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This new up dateDec,. 25 ,2003

Marry Christmas ta all redmonkees††† Happy new year2004-- if I donít get outagain I put out more stories on monkey tails new theme song is ( low down and dirty) _by Luther Allenson,- new stories-- a Navy lady story, redmonk death ground,-40 feet of steel wall, they will have new 2004 in green typed small print in front of the new stories get it ?

Tell yourMa to readthisinfo on the Firemen and American legion post 139 down below--

There wherethree Arlington County firemenís wives- Firehouse # 2 who knew aboutthe Chinese Ambassador letter and did something about it. The other firemen Wives knew also,but were silent .

The three,- the 3 who spoke up indangered themselves and their families for youuu-the woman and mothers of Arlington county Va.

What were their three Names???

do you know what the county Government did to these three brave woman,?while all other firemens wives were silent ??/

all other firemens wives were silent and afraid all firemen knew about this letter of warningand remained silent , it was givento firemenby me the redmonkee a long long time ago --- Why ?--- because I believe firemen are braver then cops, how wrong was I-? ??

you people of Arlington County Virginia were betrayed by your firementhey knew of the danger to your familyand remained silentwHY ?check link page for Chinese Ambassador letterexplaining the danger to visitors to the national Zoo its in this letterthat was delivered to fire houses through out the areas including Fairfax Fire house and Washington

Dc Fire houses- all silent !

American legion post 139,-Billy mitchill Post 85 all silent- both in Arlington Va -†† and just 15 min by auto from the white HouseWashington DC†† USA†† coward white Americans†† all,- youuuu White chicken Frank perdue Hens called Americaaans, hay !-†† you donít stand up and speak up,- as real Americaaans are suppose to,-the redmonk will beat your American White As$ on the internet,= I will expose youuu,- for the Worldto see your white Man,- White womanCowardicein arlington


Two of the firemens wives wereBlack AfricanAmericaaan--Woman and only one was a White Americaaan woman

three woman all total: out of allllll the wivesof firemen and cops and the members†† of the Arlington County board including school board,-including the judges and Commonwealths attorneys all knew, and were silentWOW !where was Ron Carlee White little wife ?

Its called betrayal†† Folks,-thats what it is called,- betrayunless ya want to add coward to it also

What was their names ?/the three brave wives of the threeBrave firemenwho stood up for ya women of Arlington County Virginia

These three brave woman were threatenedfor comming forward ?

Was jewish reelection money involved for the Politicans IN Richmond Virginia ? in the threat of silence against these three woman

Politics followes money every time alwaysin America the Arlington Judges, Arlington county board,school board, do what those behind the money tells politicians inRichmond, Vato do Richmond then tells Arlington County-what to dothose of us with no money have no voice and no saywe are indeed slaves what were the names of the 3

Just as I and the otherNational Zookeepers where threatened at the National zoo with the loss of our jobsif we didnít leave the Zoo keepermeeting, the keepers held themselves in the Adminstration.building at the National Zooto make things better for the animals and zoo keepers, because the PhDs intellectuals running the Zoo, such as john Sidensticker,-Pickett,-Mike Robenson- who was, (the british Subject from England) not American--- PhD- Ed Gould, ben Beck, all were not doing their job ?now in the year 2004the zoo is under investigation for animal deathsbynational renownedanimal org who some of us zookeepers went to and thesese samer org. did nothingit will be a white wash†††† the Zoos is about the PHD intellectuals and the Animals are # 3 or 4th†† in their concernthe Zoo is About the PhDs this Zoo keeper meetingheld in the GNUE roomat the National Zoo†† in Washington DCcheck photo gallery for photo of the posting

This little zoo story down below for the 3 firemens wives who spoke upwhile all other firemen were silent- wow!


At thisZoo meetingWhen first told byZoo management official--- we,- the zookeepers were to leave the room and break up this meetingnow! - all Zookeepers refused to moveand continued the meeting,-the Zoo official came back a few min.later withthe threat of immediate removalfrom our Zookeepng position if we didnít leave now immediately,-only then did all zookeepers get up and leaveall zookeepersat the national Zooon that day ---including me,- were cowards like the Arlington County firemen and their wiveswere cowards as concerns the Chinese letter of warning,--- they received at the Fire House

Arlington Court House , Stoddard and the Judgeswants silence from meon this and other issues


how about theNational Zoo Ė zookeepers,- that never showed up for the meeting or all ofthe Arlington firemenís wives†† who didnít even want to get involved,afraid!-good people,-- ya gut to stand up forfreedom, freedom haint free,- theses arnt just words ya gut ta live emyou white cowaeds youuya gut to get firedfor it,- hated for it,- spit upon for it , hounded for it , beaten for it ,-as indeed I and many many others have beentreated, in this dirty unclean Country called the Big Lie- America,--freedom haint free,we have pretend freedom in America not real freedom!


you are hated for standing up In America because theWhite coward American males self asteem is threatenedif I am standing up and all other white men are laying down,- afraid, what does this tell ya about white males man hood in Arlington county va .that I stand upand all white anglo saxon males lay down†† my standing upis a deep physic threat to all white men to their manhood selfasteemto their lack of balls-- like the ones who are out of theAmerican legion VFW post 139 and post 58in Arlingtonwho are my age and never stood up . but they all gota $ 2.98 cent military medal on their chest, did Post 139 earn the military medal the same way US army private Jessica Lynch earned her bronze Star medal passing out in Combatin Iraq . WOW!††††

What were their names ?the 3 firemenswives ????donít ya want to know their names?? All you white woman of Arlington ? ?

