zookeeper National Zoo Washington D.C


CC…JerrySeper..WashingtonTimes, U.S.StateDepartment,.. Russian Embassy,.. CIA,

  Donald Graham… his sister Lalley and Donalds mother… kay.Graham.. the Grahams own the WASH.POST News CO…wash dc U.S.A and have kept this story out of the press so the American Christian women and children can not be warned, so the wealthy jewish Graham family can get jews to buy advertisements in Grahams news paper the wash post . People of Europe and Canada get your news papers to do this story…ask your government to investigate


 people of FRANCE get the French GVT to investigate the danger to French Citizens who visit America… do your duty to the French people