Donít ya want to knowtheir namesand thank them for being brave ?? the three Firemen Wiveswho stood up for ya ?/

I have statedthrough out this web site ( ) that black people are morally superior to white Americans


based on the fact that black and Hispanic People have stood up for me and in some cases indangered themselves , and their jobsfor meand white womanand White men all of em white Americaaaans flee like cowards,- now going on a 20years struggle to clear my name


Two black woman stood up for you woman of Arlington and out of all those white firemenwhite wives only one white Firemens Wife stood up for ya

What were their names ???

These 3brave American woman

In Arlington County

Their names?

Their Names?

What the hell were their names?

Tell me their names !

Tell me their names !

Tell me their names ?



The Arlingtonpolice dept. knew also,-they were all silent to a white Anglo Saxon Buck- White man Americaaaan ---protecting their cop brothers on the US Park po licethe firemen are not alone in their betrayal of the woman and children of Arlingtoncountylocated just 15 min from Washington Dc by car----


the ArlingtonCounty board knew- ALIsenberg knew,is he Jewish ??/ when did he Isenberg know about the Stalker ??/ ya might not want ta know / Ellen Bozmen, knew, she knew about the Stalker too, did her son know ?and when ? Is she Ellen a Christian ?-Zimmermenknew,BarbraFavola Knew,n is she Italian? Is she a reeal Italian ? Cong. Jim Moran and his Brother knew, are they Irish Micks ? chairmen Paul Ferguson knew,- Is he a Limey ?how about pauls little White wifewhen did she know ? and is she a little Limey

Arlington chief of police Scott, when did he know ?/ Howd he get his job ? Is he a Christian ,-all Arlington County police chiefs have been White Skin Anglo Saxons Buck Males Americaaaans in Arlingtonís Historysince the 1860s no white ethnics- Greek, Russian ,Italian, Polish,Ruthenian ,--- has ever been the police Chief in Arlington Government s History-since the American civil War. Wow!--chief of PoliceScott a bald headed White Skin Anglo Saxon Americaaan Buck-doesnít think thatís strangeand or racist by the Arlington County white Anglo SaxonGovernment )--by Anglo Saxons I mean the British Isl people in America who have dominated America for 200 years in the State of Virginia and Arlington County since the civil war 1865 / the British island people calledtheScots, Irish,English, Cornish, Welsh, peopleas arace grouping


JayFisette County board member when did he know? About the Stalker and the Chinesee Ambassador letter of warning ? Is he- Jay Fisette,- for all the people in Arlington incliding Ruthenians or is he only for Homosexuals and lesbians? didattorney -Fran OíBrian Know,? She has a cat its green,- its name isIrish spring ) -- how about jay OíBrien did he know and when ? how about Judge Joan Alper ? how about Magistrate Bell, all in the Arlington county court house Ė silent all _

Judge Joan Alper was given an award by the woman of ArlingtonWhat was it for? putting the poor white and poor black and Brown defenceless poor people with no money for lawyers†† in the Virginia prisonsystem using the poor peoples blood, bone and flesh for the Statesprison labor forceto keep prison guards jobs open and money for the politicians in Richmond

Thatísa America


what where the conversation between magistrate.- BellandArlington cop Tedla ??/ When I was arressested and brought before Magistrate- Bell in the Court house,- with broken ribs ripped Hernia smashed face bleeding- collapsed asbestosLungsbroken 200 dollar -eye--glasses the cops did this to me while chained††† why was Mgst. Bells face contorted with hate after cop Tedla with 9 months as a brand new coptalked to the English American- coward Bell in privatein a closed door roomso I couldnít hear what Hispanic cop- Tedla said ta Mgst. Bell ?// while I waited alone in Bells Concrete Chamber,-( Bunker like) why did the white skinned #ockasucker Anglo Saxon Americanóone- #ocaksuckerMgst. Bell -Shout at me to lower my voice with a snarl on his ugly English face as he ask me,- what happened, he Pretended hewanted to hear my side of the storywith anger in his voice and a contorted Hate facePanting like a bitch dog in heat,- like he- Anglo Saxon MGST . Bell just captured Bin Laden the Arab freedom Fighterhow did he†† English Pussy-Bell get this job as Magst. ? does he Bell do what Richmond tells him to do ??/ for relection money from special intrest groupes ? what are the name of the special intrest groupes ???

Politics follows money in America!

As I stood in front of him Mgst.( English American) - Bell and . Hispanic - Arlington CopTedla-I-- with a torn hernia, broken ribs, lungs collapsed,- mild concussion, from having my head slammed in the ground again and again by a young racist Arlington County Pussey white Skinned Anglo Saxon Buck-Cop ,and I have 50 % hearing loss from a land mine explosion service connected and the concrete chamber where this was heldechoing with each voice that I could not hear what Mgst. Bell was saying†††


when d they know about the Chinese letter of warning or the ArlingtonStalker ? ? how about Arlington County Cops- Tedla and Murphy when did they know?Iam just asking a Question ? do they- tedla and Murphybelong to theAmerican legion Post 139 in Arlington that is a racest American legion post will post 139 let in Black Vets ,? and since when?- and how many? Give methe year _the dateHow many KKK Anglo SaxonBoys are members of this post 139, ?and post 85 why has not the Arlington County Judges and Prosacuters investigate this American legion post 139†† ?and legion post 85-- doany Arlington Cops and Judges belongto this vet Post 139 ??do any retiredUS Col. From the US army hang out here and took part with Cong. Moran in Harassing me for myPolitical believes , astwo American Journelist told me they- Moran and the Army COL. were doing†† WOW !how many Postal employees at the Clearden post office belong to the American legion post 139 and post 85 read the Clearden post office story and Cong moran on the Monkey Tails Pagethis is better then Matt Drudge and his Report ?/ better -, did these retired US armyCol.earn their Military medalsor did their wives earn the medals for themby trading sex withUS Army Generals ??? Iam just asking a question ??US Army private Jessica Lynch Gut her Bravery medal bronze Star for passing out in Battle WOWI have no medals on my chest Ė BUT- indeed- French Foreign legionnaires cameup a dirt road in Africato where†† Uss- LST 1162was tied up along the Wadee Sabue river bank,-in North Africa and shouted for me to come withthem into battle they had a rifle and banderlers of Ammofor meand a US Naval officer LTJG Murphy had to put a colt 45 pistol to my head, and his other hand around my collar neck holding me back screaming at me he would shoot me if I went , with the French Foreign legionnaires- LTJG Murphyís face contortedscreaming as I tried to break free LT. Murphy did this to keep me from going down the gang way to leave with the French Legion††† the French Foreign legion did give me one of their red epaulets,-- with no piss on it ! I said no PissNo piss on my French Foreign legion Red Epaulet given to mein front of the crewevery one peering over the sideWatching

theirs no militarymedals on my chest. I wonder how the members of American legion post 139 won theirs ?? the US Army Private Jessica Lynch way or some other way ?Female Cops on the Arlington po lice force auta ask and find out,-a lot of people, all of em Males- wearing medals inside the American legion post 139 and onthe Arlington police forcethey didnít earn,? the so called Fakes , could this be true, ? About the fakes and the medals ? Iam just asking a Question , I donít want ta hurt anyones feelings ?ya know ? political; correctnessand allin freedom loving Americain America where ya allowed ta say what ever ya want†††† You retired US Army Officers at the Vet -Post 139 in Arlington -know what I mean???



I didnítwant any trouble from these people in Arlington county/ the cops.- the Arlington Government ETC. I lived here about 40 years†† I always kept a low profilethey came for mesnearing, snarling, threating me,- getting up in my faceabout what I believeand whats on my web site www. redmonkee. com Ė they are going to beat my as$ etc . WOW ! I never saw these people or spoke to them in my life, out of the blue they come pissed off Ė WOW ! then when I would go afterthem,- they to a white anglo saxonand jewish Bucks Americaaans turned in to pusseiesthey where all Anglo Saxons and jewishWhite Americaaans some from the VFW post that was super Anglo Saxon racist in theseAmerican legion post in the1960s,---- no blacks were allowed in, American legion post-139-located at 3445 Washington Blvdin ArlingtonVa. now these same people at the VFW are beggingfor blacks and Hispanics to come and join today in the year 2003. if you were black would ya join up noow at this late dateso post 139 can kiss you black as$- which they will doo they wouldnít let you in before!





I was told by Journalist and the Arlington County Stalker some of my problem was coming out of the American legion post,-139the General Billy Mitchellpost 85 on Kansas street in Arlington was one place I was told if I park my van on their street they would $uck my van up / and the Masons located across from the Cherrydale fire house-one older dude my age and anglo saxon buck in a new desert tan color car tells me as heapproaches me at the McDonalds rest on Glebe roadand rt 50and the one next to firehouse #2--- as I am drinking Coffee sitting always by my selfnot bothering or talking to anyone minding my own businessthis old dude in a late tan car†† says to me in a snarl his son is a Arlington county copand hes proud,-- starining at me with hate in his coward face breathing hard(sickAnglo saxon )he passes my table at McDonalds and sneers smiles through his teeth like only coward white Anglo Saxon guys do the type of smilimg through the teeth-


that Malcom X stated in his book: thatís how white people smile through their teeth Ė Malcom X was talking about white Anglo Saxon Men in Arlington Post 139 and post85and the chicken shi# Arlington County cops father, he kept coming back for moreand would grovel each timeI went after him he would look down in fright†† hes sick mentally ill about melike the FBI Agent wasat the ruby ridgehearings in the Hart bldganFBI agent was put in a mental ward concering his Hysteria about me- for real††† white EthenicsAmericans do not smile between their teeth†† Ė meaning-- Italian Russian, Poles, Ruthenian, Greeks .Malcolm X was talking about white Anglo Saxon Bucks Americaaanssmiling like frightend cowards who when they the Angloslose their power andindeed they have since the1960sget down and licka black mans AS$looking up pleading donít hurt me Mr. Black man take my white wife and white daughter but donít hurt meeee ,-

Ithe redmonkeea Ruthenian Coal FieldSlavsay this as a taunt to White Anglo Saxon Males because its true,-below is written the truth on you Anglo Saxon youread it and cry andweep for your self because of your loss of greatness. You whitee As$hole anglo Saxon Youuuu†† ---be a man and a real American like mee beat the liven Shi# outa political CorrectAmerica any which way ya can--say_like your brave Anglo Saxon Brother rebel Tim mcveigh a real Anglo saxon,-not like youuuu.

In the Mountains and coal fields were I came fromyou Anglo Saxons where my Enemy,- my Nemesis you were the enemy†† of all the White Ethnics-Greeks, Italians Poles, Russians , ruthenian,you rulled with a iron handevery thing was yoursduring the communist whitch hunts of the 1950s you were roughnasty Mfers hounding uswhite Ethenics calling us dirty racist names that we wernt Americans just because we spoke Englishwith hate in your uglywhite English fuc#ing facelike your Bothers MGSt . Bells ugly English FaceI was thinking about all of that and more when I shot up Whiteys tavern in the 1960sthen in 1960sthe civil rights movement came along I was Amaised to see you Anglo saxon fall like pins in a Bowling alley to your knees in front of Blacks looking up pleading like only a coward doesI was stunnedwhen ever the fights becomes fair you Anglo Saxons Youfall apartWOW

down below is the truth on youAnglo Saxons from some one who didnet like youand for a good reason too if you only knewthe reason ,- But the truth is the truthbelow is the truth on you,-read on and weep for your greatnessI and I alone stand at the bridge defending White skinned Anglo saxon Children in ArlingtonVa-- I a Ruthenian standing like Roland at the Bridgein that old English Saga because no white skinned anglo Saxon male will defend theses blond blue eyed small lipped anglo saxon children -- I will

White Anglo Saxon childrenwith blond hair blue eyes†† and small lips---Owe Nobody nothing, -- includesblacks,- Slavs ,-Italians, jews ETCAnglo Saxon children are innocentthey owe no body nothing no matter what their grand fathers and great Grand Fathers did tomy Slav white EthenicspeopleI havent forgotten it either

The Race Taunt to the great Anglo Saxon

People----mostley to the cowardly White male Anglo Saxonthe white male thatís a true coward male,- no balls and every white anglo Saxon Woman knows it trueas she looks at the groundread on and weep !


Oh you great Anglo Saxon You,- Oh- How you Have fallen so far down on your kneesyou great Anglo Saxon you,- whose great Anglo SaxonHigh Culture has made all the Peoplesboatsof the worldrise because of your Anglo Saxon greatness of your great Anglo Saxon HighCulture


What has happened to you, oh great Anglo Saxon that you have fallen†† so far down onyour knees grovling looking up at black men and Hispanic menwith fear in your White Anglo saxon face--Hispanic men who are indeed men- call you Anglo Saxons Males- White Pussy Cats -- the Black Man who is indeed a man rolls his eyes in disbelief when talking about your lack of manhood in An Anglo Saxon Whitemale†† - Stand up you Great†† White Anglo Saxon you Who made all the Boats in the world rise because of your greatness stand up get up you White SOB en White Anglo SaxonYouuu

†† Be a White Anglo saxon Tiger like your Grand father and great grand Father was,-if you have to put a car-Jack up under your chicken Shi# Anglo SaxonWhite as$ and pump,- pump, pump- but forcrise sake pump and stand up ! the Blacks and Hispanic s will respect youfor standing up†††††


†† At Macdonalds Rest.located rt 50 and glebe road this as# hole white Skin Buck cops fatherdoes it twice, snarling smirking looking into my face†† so-- I go to him at his table like I am going to kick his white EnglishAmerican as$ he looks down like a coward afraid-the retiredwhite hair firemen knows who this guy is,-- I gut his name some were in the recordsthisretired firemen has all white kinky hair, like he might have black Americans in his family tree,- that kind of hair,- ya get the picture ??? not that is any thing wrong with that kind of hair,-Ijust want ya to recognize him /his wife is dead and he doesnít know what to dowith him selfhe roams from McDonalds to McDonaldsold loanleywhite guy---All

Redmonkee brigade members go to these two McDonald rest in the morn 7 to 9and see if you can spot theseold retiredwrinkled up meatballs white skinned as$ holes?/ who are messen withthe redmonkare they sick in their heads about me as indeed the FBI agents was at the ruby Ridgehearings held in theUSHart Building on capital hill andthe FBI agent was indeed put in a mental ward concerning his mentally illiness concerningme ††How many Arlington County Cop will I put in a mental ward? Hay shouts the redmonk You people need help your sick ! the jews the cops the prosacuters get a fuc$ing grip on your selves !

The photos of theses people are coming to this web site so ya can sees what a real live White Anglo saxon American As# hole look likeI fight back,-get a lawyer if ya donít like it and or stay away from me and leave me alone -- how hard can that be ????get a grip! the FBI agent Doyel said in front of witness congradulationsthe US Government hasjust toppeda million dollars fowlling you around all over the world ††






Think of it_messin with the 65 year oldred monkone of the old dudes I kicked deep in his English American buttock- as$ with my foot,-†† these are the same old Anglo Saxon s and their fathers and grandfatherswho were racist against my Grand father,- early 1900s- and myFathers time- 1920 30s and my timefrom the1940 and 50s

since 1893 when my grand father came to America to the Joe McCarthy communist witch hunts 1950s my time --- forced signed loyalty oaths, ETC- being questioned in school by Anglo Saxon teachers as concerns what your grand mothers saysher believes and now today the Arlington county Cops are stopping me and asking me about my believes on Waco and Ruby ridge,---you dam right iam upsetI havea long history 65 years with this kind of American Bull Shi#I have something to say to you white Anglo #ocksuckerstake your stinking dirty m F en America and stick America up you dirty stinking whiteAmericaaan As$ on Nov 7 fri. the Arlington Cops did it again,- broke the law harassing meand laughing atme mocking me no one has controll of the Arlington cops . letters of complaint sent to US Attorney Jerry Kilgore McNutlyFBI Muller Arlington County Attorney Stoddard and Judges they will do nothing I will have these letters on this web sitethey all take jewish reelection moneyfor RichmondI have no rightsnone what so ever !


†† these are the same racist Anglos Saxons -: meaning English, scott, welsh, Irish, Cornesh,- British Island people );who were the racist in Arlington county in the early 1960swhen I first came here and who I straightened out with my trusty colt pistol at the famous Shoot out at Whities Tavern took place in about 1961 0r1962 thatís happened about 45 years ago


illput the photos outon this web site so you can see ----one whitelady at the American legion post 139 yelled at me as she was coming out the door as I was looking over the artillery Piece that post 139 has in their front yard (thatís rusting away to hell) these phoney white bastard Legioneer at post 139 love America -? bull shi# bull shi# - they love them selves like the PhDs at the National Zoo, love them selves,- why is the artillery piece all #ucked up? If they loveAmerica so muchas these phoniesclaim they doall of em bull shi# white Anglo SaxonAmericans with the Navy crosson their chest you cant belong to the legion Post 139 unless ya gut the Navy crossand they earned the navy cross thesame way the US Navy Admirals earn it†† the white woman shoutedthanks for the warning -- concerning the Chinese Amb.Letter,-- the white guy wth her said keep shouting - their was no navy cross on either of their chests , a redmonkee TA TA on Legion post 139 four firemen told me to keep shoutingas they parked theirfire truck at the PicA Delione Firemen was black. The rest where white

( these punk vetsat post 139 dip their $2.98 centmilitary medal they gotwhile in the military in a glass of water just as the Navy Admiral does in the Movie- ( men of honor )-- withmovie star-Deniro, cleaning it and shining italso all the punk vets and their Hoe white wives at post 139 and post 85 all wear the Navy crossmedal all of emand they earned it the same wayall Us Navy Admirals earned their navy cross medals, their wives screwed for it .

you #uck with the redmonkee this is what ya getpay back on the internet be a American hero like me,--- put a sign in you chickn shi# white shaking CowardAmericanpost 139 legion white Hand and go in front of the FBI building and White House protesting like meget spit onand hated like medonít whine in the legion post 139basementcomplaining about America do something about itlike me confront em like I do

call the FBI agents #ocksuckers in front of the FBI headquaters building down town Washingtondc asIindeed dofor what they the FBI,- ATF,-US marshall service ,- all didto mrs. Weaverthe mother of 4 children at ruby ridge,- shot her face off as she held a 9 month baby gril and gassed and burned 2 year old babys in diapers at wacoTex for 6 hourswhere the #uckwere you brave phoney white vets guys at in side American legion post 139 hiding ??? in Arlington valocated only 15 min . from the white house- what a bunch of Cowards $ucking with me the only White Guy standing up,- me !WoW ,


what are ya going to do American legion post 139when I put your photo on this web site then beat you as$ with my fist, your being lined up,--will Judge Joan Alper help you cowards at post 139when I kick your as$ -- will Judge Joan Alper in the Arlington county court House Come to Your aid? ? how many of the American legion membersat post 139 murdered Korean Woman and Korean Children†† gunned em down is one of the killersof Korean woman and children a Anglo saxon white Guy with TNT boys stikered all over his car ??? does Judge Joan Alper Knowand when did she know ? and when did she cover it up ?†† is Judge Alper or her husband a member of post 139??/†††††


A Military Taunt to American legion post 139 in downtown Arlington va 15 min. by Auto from the white house


no medals on my chest,- but the French foreign legionof a truly Great worldley country called- France gave me and only me a French foreign legion Red Epauletand brought me a Alice pack and a rifle and ask that I go into battle with them


, after the UsArmy gave Jessica Lynch a bronze star medalfor passing outin BattleI donít want any American military medal , Ill stick with French Foreign legion Red Epaulethayyou chicken Shi$post 139 just want ya to know at the Arlington national cemetery I found another open graveIam not telling any one,-let the rats eat emin your post 139 name-†† no one caresno one cares,-†† I used to go to the ArlingtonNational cemetery all the time for research almost every weekendI was taught to do this by old 80- 90 year old high cast Anglo Saxon Brahamis woman in the 1940sin the mountains .

Afterthe US army gave Lyncha bronze star for passing out†† in battle,--- at Arlington cem.- I saw a grave stone with bronze star engraved on it andfor the first timein my life I felt shame for that medal and the dead GI under the stone and I no longer go to theArlington national cemetery grave yard , Itís a #ucking embarrassment†††† the injoyment I use to get doing researchis gonelet the rats eat emno one caresits #uckin Embaressn Ėno one cares---can I charge Arlington County cops and Arlington County Governmentwith a delayed latent murder charge concerning the copswho broke my ribs,- collapsed my asbestos lungs ripped open my hernia Arlington County jail refused me medical help for more then a weekthat will cause me to get cancerand die,? can I place the delayed murder charge againstArlington cops Tedla and Murphy and the other white skin buck cops who took me down while I was nonviolent andmy hands tightly cuffed they†† damaged my body and may have givin me a death sentencecan the cops be charged with a delayed murder charge?††† Iam going ta try




since both of these Arlington County American legion post 139 and post 85 have along history of racist behavior toward blacks and white Ethnicssince the 1960s and some of them may be involved with the retired Army Colonels and Cong JimMorans†† or Morans brother who journalist have told me iam being harassed in ArlingtonCounty for my believesby theses retired Army Col. And Cong Moran and or his brother†† (read myweb site takes 4 hours) and some of their American legion post members are $uckinG with me,-- threats snarls etc and their the same age as me or close to it,- Iam65 years oldwhat a bunch of cowardly white skinned as$ holes anglo Saxon as$ holes they are when you challenge them they stutter and cringewhat is a person to think of a people like the ones Im describing with white skin and anglo saxon????††† WOW !†††††††



If any Arlington County Employeesbelong to any of these American Legion post can they be firedSuch as Arlington County Cops . Arlington County Board membersany one in the Court house judges prosecutors etc. I want these two American Legion post 139 and post 85 investageted by the NAACP org. and the US Justice dept. since some of your members are $ucking with me and Its well knownI have a history of Fighting back ask the SmithsonianInst .I am preparing a letter to the civil rights div Main Justice in Washington dc the white house requesting they order an Investigation asking the older black vets of Arlington County Va to back me up on the Race charges againesttwo all white American legion post who now have gotten a couple of Hispanic vets to join and that commen wealth attorney Storrard is not doing his job notintegrating legion post 139on washington Blvd andAmerican legionpost 85on Kansas street all in Arlington Virginiajust 15 min from the white house . in the good ole US of A††


This new up Date- June 11, 2003




This is the first up-date in the new year 2003 after I was released out of the Arlington County Jail-on May 14 th 2003 were Iwas incarcerated forsix months†† for a crime I did not commit

I have now spent a total of -11 monthsof my life imprisoned for protesting,- 5 months in the D.C. Jail for protesting in the White house and 6 months in the Arlington County jail for protesting in front of the Hecht co protesting an illegal Cop stop ,---- what this country America has done to me,is the living proof that America is a mild Fascist state and we do not live in freedom.

read my web site it takes 4 hours


Some new things coming up this year 2003


I hope to get Rebel Soldiers Tim McVeighs lastletter I wrote him just before he was executed, out on the front page by the end of June 2003 // what did rebel Tim send me in the mail ????, ask his lawyer Bob Nigh ?// also the letter to Arlington County officials judges etc as concerns my hunger strike in side the Arlington jail inmay of†† 2003††† //


more infoon wrong doing at the National Zoo look for it ! news liesall true the national zoo cover up-††† link page will getnew ship info,info on the only female fighter Ace Pilot of world war II of the Russian air force look for it on the link page her name-- the RussianWhite lilly she shot down 13 Germans / the Smithsonian Jewish Americans did not allow her story and picture in the SmithsonianInst.A true store of jewish hate because the jews are race haters like every one elsePleeeeease give me a break / on this web site we will talk about every bodies race hate nooooo body gets away . noooo bodyas an American Indianactivist told the redmonk hell every bodies a racist its only a matter oF Degreeswe are are going to talk about black racist ,jewish Racist and the Anglo Saxon Gangracistno sacred cows on this web site,,



the Anglo Saxon gang meaning the British Island [people English, Scottish, Irish, Cornish,- Welshthese I called the Anglo Saxon gangwho want the White ethnic gang members Italian, Slav, Russian Ruthenian P0lish Greek, Finn,to pay the Anglo Saxons Bill to the blackswe White Ethnics donít owe Black or jews nothing the black and the jews owe the Slav race for freeing Africa when no one else would do it and the Jews owe the Russian Slavs fortheir very lives and the State of Iserial, and†† foronlyone reason the loss of 49 million Russian s to defeat HITLERTHE ONLY REASON THE JEWS ARE ALIVE ON THIS EARTHTHE RUSSIAN Slav people this must be taught in the Arlington county public schools to black and jewish Children†† I mean to changes the status Quo


†† this thenwill be on this web site this coming newyear2003†† all news paper articles on this subject matter so you can readabout Black hate,- jew hate and White Anglo Saxon Bull shi# wanting Italians,- Russians,- Ruthenians,- Greeks to pay their English American Bill / you Anglo Saxons pay your own Bill. And stand up for your selvesquite laying downget some guts†††††


††††††††† - also some very good stuff on the junk shopon the marshal high school pagelink page // that was written in a flurry just before I was sent to jailfor 6 monthsit was never cleaned up. Spellingetc I had a choice get more info out or take my time and correct spelling and other errors I will alsomy new cleaned up manifest is coming out this month even if it is not complete


Also look up the702 tank battalion†† (the red devils) called Gen Pattonís trouble shooters because tanker mike s photo is coming soonhis story on the movie page but ya got to find it ???this date June 23 2003


proof of drugging the horses in their own words proof of drug use,/

Donald Graham former publisher of the Washington post news paper was reported seen this memorial day at the wall he served in the Nam war but hid out in Japan were he was safe/ !Donald graham was asked where was his uniform???

more info on sen John Kerrya boat sailor with guts in Nam,- this web sit will push to get Kerry elected pres. He was in the boats not on a Air craft carrier 20 miles off the coast, hiding were it was safe - Kerry was up front,-- silver star and bronze star medals , what did Donald Graham get ???Donny graham publisher of the Washington Post news paper called me a Sob in his barn and turned me over to the police and almost got me killed why hasnít some news person done this story on Graham ---- this dateJune 2003


this date june 2003

All redmonkees Brigade members are to push for Kerryfor pres of the united States . their has never been a movie on boat crews ever from Hollywoodthe boys in the boats never get credit vote for John Kerry for presidenthe was in the boatslook up Brown water navy on the netlots of photos seeSen. johna US Naval officer with balls and guts Kerry in the boats††††††† ††


I plan on doing more Monkey Tailsstories†† check monkey tails on the front page -- / new coming ---- the death of a prostitute in front of the redmonkee who was 17 years old at the time ---inPort a Prince Haiti†† the year 1956†† ----shot dead bullit holeinthe center of her forheadkilled†† by a Haitian cop ,- shot for stealing 60.00 dollars from the Redmonkee†† a true story .



plan toopen up a new Web site that will be more professional,- keeping the old one,- hope to sell president Reagens Groom boxes that was used when taking care of hishorse Jack pothis favorite horse ---†††††

††††††I keep correcting the spelling and then it goes back to the incorrect spelling / I donít know why / you figure it out ??/ who is in my web site ????/ some one,†† no one†† alsoI have never straightened out many of the badly written pagesI wrote in a flurry = keep in mind I am not doing this at home with 5ooo dollars worth of Computer equipment and I donít know a damn thing about computersI live in the streetsand write in the vernacular of the

Coal fields of the 1940s


Sooo Whaaaat?



If ya donít like swearing get off this web sit ya cant handle itósorry for yooooou !if ya donít like the truuuuth get off this web siteI attack every one and all Groups and all races ,†† there are no sacred cows in a Democracyyou donít like it get offthis Website now,-

this web site is not politically correct Ė



Sooowhaaaat ???/ †††††



This new date-June 23, 2002



Redmonk alert Ė Arlington CountyVa. Policebeat and arrested the redmonk on April 22 2002 in front of the Hecht co at Ballstonbroke several ofhis ribs and bloodied his face as the redmonk told them he was non violent and asked the people across the street to watch the police,- that they are harassing me because I am a political activist, check photo gallery for photo of Park Police boots and saddle in theHorse manure pile these cops who beat me,- know the police at the park police the redmonk is 63 years old and lives on social security . new photos cumming to Photo Gallery 5 ,6, 7, 8

story on the link page under trophy room, look for a large #88






††† I need all redmonkee brigade members to start sending E mail all over the world to news org. in Communist ChinaRussia to pamyet , to president Putins wife in the Kremlintell them to come into Arlington County Virginia and investigate TheCounty prosecutor lied atmy hearing saying I never worked for the park police†† liening saying a knifeI cut food with was a hidden weaponthe cop also lied as to were he found the knife, at thehearingin front of the County Magistrate so as to lock me up

contact the American Civil liberties union on my behalf in Richmond Virginia

keep in mind,I havenít got around to editing my web siteand I am just learning how to get out to my files to make changes /some times I cant get back out to my web site for monthsbecause there is some glich I donít under standI have to wait untilI find some one to help me / now do you see why I got to go with what I got at the timeI donít have a computer,

so the spelling and words missing in a sentencestay the way it is until I can get out to the files, again†† bear with me and help me out, I am homeless I live in the streeet trying to clear my name going on 17 years now / tell a friend about what has happened to me pass my very American story around.

Arlington county said by its treatment of me a homeless person can not have a knife in his car to cut up food but this same female Prosecutor in Arlington County va15 min from the American Capital has a Knife in her home to cut food ahomeless persons car is not a homethen what the hell is itthe cop lied about were he foundthe knife.




They have sincethat date in April 22 2002have now changed the charge to assault on two police officers and the County prosecutor has said if I plead guilty to one of theassault charges she would drop the secondassault charge, I didnít assault any one the cops assaulted me, broke my ribs and collapsed my lungs and almost killed meand while I was chained up. And did not resist shouting I am non violentThis offer to drop one of the charges if I plead guilty to the†† other one is proof indeedAmerica is a terrorist state against the people, this offer tome through my lawyer was an insult, they beat me up I didnít fight them, the people across the side walk saw what thy did to me, I ask the crowed to call the embassies and tell them what the Arlington Cops are doing to me††† the Arlington County Cops and Arlington Government committed a Crime against mejust as you saw on American television news thebeating of black people Iam white and it seems no one in the news media cares about white peopleAlmost all news men and news Woman in America are White, the white news men and white news woman donít want Black people in their all white news rooms .






†† This will be a political trial on aug. 13, 2002 in Arlington court house / I am on trial for myPolitical beliefs and for standing up and pointing out wrong doing by powerful people such as WETA- CEO Percy Rockefeller, using Machine guns on Greek immigrant woman and children for days at the Coal mineat Ludlow Colo. Early 1900s this story of murder of Greek children by Percy Rockefellers family is all over this web site is that why persey R--- of WETA Radio Station Called and complained to Arlington Pol ice about methe police told me she called and complained about me††† Arlington Countyofficials such as Mrs. Bozmen, Cong. Jim Moran,US Attorney Helen Fahey, Arlington Police helping out their buddies on the US park police , who I formerly worked for ,- see the photos of boots and saddles in the manure pile,-the open grave in Arlington cemetery that the police where told about , on my link page --- read trophy room , death of the pandas,Marshall high school , front page Russian zookeeper affair all on the Link page,--- on this web site . is what has happened to methe newAmerican Government sponsored terrorism by local police, prosecutors and local county Governments against any and allAmerican Citizens and all Political Dissenter such as my self-I am only asking a Question?



This- dateDec. 16, 2001

At the Redmonkee web site we have put out on the link page (new-- death of the pandas , (new-- Marshall High†† (new- the last Emperior,new-( MK- Altra, New- Movie pagecheck out the bottom Page, little jewish sailor -put out two new photo pages of pictures,- lion and tiger house at the Zoo Pres Reagens horse Jack pott, the third photo page coming the photo of the youngest bank robber is ready to go at last, hope to have it on photo page before new year,




working on documinate page, have scanned doc. From us justice dept, zoo officialsproof of mailings to high ranking Government officials Etc. to disc, getting ready to up load check for the little jewish sailor story cumming, alltrue, some of the new stuff put out will have to be edited I want to make sure you get the picture as to what happened

August 29, 1999


Circus Wagons have been put on the Little Red Monkee Page.
Publisher Donald Grahams' wash Post Story check on link page. Jerry Seper of the Washington Times news paper knows what Donald Graham did in Grahams Barn.
still working on
File Restoration.

Please Send Money in the form of a check or Money Order to C.J. Koritko P.O. Box 11167 Arlington, VA 22210. Need Money to keep this fight going. And clear my name

No one has ever sent me a penny not a dull one and not a shiney one/ What do you good people of Europe and Canada think?- as concerns the Americans with white skin not backing the redmonk up and or giving him not one dollar in fundingWhat does this say about White Americans?

Red monkee Bergade members are not allowed to give money to the redmonk , (so states the redmonk)/ the money must come from the American people, Adults- across America,from all walks of life and not school children and or people the redmonk knows, because that would be cheap and in bad form

For all the Smithsonian Employees, especially Larry- guitar Small , Lucy- the Goose Spelman, Ira I am a jewish boy- Heyman and little- Mildred Glover, jimmy- the English boy- Douglas, Ben I wanta man in my bed- Beck,the Smithsonian Movies of the Week...The Bedford Incident with Richard Widmark...And One Eyed Jacks with Marlan Brando. All of you Hold on too the ships railing real hard !

Whats' Happening Now.




August 22, 2001

The Pager Number for the Redmonkee is (703)-513-0266

E-Mail Address --------------------------








The Redmonkee handed out Redmonkee calling cards at the Arlington Farmers Market on Saturday in Arlington Va .

The link page is growing, Until all the new files are restored.

On the link page the (Kiss) is a Dr. Elizabeth Morgan and the Redmonkee kissing betweeen the bars at the DC Jail, where they are both incarcerated


The little circus rascals on the link page, is a synopsis written for a movie and was sent to the Sundance Institute in Park City, Utah. Robert Redford.


Request that everyone download or link to this site, the Smithsonian Inst and FBIas well as the Falls Church Jews of Falls Church Va, do not want this site up what these jews did to a 8 year old polish girl will be told on this web site.


The Redmonkee is asking for donations of money for his Defense Fund. If President Bill Clinton is begging for money for his Defense Fund. What makes you good people think that the Redmonkee does not need money to clear his good name, that was soiled by the Smithsonian Institution

. Make checks out to C.J. Koritko and mail to P.O. Box 11167 Arlington. VAZip-22210

. Also e-mail the Chinese Ambassador letter to anyone you feel can help the Redmonkee...

.See You Next Week Ė and send money$

donít be a cheap skate all your life

The Redmonkee

Newest Update PageDec20th 2001


Whats' Happening Now.

August 14, 1999


Hunger Strike Coming Up at the China Embassy... Need Your Support.

A Paul Mellon Story. How he almost killed the Redmonkee with a Horse


Going to the Madam of Dragoon Farms, UpperVille, Virgina for support.

Will be going to movie star Robert Duvalls Restraurant for a Protest, at The Plains, in the State ofVirginia, people have gotten sick-( the trotts)- eating at his resturant and the butter is as hard as a brick, you cant spread the butter, has he, been checked out by the County health People yet?


On August 13, 1999 stood alone with my protest sign for outgoing traffic from Wa shington, DC, In an hour a a half 4500 cars passed my sign, some honked and wave d.

The New links page and the new main page are back on ...Come Back.

Alternitive View on the link page is about keeping an open mind and to hell with political correc tness


The John Birch Society on link page, under Alternitive view has great telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for the US Congress and Senate. The Redmonkee is not a member of the John Birch Society, or any political movement. The Redmonkee stands by himself†††††† $


He believes everyone has something to say and every point of view should be L istened to, even if you don't like it, and that political correctness is death t o freedom and democracy

In America, every day, all day long,Political correctness

Kills Freedom and Democracy in every room in every building in the United States of America until America is no longer a democracy and there are smaller amounts of Freedom every day

America is now, a mild Terrorestic State, againt the people,- of coursenot a full blown terrorist State, but a mild Fascist State, because of political Correctness†† .


Before Communism came to Russia..politcal correctness came first.. and the Russian people like the American People embraceed politcal correctness. Russian Intel ectuals have stated on television, that they- are shocked that American embrace political correctness. "Keep and Open Mind Everybody

Sure we have our hand out for money /so what! send all you- --†††††††††† got---------$$$$$$

-To- Cj. Koritko

P. O. Box 11167 Arlington Virgina,22210

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